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  1. A black flash darted down the street. The cause and culprit, draped from head to toe in dark clothing, was faster than a horse while running. Their eyes, hidden behind thick blue lenses, ran as fast as they could through the streets of the city. They couldn’t stop running, the people chasing them were determined to catch them.
  2. As they reached a busy intersection, they darted right out into the crossroad. Large, six-legged and equine-like beasts let out sounds of annoyance and pain as their riders yanked their reigns back. The riders called out profanities and mothers covered their little ones’ ears. Traffic resumed in its normal polite way, one beast and rider going and then another, until the group of more respectable authority were bounding through the intersection, causing some beasts to raise up in protest, or the riders to yank back on the reigns as the beasts angrily let out a screech. Pendants that hung around the throats of most proper people, and the chests of beasts, glowed with greens and violets of disgust and fear of the miscreant running the street and the gang of authority chasing them at a rather far distance. The miscreant was a rather far away by then, but the group of authorities continued their pursuit.
  3. Freedom was in the black-clad figure’s eyes. They had a short way to before they were at their safehaven, they had a short way to go before that sweet, warm home was upon them. Turning a meander in the close quarters of the buildings, the black-clad figure began to scale the building with the metal pipe running up the side of it. They were home free as they reached the top of the sloped roof of the building. It was steep, yes, but at the apex of its arcing roof, it was flat, and there was a small hatch in the white material. The figure yanked it open, and quickly climbed in, and closed the hatch behind them. They were free.
  4. “Ayiah..Altair, where were you? You had us all worried!” One of the beings in the dark room said in a hushed voice, their eyes reflecting light in the dingy space. Their eyes’ sclera was a royal purple, the iris and pupil both a gentle robin’s egg blue. They wore a gray shirt that went down to their hips, and a pair of long tan pants clung to their legs. Their face was a shining tan, and shaggy hair in a dark obsidian-blue hue. Their eyes darted between the black clad figure with the feelings of worry and concern visibly swimming between their eyes.
  5. “I’m fine, Raena, you need to stop worrying about me, okay?” The figure in black said with a chuckle. They leaned against the wall and let their eyes gaze over the other being in the room, the more worried of the two. Their voice carried calmness and an undertone that hinted at annoyance to the other. “I just got into a little trouble getting us dinner, well-being protectors caught me and chased me to the alleyway.”
  6. The result was a worried glance from the blue eyes of the other to the figure. Their worry was painted clear on their face like a black streak on the pristine white roof above them, which there were many, the cause unknown but very reasonably one of the beings who lived up in this attic type space. As the black-clad figure opened their cloak and slowly retrieved a cloth sack full of food, it seemed to be
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