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  1. homedefense
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  4. 3 years ago
  5. There are tons of motion activated indoor cameras. You can set them up so that they arm only at certain times (e.g. when you are not home, and/or when you are sleeping, etc.). Otherwise you get a bunch of pictures of yourself emailed to you, or whatever, just walking around the place (which can be annoying). As for what type of camera to get, look into just getting a hikvision camera with IR. You can download the program for free to run it, and even if you don't have a server, you can have pictures sent to your email (upon motion activation). It works well enough, you could get setup for less than $100. I find those cameras to be a great bang for the buck. There are cheaper shittier options though.
  7. some supplemental options: I also suggest a door barricade/bar, for when you are indoors and sleeping, etc. Maybe some motion activated night lights to freak them out, and have them running for the door, if they happen to make it in past the door. And/or motion activated alarm.
  9. About self defense, look into a taser? Pepper spray is pretty good, but not really for indoors (because you'd end up breathing and being affected by the stuff too). Maybe crossbow or spear, or something.
  11. mixedasians
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  14. 3 years ago
  15. I have noticed this in myself at times. There were times when I was really confident and got women, and there were times when I was not confident and was not as successful (and there were other times when I just didn't give a damn). But I looked back at pictures of myself, and realized that I wasn't uglier or anything, between when I was successful or not, it was just my personality and confidence. I have also noticed this with women I was attracted to, those that were confident (despite not being incredibly beautiful or anything) just seemed to be more attractive, than those that weren't.
  17. If someone is moping around, and shifty eyed, and always awkward and shy and looking down, as if they are unworthy, people sense that and believe that as well.
  19. I think we as asian men (or at least partially asian), sometimes lack confidence, due to the media or whatever making us feel like shit, and so we hesitate, we seem awkward and clumsy, and this just lowers our social value. There may be nothing intrinsically wrong with us, except our own lack of confidence and behavior. Don't obsess over minor imperfections, and don't expect perfection from women either. You don't need to bag a 10 just to feel like a man, there are plenty of women that are good enough out there willing to give you a shot. I personally would prefer a woman with a scar or something (but otherwise generally good looking, or good looking enough in my eyes), but with a great personality and not so arrogant; someone I can get along with and enjoy being with.
  21. mixedasians
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  24. 3 years ago
  25. I find it hard to believe that capitalism is not selecting traits via social darwinism. Perhaps sufficient safety nets or abundance is in place to keep the gene pool basically constant, despite the competition. But then again people starve to death every day still.
  27. mixedasians
  28. oghipstarr
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  30. 3 years ago
  31. That's true, they do think of asians as a robotic type of intelligence, and lacking in "creativity". Basically just walking number crunchers, calculators, or rote memorizers, that have no direction, that need the white man to direct and guide (and control/master) this raw calculating and memorizing power in creative and productive ways.
  33. Sure, we adopted tools, but evolution never stops. This train stops for no man. We are always changing. The selection went towards brains that were better able to engineer better tools.
  35. mixedasians
  36. oghipstarr
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  38. 3 years ago
  39. Haha that's funny, old white weirdos. Though you do have to hand it to whites, they invented a lot of good shit, etc. But maybe these old white weirdos just said whites did, but they didn't actually? Who knows. I wonder why some of their data would have asians at the top in terms of IQ, or...oh my gosh...ashkenazi Jews, instead of themselves. Is it just to give an illusion of objectivity? (Or maybe they did it for the fortune cookies and jew gold) Again, who knows. I'm going to remain agnostic on this. But even the claim of all being equal is still a claim that hasn't been proven.
  41. Well anyway, I think genetics is important and sometimes cannot be overcome (at least not without genetic engineering or other interventions, such as prosthetics). If you don't think genetics matters, tell that to those born with an extra chromosome (i.e. Down's syndrome). I just don't buy into all this created equal shit. How different are the ethnicities and in which ways? I don't know, but we already know that there are at least superficial differences. Dick size differences? Intelligence differences? Athletic ability differences? Who knows. These topics are way too hot to really be explored objectively, without causing some kind of political shitstorm, so it's easier to just bow out and say everyone is equal, everyone is a winner, nothing to see here folks.
  43. Twin IQ studies do show that IQ is heritable, and if ethnicities are basically viewed of as an extended family, of similar genetics, then you would assume that ethnicities would perhaps show a similar homogeneity of traits such as IQ, or dick size, or whatever. The thing is there has been so much mixing that it isn't as reliable to group people into very simple broad categories such as race, and assume their genetic makeup, based on superficial characteristics which can be misleading (so I guess that's where the race is a "social construct" meme comes from). But I wonder what you'd be able to predict about a person if you could sequence their entire DNA, and knew what controlled what.
  45. Regardless I think once you are of a baseline sapience you should have human rights, regardless of the physical form you posses (whether you be a whale, an elephant, a cyborg, a computer chip, or whatever).
  47. God damn I can't believe how much time I've spent thinking and debating about dick size...what a long strange pissing contest this has been.
  49. mixedasians
  50. oghipstarr
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  52. 3 years ago
  53. That's true, maybe the average dick size is actually 13 inches or 2 inches. Maybe every one thinks they have a small or large dick, because they have a false opinion of what the average size is. Who the fuck knows? Does any one person have enough sex to have a large enough sample size? It's like all this shit we assume to be true, is just handed down to us by scientists we assume are objective. It's not like people have a lab of their own, or their own hadron collider or whatever to test for themselves.
  55. Also, how is my shit white textbook? How does saying asians make up like 15% of California's population, but over 50% of the student body at UCs across the state (which are barred from using race based affirmative action), show that I'm some eunuch white worshiper, that wants to take aryan white dick in the ass?
  57. What other topic have I talked about that's white textbook, was it just the dick size thing? I got my Y chromosome from my dad, so I can't even use my own dick to estimate what an average asian dick would be like.
  59. mixedasians
  60. oghipstarr
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  62. 3 years ago
  63. I'm half asian man, I want to believe asians have the biggest dicks too. But I am also concerned with reality, and am glad to find out that maybe this small asian dick thing may be a myth? Well at least I found one asian guy to not have a small dick. Pornstar Jeremy Long. Glad an asian is out there dispelling the myth, but perhaps he's just an outlier, a freak like Yoa Ming? More need to step up, and get pussy (rather than be a pussy). But then again, sex is a little primitive; it's just putting meat in a hole and pounding like an animal. Remove pleasure and procreation from it, and it seems like a really stupid and repetitive act. Some people have higher, more enlightened, pursuits. But you gotta get your rocks off eventually I guess.
  65. Anyway, whether true or false, sometimes a dick is just a dick. There's more to being human than that, but sexual relationships (which lead to reproduction) are mainly about sex (or at least highly influenced by it). And so I just proposed the dick/pussy market as a hypothesis. You act as if I'm some Uncle Chan prophet out there, standing on a soap box, proclaiming to have heard the irrefutable truth of all 3 of the worlds majestic races and corresponding penis sizes, and that I got the blueprints of penis sizes from god, and that I am spreading the good word, the undeniable truth!
  67. It was just a hunch. Maybe, maybe not, who knows. I was fishing for opinions, and well I guess at least you're out here dispelling the myth (assuming it is actually a myth) in your own way, so that's good. But don't be afraid to call a spade a spade (not that I'm saying that applies to this situation, but it might. Doesn't confirm it's due to genetics, maybe nutrition and nurture, etc. But anyway, if this is a false stereotype asian men need to start slinging some dick and refuting it).
