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  1. Type: EXCEPTION_UNKNOWN (0xE06D7363, 0x19930520, 0x0317F274, 0x0085CFE8)
  2. > Stack trace
  3. 0x75CA18A2 ??+0x75CA18A2 (??+0x0)
  4. 0x0062B483 ??+0x62B483 (??+0x0)
  5. 0x0062B43A ??+0x62B43A (??+0x0)
  6. 0x004FCD5A ??+0x4FCD5A (??+0x0)
  7. 0x00507B4C ??+0x507B4C (??+0x0)
  8. 0x00507DD2 ??+0x507DD2 (??+0x0)
  9. 0x00508A1B ??+0x508A1B (??+0x0)
  10. 0x0062AAA0 ??+0x62AAA0 (??+0x0)
  11. 0x00410C5D ??+0x410C5D (??+0x0)
  12. 0x00410C5D ??+0x410C5D (??+0x0)
  13. >
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