Agatha - TF Hentai Story

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  1. Agatha found herself on a chair in a dark room. “Wh-where am I?” she asked out loud.
  3. “Why,” said a voice from the shadows, “you’re in my garage. How nice to see you, Aggie.”
  4. Out walked Katrina, Agatha’s witch friend. Her magic was a force to be reckoned with. When coupled with her succubus-like sexiness and equally as devilish intelligence, she was nearly unstoppable.
  6. “Katie? Katie, why did you drag me into your garage? If you wanted to hang out, you could’ve said some- ERK!”
  8. As she was finishing her sentence, she suddenly felt a force take the air out of her lungs, and she hung limp.
  10. “Oh, this isn’t some ordinary girl-time, Aggie. No, I have something very… special planned for us today. That is, planned for you.” With a wicked grin, she pointed a long finger at Aggie, and instantly her clothes vanished, leaving her exposed.
  12. Unable to talk, Aggie couldn’t protest as her friend slowly disrobed and slunk over to her like a cat. She pressed a finger right to Aggie’s chest, right in between her firm D-cups, and dragged it down her abdomen to her exposed sex, and let it sit there for a while, before she chanted something and withdrew it.
  14. Instantly, Aggie felt a strange sensation, and looked down to see that her pussy had opened up like a mouth. Before she could contemplate what was going on, she felt a gust of wind escape her open vagina, and saw that she was sinking, deflating. Within five minutes, her head was flopped over the back of the chair, her whole body flaccid like a giant, warm blow-up doll.
  16. “My, my. That was quicker than I expected. Good. The sooner we get to the fun part, the better.” With an evil smirk, Katrina again walked over and touched her friend’s body. Aggie heard a soft creaking noise, like that cartoony stretching noise, and saw to her dismay that her skin now had a shine to it, and she was even more flaccid. She also felt her limbs and head growing heavier, and sinking. With little surprise, she realized that Katrina had turned her into rubber, and that sinking feeling was her now latex-like body stretching.
  18. “Perfect! The spell went without a hitch! Do you want to see the results of my talent? I know it’s pretty hard to look at yourself when you can’t lift your head, so I’ll get the mirror. With a puff of smoke, the hall mirror appeared above her, and Aggie saw what she had expected. Looking herself over, she found it hard to suppress a chuckle. “I look like a deflated blow-up doll,” she remarked with a smile. “So what? You gonna give me to your boyfriend, or some random stranger, and laugh while he fucks me?”
  20. Katrina shook her head. “No, no, no. Nothing so simple, dear Aggie. Besides, you’re my friend – I wouldn’t make you some stupid man’s sex toy. No, I’m going to use you.”
  21. Now Agatha was confused. “How?” she asked. “You don’t have a cock, unless you’re secretly a Herm.
  23. Katrina laughed for a while. Then she straightened up and stood akimbo. “Well, actually, I’m not going use you just yet. You’re not ready. Not yet.” She then walked over to her friend and turned the chair over, dumping Agatha onto the ground with a slapping noise. Turning her over and spreading Aggie out spread-eagle, she stood in front of her rubberized friend and giggled.
  25. Then, without warning, she shoved her foot into Agatha’s rubber pussy and held it there. Tides of sexual ecstasy rocked Aggie’s body, and she drooled. Then, Katrina grabbed the top lip of her friend’s glory hole and pulled up, stretching it. By now, Agatha was crying from the pleasure she now felt, and Katrina continued, until the hole was big enough for her whole body to fit through. She then climbed into her skin-sack friend and began to knead and stretch and mold her from the inside. By the time she finished, Agatha’s brain might well have been pudding, for the intense sexual stimulation had set off every pleasure center in her rubbery body, and all she could do was babble.
  27. “I’ll give you a few minutes to return to thought, and then we can begin.”
  29. About ten minutes or so passed, before Agatha was functional enough to look down at herself. However, all she could see what a slightly transparent, pinkish field.
  31. “Here, sweetie: you’ll get a better view in the mirror.”