  69. mixedasians
  70. oghipstarr
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  72. 3 years ago
  73. I think in general people may view asians as still lusting and hypersexual, but just unable to fulfill that demand, due to an inability to compete in the sexual market place to get what they want. (e.g. Elliot Rodger)
  75. This inability to attain sex, may be due to the media's negative depiction of asian males, which leads to a vicious circle, of reinforcing stereotypes, which leads to decreased sexual market value, and thus decreased ability to attain sex; self doubt, decreased value, withdrawing from sex altogether, etc. (meaningless sex is kind of overrated anyway...but maybe that's just loser talk.)
  77. But opinions are changing and asian men are starting to be depicted better by the media. Such as that asian character from the walking dead, with the white chick.
  79. mixedasians
  80. oghipstarr
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  82. 3 years ago
  83. > seduce and/or rape white Australian women with the aid of opium
  85. Well anyway, how does this prove one way or the other about dick size? Is dick size something that is dictated based on the opinion of others?
  87. Opinions vary by region, and also by the specific (ethnicity) of Asian. Tons of rapes going on in India lol
  89. mixedasians
  90. oghipstarr
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  92. 3 years ago
  93. So you are basically saying that only the loser whites date non-whites, and that ideally every one wants to date whites (of either gender).
  95. Then why are there studies that show asian women are the most sought after on dating sites, etc. (Maybe just for a short term fucky fucky? But not actually long term? But then why are all these hapas being born?)
  97. I'm wondering why we don't flip the script and say that asian women are the ones with the highest social value, and that hapa daughters should be the ones that should feel inadequate for not being fully asian?
  99. Also, lol I got banned from r/hapas I must have offended the supreme leader. People don't get sarcasm anymore.
  101. mixedasians
  102. oghipstarr
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  104. 3 years ago
  105. Well that quote doesn't say white women were lusting over chinese men (at least not due to their dick size), but were being taken advantage of via opium.
  107. Maybe it was not date rape though. Perhaps despite the smaller dick, the sex was still better, due to the opium, or maybe the chinese men had really good oral sex skills. Anyway, what you posted does not refute chinese men having smaller dicks on average. Maybe chinese men actually have the biggest dicks of all? I don't really know, but I'm just saying what you posted doesn't prove one way or the other.
  109. mixedasians
  110. oghipstarr
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  112. 3 years ago
  113. Do you believe ethnicities exist? Can these ethnicities be grouped into larger umbrella categories, with similar traits, possibly called race (also, where did I say there were only 3?)? Though the broader the category, the less specific obviously, for predicting the features of an individual within the category.
  115. There are conflicting sources for penis size correlation to ethnicity, and I don't think researchers are willing to touch such a politically divisive and frankly unimportant topic; though there is lots of anecdotal evidence. But whatever, let's just say you're right, that for whatever reason, even though there are height differences, and differences in facial and bone composition and risks for diseases and birth defects, that for some reason the magical penis is equal across all 3 majestic races, and is so because it was made from clay in the image of God's very own penis, made exactly in the image of the creator's.
  117. Anyway, then what's your explanation for the prevalence of WMAF. If it's because of white privilege, then how do you explain white women with non-white males? For every WMAF, there's a white woman that has to find a non-white mate, roughly.
  119. mixedasians
  120. oghipstarr
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  122. 3 years ago
  123. How is me saying phenotype is genetically linked some kind of racial pseudoscience? Sure nurture is important, but so is nature.
  125. I don't see you refuting anything, just proclaiming shit to be pseudoscience.
  127. Well anyway, maybe we should refer to an up and coming researcher, doing scientific studies out in the field and collecting data, for her expert opinion (ghetto azn gurl Mimi explains why she fucks the black boys):
  129. ...Holds up cardboard sign "The singularity is near!"
  131. mixedasians
  132. oghipstarr
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  134. 3 years ago
  135. Hahah you're still on my dick about that? I was trying to propose a hypothesis of why we see the pairings we do. Why white women hardly ever go with asian men, but do with black men, etc. And why asian women choose white men, instead of asian men. (For all of you new to the conversation, I basically said women were trading up for a bigger (but not too big) dick size. I've fucked enough women and I can say that asian women feel tighter, but it could just all be in my (dick)head. So perhaps if women's pussy sizes are genetically linked, then perhaps dick size is as well.) I argued that genetics do result in physical differences, and these differences are real and not imaginary social constructs or whatever. I do not believe we are all equal, that is total bullshit, and it is weak minded to begin with that axiom; only cowards of political correctness and the stupid would believe we are all born equal though we evolved and adapted to different environments and selective pressures. But after I said that, you went off into a fucking dogmatic social justice warrior frenzy of impotent rage on me, with weak arguments and spiking the ball early before the end zone, in a masturbatory self congratulations claiming pwnage and GG. I would have responded but the fucking thread was censored/deleted. So I just said fuck it. But here you are again lol.
  137. Well anyway my dick is bigger than average, though I do not think it is what determines my value as a human being. I personally don't believe whites are superior to asians, or hapas (regardless of dick size). I believe superiority is intelligence, afterall it is the only thing humans have that makes us better than animals. Humans are weak physically (even the strongest of us), a chimpanzee could rip your arms right out of your sockets. It is our intelligence that makes us superior, if such a thing is even possible. Asians, on average, have higher IQ than whites (assuming IQ is a valid measure of intelligence). In any case, I am not the average of whatever group I am labeled; I am an individual, and I am satisfied with what I have, and what I am. Just because on average others have small dicks or are stupid, does not change my intelligence or dick size; I am me, they are them.
  139. Also wtf does HBD mean (human biodiversity? here be dragons?)
  141. I read more of Eurasiantigers stuff, and I think he's pretty cool but attributes a lot of his problems to race. He has definitely introduced self doubt that wasn't there before, which isn't exactly a good thing, and made me a little more self conscious and hesitant of my worth due to being hapa, but whatever, all this racial bullshit is coming to an end soon anyway. We are on the cusp of superintelligent AI and cyborgs and all sorts of crazy shit coming down the pike I don't think these small differences are going to matter much, especially when they become very plastic and mutable. The body is merely a vessel for the mind, don't let the vessel define and constrain the mind (i.e. who you are).
  143. mixedasians
  144. oghipstarr
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  146. 3 years ago
  147. If you believe he wants to become a leader, in what direction do you think he wants to lead his followers, what are his goals? (To watch the world burn? lol)
  149. mixedasians
  150. oghipstarr
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  152. 3 years ago
  153. How do we know you are not Eurasiantiger in disguise? Is this some kind of controlled opposition, to find and purge the unbelievers?
  155. mixedasians
  156. oghipstarr
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  158. 3 years ago
  159. So is he actually hapa? Or is he a white guy trying to troll hapas into becoming an hero (e.g. Elliot Rodger)?
  161. Libertarian
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  164. 3 years ago
  165. This has been one of the most important reasons driving me to possibly accept such a scheme, and that is humans becoming totally obsolete due to extreme advances in technology, AI, etc. "The singularity is nigh".
  167. But it is a slippery slope.
  169. pharms
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  172. 3 years ago
  173. I don't need anything during the exam, except maybe caffeine (or amphetamine lol); just before to sleep.
  175. Libertarian
  176. oghipstarr
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  178. 3 years ago
  179. Cheaper than prison I guess. But it has to be a situation/paradigm that does not promote the dependent class to become so numerous that it causes the system to fail.
  181. hapas
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  184. 3 years ago
  185. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
  187. Libertarian
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  190. 3 years ago
  191. When virtual reality becomes better and cheaper, a lot of people may just take that deal and opt out of productive society altogether (not to say virtual reality can't be productive).
  193. What is the goal of a basic income? To give someone enough to barely survive? To live comfortably? What about enough to have children and support a family (ad infinitum)? Whether someone works depends on how low the basic income is, and what the incentives are to work. I think a lot of people may just turn to navel gazing if the basic income is high enough.
