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Feb 5th, 2018
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  1. What is your Steam name & ID?: FaZe Doggo STEAM_0:0:195933938
  3. 2. What is your RPLand name?: FaZe Doggo
  5. 3. Who is the org member that invited you? (If none, then answer Random Bystander for #9):
  6. Bafo
  7. 4. What is your age?:
  8. 18 almost 19 (1 month)
  9. 5. Hours on GMod:
  10. 401+ (online right now)
  11. 6. Hours on the server:
  12. 350+
  13. 7. What is your favorite color?:
  14. red/black (really no preference but theres my most)
  15. 8. Do you have a woking mic?:
  16. yes
  17. 9. What job would you like w/in the org? (Meth Maniac, Bounty Blocker, Lockdown Violator, Trusted Friend, Random Bystander):
  18. not sure what the jobs would be for me but i'm a good shot and i can do just about anything you want me to.
  20. What do you bring to the table? (In other words, why should you be accepted?) (minimum 100 words):
  21. First of all i do have to say that Sasquach and Bafo are like my big bros on the server and i wanted to be "home-dogs" with them. My experience to the server can provide a more thorough understanding to the game and help others enjoy their time. My knowledge about even the game may provide everyone benefits to knowing secrets that others may not know about. I’m very flexible with everything that can and will be done. I’m always determined to finish a job when its started. With my hours, I am very active both in-game and on the forums, I read almost everything, and I will respond. I hope to learn and teach and have fun with members, and I can personally promise you that if I join, I won’t let anyone down.
  23. Tell us about yourself (No word requirement but a little blurb is appreciated :) ):
  24. at 500 hours i'm applying for staff, i like following the rules of the server and making sure no trolls or "minges" make everyone's experience less than great. other than that i like to have fun, and get to know other members of the server. just generally be nice and have fun with friends while adhering to the rules (:
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