[TLH] The Lewdest Thing I Have Ever Written

Aug 9th, 2018
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  1. "Hey Sam?"
  2. Sam turned to Luna. "Yo."
  3. "I, uh..." She rubbed the back of her neck. "I like you."
  4. "I know."
  5. "No, but, like, I like you *a lot*, dude."
  6. "Yeah, I know."
  7. "No you don't understand. I'm gay for you, like actually gay."
  8. "Dude, I know."
  9. Luna blinked. "What."
  10. Sam held up a piece of paper. It was the secret love letter Luna had wrote for her. "I know what your handwriting looks like."
  11. "Oh."
  12. "And hey, I like you too. Like, gay like."
  13. "Sweet." Luna beamed. "Wanna go out?"
  14. "Yeah."
  15. Luna smiled, then bumped her hand against hers. Sam locked her fingers with Luna's, and the two of them walked off, holding hands.
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