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  1. Hello Kessie,
  3. If you aren't already aware, I was banned (once again) this time for 'Cheating through the use of unfair game advantages.' I was banned for 180d. This ban was false. Yesterday at about this same time, I was simply playing a Skywars game, and was randomly banned. This was one day after I had been witchhunted by Indestructal for two whole UHC games. I have both these games recorded, and also the game I was banned in. Here is the proof I am not cheating, never have and never will cheat. I enjoy Hypixel, it is a place I meet new people, spend time with friends, and have fun in general on Minecraft. I don't play any other servers, so if I am not allowed back on Hypixel, I'm not really sure what I'll do.
  5. It should be noted that I already appealed on the Hypixel forums, and it was denied the same day.
  7. Indestructal witchhunting me in the first UHC game:
  8. This video shows me ingame. I randomly decided to do /u because someone told me Indestructal was online, and sure enough, he was in my game. This is why the video starts in the middle of the game.
  10. Indestructal witchhunting me in the second UHC game:
  11. This video is taken DIRECTLY after the first, when I had just warped into a new game with my team. I didn't plan on playing another, but wanted to get more proof of Indestructal witchhunting me, so I decided to play another. Indestructal stayed in this game the whole game, meaning he spectated me 1+ hour (maybe more even).
  13. Game I was banned in:
  15. Like I said before, I have no idea why I was even banned. Anything in this video (in my opinion atleast) doesn't even look remotely sketchy. Regardless, I am glad to upload these clips if it gets me unbanned. Please take this punishment seriously, as I am really tired of being harassed (still) by the same mod who I thought would've been punished already, or atleast told that he was making a mistake.
  17. Thank you for your time, as always it is appreciated greatly.
  19. - Hackerman
  20. Offensive Guildmaster
  23. Later on in the night, I was playing some Skywars by myself, and noticed I had been magically pushed around again. I once again did /u, and saw the same nick (lylaford2003). I started recording, and got this video of Indestructal pushing me off the map forcefully, as you can see here: . After that, I had just lost any motivation to play Hypixel, and got off my PC.
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