  33. Once again looking up to the mirror, she saw what could best be described as a condom, with four stubs on the sides, two dots at the center, and a face. After staring for a long while, she began to giggle, then guffaw, then howl. This caused her now flat, phallic body to flap like a flag, only causing more laughter. When she calmed down again, she looked to her friend, who was herself just getting out of a fit of giggles.
  35. “So, you’ve made me into a giant condom. Now what? Gonna bring me to a party, stretch me over a guy, and make oodles of love while I take a cum bath?”
  37. “Nope. Like I said – I’m going to use you.” Katrina then pointed to her own abdomen, pressed her finger in, chanted, and withdrew. As soon as her scarlet fingernail left the skin, her stomach squirmed, and writhed, like there was a worm struggling to get out.
  39. Finally, her friend stood back, hands on her hips, and spread her legs. The lips of her pussy parted, and out slid a long, thick, throbbing, cock, deep pink with blood and growing longer and thicker. It grew and grew, until the thing was thicker than her friend’s thigh and so long that it reached the ground at an angle.
  41. “Ah, so this is what having a dick feels like. It feels like having a sword attached to your body, and extension of the soul.” She began to stroke her new anatomical extra, and out poured tiny globules of semen. “Mmmm…”
  43. “I’m a lot wider than that thing at the moment, in case you didn’t notice,” said the giant condom that was Aggie, “How do you plan to put me on now, eh?”
  45. After a long thirty seconds of Katrina stroking her cock, she looked up. “That’s the fun part. I’m going to shrink you to normal size!”
  47. “WHAT! But you’ve got a dick the size of a tree branch! I’ll tear!”
  49. “Not so, Aggie! I wouldn’t risk having the fun spoiled, so in addition to making you rubber, I made it so that you can stretch to almost 10 times your size. Trouble is, my throbbing wonder here,” she said, patting her rock-hard penis,” is at least 12 times the size of a normal cock, so I’m afraid you’ll be a tight fit. Well, let’s begin, shall we?”
  51. With a snap of her fingers, Aggie found herself seeing the world swell and distort, and saw the giant fleshy sheet in the mirror shrink into a tiny speck of rubber. Katrina tightened her muscles, and slowly lifted the giant cylinder of flesh attached to her lower body. Using her magic, she lifted up the small rubber finger-glove that was her dear friend.
  53. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt, but you might feel a bit… full.”
  55. Aggie felt herself open up, and she floated towards the hulking flesh pole, and felt herself widening as she was pulled around it. At first, it was like gradually filling up with water. But then, as she was pulled further and further over her friend’s cock, she could feel the skin of her face stretching, and her field of vision expanded. She felt like she had just eaten 3 whole turkeys, except that fullness was spread across her whole body.
  57. “A tad snug, but that’s not a problem. I can still have fun with my new toy. Get ready, Agatha. Here I cum!”
  59. Katrina began rapidly rubbing her friend’s rubbery body, stretched over her enormous penis. Rubbing up and down, faster and faster - Agatha could feel the veins throb as the pressed up against her from the inside. Eventually, Katrina climaxed, and Agatha could feel her head swelling like a balloon, the semen sloshing around inside her, warm and wet. Her head flopped back down again, as another burst of sperm flowed in, stretching her even more. Five more times she was filled, before Katrina lay back with a sigh.
  61. Snapping her fingers, Agatha could feel herself sliding off, and saw that she was leaving a white trail as Katrina’s cum dribbled out of her rubber vagina. Katrina weakened, and Agatha fell onto the floor with a splat, landing in a puddle that she had left, still oozing warm, sticky goo out of her now unrecognizable vagina.
  62. “D-don’t worry, A-g-ggie. I’ll restore you.” Katrina snapped her fingers, a look of drunken pleasure across her face. However, Aggie was only half restored. She once again looked human, and could stand up. However, with every step she took, there was a creaking sound. She was still hollow and rubber inside, like an inflatable doll. She squeaked over to berate her friend for not finishing, but Katie was out cold.
  64. “Well, when she comes to, she and I are going to have a little chat.” Suddenly, she felt a lump rise in her throat.
  66. “Ptew!”
  68. She spat out a white glob, which landed right on Katrina’s sleeping face.
  70. “Ew,” said Aggie, and she walked into the house, squeaking all the way to the bathroom.
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