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SF6 trailer footage analysis by Hatson

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Jun 6th, 2022
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  1. SF6 footage analysis and comparisons by Hatson
  3. Forward dashes (Ryu and Jamie) look around 17-18F (very similar to SFIV/SFV)
  4. Jumping: pre-jump and landing recovery frames looks like 4F (Ryu) or 5F (Jamie) (was normally 4F in SFIV and SFV but differed between characters)
  5. Hitstop data:
  6. * Light: 10F (was 8F in SFV and SFIV)
  7. * Medium: 12F (was 12F in SFV and 10F in SFIV)
  8. * Heavy: 14-15F (was 15F in SFV and 12F in SFIV)
  9. * Specials: Varying (similar to SFIV/SFV)
  10. * Multi-hit moves: The initial hits (not the final hit) seem to have much less hitstop than in SFIV / SFV.
  11. I assume this is to make the attack / animation flow more smoothly until the final hit.
  12. * Drive Impact (focus attack): 25-26F hitstop (SFIV lvl 1 Focus Attack: 16F hitstop | lvl 2-3 Focus Attack: 30F hitstop)
  13. * Drive Reversal (V-Reversal): 20-21F hitstop
  14. * Note: In this initial footage some of the hitstop would continue playing slow-motion animations DURING the hitstop, but it was not consistent across all moves.
  15. I doubt these extra animations during hitstop are actually tied to the framedata playing, but rather that it's just extra animation fluff to make things look smoother.
  16. It might even be just for this trailer footage and maybe not in actual future builds.
  18. Drive Impact (Focus Attack):
  19. 26F start-up (pretty slow)
  20. At least 2 hits of armor (maybe more)
  21. Causes a KD on hit with lots of pushback (not sure if grants oki or not)
  22. Changes properties if it absorb any attacks during start-up; turns into a crumple on hit
  23. We don't know what it's like on block, most likely punishable.
  25. Drive Reversal (V-Reversal):
  26. Around 17-18F start-up (very similar to SFV)
  27. Causes a KD on hit (like SFV)
  28. Supposedly causes a bit of damage on hit.
  29. We don't know how unsafe it is on block.
  31. Drive Rush (pseudo FADC):
  32. When canceled from a whiffed Parry: 10F dash forward (I think the dash can be canceled even earlier than this, it might not have a strict cancel window).
  34. Drive Parry:
  35. 1F start-up
  36. Perfect parry window from footage seems to at least be on frames 1-3 (this is also the frames of the parry animation that have a purple colored hue instead of blue)
  37. The regular parry (not perfect parry) hitstop time seems to be the same as the attack it's parrying:
  38. > Lights: 10F (no footage of this specifically, but assume so given the other footage on parries)
  39. > Mediums: 12F
  40. > Heavies: 14F
  41. > Multi-hit normals or specials: Varying
  43. Recovery frames on a successful parry (but not a perfect parry) looks to be 17F consistently no matter the move parried
  44. > We have no idea if there's any sort of invincibility frames during these recovery frames or if it's fully vulnerable
  46. Recovery frames after a perfect parry (1F? or 8F?):
  47. > When Ryu perfect parried Chun's Hazanshu he immediately went into his HP DP while Chun seemingly only played out about 1F of her Hazanshu during the perfect parry freeze.
  48. > But when Jamie perfect parried Luke's crMK, he then went into a crMP xx Rekka punish, but that crMP did not come out until 8F after the perfect parry freeze.
  49. > Either one of these things is happening here:
  50. 1) The Jamie player manually delayed his crMP punish a little bit after his perfect parry.
  51. 2) There are 8F recovery frames on a perfect parry, and those recovery frames are cancelable into specials like Ryu did from his perfect parry.
