Xenos Hunters Session 45

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  7.         antoine As Sinbad arranges the dead Iron warriors Patriclus picks up one of their helms, a head almost as big as his chest drops out and rolls to a stop at the power armoured boots of another dead Iron Warrior. Patriclus leaps up onto Sinbads shoulders, "Gather round men!"
  8.         Sinbad  golf claps and gestures for human soldiers to converge
  9.         Navarre is in deep thought on the murder ground they have to cover to break the third line. ++Hmmmm...++ He strokes his helmet briefly. ++This is quite the conundrum. The Bushmen and Gonmar have taken out the AA towers, but that's quite a bit of no man's land to cover.++
  10.         Anselm  stands yet on the other side of the trench-line, looking out across the stretch, his relic blade stabbed deep into the soil.
  11.         antoine The Bush Rifles gather in rough semi-circles as Patriclus continues. He points to the Imperator Titan in the distance, its void shields sparking as fiery blossoms appear on it from the mountain artillery bombardment. "Men, look upon our Emperors mighty works, see the destruction of those who would stand before us." The quake cannon on the titan's left arm tears at the mountain side, sending...
  12.         antoine ...rock crashing to the ground. "These so called 'Legionnaires' hide behind their bunkers and heretics. They are nothing! Look beside you, you stand alongside the Emperor's Finest. True warriors do not cower in keeps they lead the charge as my brothers have done. Now let a prayer pass between your lips for the glory of him on Terra for none can stand before the might of the Space Marines!"
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  16.         Balmung checks on Kant
  17.         Sinbad  lets loose a mighty cry for the Throne and begins a prayer under Patriclus' words
  18.         Navarre calls for a vox unit. ++I need a map, as well!++
  19.         antoine The Captain calls out, "Bruce, bring that vox set and my maps.", a corporal soon appears with the items you requested.
  20.         Navarre looks over the map and looks over the battle-field. ++Alright, here's the plan. We will call in smoke shells from our friendly artillery, to obscure us while we go across no man's land. We will need to move fast, I will ask them to get maximum saturation. Once we reach the defense lines, engineers and explosives will crack them open.++
  21.         Balmung grunts ++With the AAA down we could request vulture gunships to support us++
  22.         Balmung ++They're much more accurate than artillery++
  23.         Navarre ++The Artillery is not for attacking, Brother. It will be providing a cover of smoke over the battle field.++
  24.         Balmung nods in approval ++Hmph sounds alright++
  25.         Navarre ++But the two working in tandem should work.++ He looks over to the mountain fortress. ++The AAA on the mountain would prove troublesome. They would have to come in hot and low.++
  26.         Balmung ++We should give them targets to they can hit quickly before they can get targeted by AAA.++
  27.         Navarre ++Hmmm... good idea, brother...++ He works on the map, pointing out details and setting up a route.
  28.         Navarre works on the route a bit more, before contacting the rest of the kill-team. ++Brothers! I have a route for us to take towards the main gate!++ He would transmit the details from the Data-slate to the various kill-team members. (IE, you get the data if you are wearing your helmet).
  29.         antoine Decimus climbs the bunker ruins to look upon the field. "We will soon have the traitor in our grasp."
  30.         Navarre ++Yes. Yes we will.++
  31.         Navarre ++Kill-team! On me!++ Navarre would call the rest of the kill-team to explain the plan.
  32.         Balmung stomps over to Navarre
  33.         Sinbad  listens on the vox-net, as he continues to offer oratory to any humans bored enough to remain near Patriclus and the downed traitor Astartes
  34.         antoine Patriclus leaps down from Sinbad's shoulders, a stream of prayers coming from the men, "The Emperor is our guiding light, A beacon of hope for humanity in a galaxy of darkness....And in the dark when the shadows threaten, The Emperor is with us, In Spirit and fact."
