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  1. I can no longer speedrun a game in which Trombonerist has been involved in the community. The pain and emotional trauma that I experience is very real, and distancing myself from anything related to him is the only cure.
  3. Every time I consider playing, I experience jarring headaches and see "Trombonerist is typing..." as I grasp the sides of my head and close my eyes for my only means of relief. Every time I load up the game, I have flashbacks of blocks of text that start on one topic and unravel into obscure and fanatical tangents that no one should ever be exposed to.
  5. Every reset results in getting one step closer to a stage of dementia that will forever associate with that abhorrent username.
  7. Every failed attempt of an importat timesave plucks a hair from my eardrum and replaces it with a maniacle romanian laugh, until the reverberations of hundreds of laughs cause me to wish for a quick death.
  9. No matter who types in this server, I can only see Trombonerist behind that thin viel of text, grinning mischieviously as he prepares for another prolonged session of destructive memes.
  11. My few successes and many failures will be forever associated with an unnerving, caustic man that wavers between being 100% serious or completely farcical at the blink of an eye.
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