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  1. :cry: buddy
  2. JazzboterinoToday at 12:42
  3. It was me and hoody and then more people joined and more people joined and the EMS I joined no longer existed
  4. I wanted the EMS to be a professional work place somewhat similar to the way V-1 and CoP run PD
  5. Instead its a fucking joke
  6. and everytime I try to make it better I get shit on
  7. constantly
  8. Ive had enough
  9. youre great
  10. youll get superintendent \
  11. delphToday at 12:45
  12. Nobody shits on you for your rp and your training is invaluable
  13. JazzboterinoToday at 12:45
  14. so will arthur probably
  15. delphToday at 12:45
  16. I honestly believe you were doing the absolute best to carry the load and bring us closer to professional operation like PD
  17. JazzboterinoToday at 12:45
  18. Cant do that with fuckwits like Nathen in the EMS
  19. delphToday at 12:45
  20. I agree -.-
  21. JazzboterinoToday at 12:45
  22. he brings us down
  23. entirely
  24. How many times must we train him on the basics
  25. delphToday at 12:46
  26. we need to be carrying out more training so people start taking their roles more seriously
  27. and thankfully a majority of our department do, and do it very well
  28. despite a gap in medical knowledge
  29. we shouldn't feel dragged down by our worst
  30. I think you and I both understand that the way Nathan is going will be a shortlived career
  31. instead we should be proud of the great paramedics you especially have helped to shape
  32. JazzboterinoToday at 12:49
  33. yeah
  34. I am
  35. Susie, tyrone, you to an extent, Arthur, Andrew
  36. you guys are all fantastic
  37. amazing human beings as ems paramedics
  38. amazing human beings in general
  39. and Ill say this to unknown as well. the fact that he is command level with zero medical knowledge and still continues to pull rank over and over and over really really shits me. Yes he is an administrator and a paper pusher more than anything but the way he talks to me as if he is better than me REALLY irritates my soul.  I really like the guy but jesus christ at what point do you take the word of YOUR high command when YOU arent active enough to see the shit that we see (Because he has school and IRL should always come first, im not questioning his activity just making a note of it)
  40. delphToday at 12:54
  41. oh my god Jazz
  42. He was trying so hard to be level with it
  43. he pulled rank when you wouldn't listen
  44. JazzboterinoToday at 12:54
  45. Okay
  46. delphToday at 12:54
  47. I know he doesn't see how much we do but he puts the effort in
  48. as much as we do rather
  49. JazzboterinoToday at 12:54
  50. Absolutly he does!
  51. Im not saying he doesnt!
  52. delphToday at 12:54
  53. I know
  54. but he wasn't trying to condescend you either
  55. he really respects you
  56. JazzboterinoToday at 12:55
  57. doesnt feel like it.
  58. and thats okay
  59. if he does or doesnt is irrelevant now
  60. delphToday at 12:55
  61. I guess so
  62. JazzboterinoToday at 12:55
  63. if we got a whitelisted server I would come back to EMS in a heart beat
  64. delphToday at 12:55
  65. oh yeah
  66. that would be really fabulous
  67. JazzboterinoToday at 12:56
  68. yep
  69. delphToday at 12:56
  70. maybe they will in the future
  71. JazzboterinoToday at 12:56
  72. maybe
  73. delphToday at 12:56
  74. I know a lot of people want it
  75. JazzboterinoToday at 12:56
  76. server still cooked??
  77. delphToday at 12:57
  78. hmm I'm taking a short break but it seems so
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