  195. Besides, who decides how high the basic income should be, and what are their ethical justifications for the taxation required to fund the basic income in the first place?
  197. Libertarian
  198. oghipstarr
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  200. 3 years ago
  201. What happens when everyone decides, "hey this basic income is good enough for me, fuck work". Then where will the basic income come from, if no one is actually working or producing anything (except children, that are also entitled to the basic income)?
  203. step1
  204. oghipstarr
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  206. 3 years ago
  207. I have had a similar problem with some med school exams. Not being able to fall asleep all night, and going in with maybe like half an hour of sleep. It was good to get it over with and then go home and crash. So I see your reasoning.
  209. But that's why I will have a fail safe in this scenario, some type of sleeping pill.
  211. I don't have trouble staying asleep, just falling asleep. In the case of those all nighters I explained for some of my med school exams. I got like half an hour of sleep, but if it had been later, I could have slept in later (that half hour could have translated to maybe 6 hours of sleep if it were an afternoon exam). But that's just me, and my body. Different strokes.
  213. step1
  214. oghipstarr
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  216. 3 years ago
  217. But didn't the afternoon MCAT help you get more sleep than you would have if you had to taken it earlier in the day? Isn't this better?
  219. I also got lower on my actual MCAT, than my practice tests, and this was because I didn't get enough sleep and was a little out of it from having taken antihistamine to fall asleep (some crappy over the counter stuff). But since I had an afternoon test, I was able to at least get some sleep. I almost didn't show up. I would have been in really bad shape had the exam been earlier (and thus I would have gotten even less sleep).
  221. step1
  222. oghipstarr
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  224. 3 years ago
  225. Ideally I normally wake up at 9 or 10, really depends when I go to sleep, mayyyyyybe 8am (but that's already too late for say a 9am or 9:30am start time, because I would have to get breakfast, etc. and drive there, check in 30 mins early, etc.). I really need to get a solid consistent sleep schedule though. Other times I don't wake up until noon, because I went to sleep at like 3am or later (though going to sleep this late is to be avoided, because I kind of feel like shit during the day, despite a good duration of sleep; must be lower quality of sleep due to sunlight creeping in under my blind fold, or circadian rhythm, or magnetic field of earth or whatever lol)
  227. What makes this even more complicated, is that I will be going back home for the summer (when I take step 1), which is in a different time zone (2 hours earlier; going from east to west), but I will be there for more than a month, so I can assume I will equilibrate back to my normal sleep schedule by test date.
  229. Lack of sleep is a huge handicap, and I would like to avoid that as much as possible. A late start helps me to insure against that. Even if I taper down towards the end, I can still use some caffeine or whatever. I doubt I would feel sleepy as early as 9pm.
  231. Also, a later start time would allow me time to get out of the grogginess if I choose to use a sleep aid. I will probably try to get natural sleep, but after a certain time if I have not fallen asleep yet, pop something to help it along.
  233. Fucking up in the beginning of the exam would be a real ego destroyer, and fuck me up for the rest of the exam I think.
  235. I basically have decided that I will take it in the afternoon, but if there are any challengers out there that would like to refute my broscience, bring it on!
  237. step1
  238. oghipstarr
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  240. 3 years ago
  241. What time are you planning on waking up everyday to study?
  243. I plan on waking up at 8am, or around there, with the goal of 9 hours of sleep each night. For the actual test day I may have trouble going to sleep at the usual time, due to anxiety, so having that buffer seems like a good idea.
  245. No matter what, I don't envision my bed time being before 9pm, and so I don't see why I would get tired before then, while taking the exam. There is research that shows young adults are at their mental peak during the afternoon, rather than early morning.
  247. step1
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  250. 3 years ago
  251. Well you have to be there 30 mins early for check in. The drive there takes some time, 20 to 40 mins for me. Breakfast and showering take time, let's say an hour or two for both, plus getting ready.
  253. What time are you normally waking up and going to bed. Consider pre test anxiety, delaying your sleep by an hour or two (or more), thus shifting your schedule over by that much. Would a 9am start time still accommodate that?
  255. Even if the afternoon test ends at 9pm, it's still not that late. Who goes to bed at that time?
  257. step1
  258. oghipstarr
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  260. 3 years ago
  261. Would have waking up earlier and being more tired helped?
  263. medicalschool
  264. oghipstarr
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  266. 3 years ago
  267. I meant to the write "le" (i.e. laughing erratically). The last "l" was a typo. le
  269. medicalschool
  270. oghipstarr
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  272. 3 years ago
  273. Nice, that'd be awesome if they let me start early. So basically it translates to show up when you want today, as long as you finish before closing. Seems chill, fuck 8am.
  275. that's for the input. #TeamAfternoonFTW(amIdoingthisright?lel)
  277. medicalschool
  278. oghipstarr
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  280. 3 years ago
  281. I guess I'll mess around with practice tests and what not and see what's best. Mine is still quite a ways away, I can reschedule to earlier or whatever. Thanks for the input, hope it worked out.
  283. medicalschool
  284. oghipstarr
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  286. 3 years ago
  287. Haha yeah, some test centers have the afternoon option. I wouldn't finish until like 9pm.
  289. But then again I fear I'll be shitting brix like I did before the MCAT and end up going to bed at like 3am lol.
  291. edit: Do you wish you had taken it later, to have more time to sleep or whatever? To be more alert?
  293. medicalschool
  294. oghipstarr
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  296. 3 years ago
  297. Should I take step 1 in the morning or afternoon?
  299. Anyone want to share experiences of pros/cons of taking it in the morning vs afternoon, etc.
  301. Anyone wish they had done it in reverse?
  303. I'm thinking of taking it in the afternoon to ensure I get plenty of sleep, but then again I worry about fatigue towards the end of the day. I'm not a morning person though, so I'm leaning towards afternoon start time (1:30pm), rather than a 9:30am start time.
  305. personalfinance
  306. oghipstarr
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  308. 3 years ago
  309. But I did copy pasta it from when I responded to someone else, initially, so that you would also see it. But anyway let's just agree to...the fact that I'm correct. lol jk, sorta.
  311. personalfinance
  312. oghipstarr
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  314. 3 years ago
  315. Can't you make the same argument about rent falling and rising, etc. and being hard to predict. In which case, all the calculations are good for is determining the current state, but is merely an estimate of the future rent to property value ratio. It's hard to predict the Fed's next move, but just understand that the dollar is intrinsically worthless.
  317. I don't have much faith in the dollar (i.e. green paper) so I do not fear debt. Inflation is a debtor's best friend. The game is about staying afloat, managing the monthly payments, and outrunning the repo man.
  319. personalfinance
  320. oghipstarr
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  322. 3 years ago
  323. But you do own property, and rent it out, so you already are gambling. Why don't you own your primary residence though? Why is that one extra step of gambling too much for you? If you needed to move, couldn't you rent that one out also?
  325. personalfinance
  326. oghipstarr
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  328. 3 years ago
  329. I thought it was kind of related, since you were saying why buyers may purchase at a premium to the current renter's market; and I was saying it might not be so illogical after all, since the future for renters is uncertain (and likely bad lol).
  331. personalfinance
  332. oghipstarr
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  334. 3 years ago
  335. So you're a moderate, I thought you were a partisan renter. I was curious what partisan renters do with their extra cash, that is so uber cool and better than buying a house (which is so square).
  337. personalfinance
  338. oghipstarr
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  340. 3 years ago
  341. Assuming someone has the money to buy a house. Would you recommend for them to do something else with that money and continue renting for the rest of their life?