  35.         Balmung calls his wolf over who was feasting on dead heretic
  36.         Anselm  glares off at the mountain, suddenly intrigued by the thought of whether the arch-enemy can see him or not. ++I'm with you at your ear. Elaborate.++
  37.         Navarre will discuss the plan. ++We will have our allies in the krieg regiment fire smoke shells to cover our advance...++ He would show on the cartograph he was borrowing from the bushmen. ++I have already set up a route that would be protected while we advance under the cover of the blanket.++ He zooms in on the mountain fortress and several structures were highlighted.
  38.         Navarre ++Also, vulture gunships will fly in low and hot, taking out these fortifications, flak towers, and deliver an explosive payload to the main gate.++ That was his plan. ++Well, brothers, if you have any suggestions or questions about the plan, now is the time to ask.++
  39.         Balmung ++Do we know what will be waiting for us across no man's land?++
  40.         antoine Decimus turns, ++More traitors and heretics, does it matter?++
  41.         Anselm  ++Death,++ Anselm deadpans. ++Ours, or our enemy's. Joff, Elona, with me.++
  42.         Balmung shrugs ++Just thought we should know if we'll be running into a traitor baneblade.++
  43.         Navarre ++I would agree with Decimus. Who knows what could be on the other side? Heretics? Traitors? Perhaps we will run into the Iron Warrior's warsmith and we will need to face him and a regiment of traitors in leman russ tanks?++
  44.         Anselm  pulls his relic blade from the dirt. ++Baneblades, Predators, Russes. It matters not. Tanks are petty vehicles, and prone to being ripped open. And I will take whatever scum hides in their interns, and make an example of them for any who would see.++
  45.         Navarre ++If no one has any additions?++
  46.         Balmung grunts ++It's a sound plan++
  47.         Omniel  nods. ++It plays well to our strengths.++
  48.         Navarre ++Well, if no one objects.++ He'll call in the vox with coordinates, target data, and time frame. ++Captain, brothers... we have 10 minutes before the shells come. We will have 20 minutes of smoke, and five minutes after the shells land, the vultures will come in.++
  49.         Atlas   "BROTHERS I HAVE RETURNED FROM.... FROM UH.... hmmm.... FROM SOMEWHERE! DO NOT WORRY, WHERE EVER I WAS I AM SURE HERETICS DIED WHILE I WAS THERE!" The confused Atlas shouts upon his return from the right flank. "IT WAS GLORIOUS. I SHOULD KNOW I WAS THERE!"
  50.         Balmung ++Welcome ancient brother, our next assault is about to begin.++
  51.         antoine The dull thumps and crumps of siege cannons and basilisks firing their shells is heard in the rear. The shells crash and bounce along the ground, the exothermic reaction slowly building smoke. Others airburst, sending a massive cloud outwards just above the ground, the crews have their fuses timed well and the dispersion is almost perfect. Soon a thick fog of smoke covers the 1km approach.
  52.         Navarre ++Mmmm... as I am certain.++ Navarre will fill the battle elder in.
  53.         Sinbad  freezes, and stares at the Dreadnaught, remembering it was there
  54.         Sinbad  runs over to it to gawk at it
  55.         Navarre see's the thick cloud of smoke. ++That is our cue! MOVE! We have 20 minutes!++ Time to advance!
  56.         Sinbad  "Did you see mighty Dorn, Ancient Elder Brother? Didi you? Was he handsome and eat heretics?"
  58.         Sinbad  claps incoherently
  59.         Balmung grunts and mumbles something to his wolf about Bjorn the Fel-handed
  60.         antoine The Bush Rifles and other marine advance into the smoke. In the distance you hear the grinding of gears and the screech of metal.
  61.         Anselm  ++I am now moving ahead,++ Anselm announces, before firing his jump pack and charging into the smoke.
  62.         Balmung brings up his shield and advances forward
  63.         Sinbad  sadly breaks away from the giant armored box-warrior and saddles his doop with Patriclus and his brothers, descending into the smoke cover
  64.         Navarre will go through the smoke. Liberal estimate, it would take 5 minutes to cover the kilometer. Hopefully the Vultures will get there before they do. ++In five minutes, vulture gunships will do their attack run on the line.++
  66.         Omniel  trundles after the others, weapons at the ready.
  67.         Atlas   begins stomping after his little brothers.
  68.         antoine dull thuds are heard ahead as the ground begins to shake beneath your boots.
