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  1. MagicalTux> [07:32:53] <Aquent> I want gox to get up and running, as soon as possible, as a shareholder company, would you want that?  <- not going to happen without court approval
  2. <Aquent> sure
  3. <Aquent> there would be a creditor meeting where hopefully 51% would agree
  4. <MagicalTux> no, not what I'm talking about
  5. <MagicalTux> before that the court itself need to approves
  6. <Aquent> you mean needs to accept the bankruptcy application?
  7. <MagicalTux> not necessarily
  8. <Aquent> yes so we need to talk to the supervisor, but I don't see why he doesnt know how many coins you have and he keeps asking for adjournemnt
  9. <Aquent> it seems we know a lot before he or anyone else about your coins etc
  10. <Aquent> so first plan is to force him to appoint an expert, unless, you have some better idea of how this shareholder/community exchange can be set up?
  11. <MagicalTux> we're not even talking about that "shareholder/community exchange" option yet
  12. <MagicalTux> for now we are talking security
  13. <MagicalTux> and a few other things such as the lawsuits in the US that could cause the whole thing to fall under liquidation if not handled right
  14. <Aquent> yes, I'd need to look into that, but I think they would be considered creditors?
  15. <Aquent> I am not sure what security you refering to, obviously any secured creditor would take priority if that is what you mean
  16. <MagicalTux> I'm talking about technical security
  17. <MagicalTux> ie. servers, network, etc
  18. <MagicalTux> that will need third party security experts specialized in bitcoin ready to put their name on that (which is not something easy to find)
  19. <Aquent> yes, I think there is a detailed plan as to how it would happen, I have not fully read it yet, but there would be a transition perioud where you and perhaps others of your employees would overlook the process and help with it
  20. <MagicalTux> not talking about that
  21. <Aquent> right you talking about the expert?
  22. <MagicalTux> talking about finding two famous security experts with at least 10 years experience in bitcoin
  23. <Aquent> lol
  24. <Aquent> its not hard to know how many coins you have is it
  25. <MagicalTux> that's not the issue
  26. <Aquent> publish the cold wallet addressess and we will tell you in hours
  27. <Aquent> what exactly is the issue then
  28. <MagicalTux> security
  29. <Aquent> what are you trying to secure?
  30. <Aquent> the servers and code etc?
  31. <Aquent> you havent fixed that problem you saying?
  32. <Aquent> in two months
  33. <Aquent> or how long 7 months, since July 2013
  34. <MagicalTux> not a problem of fixing or not
  35. <Aquent> and certainly since November 2013
  36. <MagicalTux> but having a third party certifying everything is 100% secure
  37. <Aquent> I see
  38. <MagicalTux> july 2013 ? november 2013 ?
  39. <Aquent> alright, I'll see about that point, but if it is certified it is 100% secure then what?
  40. <Aquent> you probably know them, but have you tried these guys: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/people/egs/ EMİN GÜN SİRER and Antonopoulos
  41. <MagicalTux> do they speak Japanese?
  42. <Aquent> I wouldn't know, I doubt it, but you can get a translator
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