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Sep 18th, 2018
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  50. Bill Marks, a former cop dealing with his daughter's death by drinking, is now a federal air marshal. While on a flight from New York to London, Marks gets a text telling him that unless 150 million dollars is transferred to an offshore account, someone will die every 20 minutes. Can he find the terrorist in time and save everyone?
  51. The alcoholic and discredited air marshal Bill Marks is a former cop that still grieves the death of his eight year-old daughter that died of leukemia. Bill is assigned to a flight from New York to London and the passenger Jen Summers sits on his side in the first-class. When the plane is crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Bill receives text messages telling him that one passenger will die every twenty minutes unless the TSA air flight company transfers 150 million dollars to an offshore account. Bill contacts his superior that does not believe in his words. Further they discover that the bank account is in the name of Bill. Now Bill has to find the terrorist with only the support of Jen and the flight attendant Nancy and soon he finds a bomb on board. But the TSA representative believes that Bill is the terrorist. Will he succeed in saving the passengers lives?
  52. . . . on America?! NON-STOP, funded by a British Columbia tax credit, sullies the heroes of 9-11 (the NYPD) by making them out to be incompetent fools! The family members of 9-11 victims are portrayed as psychotic terrorists, along with all the on-screen U.S. servicemen. America's post-9-11 saviors--United States Air Marshals--are pictured as alcoholic, cocaine-smuggling rejects with five-day beards who duct tape airliner's smoke detectors in order to chain-smoke in jet johns instead of doing their jobs on planes swarming with terrorists! When the air marshals are not busy trying to kill each other, these American Guardians are depicted cutting free and providing guns multiple times to terrorists that any American first-grader would finger under our wonderful "See something, say something" program. Every word I've written here is true, as you know if you've already given these Canadian character assassins your hard-earned American money for the "privilege" of viewing their insidious propaganda. If we don't curtail these vicious NON-STOP cultural attacks NOW, their next movie is likely to feature U.S. Winter Olympians raping the Ukraine instead of savoring their 28-25 victory over these Northern losers in the Medals Race. Canada has always been a distant second to America in EVERYTHING, but that doesn't justify shelling out our dough to be assaulted with their sour grapes. Canadian films of the future MUST be clearly marked in America with "black box" warning labels similar to cigarette packages, and NOT foisted upon an unsuspecting public with no alarm bells and whistles, as they are Snuck into our multiplexes today.
  53. The last true action hero, the towering elderly Liam Neeson returns to his recently found career path of on-screen macho in this hi-flying adrenaline rush. Neeson plays Bill Marks, an alcoholic ex-cop with family issues (doesn&#39;t he always?), who now works as one of the thousands of air marshals, hired in the aftermath of post-9/11 frenzy. Often unverified and with little to no background checks, various non- suitable personnel is let on-board aeroplanes (at least such is the premise of the movie) with an armed gun. Soon after start off Marks starts receiving enigmatic text messages claiming that sooner than later people will start dying on the aeroplane, unless funds are transferred to a given account. As Marks attempts to hunt down the perpetrator the body count starts to increase and soon doubts arise as to who the real culprit is...<br/><br/>Initially promising, especially given Neeson makes for the ideal off- beat antihero, the story shifts into a whodunit scenario, with paranoia rife as to the people responsible. As such the movie however lacks originality and seems like a laboured rip-off of &quot;The Flight Plan&quot;, which at least managed to keep tension high and had the audience guessing as to the insanity of the main character. Here the tension is much less palpable, albeit the payoff is way less ridiculous, although still with a significant dosage of ludicrousness. Action sequences are nonetheless top-notch and watching Neeson (once again) combat in closed quarters never gets old. Looking past that the story never really seems mysterious, the identity of the culprits is never really feasible and its pretty easy to identify non-guilty parties, even if at one point in time the finger gets pointed at them. By the end the movie swerves into the realm of laughable resolution, not only with the appalling motivation of the baddies (so bad the actors had trouble with even phoning it in). On top of that we find layered mad-hatter plotting of the evil dudes and all sort of air flight procedures being thrown about in gibberish rants, but the characters seem all to happy to omit the real options at their disposal (such as armed fighters not allowing a plane to lower altitude despite the real threat of a bomb on board).<br/><br/>As good as Liam Neeson is, the story does syphon your intellect, leaving me ultimately disinterested. Obviously not as far fetched in idiocy as &quot;The Flight Plan&quot; or the cult favorite &quot;Snakes on a Plane&quot;, but just enough on the wrong side of logic to derail an otherwise well paced high-altitude thriller.
  54. In the end, Non-Stop is a waste of a perfectly good Neeson, and of our time and goodwill. Please make it stop.
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