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  1. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2. Chapter 14
  4. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  6. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  8. You've recently moved into a manor in the town, along with your two wives: Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange and Arenne Nell née Bayamard. The former is a competent geomancer, with a focus on the subtle, while the latter is from a merchant family, with a head for numbers.
  10. Along with the three of you are four monstergirl servants: the satyress sisters Despina and Chara, a small, green-haired fairy named Juniper, and a tanukigirl called Kini. Kini stole a precious family heirloom from Adelle's family, which you recovered before brutally raping her and taking her as your captive and fuck toy.
  12. Earlier today, you met a woman by the name of Lorenne who you vaguely suspect of conspiring with your brother to kill you. Admittedly, it's a very tenuous suspicion, but you think it's worth investigating. You also learned about shoddy conditions in the copper mine, including a coppergirl (?) who's closed off a big chunk.
  14. You've just gotten done trying to comfort Kini and calm her down, promising you'd avoid scaring her with threats of punishment in the future. She's now curled up on the bed, waiting to sleep.
  16. >What do you do?
  18. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  20. ---
  22. You move up beside Kini, and she opens her eyes, some slight nervousness creasing her face. You reach down for her head, scratching her behind the ears some more, and she wiggles around a little to settle in on her pillow pile. It doesn't take long for her to drift off, her leg vaguely kicking at the air.
  24. You watch for a minute or two, a gentle smile plastered on her sleeping face, before getting up slowly, so as to not wake her, and head back to your room, where Adelle is sleeping.
  26. Getting back in bed with her is harder than getting out, and you wind up accidentally waking her up, but she's so tired that once she reacquires a place on top of you, she falls asleep almost instantly. You wrap one arm possessively around her before you go to sleep too.
  30. The next morning, you wake up before Adelle, who's still clinging to you quite tightly. Her brow is creased in worry, and she's mumbling some words you can't quite make out in her sleep.
  32. >What do you do?
  34. ---
  36. You slowly move your hand up from its position, tilted over her belly, towards one of her breasts, and gently cup it in your hands, toying with it in the softest way you can. "Please, my lord... not right now..." she mumbles, still dreaming. You don't stop, and keep your activity going. "My father... need to... afterwards... promise..." She keeps mumbling away, and you keep gently playing with her, watching as she weakly protests; based on her words, you guess that dream-you is violating propriety by playing with her in whatever situation dream-her is in. Eventually, though, she wriggles enough to clonk her head on your chin. She lets out a yelp and her eyes open as she winces in pain. She whines slightly as she rubs at her head.
  38. "Good morning, beautiful," you say, looking down at her, smiling in spite of the slight pain in your jaw.
  40. "I don't see what's so good about it..." she mutters, glumly.
  42. "I'm sorry?" You try.
  44. She just shakes her head, her lower lip sticking out in a pout as she stares away from your face, more toward your elbow than anything else. "It's just the moods, sorry, my lord."
  46. >What do you do?
  48. ---
  50. You reach down with the hand that's not currently cupping her breast, gently cupping her chin and pulling her up to look at you. "How did you sleep?"
  52. "Fine," she grouses.
  54. "Well..." you start, "that's good to hear? I'll go see about you getting some breakfast, okay?"
  56. The house has some limited foodstock after your shopping spree, and Despina knows how to cook, so you set her on that task. She does her work happily, smiling and humming softly to herself, her big breasts bouncing as you watch her cook. The two of you split the meal, with Despina taking half towards Arenne's room, and you taking the other half towards Adelle.
  58. As you feed Adelle - an activity which it seems like she greatly enjoys - you tell her about Lorenne, and voice your suspicions, asking for advice. Adelle pauses, thoughtful.
  60. "It sounds like this woman would be more a mistress than a fiancé, my lord. You could, perhaps, ask your parents about your brother's recent philanderings, but they might not know about it even if she were his kept woman. Where does your brother live?"
  62. "Still no wife, last I heard, so with my parents?"
  64. Adelle hums in thought, and you feed her another fork of cooked meat while she thinks. "Then, if your parents don't know, the relationship is being kept quite secret, so there's little point asking around blindly. An investigation might turn something up, but it would need to be more hands-on."
  66. >What do you do?
  68. ---
  70. "Hands on?"
  72. "Someone sent to investigate personally, my lord. Ask around, talk to the servants, that sort of thing. Servants are often treated like the furniture, but they still have eyes and memories, you understand?"
  74. You nod, feeding Adelle another couple spoonfuls as you consider. "The mine, then." She perks up, at that, waiting for you to continue. "Your geomancy. How useful could it be?"
  76. Adelle chews more slowly as she rolls her eyes up in thought. "I don't know, my lord. My... I've never directed my talents in that direction. I think one of my family's books covered the subject, but it's been years since I read it, and it hardly seemed relevant at the time. I apologize."
  78. "It's fine," you say, "any preliminary guesses?"
  80. She shrugs. "I simply don't know how mines ought to be organized internally. How much rock should be in what shape, that sort of thing, so I couldn't say what's safe and what isn't. I didn't have much opportunity to do cave exploration, back in my father's keep."
  82. You nod. "The elemental? Any ideas on that front?"
  84. "As I said earlier, I have sadly limited knowledge of them. I suspect it would be very difficult to use my skills on one, as a matter of how the energies involved would interact."
  86. "If you had to?"
  88. "If I had to... perhaps I could do some damage. For lack of a better term, strike a weak point? But my family's skills tend towards the subtle."
  90. >What do you do?
  92. ---
  94. "Thank you, Adelle," you say, reaching forward and kissing her forehead. She's eaten pretty much all of the breakfast you brought her, so you let her lie down back to rest more. She seems a mix of... sated and gloomy, but you figure the latter's just moodiness. "I'll be back later."
  96. She nods, offering a weak smile.
  98. You head out, searching out the stuff you bought at market earlier, and find a brush. Then you go through the effort of finding Juniper - which takes a while, the little faerie seems to enjoy hiding out. When you do find her, in one of the spare rooms, she's rummaging through the closet searching for anything of note.
  100. "Hey, Juniper," you say, making her jump and turn around on you.
  102. "Hi, Mr. Naked Guy With A Sword!" Juniper says, brightly.
  104. You sigh and shake your head. "You want to play hide and seek?" You ask, smiling.
  106. Juniper nods excitedly.
  108. "Great! Here's the rules, though: you have to hide in the house, and you can't hide in somebody else's room, okay?"
  110. Juniper nods again, then smiles wide, arrogance clear on her face. "Okay, but I'm the best at hide and seek!" She puffs up, putting her little fists on her waist. "So don't be too sad when you I win! Now close your eyes and count to ten!"
  112. You close your eyes, counting slowly up, and you don't even hear Juniper as she leaves - you guess she's flying away. When you open your eyes, she's nowhere to be seen.
  114. >Search for Juniper (roll 1d20)
  116. ---
  118. >5
  119. >Not even close.
  121. You search up and down the house for what feels like hours, looking this way and that for Juniper, but you can't find her. Eventually, you sit down on one of the beds, resting your feet for a bit, sighing in annoyance.
  123. "Fine! I give up!" You yell.
  125. Then you hear a giggle coming from underneath the bed, and watch as the little orb of green light floats out, eventually hovering over the bedside and popping into existence next to you. "I told you I'm the best!" Juniper says, proudly, her chin held high. "Don't feel too bad about losing, Mr. Naked Sword Guy, I promise, I don't think you're a big dumb-dumb who sucks at Hide and Seek and can't even outsmart a little girl. Anybody who thinks that would be wrong! No matter how many people who would think that, which is..." Juniper pauses in thought, tapping her lips with her finger before reaching a conclusion, "everybody, pretty much!"
  127. >What do you do?
  129. ---
  131. You flop back onto the bed, sighing loudly. "I know another game we could play. But... I have to warn you, I'm the best at it."
  133. Juniper just tilts her chin even higher at that, vaguely imperious. "I bet I'm better," she counters.
  135. "Okay," you say, sitting back up, "the rules are this: I can touch you however I want, and you can touch me however you want. Loser is the first one to... well, you'll know when it happens."
  137. "That's totally unfair! You can just hold me down," Juniper complains.
  139. "I promise not to."
  141. "Fine, then! You made a bad move, because now I'm gonna win!" She starts raise her hands in a vague imitation of a combat poise.
  143. You reach forward towards her, breaking past her defense, and reaching one hand for her tiny chest, thumbing her nipple gently, teasingly. She takes in a breath, confused at your sudden move, then shudders slightly as your other hand reaches down for her pussy and rubs her lips through her panties, watching her tiny face as ecstasy rolls over it.
  145. "O-oh," she says, her voice shaky with the unexpected pleasure, "I see how th-the game w-works." She reaches for your groin with her two tiny hands and rubs at it, and her brow furrows slightly, even as she continues to enjoy your attentions. "Wh-what's this th-thhhing?"
  147. "Just keep rubbing at it, that's a good strategy," you reply, continuing to work over her body, making her breath heavily, even as she tries to focus her attention on your groin, staring at your face with determination, watching as you occasionally take in a gasp of pleasure. Eventually, annoyed at her apparently slower place at achieving the goal of the game, she pulls at your waistband, and you lift your butt to let her pull your pants down to your knees, your hard cock springing up.
  149. She looks at it in surprise. "What is th-this?" She asks, staring up at your face again as she runs her hands along your length, tiny fingers gently caressing the sides of your cock.
  151. "That's my penis," you inform her as you slip your hand into her panties, rubbing at her tiny little clit with one finger, making her twitch awkwardly. "Wrap your hands around it, it works better that way." Juniper immediately follows your suggestion, her little hands wrapping around your cock and giving you a handjob at an increasingly furious pace, determination on her tiny little face in between flashes of pleasure and she pumps away at your cock. But it'll take more than a handjob to bring you even remotely close to the point of orgasm if you don't want to go there.
  153. You continue to play with her, one of your fingers working its way in and out of her sex, your thumb rubbing at her clit, and you pull up her dress, letting you toy with her nipple more thoroughly.
  155. "N-no," she mutters, her brow furrowed in determination, "I can't lose."
  157. "There's a position that gives the girl an advantage," you say, and she looks back at your face, suddenly interested. "If you lie down on the bed, I promise to show you."
  159. Juniper eyes you suspiciously, but a quick gasp of pleasure forces her into action. She lies down on the bed and shoos your hands away from her body.
  161. Her green little dress is pulled up into her armpits, her panties are wet with arousal. You pull them down, gripping your cock as you do, and gently press yourself into her.
  163. "Th-there's no way that'll fit," she says, eyes wide.
  165. "It will, I promise," you reply, as you push your head past her lips.
  167. "Y-you said this gives the girl an advantage!" Juniper complains. "B-but, th-this, it feels even more good!"
  169. You continue to press into her, your movement soft and gentle, reaching with your free hand to thumb one of her stiff nipples. "It feels way better for the man," you explain as you gradually fill her up. Her eyes roll up in pleasure, and you see an ever so slight bulge of skin as your cock gradually works its way in her. She's unbelievably tight, and it's a minor miracle that you don't come from just working your way into her. Her sweet, wet little pussy is like a clenched fist around your cock, practically strangling it, and you have to stop halfway in to let her loosen up a little, holding yourself above her, your arms balancing your weight above her tiny body.
  171. She wriggles slightly under you, and you gasp in pleasure, which just encourages her to wriggle more, making you breathe  heavily as you try to avoid coming. "Ha! You're right, this does give the girl an advantage!" She proclaims, proud of her newfound trick, and you pull out, gasping heavily as you try to recover. With one hand, you start to finger fuck her as you recover; with the other, you play with her nipples. You wait for your cock to settle down enough to properly fuck the little faerie, which is a minor miracle. You're lucky she has such short arms, or you might be in real trouble, as she groans and tries to reach for your crotch.
  173. Eventually, you feel confident enough to put your cock back inside of her, and your hand has done an admirable job of loosening her up more, her sex yielding more easily to your cock this time as you press yourself into her. "G-gods," you moan as you work your way into her completely this time, the motion agonizingly drawn out, her tight little sex wrapping around you like a knot, sending waves of pleasure through your body.
  175. You're lucky you're so experienced, or this tyke would be guaranteed a win; even with all your practice, it's still going to take every tool in your arsenal. You reach for her clit with one hand, playing with her chest with the other, gradually trying to bring her to orgasm and she wriggles and squirms underneath you to add that little extra bounce of pleasure. The two of you are in a duel for the ages, here, both of you barely holding back from your orgasms. It's fascinating how unbelievably concentrated both of you are on this sex, given the relatively languid pace of your fucking, since it's all her pussy will afford you (or at least, all you're willing to take). You can't even use your mouth on her, not really, given the relative sizes of your bodies.
  177. You win, though, sagging in relief as she comes underneath you, moving your hand to cover her mouth and, by extension, her high pitched wail. The way her sex constricts around you over an over again in her orgasmic spasms is enough to push you over the edge a few seconds later, and you shoot off inside of her, coating her insides with your seed, some of it spilling out somehow, despite the tight seal your cock and her lips make.
  179. Juniper is huffing and puffing when you stop coming, but manages somehow to pout. "G-guess y-you win," she manages.
  181. >What do you do?
  183. ---
  185. You look down at the little faerie; she's practically caked with sweat, her green hair darkened with water and sticking to parts of her head and neck. "Come on, you're a mess," you say, standing back up and Juniper just wriggles uselessly on the bed. "Fine, I'll go get something ready for you outside. When you're recovered, get dressed and come outside. We can play again later, if you want, but don't mention the game to Arenne, okay? She doesn't like to hear about it." Juniper just nods, still breathing heavily from her position on the bed.
  187. On your way out, you grab a bucket, which you take to the half-finished well and fill with water. Then you wait by the exit you figure Juniper's most likely to take. When she comes out, you toss the entire bucket of water on her, making her shriek in surprise as the cold shocks her.
  189. "There. Now we're even. Plus, we had to get you clean."
  191. Juniper pouts, but offers no counterargument.
  193. >What do you do?
  195. ---
  197. You grab another bucket of water and dump it on yourself, which makes Juniper titter a little.
  199. Then it's all business; you go back to Adelle (after drying off) and discuss the book she mentioned, which had to do with mining. After some discussion, you have her write a letter requesting to borrow the book, which she then signs, folds up, and seals.
  201. You manage to find a local - a young, unmarried freeman - who's willing to spend two weeks on delivering the letter and retrieving the book, and you give him some coins in payment (more on his return with the book).
  203. Other than that, you do some basic research, talking to Arenne about what the local texts say on the copper mine, but sadly there's nothing in particular about any elementals or anything that seems like it would be very useful. What there is is really just another way of restating what you've already learned - the mine is a dangerous place to work. You've fortunately still got a few healing scrolls from earlier, which you can take with you when you do delve into the mines.
  205. Eventually, you retire to bed with Adelle, cuddling with her and doting on her in her moodiness, which she seems to enjoy, to the extent that she can enjoy anything through the irregular fits of melancholy. Eventually, the two of you drift off to sleep together.
  209. You wake up the next morning, when Adelle's period should start...
  211. >Roll 1d20 to see if you made Adelle a happy woman.
  213. ---
  215. >1
  216. >The red river flows.
  218. Adelle's still asleep, and you jostle her awake, gently. She smiles sleepily up at you, clinging to you lightly.
  220. "Hey," you say, your voice soft. "Do you think you're, you know?"
  222. "Mmmm," she hums, "I don't know, my lord. Even if I'm not, I wouldn't necessarily be bleeding just yet."
  224. "Check, for me, would you?"
  226. She nods, reaching down and pulling up her sleeping gown, revealing the panties that cover up those wonderful holes you enjoy so much.
  228. They're stained with blood. Not a lot, just a few droplets, making a pink splotch that you can see.
  230. "O-oh," Adelle says, crestfallen, the smile leaving her face, her shoulders slumping. "Oh..."
  232. >What do you do?
  234. ---
  236. "Hey, hey," you whisper, pulling her tight and kissing her on the top of her head. "It's okay."
  238. Adelle just kind of... sits there, silent, biting her lower lip.
  240. "It's fine," you repeat. "It just means we'll have to try some more, right?"
  242. Her lips quirk awkwardly, in several different directions, and she cuddles in closer to you. She seems on the verge of tears.
  244. "Hey," you say, cupping her chin. "It'll be alright. We'll try again every night, if we have to." She offers a weak smile at that. "I promise," you say, reaching down towards her belly and rubbing it, "I'll make sure to fill you up with lots of babies."
  246. "Yes, my lord," she replies, her voice tentative, weak, that wan smile still on her lips.
  248. >What do you do?
  250. ---
  252. You gently pry Adelle off of you, laying her down on the bed, kissing her lips tenderly as you slip off her panties. "I'm here," you murmur, your mouth reaching down for her neck as you remove your cock from your pants.
  254. Your lovemaking is frantic, wild, desperate. You want to make sure Adelle is as happy as can be, so you're possessive, dominant, rough, all the things you know she loves. You practically drink her in, enjoying her body. And you do it again, and again, over the coming days, while you wait for the courier to return with that book.
  256. Arenne has a smaller sexual appetite than Adelle, but you do make love to her a few times, though you quietly try to avoid coming inside of her again without her noticing. When PMS hits her, it's cramps and discomfort more than wild moodswings, but it makes your lovemaking sessions with Arenne evaporate into thin air; the cramps remain after she starts bleeding, so you wait out her period. When you do start fucking her again, you're much more conservative about where you ejaculate.
  258. Other matters are more mundane; Kini starts to calm down, getting used to her new position, and you're gentle with her when you do use her. Chara is still an obnoxious brat, but you manage to avoid any particular conflicts with her. You finish digging out that pond for Juniper, and spend some time just... hanging out, with Despina. And occasionally fucking her. Mostly, things just continue on.
  260. You wonder when you're going to finally get some human retainers. Did you do something wrong?
  262. The young man returns with the book, and you give him the (quite hefty) sum of gold that you promised.
  264. Adelle pours over it at a fast pace.
  266. >What do you do?
  268. ---
  270. You wait a while for Adelle to finish up the book, then talk to her. "So, darling," you say, cuddling up behind her, wrapping your arms around her. "Anything useful?"
  272. "Some theories on geomancy I'd forgotten. Natural patterns, how to gauge which ones are safe, that sort of thing."
  274. "Anything about elementals?" You give her some loving necking, rubbing her butt against your lap as you do.
  276. Adelle shakes her head. "Sorry, my lord."
  278. "That's alright." You flick your head to the side. "Come with me up to the mine, you can use that magic to help map things out, tell me what's dangerous, and where the elemental is, right?"
  280. Adelle nods, and you gather your equipment, including your sword, and a hammer, before heading up to the mine with Adelle at your side. It's a decently long walk, but not particularly exhausting for you. When you arrive at the mine, you speak to the foreman while Adelle puts together a map for you.
  282. "I'm going to go deal with the elemental, if at all possible," you say, "pull your men out, just in case." He follows your orders.
  284. It takes a while for all the men to get cleared out, and you spend that time with Adelle, holding her close. She bites her lip again, her hand nervously wrapping around yours. When everyone's out of the mine, she checks the map once more, confirms the location of the coppergirl, and wraps her arms around you in a tight hug, her face pressing into your chest. You reply in kind, and when she pulls away, she looks up at you, biting her lip nervously.
  286. "Don't-" she pauses, laughs slightly. "Don't die, my lord." There's a slight wetness to her eyes, and she blinks it away, before pressing herself back into your chest for another hug. "I love you."
  288. >What do you do?
  290. ---
  292. "I love you too," you reply. After a long, quiet, moment, Adelle pulls away. You grab your gathered equipment and head into the mine with an oil lamp, holding it in front of you as you consult her map, following it towards the coppergirl's location.
  294. It's dark, in here, and the smell is awful. The lamp's light only stretches for the barest distance, the rest of the place nothing but blackness, or the faint glimmer of a shape in reflected light. You press on slowly, carefully, avoiding tunnels Adelle's marked as dangerous, making your way towards the coppergirl.
  296. When you arrive in the chamber, you see the coppergirl, her reddish skin reflecting the light sharply. She's tall, seven feet at least, her body mimicking that of some of the most muscular women you've seen, naked but almost sexless, only the faintest curve of the light around her groin suggesting a slit, no nipples on those inhumanly firm breasts of hers. Her face is impressionistic, blurred; no eyes, just two shallow eye sockets, a nose without holes, a mouth with only the barest of lips. Other than that, it's featureless: no ears, no hair, no eyebrows.
  298. She's staring at you, dead silent.
  300. >What do you do?
  302. ---
  304. "Uh, hi," you say, giving a weak wave.
  306. She just stares at you, silent.
  308. "What are you doing here?"
  310. She keeps staring at you, cold eyes boring into your soul.
  312. "Uh... can you talk?"
  314. There's another interminable silence, and then she shakes her head slowly, and somehow, even though she doesn't have eyes, you can tell her attention never strays from you.
  316. >What do you do?
  318. ---
  320. "...can you write?"
  322. She shakes her head. It's actually kind of freaky how her body remains perfectly still besides her neck and head. No breathing.
  324. "Can you... not block off this part of the mine any more?"
  326. Another head shake. Well, that was productive. Had to ask though.
  328. "Is this your home?"
  330. A long, languid pause; then a tilt of the head to one side before returning it to its proper position. A shrug? A noncomittal answer?
  332. "Is that a no?" She shakes her head. "Is it a yes?" She shakes her head again. You sigh.
  334. "Would you be willing to come with me to the surface and talk to us?"
  336. She shakes her head. This is getting frustrating.
  338. "Could you share the mine with the miners?"
  340. She shakes her head.
  342. >What do you do?
  344. ---
  346. "Can you communicate in any way other than giving a binary answer?"
  348. There's a long pause. She's just going to shake her head again, you think. Then she nods.
  350. "Really? What?"
  352. She raises one hand in the air in front of her, before tighly balling it into a fist and sweeping downward.
  354. "Violence? You can communicate by violence?"
  356. She nods.
  358. "What if we made you a new mine? Better than this one? Would you move to it?"
  360. She shakes her head.
  362. >What do you do?
  364. ---
  366. "If you won't move, would you be willing to help us move our mining operation?"
  368. She shakes her head.
  370. "Do you know what it is you want?"
  372. She nods.
  374. "Is it something I can give you?"
  376. She tilts her head again, that noncommittal answer.
  378. "Does it involve keeping this mine and not letting miners in?"
  380. She nods.
  382. "... Is... there more to it than that?"
  384. She shakes her head.
  386. >What do you do?
  388. ---
  390. "Is the copper what's important to you?"
  392. There's a pause. A head tilt, followed by a shaking of the head? The fuck does that even mean?
  394. "Do you just want this mine to be closed down?"
  396. She shakes her head.
  398. "Could we move you to some other shafts, let you live in them?"
  400. She shakes her head.
  402. "Can you tell me what you want? Show me, somehow?"
  404. She pauses for a long time, then points at the ground.
  406. "This place?"
  408. She nods.
  410. "Ah. I see." You pause, mulling things over in your head. Apparently she just wants this particular part of the mines, for no real reason, and refuses to budge or negotiate or anything. At least, as far as you can determine. A thought comes to your mind. "Can I touch you?"
  412. She just stares at you, not even moving. Hrm. Well, it's not a no. And isn't that your motto?
  414. >What do you do?
  416. ---
  418. >Touchy touchy
  419. >1
  420. >Oh dear...
  422. You slowly walk towards the coppergirl, watching her, your motions tentative, slow. She doesn't react. You pull up one hand. She doesn't react. You move forward, slowly, putting it on her breast. It's... got an odd texture to it, smooth and malleable, yet tough. You're still groping it, trying to figure out what it feels like, exactly, when something very hard and heavy slams into your side, sending you careening into the cavern wall.
  424. You moan in pain as you pick yourself back up, scrambling desperately away from the coppergirl, who's slowly walking towards you. Her face is expressionless, but somehow - you don't know how - you can tell she's angry.
  428. ---
  430. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  431. Chapter 15
  433. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  435. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  437. You've recently moved into a manor in the town, along with your two wives: Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange and Arenne Nell née Bayamard. The former is a competent geomancer, with a focus on the subtle, while the latter is from a merchant family, with a head for numbers.
  439. Along with the three of you are four monstergirl servants: the satyress sisters Despina and Chara, a small, green-haired fairy named Juniper, and a tanukigirl called Kini. Kini stole a precious family heirloom from Adelle's family, which you recovered before brutally raping her and taking her as your captive and fuck toy.
  441. The copper mine within your lands is currently occupied by an elemental made of copper. You came down into her part of it, hoping to resolve things peacefully. When you asked whether you could touch her, she gave a noncommittal (and nonverbal - she seems mute) response.
  443. Then you groped her.
  445. Then she hit you, hard, sending you flying into the wall.
  447. Now she's coming after you, and you can tell she's angry.
  449. >What do you do?
  451. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  453. ---
  455. >Run away
  456. >4
  458. You scramble to your feet and take off full bore away from her. The occasional glance backwards shows she's following you at that same steady, determined pace. When you've finally gotten out of sight, you take a moment to catch your breath and calm yourself. That was close.
  460. Well, you seem to have gotten away for now. You don't hear her footfalls any more, at least.
  462. You reach for your pockets to find the map... only to find it's not there. Some more patting yourself down confirms that it really isn't. Even more checks confirm that it really, really isn't.
  464. This place is a fucking maze. You could probably find your way back to where you confronted the coppergirl, but getting out would be very difficult without that map.
  466. Hrng. Not good.
  468. >What do you do?
  470. ---
  472. >Let's chat!
  473. >5
  474. >Let's fail!
  476. Okay. Okay. Look, you just made a bad impression on her, that's all. You can go back, maybe smooth things over. Talk it out. She seemed amenable to conversation, such as she could manage. You calm yourself down a little and stalk back to where you confronted her.
  478. She's just sort of... standing there, again. The map isn't far from her. Okay, Baron, just need to be diplomatic about this.
  480. "Um, hi," you say, ready to run. "How are you?" There's no response. "Oh, right. Uh, look, I'm sorry about grabbing your breast like that, it's just, your answer was kind of unclear, and I'm a bit of a tit man. I mean, not like, in a discriminatory way, I like girls with small breasts too, one of my wives-" you shake your head. "Uh, yeah, I'm just going to... like, take that map back? If that's okay with you?"
  482. The coppergirl walks over to the map. Then picks it up. And then does not give it to you, instead tearing it into four pieces and dropping them on the ground before stamping on them. She looks back at you.
  484. >What do you do?
  486. ---
  488. >Violence!
  489. >16
  490. >Finally a good roll
  492. "I bet you think that's real fucking cute, don't you?" You say angrily as you pull out your sword. You enter into a combat stance and draw near her. She watches you, impassively, as you approach. Your sword grants you superior reach, and you go for her legs, striking low. The cuts don't sink in deep, but they do push her off balance as she tries to close the distance, and she tumbles to the ground.
  494. She starts to rise immediately, using her arms to push herself off the ground. You quickly switch to the hammer, and slam it down on one of her arms, making the strength go out of it and sending her back onto the ground again. Another moment, another strike to the other arm. You're not sure how much damage you've done to her, but she seems unable to pick herself up any longer, trying vaguely to stand using only her legs, but all that does is make her ass rise in the air, her chest still pressed flat against the ground.
  496. Which is weird, because you're pretty sure even out of shape people can stand up from being prone without using their hands.
  498. Whatever.
  500. >What do you do?
  502. ---
  504. Keeping your hammer at the ready, you make your way around to the coppergirl's backside. You'd recognize the shapes of that puckered hole and thin line anywhere. Odd that a spontaneously formed magical creature would have an ass and cunt, but hey. You're not complaining.
  506. You don't want to take any unnecessary risks, so you move so your free hand is poised at her lower body, your fingers slipping exploratively into her pussy. The folds of soft, pliable metal give, easily, to your unwanted intrusion, and you slowly work your hand deeper and deeper, feeling out her insides. They're malleable, surprisingly soft and active, occasionally clenching and tightening around your fingers, but not in a painful way. She's dry as a bone, but there's little friction - the surface of her insides are smooth and slippery, letting your fingers reach into her easily.
  508. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly dangerous inside of her sex, so you move on to her anus, slipping one finger in her. Her face contorts in an odd way, the emotion difficult to read on her metal face, so you keep pressing into her, wiggling your finger around as you do. Her head starts to shake on the ground as she tries, weakly, to struggle against you, but her arms still seem to be useless, at least for the time being.
  510. Still, it's best she learns soon what resisting gets her, and you bring the hammer down on the base of her neck, making her whole body spasm in pain, the act making her anus clench around your fingers in ways that promise a wonderful time when you get to that hole. "Don't fight back, bitch," you warn, your voice steely, determined. Her resistance dies down substantially, though you can't be sure whether that's because of genuine compliance or just damage from that hammer blow.
  512. You keep fingering her anus, getting it nice and ready for your cock, slipping more and more fingers into her, watching as she wriggles pathetically on the ground, her body writhing in ways that make her ass jiggle beautifully. You pull your fingers out of her, finding them to be surprisingly pristine, given that they were just in the coppergirl's ass, but you suppose that elementals don't need to shit. With your fingers sudden absence, she starts to try to wriggle away from you, but you just follow her in her slow, sluggish movements along the ground.
  514. You don't really want to have to walk-fuck this bitch, though, so you wait for her to wriggle just the right amount and slam the hammer into one of her large, muscular thighs, then quickly follow it up with a similar strike on the other, making her halt in place, her leg... muscles (or whatever) apparently turning useless. Then you get to work, removing your diamond hard cock and placing it at her puckered little anus, teasing her slightly. Her expression on the ground shifts to one of frustration, and you take a long moment to enjoy her distaste before slowly penetrating her asshole, the sensation wonderfully tight and sweet. You groan as she clenches around you - she may have intended it to dissuade you, but it actually feels incredibly fucking good, and the inside of her ass is as slippery as the inside of her pussy. You gradually press all the way into her, her butt constricting around your cock like the tightest, sweetest little hole you've ever had the pleasure of using.
  516. "I own you and every hole you have," you groan as you bottom out inside her, your balls slapping against her slit. "You're nothing but living copper, and this is my mine, so you belong to me, and are mine to do with as I please." You start to pull out slowly, and with your free hand, you search around her body - her breasts are pressed flat into the ground, and you can't lift her, so instead you go for her sex, feeling around for her clitoris. After some awkward fumbling, you decide she apparently doesn't have one, and instead just start to finger-fuck her pussy while you continue to degrade her verbally.
  518. "You're just a thing; property. My property. I own you," you continue to explain, "your tiny little mind belongs to me, your big, beautiful body belongs to me, every part of you is my plaything," you go on and on, degrading her while slowly fucking her ass and more rabidly finger-fucking her slit. Her face is one of irritation, frustration, anger, powerlessness, and you drink in the complete control you have over her, ramping up your pace in her smooth, tight little asshole, fucking away at her like she's so much meat. Which she isn't, but, you know. Your balls slap against her pussy while your fingers frantically work their way inside of her, and you can see the emotions on her face start to mask the pleasure she feels, enjoying the confirmation that in this way, elementals do work like monstergirls.
  520. While her face is still screwed up in impotent rage, you can see the hints and flashes that she's enjoying this, and you push on every front that seems to work, your pace increasing steadily as she starts to furrow her brow, the motion giving the vague impression of squeezing your eyes shut - but of course, she doesn't have eyes. You pull your fingers out of her sex - they're still perfectly clean - and move them up to her face, pressing past the vague impressions of lips on her mouth and exploring the inside. You feel around, vaguely, inside, and are pleased to find that there aren't any teeth, but there is a tongue and a throat; the discovery of the latter doesn't prompt any gagging on her part, which has positively delightful implications which you decide to explore.
  522. You pull out of her ass, and for what it's worth, she doesn't make any motion to try to get you to continue, instead just lying on the ground, stone still. You work your fingers inside her mouth, slowly jimmying her mouth open, and place your cock just past her lips. It's a bit awkward to get into position, because neither of you can really pull her head off the ground; one of your legs goes over her neck, the other lying next to her head, and it takes a moment before you can start to move. But when you do, it's delicious to drink in the way she stares up at you, brow furrowed in anger, as you start to fuck her face, your cock slipping into her throat after a few strokes as you pull yourself closer to her lips and her lips closer to your base.