  69.         Navarre ++Something is in front of us!++
  70.         Sinbad  ++...Dear God Emperor.'s a giant walker. It may be an Engine.++
  71.         Balmung growls ++Daemons......++
  72.         Navarre activates prey-sense on his diagnosticator helmet.
  73.         antoine The whine of engines behind you announce the arrival of air support.
  74.         Navarre *diagnostor
  75.         Anselm  squints hard through the stinging smoke.
  76.         Balmung ++Ready yourselves brothers!++
  77.         Anselm  fails to notice anything and is unwilling to shift his focus beyond whatever terrain obstacles might confront him, and continues on, determined to be the first to meet whatever his brothers are seeing.
  78.         Atlas   continues forward unaware of any threats.
  79.         Navarre ++It's a TITAN!++
  80.         Sinbad  ++Yes.++
  81.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Balmung, Anselm, Serfs, ally marines, Atlas, Navarre, Doop, Titan, Bush, Omniel, Wolfy,”
  82.         Sinbad  issues orders to his brothers, and surges forwards into the dust and smoke
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  85.         Navarre ++Oh, this is going to be fun! If it's void shielded, it will not be able to stop slow targets!++ He looks at the titanic monstrosity. ++Brother Anselm! A melta charge where the cockpit joins the rest of the body! If you can make it there, you can destroy the entire blesphemous object!++
  86.         Anselm  grunts. ++I do not advise standing close to it, then.++
  87.         antoine A mechanical but animalistic growl comes from the titan filled gloom.
  88.         Balmung growls back at the titan
  89.         Navarre ++Wait! I have an idea!++ He gets back on the vox, calling in coordinates for an artillery strike. It's not going to be fun, but it's the best they can do in such short time. Given he looked at the map once, but with his trained memory, he can estimate, based on how long they moved just how far they moved and get accurate, if not precise artillery coordinates!
  90.         Navarre will not understate the urgency needed, given that it's a damn WARHOUND!
  91.         Navarre ++IF you can not send new artillery strikes, give the vultures new data, damn you!++ It would seem that their is no artillery for the kill team.
  92.         Anselm  ++You underestimate your Kill-team's aptitude.++
  93.         Navarre ++Forgive me if I believe a kill-team versus several warhounds is a bad match.++
  94.         Balmung growls
  96.         Balmung "They hide like cowards beneath our feet!"
  97.         Navarre ++Tunneling? More good news!++
  98.         Balmung ++Not tunneling hiding++
  99.         Navarre ++I hate this world.++
  100.         Balmung ++They hide beneath our feet like mines++
  101.         Sinbad  "The world hates you. They do that."
  102.         Sinbad  ++"What with the floods, the sandworms, the sandstorms, the sinkholes..."++
  103.         Navarre ++... I do not think that is every planet, brother Sinbad.++
  104.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Balmung, Anselm, Serfs, ally marines, Atlas, Navarre, Doop, Titan, Bush, Omniel, Wolfy, Iron”
  105.         Anselm  ++Watch as your Kill-team proves a bad match for a Titan!++
  106.         Anselm  fires his jump pack, rocketing from the ground. Dust and smoke swirl beneath him as he rises upwards.
  107.         Balmung stares down at the iron warrior laying at his feet "Kant light the ground on fire!"
  108.         Anselm  lifts his sword to the Titan before him, and immediately flings himself towards it.
  109.         antoine Joffery shouts after him, "What are we to do Lord Anselm?"
  110.         Anselm  smacks against the snout of the machine, gripping tightly against its hull. He firmly plants his feet against the intakes of its mouth, glaring into the viewing-port of the Warhound.
  111.         Anselm  ++Stick to cover, Joffery, Elona!++ Anselm shouts into his colar. ++There is nothing for you to do here. Don't be foolish!++
  112.         antoine Kant begins spraying the ground with promethium as Patriclus grabs a pair of melta bombs from Savid's doop and jumps onto the foot of the Warhound Titan.
