Double Cross - Red Vision Rising - Part 3

Apr 6th, 2015
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  1. Cherem Last we left off, a deadline had been presented to the UGN: release Hanami at Akai Park, with no guards, free to her own devices, in four hours. Given by the aristocratic False Heart Viktor the Red, if his demands are not met, the young girl Kumotta Kagami (kidnapped by Viktor) would meet an unspecified fate.
  2. 16:26 Cherem The deadline draws near, but a future beyond freeing the dangerous, immoral Hanami may be in reach, as our heroes have discovered a chance to thwart Viktor and save his young hostage.
  3. 16:26 Cherem Viktor's most likely location, mentioned in sideways conversations and rapid, secret deals. The cisterns and tunnels beneath the city, a vault of concrete.
  4. 16:27 Cherem In the tenth room of the fourth floor, UGN Agent Hanase and Tsubaki Tamano look at each other, before Tsubaki takes the first question. "You think you know where Viktor might be? And his victim?"
  5. 16:29 Jamie_Knapp "I've found evidence that leads me to believe they are hidden in a vault beneath the city. The False Hearts tend to love their sewers."
  6. 16:29 Tsuboki_Junko "Most rats do."
  7. 16:29 Cherem Hanase looks at the assembled three, rubbing his chin. "Well, the Japanese taxpayer did foot quite a bill to make them expansive."
  8. 16:30 Cherem Tsubaki smirks a little at the joke, "And a vampire underground. Well, it's the best thing we've got so far."
  9. 16:31 Cherem "And the deadline for releasing Hanami is coming up quick." Hanase scowls at the PA system, which has been comfortably silent. "We were starting to prepare her for it, but now, if you think you've got him..."
  10. 16:31 Cherem "How sure are you? If we don't have this, then we might not have a choice."
  11. 16:32 Tsuboki_Junko "Maybe be ready in case we don't."
  12. 16:32 Jamie_Knapp "I'm 98%. A small team should be able to infiltrate that base quickly and quietly."
  13. 16:33 Cherem Tsubaki glances at Hanase, "In that case, we can at least pretend to cater to his demands. A person like him will take to that like a fly to... honey."
  14. 16:33 *** Yayifications is now known as Katrina_Farron
  15. 16:34 Cherem Hanase frowns but nods in agreement. "Alright. We can arrange transport: your goal is, ideally, save that girl. Running Viktor to the ground and putting him under is a close second."
  16. 16:34 Katrina_Farron "So, try to set him up?" Katrina considers, "Nots ure how much good that would do us. He's probably expecting as much."
  17. 16:35 Cherem At that, Hanase pauses, and his brow furrows futher.
  18. 16:35 Cherem "Well, not so much set him up, but his deal never said we couldn't act against him. Just release the Renegade Being and her, uh, "companion" later." Tsubaki comments.
  19. 16:36 Tsuboki_Junko groans, rubbing her face with her hands.
  20. 16:36 Jamie_Knapp "The base is fairly well hidden. It's probable that he wouldn't even suspect we know where it is. Viktor loves his theatrics. If we say we'll release, he should believe it.
  21. 16:39 Tsuboki_Junko "Lets get to it, then."
  22. 16:41 Cherem Tsubaki, who seems to have surplanted Hanase for the time being, nods. "Good luck then. We'll prepare Hanami for 'release', in case this ends up bad, but if not... Well, good luck. Viktor's spent a long time running. It's about time he stops and faces justice."
  23. 16:45 Cherem === Scene End ===
  24. 16:47 Cherem It's a quick drive to the closest sewer entrance that would be within walking/running/ distance of Viktor's supposed hideout. Under the guise of a Civillian repair truck, the large, bulky mini-bus pulls up. The driver gets out and rushes to the manhole with surprisingly practiced movements. "Alright, we're here. You guys are going in here, and then moving-
  25. 16:48 Cherem - up to retrieve the objective and potentially neutralize the target. We won't be able to provide more support without alerting the target."