  524. The position you're in doesn't provide you much range of motion, so you can only make short thrusts, but her throat is still tight and pleasant around your cock, and her tongue is even smoother and more slippery than her sex or asshole, though it's still inside of her mouth. "Ah, see?" You say as you continue to facefuck her, your cock never leaving her throat in the little humps you can make. "I knew there was a reason you had a mouth. I guess it is good for something, after all." Her expression becomes even more annoyed at that, but she's utterly powerless to stop you, and you just enjoy the blowjob, staring down at the coppergirl as you furiously fuck her throat.
  526. It doesn't take long for the combination of physical stimulus, total power, and sweet humiliation to push you past the point of no return, and when you do, you hold her down in your crotch, coming in long, powerful spurts directly down her throat. "That's it," you moan, "take it. That's what you're for. This is your real purpose."
  528. When you finally finish coming, you pull your cock out of her throat, and notice her lick at your head with one quick little flick on your way out.
  530. >What do you do?
  532. ---
  534. >Let's git gone
  535. >10
  536. >Partial success.
  538. You move away from the coppergirl, keeping an eye on her as you go to pick up the map pieces and try to fit them together. She stomped on them pretty good, and the're smudged or illegibly dirty in several places, though, so you're not sure how well you can use it. You keep your eyes on her as she starts to heal, and keep your distance from her. Eventually, she slowly lifts herself off the ground, her muscled arms pushing her back up to her full height, where she stands a head taller than you. You keep a battle stance and your eyes on her, but she doesn't go in for an attack.
  540. "You fucked up the map. Show me the way out of here."
  542. A flash of irritation runs across her face, but she turns and starts to walk. You follow her, keeping your distance, the light flickering against her glistening form. You consult with what remains of the map, and notice that she tries to lead you off several times, but you warn her not to fuck with you, and she seems to stop it after the first couple times. Eventually, she stops near a tunnel you think you recognize as the way to the entrance and points at it.
  544. "Okay, let's go that way," you say, but she turn to you and shakes her head, refusing to move further up. What's more, the tunnel narrows near where she's standing, enough that you'd have to move within melee range of her if you were to try to pass her.
  546. >What do you do?
  548. ---
  550. >Peaceful resolution
  551. >4
  552. >I wonder what the significance of this could be?
  554. "Is there something in the way?"
  556. She pauses, then shakes her head.
  558. "Are you going to serve me?"
  560. She does that noncommittal head tilt thing.
  562. "Are you going to prevent the miners from working?"
  564. Noncommittal head tilt. Rrrgh. Maybe elementals aren't as much like monstergirls as you thought.
  566. "Can you leave the mine?"
  568. She pauses a long time, then slowly shakes her head.
  570. "I'm not asking you to leave the mine. I'm telling you you're coming with me."
  572. There's a flash of emotion on her face, but it passes too quickly for you to catch it. She does the noncommittal head tilt.
  574. >What do you do?
  576. ---
  578. >Bitches get stitches
  579. >10
  581. You sigh and shake your head, taking up a combat pose and approaching her slowly. When you're just out of reach, she tries to lunge at you, but you slam your hammer into the side of her head, knocking her off balance and into the wall. Her leg lashes out backwards, blindly, in a large sweep, and you have to take a quick step away to prevent the kick from hitting you. When she manages to turn, she steadies herself against the wall with one hand and stares you down, slightly off balance, her head going up and down in drunken little swirls.
  583. >What do you do?
  585. ---
  587. >"Back the fuck down, bitch."
  588. >18
  590. You slowly circle the coppergirl, and she keeps her gazy steady on you, obviously wary. "You can't beat me," you say, cautious. "We've fought, what, three times now? And you've only landed a single blow by surprise." She keeps her back to the wall, not risking anything. "I'm a lord, and you? You're just raw metal."
  592. There's no real response, so you approach, slowly. She lashes out, wildly, and you dodge out of her range before bringing the hammer down on her head again, sending her tumbling to the ground. You rain down several more heavy blows on her, leaving her arms useless, and this time you help her to her feet, staying behind her. She's obviously disoriented and her arms flop ineffectually at her sides as she stands, her back to you, glancing over her shoulder but not willing to make any sudden moves or turn around.
  594. >What do you do?
  596. ---
  598. You prod her to turn slowly around, then to kneel facing you. She scowls up at you from the position, obviously annoyed at the current turn of events. You pull down your trousers, your cock already hard with all the thoughts you have about what to do with the disobedient coppergirl. You reach to the back of her head, positioning your cock in front of her face. She opens her mouth, obviously expecting a repeat performance of earlier, but you don't give it to her. Instead, you slap the side of her face with your cock. Her brow rises in surprise, and you keep going, slapping at her face with your cock, rubbing your length across her cheek and face, quietly humiliating her with the action.
  600. "You can't resist me," you say, keeping up the motion on her face, rubbing your precum off on her forehead, the little few dots of sticky transparency wonderfully contrasting her face. "You know that. Fighting back just gets you back into this position, being used like a piece of property and humiliated like a disobedient monstergirl. I'm stronger than you, smarter than you, better than you. If you submit, if you give up, if you just let me make the decisions for you, then it'll be better. You won't have to think or struggle with decisions, you won't have to worry about somebody coming here and killing your violent little self, it'll be so much better."
  602. Her brow furrows in contempt and anger, and you just keep slapping her face with your cock, reminding her what her position is now, how useless all her strength is. You pull your cock away from her, and she looks up at you, confusion and defiance playing across her face. You bring your hammer up to her face, and she flinches slightly as it nears. "You can have whichever hammer you want. Your choice." She looks at the hammer, then back at your cock, then up at you, and shakes her head. You slam the hammer into the side of her face, and she only barely manages to keep from toppling over.
  604. "Your choice," you repeat, and she shakes her head again and again, and you bring the hammer down on her head over and over. The fourth time, she stares at the ground for a long time, then finally nods, slowly. "That's better," you say, cupping her chin and guiding her to look up at you. You know she's strong enough that she could fight your direction, but the lingering threat of violence is enough to keep her docile, for now. "See? Isn't it better when you give in? Resisting just hurts." She gives that noncommittal tilt until you bring the hammer back threateningly, whereupon she immediately and frantically starts to nod. You slowly bring it down to rest right in front of her face. "Show the hammer how grateful you are that it's helped you see the light. Kiss it."
  606. There's a long moment of hesitation before she leans forward ever so slightly, a nervous shake to her body, and kisses the hammer. "That's a good girl," you say, commending her for her act of submission. "Now, you know, I'm not sure if you're really grateful, so I'd like you to do one more thing." She stares up at you, silent as ever. "Rise up off your ass a little?" She does, her legs leaning up, her knees still firmly planted on the ground, and you stick the long end of the hammer into her slit, making her twitch slightly in surprise. "Now take the whole thing." She follows your command, slowly slinking down onto the hammer, twitching as she goes, obviously humiliated by the act but still physically enjoying it. She finally rests her butt on her calves again, the hammer's long end buried inside of her, and looks up at you.
  608. "That's a good girl. See? When you're obedient and let me do the thinking for you, everything's better, isn't it? You don't get hit by the hammer; instead, you get to fuck it!" You take your cock and place it at her mouth, and she obediently opens it. "Now, I know that you really want some more of my semen," you say, and that scowl reappears as she stares angrily up at you, "but I have to admit, I have a bit of a competitive streak. I'll only come after you have, so you'd better be using that hammer as best you can to bring yourself over the edge, because I'm certainly not going to be helping you."
  610. There's a long pause, there, your cock stiff just an inch from her open, waiting mouth. "If I don't come down your throat, you'll have difficulty using your arms for a long time to come," you warn her. Finally, she slowly lifts herself up on the hammer, then gradually presses herself back down. Her body slowly starts to get into a rhythm, her breasts bouncing with each hump on it. You stand back a little and watch as she starts to fuck herself harder and harder, obviously desperate for your cum so that she can heal up. Her mouth is wide open, now, not in expectation of your cock but in raw, sexual pleasure, as she keeps furiously fucking herself up and down on the hammer, her head starting to loll around with each pump.
  612. You let her go at it for as long as it takes, then watch as she shudders in pleasure, her body slumping down, impaling herself completely on the hammer's handle, her head lowered and staring at the ground as she lets the waves of orgasm run through her. You walk back towards her, gently petting her head. "That's much better. You'll be a good piece of property if you keep up that ethic. Now, don't you want to surrender your will to me?" She looks up at you, scowling still. "Wrong answer," you say, walking around behind her. You reach down between her legs and yank the hammer out of her, making her fall down again, her face hitting the ground. You yank her back up, holding the hammer's handle against her throat as you do, and then return to your position in front of her, hammer in hand.
  614. "You'll be hammered into a more pleasing shape no matter what. It's just your decision which hammer you want," you explain. "Cock? Or violence? If you accept your place as my property, you can live a very nice life. Safe. Secure. Useful. Never having to think again. It's obvious you don't do much of it already, and it's equally obvious you don't do it well. If you don't give in, I'll keep brutalizing and humiliating you until I decide there's no point, and then..." you trail off, suggestively. "Well. I'm sure you can guess."
  616. She hesitates for the longest time, and you consider hitting her again, but she already seems pretty woozy from it (both the getting hit and the fucking it), and you think there's a slight concavity to her head, though that may be just a trick of the light, so you wait her out. Then she opens her mouth, that coppery tongue of hers lolling out. "You understand your position?" She nods, slowly. "You understand that there's no way you'll beat me, ever?" Another nod. It seems genuine. "You understand that the best way for you to live is to accept your place as my property?" There's hesitation, but the nod comes.
  618. "Good," you say, slipping your cock past those orange-red lips of her, wrapping one hand around the back of her head. "Hmm... what shall I call you? Property? Hole? Ride?" She doesn't react to those at all, so you decide not to use them. "Tarnish?" There's a mild reaction there, but you want more. "Hmm... how about Patina?" She scowls up at you as you continue to slowly fuck your way in and and out of her mouth. "Oh, now that's a reaction. Yes. Patina. A cute little name -" that makes her scowl deepen further, "- for a cute little girl." The name is obviously humiliating for her; effeminite, cutesy, childish. Unfitting in the extreme, which apparently does bother her.
  620. You pull out for a moment, holding her head back with your hand. "Do you want to complain? Because if you complain, that means you're not being very good at following through on your promises..." She pauses, then shakes her head, defeated. You put your cock back in her mouth, slowly fucking your way into her throat. "Use your tongue, Patina," you order, and there's only a moment's hesitation before her tongue starts to slowly make it's way back and forth along the underside of your cock. Now that you've established what's what, you feel free to go wild on her mouth, fucking her savagely. Her throat's without gag reflex and she apparently doesn't need to breathe, which means that you can use her mouth however you want.
  622. You pound away at her throat, your balls slapping against her chin lewdly, and she stares up at you, that slight, continued, but by now completely impotent anger carrying through her expression. "That's a good bitch," you say, "you're much better now that you know your place, Patina." The name makes her twitch, but she's given up the ghost of resistance, letting you set whatever pace you want inside her mouth, her tongue still lovingly stroking the underside of your cock with each thrust. "Ah, yeah," you groan out, "that's good. You'll be a real fun time whenever I decide to use you, I can just tell."
  624. You feel your orgasm approaching, and pull out suddenly, making her squirm forward, trying to move towards your cock without falling flat on her face - a difficult task, given her weight and current paralysis. Then you jerk yourself off - spilling your seed on the ground. The coppergirl just stares down at it, helpless; even if she fell flat on her face, she wouldn't be in the right position to get at any of it.
  626. "Like I'm going to let you heal just yet," you explain. "You'll get that when I trust you enough. Up. Let's go." It takes her a little bit to stand, but soon enough, she does, rising unsteadily to her feet, and you slowly march her out of the cave, occasionally prodding her back with your hammer whenever she gets too slow.
  630. ---
  632. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  633. Chapter 16
  635. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  637. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  639. You've recently moved into a manor in the town, along with your two wives: Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange and Arenne Nell née Bayamard. The former is a competent geomancer, with a focus on the subtle, while the latter is from a merchant family, with a head for numbers.
  641. Along with the three of you are four monstergirl servants: the satyress sisters Despina and Chara, a small, green-haired fairy named Juniper, and a tanukigirl called Kini. Kini stole a precious family heirloom from Adelle's family, which you recovered before brutally raping her and taking her as your captive and fuck toy.
  643. The copper mine within your lands is currently occupied by an elemental made of copper. You came down into her part of it, hoping to resolve things peacefully. You failed, instead taking the opportunity to rape the coppergirl's mouth and ass. You've - for lack of a better word - "broken" her arms, and are now force marching her out of the mines. The light of the outside shines through, and you take a moment to let your eyes adjust.
  645. >What do you do?
  647. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  649. ---
  651. Once your eyes adjust, you start to push the coppergirl further and further along, forcing her towards the crowd of miners that are milling about outside. They shy away from her, keeping a distance of a meter or two at all times. Adelle approaches, though she also doesn't get too close.
  653. "Adelle," you say, and Adelle looks directly at you, attentively, "could you examine this thing? See if there's some way you can control her? She's a bit... rambunctious, at the moment."
  655. Adelle bites her lip and shuffles slightly. "Is it safe to approach her, my lord?"
  657. >What do you do?
  659. ---
  661. "Mmm... maybe we should get somewhere a bit more secluded," you say, and march Patina along, guiding her to rest off to the side out of the miners. Adelle follows from a distance. When the three of you are alone, you order Patina to kneel. After a moment's hesitation - and a reminder of your hammer - she does, resting her knees on the ground, head hung low.
  663. Adelle approaches, tentatively, and then squats down by Patina's side, placing a hand on the coppergirl's back. She closes her eyes in concentration, flickers of confusion or interest crossing her face. She spends a minute or so like that, just... quietly, mutely, unmovingly, examining Patina. At last, she stands, looking at you. "She's very... interesting, on the inside. I recognize some patterns, including from that book you had brought, but others are completely foreign."
  665. "Can you control her?"
  667. Adelle shrugs. "I could probably disable her limbs or something to that effect, but I have no idea how her mind is set up, or anything of that sort. Although..." she reaches down, resting her hand on the coppergirl's head. "I do notice something... you used her mouth, yes?"
  669. "Yeah," you reply with a little more smugness than is perhaps altogether justified.
  671. "Hmm. I think I can detect the remainder of your ejaculate, though her body seems to be burning it away at a rapid pace. I'm not sure, but I think it might have some kind of influence on her, structurally speaking. I can't really be certain though, the shifts could be for any reason, really."
  673. >What do you do?
  675. ---
  677. "Do you think you can... you know, make her speak?"
  679. Adelle pauses in thought, then shakes her head. "I don't know enough about how speech works, or enough about how her body works. Perhaps with time and relevant research... but certainly not soon."
  681. "On that subject, can you think of anywhere there might be a book on elementals?"
  683. "Your parents' lands? Do they have a library? I know that my family doesn't have anything on the subject; I've read everything in our libraries."
  685. Do your parents have a library? You actually don't know. Change the subject, then. "Right, I'll make a mental note to check that. Can you communicate with her somehow?"
  687. "No more than you're able to, my lord."
  689. "Okay, right, right. Disable her arms; if she's still burning through my cum, they might be regenerating."
  691. Adelle nods, placing one hand on Patina's head and closing her eyes. After a moment or two, she removes her hands, apparently done.
  693. >What do you do?
  695. ---
  697. You look down at Patina. "Nod for yes, shake your head for no. Do you understand?"
  699. She nods, a sour expression on her face.
  701. "Are you going to behave?"
  703. The expression sours further, but she nods.
  705. "If you serve me faithfully, your arms will be allowed to be restored. Do you understand?"
  707. Nod.
  709. "If you work for me loyally, you'll be rewarded. Do you understand?"
  711. Nod.
  713. You turn to Adelle. "What did you mean by 'affect her structurally,' when you were talking about my cum and her body?"
  715. Adelle tilts her head. "There's a sort of... pattern to her insides. Like a..." she stumbles for words, "a lattice? It's changing right now in a subtle way, but I think the pace is linked to the amount of semen remaining in her body and the speed at which it's being consumed."
  717. "Would giving her more come speed that up?"
  719. "Probably, my lord. Assuming I'm correct in determining the link, of course."
  721. "Right. Okay, then, let's head back. Up, Patina," you order, and Patina awkwardly rises to her feet. Adelle moves out of Patina's immediate range, and you take Patina back towards the hamlet itself. When you get close to town, you hear the sounds of angry shouting, and you recognize Chara's voice among them, as well as some of the villagers.
  723. >What do you do?
  725. ---
  727. You bring Patina and Adelle towards the scene, warning Patina that if she does anything without your go-ahead, she'll be answering to you.
  729. The scene in question is a rather striking plateau. A young man - maybe thirteen or fourteen - is sourly staring at Chara, with his mother and father angrily yelling at Chara. Chara is responding in kind, and you can't really make out anything coherent. Despina is holding Chara by the shoulder, keeping her from rushing off to fight. Or, actually, gauging by the reddening of the boy's face, rushing off to continue the fight.
  731. "What's going on, here?" You ask, voice steady.
  733. The mother turns to you. "Your little monstergirl whore beat up my son."
  735. "I'm not a whore!" Chara objects, petulant. Despina tries to shush her, but it's not particularly efficacious. "He provoked me! He called me a slut! Don't start nothing, won't BE nothing."
  737. "Then, when she had him groaning on his back in pain, she tried to force him to..." the mother's face screws up, and she shoots Chara a poisonous look, "to eat her out."
  739. "Big deal!" Chara replies, huffing. "If he'd beaten me up and made me suck him off, it's not like I would've complained. That's just how it works."
  741. "That is not how it work!" The mother yells.
  743. >What do you do.
  745. ---
  747. You turn your gaze to the boy. "So? What happened?" His mother turns and looks at him expectantly.
  749. "Uh, it's pretty much like my mom said. I was trying to, y'know, to make conversation, maybe make her feel better, since she's new in town? Make a friend, right. Then she starts going on and on about like, anal sex, and I try to change the subject, so then she gets mad that I'm not interested in hearing about how great it is to get buttfucked or whatever. Then I called her a slut because she obviously is. Then she went crazy and attacked me and tried to rape me."
  751. Chara growls at that and strains against Despina's grip, but doesn't go anywhere. "I'll show you a slut!" She yells at the boy.
  753. "Yeah, like that," the boy explains.
  755. >What do you do?
  757. ---
  759. You turn to the younger Satyress, somewhat annoyed. "And what's your take on this, Chara?"
  761. "Well..." she says, rolling her eyes up and tilting her head, her voice making it clear she doesn't really want to answer, "it's basically like he said. I mean, I wouldn't say I was only talking about anal sex, or even that I talked that much about it. And he was really rude when he tried to change the subject, too! He was all like, Gods, can't you monstergirls talk about anything else? So of course I got mad!"
  763. You glance back at the boy. He doesn't seem too roughed up - he might have a bruise or cut or two tomorrow, but nothing more than the most aesthetic of wounds. The damage to his pride will probably last longer than any damage to his body.
  765. >What do you do?
  767. ---
  769. "Right. Sorry for the incident, I'll see to Chara's punishment," Chara objects, loudly, but Despina quickly shushes her, "but to be honest, I don't see the big deal. Just kids fighting."
  771. "Just kids fighting?!" The mother yells, but you take a step forward, your expression cold, and she shuts up.
  773. "Again, she'll be punished. I'll see to it that this doesn't happen again."
  775. The mother is clearly unhappy, but she lets the five of you go. Chara grumbles as the three of you leave, but Despina just shushes her.
  777. >What do you do?
  779. ---
  781. Once all the girls are together in the manor, you take Adelle aside and give her a quick, whispered, command. She smiles and nods, then follows you as you take Patina out back - you tell Chara that you'll return in a moment. When you're out back, you find a nice spot and order Patina to kneel there before giving Adelle the signal. Adelle steps up behind Patina, touching her head, and in a moment or two the coppergirl's body freezes in place, no longer able to move.
  783. "Keep an eye on her," you tell Adelle, "see how she... changes."
  785. "Yes, my lord," Adelle says, turning her gaze back to Patina.
  787. You head inside, where Chara is nervously grumbling about this or that or the other thing. "Big jerk..." Despina turns her head up when you enter.
  789. "Now, Chara," you start, "you're not supposed to do things like that. It reflects poorly on you, and on me."
  791. "He called me a slut!"
  793. "You were acting like a slut," you reply, and Chara just fumes. "Now, Despina might be able to help you understand a bit more about what's acceptable in human society, or perhaps Kini would be better; she does have more experience with it."
  795. "That blubber pile?" Chara asks, sarcastically. "A bloo bloo bloo. I'm so sad. I'm saaaaaad."
  797. "Yes, the 'blubber pile'," you say, annoyed. "Now, though, I need to be the one to start the process of teaching you about what's proper and what isn't..."
  799. >What do you do?
  801. ---
  803. You approach Chara, grabbing one of her wrists and dragging her and Despina off to one of the more isolated rooms; you don't know where Arenne is, but you don't want to risk her stepping in on the three of you. Once you pick out an unused bedroom, you push Chara onto the bed, pulling her arms behind her back and tying them together. She's currently face down on the bed, and you take your hand and run it down to her sex, gently rubbing at her clit.
  805. At first she pouts, annoyed, but unable or unwilling to really fight back. You keep stroking her, running one hand across her back in a slow, teasing motion, while your other continues to play with her little clit. She squirms, slightly, but she can't really fight against you as you gradually amp up the stimulation of her clitoris, your free hand gradually moving down to her butt to toy with it. Your finger slowly circles her anus as you continue to tease her with her clit, and her annoyance has given way to enjoyment, her eyes squeezed shut in a cute little attempt to hide her pleasure.
  807. You feel her slowly start to shake as you work her up, her legs clenching around your hand, and you shove one finger into her butt, hard, making her squeal in pleasure and surprise. She doesn't offer any resistance, though, instead easily yielding to your hand. When you feel the little Satyress's orgasm approach, though, you pull both hands away, making her squirm on the bed. "H-hey!" She says, annoyed. "What's-" then she cuts herself off, biting her tongue, presumably to keep up appearances of not liking sex.
  809. You turn to Despina, instead, who has been patiently waiting her turn, and direct her to lean over the bed next to Chara. She gives you a soft smile and quickly obeys, wiggling her butt enticingly once she's there. "Now, Chara," you say, as you slowly tease your cock at Despina's waiting slit, "you're a cute little thing," that earns an annoyed pout from Chara, "but you can't just go around talking about sex with strangers. It's not normal, you understand?" You press your cock into Despina slowly, reaching around to grab one of those big, ripe tits and roughly paw it through her loose shirt.
  811. Despina moans, softly, as you make your way into her, and you bring one hand around to her clitoris, stimulating her as you fuck her in slow, languid strokes. "Harder, Baron," she whispers, her voice soft and sweet, and you obey, ramping up the pace until your pounding into her at full speed. "Ugh, you're so good," she moans as you keep slamming into her over and over again, your balls slapping against her body with each thrust, her breasts bouncing wildly within her shirt. "Fuck," she murmurs, "it's so nice to have a steady supply of this..."
  813. "Nice to have a steady supply of what?" You ask, turning your attention fully to Despina, letting Chara watch as her older sister enjoys getting fucked.
  815. "Fucking," Despina replies, "it was so few and far between in the forest, gods, and you're pretty fucking good." You rudely paw at her tit again, making her gasp in pleasure. "Yeah, that's it, play with my tits," she says, and you follow up on that request, roughly using her breasts, tweaking her nipples through her shirt as she continues to bounce forward and back with each thrust, her little doe tail going wild, occasionally batting at your stomach when you push yourself all the way in. You pull her in close to you by the tit when you feel her approaching, leading her to arch her back against you, the back of her head resting on your shoulder as you bring her over the edge.
  817. She squeals, loudly, for a moment, and you hope that Arenne isn't in the house or will at least overlook Despina's indiscretion. You don't stop humping her, though your thrusts have to reduce in intensity to compensate for the current positioning, and your fingers keep playing with her tit and clit, her tail sweeping at your stomach more consistently now. Her breath is still irregular, her head kind of flopping around from side to side on your shoulder. "You did well today," you whisper in Despina's ear as you continue to keep her in a state of insensate pleasure.
  819. "Th-thank you," she manages, "y-you're really good at this, you know?"
  821. "I know," you say, with a smug grin on your face, and you pull her past her second orgasm. This time, she's quieter, either by intent or just because she's so out of breath, her orgasm coming out as a long sigh. Her tight little pussy squeezes around you again, making you grit your teeth in pleasure.
  823. When Despina comes down from her second orgasm, she talks. "A-are you going t-to come, soon?" You nod, still thrusting in and out. "I-I want it in my mouth," she mumbles, and you pull out with a wet schlick, making Despina sag in your grasp, the motion making her yelp as you hold her up by her tit. You give her a moment, then let her fall to her knees. She turns around and engulfs your cock almost immediately, her hands wrapping around your butt as she starts to facefuck your cock. You lean back a bit, letting her go at it, her face furiously pumping up and down your cock with an unbridled intensity, spittle flying into your groin.
  825. Her lips suckle lewdly at your cock, and her tongue runs along your base with reckless abandon, occasionally lashing out for your balls. The way she stares up at you, concentration clear in her expression, doesn't hurt either. It doesn't take long for you to come, and when you do, she wraps her lips around the ridge of your cock, staring up at you in sleepy satisfaction as you explode inside her mouth, filling it up with your creamy seed. A droplet or two spills out in tiny rivulets on her chin, and she quickly brings her hands up to catch them. When you pull out of her mouth, she pauses for a moment, head tilted back, clearly swilling your come in her mouth for a long moment before swallowing, then she starts to lick up your cum from her hands.
  827. After a half-minute or so, she's done, and she turns up. "Was it good for you, too?"
  829. You nod, still out of breath, and glance over at Chara.
  831. >What do you do?
  833. ---
  835. You move over to Chara, your dick gradually rehardening, though you don't take the opportunity to stick it in. "Chara," you start, "Despina got good treatment because she's good, unlike you."
  837. "I am not-"
  839. "Shh, shh," you say, grabbing a pillow, removing the case, and quickly stuffing it in her mouth. She sputters around it, but you place a hand over her mouth, holding it in place. "Nobody wants to hear you talk. Not until you learn to be polite, at least." With your free hand, you start to finger her, making her start to squint in pleasure. "Now, one of the first rules of being polite, is not to get violent." She mumbles around the gag, presumably a failed rebuttle, and you pull your hand out of her slit, slapping hard on her ass. "No talkback, either," you say. "You understand?" She clearly doesn't, because her muffled reply most certainly isn't a 'yeth thir,' so you spank her again, harder this time. She lets out a muffled yelp. "Do you understand?"
  841. It takes quite a few tries to get her to give in, and by the end of it you can see the reddening skin of her ass through her red-brown fur and the moistness in her eyes from the way she's become on the verge of tears. When at last she nods in reply to one of your questions, you return your finger to her slit. "No getting violent. Understand?" Chara nods, defeated, and you continue to stroke in and out of her. "Listen to your betters about how to behave in public, rather than doing whatever stupid thing you think is a good idea. Understand?" She furrows her brow at you, and you bring your hand up for a spanking; a moment later, she's nodding vigorously, and you decide to let her off this time.
  843. "Don't spit out your gag, Chara," you say, not allowing her to argue with you. She nods, weakly, and you bring your hand away from her mouth, watching her closely. When she keeps the pillowcase in there, you move in close, taking your cock and aiming it at her cute little asshole. "You want me to fuck you like I did Despina?" She furrows her brow, not answering, and you spank her again. "I asked, do you want me to fuck you like I did Despina?" She hesitates, then shakes her head. "That's good, because I'd only fuck you like I did Despina if you were a good girl, and you're not." You slowly press your cock into her asshole, listening to her try to squeal around the pillowcase, the muffled sound music to your ears as her eyes bulge. With one hand, you start to toy with her clit; with the other, you play with one of her perky little nipples through her shirt, enjoying her budding little breasts as you do.
  845. Your pace is slow, languid, agonizingly so, and it seems to be having a similar effect on Chara, who just grits her teeth and rolls her eyes in irritation, occasionally trying to wiggle her little ass, the effect sweetly gratifying for you, but it doesn't do much for her. "I can't keep fixing all your mistakes, Chara," you explain, continuing to tease her ass with your gentle fucking, "you need to learn to behave. You understand?" Chara starts to wriggle around under you, as if to escape, and you respond by taking one hand and placing it between her shoulder blades, pushing her down onto the bed, hard. "Do you understand?" You repeat, more loudly this time. There's a moments hesitation, a roll of the eyes, and at last, a nod.
  847. "If I hear you aren't doing well at that... I'll be very cross. Understand?" The nod comes more quickly this time, and you remove your hand from her back. "You can spit out the gag, now," you say, your hand returning to her breast, and you enjoy the suggestive sounds of Chara's coughs and sputters until the pillowcase is out of her mouth, lying in a wet, wrinkly pile in front of her face. "If you want a proper fucking, you'll have to say so. Otherwise, we'll keep going like this."
  849. "Puh-lease," Chara says, voice laced with sarcasm. "Like I want you to fuck my butt."
  851. "If you don't, why were you talking about buttfucking to that boy?" You say, your voice dripping with smugness.
  853. "Oh, what, like you're the only guy in the world who's ever had anal sex with me? Yeesh, somebody's got a big head," she notes, rolling her eyes.
  855. "I'm pretty sure I am..." you say, as you continue to gently saw in and out of her. "Unless you want to name names."
  857. "Oh, it's nobody you'd know," Chara explains. "The guy lives in Canique."
  859. "Uh huh," you say, as you toy with her clit a little, gripping and playing with her nipple with your other hand, enjoying the way she hisses in pleasure and wriggles under you again. You turn to Despina. "Has Chara ever been to Canique?"
  861. You notice out of the corner of your eye that Chara's eyes widen and she mouths something to her older sister, shaking her head wildly, and Despina just looks at you, a little smirk on her face. "No, sir, not as far as I'm aware."
  863. "Pfft. Like you know where I am all the time," Chara tries, but everyone knows it's hollow. "Well, whatever. Fine, you can fuck my ass, I guess."
  865. "No, Chara," you reply, smirking down at her, and she rolls her eyes in irritation, shaking her head slightly. "You have to ask."
  867. "Fine, fine, whatever, fuck my ass, please," she replies, and even though her voice is still laced with sarcasm (in order to maintain deniability, presumably), you decide to take that as an invitation. You start to pump in and out of her, your finger on her clit going wild, frantically rubbing away, your hands rubbing at her breasts softly and sweetly at times, then reverting to rough and uncompromisingly while you abuse her ass. She squeezes her eyes shut, as if to shut out your presence, and lets out little squeaks.
  869. "First order of business," you say, as you continue to pound Chara's delightful little puckered lips, "you need to listen to your social betters. For now, I think, you're not allowed to leave the manor unless somebody's watching you."
  871. "Wh-what?" Chara says, eyes going wide, attention turning to you, though she's still squeaking slightly every time you bottom out in her and your balls slap against her slit. "Come on."
  873. "Freedom of movement is a privilege, not a right. You're my responsibility," you say as you bottom out in her, her eyes rolling up in pleasure, "so you're not allowed to be going around and getting yourself in trouble." She starts to say something, but you pinch at her clit, making her squeal in surprise, her whole body twitching, and soon enough she's just panting away, no longer able to offer any argument, while you frantically fuck her. It doesn't take long for her to orgasm under your constant ministrations, and you use the clenching of her ass around your cock as an excuse to fill her butt up with your semen.
  875. You slump down on top of her, making her yelp in surprise and start to wriggle around beneath you in protest, but that just sends waves of pleasure through your still-sensitive cock. At last, you pull out, a few dribbles of cum following your cock on its way out and sigh, audibly.
  877. >What do you do?
  879. ---
  881. You strum your fingers on your thigh for a moment, staring down at Chara as your cum continues to slowly dribble out of her tight little asshole. She's still a bit of a brat, obviously, and probably going to go around being an idiot some more, even with your rules. Something mildly humiliating that will serve as a constant reminder of her recalcitrance, to motivate her to change. A collar.
  883. "Despina, watch your little sister for me. Try to explain to her why she should behave," you add, heading out.
  885. In town, you manage to find a shop which produces collars - there are even a few already done - and buy one that looks like it would fit around Chara's neck. After thanking the artisan who made it (and praising his work, as you're apparently supposed to, according to Adelle), you head back to your manor.
  887. "It's stupid," you hear Chara say from the room where she's still in. You pause outside of the doorway, listening in. "All these rules are stupid."
  889. "They're not stupid, Chara," Despina says, her voice doting. "They're just the way the world works. Look at the world. Really think about it for a second. There's humans, and there's monstergirls. Who's on top?"
