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  1. Some ideas for scritps
  2. Farming AIO - Grows herbs/trees/etc on patches, then logs out and waits until it can do it again, would be cool if you could tie this up with nRestocker to continue doing something else like Zulrah, then get back to farming
  4. Birdhouse - Similar to farmer, it will complete birdhouses, then logout and wait for them to be available again
  6. Mage training Arena -  No idea how profitable it still is
  8. Easy/Medium clue solver - "The average loot roll is worth 36,973. On average, medium clues are worth 147,895"
  10. Custom looting script - Users can set up custom locations for their accounts to loot. Revs, Low-level Wildy , G.E PVP world etc. Not sure how this would exactly work but you smart xd
  12. Venenatis script - Not instanced and also in the wildy so very limited but still profitable
  14. nSlayer -
  15. This might sound a bit overboard but here it goes: You can sell a base progressive slayer training script (nSlayer) for a price. It will train slayer through different masters with custom gear etc. Very similar to a combat script so you might be killing two birds with one stone. After this, each money making slayer NPC, Skeletal Wyverns for example, can be sold separately as an addon script where gold farmers can buy and use. There are over 10 profital slayer NPC's to farm so there is a lot of work that could potentially be done.
  16. Kurasks (@70) , Cave horrors (@58) , Skeletal Wyverns (@72), Spirit mages (@83), Brutal black dragons (@77) , Gargoyles (@75)
  18. nCorp - Group of accounts work together to kill Corp ( be in the same instance, bank/pool at same time, teleport out if specs don't hit, etc )
  19. User will require at least 3 accounts (maybe 4, haven't tested it). Profitable but hard to replace accounts and won't make much money for you as not many people have 3 high level accounts to spare/replace
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