  26. 16:49 Katrina_Farron "Got it," Katrina nods, lowering her cybernetic visor as she descends into the sewer, gritting her teeth. "Always a sewer."
  27. 16:49 Tsuboki_Junko "Right? These jobs lately stink. Seriously." Junko follows after Katrina.
  28. 16:54 Cherem "If you want, we can drop down some face masks. Might make the police pick up the student afterwards though." It's not easy to tell if he's joking or serious with that last part.
  29. 16:56 Tsuboki_Junko "Yeah, yeah. Get your ass down here Jamie."
  30. 16:57 Jamie_Knapp sighs, "Yeah yeah, I'm coming."
  31. 16:58 Cherem There's another ladder, this time less slick with gore and blood. At the bottom, there's that same moisture, but somehow it feels colder than it was earlier. Still humid as hell.
  32. 16:59 Tsuboki_Junko "Are sewers really in fashion for evil layers? I don't remember seeing that many in Kamen Rider," the delinquent grumbles as she lights up. Better than the sewer's 'natural' odor.
  33. 16:59 Cherem In the direction of Viktor's supposed stronghold, the tunnel curves, but you can make out claw marks and craters in the tunnel
  34. 16:59 Cherem 's concrete.
  35. 17:00 Jamie_Knapp draws her handgun feeling no more comfortable even with the weapon's cold weight in her hand. "If anyone would follow bad guy convention it's Viktor."
  36. 17:01 Katrina_Farron "Back in the desert, it was caves. The movies always have volcanoes, but I guess that's impractical in reality."
  37. 17:01 Tsuboki_Junko "If it was a volcano we could kick him in."
  38. 17:02 Jamie_Knapp "He'd probably like it."
  39. 17:03 Cherem Following the tunnel, there's more markings along the ground and the wall. More than just the swarms "ghouls" that you fought before, there are larger impacts. Following them and your directions, you come to what was once a heavy metal gate.
  40. 17:04 Tsuboki_Junko "Even my gang at least hung out under a bridge. This just sucks."
  41. 17:05 Cherem Once, it might have been a portcullis, installed at the whims of some bureaucrat or security contractor who wanted civillians and random taggers to stay out of the sewers. Now, it lay in two parts, smashed by some mighty blow.
  42. 17:10 Cherem Stepping towards the gate, Junko and Jamie don't see much: there's a gate, smashed in two, and long scars in the ground from the blows that turned it from a door to scrap metal.
  43. 17:15 Cherem Katrina, however, notices that there are thin wires along the walkways: tripwires. For alarms or explosives, though, is anyone's guess.
  44. 17:16 Katrina_Farron "Tripwires, all over the place," She begins to point them out, "I hope they're not explosives, but I wouldn't put it past them."
  45. 17:17 Cherem To the others, once they're pointed out they're barely visible, like hairs against the floor. The dim red light doesn't help much either, but at the right angle they sort of stand out.
  46. 17:18 Tsuboki_Junko "Well...what to we do about them?"
  47. 17:20 Katrina_Farron "Well, if we're careful we can walk around them...or we can wade through the sewage."
  48. 17:20 Tsuboki_Junko "Neither sounds all that fun y'know?"
  49. 17:31 Jamie_Knapp rolls her shoulders and moves back, eyeing the wires. "Well alright then." She runs forward and performs three backflips over the wires, landing on the other side with a flourish.
  50. 17:33 Tsuboki_Junko Junko's Renegade-altered body allows her to easily manuver over and past the trip wires.
  51. 17:36 Katrina_Farron makes her way over the wires with deft, superhuman grace, "Simple enough."
  52. 17:37 Cherem Passing the trap without consequence, the tunnel journey continues. However, as you come closer to what is supposed to be Viktor's domain, the sound of running water starts to echo, and every so often, it's interlaced with the familiar sound of many feet. More of the ghoul creatures, coming your way it sounds like.
