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  1. >Be the refined and dapper southern gentleman
  3. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/1ISXD.png[/IMG]
  5. "[color=#bb3606]Why thank you! I'm glad to sℰℰ that you think wℰll of mℰ.[/color]"
  7. >Stop bluffing
  9. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vY9SW.png[/IMG]
  11. "[color=#bb3606]oh thank goodnℯss that hat is so annoying.[/color]"
  13. You are now CHRISTOPHER DONAHER! Of course, you usually go by CRIS. You live with your AUNT, ever since your parents shipped you off to live with her when the WAR started. You are her don't really GET ALONG, but you don't really talk to her anyways- just to beg her to get more supplies for your PROJECTS.
  15. What sort of projects? Why, INVENTING ones! You are an inventor- in fact, the YOUNGEST inventor you have EVER met. This may be because you DON'T TALK TO MANY PEOPLE, but you're certain it's because you're a KID GENIUS.
  17. But what is it that you invent? GAMES! BETTER games! Most importantly, games of CHANCE. Yes, you admit it, you are a bit of a GAMBLER. Well, you probably shouldn't admit it, seeing that it is not exactly LEGAL right now, but still! Lotteries, Horses races, Card games... you have tried many of them, and usually find yourself quite successful. Again though, it's kind of blatantly ILLEGAL. Especially considering you are ONLY 13 FOR GOD'S SAKE.
  19. Kids these days!
  21. Anyways, you have a bit of a system going- you build a FLASHY and NEW game machine, sell it to people in one of the cities who are desperate for an AMUSING DISTRACTION, use your profits to bet at any places that actually LET YOU IN with  much convincing, then use the profits from there to... well, do some CONVINCING OF YOUR OWN.
  23. You HONESTLY don't see what's so wrong with this- it's FUN, and it's YOUR MONEY, so you should be allowed to do what you WANT! Duuuh.
  25. Anyways, you DO sometimes invent things that are actually USEFUL, but those are typically for PERSONAL USE, or bribing your AUNT. You don't TEST anything on her though- no, you have SOMEONE ELSE for that purpose.
  27. Hℰhℰhℰhℰhℰhℰ.
  29. Your chaphandle is [color=#bb3606]improvisingBacker[/color], and [color=#bb3606]You likℰ to kℰℰp things formal... hℯhℯ who arℯ you kidding you dont rℯally carℯ around your friℯnds.[/color] Your SDRICT title is destined to be the Guide of Woe in the Land of Glass and Zephyr.
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