  113.         antoine The Knights and Wolves start looking for Iron Warriors amidst the broken bunker ruins and dirt nearby while the storm crusaders send a volley of krak missiles at the Titan.
  114.         Atlas   "I AM THE ONLY TITAN ON THIS FIELD!" The Dreadnaught shots as it fires its Auto-Cannon at the machine.
  115.         Navarre had a very bad idea. A very very bad idea. However, Patriclus seems to be doing something similar. With his preysense on, he surveys the field and sees if there's another titan... or anything that could stop them here!
  116.         antoine The void shield flickers under the high caliber bombardment before a bang of pressure is heard and the first void shield collapses.
  117.         Navarre see's no other titans and joins Patriclus! ++One of the bombs, toss them to me! I will get the other knee!++
  118.         antoine Patriclus tosses a melta bomb to Navarre at the vultures strafe the Titan, Pairs of lascannons and rocket fire hammer the second void shield until it drops with another pressurized bang.
  119.         antoine The Titan turns its weapons on the foes that took down its void shields but the vulcan mega bolter misses the jinking aircraft and the turbolaser fails to fire, its heat sinks flaring open suddenly in an emergency procedure. The animalistic roar is heard once more.
  120.         Balmung and his wolf roar back in unison challenging it
  121.         Anselm  hugs the head tightly, bearing his teeth at the Titan and roaring back at it.
  122.         Omniel  takes aim at the heretical machine and looses a pair of powerful blasts towards the cockpit region, capitalizing on the apparent loss of its void shields.
  123.         antoine The pair of heavy blasts send it rocking backwards, its chest armour running down its front from the sudden transfer to a liquid state under the intense waves of energy emitted by Omniel's over-charged weapon.
  124.         antoine Iron Warriors spring from their hiding places, dirt and debris falling away as bolters and flamers erupt in your ranks. The prior warning giving you the edge against them.
  125.         antoine They cut down some of the Bush Rifles but achieve little else with their boltguns, their lascannon fails to even hit the LandRaider slowly edging its way forwards through the smoke.
  126.         Sinbad  rises from his doop, and flies forwards, scooping up Patriclus as he does a swift, sharp turn upwards towards the demon-engine's chin
  127.         Sinbad  puts forth his Chapter's relic sword like a lance and activates his turbo-boost
  128.         Sinbad  crashes into the demonically warded access door screaming
  129.         Sinbad  "I AM AS THE ARROWRAZOR WORM!"
  130.         antoine Sinbad's punches the hatch inwards, ripping it off its hatches. A foul stench comes roiling out, multi-coloured smoke blasting outwards.
  131.         Sinbad  tosses Patriclus inside, himself following an instant after
  132.         Anselm  draws his power sword and begins hacking away at the Titan. ++I!++ he shouts, ++Will! Not! Be! Denied!++
  133.         Balmung swings his axe and decapitates the iron warrior
  134.         Anselm  *the Blood-Heirs Sword
  135.         Sinbad  ++DEAR GOD-EMPEROR, WHAT IS IN HERE?!++
  136.         Balmung ++What do you see?++
  137.         Sinbad  ++I DON'T KNOW WHY AND I AM UPSIDE-DOWN+
  138.         antoine As Anselm punctures the cockpit and spears his blade into the daemon within the head explodes in a ball of fire, the chain reaction flows through the massive vehicle before hitting its reaction. You are blinded by a flash of light and a rush of sound as the entire mech is obliterated. You see a few strobe-like images of Sinbad falling, a limp body and Patriclus leaping to the ground before...
  139.         antoine ...catching the marine the human straining under the effort, a millisecond just before the reactor goes off a bright light seems to come from them before the reactor overwhelms your sight.
  140.         antoine within, before the head*
  141.         antoine Anselm is thrown clear and Omniel tries to shield Joffery and Elona, a bubble of blue light straining under the roar of fire escaping outwards.