  891. "There are really powerful monstergirls!" Chara replies, dodging the question.
  893. "Sure, but it's the humans who number in the hundreds of thousands, just here in Rivaine. Why do you think they run the world? I've been thinking, and I think it's because of all their ridiculous rules. 'You can't have sex with random strangers,' 'you're only supposed to have sex with your spouse,' 'you can't go around just robbing whoever you like,' 'rape is wrong,' 'respect other people's property,' 'bow to your social betters and be quiet around them,' on and on with all these silly rules. Maybe some of them are stupid and just random garbage, but you don't know which ones. Obviously enough of them are smart and useful to let them rule the roost, in spite of the fact that they're slow, have poor eyesight and a bad sense of smell, and no natural weapons worth a damn."
  895. "That's dumb. You're dumb," Chara replies, petulant.
  897. >What do you do?
  899. ---
  901. You head into the room, finding Chara sitting on the bed, rubbing her butt absently, while Despina sits down next to her. "Hello, my lord," Despina says, giving a little bow. Chara just rolls her eyes.
  903. "Chara," you say, drawing the younger monstergirl's attention. "I'm seeing to it that you're fed, clothed, and cared for. If you keep causing problems for me..." you trail off, spreading your hands wide, "I'm not going to keep doing so." Chara's eyes are drawn to the collar in your right hand, and you move up close to her. She shies away, slightly, but she knows there's no mistake, and you wrap it around her dainty little neck, just tight enough to be a reminder. "Consider this a reminder. You'll wear it until I feel like I can really trust you."
  905. "H-hey! Come on!" Chara whines.
  907. "I can do worse," you reply, gaze steady. "Want to see? Adelle's out with the coppergirl. I can always do worse. I've been nice, since that first encounter in the forest. Keep up this behavior, and that'll change."
  909. Chara gulps, audibly.
  913. ---
  915. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  916. Chapter 17
  918. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  920. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  922. You've recently moved into a manor in the town, along with your two wives: Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange and Arenne Nell née Bayamard. The former is a competent geomancer, with a focus on the subtle, while the latter is from a merchant family, with a head for numbers.
  924. Along with the three of you are four monstergirl servants: the satyress sisters Despina and Chara, a small, green-haired fairy named Juniper, and a tanukigirl called Kini. Kini stole a precious family heirloom from Adelle's family, which you recovered before brutally raping her and taking her as your captive and fuck toy.
  926. You've also recently taken a second captive, a copper elemental from the mine that you've taken to calling Patina. She's currently outside with Adelle, immobilized by the latter's geomancy.
  928. Chara, the younger satyress, has been nothing but a handful since the moment you took her in, and she's yet to learn her lesson, so you've collared her and ordered her not to leave the manor without someone accompanying her. She tugs awkwardly at the collar, but doesn't remove it, instead bowing her head slightly and staring at you.
  930. >What do you do?
  932. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  934. ---
  936. You sit down on the bed next to Chara; Despina sidles along to give you room. "Look..." you say, like a father awkwardly trying to explain things to his daughter. "I do want you to be happy here. But you can't have that if you act like a little spastic all the time." That earns a glower from Chara, so you just sigh and shake your head. "Just... just try to be a little more mature." Yeah, this doesn't seem likely to work. You turn your attention back to Despina, wrapping one arm around her. She offers you a girlish smile, and you lean in close, giving her a few sweet little kisses on the neck. You can practically feel her blush, and her hand reaches towards your pants, rubbing softly at your manhood through them.
  938. You pull away, turning around to give Chara a little peck on the cheek, which earns an embarrassed and frantic scraping away at the affected area as she scowls at you, apparently annoyed at your presumptuousness. You give her a quick ruffle of the hair - and another peck, this one on her forehead (a task made moderately more difficult than normal by her horns) - and head off to check on Patina and Adelle.
  940. Adelle is squatting in front of Patina, who is apparently frozen on her knees. She traces one finger along the coppergirl's lips, curiously toying with them, occasionally pulling her fingers away to inspect them.
  942. "Anything interesting on this front?" You ask, standing slightly to the side.
  944. Adelle turns to you and offers a quick, perfunctory bow of her head. "She's burnt through your semen completely, my lord. I've had to... reassert the immobilization occasionally, but now that she's out of semen, her regeneration is taking place at a glacial pace. She could probably be left for a week without worry."
  946. >What do you do?
  948. ---
  950. You squat down next to the coppergirl. "Patina. This isn't a very complicated situation, and I'm not going to pretend that it is. I expect loyalty and obedience. If you show that, you'll be rewarded - freedom of movement and a regular source of semen. If you don't, well, I don't know exactly what I'll do with you, but it won't be pleasant." You stand up, giving a quick glance at Adelle. "Do you think it would be okay to leave Patina to think about it?"
  952. Adelle nods. "Yes, my lord." The two of you head back into the manor, and Adelle soon retires to her room to study.
  954. You decide to go check in on Arenne, to show her a bit of spousal affection, only to find that she's missing from the house. A few quick inquiries later, and Kini tells you that she's gone out to visit Sera.
  956. "She wanted to make some friends, master," Kini notes, with her head bowed. "She didn't say when she'd be back."
  958. >What do you do?
  960. ---
  962. "Thank you, pet," you say, reaching down to scratch Kini behind the ears. Her eyes lid and she cranes her head around, getting you to scratch this spot, then that. "Follow me," you tell her, leading her to her bedroom. You sit down on the side of the bed, patting gently at the area next to you, indicating for her to sit down. She does, though her tail curls in as she does. You start scratching her again, gradually guiding her down until her head rests in your lap, your erection rubbing ever so slightly against the back of her head as she does. When it becomes clear that you're not planning on molesting her, her tail starts to uncurl, and you begin to talk to her, asking her questions about her life.
  964. You're not exactly the best at following social cues, so the conversation meanders at times as you try to press on some point that's more private than she initially says, or when you try to get more about a story that, actually, just kind of ends abruptly. Kini apparently lived quite a life in Arcine, going from nothing to a minor aristocrat by a mixture of crime and raw business cunning. She tells you stories of pretending to be a sailor in the navy and absconding with an entire ship's worth of goods, though she only managed to fence a small portion before the ship was retaken. Other stories about scouring the ancient catacombs beneath Arcine and robbing the dead blind. Pretending to be a man's wife to steal from him. Apparently she even slept with Arenne's father at one point, making a large amount of coin in the process. You probably shouldn't mention that to Arenne.
  966. You feel... slightly bad, about what you did to her. Sure, she was a thief, but... she seems to have been a really good thief. There's something about the competence, the joie de vivre (to borrow the local parlance), she describes that makes you feel bad about taking that all away from her.
  968. Oh well.
  970. The stories keep coming and coming, and she cuddles into your lap a little more happily, a bit more comfortably, her tail wagging gently as the conversation drags on.
  972. >What do you do?
  974. ---
  976. >16
  978. Kini starts to move her head slightly upward along your legs, until her cheek rests against your groin, which she happily rubs against, making that weird not-purring noise as she does. She gives you a tentative glance, and you nod; she turns, slightly, moving so that she balances on four limbs and her face is just inches from your groin, her hot breath reaching your manhood through your pants. Her hands come up, tentatively, and start to pull down your pants. She gives you a quick, worried glance, and you just run your hand through her hair, giving her a slow pet.
  980. "That's a good girl. That's a good girl," you say, voice soft, as your cock pops out, nearly hitting her in the face. She licks her lips, staring down at your erect cock.
  982. >What do you do?
  984. ---
  986. You rest one hand on her head, gently scratching and encouraging her, while your other slowly pulls up her dress, then pulls down her panties, finding her sweet little pussy. You gently run your fingers across her lower lips, making her shiver slightly as she leans down towards your cock and starts to lap at it. Her big eyes stare up at you, the tiniest measure of fear in them, and you try to reassure her. "That's a good girl," you say, "I'm not going to make you do anything."
  988. At that, her focus returns to your cock, her little tongue running wild across your length as she slowly makes her way up and down, loving little laps across your manhood making you groan with pleasure. Your hands action in her pussy and on her head make her occasionally stop, biting her tongue to let out a brief whimper of pleasure, before resuming her action. Her focus is completely on your cock, as if the whole rest of the world was gone; her eyes don't even glance in your direction, instead either staring hungrily at your cock or closing in pleasure.
  990. You let her continue to lick and lap while you keep playing with her sex, your fingers plunging into her in long, languid thrusts, your other hand scratching merrily away behind her ears. Eventually, she moves away, putting her face so that she stares directly at your head, her mouth closed, her tongue idly sliding across her lips. You gently tease at her clit, making her eyes close and her neck arch, another throaty purr escaping her. She turns her head back to your cock a few moments later, however, and opens her mouth, wrapping her lips around it, slowly making her way down. She has to waddle up a bit - your hands never leave her sex - but soon enough you're pressing at the entrance to her throat while she keeps happily licking away at your cock, now buried halfway inside her mouth. When you stimulate her clit again, she lets out a moan around your cock, making it vibrate pleasantly inside her mouth.
  992. After a bit of leaving your cock where it is, just happily suckling and licking away, she starts to press down further, her throat enveloping your cock as she slowly presses herself down, her tongue still lovingly caressing your manhood as she takes you to the base. You play with her clit again, and get exactly the reward you were hoping for, that sexual moan around your cock as it fills her throat, sending waves of pleasure through your manhood as she sucks away, her nose pressing against your pubes. With one hand, she reaches down for the one you've got in her groin, gently guiding your motion so that you start to finger-fuck her properly, quick little strokes that make her bounce ever so slightly.
  994. "Good girl," you say, and she starts to pull herself up off your cock. When you leave her throat, her warm breath tickles your length, and you scratch ever harder at her ears. "You're a very good girl," you repeat, and you start to finger-fuck her even harder, as if to emphasize your words. "I notice. You've been very good. Think of this as a reward for being good," you say, and she nods absently as she starts to bob on your cock, her head making long strokes up and down your manhood, her tongue actively pleasuring your cock. With one hand, she reaches down for your balls, which she caresses absently, while the other starts to play with her clit.
  996. You hear and feel as she approaches orgasm, her body shaking slightly, her hips thrusting back into your hand, a throaty moan sending tingles through your cock, and you help her along, your action in her sex becoming more vigorous. Her eyes screw shut as she comes, hard, pressing herself down your cock in one quick thrust as she does, her waves of pleasure carrying through into your manhood, giving you a wonderful workout as she shakes on top of you, a bit of slobber dripping down from her mouth as she bounces around on top of you.
  998. When she comes down from her orgasm, she pulls off your cock, absently running her fingers across its length as she stares up at you. "M-master, am I doing good?" She asks, her eyes hopeful, worried.
  1000. You scratch her with renewed vigor, nodding. "Very good, pet. You're a very good girl. I'm happy with you," you note, and she gives this weak little smile before turning her attention fully back to your cock. She licks her lips again, then wraps her mouth around your cock, bouncing up and down more quickly this time, frantically fucking her face on your cock with an intense hunger. Her eyes are squeezed shut, the occasional tear droplet coming out as she humps your cock with her mouth.
  1002. She moves too quickly for you to scratch her properly, now, so your hand reaches down to play with one of her barely-there breasts, gently toying with it, rubbing your thumb across her nipple, making her squeak with unexpected pleasure around your cock. The two of you carry on like that for a while, Kini putting everything she can into trying to bring you off, her lips suckling, her tongue lapping and rubbing, her throat enveloping your manhood as she swallows around your length again and again, the action making your cock pulse with pleasure. It doesn't take that long for you to approach your... gods, it must be your fifth orgasm of the day.
  1004. "I'm going to come, pet," you warn, and Kini nods, moving her mouth up so that her lips rest around the ridge of your cock, her little hand frantically pumping away at your cock as she stares at you out of the corner of her eye, an urgency and hunger in them. A few moments later, you erupt inside of her mouth, and she happily swallows it, her eyes lidding in pleasure as she seems to fly away to some other world with each burst of semen that splatters on the inside of her mouth. When you finish coming in her mouth, she just keeps idly jerking you off, her eyes rolled up and lidded, barely aware of the world.
  1006. >What do you do?
  1008. ---
  1010. You let Kini just bliss out for a bit, before you move her to rest on your lap, her head lying across your thigh as you pull up your pants. She absently licks her lips, still in the sleepy haze of taking your load. You gently run your fingers through her hair, absently petting her as you do, and she snuggles against you further. After a while, her eyes start to change from one kind of tired to another, drooping sleepily. You move her around, earning a sleepy mumble of surprise as you lay her to rest; she curls up into her ordinary ball when you put her down on the little pillow pile she maintains in the center of the bed. You lean down, kissing her forehead and giving her one last scratch for good measure, and she gives a lethargic murmur of thanks before closing her eyes.
  1012. You head out, leaving Kini alone for the moment, and wait anxiously at the manor's door for Arenne's return. When she finally does return, she squeaks in surprise at the sight of you, apparently having not expected you. You give her a calm, easy smile, and lean down to hug her. She replies in kind after a moment, her arms wrapping around you as best they can, her face rubbing into your chest. You maneuver for a kiss, to which she replies happily with one of her own.
  1014. When you at last pull away, she absently plays with her clothes, staring at your feet. "S-sorry, Baron. I just... um... I wanted to make some friends, you know, outside. Sorry for not saying anything to you, but I thought, you know, if I just, if I waited, I'd be making excuses, and I'd probably keep making excuses."
  1016. >What do you do?
  1018. ---
  1020. "It's fine," you say, smiling gently. "I'm glad you're making friends. I want you to be happy, and friends always help with that."
  1022. Arenne nods, shakily, giving a weak smile.
  1024. "So, who did you meet, how did it go?"
  1026. "Um, I mostly just talked to Sera. You know, Marc's wife?"
  1028. You nod. "What about?"
  1030. She blushes and looks elsewhere. "You know. Things."
  1032. Even you can tell she doesn't want to talk about it, so you let it slide, instead guiding her with you into her room, curling into bed with her, your body wrapping around hers, kissing at her neck. She blushes, slightly, and snuggles back into you. You just hold her tightly in your arms.
  1034. "B-Baron?" Her voice is nervous, unsteady.
  1036. "Yes, Arenne?"
  1038. "Do you-" she pauses, hesitant. "Do you-" she stops again, swallowing. "Why, um, why did you marry me?"
  1040. >What do you do?
  1042. ---
  1044. "You're pretty, and sweet, and intelligent," you say, kissing at the nape of her neck. "There was the political element, too. Adelle suggested the marriage, and... it fit, you know? It was kind of what I was thinking. I figured you would be happy here, given more... freedom, than you had at home. I thought... well, I thought it would make me, Adelle, and you happier for it."
  1046. Arenne gives a little nod at that, and lets a silence fill the air. Then she turns around, locking eyes with you, her hands coming up, tentatively, to rest on your shoulders. She pushes you onto your back, climbing onto you, her groin on your chest as she stares down on you. Her breath is irregular, her eyes a mixture of scared and determined, and she licks her lips nervously. "F-f-fuck me," she says. "Just- make me- just fuck me."
  1048. >What do you do?
  1050. ---
  1052. You've had sex five times today, so you know you're not going to be lacking in endurance. You reach down for your pants, staring up into Arenne's eyes as you pull your trousers down, your cock popping out. She pulls up her dress, her breath heavy, and then pulls off her panties, tossing them aside before waddling backwards until she's balanced over your cock, staring at you, eyes full of intensity. You reach up for her nice, round hips, pulling her slowly down onto your cock.
  1054. It doesn't take long for your length to be fully buried inside her, and you pull her upper body down to meet your face, mashing your lips into hers, hungrily, your back curled up to allow it. You crane your neck down, kissing at her shoulders and neck, making her start to wrap her arms around you as you fuck up into her. She starts to dig her fingernails into your back, making you hiss slightly in pain, but you respond by just continuing to kiss at her and fuck her slowly. With one hand, you reach down to where your groins meet, awkwardly brushing at her clit as best you're able in this position, making her moan softly.
  1056. "You're so, fucking, beautiful," you say in between thrusts, her little body bouncing above you, and she just nods, eyes clenched tight. You keep fingering her clit, keeping her surprised with each irregular motion, testing her body. With the relative sizes of your bodies, you have to keep up one elbow to properly curl your back into her, so you only have the one hand to play with her. After a bit, you reach for the hem of her dress, pulling it up; she lifts her arms to let you remove it completely, leaving her gloriously nude above you, her body already starting to become slick with sweat, her eyes still full of that same intensity. You keep her bouncing on your cock, your fingers dancing around her clit like an experienced ballet dancer, while she starts to frantically try to take some initiative of her own, her mouth meeting your neck, suckling greedily at you in between squeaks.
  1058. Your endurance feels positively infinite, so it's no trouble whatsoever for you to keep up a vigorous pace without coming, and soon enough she's starting to yelp and scream your name. "Don't, don't stop, Baron, fuck, you're so, good," she says, in between her desperate little nibbles at your neck, trying to emulate what you've done to her neck in the past. It's not completely failing, the feel of her lips and teeth against your skin wonderfully intimate in between your frantic fucking. It doesn't take that long for her to orgasm once, her scream loud in your ear, making you wince slightly. She comes down, sweaty, on top of you, collapsed on your chest. You roll her around until she's below you, nude above your almost clothed form. You pull off your pants while she huffs and puffs on the bed, her long blonde hair scattered around the bed, some of it stickily clinging to her skin, her sweet little body fully on display.
  1060. You don't wait for her to fully recover to slam into her again, this time with you above her, and her eyes roll up in pleasure as you do. With one hand, you thumb her nipple, making her breath hitch in pleasure, her tongue lolling out. Then you take your fingers in a long, circuitous route down to her groin, teasing her as they roll in a languid circle above her sex, poking at her belly. Her hands reach up for your body, running along your chest through your shirt, her eyes starting to become more lucid even as you keep fucking her. Your finger finally makes its way down to her sex, teasing her lips before circling her clit, and she smiles, weakly, at your attentions. You lean down for her, and she wraps her arm around you again, her lips meeting your neck once more, sweetly kissing your flesh, full of desperate affection.
  1062. It doesn't take long for her to come again, and this time she clings tightly to you, her face pressed against your chest as she orgasms, her inner walls hugging your manhood tightly, over and over again, the feeling sweet and pleasant. She comes down again, her body by now caked with a thin layer of sweat. You don't slow down even for a moment, your fingers still going wild in her sex, and she just limply lolls her head around, her mouth open, her eyes rolled up in pleasure. You reach for one of her hands, pressing yours against it, your fingers lacing together, making a soft smile appear on her face. You lean in towards her, kissing her greedily, your tongues meeting in one another's mouth.
  1064. Your pace never lets up, though, and in short order she's moaning into your mouth again, limpening beneath you as her strength is drained away by the pleasure you're giving her. You pull your hand away from her groin, instead reaching towards her free hand and wrapping your fingers around it as well. You pull away from her mouth, slightly, instead staring down at her; she replies with a sleepy, sweet gaze of her own, then her eyes roll up and she moans out her third orgasm, her head rolling around beautifully on the bed as the ecstasy overtakes her.
  1066. When she comes down from that high, you move to kiss her neck, pulling out of her in the process. She blinks rapidly as your mouth makes slow kisses down her body, suckling at one breast, then the other, before kissing its way to her navel, and then her clit. You wrap your lips around her clit, gently rolling it around in your mouth, teasing it with your tongue, and making her back arch as she lets out a long, low moan of pleasure, her hands running through your hair as she murmurs your name, her thighs lying on your shoulders. It doesn't take long for you to bring her to her fourth orgasm of the night, her thighs clenching around your head as her fingers wrap tight around your hair, her groin pushing up into your mouth as she shrieks out her pleasure.
  1068. When she releases you, her body limp, you stand up, walking towards your pants.
  1070. "W-wait," she mumbles, and you stop, turning to her. "Y-you didn't, come," she huffs.
  1072. "I'm... it's fine, Arenne."
  1074. "N-no it isn't," Arenne replies, flopping over onto her side, looking at you. "Come on, you should, too."
  1076. "It's just, I'm a bit... insensitive, today," you explain, awkwardly avoiding the reason you're insensitive.
  1078. Arenne looks lost for a moment, then looks at you. "Would, would it help if I used my mouth?" You nod, moving back towards her on the bed, setting your positions so that she rests beneath you, your butt near her breasts, your cock inches from her lips. She licks them, absently, and cranes her neck upward, wrapping her lips around your tip, her tongue lapping at your head as she does. She stares up at you, eyes full of hope, and one hand comes up, starting to run along your length, jerking you off slowly, then faster and faster.
  1080. She starts to bob her head along your cock as best she can, and although it's only an inch or two, her tongue still adds an impressive amount of stimulation to what she can reach, and the little, desperate whimpers add to the experience. You reach down, running your fingers through her hair, then reach for her free hand and guide it down towards her sex.
  1082. "I'd feel better if you were enjoying this too," you explain, and Arenne just nods, your cock still filling her mouth, her cheek bulging lewdly where your head presses against it. You feel as much as hear a gentle moan emanate from her throat as she starts to pleasure herself, her eyes never leaving yours. You start to hump, gently, forward and back, and a little smile appears on her face, gladdened by the way you're taking a more active role even as you continue to irregularly fill her mouth with your cock. Her hand starts to move more quickly along your length, its pace now almost frantic, her tongue swishing kindly around your cock as she sucks and suckles at it with her lips and mouth.
  1084. Her eyes silently implore you to orgasm, but you weren't just saying you were insensitive; you really are. You wrap one hand around the back of her head, tentative at first. Her brow furrows, but she nods ever so slightly, and you pull her forward further, starting to fuck her mouth faster and faster. Her eyes close, and you feel her body shiver as she starts to play with herself more, little whimpers sending equally little vibrations through your cock. Her tongue rolls wonderfully around inside her mouth, making your manhood twitch with pleasure. You quicken your pace again, and now her lips start to make a soft popping noise as you thrust in and out of her mouth.
  1086. "You're, so, fucking, wonderful," you say as your eyes roll up in pleasure, and you come in her mouth, a few anemic spurts landing in there which she quickly swallows before lapping at your head to remove the last little bits. You pull out of her and flop onto your side on the bed, and she sidles along slightly to rest next to you.
  1088. >What do you do?
  1090. ---
  1092. You wrap your arms around Arenne, pulling her close to you. She gives a little squeak, then cuddles up against you as you wrap your body around hers, giving her little kisses on her neck, shoulders, and back. "You don't have anything to prove," you whisper, "I love you."
  1094. "R-really?" Arenne says, turning to you, a hopeful smile on her face.
  1096. "Really," you say, leaning forward and giving her a quick peck on the lips. "I love you and Adelle."
  1098. Arenne's smile becomes a bit more forced, at that, but she just pulls herself further into you, pressing her head against your chest.
  1102. By morning, she's facing the other way again, her butt pressing against your groin, some of her hair splaying across your neck and face. You awkwardly wave it away; she's still asleep.
  1104. >What do you do?
  1106. ---
  1108. You wrap your arms around Arenne, pulling her close to you. She gives a little squeak, then cuddles up against you as you wrap your body around hers, giving her little kisses on her neck, shoulders, and back. "You don't have anything to prove," you whisper, "I love you."
  1110. "R-really?" Arenne says, turning to you, a hopeful smile on her face.
  1112. "Really," you say, leaning forward and giving her a quick peck on the lips. "I love you and Adelle."
  1114. Arenne's smile becomes a bit more forced, at that, but she just pulls herself further into you, pressing her head against your chest.
  1118. By morning, she's facing the other way again, her butt pressing against your groin, some of her hair splaying across your neck and face. You awkwardly wave it away; she's still asleep.
  1120. >What do you do?
  1122. ---
  1124. You move your hands up and around to gently rub at Arenne's shoulders, making her hum softly and happily in her sleep. You keep up the pressure, giving her a sweet massage, kissing at the back of her head, and soon enough she's awake, looking at you bleary-eyed. "Baron?" She asks, sleepily.
  1126. "I love you," you repeat, placing your forehead against her and rubbing noses. She gives out a weak little giggle at that, and you pull away. "Let's go get breakfast, okay?"
  1128. The job of preparing breakfast falls on Despina, and she's apparently done an adequate job; you, Adelle, and Arenne all sit down at the table to eat, and, potentially, discuss your plans to investigate your brother.
  1130. >What do you do?
  1132. ---
  1134. You've already talked about it with Adelle, but you explain to Arenne the rough situation. Her eyes go wide and she listens with rapt attention, nodding slightly to each statement you make. She was already aware that your older brother was murdered, but not about your suspicion of your younger brother. She balks at your suggestion that it was Lorenne who did the dirty work.
  1136. "Y-you mean I l-let a murderess... touch me?"
  1138. "Hey, hey, it's okay," you say, your voice soft and soothing. "I was right there. If she'd tried anything, she would be dead. Besides, we don't know that she's the murderer."
  1140. Arenne just nods, distracted now, and absently toys with her food.
  1142. "I think it would be for the best if we took a more proactive tack. We've been sitting on our asses for two weeks, now, and it's best not to wait around any more."
  1144. Arenne just nods, still distracted.
  1146. >What do you do?
  1148. ---
  1150. You try to comfort Arenne a little, but she seems pretty out of it.
  1152. After eating, you go through the whole household, informing Chara (in particular) in no uncertain terms that she is to do absolutely nothing out of line while you are gone, or she will be punished very harshly. She gulps and agrees; telling Despina that Arenne is in charge, on the other hand, earns no more than a happy little nod and "yes sir." Juniper is... well, Juniper, she mostly just floats around her pond.
  1154. A quick check around the town confirms that no one has seen Lorenne since two weeks ago, though you mention they ought to keep an eye out for her, just in case.
  1156. Kini shapeshifts into her more mature alternate form, that of Liadra, and she joins you and Adelle on your trip to your parents' main estates. Arenne is left to manage yours.
  1158. It's a foreboding construction to approach with any sort of hostile intent, and you feel an unease settle in you. You may very well be coming here to kill your own brother. That's a sobering thought, to be sure.
  1160. Neanderhold is easily seven or eight times the size of the Lestrange's keep, and with a more than sufficient increase of manpower. Something like two thousand denizens total, staff and guards both. The warrior aristocracy of the lands sends off some of their sons to guard the place. It'd be hell to assault for anyone in all Rivaine, so nobody does. Well, you suppose that Erosette was planning to, but even she'd probably have failed in the end.
  1162. Being that your mother and father rule, you don't have much trouble getting in (still armed), bringing along Adelle as your beloved first wife, Liadra as a trusted servant.
  1164. They'll have to be enough.
  1168. ---
  1170. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1171. Chapter 18
  1173. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1175. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  1177. However, you're not really able to simply retire and rest on your laurels. When you met your first wife, Adelle (a competent geomancer), it was only a scant few days after your older brother was murdered by an unknown assassin. As of yet, you've been unable to find anything to really suggest a perpetrator or mastermind, but your current best guess is your younger brother, Levy Arthur Teringeld Santing Von Printsly.
  1179. That in mind, you've come to the fortress your grandfather built after most of his conquests: Neanderhold, a large fortification with around two thousand people. Along with you for this misison are your wife Adelle, the shapeshifting master thief tanukigirl Kini (currently disguised as Liadra, the noble identity she used when you first met her), and your sword.
  1181. >What do you do?
  1183. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1185. ---
  1187. You try to avoid attracting too much attention, though it's not exactly easy, given the fact that most people here can recognize you. The odds of you going completely unnoticed are slim, but keeping a low profile should help you out a bit in terms of obfuscating your purpose here.
  1189. The first thing to investigate is, of course, your brother, and you, Adelle, and Kini, all split up and start asking around among the locals, trying to get an idea of who's close to your brother. You're kind of cruddy at it, though, and mostly just create situations where people are obviously trying to avoid you or stop talking to you, while still maintaining a facade of politeness. After a few failed attempts, you decide to just wait for Adelle and Kini to get their own (no doubt better) leads.
  1191. You head to the practice yard to do a few forms before heading to where the three of you agreed to meet up; Adelle and Kini arrive soon after with the information they've gathered.
  1193. Your brother's still the same old ponce he normally is, so he's generally avoiding much contact with the plebeians who populate Neanderhold. However, there is one girl who's apparently been attending to (or perhaps "attending to") him with some frequency: a young serving girl by the name of Elisetta who comes from some podunk town or other and has no family.
  1195. Kini helpfully makes an additional, original suggestion: there's a seer living at Neanderhold (a fact you vaguely recall), who could perhaps provide some information. On the other hand, the guy obviously didn't warn anybody about your older brother's death, so how much use could he be?
  1197. >What do you do?
  1199. ---
  1201. You resolve to go talk to the servant girl, though you thank Kini for her idea and give her a quick pet, though it appears to not have quite the same effect when she's shifted. Adelle pouts a bit when you call Kini a "good girl," and you give her a quick one handed hug and ass squeeze before verbally reassuring her that you love her.
  1203. The three of you head off to find Elisetta, the task taking more time and effort than you'd initially anticipated, given the way the girl is apparently doing a half-dozen odd jobs all over the place. You see her before she sees you; she's a young girl, maybe fourteen or fifteen, with short red hair in a cute little bob cut. She's not particularly developed, yet, but there's the beginning of a bust and hip that can be seen.
  1205. >What do you do?
  1207. ---
  1209. You decide to see whether or not the girl recognizes you, but she doesn't even glance away from her work as you slowly walk through her field of vision.
  1211. So, instead, you wait, finding a nice spot nearby to sit with your wife and pet and just relax and chat. Adelle leans her body against yours, and you wrap one arm around her, possessively holding her tight, earning a soft little hum of pleasure and making her snuggle up against you. You give her a kiss on the top of the head, and talk with her a bit about what a good girl Kini's been, and that Adelle should be nice to her in the future. Adelle smiles softly and nods with a quick "yes my lord."
  1213. When Elisetta finally finishes with her current task, and is brushing herself clean, you approach her. She glances up at you, face tired and annoyed for a moment before she puts on a kind smile and straightens up her posture. "Hello, sir," she says, "what can I do for you?"
  1215. >What do you do?
  1217. ---
  1219. You cough, a little awkwardly, trying to find a segue to the subject of whether or not your brother's been fucking her. You finally settle on "What do you do here?"
  1221. "Ah," she says with a quick bow, "lots of small jobs. Cleaning, shelving, carrying things hither and thither, whatever needs doing." She offers a smile. "It's not the most glamorous of jobs, but someone has to do it."
  1223. "I've heard you help out Sir Levy?"
  1225. Elisetta blinks rapidly at that for a moment, her smile becoming a bit more forced. "Ah, yes, Sir Levy has some difficulties with certain activities which do not interfere with his duties as a child of Lord Printsly Nell and potential heir to the rulership of these lands, but nonetheless are quite private. I am sorry to leave you to speculate, sir, but I am not permitted to speak further."
  1227. "What do you think of him?"
  1229. "Of Sir Levy, sir? I'm certain I think of him as a good and decent young man with a fine future ahead of him, truly an exemplar of the virtues which allowed the Nells to so effortlessly come to rule these lands two generations ago. Why do you ask?"
  1231. "Well," you say, taking out a few coins and handing them to her, making her face briefly show confusion before that smile returns and she starts looking at you again, "I was curious as to how satisfied you are with your position here, and I've heard that you work with Sir Levy most extensively."
  1233. "I'm in no position to leave, I'm afraid. Part of what brought me here," she bows her head, now. "I hardly mean to disparage the great Lord Neander, of course, but there was a family heirloom which was apparently stolen by someone in his employ and eventually made its way into the family vaults. I'm certain he had no idea of its personal value to my family, or of its origin, of course. Such a virtuous man would hardly steal from common folk. I do not plan to leave before retrieving it; not without me giving dutiful compensation to the Nells for the inconvenience, of course."
  1235. >What do you do?
  1237. ---
  1239. "What's the item you're concerned about? And how'd your family get it?"
  1241. She looks at you for a long moment, eyes sizing you up; then she seems to reach some conclusion, and speaks. "It is a fine ceramic container, covered in intricate patterns. It contains the ashes of a family hero and honored ancestor."
  1243. "So do you know where it is now, then?"
  1245. "I believe it currently resides in the Nell family vaults, sir. May I ask why you've taken such an interest, sir?"
  1247. >What do you do?
  1249. ---
  1251. "I'm interested in your plight and would like to help you."
  1253. She blinks, her smile broadening, her shoulders wiggling as she straightens up. "Thank you, kind sir. Your generosity and charity is worthy of commendation. If you do obtain it, I would be ever so grateful. If there's anything I can do..." her smile becomes slightly strained as she glances at Adelle and/or Kini over your shoulder "... to help you, please, feel free to ask."
