A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Ema Skye TF) Chapter 3

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  1. I looked at her again. “Say what?”
  3. My mom looked back at me with a quizzical expression. “What do you mean ‘Say What’? You are my daughter Trucy!” Did you get hit in the head again?”
  5. I got angry and said; “I just tripped into a pole that one time! Nothing serious happened! And are you now questioning my sanity!?” To be frank, I was even questioning my own sanity right now.
  7. My mom was now looking angry. “No I am not! Now march on up to your room! I need to remake the hamburgers.” She stomped off in a huff.
  9. I yelled, “What happened to them?”
  11. She screamed back, “I told you they would turn to ashes if you took to long!”
  13. I ran to her to see ashes on the grill. Why would you leave them on if you knew they were burning? Even to the point that you could put the house on fire!?” I was ecstatic at the moment.
  15. She said with her arms cross and mouth grinning. “To prove a point.”
  17. I decided to end off with, “Whatever” and walk up to my room.
  19. Upon opening my door, I noticed a few changes to my room. Most of my posters were still hanging, but some were replaced with some magic tools. When I say magic tools, I mean things like her magic panties and the such. I looked at the few pictures I had of me and my mom and friends to noticed that they were all different. Instead of seeing Chug with my mom and friends, I saw Trucy with my mom and friends.
  21. Could this mean that my whole existence has been erased? I started to tear and collapsed on my bed. “No! This can’t be the end! If my whole existence was changed because of the sudden change in appearance, then that means if I change back to my original look, my existence will come back as well!” I shed my tears and raised my fist high in the air.
  23. I heard a voice from downstairs. “What was that Trucy? Are you sneaking boys in again?” What part of my existence is changed that I don’t know about?
  25. “No mom. Just practicing magic!” I noticed how stupid I sounded after the words escaped my mouth.
  27. “Really? Okay. Have fun!” Then I heard the footsteps go away.
  29. “Now that I think about it, there is a ton of magic stuff in here. Also, if I am friends with the same people, does that mean that I only hang out with boys as a girl?” I wonder if that makes me even more of an outcast.
  31. Well whatever. I am now Trucy, so let’s try something. I waved my hand like how she did in the video game and out came the panties from thin air. I was really surprised. I looked over to WEAR the panties originally were and noticed that they were gone. “I wonder if they are an infinite abyss like the game.”
  33. I reached my hand in and felt something. I pulled it out to find a defence attorney’s badge. “…” Maybe they are somewhere else in this world? I decided to open up my game to see if I can learn something new.
  35. I immediately noticed that something was off when I turned on the game. Inside was Trucy ravaging her panties wondering where Apollo’s badge was. I stared back at the badge and decided to put it back inside the panties. Doing so triggered the game to have Trucy find it. I decided to close the game to prevent anything weirder to happen in my life. It would be even more convenient to get stuck in the game after all that has happened.
  37. I decided to investigate the cause of my sudden transformation and if there is anything I could do to change back. I turned on my computer and surfed the web. After about half an hour of searching, I came up with a whole lot of nothing.
  39. I went back to my bed and hit my head on the pillow. “Am I really stuck like this or at least like any video game female character?” All of a sudden, it hit me. I almost forgot the one major difference between boys and girls. That realization came to me when I noticed how badly I had to pee.
  41. I ran to the washroom and hesitantly sat down. After a few minutes, I came out of the washroom and sighed. Just to get this straight, I was too scared to do any exploring at the moment. I will save that for another time. “I really need to hurry and find a way to change back.”
  43. I yet again heard screaming. “Dinners ready! Come on down and eat!”
  45. I yelled back at my mom. “I’m not hungry anymore! I’m just going to go to bed now!”
  47. She asked, “Are you feeling okay? Are you on your period?”
  49. That set me off with my face turning a bit red. “No I am not on my period! Night!”
  51. “Okay! Night!”
  53. I went to turn off the lights. I decided to just wear what I had on and go to bed. I threw off the hat, gloves, and bag and fell face first into the pillow. This may be the second time today I went face first into something, but this felt pleasant compared to a tree. I might have been extremely stressed, but I still fell right to sleep.
  55. I woke up and scratched my head. “Man what a crazy—“ The realization of my voice and silky long hair in my hands really woke me up. I ended up face palming myself. “Dammit.”
  57. I took off my clothing hesitantly, but I refused to look down. What a weirdo I am. This is probably my only opportunity and I am to scare to take advantage of it. I walked over to my closet and bore witness to the variety of clothes I had. “All the same thing. I guess that makes her one of those characters who make fun of themselves for only having sprite animations of them in only one set of clothing.” I took out the outfit and wiggled my way into it. I finished off with the hat, gloves, and bag. I checked it for the Magatama to see it was still there.