  53. 17:38 Jamie_Knapp "Let's make our own trap."
  54. 17:39 Tsuboki_Junko "Better talk fast."
  55. 17:40 Jamie_Knapp "Can you get us on the ceiling?"
  56. 17:42 Tsuboki_Junko "Grab on," she replied, body already changing.
  57. 17:43 Jamie_Knapp Jamie nods, wrapping her arms around Junko's waist.
  58. 17:47 Tsuboki_Junko Once the two have grabbed on she grunts, working to reel them up toward the ceiling. They weren't particularly heavy, it was just an awkward thing to suddenly try.
  59. 17:51 Cherem Down the tunnel, the sounds get louder and louder, before they spill around the corner... and the sound of rapid gunfire. A good-sized group, maybe twenty of the things, and one of the "Alpha" creatures trying to restore order. It's like a pack of animals fleeing something.
  60. 17:52 Jamie_Knapp "Let them past." Jamie whispers, thought plain on her face.
  61. 17:54 Tsuboki_Junko watches them pass, grumbling.
  62. 17:55 Cherem The gunfire gets closer, and the source becomes apparant. "Right over the alarm too," a muffled voice sounds.
  63. 17:55 Cherem The alpha stops, apparantly giving up trying to organize all of the ghouls, turning and snarling a challenge at the source.
  64. 17:57 Cherem Two figures step around the corner: one toting a light machine gun and smoking a cigarette, dressed in urban camo and tied down with webbing, one arm entirely metal, and the other toting a weapon you've seen before: a grenade launcher. That one seems to be the one who spoke, face hidden by a white mask with two slits for eyes and a grill over the mouth.
  65. 17:59 Cherem "I still think this is a bad idea." The gunner glances down at his gun, and you see the box magazine dropping to the ground and disappearing into dust. In the moment after, a box seems to slide out of midair into his hand.
  66. 18:00 Cherem "Well, he made the wrong decision." The muffled figure lifts the grenade launcher, "If he didn't want us leaving, he would've listened. As far as I care, the old bastard can rot in that cistern."
  67. 18:01 Cherem The Alpha, seemingly tired of this posturing, screams, and charges at them. They glance at each other, and split up, the one with the launcher clearing the channel with ease.
  68. 18:06 Cherem The fight takes but a moment. This Alpha seems to have already been wounded, but two explosive shells and at least half a box magazine take a heavy toll on the thing. In turn, it's opponents suffer seemingly very little: coordinated, they carefully lure it and use the channel to their advantage, forcing the thing to wade after them or jump and risk staggering
  69. 18:07 Cherem In the end, the thing is bleeding, howling in anger, as the two watch it. "Do we kill it? Razorback'll be pissed." The gunner glances at the masked one.
  70. 18:08 Cherem "It's always pissed." The masked one turns around and makes towards the gate. "Besides, it's not like it'll matter if things keep as they are. Razorback's way too dumb to find his way out of the sewers again anyways."
  71. 18:09 Cherem The Gunner thinks for a moment, and then finishes the creature off. "Sounds like a plan." With that, he mows the thing down, turning and reloading yet again. "Weird fight though. Couldn't shake the feeling we were being watched."
  72. 18:12 Cherem The two leave a trail of dead behind them, seeming to not bother more with what's behind them. After a little while their footsteps don't echo anymore, and you're able to drop down safely and continue.
  73. 18:13 Jamie_Knapp "That ended better than expected." Jamie says, quietly. "We'll have to watch out for more like those two though."
  74. 18:14 Cherem It's a walk then, uneventful, before you finally arrive: the cistern. The sound of water running violently rings in your ears as you see a large atrium, complete with concrete stage raised up from the water. There's a flight of stairs up from the stage, where a massive monster of muscle and metal is standing. From this distance, you catch sight of a metal -
  75. 18:15 Cherem pole stabbed into the concrete. Around it, a thick, heavy chain wraps a small, delicate figure to the ground and the pole. In her hospital gown, Kagami looks like a very abused flower. Her legs are red from this distance, and the lower half of her gown is dyed a thick red.