  1255. >What do you do?
  1257. ---
  1259. "Thank you for your time, Elisetta." You ask her some quick questions about her schedule to ensure you can get back to her, and head off with your wife and pet.
  1261. The vault is a rather severe looking, well-guarded room which you know from experience that you are not allowed inside. However, you are allowed to look through the records of its contents, and confirm a vase matching the description you gave has been kept there since a few years after your grandfather's initial landing.
  1263. >What do you do?
  1265. ---
  1267. You find the guy whose responsibility is overseeing the inventory of the vaults, asking him several pointed questions about the vase. It takes him a bit before he remembers what you're talking about, and says that, as far as he's aware, it doesn't have any magical properties. He couldn't tell you how it got into the vaults, though; it's been there the entire time he's worked in his current position.
  1269. Kini could steal it, probably, given her extensive experience and skill in that area... or you and Adelle could lobby your parents to take possession of it, or perhaps something else could be done to allow you to hand it over to Elisetta discretely.
  1271. >What do you do?
  1273. ---
  1275. You give Adelle a loving kiss and tell her to go check out the local library, which she happily dashes off to do.
  1277. When you approach your parents about taking the vase, your dad gives you a Look. It's a Look that says, You've gotten your lands a month ago and you're already begging me for things?
  1279. You struggle a bit to convince him before he sighs and rolls his eyes at you. "Look, Baron," he says, "tell you what. We think there's somebody hiding out in the basement, but everybody who goes down there keeps pussying out. Go find whoever it is and I'll give you the stupid vase."
  1281. >What do you do?
  1283. ---
  1285. Your eyes light up like a merchant who's just been found a heretofore unexplored market, and you give an animal grin. "Fuck yeah," you say, all but jumping for joy. "Some more action. I love that shit."
  1287. Your dad rolls his eyes. "Right, then. You know where the entrance to the cellars is, get to it."
  1289. With that said, you head off, sword in hand. You leave Kini behind you as you head underground, exploring the darkness of the cellars slowly but surely, a small lamp the only light you bring.
  1291. >8
  1293. The quiet of the cellars is interrupted only by the skittering of insects and other vermin, loud but not too loud. You hear, faintly, the sound of... a baby crying? You decide not to let the spookiness of a baby crying in the darkness scare you - you're the scion of the Nells, the man who single-handedly defeated the Scylla, the greatest swordsage who has ever lived, yadda yadda insert more self-aggrandizing garbage here.
  1295. Your thumping footsteps occasionally step on a cockroach, intentionally grinding it into the dust, and the deeper you go in, the louder the sounds of the local wildlife gets. You draw your sword, ready for anything (spooky ghosts?), as you approach the origin of the wailing baby sounds.
  1297. You catch sight, finally, of the source; a pile of curled up bodies (a dozen or so, by a quick count), lying close to one another, one visibly crying. They're not human bodies, though; from the waist up, they look to be human infants, but from the waist down, their body morphs into a long, insectoid section, dozens of little legs wriggling uselessly on their infant bodies.
  1299. It's with an unusual rapidity that you realize that the sound of legs walking hasn't grown louder because there were more insects here, but because there's one single, giant arthropod (arthropodgirl?). Which, you realize as you turn, is right behind you, rearing up on her more hind legs to slam down with her full weight on you. Her leg catches your shirt, sending you to the ground, but after a moment's squirming, your shirt rips and you're free, though, sadly, you are still on the ground with a giant centipedegirl looming over you. It's a bit hard to make out her features in the poor lighting, but you're pretty sure she's angry.
  1301. >What do you do?
  1303. ---
  1305. You scramble, frantically, away and to your feet, which - unfortunately for your hopes of diplomacy - has the side effect of bringing you closer to what you can only assume are the centipedegirl's young. She lets out a screech and starts rushing towards you.
  1307. >Diplomacy
  1308. >15
  1310. Desperate to avoid a fight, you scramble towards her young, picking up one of them and twirling around, interposing it between you and the centipedegirl. She stops midmovement, just a foot or so away, a snarl emanating from her lips as she stares at you. Her closeness, and your lamp, allows you to get a good view of her.
  1312. Her torso is around the height of a tall woman's, but way her body's laid out, she doesn't even come up to your shoulder; her lower body hangs close to the ground, where skin gives way to exoskeleton and dozens of thick, short legs cling closely. Her upper body is that of a woman's, perhaps your age, with long, dark red hair that matches the color of her exoskeleton and reaches down to it. She has only a modest bust, but it's firm and round, and she's thin, just dangling above emaciation.
  1314. "Uh, I'm sorry, ma'am," you say, awkwardly, and her face just contorts in anger at you, barely contained by the way you keep the baby interposed between the two of you. "I didn't realize that there were babies here, and, you know," you smile, awkwardly. Hopefully in this weird light it doesn't look too awful.
  1316. "So," she hisses, looking up at you angrily, "you decided to use one as a hostage."
  1318. "Well, you were trying to attack me, and I didn't want to have to kill you, so I figured this would be for the best."
  1320. "How noble," she says, sarcasm dripping from her voice.
  1322. >What do you do?
  1324. ---
  1326. "Look, if we fight, one of two things happen: I win, and you die, and there's nobody to care for your young. Or, you win, and I die, and my father sends down a small army to kill you."
  1328. "Please."
  1330. "It's true. I'm his heir, and he's the owner of this keep."
  1332. The centipedegirl sways slightly from side to side, her tongue flicking out to lick at the air. "Fine. Pretend I believed you. What would you suggest?"
  1334. "I've got my own lands, there's space for you," you explain. That's may be a bit of a lie - she's probably too big to comfortably fit in your house (how did she get in here, anyway?), but centipedegirls burrow their own homes, right? It's hard to tell in the dark, but you think this area looks less... manmade than elsewhere. She could probably dig out a little home in your backyard, especially with Adelle's help; failing that, there's definitely room in the town for her to have a little area set out for her and her kids.
  1336. "That's certainly... an offer," she says, her tongue flicking out again, tasting the air.
  1338. "So, if I put down the baby, do you promise not to attack me?"
  1340. She's clearly annoyed, but eventually she sighs and nods. You return the baby to its position in the pile, and it curls up immediately to go to sleep. Interestingly, it never really whined in your hands.
  1342. "Okay, now that that's out of the way... who are you? Why are you down here?"
  1344. "My name is Melisende. As for why I'm here, there's food, it's dark, it's wet," she explains, "I can get the semen I need to feed and reproduce without too much effort..." she shrugs, nonchalantly, though she still looks a bit annoyed.
  1346. >What do you do?
  1348. ---
  1350. "I can provide dark, wet, and food," you say. "As to semen..." You smirk, and she rolls her eyes and snorts. "More seriously, how are you getting it? Tell me I'm not going to find anybody cocooned up down here."
  1352. "There's a boy who jerks off down here from time to time," she explains. At your expression, she continues. "It doesn't need to be fresh, and," she gestures downward, "I don't exactly have the parts for proper copulation. That's not how it works."
  1354. Okaaaay... moving on. "Have you had any contact with humans? I've had... difficulties, in the past, with poorly socialized monstergirls."
  1356. "Not really," she replies. "I've watched the servants babble enough to have a basic idea of how things work, though."
  1358. "So, what do you think about coming to work for me?"
  1360. Melisende snorts derisively. "I don't think you've left me much choice. I either come work for you or daddy dearest sends down his army and kills me, yes?"
  1362. "Well, you could just... leave. Go your own way."
  1364. She just shakes her head and sighs. "Fine. You win. I'll come join you or whatever. But if this is a trick," she says, raising one finger, "kkkkkcht," she continues, running her thumb across her throat. "Even if it kills me."
  1366. >What do you do?
  1368. ---
  1370. "Okay. I hope this is the start of a good relationship," you say, trying to be diplomatic.
  1372. "I also hope that," she says, only a bare trace of irony in her voice.
  1374. "So..." you say, awkwardly, the bulge in your pants finally taking over your decision making process, "do you need semen right now?"
  1376. She glances at your crotch, face unempressed, then smirks and rolls her eyes. She brings up one hand to her mouth, covering it sideways. "Good line," she says, a bit of sarcasm in her voice. "Need? No, not really. It's just a supplement. Like medicine," she explains. "But..." she continues, licking the air again, "I am curious as to how it tastes..." she licks her lips this time, "fresh from the source."
  1378. You realize after a moment that she's actually even shorter than she initially seemed, as she approaches and loses a substantial amount of height, her head falling to rest somewhere an inch or so below your nipples. You're not sure if she was standing on something or just rearing up. She lets her lower body collapse down, her exoskeleton lying flat on the ground, legs splayed out.
  1380. "Your kids won't mind?" You ask, glancing at the pile of babies.
  1382. "Rrrrgh," she groans, glancing over at them. "Fine, fine, let's go around the corner," she says, lifting herself back up to chest height, and she skitters alongside you for a few seconds until you're both out of view of her children. "There, happy?"
  1384. You nod, and she turns intently towards you, her legs lowering her down to rest at groin height, and she fumbles with your pants awkwardly for several long seconds. You realize that she has never probably never taken off a pair of pants (or, quite possibly, any clothes at all)in her life, so you go ahead and help her out a little, shrugging your pants down to your ankles, your cock popping free, almost completely erect. One of her svelte hands comes up to it, slowly stroking your length gently, tentatively, as she stares at it, positively fascinated. She licks her lips again.
  1386. "First time I've ever seen one this close," she whispers, more to herself than you, and she tentatively leans forward, her tongue reaching out to lick your head, where a little dot of precum has appeared. She pauses, savoring the flavor, tilting her head as if considering it, before returning to work, licking at your cockhead, running her hand along your length.
  1388. You reach down for your cock and the back of her head, taking over for her, and she looks a bit surprised but willing to let you show her how it's done. She looks up at you, curious, and then her attention turns back to your cock as you start to rub it along her cheeks, gently slapping her with it, making her brow furrow in confusion. "That's good," you say, reassuringly, "this is good." She gives a small smile at that, though she's still obviously uncertain about this, and you run your cock along her brow, your length obscuring one eye, then the other, a thin line of precum drooling out across her forehead. Her tongue tentatively laps at your balls while your cock's held in the vertical position. "That's really good." With that bit of encouragement, her tonguing of your balls becomes more and more vigorous, making you just hold your cock vertically in this position, enjoying the feel of her attentions, slowly stroking yourself.
  1390. After a while, Melisende pulls away slightly. "What's the best way to do this?" She asks, looking up at you, curious. You pull back as well, resting your cock at her mouth, running your head along her nice, plump lips, leaving a thin smear of precum across them, causing them to glisten in the low light.
  1392. "Open up," you say, and she does, allowing you to slowly make your way inside her mouth, half-filling it with your cock. You let your head rest on her tongue, and she stares up at you, awaiting your suggestion. "Lick it," you say, and her tongue starts to squirm in her mouth, lapping at your cock, running along your base idly as she works on it. You slowly start to move forward and back, avoiding her throat (Chara was an oral virgin, and she had difficulty deepthroating you, so you're pretty sure monstergirls still have gag reflexes), just making gentle, slow strokes that let her properly attend to you.
  1394. "That's very good, for a beginner," you say, and her brow furrows slightly at the backhanded compliment. "You've got a lot to learn, but that's fine, nobody starts an expert," you explain, continuing to slowly fuck her mouth. "Play with my balls. Be gentle." At that, one of her hands comes up, wrapping and cupping your balls, gently rubbing them and feeling them up as you continue to give her a very languid facefucking, your pace slow but your control high. After a while, you pull out, her lips letting you out with a 'pop'.
  1396. "Kiss it," you say, moving her head around, and she dutifully starts to kiss at your cock while you move her head around in a long, slow, circuitous route around your cock. You reach down with your free hand, pawing at her tit, making her gasp in pleasurable surprise. "Keep kissing at it," you say, and she nods absently, while you pull your hand away from her head to start groping her other breast. They're not super big, but they're nice and perky, and you enjoy pawing them; by Melisende's occasionaly pleased whimper, she does too. "Put it back in your mouth," you order, and she almost immediately complies, wrapping her lips around your head after only a moment's hesitation.
  1398. She stares up at you, ready for another suggestion; she seems a bit nervous and tentative, her cynical worldliness replaced by inexperience and curiosity, at least as regards this activity. "Start bobbing," you say, and she does, repeating your earlier pace, her eyes lidding slightly at your attention to her breasts. Her occasional moan sends vibrations through your cock, making you groan with pleasure and tightening your grip on her breasts, making her eyes roll up slightly and her moans redouble, in a feedback loop of pleasure that soon runs its course. Your hips jerk back and forth, enjoying the way it feels in her mouth, and you realize with a start that you're closing in on orgasm.
  1400. "I'm going to come," you warn, and she nods, sucking hungrily at your cock, her cheeks hollowing as the pressure inside her mouth changes. It's a surprising feeling, and it brings you closer to the edge, especially when combined with the next happy hum your playing with her breasts gets you. "I guess you want it in your mouth," you manage, earning another nod, and it's a few more frantic movements between the two of you. You inadvertantly press deeply into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag slightly around your head, but that sensation is what sends you over the edge, spurting out onto her waiting tongue. She closes her eyes, suckling on your cock like a baby on her mother's breast, completely blissed out while you cover the inside the inside of her mouth with your semen.
  1402. After what feels like a small eternity, you finish, and slump backwards, letting her lick the last few drops from your cock before pulling back, licking her lips lasciviously before just leaning back and letting your cum swirl around in her mouth while she swishes it this way and that, considering the taste happily.
  1404. >What do you do?
  1406. ---
  1408. "So, the deal's on? You leave here, come live with me?"
  1410. Melisende glances at you, a bit annoyed, head still craned up. Then she rolls her eyes and nods. You guess she's preoccupied enjoying the taste of cum.
  1412. "Good, great," you say, heading up to go bother your dad.
  1414. You give him the cliffnotes version of the story, he gives you another Look when you tell him that you want to take Melisende as a retainer when you return home. This Look says, You're fucking all these monstergirls, aren't you? Aren't you? You have a wife, you know. Two, actually, if you'll recall. But in the end, he lets you do your thing, figuring it's not worth the stain on the Nells' honor it would be to turn back on your deal with Melisende.
  1416. You collect the vase, and you head to meet up with Elisetta. She thanks you profusely for bringing it to her, and immediately starts to examine it once it's in her hands, running her fingers slowly across the inscriptions, mouthing words to herself. Her smile grows as she continues reading... whatever's written there. The language looks like the local tongue (same letters, some similar words), but most of the words are all fucked up and you don't know how to unfuck them.
  1418. >What do you do?
  1420. ---
  1422. You manage to pry Elisetta away from her reading long enough to convince her to sit down and have a talk - and eat - with you. She maintains that facade of ludicrous politeness that, you assume, is something she has to do, being a servant (most of the time in the past when you've talked to servants, the formality level has been much lower, since you were trying to put your dick inside them. Although technically you are still doing that, Elisetta is not aware).
  1424. "So, what does the writing on it mean?"
  1426. "Hmm?" Elisetta says, looking up at you, blinking rapidly. "Oh. Ah, it's just some words of honor for my ancestor. You know. How great a person she was, that sort of thing."
  1428. "What's your story, then? I've heard rumors, but I'd like to hear it from you."
  1430. "Not much story," she says, shrugging. The vase is now possessively held between her thighs, as though she fears if she lets it out of her sight it'll disappear. "I grew up in a town, my parents died when I was younger, I ran away because..." she closes her eyes and grimaces, "of reasons."
  1432. Apparently that's a bit of a touchy subject. "How were you planning on getting this without me, incidentally?"
  1434. "Ah, well, the fine young Sir Levy promised me that he would retrieve it on my behalf if I performed certain necessary - but private - services for him, and I did so with appropriate regularity and on special request. He was in the process of requisitioning it from his parents, and although it was taking an unusually long time, I'm certain it was for no reason other than the complexity and thoroughness of the diligent and dutiful security which the Nell family rightly applies to the contents of their vault."
  1436. >What do you do?
  1438. ---
  1440. "I see," you say, getting the vague impression that Elisetta's not a very big fan of your brother. "You know," you say, leaning forward a bit, expression gentle, reaching out to place your hand on hers, "you're a very beautiful girl." Elisetta offers you a shy little smile at that, a girlish blush appearing on her face. You pause, trying to recall more romantic words to use. You fail. "I... have some business I need to attend to, very quickly, but I'll be right back and we could... continue this discussion of your beauty, in a more private context?"
  1442. Elisetta pauses for a moment, her blush reaching her ears, eying you carefully. One hand comes up, nervously wriggling all the while, and she puts it on yours. "Just... just promise to be courteous during that discussion, sir. Some people can be quite uncouth, and I'd greatly prefer if you didn't sully my image of you with any crudity."
  1444. You give her a smile, and lean forward, pulling her hand up towards your mouth and kissing it. "I'm a crude man by nature, but I assure you, I'm always attentive and generous in matters relating to a young lady's... appeal." Was that a good double entendre? Were you laying it on too thick? Whatever, she certainly doesn't seem to mind.
  1446. She just nods, giving you a weak, fluttering little smile, and you kiss her hand again. Then you turn and leave, finding Kini and Adelle in short order. You order Kini to use her talents to keep an eye on Elisetta, and Adelle to begin researching the vase. You have your suspicions about it, and you give her as detailed a description as you can manage. Adelle idly asks you if you're planning on fucking Elisetta, a knowing smile on her lips. You admit it, and she gives you a quick peck on the cheek before whispering in your ear. "Fuck her so good she wishes she was your wife."
  1448. "That's the plan," you reply, pulling Adelle in close for a passionate kiss, and the two of you make out for several long seconds, your hands exploring one another's backs, before you pull away. "Now, tardiness is hardly an attractive trait, so I can't leave her waiting too long." Adelle just smiles and nods, shooing you off.
  1450. You find Elisetta in her quarters, nervously playing with her hands. They're a cramped room, with enough beds to stock four people, but it's only the two of you at the moment. You don't see the vase, so you assume she's hidden it. "Hell, hello, sir," she says, looking up at you. You lock the door behind you, then move towards her, mashing your lips against hers in a greedy, passionate kiss. She's obviously unskilled, but just as obviously enjoying herself, and she moans softly back into you.
  1454. ---
  1456. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1457. Chapter 19
  1459. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1461. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  1463. However, you're not really able to simply retire and rest on your laurels. When you met your first wife, Adelle (a competent geomancer), it was only a scant few days after your older brother was murdered by an unknown assassin. As of yet, you've been unable to find anything to really suggest a perpetrator or mastermind, but your current best guess is your younger brother, Levy Arthur Teringeld Santing Von Printsly.
  1465. That in mind, you've come to the fortress your grandfather built after most of his conquests: Neanderhold, a large fortification with around two thousand people. Along with you for this misison are your wife Adelle, the shapeshifting master thief tanukigirl Kini (currently disguised as Liadra, the noble identity she used when you first met her), and your sword.
  1467. Your investigations lead you to help Elisetta, a servant girl who your brother was rumored to have an illicit relationship with. After retrieving (what she claims is) an ancestral urn from your family's vault (in the process meeting and "befriending" a centipedegirl mother of twelve named Melisende), you seduced her. She retired back to her room, and after only a modest delay, you joined her and started kissing her.
  1469. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1471. ---
  1473. Your body presses against Elisetta's, her much smaller frame being pushed back and laid out on the bed by the way you move against her. You crawl over her, keeping your lips pressed against hers, exploring her mouth with your tongue. Your hands drift along her clothes, undoing the buttons of her shirt one by one. Her tongue hesitates in your mouth, her body freezing up, and you pull away slightly, just enough to speak.
  1475. "It's okay," you promise, "I'll be gentle." You press your mouth back into her, and though she's less tense than a moment before, she's still limp and inactive beneath you. You hook one finger around her skirt and panties, pulling them both down in a single motion; after they fall away, she wriggles slightly to kick off her shoes, sending them awkwardly over the bedside. You remove your mouth from her lips, making long, pressing kisses against her pale, unblemished flesh, her blossoming breasts getting substantial attention from your mouth and hands for a few long moments. Then you kiss your way down to her sex, earning a confused look downward at you.
  1477. "Wh-what are you doing?" Elisetta asks, brow furrowed, and you respond by kissing her clit, sending a jolt of electricity through her whole body, her back arching wonderfully. "I- wha- huh-" she mumbles, confused, as you keep kissing lightly at her little love button, your fingers prying at her lower lips and experimentally pressing inward. You wrap your lips around her clit as you start to finger fuck her, two fingers reaching into her slowly as you use grazing touches with your tongue, or sudden suction, to send more and more pleasure into her. "I don't- ooooh-" she says, in between your more vigorous movements.
  1479. With the hand that isn't playing with her sex, you reach up for her breasts, lightly tweaking her nipple, and her eyes roll up in reply. You keep a constant watch on her face, looking for any sign of discomfort, but she's mostly disoriented by the pleasure. As you start to increase your fingers' pace inside her clit, her mumbles start to turn into long, throaty moans, her hands finally leaving her sides, reaching down to run through your hair as she stares down at you, a mixture of pleasure and gratitude on her face, in addition to the obvious surprise.
  1481. When, after less than a minute, she finally comes beneath you, her fingers clench around your hair, a girlish wail leaving her lips, her back arching as she passes through the heights of ecstasy. You don't let up your attack in the slightest, continuing to stimulate her with your hands and mouth. When she comes down from her orgasm, she just lets her arms fall to the sides of her, limp and loose, as you continue to stimulate her.
  1483. You're patient and attentive, occasionally moving your position. You bury your lips inside her sex and lap at her insides while using the bridge of your nose to gently rub around her clit, playing with both her breasts with your hands. Then you switch tactics again, moving up to suckle on her breasts, one hand finger-fucking her while the fingers on the other dance around her clit. Back down, around, changing positions, keeping her constantly stimulated, never giving her long enough to get bored of any one position. She comes again and again, a full six times before you feel satisfied that you've done enough. By that time, she's a sweaty mess, her red hair caked against her forehead and neck, her eyes rolled up, her head lolling to one side, mouth hanging open as she gasps for breath.
  1485. When you pull away from her body, it takes her a long, sleepy moment to even look at you. She does, uncertainly, her eyes lidded as she stares at you. She mouths something, but no words come out. You give her a sympathetic smile, waiting for her to recover. Your jaw is a bit sore from the workout, but hell, it was obviously worth it.
  1487. "Is- is that it?" She finally manages, not even able to lift her head off the bed in her sexual exhaustion.
  1489. "Do you want it to be?"
  1491. She flops her head around in a shaking motion. "Y-you, d-deserve t-to," she mumbles, and you nod, placing your body over her again. With one hand, you reach down with your cock and guide it into her positively dripping wet sex, making her eyes roll up in pleasure when you easily bottom out inside of her.
  1493. Some guys, in your position, would feel free to go all out, paying little attention to the girl's pleasure. Not you. Using one hand to keep your balance as you slowly press in and out of her, you use the other to toy with her clit, making her hiss and gasp in pleasure at your attentions. With how sensitive you've gotten her, you're not even up to full speed by the time she comes again, her inner walls coiling tight around you again and again as you slowly fuck her through the waves of her orgasm. You give her a slightly smug smile, and she just shakes in the throes of her own orgasm, oblivious to the world.
  1495. You play with one of her cute little budding breasts, idly wondering what they'll look like when she's grown, reaching down with your mouth to lick and suckle at the other, enjoying the feel of her nipples, hard with arousal, against your tongue. You start to tweak and toy with the nipple in your hand, gently biting at the one in your mouth, making her start to babble in incoherent pleasure as you continue to gently fuck her. You work your way to full speed inside of her, your balls slapping against her girlish butt with each thrust, her little body bouncing each time you slam against it, her breasts jiggling erotically in response.
  1497. "Fuh, fuh," she manages, so visibly enjoying herself, so visibly out of it. "Guh, guh," she tries instead.
  1499. You pull your mouth away from her breasts, looking down at her as you continue to fuck her, hard. "Good?" She nods, the motion sloppy, undermanaged. "It's good?" She flops her head around again. "That's what I like to hear," you say, and she tenses up, her... eighth? No, ninth, orgasm of this whole ordeal pulsing through her, her back arching, her eyes rolling up, your cock getting to enjoy the feeling of her insides contracting around you, trying desperately to milk you. You're not risking knocking up some servant, though, so you quickly pull out, taking a few desperate strokes to splatter cum on her cute, girlish tummy as she lies there, insensate to the world.
  1501. Your orgasm finished, you plop down on the bed next to her, sitting while she lies, waiting for her to recover.
  1503. >What do you do?
  1505. ---
  1507. You reach over to Elisetta's head, softly stroking her scalp. She sort of wiggles a little, letting you run your fingers through her hair, enjoying the attention as she slowly recovers. Eventually, her breathing returns to normal, though she stays in her position lying on the bed, sweaty and naked, your cum slowly drying on her belly.
  1509. "Ahem," you start, a little awkward. "Erm. About Sir Levy."
  1511. "Ugh," Elisetta says with a groan. "Can we not talk about him?" Her eyes close a moment later in a silent self-reproachment. "I mean- oh, you know what I mean."
  1513. "Out of idle curiousity... am I better than him in bed?"
  1515. She nods, smiling. "Much better." She wriggles along the bed until she's sitting up, back resting against the wall.
  1517. "Has he- I don't know, done anything suspicious, that you've noticed?" You're hoping that this route of investigation leads to some kind of result.
  1519. She furrows her brow, staring into the middle distance in thought. "I think he has another girl he's, you know..." she shivers involuntarily. "But I've never seen her. I get the impression she's not part of the staff, since it's very irregular when he sees her. Or when I think he sees her, anyway."
  1521. "How do you know about this, 'other girl'?"
  1523. "There are times where he doesn't bother me at all for long stretches of time, and specifically forbids me to speak to him unless spoken to first. So I figure, y'know, he's got some other girl and doesn't want her to know about me. Either that or he feels intermittently guilty."
  1525. "That's it?"
  1527. "All I know."
  1529. "Since you have what you came here for... I might be able to offer you work elsewhere. I have my own, small, estates, if you don't find the offer too degrading."
  1531. "Ugh, anything to get away from that... the esteemed and virtuous Sir Levy. I am afraid I'm - oh forget it."
  1533. >What do you do?
  1535. ---
  1537. "What were you going to say?"
  1539. She sighs and rolls her eyes. "Something like, I'm afraid I'm of too low character, as spending too much time in the company of such a paragon of virtue blah blah blah. Standard servant speak garbage where you talk the people who employ you up, no matter how shittily they treat you. No offense."
  1541. You move close to her on the bed, and she flinches in surprise when you put your hand on her thigh, but she doesn't object; in fact, she places her hand on top of yours, looking up at you, a girlish flush to her cheeks. "Is that your only quarrel with the Nells? That Levy... is not a very kind lover?"
  1543. "I wouldn't call it a quarrel," Elisetta says, shoulders slumping. "Just... fuck, I'll be glad to not be near him again."
  1545. "Neander stole your family's precious urn, though," you note.
  1547. "And he's dead," Elisetta replies. "I just want the urn back in our family's possession again. I don't care about revenge or anything."
  1549. "Not even against Sir Levy?"
  1551. "If you're offering... it's probably more effort than it's worth. It's over, whatever."
  1553. >What do you do?
  1555. ---
  1557. You move your arm off of Elisetta's thigh, instead wrapping it around her and pulling her to rest on you. She lets out a tiny "eep" of surprise, but then just enjoys the position, closing her eyes for a moment and smiling. You use your hand to gently stroke her head, softly running your fingers along her scalp.
  1559. With that degree of intimacy established, you start to try to spark up conversation. You mention that there are a lot of monstergirls at your estate, and she seems more curious than scared or hostile to the idea. She laughs at a couple of stories you tell about Chara and Juniper being their typical dumb kid selves. You turn the conversation to her, about her skills, and the subject seems to be a slightly sore point, by her reaction.
  1561. "I'm just... good at menial labor," she says, glancing down at her lap. "Not much else."
  1563. The conversation meanders around for a while, until Elisetta starts to yawn sleepily, still nude. You happily tuck her into bed, kissing her on the forehead. "I'll be back later," you whisper, and she just gives a sleepy nod as she closes her eyes to sleep.
  1565. When she seems completely asleep, you leave her room. "Kini," you whisper, and the monstergirl appears from nowhere, in her form as Liadra. You're a bit surprised at her sudden presence.
  1567. "Yes, master?"
  1569. "Did you notice anything in particular about Elisetta so far?"
  1571. "N-no, master," Kini explains. "I didn't even see her hide the urn, sorry. She didn't take it with her into her room, though."
  1573. "Hrm," you say, "well, keep an eye on her. And, good girl," you coo, patting her on the head. "You're being a very good girl, and your master is happy with you."
  1575. "Th-thank you, master," Kini replies, before returning to the shadows once more and disappearing completely from sight.
  1577. You head to the library to find Adelle, who's busily going through one book, two others piled next to it. You wrap your arms around her from behind, tenderly kissing at her head. "Find anything interesting, darling?"
  1579. "No, my lord," Adelle replies. "Not yet. I'm beginning to suspect that there isn't anything of interest about that vase here. My search isn't over, yet, though. Did you make love to the servant girl?"
  1581. "Yep," you reply, smiling. "Made her come nine times. I got the impression that was more times than she's ever come before in her life."
  1583. "That was very kind of you, my lord," Adelle says, turning to kiss you on the cheek.
  1585. >What do you do?
  1587. ---
  1589. "Kini brought up the idea of speaking to the local seer. I can't say I know much about them. Do you?"
  1591. Adelle pauses, considering. "It's a very different kind of magic, I think. Almost the opposite of geomancy, working with the stars rather than the earth. More ritualized, as a consequence. They typically require some kind of offering for what is requested."
  1593. "In plain language?"
  1595. She smiles indulgently at you, kissing you again, and you pull your arms around her harder. "They need things to perform their magic. Tokens, fetishes, things which provide a connection or fuel for the spell. A geomancer needs only the world beneath their feet to do so. At least, the way my family practices."
  1597. You nod. "Come with? I might need a shrewd negotiator like yourself with me."
  1599. "As you wish, my lord," she replies with a nod of her head, and follows you out.
  1601. It's a bit of a circuitous - and confusing - route down to the seer's place of business, and you actually get lost once or twice. Damn place is horribly laid out. The original designer must've planned to ward off attackers by alternately confusing and boring the shit out of them.
  1603. You finally arive at the seer's den. He's an older man, grey in the face, with a few teeth missing. He gives Adelle a crooked smile and a leer. "What brings such a beautiful lady to see a haggard old man like me?"
  1605. Adelle actually seems taken aback by the sudden - low-quality - flirtation, and you step in. "My wife and I are here in the hopes of investigating my older brother's murder."
  1607. "Ah," the old man says with a cough, "right. Well, if lieu of payment, I'd be perfectly willing to accept your wife doing a little-"
  1609. "I would not be perfectly willing to accept such a thing," Adelle interrupts.
  1611. "You don't know what I was going to suggest," the old man retorts.
  1613. "I can guess well enough. Consider yourself lucky I didn't allow you to insult my husband's name and mine by voicing it."
  1615. "Well, then," the old man, coughing, obviously a bit disappointed but not terribly surprised. "A spell like that, it'll cost you a pretty penny."
  1617. "I've got money."
  1619. "And it requires two components: a personal item from the deceased which they were wearing when they died, and the hair of a banshee."
  1621. You reach into your pockets, recovering one of the things you looted from your brother's corpse. "Would this work for a personal effect?"
  1623. You offer it to him, and he looks at it, nodding. "Huh. Yes. I see you know a thing or two about this sort of thing, bringing that along."
  1625. "No."
  1627. He looks at you, confused. "Then why are you carrying around your dead brother's stuff?"
  1629. "It was valuable and I took it. Basically been carrying it around ever since."
  1631. The old man just stares at you for a long while before laughing and shaking his head. "Fine. I still need the hair of a banshee, though."
  1633. >What do you do?
  1635. ---
  1637. "So... how does one go about getting the hair of a banshee, then?"
  1639. "Well, first you find a banshee..."
  1641. You grit your teeth. "How does one find a banshee?"
  1643. "Oh. Find somebody who's important and dying, generally. They show up to note that somebody's about to die, scream loudly for a while, and then leave once the person does die."
  1645. "Any ideas on where, exactly, such an event might be taking place?"