  343. personalfinance
  344. oghipstarr
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  346. 3 years ago
  347. Historically house prices have risen, due to inflation, and other reasons (such as limited land).
  349. Perhaps renting may be cheaper, in some locations for whatever reason, compared to the current mortgage, but the landlord likely has a cheaper mortgage due to buying at a cheaper price (since house prices tend to rise over time). So although the mortgage may currently be higher, will it be higher compared to renting 10 years from now, etc.? The mortgage at least locks in a fixed monthly payment (assuming fixed rate, etc.) but rent may rise, and tends to rise.
  351. After paying off the mortgage the house can be lived in rent free, or sold for a profit. What can the renter do after renting for so many years? Continue renting.
  353. personalfinance
  354. oghipstarr
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  356. 3 years ago
  357. Historically house prices have risen, due to inflation, and other reasons (such as limited land).
  359. Perhaps renting may be cheaper, in some locations for whatever reason, compared to the current mortgage, but the landlord likely has a cheaper mortgage due to buying at a cheaper price (since house prices tend to rise over time). So although the mortgage may currently be higher, will it be higher compared to renting 10 years from now, etc.? The mortgage at least locks in a fixed monthly payment (assuming fixed rate, etc.) but rent may rise, and tends to rise.
  361. After paying off the mortgage the house can be lived in rent free, or sold for a profit. What can the renter do after renting for so many years? Continue renting.
  363. personalfinance
  364. oghipstarr
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  366. 3 years ago
  367. That's a good point, but doesn't equilibrium (with new landlords putting their places up for rent, in combination with old landlords looking to maximize profit) typically bring rent to above what a monthly mortgage payment would be, etc. (i.e. costs of landlord). What market dynamics would cause house monthly purchase price to be much higher than rent?
  369. No significant amount of landlords would voluntarily keep rent low in a climate of ascending real estate prices, in which rents can also be raised (and if for whatever reason rent cannot be raised, e.g. rent control, the landlord can still just simply sell the house for a profit, thus decreasing the pool of property available for rent).
  371. There are actually some people that will never buy a house, even if they plan to stay put long term, because they think there are better investments, since they claim a house is merely a liability, a depreciating asset, etc. etc. But what are the alternatives?
  373. personalfinance
  374. oghipstarr
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  376. 3 years ago
  377. This is really something that the pro renters like to overlook. Do you really think the landlord is paying all of that out of the kindness of his own heart? No, he is charging the renter all of this and more.
  379. Renters think they're so clever, by just putting money into a savings account and getting like .01% interest. The stock market isn't tangible either. A stock is worthless (if price dropped to zero), a house at least can be lived in and used regardless of the price. Land is also finite.
  381. Price is what you pay; value is what you get.
  383. hapas
  384. oghipstarr
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  386. 3 years ago
  387. How do you know this? Even so, can you just assume every white person you come across is racist, and treat them as a racist, even if they are not? Do you think that this treatment may cause non racist whites to become racist? (Why not, if no matter what, they are viewed as the enemy; better to just be around other whites, and live in a white world)
  389. hapas
  390. oghipstarr
  391. 1 points
  392. 3 years ago
  393. Yeah I understand the land was stolen, and the history, etc. but for whatever reason whites gained control of those areas, and once in control, they didn't have let go of any of that control. They didn't have to grant/respect human rights, etc. But they did, and not because they were overwhelmed with force; they gave in to reason, eventually. (Well I guess the Union army vs. the South could be argued as being overwhelmed with force; but these were mainly whites forcing other whites.)
  395. And it's not only restricted to these conquered lands, it's also happening all over Europe.
  397. It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. Compare being black in a European nation, compared to say a North African (Arab) Nation, or Middle eastern nation.
  399. I don't really know much about Trump, except that he wants to build a wall across the USA-Mexico border; and dislikes muslims immigrating unchecked because of possible terrorists/ISIS, etc. being among those coming in. I think he still wants to allow those from muslim countries to immigrate, but after being checked out and determined safe or whatever. These two things don't really seem too extreme to me. What's wrong with a border that's actually a border? People can still immigrate legally. Should prospective immigrants from ally nations be screened at a less intense level than those from hostile nations, assuming limited resources for screening? Probably.
  401. Edit: Whites restrained themselves, they had the opportunity and ability to kill every indigenous down to the last man, woman, and child, but they did not. They could have set up a Nazi Germany style USA and killed off all nonwhites during the civil rights movements, but did not. Sure this isn’t saying much, but if they were truly evil they would have; they had the power to do these things, but they did not.
  403. There was some humanity in them, that caused them not to go all the way, and they have made a lot of advances recently in finally respecting the human rights of others.
  405. p.s. I would like to remind everyone we are descended from homo sapiens which carried out a genocide against neanderthals, and actually did cause them to go extinct.
  407. hapas
  408. oghipstarr
  409. 2 points
  410. 3 years ago
  411. You don't have to be nonwhite to defend nonwhite people either, or just people in general.
  413. But in white people's defense, historically white nations have made a lot of concessions to people of other races, which is rarely done in other nonwhite nations (e.g. Japan, India, China, African nations, etc.). Think about how a black (or even white) would be treated in these other nations.
  415. hapas
  416. oghipstarr
  417. 2 points
  418. 3 years ago
  419. I dare say, are you accusing me of being white? lol in any case, my words are made of the alphabet, just like yours.
  421. Well you state there is systematic racism occurring, in the favor of white people, and for this to occur there needs to be a network of white racists, etc. which is assumed, and that the majority of whites are racist. This may or may not be true, but I think it is exaggerated, and I point to successful nonwhites as an example of how lackluster and impotent white power is in the USA, and urge others to get their shit together.
  423. Though on facebook, etc. I constantly see shit about white privilege, and people constantly turning everything into race issues and siding with someone not because of their reasoning but because of their race. It's just really dumbing down everything.
  425. hapas
  426. oghipstarr
  427. 2 points
  428. 3 years ago
  429. Like I don't get it, what else do you guys want from USA? Internet connection is cheap as fuck. Anyone can educate themselves. There's already welfare for food and shelter. Public schools might not be the best, but they're good enough (especially when supplemented with inexpensive online resources)? Like what do people want?
  431. For example: Non-whites (except Asians) get affirmative action to get into Medical school, and are basically guaranteed a good job and high income once they graduate, so what's stopping them?
  433. A lot of high paying tech jobs are colorblind as well, and even degree blind, as long as you have the skills.
  435. I think a lot of nonwhites use this whitey devil myth to excuse their mediocrity, typically the hipster types. Are things really still that bad? Barefooted people from India, etc. are able to come here and kick ass, what's stopping everyone else?
  437. I think a lot of white people, might just be getting tired of being blamed cuz some POC can't get his dick up, or can't find his car keys, or can't get a job, or win the lotto or whatever.
  439. It reminds me of stupid poor white people who blame jews for all their problems haha.
  441. hapas
  442. oghipstarr
  443. 2 points
  444. 3 years ago
  445. Lol about the USA, not sure how much of it is nativism (cultural, etc.) vs racism. Everyone is a little racist to some degree, I don't know how pervasive it is. I may have jumped the gun a little on Latin America. It's easier to spot it in Latin America because whites are the minority right? So if you see the minority making up basically all of the elite, it's easier to jump to the conclusion of some sort of racial collusion going on.
  447. But whites make up the majority (or nearly) of the USA and so you would think that they'd make up the majority of the elite as well. We have a black president though, does that count for anything?
  449. How do you guys explain Asians making up like 10% of the population in CA, but outnumbering whites and all other ethnicities at UC campuses? Is this also due to white power? Sure some whites might prefer whites, but how much is that hindering non-whites from reaching the American dream?