  59. I walked into the washroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I decided to pose and wink at the same time. “…Yeah…this is so depressing.” I sadly walked over to the toilet and used it more professionally this time then went downstairs. I looked over at the time and it read 6:30. Good since mom won’t wake up for about another half an hour.
  61. I decided to test out how far my magic as Trucy Wright could take me. I took out the want and started to awkwardly wave it around as I spoke. “Um…hocus pocus, take me to…um…the forest where I found the Magatama.” I might’ve been a bit too oddly specific, but I assumed it working. I saw mist surround me. Once it disappeared, I looked down to see tons of trees. I can’t believe it worked. And then it hit me. I was looking down at the trees. So does that mean “Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!”
  63. I fell. Everything went dark when I hit some unseen object.
  65. I slowly opened my eyes to the blinding light. “Is this the afterlife?” I quickly tried to scan the area, but my vision was still a bit hazy. I quickly shook my head and got a better view of my surroundings. I was on the trail in the forest I was using the previous day. I looked beneath me to see an old mattress. “Now isn’t that convenient?”
  67. I was pretty lucky I so say myself. Didn’t I hit something though? Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me. They say that some people faint when falling from high heights before hitting the ground. I guess that happened to me. “I guess the magic really did take me FAR!” Screaming out the last word must of frightened a few birds since they were flying away when I said that. Whatever. Puns for days as I always say.
  69. “Well now that I’m here, it’s time to do some investigating!” I thought about it, then I had what I thought was a great idea. “Maybe I should transform into someone else who is more for the job. I guess Ema Skye would work if I’m sticking with the Ace Attorney series.”
  71. I took out the Magatama necklace and put it around my neck. I concentrated on solely Ema. After about a minute of nothing happening, I gave up. “Maybe I must be Maya for it to work. Also I might as well try to keep these clothes on while I’m at it.”
  73. I thought about how I could keep them on. I decided to take out the magic wand for this. “Maybe if I try chanting something, I can go without changing these clothes. Hocus pocus…only change clothes when I want to.” I probably sounded even stupider than when I tried teleporting. Nonetheless, my wand produced some type of magical sparkles and my dress glowed. “Hopefully it did what I wanted and not something else entirely.”
  75. Again I closed my eyes and emptied my thoughts. This time thought about Maya Fey and the Magatama glowed. I got that pleasant feeling and felt my body change. After a couple minutes, I opened my eyes to see that I grew into Maya’s body while wearing Trucy’s clothes, except this time they didn’t change. “I must remember for the future how helpful Trucy’s magical powers are.”
  77. I again thought about only one character, this time being Ema Skye. I also thought about how I wanted the clothing to change this time except for the bag. I want to keep that for now.
  79. That pleasant feeling came back and I decided to keep my eye open for this one. This time I saw my Magatama glowing and I saw the changes activate. My face was the first to change. There wasn’t a whole lot changing since Maya and Ema were supposed to be more identical in the game. After the small changes that were applied to my facial structure to make my face the same as Ema’s, my eyes changed color from brown to teal. My hair stayed about the same in length and the color changed from jet black to brown. My breasts increased again. After shrinking down to Maya’s only minutes before, they now increased once again. This time bigger than Maya’s, but smaller than Trucy’s. My height stayed exactly the same I think. If any changes were made, then it would me by maybe a millimeter or two. As for those changes, everything else seemed about the same.
  81. Now its time for the clothing changes. First my earring changed. It got really small and turned into a small hairclip and attached itself to the back of my hair creating that of a little tree as the rest still framed my face. My blue hat shrank considerably into a pair of pink glasses that sat atop my head. My black dress split into two parts. One of with was a vest that cut down the middle and changed to green with the top being pink. The four small gold diamonds lined themselves up in the middle of the vest and turned into buttons. The other half of the dress started to turn brown and changes into a pair of pants with a belt to keep them on. My large white boots shrank into open black high heels that raised me by about an inch. My blue cape turned white and changed into what looked like a jacket that scientist wore. The wand somehow unzipped the bag and flew out to my left wrist. It then started to shrink and bend into a circle and change to red. Once down, it wrapped itself around my wrist and became a new wristband. To end the clothing transformation, my scarf undid itself and tied itself at the top of my vest.
  83. Now with the changes all out of the way, I put the Magatama necklace inside the bag. I positioned the glasses and smiled. I looked just like Ema Skye. I never played Apollo Justice, but I knew her from the Rise From the Ashes case in the remake of the first game. That had to count towards something. “Wow! I look so cute as Ema!” I slapped my face. “Don’t forget why you’re here Chug. You are trying to find a way to change yourself back into a guy! Now, time to do some scientific investigating!”
  86. To Be Continued…
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