  1647. He shrugs. "Last I heard, Sir Arthur was deathly ill." Sir Arthur's one of your parents' retainers, about a day's ride from Neanderhold. "There might be a banshee there, might not. Best guess, though."
  1649. "Out of curiousity... how the hell do you do business like this?"
  1651. "I don't need banshee hair for every spell. Just those relating to death." His expression seems to be something to the effect of, 'you idiot.'
  1653. Some further inquiries reveals that the guy knows approximately nothing about how dangerous banshees are, so you ask Adelle instead while heading off.
  1655. "They're... spirits of death, for lack of a better term, my lord," she explains. "Not of murder or killing just... death. The natural force. They aren't true ghosts, but they act a bit like them: ethereal, with the pallor of death and wearing blood-stained clothes."
  1657. "If they're ethereal, how do you get their hair?"
  1659. "I don't know, my lord. You'd have to force them to materialize, I'd think."
  1661. "Are there spells to do that, or what?"
  1663. She rolls her lips around her face, considering. "I'd expect a countering force to make them do it. Something representative of life, defeating death? Like how water and air stop my geomancy. But I don't know. I could research it for you, if you wish, my lord."
  1665. >What do you do?
  1667. ---
  1669. "Do so," you say, giving your wife a quick peck on the forehead. "I'll see if there's anything that can be of help to the local miners."
  1671. Adelle nods and scurries off, while you take the opportunity to shop around. The local equipment looks to be of roughly the same quality as over in the copper mine, but you find one man selling something more interesting. Medicines he claims "heal the lungs and aid the soul." They're apparently a finely crushed powder and a mix of "propriety" herbs. You decide to buy a few samples, see how they work out when you head back home, and tell him that if they're the real deal, he can expect a lot of sales in the future.
  1673. That done, you check back in on Adelle, who's apparently made her way through several books so far.
  1675. "What've you found out, darling?"
  1677. "Berries are a traditional counter. Either simply thrown, or crushed and their juice placed on a weapon. They don't, inherently, force the banshee to materialize, but they do hurt her. They do less damage when the banshee has materialized, ironically enough, since the body provides resistance. If you understand what I mean?"
  1679. You nod along. "I was thinking of blood, or semen? Would those work?"
  1681. "Blood, definitely not. It's one of the things specifically associated with them. There's implications of injury, death. In the body it might be more symbolically resonant, but unarmed attacks don't do anything, as far as I've seen. Semen... maybe. It's not mentioned, but it does sound like the right sort of thing."
  1683. "What sort of offense can they bring to bear?"
  1685. "Their wails can be very loud. They're painful to hear up close, can make a man lose his balance, and can cause deafness if one is exposed for too long. They're spirits, so they don't need to stop or breathe, either. Other than that... they're pretty much just women."
  1687. "I was also thinking of getting a present for Sir Arthur, for the bother of our appearance."
  1689. "That's very thoughtful of you, my lord. But, if there is a banshee, getting rid of her would probably be quite sufficient. Who wants to spend their dying days listening to an endless caterwaul, after all?"
  1691. "I might not manage to get rid of her. I just need the hair, not to kill her or anything."
  1693. "Ah. True. Some wine, then?"
  1695. "That's what I was thinking," you say, kissing her on the top of the head before heading off, leaving her to her research.
  1697. You pick up some nice, imported wine to bring as a gift to Sir Arthur. You hope he's not a teetotaller.
  1699. >What do you do?
  1701. ---
  1703. You fetch some berries and earplugs from the local market (for the banshee), along with a nice cut of meat to give Kini as a present.
  1705. You find Kini still lurking outside of Elisetta's room. She reappears in front of you almost the very moment you say her name. "Pet," you start, offering her the meat, which she hungrily (and happily) chews into, "your master is going to be heading home soon. I'd like you to keep an eye on Levy for me, can you do that?"
  1707. Kini nods, still eating frantically away, actually sitting down on the ground to gnaw, carnivorously, on the meat, tearing at it.
  1709. "Disguising yourself as Elisetta might help with that, but Levy and her have a sexual relationship, and it's not one that's very considerate of Elisetta's own sexual needs, if you understand me? Don't feel obligated to do it if you're uncomfortable."
  1711. She pauses, her mouth opening just a little bit, as if to speak, before returning to her food.
  1713. "What were you going to say, pet?"
  1715. She gulps down the food in her mouth. "It's fine, master, I don't mind. B-being used for someone e-else's sexual pleasure... that's fine."
  1717. "Really, if you don't want to..."
  1719. "I'm fine, master. D-don't make this into an argument, please, master."
  1721. You bite your lip, then shrug. "Okay. I promise to give you a reward when we meet back up, okay? Whatever you want - within reason."
  1723. "Yes, master, thank you, master," she says as she finishes off the last of the meat, then starts gnawing absently on the bone before realizing what she's doing and tossing it away.
  1725. You collect Elisetta, who's only just waking up and getting dressed. She becomes nervous the moment she sees you, her hands twiddling against one another. When you tell her you're heading home, she asks for just a moment to fetch her family urn and she'll be right with you.
  1727. Melisende takes a while longer to get out, given that she has to carefully carry out a dozen babies. The local guards are told to let her through, and they do, along with you, Adelle, Elisetta (with her head cowled to prevent your brother from recognizing her.
  1729. The journey home isn't that long, and you arrive as night starts to fall.
  1731. >What do you do?
  1733. ---
  1735. "Ah, right," you pause, suddenly awkward. "Elisetta," you say with a turn. "I never did tell you my name, did I?"
  1737. Elisetta looks suddenly worried. "N-no..."
  1739. "I'm Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells. Sorry for any subterfuge, I just wasn't sure what your opinion of my family was."
  1741. "Oh. Um. Huh. Sorry about what I said about your-"
  1743. "It's no problem," you cut her off. "He's a jackass. It seems like he was especially a jackass with you. To be honest, I suspect him of killing my older brother."
  1745. "What, really?" Elisetta asks "Um. I mean, that's horrible, sir. You're a truly virtuous and clear-eyed man to be willing to root out injustice even when it's among your own kindred."
  1747. "You don't... have to talk like that," you say, finally.
  1749. "Where are my children going?" Melisende interrupts. "You said there'd be a place for them."
  1751. "The backyard should have enough space for you to dig a hole," you say. "There's a pool and a well, try to avoid them. If they're not good enough-" but Melisende's already skittering off to find a place to make her den.
  1753. You have Despina gather all the monstergirls (well, really just Chara and Juniper, since Kini's working, Melisende's probably going to be digging through the night and can't really be dissuaded, and Patina's a statue at the moment), and introduce Elisetta to them. Elisetta seems curious, more than anything, but also rather tired, and after a brief conversation, she heads into her own room. Shortly afterwards, Arenne and Adelle head off for a separate room to discuss "women's business." Leaving you alone with Despina, Chara, and Juniper.
  1755. "How has Chara been, Despina? A good girl?" You ask, getting up in Despina's personal space and playing with one of her breasts with one hand, while groping her ass with the other.
  1757. "Nnn," Despina says as you roughly tweak her nipple through her shirt. Chara glowers at her. "Yes, my lord. She didn't leave the house at all while you were away, or cause much of any trouble." You feel Despina's cute little doe tail flap back and forth happily, hitting the hand that's squeezing her ass every so often.
  1759. "Th-that's just because I thought you'd be gone longer!" Chara complains, stomping one hoof on the ground. Juniper just laughs at her ridiculous display of defiance before tugging on the back of her shirt. The younger satyress clearly wasn't expecting it and goes tumbling to the ground as a consequence. "S-Stupid clothes!" Chara tries to lash out at Juniper from her position on the ground, but the faerie turns into a ball of light and flies away. "God, why do you humans wear them?!"
  1761. "They provide the tiniest impression of class," you explain as you continue to grope and play with Despina, who just happily curls her body into your hands, enjoying the way you're feeling her up. You lean in close to her ear. "Sorry. Have to see to the wives. Next time, maybe," you say, and she whines softly when you finally pull away your hands. Chara, by this time, is standing up, and clearly steaming mad, hooves scraping against the floor, head lowered as though she's getting ready to try to ram you. You stick out one hand, placing it on the girl's forehead, elegantly preventing her from getting close enough to strike you. "I didn't knock you over, Chara. Don't be mad at me."
  1763. "Rrrr!" She complains before stopping, crossing her arms and huffing, loudly.
  1765. "Tell you what," you say, turning to Chara. "If you keep being a good girl, I'll reward you. See about getting you some brandy next time I come in. Okay?"
  1767. Chara huffs, loudly, but you get the impression that she's interested in what you're offering.
  1769. You head over to Adelle and Arenne, who are busily chatting away. The moment Adelle sees you, she stops talking, immediately turning her attention to you. Arenne quickly follows her lead, suddenly awkward.
  1771. >What do you do?
  1773. ---
  1775. "Um, sorry to interrupt," you start, awkwardly, before sitting down near your wives. "Did Adelle explain about the seer?"
  1777. "What seer?" Arenne asks.
  1779. "We were investigating my brother's murder, there's a seer who might be able to get more information on it, but we'll need to pick up some exotic supplies. It'll be a bit of a journey." You try to gauge Arenne's reactions. She seems interested but mostly politely. "There'll probably be a monstergirl at the end of it, assuming all goes well." Still have no idea whether she's really interested... "Would you... like to come along?"
  1781. Arenne seems a bit taken aback by that. "U-um, what kind of monstergirl?"
  1783. "A banshee," you explain.
  1785. "Don't those k-kill people?"
  1787. "No, no," Adelle says, softly placing her hands on Arenne's shoulders. "They're just omen-bringers of death. If somebody's already dying, they show up to announce it. They don't kill anyone. Just deafen people, sometimes."
  1789. "O-oh. Well..." Arenne's nervously wringing her hands. "Um..."
  1791. "You don't have to come along if you don't want to," Adelle explains. "I'm sure our lord husband wouldn't want you to be made uncomfortable."
  1793. "O-okay then. C-can I stay here?" She looks at you with puppy dog eyes.
  1795. "Of course, Arenne," you say. "On an unrelated subject," you continue, trying to move away from what's obviously made her nervous. "Have you considered keeping your hair braided? I hate to leave one of my two beloved wives to sleep alone, but with the way your hair flies around during your sleep, it seems like I have no choice."
  1797. "O-oh, yeah, th-that..." Arenne nervously twirls a lock of her hair, almost absent-mindedly. "Sure, yeah, okay."
  1799. "I'll do it, my lord," Adelle offers, and you let her. She takes a comb, and a couple strings, busily talking to Arenne, calming her down and offering her sweet little compliments and reassurances. Your second wife soon winds up in your first wife's lap, to make it a bit easier on Adelle. After quite some time - Arenne's hair is very long, after all - your second wife's hair is done up in a very long braid.
  1801. Adelle stares at you lustily over Arenne's shoulder, her gaze making suggestions and promises which Arenne seems blissfully unaware of. Arenne, on the other hand, just looks at you for approval.
  1803. >What do you do?
  1805. ---
  1807. You cough a little. "Ahem. Might we... continue this discussion in the bedroom?"
  1809. Arenne blinks a little, surprised, glancing over her shoulder at Adelle, whose expression quickly flips to a warm, matronly smile, urging the smaller girl on. She wets her lips, and hops off Adelle's lap after a moment, still nervous.
  1811. You close in on Arenne, placing one hand on her shoulder to gently reassure her, and the three of you head to your bedroom, together.
  1813. When the door shuts behind you, you feel a bit... uncertain, about where to go. The current situation is rather novel, and you do care about both your wives' happiness.
  1815. >What do you do?
  1817. ---
  1819. You immediately wrap your arms around Arenne, leaning down to press your lips against hers, your tongue hungrily searching her mouth. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Adelle waiting patiently nearby, and reach over with one hand, starting to disrobe her and grope her while you keep up your sloppy kiss with Arenne, your ragged breaths filling the air.
  1821. You yank her tunic awkwardly upward, tangling it around her face and upper arms, letting her remove the rest of it while you paw one of her nude breasts with your free hand, still ravaging the inside of Arenne's mouth. When you see Adelle completely remove her tunic, her face a shining beacon of arousal, your fingers immediately slip into her leggings, finding her clit and pinching it for just a moment before you start pulling them down, along with her panties. She readily helps you, kicking off her shoes with alacrity, and a few moments later, she's nude.
  1823. With Adelle naked, you pull away from Arenne, letting the poor girl catch her breath, turning your face over to Adelle. You're still fully clothed, and as you start to fiddle with the pins holding Arenne's dress, carefully and gently to avoid hurting her. After your work the first couple free, she starts to help, her hands busily undoing them for you, and you instead focus your attention on her body, running one hand along her thigh and cupping her sex for a moment before reaching up for her cute teacup breasts and lightly toying with them. When her dress comes loose enough to slip off, you pull your hand away, letting her sweet, nude form unveil itself to you.
  1825. When you pull away from Adelle's lips, she's breathless, and you waste no time in removing your clothes, quickly shrugging out of them until you're completely nude. There's a moment's breathless hesitation, and then you quickly flop onto the bed, thighs spread wide, your head resting on the pillows. You look at Arenne, giving her your most sympathetic smile, and beckon her forward, guiding her to rest on your face, her sex just inches from you. Unlike the last time she assumed this position, though, you have her slowly lower until she hovers within licking distance of your cock, balancing on her hands and knees.
  1827. "Adelle," you say, gesturing to the space between your thighs. She happily scampers to sit in between them, sweeping her hair back and immediately starting to lick at your balls and the base of your cock, without even the slightest hesitation. Arenne's tongue starts to attend to your head the moment she sees Adelle going at it, and you wrap your hands around her thighs and bring her sex to your mouth, immediately licking away at it, running your tongue along her lips softly, slowly making a circle, making her squirm in excitement at your attentions.
  1829. Meanwhile, Adelle suckles happily on one of your balls, humming softly into it, the vibration working its way through your whole cock, all the way up to your head, where Arenne is suckling away, her lips wrapped around your ridge, her tongue lovingly lapping at you. You wrap your lips around Arenne's clit and start to go wild, tonguing her even more vigorously than she's tonguing you, and she starts to moan around your cock, sending vibrations through it even as she struggles to keep up some activity. One of her hands comes up to gently stroke your length, trying to massage you as you frantically eat her out. In a short amount of time she lets out a muffled scream into your cock, lubricant splashing down onto your face and coating you lightly.
  1831. You don't let it stop you, continuing your frantic attentions to Arenne's sensitive little love button, and she and Adelle do an admirable job. Eventually, Arenne pulls away from your cock, resting her head on your belly and just moaning softly as you take her through a couple more orgasms, and Adelle happily picks up the slack, wrapping her lips around your head and frantically humping up and down, playing with your balls as she does. Arenne's soft thanks and cries of your name are music to your ears, and apparently Adelle's, as you hear her start to hum around your cock, the vibrations carrying into it.
  1833. When you feel yourself pressing too close, you press your palm against Adelle's forehead, pushing her off your cock. Then you get Arenne off you as well, and direct the two girls to rest, hips pressed against each other, doggy style, on the edge of the bed, ready for you to fuck. They're both sopping wet, as some exploration with your fingers quickly reveals, and you take a good minute to gently finger fuck both of them before deciding which one to actually put yourself in. You decide to go with Arenne, since you don't want her to get any ideas, and press yourself into her even as you ramp up your speed inside of Adelle.
  1835. It's an odd effect, fucking a girl while also finger-fucking another, and it's kind of awkward to build up speed inside of Arenne while simultaneously frantically railing Adelle. Arenne glances over her shoulder intermittently, smiling shyly at you, as you slowly thrust away. Adelle, on the other hand, just lets her abdomen collapse onto the bed, leaving her butt in the air for you to play with, a dreamy, sleepy expression on her face. You take a grip on Arenne's braid near the base, using it to gently direct her face towards you, allowing you to mash your lips against hers while still fingering Adelle.
  1837. "I, fucking, love, you," you stammer out in between thrusts, your eyes just inches from Arenne's, and she smiles at that. "You're so beautiful," you continue, "gods, how did I get two such beautiful wives?" Arenne's eyes flutter a little less at that, and you mash your lips hungrily against hers, pressing your tongue past her teeth, exploring the inside of her mouth as your hand snakes its way down to her clit and gently starts to diddle her.
  1839. It doesn't take long for her to come for the fourth time this night, and as she collapses, shaking, onto the bed, you quickly move over to Adelle, immediately starting to go wild on her wonderful ass. With the hand that's not currently playing with Arenne's sex, you paw roughly at Adelle's breasts, groping and toying with them, pinching her nipples. She shudders and moans throatily at your rough treatment, and you lean over her, whispering in her ear. "You're mine," you say, pulling your hand away from her breasts to gently trace the curve of her jaw. "All mine."
  1841. The expression on her face is practically rapture, and the moment you tilt your head to make it possible, her lips lunge for yours, her tongue immediately pressing past them and into your mouth. Soon enough, Adelle's comes, shaking underneath you, her insides milking your cock, and you shoot your seed into her, biting her tongue and making her hiss in that odd mix of pain and pleasure she enjoys so much.
  1843. When both of you come down, you notice Arenne looking at you, a look of hope on her face, her butt still in the air. Your orgasm distracted you from your job fingering her, but she seems quite understanding.
  1845. >What do you do?
  1847. ---
  1849. You take a long moment recovering, and waiting for Adelle to recover, looking at Arenne thoughtfully. When Adelle does finish recovering, you talk to her. "Adelle, darling. Could you get me a glass of water, a rag, and an empty bowl?"
  1851. Adelle looks at you, curious, but nods. "Yes, my lord." She heads off, grabbing a robe to cover herself with for the moment, hurriedly heading off into the rest of the house.
  1853. Arenne also looks at you, shy, confused, and you lean down to kiss her on her lips, letting your tongues mix in one anothers' mouths for a long while. You run a long trail of kisses down her body, along her neck and then slowly along her backside, cupping her ass when you finally arrive there, gently massaging it with both hands, kissing each of her ass cheeks. You lick at her sex a little bit before Adelle returns, water and bowl in hand. Adelle's let the robe hang loose now that she's back, and it's a tantalizing sight. But you want Arenne right now.
  1855. You let your breath wash over Arenne's tight little asshole, making her squirm slightly. "Th-that tickles," Arenne stammers out, and she lets out a gasp when she feels your tongue against her asshole. Adelle doesn't make any noise you can hear, but you can see her expression out of the corner of your eye, and she's certainly intrigued. You press your tongue against it, the taste making you shudder slightly, but you push on nonetheless, licking and kissing at her butt, trying your best to ignore the awful taste. Arenne shakes under your ministrations, offering soft protestations, like, "y-you don't have to," mixed in with equally soft encouragements like "th-that f-feels really g-good."
  1857. After a while, you bring up a finger, quickly licking it to lube it up (and get a little of the taste out of your mouth) before pressing it experimentally into her ass, making her shudder and squirm involuntarily as you slowly start to finger her butt, still kissing and licking at her asshole where you can. That taste is awful, and you retch, once, but you don't let up in spite of the hardship. The strength's gone out of Arenne's arms, and she's collapse onto the bed, her ass still hanging high in the air, incoherent moans the only response to your work. When you bring up your free hand to play with her clitoris, it takes only a few frantic seconds for her to orgasm with a shriek, her ass convulsing around your finger.
  1859. You let her ride through her orgasm, your finger still plugging her asshole. You take the glass of water from Adelle, quickly chugging it, swirling it in your mouth, and spitting, repeating the process several times until most of the awful taste is out of your mouth. You rub, absently, at your face with the rag, trying to clear away the smell, wetting it a bit to help the process along. It's imperfect, but you can at least smell things in addition to the shit, so you'll take what you can get.
  1861. When she's done with her orgasm, you slowly withdraw your finger from her ass, and she turns to look at you, surprised. "This," you say, palming one of her cheeks, "is a wonderful, beautiful ass, and I'm proud to be the husband of its owner." You take your cock - still wet from its time inside of the girls' mouths and pusssies - and slowly press it against her asshole. There's the faintest hint of a complaint on Arenne's face, but she just smiles weakly, pressing backwards into you and helping you into her ass. Her eyes screw up as you slowly press yourself in, and you start toying with her clit with your clean hand, offering your dirty one to Adelle to clean. She uses the rag and water to do so as you slowly ass-fuck Arenne, a diligent and loyal wife under all circumstances. You almost go to kiss her but remember where your mouth has just been and demure.
  1863. When Adelle finishes with your hand, you're up to a good clip in Arenne's ass, and Adelle moves up to your face, muzzling you with the rag as she tries to clean away what's left. The smell departs soon enough, and she takes both the rag and the bowl away, leaving you alone with Arenne, now mostly clean, your cock humping in and out of her ass. You lean down towards her, speaking softly, in loving tones. "I love your ass," you say, "I don't want you to feel bad because I like it. It's a sweet, wonderful butt, and I love it, and the woman it's attached to. And it can feel good, can't it?" Arenne nods at that, having no choice but to admit as much. "I want it to feel good. If there's anything I can do to make it feel better, tell me, and I'll do it."
  1865. Arenne nods, biting her tongue for a moment before returning her eyes to yours. "C-could we do it face to face, instead?" You nod, and Adelle chooses that moment to return to the room. You pick up Arenne in both hands, lifting her handily off the bed with a squeak, and slowly turn her around on your cock, making her eyes roll up and you grit your teeth as the sensation of the slow, twisting motion overpowers both of you. You barely stop yourself from coming, but Arenne doesn't, orgasming in your arms just as you finish the 180 degree spin. You just gently lay her out on the bed as she comes, and somehow, by some titanic willpower (possibly also the fact that you just fucked Adelle), avoiding coming yourself.
  1867. When she finishes her orgasm, you take that as your cue to fuck her tight little ass, slowly pounding in and out, playing with her breasts and clit as you do, making her shudder beneath you in pleasure. Her insides are so wonderfully tight, and by the look on her face she's genuinely started to enjoy this, a sweet little smile on her face as she stares up at you. You lift her again, directing Adelle and moving around so that Arenne's the meat in you and Adelle's sandwich, the smaller girl's back pressed against your first wife's breasts. You're fairly certain your breath (literally) smells like shit, so you don't kiss Adelle, but you do reach behind Arenne to start toying with her clit, making her smile over the smaller girl's shoulder as her hands reach around to play with Arenne's body.
  1869. Arenne's surprised at the attention, and almost objects, but then Adelle does something you're not quite sure of to the smaller girl's clit and her eyes roll up in pleasure. When her focus returns, she doesn't complain, though she's not completely comfortable with her current position. "You're so wonderful, Arenne," you say, looking down at her, "I love you. Just enjoy yourself. Let Adelle help." Your soft whispers of reassurance and requests are cut off when Arenne comes again, screaming in pleasure beneath you, her ass coiling tightly around your cock. You let it take you over the edge, shooting off inside her ass, filling her butt with your semen.
  1871. You practically collapse onto your wives, barely keeping yourself from sagging completely onto them. Fuck. Sex is exhausting.
  1873. >What do you do?
  1875. ---
  1877. You manage to (somehow, probably the faint taste of feces helped provide the motivation) lift yourself off your two wives, slowly pulling out of Arenne, a steady drip drip of cum coming out of her ass when you do, and stagger off to find some alcohol, which you promptly gargle and spit several times until the taste of Arenne's butt is completely out of your mouth. You sniff your hand and are pleased to find that it no longer smells like shit. You dunk it in another bunch of water anyways, then rub at your face again, trying to make sure the smell is completely gone.
  1879. You head back to bed, and your two wives reposition themselves around you, letting you wrap one arm around each while the two cuddle into you. Satisfied, happy, and exhausted, you fall asleep.
  1883. ---
  1885. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1886. Chapter 20
  1888. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1890. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans. Your older brother, whose name is far too convoluted to reproduce in these margins, was murdered, and you're investigating it.
  1892. Following your recent journey to Neanderhold, you have a couple leads to follow-up on. Your current plan is to head down to Sir Arthur's place and see if there's a banshee there; if there is, you'll be taking some of her hair to fuel a spell to look into Arthur's murderer. Kini, your loyal fuck pet, is currently investigating your younger brother.
  1894. Last night, you had sweet, mutually enjoyable sex with both of your wives - Adelle, a sexually adventurous geomancer, and Arenne, a shy merchant's child - before falling asleep, their bodies curled around you, one on either side.
  1896. You wake up to see Adelle still peacefully sleeping on one side of you, her head resting on your chest, while Arenne's on the other, her long braid curling slowly around her nude body, presumably from the way she tosses and turns in her sleep.
  1898. >What do you do?
  1900. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1902. ---
  1904. You quietly, slowly disentangle yourself from Adelle and Arenne. You have to give Adelle a pillow to hug so that she'll let you escape her grasp without waking up. You get dressed quickly and head out to check on the staff.
  1906. Chara and Despina are both asleep in Despina's room, Chara resting her head on her older sister's belly, softly snoring away. The older satyress occasionally kicks at the air.
  1908. Patina is still frozen in the back yard, though her eyebrows and facial features twitch in apparent irritation when you walk into her line of sight or bother her by waving your hand in her face.
  1910. Juniper is floating on top of her little pond in her ball-of-light form. You think she's asleep, but you can't be sure, all things considered.
  1912. Melisende is the only one still awake, and she's apparently been digging away at half the backyard, to look at it. There's a small hill of dirt, now, and a hole juuust big enough for her to skitter through. She's currently still digging, apparently, running in and out of the hole, placing excess earth on the hill as she does. She's positively caked in dirt, and her skin has a slight sheen to it from her sweat. You get the impression she's rather tired by this point, just from looking at her.
  1914. >What do you do?
  1916. ---
  1918. "Mind if I help out?" You ask, sauntering over to Melisende.
  1920. She looks at you, shakes her head and sighs. "You'd only slow me down."
  1922. "Could I bring you a shovel or anything?"
  1924. "I'm fine."
  1926. "Okay, okay, jeez. Sorry." You raise your hands defensively and back away.
  1928. You head over to check on Elisetta, who's happily asleep in her room, blankets clenched tight around her body.
  1930. >What do you do?
  1932. ---
  1934. You wait patiently for the rest of the household to wake up, taking the opportunity to practice your forms a bit. When Adelle and Arenne come down for breakfast, Despina's already made something nice, and the three of you dig in. Over the course of the meal, you mention the medicine you got at Neanderhold and offer it to Arenne, asking her to see to its testing. She nods, mute, taking it quietly and then awkwardly toying with the bag it in her lap.
  1936. When breakfast finishes, you kiss Arenne on the lips, letting your hands wander across her back for a few seconds. "Adelle and I should get going. I love you." Arenne just nods in response to that, giving you a weak smile too.
  1938. On the journey to Arthur's, the conversation turns to the two of you's near constant concern; Adelle's fertility and (hopefully) future motherhood status.
  1940. "I've been praying to Herionia regularly, offering the occasional small sacrifice to her as well. I just..." she pauses, glancing at the ground, "I want a son. I want your son, I want to carry your heirs in my belly and..."
  1942. You get closer to her, squeezing her hand. "I know. It'll happen."
  1944. "Will it happen soon enough?" The question's rhetorical, so you let her continue. "In a way, I hope I am infertile. At least then, it - it wouldn't matter." She pauses, chewing her lip. "We should've waited, my lord. I'm an idiot. I'm a pervert and an idiot."
  1946. You rub your hand along her back, comforting her. "Hey, hey, don't talk about yourself that way. You're a smart, beautiful woman who loves her husband dearly and is loved in kind." You kiss her cheek.
  1948. There's a long lull in the conversation. Adelle breaks it. "Have you been praying?"
  1950. "I don't really pray. I forget and I don't seem to get much from it when I do remember. I've - I've been trying to avoid knocking Arenne up. Avoiding coming inside her pussy. That kind of thing. Having sex with my beautiful, vivacious, beloved first wife every day, always trying to fill her up..." You wrap your arm around Adelle as she walks.
  1952. "I'm happy to hear that," Adelle responds. "At least one thing is going well." Adelle leans to the side, resting her head on your shoulder. "It would probably be for the best if you prayed anyway, however."
  1954. "I don't even know who this Heronia is."
  1956. "Fertility goddess," Adelle clarifies.
  1958. "I see. In any case, prayer hasn't worked so far."
  1960. "No," Adelle admits. "No it hasn't."
  1962. Another long pause. Adelle stares off into space, lost in thought.
  1964. At last, she shakes her head, an idea occurring to her. "Actually, my lord... there's a sacred shrine to Heronia in the Allimas. If we went personally, offered sacrifices personally..."
  1966. "You think it might work?"
  1968. Adelle gives you a weak smile. "It couldn't hurt to try, could it, my lord?"
  1970. "I'll strongly consider it," you reply, kissing her on the top of her head and pulling her a bit closer to you. She happily snuggles into you as you walk.
  1972. The day is nearing its end by the time you arrive at Sir Arthur's estates, and you hear screaming almost as soon as you can see it. It's faint, at this distance, but it's clearly loud when one's up close. The wailing is intermittent, with long pauses in between the screams. His own manor is similar to your own, set up in a small town in the center of a large farm area.
  1974. >What do you do?
  1976. ---
  1978. You and Adelle head to town, asking around for information regarding the screaming. Apparently, there's the ghost of a woman who keeps coming around to scream inside Arthur's manor. She fits the description of a banshee, except her clothes seem to be clean; a pristine white.
  1980. Adelle suggests it's likely to be a banshee, just the books were wrong, or perhaps it's some minor variant, or it's a new"born" one, or something like that.
  1982. You've brought Sir Arthur a bottle of wine, you've got a bottle of cherries, and you've got a couple pairs of earplugs.
  1984. >What do you do?
  1986. ---
  1988. You head to the manor, where Sir Arthur is currently lying in bed. He's emaciated, and when he looks at you, it's with the faint distaste that the dead have for the living.
  1990. "Uh," you start, "I'm Sir Baron," you offer him your wine. "I brought this as a gift." His thin arm tries to dangle up, but his wife, Ellen - about twice your age, by the looks of her - just takes it from you and places it on the bed stand, thanking you for the gift on his behalf.
  1992. You ask about the banshee - whether she has a pattern, where she appears, that sort of thing. Arthur doesn't seem much for words by this point - when he tries to rasp out a sentence, it's more or less incomprehensible - so Ellen answers the questions herself.
  1994. "The ghost appears in the attic, or the roof, or the yard, or one of the rooms, and just starts screaming. At first, we tried to chase her out, but she just floats through the walls and keeps on and on with that incessant screaming."
  1996. "When did it first start appearing?" You ask.
  1998. "It started a few days after my husband got very ill. He's only gotten worse, since. We- we don't think he's going to live through it."
  2000. Arthur tries to curl his fingers in a rude gesture, but can only half-ass it in his current state.
  2002. "Right, well," you say, adjusting your shirt. "I'll see what I can do."
  2004. You put in the earplugs and wait for the wailing to start up again. When it does, you make a mad dash to the room.
  2006. "Hey!" You yell, trying to be heard over her. "Let's talk! I need some of your hair!" It's practically impossible to hear yourself, and you're not sure she can either. She starts to approach you, screaming louder and louder, and the noise starts to annoy you as it increases in volume and proximity.
  2008. >What do you do?
  2010. ---
  2012. >Attack!
  2013. >13
  2015. You sigh, pulling out your sword and quickly squeezing out a couple berries on it before swinging it in the banshee's face. She screams louder still and recoils backwards, her eyes now wild and vicious, an animalistic hiss escaping her lips. She stares at you for a moment, and you keep up your guard, waiting for her attack. Instead, she flies right through the floor, disappearing from sight for a moment, you manage to hear her materialize behind you, just barely dodging out of the way of a long swipe of the arm that she tries to hit you with.
  2017. You lash out again, and this time she materializes in the wake of your strike, still screaming. The noise becomes louder, and you involuntarily wince. She lunges for you, and you slam the side of your sword into her head, sending her tumbling into the wall; she doesn't dematerialize in time, instead slumping to the ground, groaning in pain.
  2019. Her body now solid and not currently occupied with frantically attacking you, you take a moment to look at her. Pale skin, a short, mess of dark hair, a lithe, thin, tall form, with little hip or bust, but still definitely feminine. She's wearing a pristine white dress, and is currently quite wrinkled due to the recent violence she's received.
  2021. >What do you do?
  2023. ---
  2025. You walk over to her, placing your knee on her backside and forcing her into the ground, and cut off a large chunk of her hair before stuffing it hurriedly into a spare container you got for just this purpose. You cut off a few long slices of her dress and coat them in a thin amount of berry juice before using them to tie her hands together behind her back and run along her mouth. She keeps her mouth shut, apparently desperate to avoid the taste of the berry juice, and it seems that suffices just fine to shut her up.
