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  1. Tanizia and Patrick
  3. Of course it was raining, Patrick's cab pulled up to the tall block of apartments. Looking up from the window he saw a small curtain pull back and a figure stands there before closing them again.
  4. Patrick gets out the cab quickly and runs to the back of the trunk to get out his bags. The rain came down pretty heavy and has already soaked his clothes to the skin, he dug in his pocket for cash and closed the trunk. Handing the money to the driver he run under the cover of the apartment building.
  5. The door opened for him and there stood Tanizia with a towel in one hand. "You're wet." She said, handing him the towel.
  7. He happily dried off his face and laughed a little. "Yeah, I noticed. Hi Tiz. Thanks for doing this." She took his case from him and headed up the stairs. The soaking well man followed suit as he attempted to dry off.
  8. Tanizia looked different than normal, she was wearing baggy pants with fluffy pink socks. A tank top covered by a hoodie and her hair tied in a messy bun. She unlocked her front door and put the case just by the door.
  9. "You're not coming in while you're soaking wet. Dry off in the hall real quick." She crossed her arms.
  11. Patrick did his best to dry off, looking around the apartment building for the first time. It was.. dingy to say the least, mysterious stains litter the walls along with graffiti and broken windows. He was sure in the small pile of trash down the end of the hall was a used needle but he couldn't be sure with the flicking light distracting him.
  12. When he was dry enough Tanizia let him inside and shut the door behind him.
  13. The apartment itself was pretty clean, definitely different from the outside. He noticed several complicated locks littered the doorframe. Clearly the woman knew how to keep people out. He followed her into her kitchen where she had already made some fresh tea. "You like fruit tea right?" She asked as she handed him a mug of hot berry tea.
  14. The two sat in front of the TV for a few hours. Not many words exchanged from the two.
  16. Patrick had been kicked out of his house that he was renting. The landlord gave him 2 days to find somewhere else to live, luckily Tanizia offered her place as long as he needed but it wasn't very big. One bedroom apartment on the 5th floor on the wrong side of town was better than homeless though.
  17. "So.. where am I sleeping tonight? Couch?"
  18. "Yeah, it folds out into a bed.. you tired now?"
  19. "Kinda.."
  21. Tiz set her mug down and started to sort out the couch for him, he looked around her living room and noticed a rather large drawing and painting station. "You paint?"
  22. "Don't touch it. It's drying."
  24. The painting was of the ocean at night, a large moon along with stars covered most of the piece. "It's pretty."
  26. "Done." She walked off to her room. "I'll grab you some blankets hold on."
  27. Patrick opened up his case to get out his pajamas.
  28. "Again, thanks for doing this Tiz. I really appreciate it."
  29. The woman came back with a mountain of blankets and pillows before dumping them on the sofa bed. "Anytime.. anyway I'll let you get settled."
  30. "Night Tiz."
  32. ".. Goodnight Patrick."
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