Consequences of late work

Jul 11th, 2019
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  1. Princess Celestia was waiting by her sister's door, it was 2 hours before sunrise, 2 hours until she usually awoke and her sister head to bed. But today was different. She waited by the darkened door with a crescent moon shape pattern in the middle.
  2. “Hurry up Lulu,” She said impatiently.
  3. “Coming Tia, you really need to relax, take a breath.” came the voice of Princess Luna from within.
  4. Celestia rolled her eyes; It had been a busy few days, Equestria was attacked by a mysterious being, who ended up being Stygian, a friend to her and her sisters mentor Starswirl the Bearded. They welcomed them and the other Pillars with open hooves; they had all wanted to see how their world had changed.
  5. She took Starswirl on a tour of her school, as a showing of how she had grown from their memories with her being but a pupil. He was proud of both of them, which meant the world to the two sisters.
  6. “All right, I’m here, shall we?” The dark blue alicorn said, after leaving the privacy of her room to the hall with her older sister. She motioned down the hall and started walking.
  7. Celestia nodded and followed close behind.
  8. “Any idea what Starswirl wishes to speak to us about sister?” Luna asked, to which Celestia shook her head.
  9. “I’m sure there is still much to learn, maybe he wants to see what we know, and how we need to improve for the future?” She suggested.
  10. “Hmm, yes that is a possibility” she nodded in agreement.
  13. They made their way across the candlelit corridor, nodding to the guards as they walked by.
  14. “How’s glowing Mr. horn?”
  15. Luna asked one of the guards. He smiled and said,
  16. “ Much better, it was a case of poison joke she got from Ponyville, who knew, thanks for checking up.”
  17. Luna smiled and walked on.
  18. “ Don’t forget those hay n’ oats for dinfast on Tuesday”
  19. she reminded another as she walked past.
  20. “Wouldn’t dream of it princess, well maybe I would, then you could remind me.” he laughed.
  21. Celestia snickered a little at that.
  22. ‘I’m glad you’re getting along with your night guards Lulu,” she said proudly.
  23. Luna blushed at the compliment.
  24. “Thank you sister, it was a challenge, but with efforts on all of our parts, we have become a tight-knit group. I trust them all, it's easier to trust when you know and share with each other.”
  25. Celestia nodded in agreement as they made their way to the meeting room. He wanted to meet in one of her classrooms, probably for nostalgia, or at least she thought. Within 10 minutes they had arrived. The door was shut, so they knocked.
  26. “Enter,” said the calm voice of Starswirl, with his intelligence just spilling out every time he spoke, everypony should know this pony was one of a kind even in his simple diction. They opened the door to see the classroom, with him sitting on the teacher's desk with to chairs.
  27. “What’s this?”
  28. Luna asked smiling a bit, feeling a bit nostalgic at the site, feeling like a student once more. The odd thing was Starswirl seemed more severe than the times they have seen them previously.
  29. “I think you two know exactly why you are here.” He said firmly.
  30. Celestia and Luna exchange glances. They had no idea. Their looks must have shown this because Starswirl sighed. His horn glowing with his powerful aura showing a memory of a few weeks ago.2
  31. “As long as you don't ask for those essays we owed you before you disappeared.”
  32. It was the sound of Princess Luna, From the meeting, Starswirl had with them weeks ago. They both looked at each other worriedly.
  36. It was the sound of Princess Luna, From the meeting, Starswirl had with them weeks ago. They both looked at each other worriedly.
  37. “So, you think even if I disappear you don’t have to learn and study?”
  38. Celestia gulped a little, “Well, we were saddened, and we had duties to take care of.” she said trying to think of an excuse. Luna came up with a few but none of them worthwhile. Soon, he must have been done because he raised his voice.
  39. “Silence. You two clearly are still immature like the foals you were when I left you, Celestia, you are older, and you should have known better. But you are not innocent either luna.”
  40. His scolding hit home, both Celestia and Luna looked down in shame.
  41. “W-We’re sorry Starswirl. “ They said together, sounding rather foalish, not as the duo monarchs of Equestria. He nodded at their apology.
  42. “Celestia.”
  43. She looked up at him “Y-Yes Starswirl.” she asked nervously
  44. “Timeout now, I’m dealing with your sister first.” He said
  45. Her eyes widened, so did Luna’s, but Celestia questioned. “I-I beg your pardon..”
  46. “None of that young mare!” he said firmly, gripping her ear with his magic leading her to the corner of the classroom. Her face shoved in the corner, muzzle against the wall.