  2027. All that done, you close the drapes and lock the door, looking down at the banshee in the now-dim light of the room. She looks up at you, a mixture of fear and defiance playing across her face as she does.
  2029. >What do you do?
  2031. ---
  2033. You lean over the banshee, who continues to glare up at you from her position flat on the floor, and start moving her around to take off her dress. Fortunately, it turns out the shoulder straps come out without having to be ripped, so it's not too difficult. When she's naked, you flip her flat on her back, her arms still bound there, and run your hands along her body, slowly exploring it, eventually cupping and playing with her small, pert breasts, occasionally thumbing her nipples, staring into her eyes as she stares back at yours, defiance written on her features in great big capital letters.
  2035. When you finally let your hands drift slowly down her body, you wrap your lips around one of her nipples, suckling at her breast, desperately trying to produce milk, but there's none there. Your hands slowly make their way down to her sex, toying with her lips and teasing at her clit, making her twitch in pleasure and desperation as her eyes start to well up in tears. Your fingers drift lower still, playing with her ass cheeks for a while before you allow your finger into her asshole. It feels a lot like a human girl's (or a monstergirl's, for that matter), but smoother, cleaner. Like you'd imagine one felt after an enema.
  2037. You toy with her ass for a while longer, leaning down to her and whispering in her ear. "If you cooperate, this will be so much easier for you." Her eyes just narrow at you, her face twisting up in irritation. "That's your choice, then," you say, voice soft, before shoving your finger into her butt, hard, miming fucking her. Her eyes twitch as you finger-fuck her asshole, brutally raping her ass with your hand, your other hand raching for her sex, teasing and toying with her. She squirms and tries to wriggle away, her legs kicking, but you just adjust your position so your weight presses down against them, leaving her unable to do anything but submit.
  2039. You watch her as you slowly ramp up your attentions, teasing and toying with her, adding a second finger to the first inside her ass. Each time you increase one form of stimulation or another, there's a whimper or muffled from the poor little monstergirl, pathetically trying to get you to stop. She tries to scream, once or twice, but without opening her mouth, and with her current mood, it comes off more as a moan than anything else. When she finally orgasms, tears are streaking down her cheeks, her body proven to be obedient to your will, not hers.
  2041. You lean up over her face again, still absently toying with her ass and clit. "I'm going to offer you an opportunity to make this quick and - relatively - painless. If you refuse, I'm going to rape your ass until you're shitting babies. Do you understand?" She nods, her eyes full of fear. "Good," you say, stroking her face with the hand that was in her ass. "I'm going to use your mouth. If you want, I can come in it, or on your face, or on your pretty dress over there, whichever you'd prefer. If you bite me, or otherwise make it difficult for me to fuck your mouth like the tight little love hole I know it is... I will find some way to punish you so badly you wish you were the one dying of a degenerative disease. Do you understand?" Another nod. "So, you'll take my dick in your mouth?" Hesitation, then a nod. "Good." You stroke her face again, kissing her forehead, before lifting her up onto the bed, placing her on her back so her head hangs off the side.
  2043. You undo your pants, moving your cock so it rests on her face, your balls in her eyes, your length running up her nose, your head reaching up past her chin. You leave it there for a while, letting her breathe in your scent, taunting her with it. With one hand, you reach over to her groin, placing your fingers inside her sex and toying with her as she squirms beneath you. You gently stroke your cock back and forth across her face, rubbing her cheeks with your length, keeping toying with her and making her occasionally twitch in pleasure. You pull away and up, removing your hand from her groin, and looking down on her hungrily.
  2045. "Don't scream, or you'll regret it," you order, and she nods, ever so slightly, before you pull her gag away from her mouth. She sputters for a second, spitting on the ground awkwardly, before returning her gaze to yours. "Where do you want my come?"
  2047. "You bastard-" she starts, and you slap her face, hard, making her eyes go wide with shock
  2049. "No backtalk," you order, "where do you want my come?"
  2051. She opens her mouth, and you draw back your hand again, and she closes it for a second, considering. "My mouth," she says, defeated, and you slam your cock into her mouth without another word. Her eyes bulge as you do so, your cock quickly entering her throat, and you wrap your hands around one thigh, pulling it up, the other diddling her, as you start to facefuck her in her current position. The soft glugging noises of your cock slipping in and out of her throat as you frantically use her like so much meat, the faint whimpers and moans that come from your attentions to her sex, it's all such a wonderful orchestra of sex, but you need that little extra bit.
  2053. "Start using those enhanced vocal cords of yours to moan, hard. I want to get a hummer from a banshee," you say, without even slowing down your pace inside her mouth. After a few seconds - and a disciplinary slap to one of her pert little breasts - she finally starts to hum. It's an incredible amount of vibration, making your cock positively bounce around in place, the effect spreading up your whole body as you keep up your frantic pace inside her mouth, pounding away at the monstergirl, your balls slapping against her nose again and again, leaving the smell of your sweaty testicles there indelibly. She'll be smelling you for a while after this, that's for sure.
  2055. When you feel your orgasm coming, you start to thrust faster and faster, making her body bounce back and forth on the bed. "Yeah, this is a much better use of that fat mouth of yours than your incessant fucking screaming," you say as you slam into her over and over, using her throat as your personal masturbation aid. She just passively takes it, still readily humming away, still occasionally letting out a little whimper of sexual excitement around your cock from your action in her groin. When you orgasm, you start spurting in the back of her mouth, making her gag briefly, before slamming your whole length down her throat, pulling her leg towards you as you do, bouncing back and forth slightly and slapping her nostrils with your balls again as a consequence.
  2057. When you finish, you pull away, and she's just lying there, her face a mess of spit and tears, vaginal lubricant lightly pooling in the bed around her butt, and her trying to swallow the few drops of come you put in her mouth.
  2059. >What do you do?
  2061. ---
  2063. You reach down for the gag in its position around her neck and quickly place it over her mouth, muffling her sudden protests. "You backtalked me," you say, voice soft and gentle. "That made it harder for me to fuck your mouth." The way her eyes widen at your words, her head shakes, her throat whimpers, is enough to make your flagging length return to high mast. "What did I say would happen?" She shakes her head from side to side, whimpering, tears starting to form. "Shh, shh," you say, stroking her face. "I'll be generous. It wasn't that much of an inconvenience."
  2065. You reach down for her, using your superior strength to turn her around in her position, her naked ass now presented to you, her belly on the bed. You lean forward over her, your breath in her ear. Her eyes go wide as you near her. You tease your cock at her asshole, making her squirm and whimper. "Shh, shh," you say, spanking her to reinforce the command. She's quiet, though her eyes are still big and scared.
  2067. With both hands, you reach down to toy with her groin, one finger running in circles around her sex, the other running in circles around her asshole. "Which one do you want me to fuck?" Without opening her mouth, she can't say anything so she just mumbles something you're sure isn't "ass." "Your ass?" You ask, and she squirms, shaking her head. "Oh, you're a butt slut, is that it?" She keeps shaking her head, whimpering, tears running down her cheeks, as you continue to restate your "sincere" "belief" that she wants you to fuck her ass, all the while toying with her sex, diddling her clit, and generally bringing her closer to orgasm as your cock runs along her butt due to your occasional, unguided, humping.
  2069. You hold that position, scaring her with your talk of anal sex while keeping her enjoying herself - at least physically - with some vigorous digital stimulation. She stares in your eyes, silently begging, as you continue to play with her, until you feel her approaching orgasm... at which point you stop. She wiggles her ass, desperate to get your fingers inside her sex once more, but she's not about to. You place one hand on her ass cheek to hold her in place, the other wrapping around the base of your cock, and her eyes go wide as you slam into her, hard, without any further foreplay. She lets out a loud scream beneath her gag, not able to fight back, but able to make some irritating noises.
  2071. You place your lips on her neck, playing at kissing and suckling before you change emphasis, digging your teeth into her skin, marking her as your bitch and railing her ass in the same moment. After a while of fucking, you start slapping her buttcheeks with your hand each time you withdraw, making her whimper and cry, unable to fight back or do anything to stop you. You keep spanking and biting her for a good, long, minute, fucking her ass raw with your saliva-lubricated cock. Once you've gotten your fill of enjoying that position, you flip her over, revealing her pale stomach and breasts to the light, allowing the two of you to face each other easily. You stare down at her, wrapping your hands around her thighs and placing her calves on your shoulders. She looks up at you for a while, crying and silently begging for relief, before turning away, despondent, to stare at the wall.
  2073. With her attention otherwise occupied, you take a berry and squeeze its juices out in your mouth, sloshing them around and letting the taste permeate your whole mouth before leaning over her, pulling her lips to yours and removing the gag. Before she can say anything or doing anything, the taste of berries fill her mouth, making her eyes widen and her upper body wriggle and squirm wildly as she tries to break off your kiss, her legs kicking in vain at your upper body while you keep on fucking her. Her tears run down to her lips, and you catch their taste where you continue exploring the inside of her mouth, making her squirm constantly, trying desperately to pull away from your kiss.
  2075. The constant squirming massages your cock, pushing it this way and that, giving you the workout of a lifetime. After a while, she starts trying to scream in your mouth, but something - maybe the berries, the inability to use all her mouth, or the rough way you fucked her throat - prevents it from being terribly effective, instead just adding a faint vibration to the whole affair. When you finally pull your mouth away from hers and place the gag back in position, she's all too happy to cooperate, spitting for a second or two before closing her lips once more and letting you slide the gag over her mouth.
  2077. There's no hate in her face, at the moment, just pure, stark, terror, and you lean down and kiss her forehead, making her whimper again, sobs breaking out anew. You run your mouth in little mocking kisses down her body, her ass still getting pounded away by your rock hard cock, and wrap your lips around one of her nipples, making her squirm at the feeling of your lips on her areola. You keep on fucking her in that position for a time, suckling at her breast while you brutalize her ass, staring up at her with a smug look as she stares down on you in fear.
  2079. Of course, all good things have to come to an end, and after a long, long period of brutal ass-fucking, anyone will eventually run out of endurance. You shoot off inside her, filling her butt with your come, and stand up, surveying your handywork. Her face is wet with tears and spit, there are bite indentations on her neck, and there's these wonderful little pink marks from where you kissed her and on the breast you suckled at. She's still lying on her back, not even bothering to move at all, her head lolling to one side.
  2081. >What do you do?
  2083. ---
  2085. First thing being first, you grab the banshee and manhandle her into a new position, plopping your cockhead in front of her mouth, pulling away the gag to slam your cock inside, using her throat as a way to quickly clean off your own ejaculate. As you do that, you put in your earplugs; when you finish, you pull your cock down and lean down to face her. "If you bother Arthur again, I will make you regret it even more than you already do. Do you understand?" She nods, silent, eyes wide. You undo her bindings. "Get out." She does, pausing only briefly to collect (what's left of) her dress - she doesn't bother to put it on before flying through the wall to the outside.
  2087. That problem solved, you head downstairs and tell Arthur and Ellen that you've dealt with the banshee. Ellen thanks you profusely, while Arthur just sort of looks at you. Creepily. You maintain enough poise not to comment on it, however.
  2089. "Please, stay for the night," Ellen offers. They've apparently got a spare bedroom available. It's late - almost nightfall - and Neanderhold is about a full day's walk away.
  2091. >What do you do?
  2093. ---
  2095. You and Adelle head to bed together. You wrap both arms around Adelle, positioning her so that her back presses tight against your chest on the bed.
  2097. "Adelle," you start, "can we talk about the shrine?"
  2099. "Whatever you wish, my lord," she says, and you toy with her breast in one hand, gently kneading one, your other hand reaching down for her sex. "Mmm," she murmurs, softly, in response to your touch. "What do you want to know?"
  2101. "Anything important about it?"
  2103. "It's in the Allimas, which is the mountain range to the west. It's dedicated to the goddess, Heronia. Mmmmm," she hums happily as you tweak her nipple, your mouth leaning towards her neck to kiss between questions. "The, um, rulers over that area are currently the Tetrines," she continues, "who are part of the Terlise, a-" you pinch her clit between your fingers, making her hiss in pleasure, "a... tribal federation. Mmmm," she hums happily in response to your touch, her hand reaching back to rub against your cock through your pants. You grab her hand and pull it away from yourbody, and she moans, slightly, in annoyance.
  2105. "What kind of sacrifice would we need?"
  2107. Adelle rubs her butt against your groin, earning a smirk from you, as well as some tightening of your grip on her breast. "It, well, you're supposed to be told."
  2109. "Like a sign?"
  2111. "Mmmhmm," she says, and you're not certain whether it's because of your attentions to her body or her agreement. Your lips press at the base of her neck. "I love you," she adds, helpfully.
  2113. "I love you too," you reply, before starting to finger-fuck her in between her questions. "Heronia. Is she a nice goddess?"
  2115. "She's, ahn, nice, aah, enough." Adelle's apparently pretty worked up by this time, and is starting to have difficulty forming sentences. "Nobody's p-perfect, but, it should be fine. She mostly dislikes, um, child k-killers. She counts ind-uuuced miscarriage, as," her breath is heavy, and she's positively gasping in your grasp as she approaches her orgasm.
  2117. "Come for me," you whisper in her ear, and she lets out a long sigh as she orgasms in your lap, her eyes closing, her body shaking. When she comes down, she turns to you in the bed, eyes full of wanton desire, and you fulfil said desire with gusto. When you're done, the two of you fall asleep in your usual positions.
  2121. The next morning, you head out with Adelle, the banshee apparently having really left for good. It's a full day's walk, and by the time you arrive at Neanderhold, you're pretty tired, but you're on a mission, dammit.
  2123. >What do you do?
  2125. ---
  2127. You visit your father, informing him of your visit to Sir Arthur and dealing with the banshee that was bothering him. He seems genuinely impressed by your show of altruism, so you avoid mentioning that you needed the banshee's hair for a magic spell elsewhere.
  2129. You buy a nice cut of meat from the market and hunt down Kini, which primarily consists of hunting down "Elisetta." She finds you before you find her, opening conversation in one of the darker, more isolated corridors of the fortress.
  2131. "See, master? I didn't run away, master. I'm a good girl, aren't I?"
  2133. You pet her on the head, scratching behind her ears. "Yes, Kini. You're a very good girl."
  2135. "Thank you, master," she says, and when you hand her the cut of meat, she thanks you again.
  2137. "I'd like to ask about Levy," you start.
  2139. "Yes, master," Kini says, nodding in between chews. "He's, got a woman," she notes, chewing happily on the meat, "who he," chew, "meets in his quarters. I think it's pretty serious, and," chew, "pretty secret. Nobody else knows about it."
  2141. "What do you know about her?"
  2143. "Tanned," she starts, "red hair, muscular, tall, scarred. I don't know her name, though, master, sorry."
  2145. "That's okay, pet," you say, scratching her ears. "I think I've got a pretty good guess. Anything else?"
  2147. "When they have sex, he calls her, 'Madam,' and-"
  2149. "Okay, TMI," you say, raising your hands, and Kini shrinks away for a moment. "Sorry. Just, don't want to talk too much about my little brother's sex life."
  2151. "Yes, master, of course, master, sorry, master."
  2153. You head to the seer, making the requisite exchanges, and he says he'll do a reading. Apparently, though, it has to be done at night, which you wish he'd mentioned earlier (he claims he did, but you don't believe him). That leaves an hour or two before he's done it, which frees you up substantially... potentially to see to Kini being rewarded for her good work.
  2155. >What do you do?
  2157. ---
  2159. You head back to find Kini again, collecting her and telling Adelle to find something to occupy herself for the next while. Kini seems a little tense about it as the two of you retire to a hidden little alcove that you used to bang chicks in all the time back when you lived here.
  2161. "Pet," you say when the two of you arrive, "why don't you lie down there, on the bed?" There's a small little one-person bed here, for some reason you never understood (or cared to learn). Kini slinks over there, slowly, a little hesitant. When she finds her spot, you take out one of the strips of that banshee's dress (which you still have for some reason, possibly because you are a hoarder*), and wrap it around her head, blindfolding her.
  2163. Being in this position apparently worries her, making her start to squirm a little in place, and you put your body over hers, looking down at her lithe, cute little frame. You lean down, meeting your pet's lips with your own, and she makes a surprised little yelp as your tongue starts to press into her mouth. Her response is tentative, slow, with her tongue making little flicks against yours, and you let her, instead focusing your attention on making her feel as good as possible, your hands slowly undoing her dress and pulling her out of it, leaving her nude in a few moments, your mouth still pressed against hers.
  2165. You pull your mouth away from her lips, leaving a curving trails of kisses along her neck and upper body as you make long, languid motions. She squirms a little under you, but it's more from the sort of pleasant surprise that only a blindfold can provide to ordinary touch than anything else. When the movements that you've made lead you down to her sex, you kiss lovingly at her thighs for a moment before settling into work, pressing your lips against her clit. Her reaction is lovely, her back arching as she gasps in surprise and pleasure, and you start to lap at her lower lips, slowly running your tongue across them as you gently rub one thumb along her mound and in teasing motions around her clit. You bring up your other hand to her sex and start to gently finger-fuck her, making her shake beneath you as she does.
  2167. It doesn't take long for her to come from that attention, making a soft squeal as she does, and you don't let her ride out her orgasm in peace, continuing to frantically stimulate her, adding to her already high pleasure. When she finally does come down, you just take that as an excuse to redouble your efforts, frantically finger-fucking her as you let your mouth slowly make its way up her body, the fingers on your free hand playing with her clit as you do. Your lips kiss at her belly, slowly making their way up her body, and you suckle on one of her little, barely there breasts for a while, continuing to hammer away at her sex with your fingers as you do. When her back finally arches upward in pleasure, you move your lips to her mouth, meeting her squeal with your tongue pressing past her lips and letting her ride out her orgasm kissing her master.
  2169. "Pet," you say, when she finally comes down, pulling your mouth away from hers, "are you enjoying yourself?"
  2171. "Yes, master, thank you, master." There's a pause, her lips quirking awkwardly, confused. "Am I being a good fuck toy for you, master?"
  2173. "You've been very good, Kini. I wanted to thank you for that."
  2175. "Thank you, master," Kini says, though her expression seems less thankful than she sounds. "Am I not a good fuck toy, master? Please, master, I want to be a good fuck toy, master. If I'm a good fuck toy, that means I'm satisfying you, master, and I want you to be satisfied, master."
  2177. "Shh, shh," you say, kissing her forehead. "There's no reason to be carrying on with all this fuck toy talk, pet."
  2179. "Yes, master," she replies, "I'll stop talking about it, master."
  2181. Your finger still thrusting in and out of her sex. "Pet, your master wants you to be happy. What would make you happiest for your master to do right now?"
  2183. There's a long silence. "I don't mind whatever you do, master. I belong to you, so my feelings don't matter."
  2185. "I want to know what you want, pet."
  2187. "I- I want- if I can't-" she pauses, still lying there, gloriously nude, her tail curling between her legs slowly. "I want you to fuck me until I can't think straight any more." You start to undo your pants, moving over to her sex. "N-no," Kini says, stopping you. "I'm- I'm your fuck toy. You- you're supposed to use me for y-your pleasure, because I'm just your property, master. L-let me kneel in front of you, and th-then use my face while telling me th-that I'm your property and your fuck toy, master. I n-need you to do that, master."
  2189. Well, you're not going to get anything more of an engraved invitation than that. Leaving the blindfold on, you position Kini between your knees, with you sitting on the side of the bed, and you let your cock spring out. The whole time, Kini's softly whispering, "I'm your fuck toy, I'm your fuck toy, I'm your fuck toy," over and over again. You're a bit... concerned for her psychological state, but that's something to figure out after you get your dick wet.
  2191. "Open your mouth, pet," you order, and Kini obediently opens her mouth, which also has the beneficial side effect of stopping that mantra of hers. You reach for the back of her head and start rubbing your cock on her face, smearing it across her features, as she just leaves her mouth open wide, tongue lolling out, while you slap her cheeks with your cock. Eventually, you reposition your cock to run it across her upper lip, continuing to tease her. "You're my fuck toy," you say, and she nods ever so slightly. You press your cock past her lips, then further and further into her mouth, enjoying the sensation as your cock curls into her throat.
  2193. When your cock is fully lodged inside her throat, you enjoy the feeling for a while, as she starts to lick and suckle at your cock, her hands coming up to rest on your thighs, absently and softly stroking them as you hold her down in your groin, your pubes filling her nose. Eventually, she starts to gag around your cock, and you just let out a groan for a few long seconds before letting her off. She sputters a little when your cock leaves her throat, a tear droplet or two running down her cheeks. "You're my fuck toy," you repeat, and she nods again, her expression lightening slightly. You stand up, keeping your cock inside her mouth as you do. "You're my fuck toy," you say, and she nods, reaffirming your position of power over her.
  2195. You wrap both hands behind the back of her head, and pull her down into your groin before pushing her back up, repeating the process again and again at a frantic pace, enjoying the sensation as she gags and sputters around your cock, spittle flying out from her speed. "You're, my, fuck, toy," you repeat, over and over again, as you fuck her face like it was her pussy, your pace inside her mouth wild and unrestricted. Her hands continue to rub softly at your thighs, slowly, reassuringly, as if she put them there just as a silent reminder that she wanted you to do this.
  2197. All good things must come to an end, of course, and when you finally feel your orgasm approaching, you place your cock just right, your head right past her lips, before starting to spurt out ejaculate all over the insides of her mouth. When you slump down back onto your seat on the bed, you watch Kini enjoying her meal, tail wagging back and forth happily from the come currently in her mouth.
  2199. >What do you do?
  2201. * That would explain why you keep collecting more and more monstergirls you barely ever use, at least.
  2203. ---
  2205. You take Kini's blindfold off, but it doesn't do much, since her eyes are happily closed. You wait for her to get done enjoying the taste of your semen, finally swallowing after what feels like several minutes. You take her down to the baths, gently hand-cleaning her body while kissing at her back, before ordering her to clean yours. She's nervous, her fingers shaking as she rubs you down, but in the end she succeeds at her task and you give her a pleased little headpat and some nice ear-scratching.
  2207. That done, you head off to find Adelle, then bring Adelle with you to meet the seer for the ritual.
  2209. The whole process takes several minutes, creating a fascinating light show in the night sky that (apparently) only the four of you can observe. The results are fairly unambiguous: Lorenne's face appears. While, the seer says it can happen that that occurs because of some other deep link to the deceased's death (say, the hitman killed your brother on her behalf for some reason, even without her knowledge), you can fit the pieces together, and it doesn't look good for your little brother.
  2211. Or, in a different way, for you.
  2215. ---
  2217. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2218. Chapter 21
  2220. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  2222. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans. Your older brother, whose name is far too convoluted to reproduce in these margins, was murdered, and you're investigating it.
  2224. Your investigations all return to one name: Lorenne. Kini's keen surveillance revealed that your younger brother, Levy, has a sexual relationship with her. After a short adventure for necessary supplies, a divination revealed that Lorenne is - in some way - the cause of your brother's murder, and though that doesn't necessarily mean she's guilty, it certainly doesn't look good for her.
  2226. Now you've finished with said divination, and are sitting with your first wife Adelle (geomancer), and your fuck pet, Kini (shapeshifting ex-thief tanukigirl). Also this seer guy, whose name you don't know.
  2228. >What do you do?
  2230. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  2232. ---
  2234. "Is it possible to track down that woman's location?"
  2236. "I'm sure it is," the seer says, "but not with my magic. Unless you had a strand of her hair or something."
  2238. "S-sir," Kini interrupts, currently in her disguise as Liadra, "I could probably find her f-for you."
  2240. "Thank you," you say, patting her on the head before turning your attention back to the seer. "Is it possible her involvement isn't direct?"
  2242. "Sure," the seer says with a shrug. "What it means is that... she's the person who was, for lack of a better term, the first cause of your brother's death. That could mean that she was the murderer herself; or that she hired the murderer; or that whoever killed him killed him on her behalf. But it means that if you removed her from the equation, the murder wouldn't have happened - at least not when it did." He shrugs again. "It's a bit vague, I know, but that's how it works. The chain of events culminating in your brother's death started with her, and not in some loosey-goosey 'if only he had a copper piece' way."
  2244. >What do you do?
  2246. ---
  2248. "Could you find out more, somehow? If I did have some personal effect, what else could you find?"
  2250. "Her current location, certain magical properties - if she was cursed, for example, and by who - and a few other trifles."
  2252. "What about her future, like if she plans to kill again? Or her motives regarding my older brother's death?"
  2254. "Not really," the seer replies.
  2256. "Hrm," you say, shrugging. You've already paid, so you're basically finished here, and you head out with Kini and Adelle after saying your goodbyes, finding a private place to continue your discussion, alone. You ask the two of them for their thoughts.
  2258. "Well, my lord, it seems that everything leads back to this Lorenne woman, which makes her the best place to start investigating, regardless of her guilt."
  2260. "Kini? What do you think, pet?" You put Kini in your lap, gently rubbing away at the top of her head.
  2262. "U-um, I agree with your wife, master. Well, either investigate Lorenne, o-or your younger brother."
  2264. "What do you two think, for motives?"
  2266. "I've never met the woman, or your brother, my lord, but from what you've described, she does seem the sort to want to be... upwardly mobile. And your brother... well, perhaps, but you said yourself he was a... ponce, I believe?"
  2268. "Kini?" You turn your attention towards the tanukigirl in your lap, still lightly scratching away at her head. "You have more familiarity with them. What do you think?"
  2270. "U-um... they seemed very close, master. And some of the things that Levy said when he thought I was Elisetta... I got the impression he kind of regrets sleeping with her, because it's infidelity. Not enough to actually stop, though, master. But I don't know which one would be more likely to kill somebody, master."
  2272. >What do you do?
  2274. ---
  2276. "Kini, I want you to investigate Lorenne. See if you can't follow her, find out some more about her, the way you have been with Levy."
  2278. "O-okay, master." Kini looks a bit scared, at that order, and you scratch her a bit more before kissing the top of her head.
  2280. "I believe in you, pet. You're very good at what you do, and I'm sure you'll be safe."
  2282. "Y-yes, master, whatever you say, master." You give her a quick pat on the bottom and send her off, and she heads out, transforming as she goes. You hope she'll be okay.
  2284. You and Adelle head up to visit your parents, making light conversation and eventually turning it towards your younger brother. Adelle's more subtle than you, but you manage to do an admirable job of keeping your conversation seeming just light and happy. As far as your parents are aware, Levy is romantically unattached. They definitely don't know about Lorenne.
  2286. In terms of marriages for Levy, there are considerations underway, and apparently there's some would be queen in the Allimas, wielding a small army of the undead in a campaign of conquest. If she's amiable, and the situation stabilizes, she might very well be Levy's fiancée. Your parents don't know her name - conflicting reports, limited word from the mountain people, and such - but the word "necromantress" comes up, so you've got a pretty good guess.
  2288. The subject then turns to your older brother, and his murder, and you manage to get little from them. In fact, you get the vague impression that they suspect you. They certainly are curious as to who killed your older brother, but they aren't exactly holding out hope for a conclusive answer.
  2290. When your visit with your parents is over, you head down to your old quarters, which are still thankfully unoccupied, Adelle happily sitting on your lap.
  2292. >What do you do?
  2294. ---
  2296. You place your hands on Adelle's shoulders, gently pressing your thumbs into her back, slowly and harshly stimulating her backside, leaning forward with your lips to kiss at her neck. She hums happily at your attentions, rubbing her butt against your groin as you continue to give her a backrub. She slowly leans backwards into you, her butt still teasing at your groin, and you let your fingers run down, pulling her tunic aside before slipping past her leggings and panties to find her sex, slowly rubbing and stimulating it, your other hand reaching around to her breast, gently pawing at it. Her smile is gentle and loving, and she leans back further, twisting her head to kiss your cheek, one hand reaching down to rub at your cock through your pants, your erection making her smile grow to touch.
  2298. Keeping her in that position, you start to speak. "Adelle," you whisper, kissing at her neck, "about Heronia. I was thinking," you kiss her neck again, "what about going there now? Is there anything really stopping us?"
  2300. "Well, my lord, it is late... and we are in the middle of something, I thought?" You pinch her clit between two fingers, making her gasp in surprise.
  2302. "You know what I mean," you growl, hungrily.
  2304. "Tomorrow morning? No, we could leave then. It would be a few days one way, and take us into the Allimas... where Erosette apparently is. Poor Kini might be a little surprised if we left without telling her."
  2306. "Don't worry about Kini," you reply, letting your lips wrap around her neck and gently teasing your teeth against her skin, your hand on her breast tightly squeezing. "I'll tell her before we go," you say, pulling your lips away from her body. "What do we need, for a sacrifice?"
  2308. "I'd imagine," Adelle says, her hand frantically rubbing at your cock in your pants, "that it would be something rather large. But the goddess herself will have to tell us, I think." Adelle's breath starts to become ragged, though she never stops rubbing her hand against your cock, and you press your hand further into her panties, slowly running your fingers down her lower lips as you toy with one of her nipples. You keep playing with her body, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, before she starts to tense up, and pull your hands away. She gives an unhappy little moan before stopping herself, and your fingers slowly start to undress her, pulling down her leggings and panties, then pulling off her tunic and undershirt up and off, leaving her nude in your lap.
  2310. You lift her up with both hands, earning a girlish giggle as you stand and lie her down on the bed, slowly undressing yourself while kissing at her body and playing with her sex with your free hand, your fingers slowly finger fucking her. Her hands coming up to run along your face and body, reaching for your cock when it springs free before you stop her. While she gives a little pout at that, her hands make their way further up, running along your body, massaging your chest as you suckle at her breasts.
  2312. When you pull up for a moment to take off your shirt, she just stares admiringly at your body for several long seconds before doing anything else, and you take the opportunity to pin her, grabbing her arms and pulling them together above her head. She doesn't mind at all, just smiling up at you, curious as to where you're going with it. With your free hand, you keep on fingering her, and you stare deeply into her eyes before meeting her lips for a passionate kiss, your tongue making its way deep into her mouth, her own tongue quickly and thoroughly reciprocating your attentions. The kiss and fingering go on for quite some time before you feel her orgasm approach, and you withdraw from her mouth for a moment to lean down over her, your lips an inch from her ear. "Come for me," you order, and she does, gasping out her orgasm beneath you.
  2314. You move over as she rides out her orgasm, situating yourself by the bedside, your hard erection just a few inches from her face, and when she comes down, she understands your intent without orders, curling over to take your manhood into her mouth, happily sucking away, her tongue lapping at your cock in her mouth. You run one hand through hair as she does so, brushing it out of her face so that she can look up at you, staring into your eyes, her head bobbing in short motions over what of your cock she can reach. With your other hand, you reach down for her breast, groping it as she continues to suck away, trying to press herself all the way down your cock, her tongue running back and forth along it as it slowly makes its way deep into her mouth, then into her throat. "That's good," you whisper, urging her on, "that's a good wife."
  2316. Her attentions only increase in intensity, and she stares up at you out of the corner of her eye for a while until finally closing them, focusing completely on your cock which she happily bobs up and down, one hand coming up to stroke your length as she does so. It doesn't take long for her to bring you close to orgasm, and you push her off, making her whine softly in irritation when your cock pops out of her mouth. Her pout is more play than serious, though, and you move her around until she's sitting on your lap again, your cock running along her slit this time, teasing her as you gently rub your length against her, occasionally rubbing at her clit with your manhood as you do. Your hands reach up to paw at her breasts, and she reaches down to your cock, slowly, teasingly, running her fingers up and down its length, while you kiss at her neck from behind.
  2318. Eventually, you lift her up again, turning her around in your lap, and slowly letting her make her way down your cock, locking eyes with her as you do. When you're buried inside her to the hilt you turn your attention downward, kissing at her neck and breasts, one hand playing with her clit as the other toys with the breast you aren't suckling on, giving her all the attention you can. She starts to make slow, circular motions on top of you, and you let her, stimulating her to the best of your ability while she gyrates on your lap. When she finally does approach her orgasm, you tighten your grip on her breast, holding her in place as you kiss a slow trail up to her ear and whisper, "Come for me."
