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  1. [size=14pt][b]Overview of Bitcointalk Signature-Ad Campaigns[/b][/size]
  2. [hr]
  4. This overview is for [b]Bitcoin[/b] paying signature campaigns only. If you want to see all the available Avatar campaigns, you can checkout [url=]this thread[/url]. This post might be incomplete or incorrect. Don't hesitate to post here me if this is the case. [b]Please use the format posted below.[/b]
  6. The following abbreviations will be used for member levels (where applicable):
  7. [table]
  8. [tr][td][b]L[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td]Legendary Member[/td][/tr]
  9. [tr][td][b]H[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td]Hero Member[/td][/tr]
  10. [tr][td][b]S[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td]Senior Member[/td][/tr]
  11. [tr][td][b]F[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td]Full Member[/td][/tr]
  12. [tr][td][b]M[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td]Member[/td][/tr]
  13. [tr][td][b]J[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td]Junior Member[/td][/tr]
  14. [tr][td][b]N[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td]Newbie[/td][/tr]
  15. [/table]
  17. The following abbreviations will be used for campaigns (where applicable):
  18. [table]
  19. [tr][td][b]A[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td][color=green]Currently active[/color][/td][/tr]
  20. [tr][td][b]PNYC[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td][color=orange]Payment not yet confirmed[/color][/td][/tr]
  21. [tr][td][b]CFNP[/b][/td][td]||[/td][td][s][color=green]Closed for new participants[/color][/s][/td][/tr]
  22. [/table]
  24. [hr][size=12pt][b]Simple table[/b][/size][hr]
  25. [table]
  27. [tr]
  28. [td][/td][td]|[/td]
  29. [td][center][b][u]Campaign [/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  30. [td][center][b][u]Term[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  31. [td][center][b][u]Legendary[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  32. [td][center][b][u]Hero[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  33. [td][center][b][u]Senior[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  34. [td][center][b][u]Full[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  35. [td][center][b][u]Member[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  36. [td][center][b][u]Junior[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  37. [td][center][b][u]Newbie[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  38. [td][center][b][u]Min[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  39. [td][center][b][u]Max[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  40. [td][center][b][u]Escrow[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  41. [/tr]
  43. [tr]
  44. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  45. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  46. [td]post/daily[/td][td]|[/td]
  47. [td]0.00030[/td][td]|[/td]
  48. [td]0.00030[/td][td]|[/td]
  49. [td]0.00030[/td][td]|[/td]
  50. [td]0.0002[/td][td]|[/td]
  51. [td]0.00013[/td][td]|[/td]
  52. [td]0.00007[/td][td]|[/td]
  53. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  54. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  55. [td]20/d[/td][td]|[/td]
  56. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  57. [/tr]
  59. [tr]
  60. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  61. [td][url=]Bitcoin
  62. Scratchticket[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  63. [td]activity/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  64. [td]0.000020[/td][td]|[/td]
  65. [td]0.000020[/td][td]|[/td]
  66. [td]0.000020[/td][td]|[/td]
  67. [td]0.000015[/td][td]|[/td]
  68. [td]0.000010[/td][td]|[/td]
  69. [td]0.000005[/td][td]|[/td]
  70. [td]0.000002[/td][td]|[/td]
  71. [td]25/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  72. [td]0.010[BTC][/td][td]|[/td]
  73. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  74. [/tr]
  76. [tr]
  77. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  78. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  79. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  80. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  81. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  82. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  83. [td]0.00015[/td][td]|[/td]
  84. [td]0.0001[/td][td]|[/td]
  85. [td]0.00005[/td][td]|[/td]
  86. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  87. [td]20/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  88. [td]100/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  89. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  90. [/tr]
  92. [tr]
  93. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  94. [td][url=]777Coin[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  95. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  96. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  97. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  98. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  99. [td]0.0004[/td][td]|[/td]
  100. [td]0.00012[/td][td]|[/td]
  101. [td]0.00006[/td][td]|[/td]
  102. [td]0.000045[/td][td]|[/td]
  103. [td]20/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  104. [td]100/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  105. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  106. [/tr]
  108. [tr]
  109. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  110. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  111. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  112. [td]0.0007[/td][td]|[/td]
  113. [td]0.0007[/td][td]|[/td]
  114. [td]0.0007[/td][td]|[/td]
  115. [td]0.0007[/td][td]|[/td]
  116. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  117. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  118. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  119. [td]0/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  120. [td]0.035[BTC][/td][td]|[/td]
  121. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  122. [/tr]
  124. [tr]
  125. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  126. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  127. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  128. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  129. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  130. [td]0.0011[/td][td]|[/td]
  131. [td]0.00084[/td][td]|[/td]
  132. [td]0.00042[/td][td]|[/td]
  133. [td]0.00021[/td][td]|[/td]
  134. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  135. [td]20/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  136. [td]75/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  137. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  138. [/tr]
  140. [tr]
  141. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  142. [td][url=]Secondstrade[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  143. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  144. [td]0.0006[/td][td]|[/td]
