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Mr. Womanizer *Rancid Juices*

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  1. ******************************************
  2. no clue if he has a pastebin or not. found this in a bug pone thread a long time ago
  3. ******************************************
  5. >October in Canterlot
  6. >everything was covered in beautiful colors of Autumn
  7. >Incidentaly, streets of the royal city were filled to brim with life
  8. >Mostly high class ponies enjoying the stroll with their partners
  9. >However, Fancypants strolled alone today, just enjoying the scenery
  10. >If only he knew what kind of adventure is waiting for him
  11. >He decided to take a shot of some rum tea in his favorite, upper class cafe
  12. >He reached his destination, an establishment called ''The Golden Dragon''
  13. >it was a fancy place with walls covered in different art, supporting pillars engraved with gold
  14. >truly a place worthy of a womanizer like him
  15. >he took a seat on the only free table, waiting for the waiter
  16. >Waiter came, she was a young and very attractive mare
  17. >she eyed Fancypants for a moment and asked
  18. Hello sir, what can I give you?
  19. >Fancypants replied
  20. I'll take a cup of rum tea.
  21. >the waitress wrote it down
  22. Sure, sir, right on it.
  23. >She turned around and walked to the bar
  24. >Fancypants liked her, her figure was pretty amazing and her voice was so petite and sweet sounding
  25. >She came back with a platter holding a cup of hot tea
  26. >she handed it down on the table
  27. That would be 15 bits, sir.
  28. >Fancypants decided to use the chance
  29. Of course, my dear. However, I doubt we met. I'm Fancypants, and your name is?
  30. >She replied nervously
  31. Oh, my name is...uh...Cloud Love...uh...yeah
  32. >Fancypants decided to shrug off this kinda suspicious reply
  33. Well, I'm glad to meet you, Cloud. Care if I buy you a drink?
  34. >he winked as he handed her 30 bits
  35. Oh, I would love to, Mr. Fancypants. My shift ends now anyway so I believe I can join you.
  36. >She walked away
  37. >Few minutes passed away and you can see how the mare, without her uniform, sat next to him holding a cup of tea
  38. Well, here I am sir.
  39. >Fancypants smiled and they started talking about different topics
  40. >quite some time has passed and the short autumn day has been enshrouded in evening
  41. >Fancypants took a look at his pocket watch
  42. Oh, it's getting late. I shall go now.
  43. >he stood up but the mare put her red furred hoof on his
  44. Can I go with you and make you...company?
  45. >she winked with a smile
  46. >Fancypants knew well what company she meant, heck, if anything he has experience on that field
  47. Of course you can dear.
  48. >They strolled out of the cafe and walked down the romantically lit streets of Canterlot
  49. >Finally, they've reached his place. It was a big manor house worthy of gentlemans name
  50. >Cloud gasped at the sight of this wonderful place
  51. Wow, Mr. Fancypants, really nice place you live in.
  52. >Fancypants just smiled and unlocked the door, opening it
  53. >They entered, finding themselves inside a fancy living room
  54. >Fancypants replied
  55. So, shall we enjoy our companioship
  56. >Cloud smiled and answered
  57. Of course Mr. Fancypants, it would be my pleasure.
  58. >They walked up the stairs to his bedroom
  59. >His bedroom was truly a love nest, with an old queen sized bed, candles and an old gramophone
  60. >he invited her in as he put his favorite vinyl specially used for these occasions
  61. >smooth jazz music started playing, creating a romantical atmosphere
  62. >Cloud liked this
  63. Oh, Mr. Fancypants, this is really nice. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'll dance for you.
  64. >Fancypants liked that proposal
  65. >He took of his clothes and layed on the bed, shwoing of his body
  66. >Cloud blushed at his body
  67. >She started to slowly dance, moving her body, her smile getting larger with each passing move
  68. >Fancypants definitely enjoyed her slick moves, in more ways than one
  69. >She turned around, showing of her plot
  70. >however, her smile started to get naughtier
  71. >Fancy didn't mind that, he was hypnotised by her body
  72. >Suddenly, she replied
  73. Mr. Fancy, i would like to show you something very sexy
  74. >Fancy just nodded at that proposal
  75. >started to slowly move her hoof around her body, transforming magically as her hoove moved
  76. >She turned in Chrysalis, who was smiling from ear to ear
  77. >Fancy was horrified at the sight
  78. >She replied in her voice
  79. Oh, mr. Fancy, why the long face, haha
  80. >Fancy jumped, trying to run for the exit but was stopped by the queen
  81. Oh no, no, no, Mr. womanizer. You are not going anywhere
  82. >She put him back on the bed, vomiting some slime on his front hooves, glueing them to the bed