  2320. The stimulation of her orgasm is an obvious, desperate attempt for her body to milk your cock dry, but it's ineffective, and you lift her up as you stand, your groins still merged while she continues to work through her orgasm, her face red with exertion. You turn her around, placing her back on the bed, her legs wrapped around you, you standing off to the side, and start to fuck her for real, hard and fast, your upper body leaning over her to let you kiss her, one hand pulling her head into you, the other gripping her wonderful ass. "You're the best," you say in between deep kisses, "fuck yeah. I'm never going to let you go. You're all mine," you whisper, and she just nods frantically, her little yelps of pleasure from your hard fucking increasing in intensity. "Come for me." The stimulation from her latest orgasm brings you over the edge, and you explode inside her, filling her up with your seed. Exhausted, you sag on top of her for a minute or so, and she brings up a hand and gently runs it through your hair, lovingly, your face planted between her breasts at the moment.
  2322. When you recover properly, you reposition yourself, sure to keep your flagging length as deeply buried as you can, and maneuver so that you're lying on the bed, her back pressed against your chest, your two nude bodies intertwined like a pair of spoons. You kiss at her back and neck for a while before the two of you fall asleep together, your arms wrapped around her.
  2326. You're awoken the next morning by Adelle wiggling on top of you slightly, making your cock harden and move inside her sex, where it's apparently been all night. Her girlish smile and glance over her shoulder suggest she's only teasing you a bit, rather than really expecting another round of sex.
  2328. >What do you do?
  2330. ---
  2332. You rotate Adelle and yourself, placing her on her back beneath you, her arms pinned above her head. She smiles, her eyelashes fluttering coyly up at you. Your free hand cups her chin, pulling her face up to meet yours, and you kiss her briefly. "You're going to have to take responsibility for what you've done," you say, pressing your forehead against hers.
  2334. "I'm very responsible, my lord," she says, and starts to wiggle her ass again around your cock. With your free hand, you reach down for her clit, pinching it as you start to fuck her, your lips pressing down against hers as you gradually increase your pace inside her. Then you start to kiss down her neck, taking one of her breasts into your mouth, suckling at it before finally starting to bite gently down, making her hiss and arch her back into your mouth.
  2336. You're not shooting for an endurance match, this round, so you can be a bit quicker and rougher with her, pounding into her sweet little pussy over and over again as you fuck her, hard. Her girlish yelps fill the air as you hold her down an fuck her, playing with her clit with one hand while roughly biting her nipple, twisting it this way and that, making her squeal in joy. It doesn't take long for her to start to approach her orgasm, and you pull your mouth away from her breast when she does, slowly kissing up her neck before you whisper in her ear. "Come for me." On cue, she orgasms, her sex desperately massaging your cock, and you let it take you over the edge, spilling your seed inside her again.
  2338. When you finish recovering, you lean up and get dressed, Adelle just sitting there and staring at you, admiring your nude form as it slowly gets covered up. When you're properly clothed, you lean over her and give her a peck on the forehead. "Perhaps you should get dressed, darling?"
  2340. "Mmm," she says, "but what if my lord husband decides he wants to have his way with me again?"
  2342. "Then he'll rip your clothes right off," you promise. "Besides," you add, "there's something about a woman who's fully dressed that just isn't there when she's nude."
  2344. "You mean besides clothes, my lord?" Adelle asks with a wry smile, and you slap her ass.
  2346. "Come on, let's go meet Kini and head out. No more dilly-dallying."
  2348. "Awww.... but I like dilly-dallying. It's very fun." You give Adelle a look and she nods, remorseful. "Sorry, my lord." She gets up and gets dressed, and the two of you head off to find Kini, which takes a surprisingly long time (given that she's following Lorenne, who - apparently - is pretty good at keeping a low profile in Neanderhold), who you tell that you'll be away for about a week, to go deal with some personal matters. She nods and eagerly accepts the piece of meat you brought for her, chewing it down like a dog. When you give her some money to help her out, her eyes get a little wide and she thanks you profusely.
  2350. That done, you collect some nice brandy for Chara - you did promise, after all - and head off with Adelle for your trip. It's only a few hours to your house, and hardly out the way at all, so you stop off there first.
  2352. >What do you do?
  2354. ---
  2356. When you head into the house, your attention first goes to Arenne, who you greet and hug tightly, pulling her up into a kiss, which she accepts with only a small squeak of surprise. "Adelle and I," you explain, "are headed to the Allimas. There's a powerful spellcaster conquering up there, and they're considering marrying Levy off to her. Since I'm first in line, I figure I should start taking on more responsibility - this being one such act."
  2358. "O-oh," Arenne says, nodding. "I guess you'll be headed off soon, then."
  2360. You kiss the top of her head. "Sorry. I don't think it'll be dangerous, since my parents figure she might be willing to marry Levy." You glance to Adelle, for direction.
  2362. "You could come with us, if you want?" Adelle suggests, but Arenne just shakes her head. Probably just as Adelle expected.
  2364. "If there's war... I mean, it's always dangerous..."
  2366. You nod and give Arenne another kiss on the head. "It's alright," you say, "you don't have to come. How is Elisetta fitting in, incidentally?" Arenne takes a moment to compose her thoughts on the subject, and you quickly whisper to Adelle to make any necessary arrangements for the trip.
  2368. "Um, she's doing fine," Arenne says, finally. "She seems nice enough."
  2370. "That's good to hear," you say, leaning over her again to kiss at the top of her head.
  2372. >What do you do?
  2374. ---
  2376. You sit down with Arenne, chatting about various things that've happened in your estates while you've been gone, how your staff have been doing, if she's feeling neglected, that sort of thing. She seems more-or-less in control of things, here, and Despina's been a good second in command. You suggest that Despina and Elisetta could help her with the more mundane side of things, if she taught them numbers and letters, and Arenne seems turn the idea over in her head. You say your goodbyes, finding Adelle and talking to her quickly about Patina.
  2378. Adelle thinks than bringing Patina along with you on the journey might not be the wisest ideas, but it could work out, so long as you can keep Patina under control enough for Adelle to freeze/unfreeze her and her body parts as necessary. She heads off to refresh Patina's petrification since you reminded her, leaving you alone again.
  2380. "Despina," you say, when you find the satyress humming while cleaning up one of the rooms - Elisetta's, you think. She turns to you, a curious little smile on her face, and bows after she does. "How have things been while I've been gone? Any difficulties?"
  2382. "No, sir," she says, "I mean, Chara and Juniper have been themselves, but they've been on good enough behavior. Melisende's been digging away through the night while you've been gone, but I think she's just about done. Elisetta's been very helpful, too."
  2384. You stroll up to her nonchalantly, wrapping one arm around her. "And how has my favorite satyress been?"
  2386. She smiles lightly, putting her hand on your groin, gently rubbing at your manhood as she does. "Just fine, sir. The workload's a bit more time consuming than back in the forest, but the food supply is a lot more reliable, so I can't complain too much."
  2388. >What do you do?
  2390. ---
  2392. With the hand that's wrapped around Despina, you make your way up to her breast, earning a little smile and soft hum as you lightly grope her breast, your head moving right next to her ear. "Let's go to your room," you whisper. "Have some fun." You nip lightly at her earlobe briefly before pulling away, and she takes your hand in hers and spins around, pulling you towards her for a moment before trotting off to her room; you follow shortly behind her, trying to look innocuous (or at least trying to look like you're trying to look innocuous), in case Arenne sees.
  2394. When the two of you arrive in her room, you lock the door behind you, giving Despina a smirk and a quirk of the eyebrow. She responds with a slightly smug, expectant smile, her head tilted, curious as to your exact intentions. After a moment's consideration, you find a seat, looking over at Despina. "Undress yourself," you order, watching her as she slowly pulls her shirt up, her massive breasts bouncing as they pop free, her nipples already hard with arousal and expectation. "Strut," you command, and she gives a little smirk in response, walking back and forth, her ass swaying, her breasts bouncing slightly, giving you the occasional, teasing glance. When you feel satisfied with her show, you stand up, picking up her discarded shirt and directing her to lay on the bed.
  2396. You tie her arms up, using her shirt, and then start to attend to her breasts, groping them increasingly roughly as you kiss at them and occasionally bite her nipples, making her moan softly as you do. You slowly amp up your intensity, until you're tightly squeezing her breasts in between twisting your head around while biting one of her nipples. She squeezes her eyes shut and bites down on her tongue, the intensity of your attentions clearly pleasurable to her. She's letting out the occasional uncaptured little hiss or yelp of pleasure, but nothing so loud that it carries out of the room.
  2398. When you pull away from her breasts and start fumbling with your own trousers, she opens one eye and looks at you, then down to her groin, whereupon she licks her lips. "Mmm, what are you going to do with that, I wonder?" She asks, smiling, then wriggles her arms a bit, as if struggling against her confinement. "Oh dear," she says, still smiling, "it seems I'm completely at your mercy."
  2400. "Oh?" You ask, and she gives you a fake, sheepish look and nod as you waddle up, placing your cock in between her breasts, then squeezing them together around it. She spits down at your cock, trying to lubricate her breasts, and slowly fuck in between them, your cock occasionally reaching out just far enough to bop at her lips. She tries to lean her head up, opening her mouth, and your cock starts to make its way past her wide open lips, the soft popping noise that accompanies each thrust music to your ears. Her tongue stretches out, wiggling slightly and teasing your head on each thrust, and you respond with similar kindness to her, moving your hands up on her breasts, teasing and toying with her nipples, making her give out the occasional moan of pleasure.
  2402. When you approach your orgasm, but see that she's not particularly close - though she is clearly enjoying yourself, you get off her, earning a cute little fake pout of unhappiness. You spin her around on her bed so that her head hangs off the side, and she smiles in understanding when you stand off to the side, your cockhead now tapping against her lips. Leaning over her, you play with her breasts with one hand, while the other moves up to her sex, gently rubbing at her mound with your thumb while you start to lightly finger-fuck her with two fingers. The occasional slap of her tits earns a yelp of surprise, but no protest, so you do that a couple times before plunging your cock past her lips and into her mouth, slowly starting to facefuck her in this position, her arms still tied together.
  2404. She's experienced and the position is the easiest one for deepthroating, so your cock easily slides completely into her mouth, your balls resting on her nose, and you get to feel her moan in pleasure around your cock when you slap her tit, watching as it bounces from your rough play. Your finger in her sex speeds up as you make slow thrusts in and out of her mouth, her tongue running wild against your cock as you do. The tweaking and teasing of her breasts, combined with your fingering of her sex, fortunately brings her to orgasm first, and she moans into your cock as she shakes, the orgasm carrying through her and making your manhood vibrate pleasurably.
  2406. You adjust your position, gripping her tits in each hand, groping and squeezing them as you slowly fuck her face, using them to keep her in place, and she arches her back upwards as if to feed them deeper into your hands. Her low moans of pleasure at the way you tweak her nipples and roughly toy with her tits make your cock vibrate delightfully inside her mouth, and eventually you stop fucking her, placing your cock just past her lips and letting her lick and lap at you until you finally orgasm in her mouth, filling it with your semen, which she happily swallows down. When your pull out, spent, she wriggles her hands out of their position tied up in your shirt, and reaches out for your cock, pulling you back in reach and awkwardly licking across it to get the last of your cum. When she's finished, she licks her lips and starts to wipe away the saliva from her face where it's accrued.
  2408. >What do you do?
  2410. ---
  2412. You sit down on your bed, and after a little bit, Despina reorients and sits next to you, rubbing her face clean with her shirt. "How is your little sister doing, incidentally?"
  2414. "Hmm?" Despina says, pausing as she removes her shirt from her face, then looks down at it, face sour in realization, before tossing it aside. "Oh, she's fine."
  2416. "I was planning on getting her a little more honest with some brandy," you explain. "Get her ready for a bit of loving tenderness. Was looking for advice, since you're her older sister."
  2418. "Pfft," Despina replies, rolling her eyes. "Like I know what's going on in her head."
  2420. "Well, I mean, does she want attention, or respect, or..."
  2422. "I guess... respect? That sounds most like her. But in a really, y'know, a really stupid, vindictive way."
  2424. "How do you mean?"
  2426. "She can barely suffer anything less than the utmost respect at all times, basically. Don't look at me, she's her own person and she became like that all on her own. Gods know I didn't teach her to act that way."
  2428. "Right," you say, pausing and chewing it over. "Patina, then. You're a monstergirl. Any advice?"
  2430. Despina shrugs, making her breasts jiggle beautifully. "Not an elemental, myself. Don't really know. Did you try establishing dominance?"
  2432. "Yes, I established dominance a couple times, she's still angry."
  2434. "No idea, then. Maybe you could get her addicted to your come; don't know if that works on elementalgirls, though."
  2436. You nod, then remember something. "Uh, if we wind up leaving Patina here - I still haven't quite decided yet - make sure she's kept clean, alright? Just... want to do one nice thing, I suppose."
  2438. "Yes sir!" Despina replies, making a quick salute, again making her breasts jiggle again.
  2440. "Put on a shirt," you say as you stand up, and Despina heads over to her closet to put on some new clothes. You head out, to find Juniper and Chara.
  2442. >Threesome with Chara and Juniper.
  2443. >8
  2445. You find Chara chasing Juniper around the room; the littler monstergirl is in her ball form, giggling, while Chara angrily chases after her. "You little dork! I can't believe you!"
  2447. You physically grab Chara, stopping her from chasing Juniper, and Juniper responds by stopping in place, still giggling.
  2449. Chara crosses her arms and huffs, angrily. "She poured a bunch of salt into my drink, and it made it taste awful."
  2451. "You should've seen her face!" Juniper says, giggling and transforming back into a little girl. "She was all like," Juniper screws up her face in a ridiculous expression.
  2453. "I did not look like that!" Chara fumes, pouting.
  2455. "You did!" Juniper counters, "you totally did!"
  2457. Chara just looks away, shaking her head in irritation. "Rashin' frashin'..." she grumbles, then shakes her head. "Wait! You said you'd get me some brandy if I was good, and I didn't leave the house alone at all! Where's my brandy?!" She looks around you awkwardly, and you head off to fetch it, leaving her alone with Juniper for the moment.
  2459. When you return, Juniper is gone, and Chara's pulling off her most seductive look (which is not very seductive). "Where did Juniper go?" You ask.
  2461. "Oh," Chara says, her voice a feigned, sultry, tone. "I just had to, ah, get rid of her. So we could be... alone, if you know what I mean."
  2463. You sigh and sit down with Chara, pouring her a drink. While she's obviously attempting to be arousing and seductive, the effect is immature and sadly rather laughable, and her increasing drunkenness only worsens it. Soon enough, she's flopping over into your lap regularly, giggling as she recovers and sits back down next to you. While her tone of voice and body language says she wants it, she's curiously nonverbal about it, avoiding any undeniable suggestion of sexual attraction.
  2465. "You know, Chara," you say, voice level, "I can't help but get the impression that you want something from me."
  2467. "Pfft," Chara scoffs. "What would I want from you? You're a big," she pokes one finger into your chest, accusatively, "jerky, jerk, who made me eat my own poo. Yeah, I bet you thought I forgot about that, didn't you? Well I didn't. Poo tastes gross. Maybe you should eat your own poo, huh? Then you'd know how it sucks."
  2469. "You shot me, twice, before I did that."
  2471. "As a joke!" Chara replies, raising her shoulders up and rolling her eyes at your comment. "It wasn't funny when you made me eat my own crap off your dick."
  2473. "I know you want it," you say, fixing Chara with your most lustful gaze, making her pull back a little, awkwardly. "You know you want it. Why do we have to dance around it?"
  2475. "Want what?" Chara replies, avoiding meeting your gaze. "I don't know what you're talking about."
  2477. "Oh," you say, with a shrug. "I guess I misread the situation. Maybe Juniper will be more up for it."
  2479. "W-wait!" Chara replies as you start to stand, her hand going to your shoulder. Her lips quiver awkwardly before she forms the words. "W-well, since you're so obviously desperate for it, I guess... I could... oblige you..."
  2481. It's probably the best you're liable to get, for the time being.
  2483. >What do you do?
  2485. ---
  2487. You give her a kiss on the forehead, then ruffle her hair. "I'll be right back," you say, heading off, leaving her alone.
  2489. When you return, a bucket and rag in hand, she's obviously a bit nervous, her fingers tapping away at her furry little knees, and when she spots you, she frantically repositions her arms for a couple seconds before settling them in a more relaxed, calm position. "Ah, hello... Baron - I mean, j-jerk. Um, so, why the rag?"
  2491. "Show me that ass of yours and I'll show you what it's for."
  2493. Chara looks at you for a second, then somewhat awkwardly - she's still pretty buzzed - moves onto all fours on the couch. You apply water to the rag and dab at her asshole, cleaning it away with rough strokes, making her twitch under your attentions. She squirms a little bit in surprise, and her cute little eyes screw up, but she doesn't resist at all as you press the tip of the rag into her asshole, cleaning out the insides with increasingly long and deep scrapes.
  2495. "H-humf!" Chara says when you finally stop. "At least you're using lubricant this time, that isn't my sister's saliva."
  2497. You reach down over her, pulling her shirt off, and she awkwardly tries to help you; you let her finish the job, pulling off your own shirt, and you catch her staring longingly at your pants for a moment while she thinks you're not looking. When she catches your gaze, she blushes and turns away, trying to pretend that she has no interest in anything in your pants. You pull off your pants, and your cock pops out.
  2499. She's still situated on all fours, and you almost just start fucking her ass now... but you want a bit of foreplay, first, to really get her in the mood. You pull her up off her hands, mashing your lips against hers, making her eyes go wide as she squeaks in surprise, your hands running down to her ass, which you squeeze and grope while making out with her. Her arms come up and wrap around you, making your hold on her practically romantic, and you pull your lips away from hers. She's surprised, but as you kiss down her neck and suckle on one of her budding breasts, she moans, clearly enjoying herself. One of your fingers circles around her asshole, but she doesn't protest at all, simply letting you toy with her butt however you please.
  2501. You go on like that for a little while, using your mouth on her breasts as you grope her ass and tease her asshole, occasionally poking a finger in; it's surprisingly clean, so you guess you did a pretty good job inside there. Chara's hands eventually find their place on your head, pulling you in towards her each time you attach yourself to one of her breasts, as she enjoying your attention to her nipples. You guess that she shares this weak point with Despina.
  2503. When you finally pull away, she moans a little in irritation, but obeys your orders as you reposition her so that your head rests between her legs, your cock just inches from her face. You don't even have to tell her to get started, she immediately starts slurping away at your cock, wrapping her lips around it and bobbing up and down the upper half, the wet noises of slurping (and her barely-audible moans) slowly filling the room.
  2505. You lean up to place your head at her ass (not as difficult as it sounds, given your relative heights), and kiss at her butt cheeks, her little doe tail happily flapping away at your attentions. With one finger, you begin to slowly explore her asshole, pressing gradually inward, making her squeal around your cock. Your tongue licks around it, making her squirm on top of you, her knees shaking from your attentions, and you keep going, playing with her ass as she sucks hungrily at your cock. Her little tongue goes wild inside her mouth, and she sucks like her life depends on it, her wet juices dripping slowly down from her sex onto you as you continue to play with her asshole, adding a second finger and increasing the speed.
  2507. Her moans and yelps increase in volume along with the intensity of your fingers and mouth, and it doesn't take long for her orgasm to approach, an act that you quickly react to. Reaching down for one of her horns, you pull her down your cock until you're pressing at her throat, soft little gags coming up as she weakly struggles against you before orgasming, the twitching letting you pull her down past her gag reflex, her would-be screams becoming little more than vibrations around your cock. When she comes down, you pull her off your cock, and she sputters and coughs briefly but offers no verbal complaint, quickly trying to take you into her mouth again. When you instead pull her away from your cock, she whines, struggling against you, trying to start sucking away at your manhood again, and you're almost tempted to let her.
  2509. Instead, you flip her around, putting her on the ground and yourself above her, your manhood making slow, teasing circles around her anus. She whines and squirms, clearly trying to shove her ass down onto your cock, but without your cooperation, it just isn't happening, your cock instead bouncing awkwardly off her ass or slit. You lean over her, using your weight to pin her in place and stop her frantic actions, and she stares up at you, a little fear creeping into her features.
  2511. "You just have to ask," you whisper, voice smooth as silk, and she quirks her lips and looks away, awkwardly, tensely twitching in place, her legs bouncing slightly underneath you. "That's all you have to do. You don't even have to say please."
  2513. She bites her tongue in a half formed word, then finally starts. "F-fine," she says, rolling her eyes. "Would you, uh, stick your dick, in my butt." She flashes her face back to yours. "But don't put it in my mouth afterwards, jerk!"
  2515. "I wasn't even thinking about it," you reply, reaching down and wrapping your hand around your cock, slowly pushing it into her ass, making her squeal in surprise and pleasure. You press your lips to hers, swallowing her screams, and start to slowly fuck her, your pace gradually increasing, making her pant and sigh in pleasure. With one hand, you reach up for her chest and toy with her nipples, making her squeak slightly. "You know, these breasts of yours are very cute," you whisper in her ear, "I love how sensitive they are." You keep going in her ass, watching her eyes roll up in pleasure.
  2517. "Chara," you whisper in her ear, "you seem to really be enjoying yourself. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were enjoying this."
  2519. "P-pfft," Chara says, trying to speak through her pleasure. "Come on. L-like I'd enjoy having sex with a big jerk like you."
  2521. "I think you do," you whisper, "I think you love getting fucked in the butt by a big, strong man who takes charge and makes you do what he wants."
  2523. "W-well, of course you would think that," Chara replies, rolling her eyes defiantly, then bites her tongue as she tries to swallow a hiss of pleasure. "You're, biased, or whatever."
  2525. "You could've let me go off and have sex with Juniper. You could've just let me tease your ass. You could've tried to stop me at any point, but you didn't," you say, continuing to pound her ass, playing with her nipple to keep her moaning, panting, and yelping instead of talking. "You know why?" She shakes her head. "Because deep down, this is what you really, really, want." With one final tug of her nipple, she orgasms underneath you, and you press your lips to hers immediately, silencing her screams with your mouth. The way her ass coils beneath you in response to your physical and verbal stimulus is wondrous, and you start to orgasm a few seconds after her, filling her tight little ass with your semen.
  2527. When the two of you come down, you keep yourself on top of her, your cock still buried deep in her ass. "This is our little secret," you whisper, "if you keep this quiet, and play the part of the good little maid, I can give this to you regularly."
  2529. "Hrumf," Chara replies, crossing her arms beneath you. "I'll... think about it."
  2531. >What do you do?
  2533. ---
  2535. You reach down for Chara's ass with one hand, groping and squeezing it as you lean down to kiss her, your lips pressing against hers for a long while before finally pulling away. "If you keep up with the archery practice, I'll give you a trial run as a hunter. Do well at that, and it can be your job, instead of maid. Would you like that?"
  2537. "Yeah," she admits, with little difficulty.
  2539. You slowly pull out of her ass and quickly clean off your cock with a rag, before getting dressed and heading off to find Juniper. When you do locate her, she flees from you in her ball form, making you chase after her around several corners before you finally trigger her trap, a large bucket of water that lands, gracefully, almost exactly on your head, drenching you. You suck in a breath of irritation before lifting it off of you, and are greeted by the sight of Juniper giggling like a madwoman, her legs kicking at the air.
  2541. When she finally calms down a little bit, she wipes away tears from her eyes. "You look so silly!"
  2543. "You already did this once before," you grumble.
  2545. "And it was funny then, too! Why wouldn't it still be funny?"
  2547. You sigh and shake your head, kneeling down in front of Juniper, who looks at you, smiling and clearly suppressing another giggle fit. "You remember that game we played, earlier?" Juniper nods, smiling happily. "Want to play again? See if you can beat me, now that you have a better idea of how it works?"
  2549. "Yeah!" Juniper shouts. She scrambles to her feet and crosses her arms, proudly. "I'll beat you so hard, you won't even know which way is up!"
  2551. "I'll bet," you say, patting her on the head, and she blows a strand of hair out of her face. "Let's go find a private room to play in, okay?"
  2553. Juniper skips along next to you as you make your way to the nearest (unoccupied) bedroom, locking the door behind you.
  2557. ---
  2559. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2560. Chapter 22
  2562. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  2564. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans. Your older brother, whose name is far too convoluted to reproduce in these margins, was murdered.
  2566. Your investigations turned up one name: Lorenne, your younger brother Levy's paramour. While she's not necessarily guilty, you've left your loyal fuck pet cum master thief (Kini) on watch duty, investigating the woman in question.
  2568. You're now on your way to the Allimas with your first wife, Adelle, for two reasons. Firstly, the necromantress Erosette (who you had a mutually enjoyable erotic encounter with earlier) has decided to start conquering her way around there, and you want to take a look into it. Secondly, you want to ensure that Adelle bears your firstborn son, rather than having that fall to Arenne. There's a major shrine to the fertility goddess Heronia in the mountain range, and you plan to pray there and make whatever sacrifices are asked of you.
  2570. In the course of your journey, you've stopped off briefly at home, and took the opportunity to rail Despina's tits and mouth, then Chara's tight little asshole. Now, you've lured Juniper into a separate room, convincing her that you plan to play a "game" with her (a game involving orgasms, traditionally known as sex).
  2572. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  2574. ---
  2576. "I was thinking, Juniper," you start, looking at the little monstergirl, who's currently sitting on the bed and kicking her legs impatiently. "You're new at this game, so we should probably do a practice round or two."
  2578. Juniper eyes you suspiciously, as if trying to figure out what the trick is, but she finally nods.
  2580. "Right. Well, first things first, we should both take off our clothes, that way we don't get them dirty again, since the game tends to get you all sweaty."
  2582. "Oooh! Good idea!" Juniper exclaims, quickly taking off her little dress and panties, while you disrobe yourself. When the both of you are naked, she looks up at you expectantly, still sitting on the edge of the bed.
  2584. "We'll start with you. I'll practice on you, and you try not to come. This way, you'll get an idea of your own weakpoints, okay?" Juniper nods, and you direct her to lie down on her back, then kneel down by the edge of the bed so you're face is level with her girlish, hairless, sex. You move your head forward, kissing at her lower lips, and she catches a moan in her throat at your attentions. You make long, slow licks across them, enjoying the way she squirms, her little eyes squinching shut, before you start suckling at her clit, gently massaging it with your lips before letting your tongue gently press against it. When you do lick it, it's like electricity pulsing through her body, and a girlish squeal comes out of her throat as she wriggles beneath you.
  2586. You pull away from her sex for a moment, speaking softly. "Hey, if you make too much noise, Arenne will hear, and she doesn't like that, remember?"
  2588. "Oh!" Juniper says before covering her mouth with both hands, then nodding back at you. You press your face back between her legs, watching the little monstergirl try to resist your oral ministrations, squirming beneath you as you kiss, lick, and suckle at her sex, before diving into it with your tongue and rubbing the bridge of your nose against her clit. Her muffled squeaks and squeals are music to your ears, and you keep at it, lapping at her insides until she finally orgasms beneath you, her little legs shaking at either side of your head.
  2590. When she comes down from her orgasm, you pull away from her sex, and she pouts a little, sulking. "Maybe I'm no good at this game..." she mumbles unhappily.
  2592. You lean over her, kissing her on the forehead. "That was just practice." You ruffle her green hair, eying her sweat-covered little body hungrily. "You want to practice on me?"
  2594. Juniper nods eagerly, and you clamber up onto the bed, lying down, your cock erect and obvious.
  2596. "Use your mouth on it," you suggest, then quickly add, "but no teeth! Teeth are really bad, okay?"
  2598. Juniper crawls towards your erect cock, staring at it, like it was a dangerous panther. She moves her head slightly from side to side as she approaches, as though your dick was a dangerous predator she had to deceive by zig-zagging. When she gets close, she quickly snaps out with her little hands, grabbing your cock and starting to slowly stroke you. Her mouth opens and she licks at the head, staring at you, determination clearly written on her face. Her eager little laps, and the strokes of her hands, feel wonderful, but they're not going to be enough; you reach down with one hand, silently guiding her to take your cock past her lips.
  2600. Her lips stretch around your manhood, her little mouth too small to easily take it, but she just furrows her brow and keeps pressing downward, her little tongue wriggling around inside her mouth. Her hands come up to balance on your thighs as she slowly sinks down your cock, and it's a sweet sensation as you sink deeper and deeper into her mouth, her green eyes staring up at you, sizing you up. When you reach her throat, she gags, her eyes bulging as she pulls away suddenly, your cock making a soft pop as it passes her lips. She stares at your manhood, confused by what just happened.
  2602. "It takes a lot of practice to get it that deep," you explain.
  2604. She looks at you, uncertainly, eyes flicking back and forth from your manhood for a little bit. "I wanna play! Practice sucks!"
  2606. On cue, you grab her by her armpits, lifting her up so that your cock is right at her entrance. You wrap one hand around your cock, letting her awkwardly balance herself in position, then she slowly starts to slide down your length, a playful smile stretching across her face as pleasure runs across yours. She wriggles her cute little butt as she slowly slides down, her tight little sex hugging you and twisting you this way and that. She actually starts to clench her vaginal muscles, squeezing desperately at your cock as you slowly fill her up.
  2608. You manage to come to your senses and start trying to stimulate her, rubbing at her little clit and nipples, but she's got the initiative, and she's running with it, bouncing happily up and down on your cock. You twitch and your eyes roll up at the intensity of her actions, even as she starts to breath heavily and sweat from exertion and arousal, juices slowly flowing down your length. You toy with her body as she furiously pumps up and down your length, her little arms trying to bat away your hands ineffectually. Her pace increases rapidly, her tight sex hugging you like a vice grip as she happily bounces up and down in your lap.
  2610. You groan in pleasure as she continues her frantic fucking in this position, trying desperately to stimulate her back, one hand thumbing and pinching her nipples while the other dances around her clit. Unfortunately, her cute little body running up and down your length, squeezing and twisting it this way and that as she wriggles on top of you... combined with her earlier oral work, it's too much to take, and you shoot off inside her, filling her up with your come, your hands falling away.
  2612. Juniper responds to your orgasm by getting off your cock and starting to do a little victory dance. "Booyah! I'm the best! I win! You lose! You think you can beat me? Looks like you can't!" She continues to gloat as you slowly recover from your orgasm. When you start to get up, she jumps off the bed and grabs her clothes, then rushes to the door, unlocking it and opening it, turning into her ball form, and escaping.
  2614. Impressively quick, to boot.
  2616. Well, at least she seems pleased with how things turned out, you think as you sigh and get dressed.
  2618. >What do you do?
  2620. ---
  2622. After getting dressed, you find Adelle again and bring her with you to check on Patina; Adelle's already refreshed Patina's petrification while you were having sex with all the monstergirls, so you'll be needing her with you, to unfreeze Patina enough to respond.
  2624. "Unfreeze her, just enough that she can move her head," you order, and Adelle places one hand on Patina's head, briefly closing her eyes in concentration. The coppergirl shakes her head angrily as she comes out of freezing, and Adelle quickly pulls her hand away. She stares up at you, brow furrowed in anger and defiance, even as the rest of her remains completely still.
  2626. "Patina, Adelle and I are going off to the Allimas. You can come with, if you agree to be a good girl and not cause trouble for us. If not... you can stay here, as a statue, in my back yard. Your choice."
  2628. >1
  2630. Her lips purse angrily, and she just silently fumes at you, shaking her head slightly from side to side. A clear no.
  2632. "I'm sorry to hear that," you say, shaking your head, your cock hardening in your pants in preparation for what you're about to do. Adelle's eyes flick from you to Patina, her tongue running across her lips as she does, anticipation obvious in her features.
  2634. >What do you do?
  2636. ---
  2638. "Adelle," you say, turning to your wife, "why don't you get Patina here into position? I'd like to use her ass."
  2640. "Yes, my lord," Adelle says with a soft smile, placing her foot on the coppergirl's back, right between her shoulders, and kicking, hard, sending Patina tumbling to the ground, her face hitting the dirt. You maneuver next to Adelle, and the two of you push at the coppergirl's thighs until her butt is raised high into the air, waiting for you to use it. You slip down your pants, giving Adelle a quick kiss before pressing your cock into Patina's waiting pussy, the slick inner surfaces welcoming your cock as you slowly start to saw in and out. You bring up one hand and press a finger into her asshole, slowly filling her ass up and then beginning to fuck her.
  2642. You jerk your head towards Patina's, still lying on the ground and glaring at you and Adelle. "Why don't you go make sure the coppergirl knows her position?" Adelle follows your command, heading over to Patina and stepping on the monstergirl's head, making her squirm and wriggle underfoot. You start to fuck Patina harder and harder, watching the mixture of physical pleasure, anger, and humiliation run across her red face, while Adelle keeps one boot on the monstergirl's back. "This is where you belong," you tell Patina, making her face flush with anger again. "Being fucked by your owner. You should just accept this as your position in life".
