Skeleton guns

Jul 4th, 2020
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  1. They stepped from the trees on either side of the road. Instead of gray camouflage, they were now wearing blue New Mexico State Police uniforms...They drew their handguns
  3. The first skeleton fired. Time slowed down. I won't say I could see the bullet, but I could feel its path, the same way I felt water currents in the ocean. I deflected it off the edge of my blade and kept charging.
  5. Zoe and Bianca fired at their heads point-blank
  7. Six skeletons raised their guns. The other five came forward with batons. Fifty feet away. Forty feet... The other skeletons opened fire. I raised my lion coat for protection, but I didn't need it. The bronze angels stepped in front of us and folded their wings like shields. Bullets pinged off of them like rain off a corrugated roof. Both angels slashed outward, and the skeletons went flying across the road.
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