  142.         antoine The Bush rifles are obliterated, ashes are all that remain, many space marines are also injured, they lie dying next to Iron Warriors in a similar state.
  143.         Sinbad  goes limp from the plasma causing both his bionic hearts to stop in a haywire murmur, while Patriclus saves them both by bashing Sinbad's jump-pack's turbo rune, spinning off into the sky before crashing
  144.         antoine The Wolf emerges from Omniel's shadow, unscathed.
  145.         antoine The vultures managed to pull back with minor damaged. The smoke is now dispersed, throw out by the sudden thermal energy
  146.         Anselm  struggles and twists about, cartwheeling uncontrollably through the air. He ignites his left thruster, providing momentum in the opposite direction of his spin. As he gains control again, he turns into a dive before firing both of his turbofans. The Knight reorients as he comes to the ground, dropping to his feet, kicking up dust and dirt, one hand touching the ground while his
  147.         Anselm  other holds Sinbad's blade over his head.
  148.         Atlas   unable to dodge feels takes the full force of the blast. "I AM ATLAS! I SHALL ENDURE!"
  149.         Atlas   *remove feels
  150.         Balmung grunts and lets his shield absorb the explosion
  151.         antoine Joffery does not emerge from Omniel side. He kneels next to two sister's bodies, the other women surround them in mournful prayer.
  152.         Omniel  turns to look down at them, his armour and pitted and scarred from the blast, before he kneels as well and joins them, bowing his head.
  153.         antoine Atlas seems none worse for wear from the massive blast, the dreadnaught surviving the overload easily.
  154.         Anselm  steps towards his serfs. ++Joffery, Elona. Are you alright?++
  155.         antoine Only Joffery replies, full of sorrow. ++She is...gone my Lord.++
  156.         Anselm  ++What?++
  157.         Anselm  hurries forward.
  158.         Navarre rises from where he fell, power armor smoking. He pulls of the now ruined helmet he was wearing. "I hate this world. I hate this battle." He takes uneven steps, the superheated boots leaving smouldering foot prints, he approaches the serfs. "Let. Me. Be. The. Judge. Of. That!"
  159.         Sinbad  's chest heaves and falls even through his armor as his Rosarius crackles and his hearts struggle to maintain the proper synchronization after the massive EMP overload of the plasma explosion
  160.         Sinbad  "B...B-Brothe..."
  161.         Balmung looks around for Kant
  162.         Navarre looks over the body of the sister and pulls out a hot, bubbling vial of resuscitex. "There is still a body, she can still be saved!" And with that, he starts his work! The only work he knows to do. Save a life.
  163.         Omniel  "...I shall see to Brother Sinbad. I may do some good for him, at least."
  164.         Omniel  rises and hurries over to the downed marine, readying his omni-tool to begin work on his damaged cybernetics.
  165.         Anselm  wordlessly drops to his knees, watching the Apothecary work.
  166.         Balmung stomps around looking for his fallen follower gesturing to his wolf to search for him
  167.         antoine Kant emerges from some rubble near Omniel, the debris falling from him. He wordlessly checks his weapons before covering a sector.
  168.         antoine Savid and the Storm Crusaders limp their Doops over. The marine throws off his helm in distress and assists Navarre's work
  169.         antoine Somehow, the burnt, punctured bodies of Elona and Isabella are coaxed back into life. Joffery gasps in shock as the pair of women suck in huge breaths of air.
  170.         Navarre would make sure to try his DAMNEDEST that both sisters will make it. No one that he can save will die tonight!
  171.         Anselm  "Throne be good," Anselm rasps, his voice quieter than a breath, "they're coming back to us."
  172.         antoine The miracles before you are a testament to good Imperial science and not a little faith
  173.         Sinbad  stands, thanking Omniel, then walking over to Navarre to prostrate himself in wordless thanks, then groggily stands
  174.         antoine The sisters take up a prayer of thanks to the God Emperor.
  175.         Navarre would slump back after his good work. "Balmung... I am tired. And I will strip that worthless scum out of his armour with my TEETH!"
