Is Lemy's bed to big? (Greentext, not mine)

TURCOTTEisBORAT Nov 14th, 2019 109 Never
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  1. >”hello, mom. Moms.” Lyra greeted curtly looking down on the bed where Luna and Sam were curled up around a sleeping Lemy.
  2. >”’allo, freebird! Care to join us? Plenty o’ room.”
  3. >”Well mind telling me what you’re both doing in Lemy’s bed?”
  4. >”He looked so cute sleeping!” Sam chimed in. “Like a kitten on a bed so we had to snuggle up to him!”
  5. >Lyra would give her that and shrug. “Okay, but what’s dad doing in the bed?”
  6. >”He woz exhausted from a long day an’ we figured to drag ‘I’m with us.”
  7. >”Aaand I’m guessin Lizy had another nightmare. But what’s Loan doing here?”
  8. >”I also had a nightmare.”
  9. >”And Bobby and Lyle also had ones?”
  10. >”No... Loan just said she needed the extra comfort.” Bobby explained.
  11. >”what’s aunt Leni-“
  12. >”Also a nightmare...” Lyle quickly explained.
  13. >”And what about you, Lupa? Also a nightmare?”
  14. >”No! I was trying to plant a stink bomb under Lemy’s sheets but got lost and have been trapped on this bed for three hours!”
  15. >Lyra opted not to ask and slowly turned to the floor next to the bed. “And what’s aunt Lynn doing sulking off the bed?”
  16. >Lacy and Liby peeked out from a pillow and blanket fort next to the pile of Louds. “We all kicked her out after trying to Dutch oven us all.”
  17. >”Lemy, you need a smaller bed...” Lyra muttered.
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