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Aug 9th, 2011
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  5. --- Hive76 IRC discussion
  7. --- Log opened Mon Mar 14 15:33:25 2011
  8. 15:34 < jmil> i still don't get why you guyz were so uncomfortable with it. people have sex. people have sex toys. it's just not a big deal.
  9. 15:37 < dtoliaferro> I was for it at first but the peer pressure got to me.
  10. 15:37 <@adam[0]> I wasn't crazy against it, but I was hesitant enough to not want it to be publicized, and I think that's fair
  11. 15:38 <@adam[0]> for me it was more about the way it was approached. if it had been handled better, I think there's a higher chance it could have happened.
  12. 15:39 < dtoliaferro> How could it have been approached better?
  13. 15:40 < dtoliaferro> It's dildos either way.
  14. 15:40 <@adam[0]> dtoliaferro: discussed with the group before publishing the eve
  15. nt and taken input on how it was presented to the public
  16. 15:41 <@adam[0]> would be examples
  17. 15:41 < dtoliaferro> Yeah but I'm not even sure Hive could host an event like that.
  18. 15:41 <@adam[0]> how do you mean?15:41 < dtoliaferro> I think women are gonna outnumber men at that event 10 to 1
  19. and that's what we're lacking.
  20. 15:42 <@adam[0]> well, I think that was part of the question. why would we have an event that none of the members would attend
  21. 15:42 < dtoliaferro> From what I've seen, the Hacktory has strong particpation and interest from women.
  22. 15:42 < dtoliaferro> adam[0]: Yeah, that's another good point.
  23. 15:43 <@adam[0]> I'm not saying that's an argument for or against, but a questio
  24. n that was raised about it.
  25. 15:47 < d_m> i think it would have been cool. but they found another place to do it so it's ok i guess
  26. 15:47 < FarMcKon|host> I think it was a good opperunity missed.
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