  145. [td]0.0006[/td][td]|[/td]
  146. [td]0.00055[/td][td]|[/td]
  147. [td]0.0005[/td][td]|[/td]
  148. [td]0.00025[/td][td]|[/td]
  149. [td]0.00015[/td][td]|[/td]
  150. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  151. [td]10/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  152. [td]100/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  153. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  154. [/tr]
  156. [tr]
  157. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  158. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  159. [td]fixed/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  160. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  161. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  162. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  163. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  164. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  165. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  166. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  167. [td]25/w**[/td][td]|[/td]
  168. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  169. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  170. [/tr]
  172. [tr]
  173. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  174. [td][url=]Coinut[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  175. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  176. [td]0.0014[/td][td]|[/td]
  177. [td]0.0014[/td][td]|[/td]
  178. [td]0.0012[/td][td]|[/td]
  179. [td]0.0009[/td][td]|[/td]
  180. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  181. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  182. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  183. [td]5/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  184. [td]50-80/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  185. [td][color=orange][b]YN[/b][/color][/td][td]|[/td]
  186. [/tr]
  188. [tr]
  189. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  190. [td][url=]Bit-x[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  191. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  192. [td]0.0012[/td][td]|[/td]
  193. [td]0.0012[/td][td]|[/td]
  194. [td]0.0010[/td][td]|[/td]
  195. [td]0.0007[/td][td]|[/td]
  196. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  197. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  198. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  199. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  200. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  201. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  202. [/tr]
  204. [tr]
  205. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  206. [td][url=]SteadyTurtle[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  207. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  208. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  209. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  210. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  211. [td]0.0004[/td][td]|[/td]
  212. [td]0.0002[/td][td]|[/td]
  213. [td]0.0001[/td][td]|[/td]
  214. [td]0.000042[/td][td]|[/td]
  215. [td]20[/td][td]|[/td]
  216. [td]100[/td][td]|[/td]
  217. [td][b]Y[/b][/td][td]|[/td]
  218. [/tr]
  220. [tr]
  221. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  222. [td][url=]MagicalDice[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  223. [td]post/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  224. [td]0.0013[/td][td]|[/td]
  225. [td]0.0012[/td][td]|[/td]
  226. [td]0.0010[/td][td]|[/td]
  227. [td]0.0006[/td][td]|[/td]
  228. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  229. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  230. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  231. [td]15**[/td][td]|[/td]
  232. [td]100[/td][td]|[/td]
  233. [td][b]Y[/b][/td][td]|[/td]
  234. [/tr]
  236. [tr]
  237. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  238. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  239. [td]fixed/biweekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  240. [td]0.1[/td][td]|[/td]
  241. [td]0.1[/td][td]|[/td]
  242. [td]0.1[/td][td]|[/td]
  243. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  244. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  245. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  246. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  247. [td]50/80**[/td][td]|[/td]
  248. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  249. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  250. [/tr]
  252. [tr]
  253. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  254. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  255. [td]fixed/monthly[/td][td]|[/td]
  256. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  257. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  258. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  259. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  260. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  261. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  262. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  263. [td]**[/td][td]|[/td]
  264. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  265. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  266. [/tr]
  268. [tr]
  269. [td][i][color=green]A[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  270. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  271. [td]fixed/monthly[/td][td]|[/td]
  272. [td]0.08[/td][td]|[/td]
  273. [td]0.08[/td][td]|[/td]
  274. [td]0.08[/td][td]|[/td]
  275. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  276. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  277. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  278. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  279. [td]35[/td][td]|[/td]
  280. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  281. [td][color=orange][b]YN[/b][/color][/td][td]|[/td]
  282. [/tr]
  284. [tr]
  285. [td][/td][td]|[/td]
  286. [td][center][b][u]Campaign [/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  287. [td][center][b][u]Term[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  288. [td][center][b][u]Legendary[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  289. [td][center][b][u]Hero[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  290. [td][center][b][u]Senior[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  291. [td][center][b][u]Full[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  292. [td][center][b][u]Member[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  293. [td][center][b][u]Junior[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  294. [td][center][b][u]Newbie[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  295. [td][center][b][u]Min[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  296. [td][center][b][u]Max[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  297. [td][center][b][u]Escrow[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  298. [/tr]
