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VPP's Five Main Judging Categories

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Mar 16th, 2016
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  1. VPP's Five Main Judging Categories
  3. 1. Gameplay
  4. Was the level fun to play? Did it keep me interested? Was the gameplay extremely buggy? Was the gameplay unique?
  5. Examples of good gameplay: Motion by Tama_N, Colorful Overnight by WOOGI1411 and Minus
  7. 2. Design
  8. Design is in general, what did the blocks look like. Was the design good? Was the design unique, or was it overused?
  9. Examples of good design: Carrot Juice by DWShin and Codex, Angelbeats by xcy-7
  11. 3. Decoration
  12. Decoration includes anything but the blocks, like effects. Were the decoration or effects original and unique? Were they fun to look at?
  13. Examples of good decoration: Entropy by TriAxis, OutLine by Serponge
  15. 4. Music Sync
  16. How well did the gameplay match the music? Did it match it perfectly? Did the gameplay match the music in a unique way?
  17. Examples of good music sync: The Toxin Lab series (Toxin Lab, Toxin Lab II, Toxin Lab III) by Xaro
  19. 5. EICO
  20. This category encompasses TriAxis' "four components"- that is, Emotion, Innovation, Creativity and Originality. Does the level excel at these? Does it use creative ways to accomplish them? Does it ignore them entirely?
  21. Examples of good EICO: Echolocation by TriAxis, Purgatory by Skitten, Hope by ZeffZane
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