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  1. 3/25/2019 11:42:33 a.m. NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   Hello, on the billing statement it says it is 113.02 but on the pay bill page it says my current balance is 130.41, I don't have anything carried over from the previous month so I'm wondering why these are different?
  2. 11:43:05 a.m.   Glen:   Thank you for contacting Mediacom Chat Support, where we value your business. My name is Glen.
  3. 11:43:32 a.m.   Glen:   Hi, Nicholas.
  4. 11:43:36 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   Hi Glen
  5. 11:43:44 a.m.   Glen:   I know how important it is to keep the account current. I will be glad to assist you with the bill.
  6. 11:43:46 a.m.   Glen:   Let's verify the account first. Can you please verify your full service address?
  7. 11:44:00 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   [redacted]
  8. 11:44:10 a.m.   Glen:   Thank you.
  9. 11:44:10 a.m.   Glen:   Can you please verify the last four digits of your Social Security number for account security purposes?
  10. 11:44:32 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   [redacted]
  11. 11:44:44 a.m.   Glen:   Thank you.
  12. 11:44:44 a.m.   Glen:   Is [redacted], an active e-mail?
  13. 11:44:50 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   Yes
  14. 11:44:51 a.m.   Glen:   Thank you.
  15. 11:46:10 a.m.   Glen:   Your bill is $130.41. Your bill is printed every 5th and your due date is every 25th. Your billing cycle starts from the 15th and ends on the 14th.
  16. 11:46:23 a.m.   Glen:   You upgraded the service to 1GB.
  17. 11:46:45 a.m.   Glen:   So, the prorate and service fee were added in the account.
  18. 11:47:23 a.m.   Glen:   If you want to pay the bill, you can also pay through the local office, online, with a live representative (800-332-0245) or through our automated system.
  19. 11:48:11 a.m.   Glen:   Is there anything else for now?
  20. 11:48:28 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   So I've been on the 1GB service for like 2 years now I didn't upgrade anything recently.
  21. 11:49:24 a.m.   Glen:   Oh, I'm sorry.
  22. 11:50:50 a.m.   Glen:   It's not actually service fee, it's a service call fee.
  23. 11:51:31 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   For having the tech come out and still not fix the issue? And tell me it's over-utilization of your nodes?
  24. 11:52:34 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   They told me there would be a fee if it was a wiring problem on my end, it was not. He stated the issue appears to be that the node is oversubscribed.
  25. 11:53:45 a.m.   Glen:   The technician left a memo that they have not found a problem.
  26. 11:54:09 a.m.   Glen:   So, charge was added in the account.
  27. 11:54:43 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   So then the technician lied to me.
  28. 11:56:23 a.m.   Glen:   That's the information I got, Nicholas.
  29. 11:57:07 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   Ok, I won't be paying that fee, I'll call in later today to discuss this I guess.
  30. 11:57:19 a.m.   Glen:   Not a problem. If you have questions or concerns, just contact us right away.
  31. 11:57:21 a.m.   Glen:   Is there anything else for now?
  32. 11:57:29 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   No, thanks.
  33. 11:57:37 a.m.   Glen:   You are welcome.
  34. 11:57:39 a.m.   Glen:   You might want to take advantage of our cable service with 1 tivo box and phone service.
  35. 11:57:43 a.m.   Glen:   You can access guide, free VOD, Netflix and more.
  36. 11:57:45 a.m.   Glen:   It's unlimited local and long distance calling.
  37. 11:57:57 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   I don't, at this point I'm considering dropping you all together.
  38. 11:58:13 a.m.   Glen:   If you change your mind, just contact us anytime. Is there anything else for now?
  39. 11:58:21 a.m.   NICHOLAS SEEMANN:   Nope, have a good day.
  40. 11:58:25 a.m.   Glen:   Just a recap, you contacted us about your bill. Bill, cycle and due date were already given.
  41. 11:58:33 a.m.   Glen:   If you want to pay the bill, you can also pay through the local office, online, with a live representative (800-332-0245) or through our automated system.
  42. 11:58:33 a.m.   Glen:   It is a pleasure. Please click the EXIT button to end this chat. Thank you for contacting Mediacom Chat. Bye.
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