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  1. (11:29:35 PM) BasketCase: :/ come live with me. Go to school in Rock hill
  2. (11:29:59 PM) Kuro: I wish...
  3. (11:30:43 PM) BasketCase: I'm getting an apartment after next year. Go to college here and live with me.
  4. (11:31:33 PM) Kuro: :S Are you being serious? I dunno how.
  5. (11:32:26 PM) BasketCase: I'm dead serious. Summer before my Junior year, I'm getting an apartment. Live on campus one year, then live with me.
  6. (11:32:55 PM) Kuro: I'd have to buy a car and save up money to live on...
  7. (11:33:15 PM) BasketCase: I can help with money. Focus on a car.
  8. (11:33:32 PM) BasketCase: I can help with everything else.
  9. (11:33:56 PM) Kuro: .-. nooo. not allowed. Why're you serious? D:
  10. (11:34:52 PM) BasketCase: Yes allowed. I'll have enough money by that point. And because you deserve it. You don't deserve any of the BS you catch.
  11. (11:35:32 PM) BasketCase: So focus on a car. You can go to Spartanburg Methodist for one year, which is kind of like a junior college to help your grades. Then you can transfer to school with me.
  12. (11:35:53 PM) BasketCase: Methodist is cheap
  13. (11:36:15 PM) Kuro: ._. I'd have to wait to get a job, until after school...
  14. (11:37:07 PM) BasketCase: That's fine. You could also wait for a car. and just buy a ticket and come here. Save money, then get a car when ready.
  15. (11:37:36 PM) BasketCase: I'm so serious. If you want to do this, I'll do anything I can to help.
  16. (11:37:44 PM) Kuro: How would I get to the airport? D:
  17. (11:37:55 PM) Kuro: .-. but you're not allowed.
  18. (11:38:20 PM) BasketCase: Well if you want to go to school in SC, let your mom or dad know. Surely they'd help you figure it all out.
  19. (11:39:04 PM) BasketCase: Tell them you want to go to like a tech college, or a junior college for one year, then transfer to a bigger school, like Winthrop
  20. (11:40:14 PM) Kuro: ._. I'll start doing what I need to do it. I'll get a job once school is over.
  21. (11:41:31 PM) BasketCase: :3 awesome! I could even probably convince my mom to let you stay with us during the summer, if you wanted.
  22. (11:42:05 PM) BasketCase: She loves helping people. If I tell her you live in Ohio and need a place to stay, she'd let you.
  23. (11:42:44 PM) Kuro: ._. but but but.. you're not allowed to waste resources on me.
  24. (11:43:19 PM) BasketCase: Shush. Enough of that. You deserve everything I can give you.
  25. (11:43:39 PM) Kuro: No!
  26. (11:43:48 PM) BasketCase: Yes.
  27. (11:45:05 PM) Kuro: ._. nuh.
  28. (11:45:33 PM) BasketCase: If you want to. let me know. I can make it happen.
  29. (11:46:02 PM) Kuro: I can do it. >.<
  30. (11:46:30 PM) BasketCase: I mean if you want to stay with us over the summer, you can.
  31. (11:46:47 PM) BasketCase: I'm sure I can convince my parents to let you stay with us during summers
  32. (11:47:01 PM) Kuro: Scary. D:
  33. (11:47:12 PM) BasketCase: Would you want to?
  34. (11:47:41 PM) Kuro: Maybeeeee. D:
  35. (11:47:53 PM) Kuro: I'll see. >.<
  36. (11:48:24 PM) BasketCase: Just think on it. Let me know. How would you feel about going to school here?
  37. (11:48:59 PM) Kuro: >.< I'd like it...
  38. (11:49:17 PM) BasketCase: Are you going to focus on your grades, and saving money?
  39. (11:49:39 PM) Kuro: ^^ Yuuuuuuh-huh!
  40. (11:50:14 PM) BasketCase: Good. Now, you gotta talk to your parents. What do you plan on making your major? I'll tell you the best college to attend.
  41. (11:52:07 PM) Kuro: I have no clue. x.X I'll look those up.
  42. (11:52:25 PM) BasketCase: You want to be a doctor right?
  43. (11:52:41 PM) Kuro: I hope... we'll see if it happens..
  44. (11:53:56 PM) BasketCase: Actually, I guess it doesn't matter what your major is, if you're gonna end up going to med school (Which you would attend at MUSC which is a great place) then I would probably be pre-med
  45. (11:55:06 PM) Kuro: How long do I have to save up? D:
  46. (11:55:31 PM) BasketCase: That depends. Will your parents help with tuition?
  47. (11:55:54 PM) Kuro: Maybe. :S Probably, I think.
  48. (11:56:09 PM) BasketCase: Then just get the money for a ticket here.
  49. (11:56:42 PM) BasketCase: I you can come during the summer, or right when school starts. If you come during the summer, you can stay with us.
  50. (11:56:48 PM) BasketCase: -I...
  51. (11:57:20 PM) Kuro: >.< Scary.
  52. (11:57:47 PM) BasketCase: I know. It's a big change, buddy. You have plenty of time to think about it. I won't force you into anything.
  53. (11:58:02 PM) Kuro: Okay. .-. thanks.
  54. (11:58:53 PM) BasketCase: Just know, it's always an option.
  55. (12:00:44 AM) Kuro: Okay. .-.
  56. (12:02:05 AM) BasketCase: I plan on getting an apartment before my Junior year and staying there pretty much year round. So really you'd just have to live on campus one year, then come stay with me.
  57. (12:02:37 AM) Kuro: >.< Campus...
  58. (12:03:14 AM) BasketCase: If you come to Winthrop, students are required to do it anyways :P
  59. (12:03:28 AM) Kuro: Bleh...
  60. (12:03:57 AM) BasketCase: I agree ^^. But it'd just be one year. That's with most colleges though, I think.
  61. (12:05:56 AM) Kuro: Bleeeeeeeeeeeeh
  62. (12:06:48 AM) BasketCase: If you really want this to happen and are serious about it (I am dead serious), just say the word and I'll do whatever you need for help.
  63. (12:07:36 AM) BasketCase: Gah. I'm sorry, I'm probably like pressuring you right now.
  64. (12:08:08 AM) Kuro: ^^ It's fine...
  65. (12:08:24 AM) BasketCase: ._. sorry. I get worked up
  66. (12:08:45 AM) Kuro: It's fine!
  67. (12:09:10 AM) BasketCase: Ok, ok >.<. But tell me now that...is this something you would seriously consider?
  68. (12:09:46 AM) Kuro: Already am. ._. But you're not allowed to spend anything on me.
  69. (12:10:54 AM) BasketCase: I'm going to help. I won't buy everything for you, but I can help with food and basic stuff.
  70. (12:11:10 AM) Kuro: >.< No!
  71. (12:11:30 AM) BasketCase: Shush it
  72. (12:12:01 AM) Kuro: ._. yessir.
  73. (12:12:18 AM) BasketCase: I won't have any of that silliness.
  74. (12:12:44 AM) BasketCase: As soon as you give me the word, I'll be 100% committed
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