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  1. Approved From Lines: National Family
  2. National Family Life
  3. National Family Life Insurance
  5. National Family Assurance
  6. National Family Assurance Ad
  7. National Family Assurance Affiliate
  8. National Family Assurance Info
  9. National Family Assurance Offer
  10. National Family Insurance
  12. Approved Subject Lines: Affordable Life Insurance
  13. Don’t leave your family buried in debt
  14. Exciting Offer
  15. Fast Approval Life Coverage
  16. Forget Stocks, This is the Most Important Investment You Can Make
  17. Get A Free Life Insurance Quote Today
  18. Get Approved for Life Insurance Now!
  19. Get Life Insurance Today, Protect Your Family
  20. Get Life Insurance Today to Cover Your Family Tomorrow
  21. Get Protected
  22. Great Burial Insurance Plans for You
  23. Have you been wondering about life insurance?
  24. In Less Than 2 Minutes, You Can Cover Your Families Future
  25. Is Your Family Protected?
  26. Let Our Life Insurance Agents Find You an Affordable Plan
  27. Let Us Worry About Your Families Future
  28. Life Insurance Cheaper Than You Think
  29. Life Insurance Starting at $1 per Day
  30. Life Insurance You Can Afford
  31. Life Insurance You Can Afford!
  32. Life Insurance for Seniors
  33. Looking for Life Insurance?
  34. No Med Exam Life Insurance
  35. Not all Life Insurance requires a Medical Exam
  36. Official Application Offer
  37. Official Offer
  38. Protect Your Family
  39. Save up to 70% on Life Insurance
  40. Term Life Alert
  41. Term Life Notice
  42. This Investment May Just Help Pay Off Your Mortgage
  43. We've Got Your Future Covered
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