  83. >he is unable to do anything but to enjoy the show
  84. >Chrysalis replied
  85. Well, I think I will enjoy your guilty arousal for now.
  86. >she continued to seductively dance, showing her beautiful, chitinous body
  87. >Her internal organs slightly visible behind her soft waist, beautiful in its own, twisted way
  88. >you could feel the arousal in the air as she moved her hollow hooves sensualy all over her perfect body
  89. >her moves were like on water
  90. >Fancypants tried to not enjoy the seductive moves of the twisted succubi but failed to do so
  91. >he enjoyed it
  92. >more than he should
  93. >Chrysalis just smiled as she was looking at the helpless and very horny prisoner
  94. >she continued to tease him with her swift moves
  95. >She started to lick the holes on her hoof sensualy
  96. >Fancypants managed to say something
  97. I...I don't know...I shouldn't be aroused by you yet your body, your moves, it feels so good.
  98. >Chrysalis liked the compliment
  99. >She stood on the bed, still teasing
  100. >she replied
  101. Now, mr. womanizer. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.
  102. >Fancypants turned pale at those words
  103. >Chrysalis replied
  104. I'm afraid I can't let you keep this gender of yours. I believe that you, as a womanizer, deserve how it feels to be a woman.
  105. >Fancypants didn't really liked the sound of that, his gentleman reputation will be ruined
  106. >he asked
  107. B-but why? Can't I give you love and be done with it?
  108. >Chrysalis laughed heartily
  109. Well, you see, there are two reasons actually. First, I'm pregnant already, ready to plant these eggs in someone, take a guess who. And secondly, I've just learned a really old genderswap spell I simply have to try out on someone.
  110. >Both reasons were terrifying on their own merit
  111. >Chrysalis pointed her horn, which was shining in bright green glow, towards the stickied stallion
  112. >she fired a magical bolt, creating a flash that covered the whole room
  113. >Chrysalis opened her eyes, happy to see that the spell worked
  114. >Fancypants was now female, a beautiful white coated mare with beautiful, curvy figure
  115. >Spell ended up being so perfectly done it seemed like Fancypants was never a stallion to begin with
  116. >you could see fear and confusion on her face
  117. >Chrysalis clapped her hooves and laughed like a happy teenager
  118. Ooooohoho, you look sooo funny. If you could only see the look on your face, hihihihi.
  119. >Fancypants blushed like a tomato. How embarassing, a changeling queen laughing at his, now her, situation
  120. P-please stop
  121. >you could see tears forming in Fancy's eyes, she was never embarassed like this before
  122. >Chrysalis replied
  123. Hehe, but why, don't you like your new body?
  124. >Fancypants, all teary, replied
  125. NO! It's embarassing! Please turn me back.
  126. >Chrysalis layed on her side, next to her
  127. >she put her hoof on Fancy's lips
  128. Now, now, can't do that. Don't worry sweetie. Queenie will make you feel good.
  129. >She licked the soft lips and the tip of her nose lightly
  130. >she put her hoof on Fancy's belly, stroking it pleasureably
  131. >she continued to give soft smooches on Fancy's teary and confused face
  132. >Fancy was still blushing from this but she liked it
  133. >Queens smooches were full of care
  134. >Queen started to slowly move her hoof lower, going for the crotch
  135. >the soft and sensitive female skin was a new sensation for Fancy as she started to moan from her newly formed experience
  136. >Chrysalis reached the crotch, lightly tugging Fancy's slit
  137. >Fancy liked the feeling of chitinous touch on her new genitals
  138. >Queen started to lightly rub the clit and labias
  139. >She put her lips on Fancy's, going in for a deep kiss
  140. >she started to ofensively play with her tongue
  141. >Fancy decided to cooperate, it's not like he has an other choice
  142. >It was truly a nice scene
  143. >two mares sensualy playing with each other with smooth jazz and few lit candles in the background
  144. >Chrysalis suddenly felt the moisture on her hoof
  146. (have some music - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R49d4f5sEs4)
  148. >she stopped the kiss as she looked down, seeing Fancy's wide open womanhood, secreting the lubricant