  76. 18:16 Jamie_Knapp "The fuck did they do to her?"
  77. 18:16 Cherem There's a low rumble you can hear, like an earthquake, coming from the creature standing vigilant over her. However, it doesn't seem to have noticed you.
  78. 18:17 Tsuboki_Junko "Dunno, but it's coming outta their hides," she growls, claws growing larger.
  79. 18:18 Jamie_Knapp "Push it in the water?"
  80. 18:18 Cherem Instead, it's focus is aimed at the aristocratic man standing at the height of the stairs, a man in a long coat with dark hair. Viktor. Between the two on the stairs are four other figures, human-sized mannequins decked in armor and long spears. Two women, two men, armed with spears and longbows respectivly, skin and hair white as snow.
  81. 18:19 Tsuboki_Junko "We got other problems," she mutters.
  82. 18:19 Jamie_Knapp "Right." Jamie's face is grim as she looks at the landing.
  83. 18:20 Cherem The water here, or the channels, are maybe two meters deep, running past the raised platform the giant monster (and Hanami) are on. They disappear into tunnels, which are blocked with black steel portcullis.
  84. 18:21 Tsuboki_Junko "So my plan is 'Kill 'em all.' Got anything better?"
  85. 18:21 Cherem The entire place is lit more than the rest of the sewers, the deep red lights aided by white lights along the walkways, and a single piercing light from a hole in the ceiling. And then, the sound of Viktor's voice, emanating from alarm klaxons along the edges.
  86. 18:22 Cherem "Ah, my friends. Welcome, welcome. I was telling my friend here that I didn't think you so foolish to attack me here. I am disappointed, I would say." You can almost see the smirk on his face from the good... 40m distance.
  87. 18:24 Jamie_Knapp "Who could resist a climactic Battle in a large room?"
  88. 18:29 Cherem A deep chuckle sounds from the man, "Who indeed? Maybe there is hope for you. For now though, I fear I must leave that hope in the hands of my... companion." He turns to the tunnel behind him.
  89. 18:32 Tsuboki_Junko "He's gonna be a pain in the ass later isn't he?"
  90. 18:32 Cherem "Best of luck, mind. Razorback is... He'll keep you busy." He seems to have dropped the theatrics as he steps into the tunnel, where the darkness envelops him like a shroud. One moment he's there, the next, a porticullis snaps down like the jaws of a massive predator.
  91. 18:49 Cherem The two servants, women with long bows, take aim and fire two black arrows at Jaime and Junko! They both connect with sickening thuds! The two male servants, however, do not move, instead simply changing their posturing to defensive ones.
  92. 18:50 Cherem The giant beast turns, looking between you and the servants. It looks torn for a second, but decides you are the more serious threat, apparently, as it moves 20m closer, leaving you 10m away from it.
  93. 18:50 Tsuboki_Junko "Fuck!" Junko cringes in on herself as she reaches for one of the arrows.
  94. 18:51 Cherem From it's hands, two long, curved blades seem to sprout, as the beast lets out a low roar, "Blade of the east, blade of the west." You can see it's breath hang in the air, as it's eyes glow vibrant red, the swords blades long and curved.
  95. 18:51 Jamie_Knapp Jamie winces and feels a gash in her side. "Dammit."
  96. 18:53 Cherem The beast is two and a half meters tall, with long, gnatty, tangled locks of thick black and brown hair matted with sweat, dirt, and blood. A stink comes off it, like a monster from the depths, reeking of iron and metal. It's arms are crossed with scars and leathery skin dark as night, and it's hands are calloused and craggy. It's body is covered in little-
  97. 18:54 Cherem plates like scale mail embedded into it's skin, and it's legs are muscled and wiry. It's face looks like a brick wall with a nose and pair of baleful, hateful eyes, and it's teeth are a vivid red.
