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  2. PREFIX: '^8[&d&lSUPPLY&8]'
  3. INVALID-CMD: Command not found.
  4. NEED-SELECTION: '&7You must have a &cWorldEdit &7selection to use this.'
  5. ADDED-SELECTION: '&7You have added &c%amount%x &7SupplyCrate locations.'
  6. NO-PERMISSION: You don't have permission to use this command.
  7. EDIT-MODE-ON: '&dEdit mode enabled, Please place this block where you want Supply
  8.   Crates to spawn.'
  9. EDIT-MODE-OFF: '&7Edit mode disabled.'
  10. MUST-END-CURRENT: Please stop the current Supply Crate Event first.
  11. SOMEONE-EDITING: Someone is currently in editor mode.
  12. EMPTY-CRATES: No crates setup.
  13. NO-EVENT-RUNNING: No event is current running.
  14. ADD-CRATE: This is now a Supply Crate.
  15. REMOVE-CRATE: This Supply Crate is now destroyed.
  16. REMOVE-FAILED: You must be in editor mode.
  17. BC-CLAIM-CRATE: '&c%player% &chas claimed a crate, there are &c%left% &ccrates left.'
  18. BC-STARTED: '&7A Supply Crate Event has started, there are &c%left% &7total crates.'
  19. BC-STOPPED: '&cThe Supply Crate Event has ended.'
  20. TOO-EARLY-STOP: '&cPlease wait a few seconds before stopping an event.'
  21. RELOADING: Reloading Plugin...
  22. RELOAD-COMPLETE: Reload Complete. Took %ms%ms.
  23. HOLOGRAM-RUNNING: Currently running
  24. HOLOGRAM-MIN-PLAYERS: Not enough players to start
  25. AUTO-BC-ENABLED: true
  26. AUTO-BC: '&7A Supply Crate Event will start in &c%remaining%.'
  28. - 60
  29. - 30
  30. - 20
  31. - 10
  32. - 5
  33. - 4
  34. - 3
  35. - 2
  36. - 1
  37. NO-ITEM-IN-HAND: '&bYou do not have an item in your hand.'
  38. SUCCESS-ADD-ITEM: '&7You added &b%item%&7 to the list of items.'
  39. TIME-LEFT: '&7Next Supply Crate Drop will be in &b%time%&7.'
  40. TIME-LEFT-ALREADY: '&7There is &ccurrently &7a Supply Crate running.'
  41. DROP:
  42.   FORMAT: '  &7» &7%id%. &cSupply Crate &7at &7%x%&7, &7%y%&7, &7%z% &7in &7%world%&c.'
  43.   MESSAGE:
  44.   - '&7&m----------&8 [&bLocations&f: &cPage: &7(%page%&c/&7%max%)&8] &7&m----------&8'
  45.   - '%printLocations%'
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