  176.         Anselm  comes close, and slides his arms under his serf. "Someone, call a lander to evacuate these two!" he barks, and looks down at Elona, grimacing and shaking his head. "I cannot even take care of my own charges..."
  177.         Balmung stomps off towards the next line of defences
  178.         antoine Patriclus kneels down next to the Canoness and places his lips on Isabella's , they lock each other in an embrace.
  179.         Anselm  looks down at Navarre. "I... I cannot express my gratitude, Brother. This is unforgettable."
  180.         Navarre "You are not seriously berating yourself for a damn TITAN!? This is a war, whelp... and you cannot perdict everything." Navarre's chest armor has burnt away all the black down to the mustard yellow, before standing up. "Well? We still have a traitor to murder and countless heretics in our way." He rolls his neck a bit. "I am nothing more then a medicae. I did what needed to be done."
  181.         Sinbad  ++Patriclus, Brothers, we must consolidate the field. We are too wounded to push.++
  182.         Anselm  ++Let him have his moment, Brother-Chaplain,++ Anselm says, looking down at the two lovers.
  183.         Anselm  ++I think the two have earned it.++
  184.         Balmung "Brothers quiet you'll miss it."
  185.         Sinbad  ++If we may, our own small Kill-Team must push with the mission. The Throne bless their moment, they will not be able to follow as they are.++
  186.         Anselm  ++Agreed.++
  187.         Anselm  looks to the Arbitor. "Joffery, I task you with seeing them to safety."
  188.         antoine Joffery nods earnestly, grabbing his discarded weapon from beside the bodies.
  189.         Balmung motions for the marines to be quiet ++This is Balmung commence arclight attack++
  190.         Anselm  "Mark my words, Sister Elona," the Champion whispers, "When we return to Prosson, I will demand an honorary Knighthood for you and Joffery, or turn down whatever Bruno has to offer me."
  191.         Navarre would look at Elona. "Sister, do not die yet. Especially after I brought you back from the very brink. Do not throw it away."
  192.         antoine The appearance of chaos titans along the lines is met by stiff resolve. The Imperial titans advancing closer to the mountain to engage them.
  193.         Sinbad  gathers with his brothers and the sisters with Patriclus
  194.         Omniel  quietly sees to his weapons.
  195.         antoine The Warhound scout pack loses two of their own but the other continue the advance, eliminating the enemy titan legion with plasma and heavy caliber weapons. The bright flash and boom in the distance is son overridden by a growling hum above you.
  196.         Balmung watches the horizon
  197.         Navarre "What possible hell are you calling down, Balmung?"
  198.         Balmung "Several thousand tons of bombs"
  199.         Sinbad  sinks to his knees, and prays in the direction of the battleline
  200.         Navarre "... that will be one hell of a boom."
  201.         Atlas   stares at the horizon. Anticipating the fireworks display.
  202.         antoine Far above specs of marauder bombers are made out, the twin chaos orbs in the void looking down disapprovingly.
  203.         Sinbad  "From the honored dead, we take increased devotion..."
  204.         Anselm  silently hands Joffery his sworn sister making sure he can lift her while he listens to Sinbad.
  205.         antoine As they close the mountainside appears to life back. Like a hive of insects the many tiny sections of the mountain face lift out exposing dark holes.
  206.         Sinbad  "This empire has been acquired by martyrs who knew their duty and had the courage to perform it..."
  207.         antoine As they close the mountainside appears to come back to life.*
  208.         antoine Out of these gaps a hundred thin fighters burst forth, their gray and yellow hazard marking doubled with a high pitch jet engine whine makes them sound like wasps that immediately turn for the Imperial Titans.
  209.         Sinbad  ""فلنسع إلى الانتهاء من عملنا المقدس، لربط الجروح نفوسنا
  210.         Navarre "Now would be a good time for aeronautica of our own..." He looks at the LR. "You think the Helios has range?"
  211.         Balmung grunts "They're showing us what they have at their disposal."
  212.         antoine Decimus limps up, cradling his arm. "Get that Salamander firing the Land Raider!"
