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  1. Mark of Chaos Undivided: Weaker than the marks given by the Gods for their true servants nonetheless it is a mark of distinction and does offer some benefit. Ingame benefits as follows.
  2. - Gain a Bonus IP for use in combat or social situations, refreshes at the end of each encounter.
  3. - When receiving Gifts of the Gods, may pick additional affects as if he was aligned and choose which God he receives the benefit from, representing his body receiving a small blessing of one of the Gods. The caveat to this is you must choose a different god each time you gain an additional mutation until you have 4 mutations, each of which is a variant of a different God. The Cycle begins anew again until Apotheosis or Spawndom.
  4. - Gain Peer (Unaligned Heretics and Lesser Daemons/Aligned Heretics and Lesser Daemons)
  5. - Dark Apostles gain this on character generation. In the fluff, you cannot become a Dark Apostle without having this mark so its a given if you make this sort of PC.
  7. Mark of Khorne: Gain the Berserk Charge, Frenzy, and Resistance (Psychic Powers) Talent.
  8. Gain the Brutal Charge (4) and Unnatural Strength (4) Trait. If you have Unnatural Strength 4 bump it up by 2.
  10. Mark of Tzeentch: Gain the Psyker Trait, a Psy Rating of 4, and the Unnatural Willpower 4 Trait. Recipients count as Unbound psykers.
  11. If you already have a psy rating or unnatural willpower trait, bump either or both of those up by 2. You also gain any psychic powers that I deem appropriate based on what you already have.
  13. Mark of Nurgle: Increase wounds by 10, gain the Stuff of Nightmares and Unnatural Toughness 4 traits. If you already have Unnatural Toughness 4, bump that up by 2.
  15. Mark of Slaanesh: Gain Heightened Senses (All) for all Senses you possess, Unnatural Agility 4 and Unnatural Fellowship 4. If you already posses either of these bump them up by 2.
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