  300. [tr]
  301. [td][i][color=orange]PNYC[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  302. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  303. [td]post/daily[/td][td]|[/td]
  304. [td]0.0003[/td][td]|[/td]
  305. [td]0.0003[/td][td]|[/td]
  306. [td]0.00025[/td][td]|[/td]
  307. [td]0.0002[/td][td]|[/td]
  308. [td]0.0001[/td][td]|[/td]
  309. [td]0.00005[/td][td]|[/td]
  310. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  311. [td]15[/td][td]|[/td]
  312. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  313. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  314. [/tr]
  316. [tr]
  317. [td][i][color=orange]PNYC[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  318. [td][url=]Pachinko[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  319. [td]fixed/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  320. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  321. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  322. [td]0.02[/td][td]|[/td]
  323. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  324. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  325. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  326. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  327. [td]20**[/td][td]|[/td]
  328. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  329. [td][color=orange][b]YN[/b][/color][/td][td]|[/td]
  330. [/tr]
  332. [tr]
  333. [td][i][color=orange]PNYC[/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  334. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  335. [td]fixed/biweekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  336. [td]0.08[/td][td]|[/td]
  337. [td]0.08[/td][td]|[/td]
  338. [td]0.07[/td][td]|[/td]
  339. [td]0.05[/td][td]|[/td]
  340. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  341. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  342. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  343. [td]40[/td][td]|[/td]
  344. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  345. [td][color=orange][b]YN[/b][/color][/td][td]|[/td]
  346. [/tr]
  348. [tr]
  349. [td][/td][td]|[/td]
  350. [td][center][b][u]Campaign [/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  351. [td][center][b][u]Term[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  352. [td][center][b][u]Legendary[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  353. [td][center][b][u]Hero[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  354. [td][center][b][u]Senior[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  355. [td][center][b][u]Full[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  356. [td][center][b][u]Member[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  357. [td][center][b][u]Junior[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  358. [td][center][b][u]Newbie[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  359. [td][center][b][u]Min[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  360. [td][center][b][u]Max[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  361. [td][center][b][u]Escrow[/u][/b][/center][/td][td]|[/td]
  362. [/tr]
  364. [tr]
  365. [td][i][color=green][s]CFNP[/s][/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  366. [td][url=]CoinRoyale[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  367. [td]fixed/weekly[/td][td]|[/td]
  368. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  369. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  370. [td]0.04[/td][td]|[/td]
  371. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  372. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  373. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  374. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  375. [td]20/w[/td][td]|[/td]
  376. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  377. [td]N[/td][td]|[/td]
  378. [/tr]
  380. [tr]
  381. [td][i][color=green][s]CFNP[/s][/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  382. [td][url=]Bit★Starz[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  383. [td]fixed/monthly[/td][td]|[/td]
  384. [td]0.12[/td][td]|[/td]
  385. [td]0.12[/td][td]|[/td]
  386. [td]0.12[/td][td]|[/td]
  387. [td]0.06[/td][td]|[/td]
  388. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  389. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  390. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  391. [td]50[/td][td]|[/td]
  392. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  393. [td][b]Y[/b][/td][td]|[/td]
  394. [/tr]
  396. [tr]
  397. [td][i][color=green][s]CFNP[/s][/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  398. [td][url=][/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  399. [td]fixed/monthly[/td][td]|[/td]
  400. [td]0.2**[/td][td]|[/td]
  401. [td]0.2**[/td][td]|[/td]
  402. [td]0.2**[/td][td]|[/td]
  403. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  404. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  405. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  406. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  407. [td]50/100**[/td][td]|[/td]
  408. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  409. [td][color=orange][b]YN[/b][/color][/td][td]|[/td]
  410. [/tr]
  412. [tr]
  413. [td][i][color=green][s]CFNP[/s][/color][/i][/td][td]|[/td]
  414. [td][url=]Cryptovpn[/url][/td][td]|[/td]
  415. [td]fixed/monthly[/td][td]|[/td]
  416. [td]0.14[/td][td]|[/td]
  417. [td]0.14[/td][td]|[/td]
  418. [td]0.06[/td][td]|[/td]
  419. [td]0.048[/td][td]|[/td]
  420. [td]0.028[/td][td]|[/td]
  421. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  422. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  423. [td]60**[/td][td]|[/td]
  424. [td]x[/td][td]|[/td]
  425. [td][color=orange][b]YN[/b][/color][/td][td]|[/td]
  426. [/tr]
  428. [/table]
  429. [b][color=red]*[/color][/b] means that the campaign is currently having some trouble. Joining is [u][b]not[/b][/u] recommend.
  430. [b]**[/b] means that there are some special conditions. Please see the "Detailed information"-section for more information.
  432. [hr][size=12pt][b]Detailed information[/b][/size][hr]
  434. [size=11pt][b][u]Currently active campaigns[/u][/b][/size]
  436. [b][/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  437. [i]Payment period:[/i] Daily
  438. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  439. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] /
  440. [i]Payments:[/i] J: 0.00007[BTC] per post, M: 0.00013[BTC] per post, F: 0.0002[BTC] per post, S/H/L: 0.00030[BTC] per post.
  441. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  442. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum of 20 per day.
  444. [b]Bitcoin-Scratchticket[/b] ([url=]website[/url])
  445. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly, up front.