  451. hapas
  452. oghipstarr
  453. 1 points
  454. 3 years ago
  455. Maybe not generally across the entire USA, but there are certain enclaves where Mexicans have considerable power and are the majority. It is kind of disappointing to see that in some of these areas, that they simply turn the tables on whites, blacks, etc. and become the oppressor, rather than maintain some kind of colorless equity. I wonder if colorless equity is even possible? Even in multicultural cities, people are still segregated into their own little china towns, and whatever. This may be a cultural and language thing though; but it may also be a tendency to seek out ethnic commonality.
  457. In any case, how would you try to explain to a white person why it would be in their best interest to join forces with non-whites in dismantling white power, if it may cause them to become the oppressed?
  459. hapas
  460. oghipstarr
  461. 1 points
  462. 3 years ago
  463. It's hard to say what percent of this manifestation of social power, wealth, etc. is due to racism, legacy, and/or inherent ability. The mechanism of wealth/power generation would have to be analyzed. Even if racism exists, the ability of the group to maintain their own race at the top shows how ingenious and able they are at maintaining that power structure, especially when they are in the minority (aren't whites greatly outnumbered in Latin America?); but then again being the first to strike and legacy, play a large part. Being a part of a majority, makes it even easier.
  465. One can make the argument that only whites were morally inferior enough to establish such a power structure (but then again tribes have been raiding and killing each other since the dawn of time; I do not think those being oppressed were/are oppressed because their morals inhibited them from being free, or resist initially becoming oppressed). So my question is, how are whites able to establish and maintain a white power structure?
  467. hapas
  468. oghipstarr
  469. 1 points
  470. 3 years ago
  471. I agree there is white supremacy in Latin America, but I think it's mostly Spanish that is upheld at the pinnacle. A certain type of white (similar to how English were racist again Irish, etc.). There has always been a rivalry between the competing Empires of Spain and Britain. Though I guess they didn't view each other as inferior as they viewed the indigenous populations of the lands they conquered.
  473. Edit: So then would you say it is fair to conclude that Mexicans, or the majority of Mexicans, are racist? lol
  475. hapas
  476. oghipstarr
  477. 2 points
  478. 3 years ago
  479. I am not expert on this. I didn't major in gender queer ethnic studies in college lol. That's why I asked you to explain what the current racial problems are (since you are the one stating they exist), and what steps can be taken to reach the ideal.
  481. I have noticed that sure individuals can be racist, and when they join together can create a system of racism. I do not know how severe it is though, and the result of black deaths by police may be partially due to police being more trigger happy around blacks, but also because blacks may just take part in criminal activity at a higher rate, and I guess this can be attributed to them being in poverty, etc. at higher rates than other ethnic groups? And this results in a vicious circle of higher criminality but also higher suspicion from police officers.
  483. hapas
  484. oghipstarr
  485. 2 points
  486. 3 years ago
  487. How are race relations going in Mexico or other Latin American countries. Gringos are accepted as equals right? What about Blacks in Latin American countries?
  489. Also, I said "tend". A lot of people that can fall into these ethnic group identities, tend to do so, because most people tend to be stupid and weak minded, and cling to these superficial identities very easily. Us hapas, although I guess we can have these stupid little subreddits to discuss race relations and the perspective of being in this hapa physical form, don't really have a major ethnic voting bloc or group we can just fall into by default. Hapa pride? Maybe in a few decades, we still need to get our numbers up.
  491. hapas
  492. oghipstarr
  493. 3 points
  494. 3 years ago
  495. "If you are not part of La Raza, Mexicans can be pretty racist. Same for Blacks."
  497. Note that I said "can" be, not that they are racist by default. I have definitely been discriminated by Mexicans and Blacks, so I know it exists and thus non-whites are also capable of racism, but I still have Mexican and Black friends and respect the contributions of people who have been Mexican or Black to art, science, etc. Basically I do not hold entire groups of people responsible for a few bad actors who happen to have an ethnic commonality.
  499. I said this so that it is not taken for granted, assumed to be true, that if we kill off all whites, that racism will be gone.
  501. hapas
  502. oghipstarr
  503. 2 points
  504. 3 years ago
  505. Do you think a colorblind meritocracy would be ideal?
  507. Do you think the affirmative action ban on the UCs should be lifted?
  509. Do you think UCB being Asian majority is a result of White power or racism?
  511. Is affirmative action diluting the worth of degrees that POC obtain?
  513. UC = University of California
  515. hapas
  516. oghipstarr
  517. 3 points
  518. 3 years ago
  519. I am saying that racism is not only done by one race, that many races do it too. So I basically am "hating everyone equally" with that statement. Not giving whites the benefit of the doubt, just showing that because of past grievances that they are not as able to easily get away with racism nowadays.
  521. Edit: Also I want to make it clear that I am not holding white people responsible for everything a white person has done wrong since the dawn of time, judging them as pan-racial as well as pan-chronological. But that white people nowadays are under closer scrutiny due to the crimes of their ancestors, or ancestors of other whites, and so may be held to a higher standard.
  523. hapas
  524. oghipstarr
  525. 2 points
  526. 3 years ago
  527. He defined "white moderate" as a white that was opposed to direct action (i.e. civil disobedience, peaceful protest, etc.), but otherwise accepting of the goal of equity. I don't know how he felt about a totally apathetic person that happened to be white, that did not oppose or support direct action; if them just being white was bad enough. He did seem to want a colorblind society, via taking off the signs that determined whether a business owner was white or colored (i.e. POC), getting rid of segregation based on race, etc.
  529. Here's a good quote towards the end: "Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality. It gives the segregator a false sense of superiority and the segregated a false sense of inferiority. Segregation, to use the terminology of the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, substitutes an "I it" relationship for an "I thou" relationship and ends up relegating persons to the status of things. Hence segregation is not only politically, economically and sociologically unsound, it is morally wrong and sinful. Paul Tillich has said that sin is separation. Is not segregation an existential expression of man's tragic separation, his awful estrangement, his terrible sinfulness? Thus it is that I can urge men to obey the 1954 decision of the Supreme Court, for it is morally right; and I can urge them to disobey segregation ordinances, for they are morally wrong."
  531. How can you segregate innocent vs guilty based on whether a person is white or not? How can you make that generalization/objectification?
  533. Also, assuming there is systematic racism, etc. what further steps do you think the USA needs to take to get from its current status to one of true equity? Do you believe merely replacing white people in power with black people in power, or having some kind of quota system of various races will solve the issue? Or do you believe a colorblind meritocracy is the way forward?
  535. How do you determine whether racism is taking place? For example, college admissions, do you determine it just by looking at the composition of the college's student body, or do you look at the selection process, or what? How do you reconcile supposed white power, with universities that are made up by mostly asians? Do you think asians are in on it? What about jews?
  537. hapas
  538. oghipstarr
  539. 2 points
  540. 3 years ago
  541. I'm curious how you feel about race based affirmative action? Racist or not? Ethical or not?
  543. hapas
  544. oghipstarr
  545. 2 points
  546. 3 years ago
  547. I read it back in high school, and read it again just now. It has reaffirmed my stance to always judge people/beings by their human spirit/mind rather than the physical medium/vessel. I don't care if you are an alien, AI, whale, whatever, if you have a human mind, I will treat you as human, no matter what.
  549. How do you think broadly labeling white people as the enemy will help with the goal of equity, human rights? (Notice that I said equity and not equality; equal opportunity, but not necessarily equal outcomes. Sorry just the habit of being a child of someone who came to the USA as a refugee from a communist country). As a white person, what would be their incentive of dismantling a white power structure, and being a fighter for freedom, if no matter what they do they can never wipe away the sin of the color of their skin? If they will be your eternal enemy because of the color of their skin; if this is the case, why would they ever want to weaken their grip of power, and expose themselves to possibly being the oppressed one, by exposing themselves to a hostile other that wishes to get revenge for crimes they never committed, though assumed guilty of by birth? How is this beneficial to the cause of freedom, for POC to constantly alienate whites? It's easy to demonize the word "white", but think of The Beatles, etc.; try to think of white people that weren't always the enemy to love.