  213.         Anselm  "Brother Decimus, are you well?"
  214.         Navarre would shout into his vox-collar. "T'loth! GET THE HELIO FIRING ON THOSE ENEMIES!"
  215.         antoine "But a scratch from debris." replies Decimus
  216.         antoine The Helios begins firing, the heavy missiles spearing upwards on rocket motors but the mass of targets and their quick movement throw off the missile's sensors. The fly off harmlessly and explode without effect.
  217.         Sinbad  places the Canoness gently on his ash-covered doop (now a shade whiter from a layer of deadened armor)
  218.         Balmung ++Half of the Wolves break off and protect the titans the rest of you watch over the bombers, happy hunting++
  219.         Navarre "More good news. I do not suppose that arclight has more to it?"
  220.         antoine Elongated shapes next to the bombers break off and speed up, closing in on the Hell Talon Fighters.
  221.         antoine The Furies throw themselves head-long into the dogfight, the 'Wolves' as they were known on the Rogue Traders ship trying to hold off the Talons in low latitude. They evade AAA fire but are outnumbered and you see two interceptors go done before long.
  222.         antoine On your right flank a Warhound loses its void shields from artillery bombardment. A Talon heads in for the kill but before it can get off a shot a Fury takes him out, but the wreckage continues on course, smashing into and decapitating the weakened scout titan.
  223.         Sinbad  redoubles his foreign language prayers as he sees the mighty Loyalist god-machine fall to its death
  224.         antoine There is a rumble ahead inside the mountain in front of you. A larger gap opens up less than a km above you.
  225.         Anselm  ++We must get on the move. Without anyone behind us to hold this area, we need to hurry ahead and find Oeris...++
  226.         Anselm  looks off to the mountain. ++What is it this time?++
  227.         Balmung ++Aye++
  228.         Navarre "Hell. Pain. Take your pick."
  229.         antoine Out of it comes a massive bomber, it drops 300m before it finally has enough thrust to stay aloft. It slowly turns towards you...
  230.         Omniel  ++I believe we should move.++
  231.         antoine A Harbinger Bomber, it can level cities with its massive payload....
  232.         Balmung ++Inform the titans to target that bomber!++
  233.         Anselm  's eyes go wide. He rushes forwards, fires his jump pack and leaps into the air, flying for the bomber.
  234.         Sinbad  ++Impossible, they have their hands full with the heretic god-machines!++
  235.         Sinbad  ++We must engage it with ourselves!++
  236.         Balmung ++Do we have anything that can take it down?++
  237.         Navarre "I think Anselm is doing that already! He has a melta charge?"
  238.         Sinbad  puts up a hand
  239.         Sinbad  ++Ourselves, Brother Veteran.++
  240.         Sinbad  flies off, following Anselm's jetstream
  241.         Navarre "And even then, we are sitting out here in the open! We should move, or find cover before the traitors cut us to ribbons!"
  242.         Sinbad  ++Just shoot the giant thing before it gets too close! Anything! The Helios as well! We cannot let it begin its bombing run!++
  243.         Omniel  ++Agreed. Let us find cover, and then retaliate.++
  244.         Balmung ++Aye++
  245.         Navarre "Yes. I'm certain the wreck of the heretic's titan my provide a decent shield for our bodies while we wait for the bombers!"
  246.         Omniel  ++I leave it in your capable hands, Brother Navarre.++
  247.         Balmung gets up on his wolf's back
  248.         Omniel  ++Brother Sinbad, permission to come aboard?++
  249.         Balmung rides the missile towards the ship
  250.         Sinbad  ++OW MY--OH. Hello, Brother Forge-Master.++
  251.         Navarre will coral the surviving marines and mortals into the helios and park it behind the dead titan. "The feth I put up with..."
  252.         Omniel  grits his teeth, gradually reeling himself closer to Sinbad as they soar through the air, preparing his breaching auger.
  253.         antoine Balmung barely holds on as the massive acceleration throws off his wolf, its broken form lying on the ground while he jets upwards.
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