  47. “Now stay there!” he said firmly. “Luna over here,” he said reaching into the desk with an old cane. He had this in his home, and they must have kept it since he found it in his old room. It looked good as new.
  48. She blushed but slowly came forward. ‘S-Starswirl, We... I am sorry about what happened, but is this the most necessary way of going about things?”
  49. He nodded. “Worked then, works now.” He said simply “hooves on the desk.”
  50. Luna gulped, she hasn’t received the cane since her lessons with him. Her bottom had no tolerance, and she got spanked more often than Tia, how was she going to take it!
  51. Starswirl raised her dark flowing tail up and out of the way. He stepped back and did some practice strokes with his cane. He lined his first one to the center of her bottom. And practice 3, 2,1
  52. Crack!!
  57. “EEP!” Luna cried out in surprise as a searing pain came on the middle of her flank. “No! I will not!” She said defiantly as she stood back up and turned around to face him. This resistance spread to Celestia as she turned from the corner “Nor will I. We have grown ponies, alicorns starswirl.” She said firmly.
  59. Starswirl looked at the two of them. “Last chance.” He said firmly. He did not like this defiance. Clearly, these foalish princesses forgotten what happened when they argued against punishment. What happens will depend entirely on them.
  61. They seemed to take this statement as a bluff as they remained still. “We are mature adults here; we can talk this out. It was just some stupid essays from years ago” Celestia said. To which Luna added, “Spanking us is definitely an unnecessary form of action in this situation.”
  63. He continued looking, then with a disappointing sigh, “You two still have much to learn, one being your memory, as you two well know that trying to get out of punishment only made it worse.” he said scoldingly.
  65. With a flash of magic, Celestia was once again in the corner, but this time was different. Her muzzle was stuck to the wall. She could not move away, more than that, her hooves were held to the floor, she would not be out of timeout until he wanted her to be. Luna was forced over the desk in prime position once more. Her tail raised and she too could not struggle her way out of place.
  67. He took his cane back out with his magic and gave another three practice strokes before
  69. CRACK!
  71. ‘OW” yelped Luna as a similar line appeared on her navy tush. She struggled much harder, but to no avail as he brought the wretched cane down on her again, and again. Luckily, he was merciful; he never smacked the same spot twice. He always gives 15-30 seconds between strokes, and he let her breathe and catch her breath if needed.
  73. CRACK!
  77. “OWWWW No Please!” She cried as she had a series of red stripes over her ordinarily dark blue bottom. While he was kind, he knew how to wield this implement. His magic precision made the most effect flick of the cane possible, and he held it there for a moment letting all of the force make contact with the naughty flank.
  78. “Princess Luna, I am very disappointed in you, you don’t finish the work you complete, which is an essential skill to have. Moreover, you try to get out of a deserved punishment. This is not acceptable, you need to show your maturity, and take responsibility and improve upon them. You know that actions have consequences more than most ponies, make sure you learn from your mistakes and accept it. “ He scolded firmly, but full of care, which was juxtaposed with his flurry and cane smacks to her bottom, finally overlapping the strokes, making her fanny full of red stripes.
  80. She was sobbing; she didn’t know what worst, the pain she was feeling flooding her mind making it hard to think, or the scolding that was done to her was. He, of course, learned what happened after he had left, and he even asked for her side, something that seldom happened. She was honest to him about her mistakes and feelings, and he was right. She can’t run from her past mistakes, she thinks of a tantabus and the pain that almost caused ponyville. She needed to understand she can’t change the past or try to ignore it. She could only learn from it.
  82. Then, She felt her restraints loosen, and she got up. She looked and wiped her tear stained face and looked at his hoof pointing to a corner. “Corner, now,” He said firmly. She sighed and walked to the wall. She was about to mimic her sisters' position, but she was forced onto her hind legs, and she had to stick her muzzle against the wall and her hooves behind her back holding up her tail. She blushed at this. She was so close to rubbing, and she could feel the heat of her rump, so close yet so far.
  89. “Celestia you, over here now!” He commanded firmly. She felt her forced position become willing, and she gulped but knew nothing good would come from resisting, so she walked over to him, looking down after seeing his disappointed face. He got her into position, and he went right at it.
