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Feb 5th, 2018
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  1. Opening shot of two dojos on opposite sides of a street. Stereotypical Japanese music plays
  3. To the left is the dojo "Fists of Justice Style School". The warriors (clocks) all have clean white gis and the school is well maintained. The leader of the Dojo is Albino Clock, along with some various random clocks like SirClock, English Clock, Chime Clock, HarmonyClock and Renegade Clock diligently working on their technique.
  5. On the opposite side is the "Freedom Fist Dojo". They have dark gis with ripped off sleeves. The school is worn down, filthy, and covered in graffiti. The students act like punks. The leader of the dojo is PineappleClock, PolyhedronClock. Others include PropagandaClock, DumpsterClock, MiraclefruitClock, EnglishClock, GoldenClock, and SilverClock. The gym strangely seems to have much more students despite being so warn down. The students are mostly lazing about, smoking, drinking and gambling. BB10 is running around and talking non-stop gibberish. <- Note: Important that BB10 is noticeable
  7. *camera switch to Fist of Justice School*
  8. RenegadeClock: Damn those FreedomFist punks. Those bastards have no style. They don't understand justice at all.
  9. EnglishClock: Yeah, their so rude. It makes me sick. I'd like to teach them a lesson.
  10. AlbinoClock: Those bastards insulted my friends... I'll never forgive them
  12. *camera switches to the Freedom Fist Dojo*
  13. PropagandaClock: Those damn stuck up Justice warriors. I hate how they look down on us.
  14. MiraclefruitClock: You're just made because they kicked your ass when you insulted some of their students.
  15. DumpsterClock: All we said was the truth. They just got mad because we speak our minds. They're just cowards.
  16. PropagandaClock: I'll hold back for now since we're supposed to be allies, but I'd like to fuck those goody two shoes up.
  18. *Camera shifts to the street. Zooms in to a shadow in the background. A ninja (FloppydiscClock) observes. *
  19. FloppyDiscClock: They're supposed to be allies, but they seem ready to go at each other at any moment. Perhaps this will be my entertainment today.
  20. *floppydisc uses his ninja technique to make a BilliardBall10 disguise* < - Note: All disguises are of low quality so viewer realizes it's Floppy
  22. *Justice School*
  23. *Floppydisc (as BB10) runs up*
  24. Floppydisc: I HATE BLACKS. FUCK THE JUSTICE SCHOOL. 01101001 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110100 01100101 00100000 01100111 01100001 01111001 01110011.
  25. *Albino decodes the binary message into text and then crushes his cellphone in rage as he sees the text*
  26. AlbinoClock: YOU BASTARD! I'LL KILL YOU!
  27. *floppydiscClock uses ninjitsu to transform into another disguise, HomerSimpClock in a justice school uniform*
  28. Floppy: Wow, are we just going to let them get away with that. He's from that other school. We Should get our revenge.
  29. *floppy transforms into AlbinoClock*
  30. Floppy (speaking to albino clock, disguised as albino clock): I agree. Lets fuck them up.
  31. AlbinoClock: I'm right! Enough is enough! CHAAAAARGE!
  33. *the dojos go to war in the streets* <- Note: if you want to have some more padding on the flash duration, have some 1 v 1 fights like Albino kicking BB10s ass
  34. *original view of the street with both dojos, now with the street full of combat*
  35. *camera slowly zooms into FloppydiscClock (no disguise) laughing maniacally in the background in the same spot he was before*
  36. *fade to black as only his laugh-bouncing clock shows*
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