  446. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  447. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 25 posts per week.
  448. [i]Payments:[/i] N: 0.000002[BTC] per activity point, J: 0.000005[BTC] per activity point, M: 0.00001[BTC] per activity point, F: 0.000015[BTC] per activity point, S/H: 0.00002[BTC] per activity point.
  449. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  450. [i]Pays to address:[/i]: No, requires an account.
  451. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Registration done on advertisers website. Automatic verification and payments. Payments done to account on website.
  453. [b][/b] ([url=]thread[/url])
  454. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  455. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  456. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 20 posts per week.
  457. [i]Payments:[/i] J: 0.00005[BTC] per post, M: 0.0001[BTC] per post, F: 0.00015[BTC] per post.
  458. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  459. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum participants: around 125. Payment every 4-10 days. 100 post maximum. Constructive posts. Personal Message must be changed. You must post at least 30% of the total posts made in the week in English and outside Off-Topic and Local board.
  461. [b]777Coin[/b] ([url=]thread[/url])
  462. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  463. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  464. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 20 posts per week.
  465. [i]Payments:[/i] N: 0.000045[BTC] per post, J: 0.00006[BTC] per post, M: 0.00012[BTC] per post and F: 0.0004[BTC] per post, S: 0.00015[BTC], S/H: 0.0007[BTC] or 0.00074[BTC], H: 0.0002[BTC].
  466. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  467. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Max. participants 50-100. Payment every 4-10 days. 100 post maximum. Constructive posts. Posts in Gambling (but not Games & Round) section have 50% bonus.
  469. [b][/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  470. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  471. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  472. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 0 posts per week.
  473. [i]Payments:[/i] [BTC] F to S: 0.0007[BTC] per post.
  474. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  475. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum of 0.035[BTC] per week. Requires registration on a separate page for fully automated payouts. You can't have negative trust or other advertisements. Post have to contain at least 75 symbols to get paid for them. Posts in Off-topic / Games and rounds / Alternate cryptocurrencies / Indonesian's Local Board and their signature thread won't count.
  477. [b][/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  478. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  479. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  480. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 20 posts per week.
  481. [i]Payments:[/i] S: 0.0011[BTC] per post, F: 0.00084[BTC] per post, M: 0.00042[BTC] per post, J: 0.00021[BTC] per post.
  482. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  483. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum Participants: F: 2 slots, M: 4 slots, J: 8 slots. Posts n Off-topic, Meta, Politics & Society, Beginners & Help, Archival, Local language and Games and Rounds forums don't count. Posts in any campaign thread (signature, twitter, facebook, etc.), promotions and giveaways don't count.
  485. [b]Secondstrade[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  486. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly, every Monday
  487. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  488. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 10 posts per week, rollover on the first week only.
  489. [i]Payments:[/i] J: 0.00015[BTC] per post, M: 0.00025[BTC] per post, F: 0.0005[BTC] per post, S: 0.00055[BTC] per post, H/L: 0.0006[BTC] per post.
  490. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  491. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum 100 posts/week. Limited to 50 participants. Posts in Off-topic, Meta, Politics & Society, Beginners & Help and Archival won't count.
  493. [b][/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  494. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  495. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  496. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 25 posts per week.
  497. [i]Payments:[/i]: S/H/L: 0.04[BTC] per week.
  498. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  499. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum of 20 slots. If you fulfill all requirements for four consecutive weeks, you will receive a 0.04[BTC] bonus. 15 posts out of 25 must be made in a gambling thread. Posts made in Games & Rounds will not count towards this total. Posts made in a signature campaign thread or a promotion/giveaway don't count.
  501. [b]Coinut[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  502. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  503. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  504. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 5 posts per week.
  505. [i]Payments:[/i]: F: 0.0009[BTC] per post, S: 0.0012[BTC] per post, H/L: 0.0014[BTC] per post.
  506. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color]. [url=;u=136592]devthedev[/url]
  507. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum of 50 posts for Full members and 80 for the rest.
  509. [b]Bit-x[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  510. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  511. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  512. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] -
  513. [i]Payments:[/i] Staff: 0.0014[BTC] per post, H/L: 0.0012[BTC] per post, S: 0.0010[BTC] per post, F: 0.0007[BTC] per post.
  514. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  515. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] No negative trust (you may be able to participate on a case-by-case basis), posts in the marketplace (if you have negative trust), off topic, politics/society, and any signature campaign threads do not count. Posts must be in English. Must sign up for an account on a website to receive payment to the website address. [u]0.5% fee withdrawal fee. Valid Telephone number required.[/u]
  517. [b]SteadyTurtle[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  518. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  519. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  520. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 20 posts per week.