  551. This fuck whitey mentality (no matter if they're white power or flower power; just fuck them all, kill them all and let god sort it out) is just causing blowback and impeding progress. It is not morally superior, it is just racism but with a different color on top.
  553. hapas
  554. oghipstarr
  555. 1 points
  556. 3 years ago
  557. Lol, more like will someone think of the human that happens to have white skin, rather than judging that person by the color of their skin....but by the content of their character?
  559. hapas
  560. oghipstarr
  561. 2 points
  562. 3 years ago
  563. Be careful what you wish for. Have you been exposed to a lot of Mexicans and Blacks?
  565. If you are not part of La Raza, Mexicans can be pretty racist. Same for Blacks. Perhaps as a reaction to white racism (or maybe racism is an intrinsic part of human nature), lots of POC have become very entrenched in their own racial identity, and look out for their own kind, etc. Mexicans and others tend to be able to get away with this kind of racism; "leveling the playing field", etc. but whites at least are making efforts to be less racist and are held more accountable. I've had whites throw me under the bus before in favor of someone more ethnic, just to shield themselves from possibly being perceived as giving preference to another "white" (I'm more white looking than asian, so perhaps I was mistaken as full white, or maybe I was correctly discovered to be an imposter and instead of helping a half blood, the white decided to get ethnic bonus equality points/tokens, and up his ethnic street cred, by going the more ethnic route and saving his white vouchers to help a full white when given the chance, rather than waste that help on only a half white).
  567. hapas
  568. oghipstarr
  569. 1 points
  570. 3 years ago
  571. Blacks tend to have typical "black" last names like Johnson, Jordan, Brown, Williams, Jones, etc. and may have first names that are typical of blacks such as Trayvon, Sheronda, etc. Names aren't perfect, but can give clues.
  573. Blacks are the only ones that may possibly be confused with white last names. All other POC have mexican, or chinese, etc. last names that make it plainly obvious they are POC.
  575. A lot of hapas are products of WMAF, and so we have the white last name, etc.
  577. hapas
  578. oghipstarr
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  580. 3 years ago
  581. Do you think it is unfair and racist to lump all white people together as if they were all the KKK, Nazis, etc.
  583. There were plenty of abolitionist whites, whites that facilitated the underground railroad, and fought for equal rights, fought against the Nazis, etc. Wouldn't it be unfair to disgrace their contributions and be racist against all whites, as if the color of their skin makes them guilty of the crimes of all other whites?
  585. hapas
  586. oghipstarr
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  588. 3 years ago
  589. If the white people's fears are actually founded on possible future realities, how do you think hapas would be treated?
  591. I have found being hapa has a lot of the bad of being white, but almost none of the perks. We are still not white, but a lot of us have white names, and so don't get affirmative action, and when we show up and the whites were expecting another white, they get pissed at us for "trying to pull a fast one" on them and so we don't get "white privilege" either, or at least not for long (until they discover our deception). So we are kind of in the middle and caught in the cross fire. I guess these brief moments of false white privilege can be of benefit though, such as not getting pulled over by police, etc. (This temporary cloak of whiteness can be extended by wearing sunglasses.)
  593. I have found other off-whites to be receptive of us though, such as Jews, Mediterraneans, etc. other mixed race people. Pure blooded asians tend to be kind as well, for the most part; as well as parents of hapa children. Latinos tend to mistake us as one of them often, and so they can be kind as well.
  595. Latinos tend to have a white supremacy culture as well though, and I guess we comfortably fit in the middle somewhere there; they don't so much have the one drop rule though of whites vs. POC, it's more of a gradient.
  597. How big of a deal do you think race is though these days? I definitely see groups and factions, but it seems people are willing to meet peacefully and mingle more? Dine at each others' restaurants, etc. Listen to each others' music. Fuck each other, etc. The most resistance though is in terms of actually reproducing outside of the race, and also in terms of workplace cronyism of hiring friends and people of the same race, promoting people of the same race to positions of power (such as politics), etc.
  599. medicalschool
  600. oghipstarr
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  602. 3 years ago
  603. Thanks for the warning. I'm really going to try to stay away from the hard stuff as much as possible, only because they may not facilitate good quality sleep (not because of any "moral" reasons).
  605. If you ever give melatonin a chance again, try it in very low doses, like less than 1mg.
  607. medicalschool
  608. oghipstarr
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  610. 3 years ago
  611. What would be funny is if I take it for a test run, and it works fine, but when I later take it for the real thing, I have become tolerant to it and it doesn't work haha. But you're right, gotta field test everything.
  613. pharms
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  616. 3 years ago
  617. so is the ambien walrus a little exaggerated (is it more like a seal or otter rather than a walrus) or what?
  621. toothpaste for dinner drawings of ambien walrus (side effects of ambien); pretty funny.
  623. medicalschool
  624. oghipstarr
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  626. 3 years ago
  627. I (just) wanna be sedated, don't know what everyone's freaking out about. Also, if I see someone recommend melatonin again, I'm gonna start flingin' feces all over the damn place.
  629. I may have some Trazodone laying around somewhere from years ago (wonder what the expiration date on that is). How does it compare to Benzos? I'm like a kid in a candy store, can't figure out what the hell I want. Maybe just mix it all into a baloney mystery handful and down it all, fuck it thug life. One of them is bound to work lol (or convert to something toxic and put me out of my step 1 induced misery).
  631. medicalschool
  632. oghipstarr
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  634. 3 years ago
  635. I think Benzo it is, what do you recommend? Xanax?
  637. I got a Benzo from a friend before years ago, I think Diazepam, it worked well, but I think he gave me a little too much, because I was just super chill the next day. Didn't really have that fight or flight response during the exam, I guess it helps to focus if not flustered, but you're so chill you don't have any urgency lol to actually finish the exam, you're just sitting there like fuck it, maybe i'll do this test maybe not, everyone just needs to mellow out. I was the epitome of inertia. What's with all this rapid movement? Reminds me of Breathe by Pink Floyd.
  639. edit: Now that I think about it more, it may have actually been a barbiturate. This was like 8 years ago.
  641. pharms
  642. oghipstarr
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  644. 3 years ago
  645. Lol, don't know if serious joker.jpg Thought I was in the nootropics reddit for a second.
  647. I think you might be on to something though, I think you may have stumbled upon the trinity of pharmakodynamis.
  649. medicalschool
  650. oghipstarr
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  652. 3 years ago
  653. I think a lot of my inability to sleep comes from pre test anxiety, but I also want something that will directly promote sleep as well. I wonder how well xanax would work alone, for promoting sleep, or in combination with something like ambien.
  655. medicalschool
  656. oghipstarr
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  658. 3 years ago
  659. I plan on doing this, and I try to do this before typical exams, but I usually don't have enough time because I'm cramming the whole day before, and only have time for maybe 20 mins of exercise. I probably need to manage time better. I envision being more prepared by the time step 1 rolls around though, so I think the day before, just working out hard, etc. with some light studying would be a good way to relax and help get sleep.
  661. medicalschool
  662. oghipstarr
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  664. 3 years ago
  665. That's how I felt about the MCAT, but I was like fuck it, I already took it might as well see. But the thing is, the MCAT can be retaken.
  667. Step 1 cannot be retaken for a better score, assuming you at least pass it.
  669. Well at least you passed, and improvement on Step 2 would def be a plus. As long as you meet the Step 1 cutoffs for your residencies of choice, then at least your foot is in the door.