  91. CRACK!
  93. “AIE!” She said immediately as the searing pain was introduced to her rump. He was silent for a bit as he gave the first five strokes. Leaving her gasping after each one. But, after the fifth, he decided to break the chain of cries. “Princess Celestia...” He started, which sounded intentional to Celestia hearing the title, which was what happened to her sister. He then continued. “I should not have to do this, and I hope you know this. “
  95. CRACK!
  97. “OWIE! Y-Yes sir, y-you shouldn’t have to” She admitted. He kept up and continued, “You are the older sister, you need to look after yourself and Luna, It’s a burden, but one you are capable of bearing. You need to take responsibility and do what is needed of you. To better you, and her. While the essay may not have been the best example, it was something you were expected to finish, but you didn’t. That is the point, and then you fight against it. You should know better! Fighting back against deserved punishment? You administer punishments often, and you can’t take it yourself? “ This was true, She was expected to punish those who deserved it, and here she was, trying to escape her own mere minutes ago.
  99. CRACK!
  101. “AHH!! I’m Sorry SIR!” She cried as he continued, he took no joy in it, but it just could not end yet. She needed a firm lesson, and she was getting it, her white rump now invaded by lines of red in a neat order down her rump all the way to her upper thighs.
  107. After a few minutes, she was directed to her old corner. Now in the same position as Luna. He looked at them, it was a sight, very nostalgic to him. The two princesses are standing in corners, with their muzzles firmly against the wall and their hooves raising their tails showing off some bright red lines on their rumps. Sadly due to their disobedience, it was not over. “Wait here,” he said as he teleported.
  109. Celestia and Luna remained in their “timeout” both feeling the shame and guilt, so they knew it was deserved. “A-Any idea what he is doing,” Celestia whispered. Luna thought, “W-wait, we tried to get out of our punishment…” She said, and Celestia gasped. “Last time that happened, he caned us… and then..” She drifted off.
  111. “Oh no!” They both said
  113. Starswirl teleported back, in his hoof, his useful tawse. It was light brown, made out of the magical plant with some spells, and it laid a hefty punch. “Now you two, over the desk, both of you. You both deserve this for trying to escape punishment.
  115. They sighed and got out of the corners and walked over to their desk of doom. They knew they had earned it, but a spanking over their freshly striped hinds did not seem like something to look forward to. They bent over and raised their tails. They hele hooves hoping to power through this together. ‘We’re sorry sir.” They both said.
  117. He cracked his tawse in the air, causing them both to wince at nothing. “I know you two. It’s almost done” He held it, and lets it smack Celestia squarely on her rump, then to Luna’s
  119. “AHH!!
  120. “OOWW!!”
  122. They both cried out in pain, One would think after being thousands of years older from their last spanking, it wouldn’t hurt as bad, well one would couldn’t be further from the truth. Its speed and lightweight caused a powerful stinging source against their bottoms. He wanted it to be done as they did, so he went quickly.
  130. “OWWW OW-AH! SIR! Please Ow, We won’t do it again!!”
  131. “OWWW NO! AIE!! I-I can’t oww!!”
  133. They continued this call and response until he finally let the tawse drop. He rubbed their bottoms for a minute but knew he couldn’t be too nice yet. “Now you two, Each of you was assigned essays. Celestia, yours was the effects of Elements of Harmony, How their origins and properties help affect its purpose. And Luna, yours was the influence of emotions in magic, and it seems that Helm of shadows, was forged from your feelings, so go into detail of how the process works and how it affects magic users.
  135. He guided them to the desks, “Now sit down,” he ordered as he teleported books to appear on the table in between desks, the desks themselves were plain, filled with paper and quills and ink, the chair being unusually hard. “I expect 20 pages minimum, and you can only get up to go to the restroom. I’ll bring food in an hour.” He said firmly
  137. This surprises them, and they actually had to write these essays now! They thought it would be spank, forgive, and forget. He was definitely firm, and they looked at the hard seats. They looked at him, but he wasn’t backing down.
  139. Slowly they sat down, “AAH!” They both whined as their warmed rumps made contact. They had a few more tears added to the plethora that already existed. The took the quills in their hooves-- He never had them write with magic--- and started to write.
  141. It took the whole day, and a bunch of hoof cramps, but he was handed two essays about the given topics. He accepted them gladly. “Well thank you, I’ll grade these, and if it is below 80% I’ll see you back here next week for a repeat” he smiled and teleported off.
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