  521. [i]Payments:[/i] F: 0.0004[btc], M: 0.0002[btc], J: 0.0001[btc], N: 0.000042[btc],
  522. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [b]Yes[/b]. [url=;u=18640]SebastianJu[/url]
  523. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] No roll over on posts. Only constructive posts. Only English Posts will be counted. Your enrollment will be cancelled if you remove signature at any time during the period, gain a negative trust or get banned.
  525. [b]MagicalDice[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  526. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly
  527. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  528. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 15 posts per two weeks.
  529. [i]Payments:[/i] H/L: 0.0013[BTC] per post, S: 0.0011[BTC] per post, F: 0.0008[BTC] per post.
  530. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color]. [url=;u=122354]Carra23[/url]
  531. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum of 100 posts per week. At least 5 posts need to be placed in the Gambling section. Users with negative trust are not allowed. Do you get banned or receive negative trust during your term, you won't receive anything. Advertising other websites is not allowed. Constructive posts only. You will receive an additional 0.02 at the end of the month if you include the magical dice avatar.
  533. [b][/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  534. [i]Payment period:[/i] biweekly
  535. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  536. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 50 posts per two weeks for Hero and Legendary, 80 posts per two weeks for Senior.
  537. [i]Payments:[/i] S/H/L: 0.1[BTC] per two weeks.
  538. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  539. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Must create at least 5 new topics per two weeks. Two of these new topics must be in a Mining sub-forum and 3 new threads must be created in 3 different sub-boards per two weeks. Only constructive posts. Posts in Off-topic, Games and Rounds, Politics & Society, Alternate cryptocurrencies and local will not be paid. Banned accounts or accounts with negative trust are disqualified.
  541. [b][/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  542. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No.
  543. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] has a tiered system which makes it hard to post here. Please checkout their thread for more information.
  545. [b][/b] : ([url=]Thread[/url])
  546. [i]Payment period:[/i] Monthly
  547. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  548. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 35 posts per two weeks.
  549. [i]Payments:[/i] S/H/L: 0.08[BTC] per two weeks.
  550. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color]. [url=;u=122354]Carra23[/url]
  551. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Qualified posts in Gambling section are equivalent to 1.2 posts each, and those in their site's thread in Gambling section count as 1.4. A bonus of 0.01-0.02[BTC] will be awarded to the top posters.
  553. [hr]
  555. [size=11pt][b][u]Payment not yet confirmed[/u][/b][/size]
  556. (Being listed in this section does not mean that the campaign is not trustworthy, it simply means that it is very new and has not reached its first payday.)
  558. [b][/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  559. [i]Payment period:[/i] Daily
  560. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  561. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] /
  562. [i]Payments:[/i] H/L: 0.0003[BTC] per post, S: 0.00025[BTC] per post, F: 0.0002[BTC] per post, M: 0.0001[BTC] per post, J: 0.00005[BTC] per post.
  563. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [b]No[/b].
  564. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum 15 posts per day, campaign will launch as soon as a bot is ready.
  566. [b]Pachinko[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  567. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly, monday night
  568. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  569. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 20 posts per week.
  570. [i]Payments:[/i] H: 0.04[BTC] per week, S: 0.04[BTC] per week, F: 0.02[BTC] per week.
  571. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color]. [url=;u=89329]master-P[/url]
  572. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] 10 of the 20 posts must be posted in the gambling section. Constructive posts only, only posts with 75 characters or more count. Posts made in Games and Rounds, local boards, Micro earnings, Investor based games and Off-topic will not count. Posts in campaign thread do not count. Posts in the help section will count as half.
  574. [b] [/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  575. [i]Payment period:[/i] Biweekly
  576. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  577. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 40 posts two weeks.
  578. [i]Payments:[/i] H/L: 0.08[BTC] per two weeks, S: 0.07[BTC] per two weeks, F: 0.05[BTC] per two weeks.
  579. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color]. [url=;u=89329]master-P[/url]
  580. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] No other signatures allowed. Signature may not be changed. Banned accounts or accounts with negative trust are disqualified. Having multiple accounts in this campaign is not allowed. Posts in Local, Alternative Cryptocurrency, Politics & Society, Off-topic sections do not count.
  582. [hr]
  584. [size=11pt][b][u]Closed for new participants[/u][/b][/size]
  586. [b]CoinRoyale[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  587. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly on Thursday at 4:00 PM PST
  588. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  589. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 20 posts per week.
  590. [i]Payments:[/i] 0.04[BTC] per week
  591. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: No
  592. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum of 25 participants. Only available to S/H/L, posts must be constructive to be counted, payment will be made to their account. At least 10 posts in the gambling section, not including games and rounds.
  594. [b]Bit★Starz[/b] : ([url=]Thread[/url])
  595. [i]Payment period:[/i] Monthly
  596. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  597. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 50 posts per month.
  598. [i]Payments:[/i] S/H/L: 0.12[BTC] per month, F: 0.06[BTC] per month.