  671. medicalschool
  672. oghipstarr
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  674. 3 years ago
  675. I just know this is gonna be me shitting brix all night before step 1; and no yoga, chamomile tea, or any of that bull is gonna save me. I'm gonna need some muthafukn ambien injected through a port in my skull or something. I really don't know what to do, but just thinking about all those months of studying and my entire future going down the drain because of a poor night of sleep (or no sleep) can really make a guy lose some sleep, I tell ya what.
  677. I'm curious though, how'd it work out for you? Were you ok with the score you got?
  679. medicalschool
  680. oghipstarr
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  682. 3 years ago
  683. I think this is solid advice and I hope to be on the same schedule soon. I also have the benefit of going back west to a later timezone for the summer when I will take step 1. But what if you freak out and stay up well past midnight, then what?
  685. What I've been reading about sleeping pills is that they don't really promote restful sleep. I'm wondering if getting 3 hours of normal sleep is better than 8 hours or so of ambien induced sleep or whatever.
  687. Drugs
  688. oghipstarr
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  690. 3 years ago
  691. Did you ever figure out what to use? I'm looking for something to use before an exam.
  693. Midazolam seems promising for infrequent usage.
  695. medicalschool
  696. oghipstarr
  697. 2 points
  698. 3 years ago
  699. Haha antihistamines just don't work well for initiating or maintaining quality sleep.
  701. I'm not really looking for something stronger, just something that works in a different and better way.
  703. medicalschool
  704. oghipstarr
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  706. 3 years ago
  707. Didn't work out so hot for tiger woods though lol.
  709. This is going to be a tough decision.
  711. I will probably try to fix sleep hygiene, etc. and use the ambien option as last resort, if I haven't fallen asleep by a certain time.
  713. medicalschool
  714. oghipstarr
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  716. 3 years ago
  717. Yup people have had good results with ambien, I'm wondering if the cool kids are doing something new and better nowadays, I can never keep up.
  719. medicalschool
  720. oghipstarr
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  722. 3 years ago
  723. Antihistamines just aren't that great, and it almost didn't work for me last time, just barely, and I had a hangover the next day. How much worse could something like Ambien be?
  725. I would test it prior to the exam.
  727. I'll worry about getting the stuff after I figure out what's the good stuff to get. It shouldn't be too hard I don't think.
  729. Nootropics
  730. oghipstarr
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  732. 3 years ago
  733. I use Melatonin often, usually a dose of 1mg a night, maybe I'll sprinkle on a little more the night before an exam. I avoid taking larger doses, such as 5mg, because that fucked me up before and gave me a headache, and didn't help me fall asleep. With melatonin less is more, from my reading 1.5mg is ideal (if i recall correctly).
  735. I have used magnesium, but taking too much can give you the shits. I haven't really used zinc though for the purposes of falling asleep. I'll have to add that to the bag of potions.
  737. Nootropics
  738. oghipstarr
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  740. 3 years ago
  741. I've used Doxylamine Succinate before when melatonin failed, the night before my MCAT and that worked out. But it wasn't really ideal, I was kind of out of it.
  743. hapas
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  746. 3 years ago
  747. One person's pain is another person's pleasure. Jk, sorta.
  749. yeah one of my ex gf's pussy was hurting all the time and she was often out of commission (or maybe fucking other guys behind my back lol) so it's not a one size fits all kind of deal where bigger is always better. She definitely appreciated it though at times; but I think maybe it was just the fucking everyday that took a toll on her vajayjay, they can only take so much of a beating (that's probably why god gave the mormons polygamy, but then blue balled them and took it away).
  751. Well anyway, there is a drive in reproduction for novel genes, which makes people attracted to others outside of their race. So don't just assume those that stray outside to get some are bottom of the barrel/gene pool losers. In time us mutts will become the majority. Hybrid vigor!
  753. hapas
  754. oghipstarr
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  756. 3 years ago
  757. Some men think of tightness the same way as money; you can never have too much money/tightness (and hey that's why god created cesarean section!). But I of course have those bigdickproblems as well, and measure my worth by the length of my dick; any woman is basically a virgin unless they've been impaled by my broadmeatsword, even the loosest and flabbiest have a grip as if the stone around King Arthur's sword.
  759. hapas
  760. oghipstarr
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  762. 3 years ago
  763. You complicate stuff too much. A lot of guys, not just white guys, like asian girls cuz their vajayjay is tight. Feels good (man) when put peepee in.
  765. Have you not ever fucked an azn girl? It's not settling man, they have some top shelf pussy. (e.g. Zuckerberg could have bought any girl, but he stayed with his azn gal. Lots of other "alpha" guys get azn girls too, instead of striving for the coveted divine ideal ivory white aryan superb glorious hole of white womenz)
  767. Anyway, I think hapas tend to be smarter (DNA and/or culture n shit; had to put that disclaimer in otherwise das racist) and catch onto a lot of the conspiracy shit (which hey just because you label it "conspiracy" doesn't mean it's not true; you act as if conspiracies don't exist, as if they are unicorns or some shit.). Or perhaps because they are outsiders, they tend to be individualistic and think for themselves (don't just go with the crowd, because they are not the crowd, they are different), so find out the cake is a lie usually before others.
  769. But anyway, I hope they don't burn him alive.
  771. hapas
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  774. 3 years ago
  775. They have their uses >=D
  777. hapas
  778. oghipstarr
  779. 1 points
  780. 3 years ago
  781. Yeah I remember there was a debate about it, and fellow hapas hoping he had down syndrome (and was not hapa). Cuz we were kind of in the dumps after that whole Elliot Rodger thing. We really need to fire our PR manager for fucks sake.
  783. Also, my mom calls what he had "wild chicken eyes". Never trust someone with wild chicken eyes she used to say. A mother always knows.
  785. hapas
  786. oghipstarr
  787. 2 points
  788. 3 years ago
  789. Is it possible to explain a scenario in which we do have choice and not just the illusion of it?
  791. I like your thinking. I've thought the same. I believe the universe/multiverse is just a rearrangement of nothing, akin to yin/yang. A net total energy value of zero.
  793. Here's a copypasta of something I wrote a while ago (I tried to just paste the relevant parts):
  795. The foundation. A Universe that came from nothing, and thoughts that came from that Universe, in this nowever. Time is an illusion. There is just now, this eternal playground, with "time" measured by change, which is movement. There is only movement. And movement came from the splitting of nothing into something. Equal and opposite creation. Reality is relative.
  797. 0 = +1 -1
  799. 0 = +1 -1 +1 -1 +1 -1….
  801. matter/antimatter
  803. protons/electrons
  805. love/hate
  807. yin/yang
  809. The Universe birthed itself from nothing, and we are made of the same fabric as the Universe. Our bodies, our thoughts, our memories are all a part of this Universe, even our supernatural megalomaniacal fantasies. We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself. Enlightenment. We are the Universe.
  811. Thou Art God
  813. And if one, why not more? It costs nothing.
  815. ....
  817. In a way, the Universe is no different than nothing. It is just a rearrangement of nothing. The net total is still nothing. But the material isn't all that matters, the order, the arrangement is what makes the difference. If you think order doesn't matter, try mixing all the letters in a book into a pile of nonsense and then try reading it.
  819. Some interesting things to look at are free will vs determinism, and the second law of thermodynamics.
  821. In a way, a Universe existing is more disordered than a single nothingness, because the number of microstates is increasing, and therefore more entropy is possible. It's also funny that entropy is the only reason anything follows any physical laws. It is what makes physical behavior predictable, and thus able to be explained by mathematics.
  823. When I said "And if one, why not more? It costs nothing." I hinted at an infinite multiverse.
  825. If you think of yourself as extending beyond just your body, to the entire universe, then perhaps you can say that the initial conditions which dictated the unfolding of events, was "your" choice. But how can something initially unconscious have choice? Actually in a way we are still unconscious, just the same old unthinking matter, protons and electrons, etc., arranged in a different way, feigning consciousness; still just a collection of gears and levers. But order matters.