  98. 19:09 Katrina_Farron rushes the beast, her armblade ejecting outward as she charges with blinding speed, slicing right up his chest, cutting deep, "Let's make quick work of this and get back to the chase!"
  99. 19:10 Tsuboki_Junko Junko manages to pull an arrow free with a yelp of pain. She looks terribly pissed. With a shout she throws her claws, arm stretching out to close the distance as bladed fingers seek a target. They connect with the hulking Gjaum and sink into its flesh with a satisfying sound.
  100. 19:10 Cherem The beast takes the hits, growling, as they punch past the embedded armor and into it's flesh. It doesn't scream though, instead gritting it's teeth and preparing itself.
  101. 19:16 Jamie_Knapp takes a knee and lines her sights. With a few quick pulls of the trigger she fires out at one of the archers.
  102. 19:17 Cherem The first archer moves carefully, and the bullet slides off of her forearm's gauntlet.
  103. 19:17 Cherem IN response, she takes aim, and fires back!
  104. 19:20 Cherem The arrow, black as night, flies from her shot like a sniper from hell.
  105. 19:21 Jamie_Knapp Jamie's eyes widen as she see's the arrow coming with no time to dodge.
  106. 19:22 Tsuboki_Junko Junko rolls her eyes, body moving before her mind has fully made the decision. She skids into place in front of Jamie, taking the arrow ment for her.
  107. 19:24 Tsuboki_Junko It strikes with a sickening sound and send the delinquent to the ground, as dead as an Overed could be.
  108. 19:25 Jamie_Knapp "Shit! Junko! Again?!"
  109. 19:27 Cherem As it happens, and still bleeding from it's wounds, Razorback lets out a calm breath, "And the Border between." In his left hand, the sword disappears, and the one in the right lights up. From a katana-like blade, it grows longer, wider, and somehow it looks even sharper than before.
  110. 19:49 Katrina_Farron brings her blade down again upon Razorback, her arm simply too fast to evade or block.
  111. 16:56 LeahofCherem The being called Razorback takes the hit, failing to move out of the way. Katrina's blade leaves a long cut along it's chest, but the creature is still moving.
  112. 17:06 Tsuboki_Junko A cough, a groan and Junko was getting on her feet. She yanked the arrows free of her chest, the holes closing up, and spat a bit of dark blood into the ground. "Now...now I'm pissed!" she roared, arm quickly transforming. She looked like she was having trouble maintaining one particular shape and with a vicious twist of her torso sent razor-sharp digits flying toward the hulking Gjaum!
  113. 17:09 LeahofCherem Razorback turns, frowning, but is sent reeling, grabbing at it's throat and face as the strike slams into it's head. You can see it take a step back, amazingly, stance shaken for a moment. When it looks back down, it's face is covered in red marks, where the cuts have exposed muscle and bone.
  114. 17:10 LeahofCherem Behind him, you can see the archers. They lift their bows simultaniously, but then they disappear like ash and dust into the air. The ones with spears don't move, disappearing into thin air like the other two.
  115. 17:12 LeahofCherem Not even turning, Razorback roars, loud enough to shake the cistern (or it feels like it). YOu see his stance, unhindered by the step he took back, his blade rising, before lashing out at Junko! Revenge for mutilating his face, probably.
  116. 17:15 LeahofCherem The blade lashes down, and in the moment you can see it, the blade so thin it could sever the sky from the earth.
  117. 17:16 Tsuboki_Junko Junko is just too slow this time, too slow to dodge the blade. It's a clean cut and for the second time now she falls.
  118. 17:21 Jamie_Knapp "You bastard!" Jamie yells as Junko falls. She opens fire on Razorback, unloading a clip intot he monster.
  119. 17:22 LeahofCherem Razorback tries to move to the side as it follows through it's swing, but the bullets embed themselves in it's arm and leg. It lets out a snarl, blood starting to well and run from the numerous bullet wounds and cuts. It's mouth starts to dribble blood, and it's eyes look crazed and haggard. More so than normal.