  53. Framedata from footage:
  54. Note: I have a suspicion that 4F might be the fastest normals in this game
  55. Note #2: A lot of normals are 1-2F slower in this game than they were in SFV
  57. Jamie:
  58. stLP: 5F
  59. b+LP? (2 hit jab animation): 4F+2F looks to only have 1F gap between active frames
  60. crLP: 4F
  61. crMP: 6F
  62. crLK: 5F
  63. crMK: 7F
  64. jMK: 7F
  65. Divekick (Drink Level 1+): 14-15F
  66. LP>LK>MP TC: 5F+6F+8F
  67. DP special? (launches them into pseudo-Gen-style Waterfall Kicks follow-up): 10F
  68. LP/MP Rekka?: 13F
  69. MP/HP Rekka?: 16F
  70. Breakdancing special (LK Rekka?): 9F
  71. bigger Breakdancing special (Drink Level ?? - looks like a mini-version of his breakdancing CA): 24-25F
  72. lvl 1 CA? (breakdancing super): 9-10F
  74. Luke:
  75. stLP: 6F (5F in SFV)
  76. > Looks like -2 on block (-4 in SFV)
  77. crLP: 4F (3F in SFV)
  78. stMP: 9F (7F in SFV)
  79. stHP: 10F (10F in SFV)
  80. crMP: 6F (6F in SFV)
  81. crMK: 8F (7F in SFV)
  82. crHP: 7F (7F in SFV)
  83. f+HP: 16F (16F in SFV)
  84. HP? Fireball: 20F (19F in SFV)
  85. EX Fireball: 16-17F (15F in SFV)
  86. Run+Shoulder: 12+11F (13+11F in SFV)
  87. HP DP: 5F
  88. EX DP: 5-6F (4F in SFV)
  89. HP Flash Knuckle: 22F (22F in SFV)
  90. EX Flash Knuckle: 15F (13F in SFV)
  91. V-Skill 2 looking move (no idea what the input is in SF6): 16F (16F in SFV)
  92. Super (tackle): 9F? start-up
  94. Chun-Li:
  95. crMK: 7F (6F in SFV)
  96. crHK: 9F (7F in SFV)
  97. stHP: 13F (SFV: 11F | SFIV: 6F | 3rd Strike: 8F)
  98. > Looks like +2 on hit
  99. stHK? (looks like 3rd Strike Chun's far MK but has 14F hitstun so prob a heavy kick): 11F (3rd Strike far MK: 7F)
  100. f+HK: 15F (SFV: 18F | 3rd Strike: 12F)
  101. LK? Tenshoukyaku (up-kicks): 5F
  102. HK? Tenshoukyaku (up-kicks): 9F
  103. jump HK (looks like the 3rd Strike jump HK): 9F (10F in 3rd Strike)
  104. b+HK from the new crouching stance (Serenity Stream): 7F (8F in SFV)
  105. New Overhead from the new crouching stance (Serenity Stream): 23F
  106. Fireballs (various non-EX versions): 11F / 15F
  107. EX Legs: 8F (5F in SFV)
  108. Hazanshu (not sure which version) (Axe Kick): 27F
  110. Ryu:
  111. crMP: 6F (6F in SFV / 4F in SFIV)
  112. crHP: 7F
  113. crMK: 8F (6F in SFV / 5F in SFIV)
  114. HP DP: 7F
  115. MK Tatsu: 14F (12F in SFV / 12F in SFIV)
  116. HK Tatsu: 16F (14F in SFV / 12F in SFIV)
  117. HK? Donkey Kick: 18F (18F in SFV / 17F in 3rd Strike)
  118. LP? Hashogeki (new palm strike special): 13F
  119. HP? Hashogeki: 30F
  120. Powered up Hashogeki (after his new Denjin Charge): 22F?
  121. lvl 3 Super (Shin Shoryu): 4-5F
  123. Ryu's fireballs seem to have varying start-up, which is unlike his previous iterations:
  124. > LP: 12F + ?? recovery
  125. > MP: 14F + 32-33F recovery? - looks like only -2 or -4 on block up close
  126. > HP: 16F + 31-32F recovery?
  127. > EX: no footage?
  128. > Powered up fireball (after his new Denjin Charge): 12F + 30F recovery (42F total) and has 2 hits on hit
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