  599. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [b]Yes[/b]. [url=;u=133846]Monbux[/url]
  600. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Maximum participants: 10 Full Members, 20 Senior/Hero Members. One account per person. OP has the right to cancel your participation if your posts are considered useless or spam. No other signatures allowed. No negative trust. Bonuses offered to top three posters.
  602. [b] [/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  603. [i]Payment period:[/i] Monthly
  604. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your Bitcoin address.
  605. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 50 / 100 posts per month.
  606. [i]Payments:[/i] S/H/L: 0.2[BTC] per month for 100 posts or 0.1 [BTC] per month for 50 posts.
  607. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color]. [url=;u=122354]Carra23[/url]
  608. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Posts in Off-topic, Meta, Investor-based Games, Micro earnings, Wall Observer thread (in Speculation) and all Signature Campaign threads are not counted. Posts in Alternate cryptocurrencies, Politics & Society, Speculation and all Local boards are counted as half. Other avatar and personal texts not allowed.
  610. [b]Cryptovpn[/b] ([url=]Thread[/url])
  611. [i]Payment period:[/i] Monthly
  612. [i]Payment method:[/i]: Will be paid to your website account.
  613. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] 60 posts per month.
  614. [i]Payments:[/i] H/L: 0.14[BTC], S: 0.10[BTC], F: 0.06[BTC], M: 0.048[BTC], J: 0.028[BTC].
  615. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color]. [url=;u=122354]Carra23[/url]
  616. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Can receive half payout if you reach at least 30 qualifying post before the payment is made. Payment will be processed last Friday of the month.
  618. [hr][size=12pt][b]Yes/No explanation[/b][/size][hr]
  619. If a campaign has [color=orange][b]Yes/No[/b][/color] as escrow status, it means that the person holding the funds also pays the participants. This is a conflict of interest, but shouldn't be a big problem if the person doing escrow is trusted.
  621. [hr][size=12pt][b]Please use the following format if something is missing or incorrect:[/b][/size][hr]
  622. [code][b]Campaign Name[/b] ([url=http://]Thread[/url])
  623. [i]Payment period:[/i] Weekly? Monthly? On a specific date?
  624. [i]Payment method:[/i]: To BTC address or credit to an account?
  625. [i]Minimum posts:[/i] What is the minimum post count you have to have to get a payment?
  626. [i]Payments:[/i] How much do you get after a month/week? Example: S: 0.1[BTC] per month.  
  627. [u][i]Escrow[/i][/u]: Did they escrow funds? If so, who is doing the escrow?
  628. [i]Miscellaneous:[/i] Other information that might be important[/code]
  629. [size=10pt][b][u]Checkout the detailed information section to see how it should be used.[/u][/b][/size]
  631. [hr][size=12pt][b]Changelog:[/b][/size][hr]
  632. [code]
  633. 02-Oct-2015: Updated
  634. 27-Sept-2015: Removed Playtodos.
  635. 26-Sept-2015: Updated
  636. 25-Sept-2015: Updated
  637. 24-Sept-2015: Added payment method. Updated,,,, Bit★Starz, SteadyTurtle. Removed
  638. 23-Sept-2015: Added
  639. 22-Sept-2015: Removed coinomat
  640. 18-Sept-2015: Moved LuckFlop from PNYC to active
  641. 15-Sept-2015: Removed CryptoCircuits. Fixed
  642. 14-Sept-2015: Removed and FastBets. Added
  643. 13-Sept-2015: Updated the OP with all the recent changes.
  644. 13-Aug-2015: Updated the OP thanks to --Encrypted--. Improved text throughout the OP.
  645. 03-July-2015: Updated the OP thanks to arallmuus.
  646. 25-Jun-2015: Updated the OP thanks to --Encrypted--, subSTRATA and dezoel.
  647. 01-Jun-2015: CREDITS and Bitnik Reload removed. Coinut has been moved to active.
  648. 31-May-2015: Bit-x moved to CFNP.
  649. 30-May-2015:,,, and YoBit updated. CREDITS moved to CFNP.
  650. 06-May-2015: and moved to active., CREDITS, Bitnik Reload and Chainroll added.,, and 64 Blocks updated., CryptoVPN,, mBit Casino, AllInCrypto and Bitcoinpoker removed.
  651. 17-April-2015: CryptoVPN, 777Coin, and Da Dice updated., BitcoinPoker, AllInCrypto and 64 Blocks added. and mBit Casino moved to Active.
  652. 31-March-2015: removed. Da Dice updated. Coinut,,, and mBit Casino added.
  653. 15-March-2015: and Bit-x updated.
  654. 13-March-2015: updated.
  655. 12-March-2015: BTCRabbit and AMHash removed.
  656. 11-March-2015: CryptoVPN updated.
  657. 10-March-2015: Da Dice moved to Active. Bit-X updated.
  658. 9-March-2015: CryptoVPN added.
  659. 5-March-2015: updated.