  120. 17:30 Yayifications sneaks behind the crazed beast of a man as he's distracted, extending her blade out further as she brings it to punch through the top of his armor, managing to strike deep into the upper spine. She cuts deeply upwards into the nape before pulling away with a leap and spatter of blood. She remains silent and calm, but her eyes reflect an intenral anger.
  121. 17:30 *** Yayifications is now known as Katrina_Farron
  122. 17:31 Katrina_Farron She then goes for her gun as the berserker falls and empties her clip into his head.
  123. 17:32 LeahofCherem There's a gurgled noise, like a cough of surprise, as the beast jumps a little as stabbed. It's face goes slack, and the fingers, wound tightly around the handle of the fine blade, loosen. With a sound like glass breaking, the blade hits the ground and shatters into golden, crystalline shards, before disappearing into dust. The light in it's eyes fades, and -
  124. 17:33 LeahofCherem it tries to say something before a red bubble pops from it's mouth and it falls to it's knees. It hits the ground like several bags of gravel, shaking once, then going silent.
  125. 17:34 LeahofCherem All that is left now is the sound of the water running in the cistern, the single spotlight on the mutilated innocent, and the stink of blood and gore.
  126. 17:35 Katrina_Farron "There. If that doesn't kill it, I don't wanna know what it will take," She says, putting her gun away and reverting her cybernetic arm to its normal state. She bnrings her attention immediately to Junko, "She alright?"
  127. 17:38 Tsuboki_Junko "I'll survive," she managed with a groan, sitting up. Her looked a little strange, no doubt from her virus going crazy, but she was holding together.
  128. 17:38 Jamie_Knapp feels for a pulse and listens for breathing. "Yeah, it's soft but there. You Overeds are scary."
  129. 17:39 LeahofCherem "Is... anyone there?" The hesitant voice of Kagami sounds, trembling a little. You can see her try to move, but then a little hiss of pain and a whimpering like an injured animal.
  130. 17:39 Tsuboki_Junko "Didn't know y'cared." A cooked grin up at Jamie as she say recovering.
  131. 17:39 Tsuboki_Junko sat*
  132. 17:39 Katrina_Farron "Alright then," She nods, looking a bit more relaxed herself as Junko comes too, "Take a moment to get yourself together, but only just. We are-"
  133. 17:40 Katrina_Farron looks around, "Kagami, are you alright? Don't move if it hurts."
  134. 17:40 Jamie_Knapp nods to Junko. "Glad you're up." Then to Kagami. "We're here to get you out."
  135. 17:41 LeahofCherem "I can't... I can't move my legs." You can hear an edge of panic, "I can't move them without them hurting, but, I can't, I can't move the legs."
  136. 17:41 Tsuboki_Junko "The hell did they do to her?"
  137. 17:42 Tsuboki_Junko Junko gets to her feet and frowns at her ruined uniform. Crap. They were gonna charge her for a new one, she knew it. Cuts in the clothing made it clear she wore spats and a sports bra as her underwear of choice.
  138. 17:44 LeahofCherem If you approach her, you see that from the waist up, she's unharmed. Maybe a little battered, but nothing that some serious makeup won't cover. Below, though, it looks like somebody with a sick streak put many, many cuts through her leg. Although, these are mostly superficial, the kind of cut that hurts like hell. However, there's a big, bloody blotch where -
  139. 17:44 LeahofCherem - her tailbone ought to be under the gown, a vivid red flower the size of a basketball.
  140. 17:45 LeahofCherem "They said something, about, triggering a reaction-" She starts to cry, her arms bound behind her to the pole. "I-I don't know what they were talking about!"
  141. 17:46 LeahofCherem "The things they did- The things *it* did... the things it SAID." She stops talking as she starts to cry harder.
  142. 17:47 Jamie_Knapp gasps looking at her. "We gotta get you out of here, first and foremost." To the others. "Help me get her."