  149. >she smiled and replied
  150. Ohoho, sensitive are we?
  151. >she moved her body down, positioning her head near the crotch
  152. >she started to lich her own lips, showing of her long, snakelike tongue
  153. >Fancy started to breathe faster, not knowing what to expect
  154. >Queen started to gently lick Fancy's small clitoris
  155. >Fancy started to moan, it felt sooo good
  156. >Queen's slimy tongue was a fantastic new sensation
  157. >Suddenly, that sensation became even greater as Chrysalis inserted her tongue inside the love walls
  158. >Fancy's moans were ecstatic as Queens tongue covered every milimeter of her tight vagina
  159. >Queen reached as deep as Fancy's cervix, tickling it with her two tongue tips
  160. >she continued to orally pleasure the mare for some time
  161. >she took out her tongue out, it was covered in vaginal juices mixed with her slimy saliva
  162. Mmmm, you taste so sweet.
  163. >she then sat directly in front of Fancy's crotch, as she spreaded her legs
  164. I'm sure an aristocrat like you knows to enjoy a royal marehood.
  165. >she put her green labias, contrasting so good with her pitch black chitin, right near Fancy's moist womanhood, rubbing them
  166. >This little scissor play was an amazing new experience for Fancy
  167. >This last hour felt amazing
  168. >He started to like being a woman
  169. >he decided to cooperate a bit, as he moved his lower body
  170. >his movement rubbed both womanhoods, pleasuring both actors
  171. >They both moaned in bliss
  172. >Chrysalis let out her tongue as she moved her crotch too
  173. >She put her hoof between the two gaping vaginas, rubbing them both
  174. >It didn't took long for Fancy to achieve her first femaleorgasm
  175. >She started to secrete great amounts of vaginal juice
  176. >all over Chrysalis's crotch
  177. >Fancy moaned like an animal, engulfed in pure pleasure, pure bliss of satisfaction
  178. >However, queen was soon to follow as she orgasmed explosively, yet keeping the straight face as if she experiences that every day
  179. >They still moaned and breathed faster for next few moments and the Fancy replied
  180. Q-queen, t-this was a-amazing...
  181. >Chrysalis nodded and smiled
  182. Uhmm, I'm sure you enjoyed.
  183. >Fancy layed her head back and asked
  184. Uhm, Queen, would you be so nice and please remove these disgusting shackles and give me back my body, please?
  185. >Queen just looked him in the eyes sinisterily and laughed
  186. Haha, do you really think I did all of this just to pleasure you? Of course not. This was all out of pity.
  187. >Fancy was confused
  188. W-what do you mean?
  189. >Queen continued
  190. You see, you are nice, you're a real gentleman. I've come to Canterlot only to find a suitable host for my eggs. All of this was not part of that plan.
  191. >Fancy started to breathe faster once again
  192. >Queen stroked her hind leg a bit
  193. And then you came, acting all nice and I've just thought to myself. Hey, why I shouldn't use the chance to try some spells even.
  194. And that's how we ended up like this. So sorry.
  195. >Fancy started to cry. As a scholar, (s)he knew damn well what it means to be a changeling egg host
  196. No, n-no, please, Queen, don't do that!
  197. >Chrysalis just made a dissapointed face
  198. I'm afraid I have to.
  199. >She gripped both Fancy's hind legs, spreading them, revealng still moist vagina
  200. >Queen stood up
  201. >Out of her vagina, the fleshy, teethed tube came out
  202. >Fancy's eyes widened as she never seen such horror
  203. >However, the moment before the tube forcefully entered her womb, Chrysalis stopped
  204. Wait a minute. This genderswap spell doesn't last forever. You won't have a womb anymore and most eggs will end up somewhere inbetween your insides, maybe in testicles. That's not healthy for my children.
  205. >Chrysalis started thinking what to do, her ovipositor was rather impatient
  206. I KNOW! Your rectum is completely untouched. There they will go!
  207. >Fancy turned pale then sickly green
  208. >he tried to ask queen to stop but to no avail
  209. >it hurted painfully as the teethed ovipositor started to stretch and bruise his anus, entering forcibly
  210. >Her ovipositor navigated the tight rectal rings as best as it could
  211. >the moment it placed itself comfortably it started its intended purpose
  212. >Eggs entered the rectal cavity, stretching it way too much, even ripping the anal entrance a bit
  213. >Fancy screamed inhumanely, trying to fight it
  214. >however, fighting was futile as the agonous laying lasted for painful 50 minutes
  215. >The queen removed her ovipositor from Fancy's tortured rectum and she got of the bed, leaving the ex gentleman, now living incubator, alone
  217. >day later, Fancy turned back to his male form, experiencing more pain as the eggs moved in his intestines during the transformation
  218. >later, he gave agonous and fatal birth to about 279 nymph changelings
  220. The end
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