  660. 3-March-2015: removed. AMHash hasn't paid yet, * added., CoinRoyale and Bit-x updated. Da Dice added. has been updated and moved to active.
  661. 23-Feb-2015: CoinRoyale moved to Active. has been updated.
  662. 19-Feb-2015: OcupyCoin and added. updated. is full and has been moved.
  663. 17-Feb-2015: MultiDice removed. CoinRoyale, and added.
  664. 6-Feb-2015: Quickseller account sales has closed. is open again.
  665. 3-Feb-2015: updated. has closed. is temparoly closed because of their downtime.
  666. 31-Jan-2015: GAWMiners has no more funds to continue and has been removed.
  667. 28-Jan-2015: Quickseller account sales has paid out and moved accordingly. Bit-X has increased their Full member payout, updated the table.
  668. 27-Jan-2015: MultiDice has paid out and thus been moved.
  669. 25-Jan-2015: Satoshi Bet and removed.
  670. 23-Jan-2015: AMHash has paid and thus been moved to Active. MultiDice has been added. FortuneJack and have been updated. has been updated and moved to Active.
  671. 21-Jan-2015: is no longer escrowed.
  672. 16-Jan-2015: ASICMINERTUBE removed.
  673. 15-Jan-2015: and updated. has been removed.
  674. 10-Jan-2015: added.
  675. 06-Jan-2015: and updated.
  676. 03-Jan-2015: is now full. is Active again.
  677. 01-Jan-2015: updated.
  678. 31-Dec-2014: has changed their name to, updated this in the OP.
  679. 30-Dec-2014: URL updated and moved to CLFNP. Coinichiwa has been moved to CLFNP as well. Bit-x and Satoshi Bet have paid and moved to Active. added. updated. Silver Wallet removed, because the campaign is over. Quickseller account sales is now escrowed and it's listing has been updated.
  680. 28-Dec-2014: Pocket Dice removed.
  681. 27-Dec-2014: BTCRabbit, Coinichiwa and Quickseller account sales added. Satoshi Bet updated. removed. paid and has been moved.
  682. 21-Dec-2014: AMHash updated.
  683. 20-Dec-2014: 777Coin and AMHash updated. Satoshi Bet added.
  684. 18-Dec-2014: and Pocket Dice have paid., and updated. AMHash added. has been removed, because the campaign will not continue after payment on Sunday.
  685. 14-Dec-2014: has been paid. now has escrow.
  686. 10-Dec-2014: updated. moved to Active. and Pocket Dice added.
  687. 09-Dec-2014: moved to active.
  688. 06-Dec-2014: CoinPiler removed and added.
  689. 01-Dec-2014: Bit-x, and added.
  690. 28-Nov-2014: added, added to active.
  691. 17-Nov-2014: is now full and moved accordingly.
  692. 13-Nov-2014: added. PB Mining, Paidverts and Greencoin removed. Added an "escrow"-part to the table and information to the descriptions.
  693. 05-Nov-2014: Moneypot, BTCBackers, and PRCdice.eup has been removed. CoinPiler, and 777Coin has been updated. moved to CLFNP, because it looks like they don't accept new members. Silver Wallet is CLFNP as well.
  694. 29-Oct-2014: Bitcoin Bond removed.
  695. 28-Oct-2014: Added Paidverts. Updated CoinPiler.
  696. 25-Oct-2014: Updated Bitcoin Bond in the small table.
  697. 24-Oct-2014: ShibaRoll has been removed because their thread is locked. removed because they halted their campaign. removed because OP never paid out and Dooglus had to use the escrowed coins.
  698. 23-Oct-2014: has closed and thus been removed from the OP.
  699. 22-Oct-2014: is avaible again. Bitcoin Bond added. Pocket Dice and are closed and have been removed. Majestic Coins has been removed, because the OP has been inactive over 6 days. That says more than enough for a Ponzi/HYIP website.
  700. 18-Oct-2014: Updated Removed
  701. 17-Oct-2014: Updated
  702. 16-Oct-2014: Updated FortuneJack. is full and has been moved accordingly.
  703. 14-Oct-2014: The campaign has now ended and has been removed. BTCBackers and Majestic Coins added.
  704. 13-Oct-2014: Greencoin added.
  705. 11-Oct-2014: and moved to CLFNP. added.
  706. 10-Oct-2014: Barwick Mining removed.
  707. 07-Oct-2014: PB Mining updated. added.
  708. 06-Oct-2014: Fixed Bitstars entry. updated. PB Mining added.
  709. 05-Oct-2014: Bitcoin-Tutorials has paid out and moved accordingly.
  710. 04-Oct-2014: Barwick Mining added. CoinPiler added.
  711. 03-Oct-2014: Finally updated MoneyPot.
  712. 02-Oct-2014: added. is full.
  713. 01-Oct-2014: Pocket Dice updated and moved to "Active".
  714. 29-Sept-2014: FortuneJack is no longer full.
