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  1. options:
  2. prefix: &aEvent &8»&7
  3. deny: &aEvent &8» &7Sorry, you cannot do this command!
  5. command /eventhelp:
  6.   trigger:
  7.     send "{@prefix} /eventpropose [Event name] [Event concept]"
  8.     send "{@prefix} /setevent [Event name]"
  9.     send "{@prefix} /eventstart [Event name]"
  10.     send "{@prefix} /eventclose [Event name]"
  11.     send "{@prefix} /eventjoin [Event name]"
  13. command /setevent [<text>]:
  14.   permission: event.setevent
  15.   permission message: {@deny}
  16.   trigger:
  17.     if arg-1 is not set:
  18.       send "{@prefix} Please set the name of the event you'd like to place."
  19.     else:
  20.       set {event.%arg-1%.location} to location of player
  21.       set {event.%arg-1%} to "closed"
  22.       send "{@prefix} Placed %arg-1%'s Event Location to your current location."
  23.       loop all players:
  24.         if loop-player has permission "event.admin":
  25.           send "{@prefix} %player% set %arg-1%'s location."
  27. command /eventpropose [<text>] [<text>]:
  28.   trigger:
  29.     if arg-2 is not set:
  30.       send "{@prefix} Please specify the name and the concept for the event you are proposing."
  31.     else:
  32.       send "{@prefix} Proposed event &c%arg-1% &7with the concept of &c%arg-2%&7."
  33.       loop all players:
  34.         if loop-player has permission "event.admin":
  35.           send "&a" to loop-player
  36.           send "{@prefix} %player% sent an event proposal!" to loop-player
  37.           send "&7Proposed Event's Name: &c%arg-1%" to loop-player
  38.           send "&a" to loop-player
  39.           send "&7Proposed Event's Concept: &c%arg-2%" to loop-player
  40.           send "&a"
  42. command /eventstart [<text>]:
  43.   permission: event.start
  44.   permission message: {@deny}
  45.   trigger:
  46.     if arg-1 is not set:
  47.       send "{@prefix} Please specify an event to start."
  48.     else:
  49.       if {event.%arg-1%} is "closed":
  50.         send "{@prefix} Starting event."
  51.         broadcast "{@prefix} %player% has started the &c%arg-1%&7 event!"
  52.         set {event.%arg-1%} to "open"
  53.       else:
  54.         send "{@prefix} This event already exists or is open already."
  56. command /eventclose [<text>]:
  57.   permission: event.close
  58.   permission message: {@deny}
  59.   trigger:
  60.     if arg-1 is not set:
  61.       send "{@prefix} Please specify an open event to close."
  62.     else:
  63.       if {event.%arg-1%} is "open":
  64.         send "{@prefix} Closing event."
  65.         set {event.%arg-1%} to "closed"
  66.         broadcast "{@prefix} %player% closed the &c%arg-1%&7 event."
  67.       else:
  68.         send "{@prefix} This event does not exist or is already closed."
  70. command /eventjoin [<text>]:
  71.   trigger:
  72.     if arg-1 is not set:
  73.       send "{@prefix} Please specify an event to join."
  74.     else:
  75.       if {event.%arg-1%} is "open":
  76.         send "{@prefix} Joining event."
  77.         teleport player to {event.%arg-1%.location}
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