  143. 17:47 Katrina_Farron nods, listening, approaching and spotting her wounds, "Mmn...It's all over now." She lightly pulls her into a hug with her cybernetic arms, "we won't let them hurt you again." With that, she moves to pick her up, carrying her as carefully as possible.
  144. 17:48 Katrina_Farron tries to situate her around her own neck, "Now, let's get out of here before they get the idea to send reinforcements."
  145. 17:49 LeahofCherem The girl tries her best to nod and not sob, and it's replaced by hiccuping after a little bit. She winces in pain and every few moments she begs you to set her down, but you know that'd probably be worse.
  146. 17:49 LeahofCherem As you travel out of the sewers, she eventually passes out, pale as the winter moon, but she's got a trace pulse.
  147. 17:51 Katrina_Farron "We need to get her to hospital, and quick."
  148. 17:53 LeahofCherem After Kagami is brought back up to the surface with a strange crane mechanism, the three of you are rushed back to the University's medical ward with Kagami, who is kept in a separate car with a UGN Solaris. After a doctor gives you a quick look-over to make sure you aren't dying (and offering painkillers to Junko), Hanase goes to meet you all in one ward.
  149. 17:54 LeahofCherem "Well, you did it." He still sounds gruff, but he claps as he walks in. "You got her back. Did you get Viktor?"
  150. 17:54 LeahofCherem The room is a typical hospital room: a bed, several chairs, that sort of thing.
  151. 17:55 Tsuboki_Junko "No. Chickenshit ran away."
  152. 17:56 LeahofCherem "Fuck." Hanase doesn't bother censoring himself, "I guess the stage got too hot for him. Also, what in the holy hell happened to you? You look like you got hit by a tank."
  153. 17:57 Jamie_Knapp "Complete with a giant ass sword. But I don't think this is over. I think it'll only get worse."
  154. 17:58 Katrina_Farron "The...thing that did it's dead though. It better be."
  155. 17:59 Tsuboki_Junko Junko grunts, rubbing her face with both hands.
  156. 17:59 LeahofCherem "Worse...?" Hanase rubs his forehead, "Well, at least you killed whatever did it. And since it was in the cistern, there's not even that much cleaning up to do."
  157. 18:01 LeahofCherem "I should mention the girl though." Hanase sighs, "We had a solaris in there to clean up her memories, try and make her think she just... well, we're trying to pick something not terribly traumatic to replace... this. But she's not walking again." How wonderfully dry.
  158. 18:01 Jamie_Knapp "She mentioned something...about them triggering a reaction. Who knows what Viktors doing while he's still out there."
  159. 18:02 Tsuboki_Junko "Trying to make a new recruit? Why her though?"
  160. 18:02 LeahofCherem "Triggering...?" Hanase frowns, "Well... we've seen that certain Syndromes can force their victims to awaken as Overed, but this... It usually involves killing them."
  161. 18:03 LeahofCherem He shrugs, "Well, she was under surveillance not just by him, but by those ghoul things too."
  162. 18:05 LeahofCherem "In any case... You did well. You saved an innocent, and put at least one monster under and set another on the run."
  163. 18:06 LeahofCherem Hanase nods sternly, "You can be proud of yourselves that you also prevented another dangerous Overed from getting back out onto the streets. Another two, even, since that scumbag Black Reaper is still locked away."
  164. 18:08 Tsuboki_Junko "Go team."
  165. 18:09 Tsuboki_Junko She gives a thumbs up but still looks tired.
  166. 18:11 LeahofCherem "Rest up." Hanase turns and heads out, "You've earned it."
  167. 18:13 Tsuboki_Junko "So hey...anyone up for sukiyaki tomorrow?"
  168. 18:14 Jamie_Knapp "Can I bring a date?"
  169. 18:15 Tsuboki_Junko "I...I guess."
  170. 18:16 Jamie_Knapp She grins. "Then I'm in."
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