  715. 28-Sept-2014: Silver Wallet added.
  716. 27-Sept-2014: and added
  717. 24-Sept-2014: Pocket Dice added.
  718. 23-Sept-2014: added. FortuneJack is full and has been moved.
  719. 17-Sept-2014: PrimeDice removed. Staff can still join, but 99% of people that visit this topic aren't, so keeping it makes no sense.
  720. 15-Sept-2014: The Cloudbet signature ends tomorrow, Edendice has ended and Cryptominer turned into the scam it is. They have been removed from this list.
  721. 14-Sept-2014: ShibaRoll added.
  722. 12-Sept-2014: FortuneJack has paid out and thus been moved.
  723. 11-Sept-2014: FortuneJack added, Cryptominer and Bitin.IO moved to Active.
  724. 09-Sept-2014: added.
  725. 08-Sept-2014: has been removed.
  726. 03-Sep-2014: removed since they stopped their campaign. MoneyPot has been added. MoneyPot is now full.
  727. 01-Sep-2014:  Updated and removed
  728. 31-Aug-2014: added. is now full and has been moved accordingly.
  729. 30-Aug-2014: added.
  730. 27-Aug-2014: CoinPiler has closed down and has been removed. has paid out and moved accordingly.
  731. 26-Aug-2014: added.
  732. 25-Aug-2014: 777Coin is full.
  733. 24-Aug-2014: Lunamine removed. 777Coin is having payment issues, joining is not recommended.
  734. 23-Aug-2014: CoinPiler is now full.
  735. 22-Aug-2014: is now full and has been moved accordingly. added.
  736. 20-Aug-2014: ASICMINERTUBE, EdenDice and are now full and have been moved accordingly.
  737. 19-Aug-2014: CoinPiler added.
  738. 18-Aug-2014: [b]Added Legendary level[/b]. added. Primedice updated.
  739. 15-Aug-2014: CoinFinance is now closed and has been removed from this topic. ASICMINERTUBE added.
  740. 14-Aug-2014: moved back to "[i]Active[/i]".
  741. 13-Aug-2014: The campaign is now closed.
  742. 12-Aug-2014: EdenDice and added. Thanks hilariousandco and izanagi.
  743. 11-Aug-2014: PocketRocketsCasino has stopped their signature campaign and has been removed. Lunamine got a *, because they have payout problems.
  744. 08-Aug-2014: DiceBitcoin is now full.
  745. 07-8-2014: Minersource has stopped accepting new members and has been removed accordingly. CoinFinance added, thanks Swordsoffreedom and freedomno1.
  746. 06-8-2014: has been moved to CLFNP, since it's full.
  747. 02-8-2014: added. Thanks u9y42! PocketRocketsCasino updated and moved to "[i]Currently active[/i]". Thanks for telling me PRC_May.
  748. 30-7-2014: Added, thanks CodyAlfaridzi!
  749. 25-7-2014: Added PocketRocketsCasino, thanks CodyAlfaridzi!
  750. 24-7-2014: Coinssource doesn't do [BTC] payments anymore. Removed.
  751. 23-7-2014: FXOpen is now closed. Fastbluff will be ending it's campaign this week, so I removed them in advance.
  752. 17-7-2014: A lot of campaigns are now full. Updated the OP. FastBluff paid out, so they have been moved to the "[i]Active[/i]"-section.
  753. 15-7-2014: paid out, moved to their new section. is closed for new members at this moment, moved to associated section.
  754. 13-7-2014: doesn't allow other signatures anymore.
  755. 11-7-2014: UpDown.BT closed it's campaign. added a Full Member rate, changed this in the OP. added.
  756. 10-7-2014: Minersource is now full. FastBluff and added. The "[i]Closed Campaign[/i]"-section has been removed since it makes this post to long.
  757. 09-7-2014: XBTec has paid everyone and closed their campaign, because they are to busy to manage it. XBTec has been removed.
  758. 08-7-2014: XBTec has payment problems so I added an *. added a Member price, so the OP has been updated to reflect this change.
  759. 03-7-2014: Genesis-Mining closed their campaign and's campaign is back.
  760. 30-6-2014: added, thanks Crossbow376.
  761. 26-6-2014: Coinssource added
  762. 24-6-2014: XBTec is closed so I moved it to the "[i]Closed for new participants[/i]"-section.
  763. 22-6-2014: XBTec and 777Coin paid, so I moved them from "[i]Payments not yet confirmed[/i]" to "[i]Currently active campaigns[/i]"
  764. 20-6-2014: is closed, changed the post to reflect this change. The asterisk (*) explanation is now at the bottom of the table.
  765. 19-6-2014: Removed Misc. in the Simple table
  766. 16-6-2014: 777Coin added to the list, updated information.
  767. 15-6-2014: Removed BTC2X since it's website is offline and OP has run off with the money.[/code]
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