  827. hapas
  828. oghipstarr
  829. 1 points
  830. 3 years ago
  831. "You can do what you will, but you cannot will what you will."
  833. It seems a little depressing to think about determinism and free will, but what are we trying to define free will as anyway? Why can it not be compatible with determinism?
  835. Randomness does not contribute to free will at all, if anything it is the opposite of free will, it would be randomness' "will". Uncertainty within an unlimited set of possibilities, would not make our will any more our own. If I left a decision to a coin toss, would I be following my own will, or the will of the coin?
  837. There are really only two extremes in the spectrum of possibility/existence: chaos or determinism. Many people try to say we have no free will, because they define free will as something outside of this spectrum, something that cannot exist. Well what the hell do they want free will to be anyway, before they can be satisfied? How would they define free will?
  839. Futurology
  840. oghipstarr
  841. 2 points
  842. 3 years ago
  843. Not getting the intelligence boost, will be akin to not vaccinating your kids.
  845. Futurology
  846. oghipstarr
  847. 0 points
  848. 3 years ago
  849. Anyone else think AI will make all this genetic engineering stuff obsolete? I don't think biology can compete, but I may be wrong; this genetic engineering stuff may prove to be a necessary stepping stone towards God-like Übermensch AI, which computer simulation and AI could facilitate. Smarter people would help technology accelerate faster.
  851. But anyway, genetic engineering will become a necessity in the future as life expectancy rises for everyone, and there is great abundance of things like food and healthcare, in which case there will no longer be any significant natural selective pressures to weed out deleterious mutations (which most of them are; because evolution is a blind clock maker). It would be a race to the bottom, to see who can reproduce the fastest (an emphasis on r rather than K selection), with no natural selection to weed out the deleterious mutations, which would thus accumulate like cancer. This would lead to an Idiocracy type situation, unless reproduction is restricted and/or genetic engineering enacted. Without natural selection, genetic engineering would be the only way to at least repair DNA from the spontaneous bad mutations and fuckups that would accumulate over time due to entropy, and imperfect intrinsic repair mechanisms. Of course genetic engineering wouldn't be forced on anyone, but it might be the only way to stay viable and competitive in the future economy (this is assuming there isn't a huge social safety net to keep all progeny alive, and subsidize their reproduction; which of course would eventually be overwhelmed anyway without certain limits put in place).
  853. This is how evolution works. There is a random mutation, which most often is bad, and this results in the individual dying off. There is an infinitesimally small chance the mutation will introduce something of benefit, be advantageous, and the individual will survive and pass it on to the species. Extinction is the rule, life is the exception.
  855. Evolution is the same as genetic engineering, except it is what people are afraid of “hurr durr let’s just take out or mutate random genes”. In the case of genetic engineering, the mutations at least stand a better chance of being a good mutation, if you assume intelligence, sapience, vision, etc. can produce choices better than blind random chance. And if random chance is what you want, this can be done on simulations running evolutionary computation algorithms (hey we might be in one right now!), and this can introduce novel and diverse genetic engineering solutions to avoid monoculture.
  857. We’re going to come up with the same debate when cyborgs start coming out of the woodwork; the debate of whether people should be allowed to become cyborgs at all. Whether they should be allowed the freedom to customize themselves. But technology is too dangerous! It’s unnatural!
  859. medicalschool
  860. oghipstarr
  861. 3 points
  862. 3 years ago
  863. Thanks for the post!
  865. "'Inbreeding' is relatively common at top schools (average roughly one-third)."
  867. I expected inbreeding to be much higher, I'm talking Cletus slack jawed yokel level; babies born with gills and two left feet level lol.
  869. But one third is just kissing cousins level, nothing too outlandish.
  871. medicalschool
  872. oghipstarr
  873. 1 points
  874. 3 years ago
  875. After becoming a medical student (still just a lowly 2nd year) and looking into residencies, I discovered that a lot are actually associated with specific medical schools. Before I was under the impression they were "owned" by hospitals and not so bound to/"owned by" specific schools. My question is, how biased are these residencies towards their own students? It seems likely that they would give preference to their own students to bolster their own school's match list.
  877. For example, what's the chance a residency program named "UCLA Medical Center Program" would accept a student from USC over a UCLA student for instance? How much higher stats would the USC student need to have an equal chance to the UCLA student?
  879. TL;DR Wondering how incestuous residency programs are towards students from affiliated school.
  881. hapas
  882. oghipstarr
  883. 1 points
  884. 3 years ago
  885. WM/AF confirmed lulz
  887. hapas
  888. oghipstarr
  889. 2 points
  890. 3 years ago
  891. I don't understand hapas that bitch so much about all this. Even if it's true, women tend to be very emotional and want the hairiest gorilla to fuck them. Don't take it personally. Just be glad you have genes that enable reasonable levels of intelligence (at least human levels of intelligence?), and about the beauty of hapas (it's all in the eye of the beholder). So just try to live your life well, get a good career, and meet another mind out there that you like, regardless of what they look like (assuming you find them attractive enough?). And if the bitch doesn't like you for your hapa looks or whatever, find another one. You guys bitch way too much, try to transcend your butthurt. I don't know why you let the color of your hair, the shape of your nose or eyes define your human value anyway (if you do, you're fuckin' weak; don't let it phase you).
  893. I wonder how infested with trolls this subreddit is to try to get hapas to an hero. There is no such thing as a pure race anyway. Everything is always changing, and evolving. The goal is change and adaptation, improvement; to those who wish to preserve their DNA's purity, they should have remained as single celled organisms. To the rest of us, onward! The Übermensch awaits! Hybrid vigor!
  895. AnCap101
  896. oghipstarr
  897. 1 points
  898. 3 years ago
  899. After I posted this, I saw your posts in another thread, basically saying what I just said, but in many more posts and detail. I like the way you deeply think about these things. These reasons are what kind of push me towards Libertarianism, rather than total Ancap. Because with Libertarianism, at least the type of government is defined and limited (at least, in theory).
  901. But in any case, I'm more interested in technology now (transhumanism, AI, singularity, etc.), rather than economic/political theory. The technology will give sapient beings the ability to opt out and leave to different areas/planets and set up whatever system they deem fit, escaping oppression (perhaps to the bottom of the ocean, like in Bioshock). Though I guess the reverse can be said as well (technology enables those in power to be more oppressive), but I don't think there'd be a need to enslave people when human labor (mental and physical) becomes obsolete, and there is great abundance. Check out Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk, for further info about the cult of singularity lol. The singularity is nigh!
  903. AnCap101
  904. oghipstarr
  905. 2 points
  906. 3 years ago
  907. I think the fact that states exist at all (which some think is a form of slavery, or at least a tax farm/plantation) shows how ineffective AnCap is at dismantling such forms of oppression. After all, there are actually no laws in existence, except the physical laws of nature; and so all these governmental laws are man made laws, which AnCap, thus far has been ineffective at dismantling. Basically, why hasn't the free market been able to untangle itself from the state regulations, etc.? If the free market is the most effective and best market, wouldn't "survival of the fittest" cause it to be the market in existence, rather than what we have now? Who is to say we are not living in AnCap right now, and this is how it naturally plays out? Those with the most money and power, will use it to prop up states, such as what we live in now, to protect their power; how would this be any different if it were "AnCap". A rose by any other name...
  909. medicalschool
  910. oghipstarr
  911. 1 points
  912. 4 years ago
  913. Is there a way to buy the pdf so you know you're getting a legit copy? (...and no I won't pay you for a copy lol...I meant buy from the publisher)
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