  2644. Adelle leans over and starts whispering in Patina's ear. "You're worthless trash," she whispers as you add a second finger to her asshole, continuing to finger fuck her asshole. "Only good for one thing; being my lord husband's property, to be used and disposed of how he sees fit." You ramp up your speed inside her, continuing to fuck her, watching as her face mixes an ambivalent concoction of emotions. You add a third finger to her asshole, enjoying the way her eye almost twitches in reply, smiling cruelly down on her as you furiously fuck her pussy and ass, brutalizing both holes.
  2646. It's actually not that surprising, then, that while Adelle is still whispering a variety of humiliating and degrading things in the coppergirl's "ear," she orgasms beneath you, her inner walls squeezing at your cock, and you lean forward, where she stares at you, still defiant even in the afterglow. "Good girl," you whisper, "your body clearly knows its place, even if your mind doesn't." You continue raling her ass as she tries to squirm and wriggle away, but with only her neck and head at all mobile, she can't do much. Adelle responds to the show of defiance by repositioning her boot on the coppergirl's skull, stamping on it a few times before grinding her heel into the side of Patina's face.
  2648. You pull out of Patina, leaving her ass hanging in the air, and with Adelle's help you pull her back onto her knees, your cock at her mouth. She only resists for a moment or two as you press your cockhead at her lips before giving up the ghost of resistance, letting you press past her lips and into her mouth, slowly fucking into her throat. Adelle, for her part, has both hands on the coppergirl's head, pushing her further and further onto your cock, mirroring your motions with her own. It makes your otherwise languid pace seem genuinely fast, and Adelle just stares into your eyes, a gentle smile on her lips as the two of you facefuck the coppergirl together.
  2650. "You're so stupid and pathetic," you tell her, making her expression flash in anger even as she continues to passively take your cock deep into her mouth and throat. "You're lucky I'm nice enough even let you suck my cock," you continue. "Being as useless as you... most men would find that unattractive and just rid themselves of you."
  2652. Adelle joins in. "You should count yourself fortunate that my lord husband finds you attractive. You're too dumb and weak to be good for anything but this, I think; someone else needed to take control of your life, because you clearly weren't ever going to do anything worthwhile with it." Little flashes of desperation mix in with the already clear anger, as she can do nothing but submissively let you and Adelle use her mouth as your personal fuckhole.
  2654. At last, you start to orgasm, taking control of her head from Adelle and shoving your cock deep down her throat, your balls tapping against her chin as you unload your semen directly into her throat.
  2656. "Make sure she doesn't heal," you tell Adelle when you finally finish orgasming. She nods obediently, putting her hands on Patina's head as you pull out of the coppergirl's mouth, leaving her to try frantically to squirm and wriggle out of Adelle's grip even as the petrification slowly completes on her body. You just watch her for a long minute or so, as Adelle exhausts the monstergirl's regeneration with an invisible counterassault.
  2658. "Done, my lord," Adelle says, the coppergirl immobile as a statue.
  2660. You look down at Patina, and when you notice the dirt smeared across one side of her face from when it was planted firmly on the ground, an evil thought comes to your mind. You direct Adelle away from Patina, who sits there, completely immobile, as you release a stream of urine on the monstergirl's face, covering her head and shoulders in your piss. You slowly direct the stream ever downward, and you think you catch the faintest angry quiver in her eyebrows as you piss on her chest and stomach before finally running out, leaving her front side half-coated in urine.
  2662. "Adelle," you ask, turning to your wife, who's smiling lasciviously, "care to join me in marking Patina here?"
  2664. Adelle twists her head to one side, obviously considering the thought, then moves behind Patina and pulls down her leggings and panties, lifting up her tunic's skirt. After a few seconds, a stream of piss emits from Adelle, lesser in both volume and intensity than yours, her legs splayed wide as she coats the backside of Patina with her own urine. When she finishes, she moves away slightly before pulling her leggings back up and smiling serenely at you, as though absolutely nothing of import just happened.
  2666. >What do you do?
  2668. ---
  2670. "We'll talk about this again later," you tell Patina. "Reconsider my offer." That done, you turn to Adelle. "Darling," you start, "could you go plan out our exact route through the mountains?"
  2672. "Yes, my lord," Adelle replies, heading off into the house.
  2674. After pulling up your pants, you head over to Melisende's nest, and start calling out into it. "Melisende? Melisende!"
  2676. She scurries out, looking at you, a bit annoyed. "Yes?"
  2678. "Is your nest all good and proper? No worries about rain?"
  2680. "Yes, yes," she says, impatient.
  2682. "Is there enough food around here for you and your kids? I mean, like, game or whatever?"
  2684. "I haven't had any problems so far," Melisende replies. "There's plenty of vermin living nearby, at least for the time being. If it gets too troublesome, you - or one of the locals, if you're not around - can just jerk off and my kids and I can eat that instead."
  2686. "Good, great. You're going to be civil with the townspeople, yes?"
  2688. "Yeah, yeah," Melisende says. "Can I go?"
  2690. You nod, and she scurries back into her nest. You head back inside, finding Arenne stooped over a desk, reading through some papers and making some idle notes. You wrap your hands around her from behind, kissing at her neck. She pauses for a moment, her hand still on her quill, before putting it away and turning to look at you. "Baron... not now, okay? I'm not in the mood." You kiss at her back again before pulling away.
  2692. "Okay," you reply, "it's just... Adelle and I are headed out soon and we'll probably be gone for a week. I wanted to leave you something to remember me by."
  2694. "That's very sweet," she says with a weak smile, "but I'm fine. Okay? Just... let me work?"
  2696. >What do you do?
  2698. ---
  2700. "Okay," you say, kissing the top of her head. "Melisende can help out with construction, probably. Something to keep in mind. Anyway, I love you. I'll miss you."
  2702. "Miss you too," Arenne responds, focus already back on her work. You head out, leaving her to it, and go find Adelle, who's apparently fully plotted your route out so that you can reach the shrine in the shortest time.
  2704. Since everything seems pretty much wrapped up at the manor, you and Adelle gather the necessary gear and head out, getting back on your horses and heading west towards the Allimas. It's a journey of several days, and you make sure to attend to Adelle's "feminine needs" (that means sex) quite thoroughly during the journey, something she very much enjoys.
  2706. When you reach the Allimas, the terrain becomes more difficult for your horses to use, and you have to stick closely to the road, in long winding paths that make you concerned for you and Adelle's safety. Apparently, however, the war hasn't caused much in the way of banditry - at least, not in this area - since you make your way to the shrine unmolested by any troops. You see one or two places that could've been the sites of battles or ambushes, but it's hard to tell; there are few corpses, and those that remain are mostly decapitated or burned, for reasons that are fairly obvious.
  2708. The shrine of Heronia itself is a fairly spacious, open affair, with a pair of attending young priestesses - sisters, Calinne and Verdessa - who you can't help but let your eyes linger on for a few seconds each. Adelle just gives you a knowing smile at your looks, curling her fingers tightly around yours where your hands meet and winking.
  2710. Apparently, you pray, then get a vision, so you and Adelle sit down to do the former and hope for the latter. You follow along after Adelle as she prays to the goddess Heronia, repeating her words when she finishes them. There's a flash of light, and you look up to see...
  2712. A beautiful woman, looking to be about ten years your senior, with a full bust, wide, child-bearing hips, and long, flowing brown hair. She's just a little bit on the heavier end, and carries a pair of babies, one in each of her arms. It doesn't take a genius to guess that this is Heronia.
  2714. "What boon do you ask of me?" She asks, her voice slightly otherworldly to the ear.
  2716. Adelle speaks before you can (not that you were particularly inclined to try your diplomatic skills on a deity). "Oh great goddess Heronia," she begins, bowing, pressing her forehead against the floor, "I wish nothing more than to bear my lord husband a healthy son and heir."
  2718. "I see," Heronia responds. "And you? Do you wish the same?"
  2720. "Yes, I wish for my beloved wife Adelle to bear my son," you say, trying to follow her lead.
  2722. "There will be a cost," Heronia warns. "Not a terrible one, but I will require something of you, in return. Are you prepared to make a sacrifice on my behalf?"
  2724. Adelle replies quickly. "What you ask, I shall give, oh Heronia."
  2726. "Uh, I will also do that," you add.
  2728. "Very well," Heronia replies, pausing in thought. "In these lands, there is an artifact of some great age; once, before his death, my beloved crafted an enchanted flask that allows an endless flow of wine. Bring me this, and I shall grant your wish."
  2730. "Oh Heronia," your wife starts, "would you please tell us where this artifact is?"
  2732. "It has fallen to the possession of the mortals who squabble over these lands; I no longer know which faction, for certain. Those who hold it guard it zealously, not for its prestige but for its use."
  2734. There's another flash of light, and when you open your eyes, the woman is gone.
  2736. >What do you do?
  2738. ---
  2740. You get up, finding one of the priestesses - Calinne, you're pretty sure, though the two look fairly similar due to their sororal relation. "Excuse me," you ask, "but do you know where..." you pause for a moment, searching for how to put it. "The, er, conquering necromantress is?"
  2742. Calinne - hopefully, anyways - brushes her long, red hair away from her eyes, looking up at you sweetly, freckles beautifully contrasting her pale skin. "You mean Empress Elisette?" Your eyes drift downwards, drinking in her fine, supple bosom, its curves beautifully implied beneath her ceremonial robes.
  2744. You snap yourself out of it, running her words back over in your head. "Uh... probably? I heard her name was Erosette, though."
  2746. "Perhaps," Calinne replies with a shrug. You look up, trying to distract yourself from her body, and she gives you this sweet, impish smile (having correctly guessed the reason for your slight awkwardness in this conversation) that makes you want to do awful things to her. "Last I heard, she was headed north of here, having already 'claimed' these lands as her own. The Terlise are in retreat, their armies having been routed in that direction... I don't know much more, I'm afraid. Her armies travel almost as fast as news of them - they need neither sleep nor rest, you see - and whatever strategies either side is trying, they are hardly inclined to tell the public."
  2748. You turn your head, glancing north. "Do you think we could reach them?"
  2750. "Most likely. Horses are rather rare in these parts, but they provide a bit of speed, do they not?"
  2752. "A bit," you reply, thinking.
  2754. After finishing off your conversation with Calinne, and confirming her story with Verdessa, you head north, with Adelle, trying to make the best time possible. It takes a day and some change, but fortunately, it seems that Erosette's armies were forced to slow for one reason or another, and you find yourself approaching the mass of undead soldiery soon thereafter, and you're fairly certain that Erosette is at the center of it.
  2756. >What do you do?
  2758. ---
  2760. You pause outside the undead "camp," leaning over to speak to Adelle.
  2762. "Okay, Erosette is a bit... full of herself, and a bit... ridiculous." You go into what you know about Erosette's personality, and Adelle seems pleasantly surprised at the degree to which you've gotten a feel for the necromantress's character. "Do you have any suggestions for what we could offer her? I mean, besides a marriage alliance."
  2764. "Well, there's my talents as a geomancer, of course," Adelle begins. "Or perhaps a repeat of whatever you offered her when you last met to convince her to leave my family be. If she has some particularly annoying physical obstacle... akin to the Scylla, say, you could deal with that."
  2766. You head down with Adelle, calling out for Erosette, noting that her "trusted and faithful servant" has returned and asks an audience. She emerges from the mass of the undead, and you notice her appearance has apparently changed in the last while; she's dyed her once-brown hair black, and has tied it up in a bun, perhaps in an attempt to look more respectable. When she sees you, you can tell from even this distance a wide smile appears on her lips, and she beckons you forward.
  2768. "Ah, there's my boy," Erosette says when you get close, a magnanimous smile on her face. "And this would be your first wife, yes? The Lestrange?"
  2770. "Adelle," your wife provides, smiling in return. "You are as majestic in person as my husband said, m'lady," she flatters.
  2772. "Come, come," Erosette says, guiding the two of you to her tent. "Please, consider yourselves my honored guests. What brings you here?"
  2774. "Well, actually," you start, "we were going to visit the shrine of Heronia, but when we heard you were in the area, we couldn't help but want to visit. And offer my services, if they're necessary."
  2776. "That's very kind of you," Erosette replies, smiling wistfully. "It does get rather lonely out here, sometimes. All the men in these parts are so dull. Well, at least for the moment. I expect things will liven up when there's less of this death and war business."
  2778. "Ah, well, actually," you cough, "I could also offer some more... combative assistance? If you have need of it?"
  2780. "The old sword arm, eh?" She asks, jovially punching you. "Ready to offer it in service of your Empress? That's very kind of you," she says, "but I'm not certain where I could put it to good use. My army is a well-oiled machine, and we haven't had much difficulty with the Terlise."
  2782. "Then perhaps I could offer my aid," Adelle says, "I'm a very capable geomancer, I could assist you in tracking enemy armies, or even in sieges, to a lesser extent."
  2784. "Hmm?" Erosette says, absently offering Adelle a glance, turning her gaze away from you. "Oh, that's very thoughtful of you, dear. Actually... before discussing that any further, I'd like a moment alone with your husband. There might be a matter to which he could attend?"
  2786. >What do you do?
  2788. ---
  2790. "Of course," you reply. "I assume my wife will be well cared for and protected in my absence?"
  2792. "Naturally. Such a faithful servant as you deserves nothing but the best for him and his." She turns to Adelle, giving her quick directions to another tent in camp. "Have a wonderful time, yes?"
  2794. Adelle just smiles and nods as she gets up. "Thank you, your majesty. I hope you enjoy my husband's private company. I will take my leave."
  2796. With Adelle gone, and it just the two of you, Erosette slinks up next to you, her eyes carefully gazing at you, coldly appraising you. Her voice is soft in your ear. "Last time, I think things went the wrong way around."
  2798. "Oh?"
  2800. "Yes," she explains. "I'm not angry, naturally, the experience was enjoyable, but an Empress ought to remain in charge at all times. You understand, of course?"
  2802. "Perfectly," you reply.
  2804. "Good!" She replies, happily slapping her knees in determination. "Now, then," she continues, slowly pulling off her panties before widening her thighs, still wearing her dress, "I trust you're a bright enough servant to know what to do now?"
  2806. >What do you do?
  2808. ---
  2810. "Yes, my empress," you say, falling to your knees in front of Erosette, then pick up and kiss her feet, making her smile down at you eagerly. You look up at her, giving your best impression of devotion as you kiss your way up her legs, practically worshipping her as you do so, and she reaches down, running one hand through your hair.
  2812. "That's a good boy," she reassures, as you make your way between her thighs and star to kiss at her lower lips, making her squirm in pleasure. "Oh, yes. Very good," she commends, her hands wrapping tight around your skull as she urges you onward. You keep going inward, kissing up and down her sex, then start to lick and lap at her, making her start to awkwardly hump in place, her groin hitting your face again and again as you eat her out, leaving lubricant all over your features. You make your way slowly downward, testing her taste as you continue further and further down, making a quick lick at her asshole, the motion making her twitch in surprise (you're equally happy to find that it's clean down there). "Oh, my," she says, "you're a dirty little boy, aren't you?" She says, with a smirk.
  2814. "I aim to please," is your only reply before you dive back into things, rimming her out for a time while your fingers play with her sex, gently fingering her as your tongue explores what parts of her asshole it can reach, the actions making her positively writhe in pleasure. You press the flat of your tongue against her pristine, pale asshole for a second, then lightly breathe on it, before returning to running it into her insides, your nose awkwardly toying with her lips as you do, her whole body curling upward to allow you easier access.
  2816. Eventually, you start to lick your way back up, slowly running up her sex again with your tongue, lapping at her lips as you make your way across her groin. You keep moving upward without stopping, licking at the every inch of her sex, your tongue eagerly exploring her insides and letting her juices coat it. "Keep that up," she orders, and you do, continuing to lovingly attend to her increasingly wet pussy, switching from licks to suckles as you approach her clit.
  2818. "O-oh, yes," she murmurs as you near it, recognizing your intent. "Yes. You know just how to serve your empress," she notes as your wrap your lips around her clit, "that's a good boy." You just suckle away for a little while, your mouth eagerly pleasuring her love button, your lips lightly massaging it as you do, and she moans softly, her back arching away from you, her hands trying to press your head deeper into her. "Use your tongue," she orders, and when you do, she tightens her thighs around your head, holding you in place in her groin, the little noises of excitement that make their way down to you music to your ears.
  2820. You continue to lap and suckle away at her royal clit, and she continues to coo and urge you on, eventually softening slightly in her position, her thighs falling away, her hands switching to just run through your hair again rather than trying to press you further in. "That's right," she murmurs sweetly to you. "You know just what to do. That's-" she hisses in pleasure as you tease her clit ever so slightly with your teeth, "that's juuuuust right. That's a good boy. You know what I like, and you know to do it without any hesitation."
  2822. You bring up your own hands around to her ass, fondling it and feeling it up, enjoying the way her fingers tighten around your hair when you stimulate her just right, the silent commands she gives with her hands firm reminders that she's pleased with you. "Don't stop now, don't stop now," she says, her voice heightening in pitch as she nears orgasm, and you redouble your assault, licking at her clit frantically, lapping at it at an increasingly high pace as she slowly, inexorably approaches orgasm. Soon enough, she lets out a high pitched squeal and spurts lubricant onto your chin, her fingers tightening around your head and trying to pull you into her groin, before falling lax and away, and you lap away for just a little bit longer before pulling your head out of her lap. She sits, sagging, in her chair, looking down at you with a sleepy expression, bringing up one hand to pat you on the head. "Good boy," she notes as she does so. "That's a good boy."
  2824. "My empress," you pause, letting the words sink in, and she nods, magnanimously. "Do you have any need of any further service from your humble and loyal servant?"
  2826. "Mmm," she hums, considering your words, absently stroking your hair, petting you like a dog. "I think I would enjoy some further attentions to my sex... but first, I'd like to see my servant in his full glory. Disrobe," she commands, and you rise from your knees in front of her, slowly taking off your clothes, enjoying the way she stares at you like a piece of meat, her eyes exploring your chest and body. When you're finally nude, she makes you stretch and display yourself a few times before finally deciding what to do. "Lie down on your back," she commands, and you obey. She circles you a few times, licking her lips as she stares down at you, your cock pointed straight up in the air.
  2828. At one point, she stops next to your groin, raising one foot and slowly running it up and down your length, smiling at the way you squirm from the stimulation as her toes gently stroke you. "Oh my," she says in mock surprise, "it seems my servant is just a little bit of a pervert."
  2830. "My lady," you reply, "I'm surely more of a pervert than just a little bit."
  2832. Erosette laughs at that, a deep, belly laugh. "Yes, I suppose you are." She moves around to place her feet on either side of your body, then slowly kneels down on your face, her ass cheeks rubbing against you. Without even having to be ordered, you immediately start to eat her out, reaching up with your hands to fondle her ass and move her just a bit this way and that to enable you to reach every part of the area, lovingly lapping and suckling at her pussy and asshole. For her part, she leans forward, stroking your length for a little while, making the occasional compliment for your attentions to her sex, before finally dipping her head down, wrapping her lips around your cockhead and licking at it where she can.
  2834. The two of you maintain that position for a long while, her slowly bobbing up and down your cock, her tongue going wild inside her mouth as she sucks you off, yours frantically stretching this way and that in her ass and pussy. You bring one of your hands around, awkwardly toying with her clit while your tongue attends to both her holes, and she replies by using one of her hands to fondle your balls as she tries to bounce up and down your cock faster and faster, frantically fucking her face up and down your cock. Your tonguing and fingering of Erosette brings her closer and closer to the edge, and you feel the hums vibrate through your cock as her pleasure becomes yours while her orgasm approaches.
  2836. When she finally does come, you reach around to the back of her head and press her down, hard, on your cock, the swallowed, muffled squeals milking you as you follow her orgasm up by starting to ejaculate straight down her throat. Only a moment later, you pull your hand away, and she pulls up, frantically stroking your cock and letting every droplet paint the inside of her mouth, eagerly swallowing what you give her.
  2838. When you finish up, she pulls off your cock, leaving her butt pressed into your face, and you obediently lap at it for a little while, kissing and licking at her until she finally gets up and off you. She pats you on the head. "There's a good boy. That was a little bit unexpected, when you pushed my head down, but I understand that you were just excited to be able to serve your empress again, and I didn't really mind. I forgive you." She leans down and kisses you on the forehead, then musses up your hair.
  2840. >What do you do?
  2842. ---
  2844. "You are truly a magnanimous and kind empress," you say, starting to stand up. "My lady," you add, head bowed. "I must admit... that I have a boon to ask you."
  2846. "You had better not have married into the Tetrines," Erosette says, eyes narrowing.
  2848. "No, no, my lady, of course not." You pause, considering your words. "Ah, I'm sorry. It's presumptuous of me. I'd like to offer my services once more, before asking, by way of an apology."
  2850. Erosette considers for a moment, then sits down and pats her lap. You sit down on it, and she pulls her dress down around one of her breasts, commanding you to suckle and attend to it. You obey, wrapping your lips around her nipple and suckling away, enjoying the throaty moans she gives as you do so. She runs her hands gently through your hair, cooing softly and telling you what a good boy you are while you grope and suck on her tit. She's clearly pleased by your attentions, even leaning down to kiss you on the top of your head.
  2852. "Good boy," she says as you start to lick at her nipple in your mouth, running your hands around both her breasts, gently squeezing at them. "That's a good boy." She reaches down for your cock, but finding it still flaccid, she pulls her hand away. "Now," she says, pulling you away from her breast, smiling at the way you struggle against her for just a moment. "What is it that my servant wants?"
  2854. "I need a particular magical item," you explain. "A magical flask that provides endless wine. Supposedly, one of the local families would have it. Are you familiar with it?"
  2856. "Mmm," she pauses, eyes looking upward in thought, still gently stroking your hair, and you play the role and start attending to her still available breast, suckling at it greedily once more. She pats you on the head when you do. "Good boy," she adds absently. "No, I don't recall having heard or seen such a thing. If I find it in my conquests..." she pauses, considering. "We could consider it a favor owed? You get it, and in return I can call upon you some later date? Assuming, of course, that you provide no appropriately fine service in the meanwhile."
  2858. >What do you do?
  2860. ---
  2862. "Thank you very much for your magnanimity," you tell her. "I would be honored to serve you, both now and later, in return for this gracious indulgence. I assume, of course, that you don't plan to head too far out?"
  2864. "No, no," she says, patting you patronizingly on the head. "Just the Allimas, boy." She leans down and kisses you on the forehead again, then ruffles your hair. "Be a good boy and get dressed now, alright?"
  2866. You nod and get out of her lap, moving to dress yourself as she watches you primly, her attentive, self-indulgent gaze betraying her attempted aloofness. She pulls her dress back over her tit, then pulls back on her panties. She pats you on the shoulder and leans forward, whispering in your ear, her breasts pressing into your back.
  2868. "A good servant protects his empress, wouldn't you agree?" She asks, breath heavy in your ear. You nod, mutely. She ruffles your hair. "So, you'll be staying near me, to protect me from any hooligans or thugs who would seek to end my..." she trails off, there. "My reign over the Allimas," she finally decides. "Yes?"
  2870. "Of course, my lady," you reply.
  2872. "Good to hear." She pulls back and slaps your ass. "Come on, then. Your wife might be a bit disappointed by the fact that you won't be able to spend as much alone time with her, best to tell her as soon as possible."
  2876. ---
  2878. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2879. Chapter 23
  2881. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  2883. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans. Your older brother, whose name is far too convoluted to reproduce in these margins, was murdered.
  2885. Your investigations turned up one name: Lorenne, your younger brother Levy's paramour. While she's not necessarily guilty, you've left your loyal fuck pet cum master thief (Kini) on watch duty, investigating the woman in question.
  2887. You've journeyed to the Allimas with your wife, for two reasons: firstly, to pray to the fertility goddess, Heronia (which you have done), and secondly, to investigate the Necromantress/Empress Erosette, who you had sex with a while back.
  2889. The visit to Heronia went fairly well, with the goddess agreeing to ensure that you get Adelle super pregnant so long as you get her an appropriate offering, which in this case is a magic flask which her dead lover made. This dovetailed nicely with your visit to Erosette, who seemed pleased to see you and agreed to hand over said flask in return for a favor owed (not sex, that seems to be just expected).
  2891. Erosette has just informed you that, in addition to whetting her sexual appetite, you're also going to be expected to protect her for the duration of your stay with her, and that this may cause some disappointment on the part of your wife.
  2893. >What do you do?
  2895. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  2897. ---
  2899. "Do you mind if I... speak to my wife, alone, for a moment, my lady?"
  2901. "Hmmm?" Erosette says, turning to you.
  2903. "Ah, it's just, my lady, we are newly wed and... well, I'd prefer to inform her of this situation in private, if that's okay?"
  2905. Erosette pauses, considering, for a long moment, before finally nodding magnanimously. "You may take your leave to visit your wife and assure her as to your deep and abiding love. But... I have faced many challenges, of late, and I would greatly prefer to have the counsel and aide of so capable a servant as yourself, should anything unfortunate be attempted."
  2907. "Of course, my lady," you say, bowing. Erosette offers you her hand, imperiously, and you take it and kiss it. "Thank you for your boundless generosity."
  2909. "A wise ruler is gracious to her faithful servants," Erosette says, clearly enjoying the sound of her own voice.
  2911. You thank her and again before leaving and finding Adelle, who is waiting patiently in a nearby tent. You explain the situation to her, and your rough agreement with Erosette; you protect her (and, presumably, do certain other, more lewd, things with her) for the time being, and when she finds the flask, you take your leave, still owing her a favor.
  2913. "Then the... empress Erosette," Adelle says, clearly barely avoiding rolling her eyes, "wishes you to keep her safe? To the point of needing to be in her presence much, if not all, of the time?"
  2915. "Yeah, basically," you say.
  2917. Adelle crosses her legs, her lips quirking awkwardly. "Nnn," she whines softly, then closes her eyes and breathes. "Well, I suppose we've already arrived at my safe days, regardless of anything else. It... will be hard to go without your... loving touch, my lord, but... it's worth it, I think, if it ensures I bear your child."
  2919. You wrap your arms around her where she sits, making her close her eyes and smile, her own arms coming up to wrap around you. You give her a quick peck on the lips. "What about... the political element?"
  2921. Adelle shrugs. "Erosette is a chaotic new element, but, I think, one that will cause more problems for others than she will for either of our families. From what you've said of her, I suspect the worst either of us will face is being forced to pledge vassalage to her, should she somehow come to control the rest of Rivaine." From the tone of Adelle's voice, she doesn't consider that likely. "More likely, she'll burn herself out at some point or other and leave a power vacuum, which our families - yours, in particular - will be well-positioned to take advantage of."
  2923. >What do you do?
  2925. ---
  2927. "I love you," you whisper in her ear, before letting your lips kiss down to the side of her neck. She turns her head to the side, exposing even more of her flesh to your greedy lips, and you eagerly suckle and nibble on it for a few seconds before pulling away.
  2929. Her expression is... hungry, but resigned. "I love you too, my lord," she says.
  2931. You pull her into a short, breathless kiss, your arms running across her back and hers grasping and clutching at your back and head before you finally let her go. "I should get back to Erosette," you explain, and she just nods quietly as you head back out.
  2933. "There's my servant!" Erosette says, a broad smile on her face when you emerge from the tent. "And how are things with the wife?" She asks, conspiratorially, when you get closer.
  2935. "Fine, I suppose," you explain, a little awkward on the subject. "She's a bit put out that she won't be receiving any... personal attention."
  2937. "I deeply regret the necessity of these circumstances," Erosette says, genuine sympathy written on her face, "but there are those who would seek to end my beneficent reign over these lands, and having an individual of your talents protecting me is a boon I cannot easily forsake."
  2939. You spend the day with Erosette, on guard duty, protecting her from anyone who (hypothetically) might try to "end her reign." Fortunately, nobody comes to bother her. The presence of you and your wife, however, seems to annoy her slightly, since the two of you have to sleep, unlike her and her army. Since they don't have anything else prepared (say, a litter), they have to pause and set up bedding for the two of you, with Erosette refusing to leave your side even for a moment.
  2941. In fact, while the bedding is prepared for you and your wife, Erosette sits in the tent, with Adelle elsewhere to give the two of you privacy.
  2943. Erosette smiles, knowingly, at you. "I understand that this entire situation must disrupt... ordinary conjugal relations with your wife. But I would greatly appreciate some more of your - very skilled, I must note - attentions to my royal body, and I hope that that would help with your animalistic appetite."
  2945. >What do you do?
  2947. ---
  2949. >Anal y/n?
  2950. >16
  2951. >Yes.
  2953. "As you wish, my lady," you say, feigning obsequiousness. "Would you lie down so that I may attend to your body with my hands?"
  2955. Erosette considers, for a moment, before nodding, lying down flat on your bedspread, her bust squishing awkwardly against the ground. You move behind and above her, placing your thumbs on her shoulders and slowly working away, enjoying the soft sounds of her little hums of pleasure as you do. You slowly work your way further down her back, rubbing away as you do, kissing lightly at her body as you go, making her squirm happily as you slowly near her ass. When you arrive, you pull her dress up with one hand - an action she helps you with, wriggling her ass off the ground - revealing her flat butt to the open air. You roughly play with it, enjoying the sounds as she squirms under your ministrations, biting her tongue.
  2957. You pull aside her panties after a little while and let one of your fingers enter her sex; she's wet, and you slowly start to finger fuck her, making her positively writhe in pleasure, your other hand rubbing softly at her thighs and then down to her calves. "That's a good boy," she murmurs through the pleasure, her eyes closed, contentedly, "that's juuuust right," she says as you add a second finger to her sex, and start to tease her asshole with your thumb. Your mouth returns to her upper body, kissing at her neck and shoulders, making her moan. You let your fingers slowly kiss their way down her backside, until you reach her ass, where you kiss each cheek once before pressing your lips against her clean little anus and starting to tongue her.
  2959. She flinches at your tongue's invasion of her butt, but not in a bad way, her head making little nods of approval. "That's it," she says, nodding happily, her fists clenching. "That's a good boy." You keep your tongue pressed deep into her asshole, and she wriggles beautifully beneath you as you twist it this way and that inside of her. Your fingers in her sex are more and more active, your thumb reaching for her clit and stroking it vaguely. She's at a loss for words at this point, just nodding mutely and whimpering in ecstasy as you keep up the stimulation on her lower regions, her thighs all but vibrating around your head. In short order, she orgasms beneath you, squealing loudly as you continue to play with her, her pussy and asshole squeezing around your fingers and tongue as she squirts out a little lubricant from your vigorous fingering.
  2961. When she comes down from her orgasmic high, you finally remove your face from her ass, though you keep your fingers at work inside of her sex. You kiss slowly up her body, making her watch you curiously as you make your way to her ear, which you nibble on gently for a moment. "My lady," you say, letting your thumb graze her asshole once more before slowly pressing into it, causing her to close her eyes and shudder in pleasure. "Might I have the honor of making love to your royal asshole?"
  2963. "Y-yes," she says, eyes still lidded in pleasure as you toy with her nether regions, "you m-may." You withdraw your hand from her sex, making her squirm for a moment, disappointed by its absence, before wrapping your arms around her and lifting her up, carrying her bodily over to the chair and placing her in your lap, facing you. You shrug down your pants after a moment, your rock hard cock popping out, and you hold her just right before slowly sliding her down over your cock.
  2965. The way she squirms on top of you as you lower her is beautiful, her large breasts jiggling and vibrating from the motions she makes, drawing the eye as her butt wriggles fantastically around your cock. When she's completely engulfed your manhood with her ass, you lean forward, pulling her dress away from one of her breasts, the large thing bouncing happily free, and lean forward, suckling on it. Her hands come up, one placed on your shoulder, the other running through your hair. "That's it," she says as you tongue her nipple, making it bounce slightly inside your mouth, "that's a good boy. You're very-" she pauses, drawing in a deep breath when you suddenly suckle, hard, on her tit, "very good at this. J-just like a l-loyal servant o-ought to be."
  2967. One hand wrapped around her ass, the other around her exposed breast, and your lips never leaving her tit, you slowly bounce her up and down your cock, occasionally glancing up at her from your position servicing her, enjoying the doting looks she gives you as she ruffles your hair and tells you what a good boy you are. As her ass gets used to your presence, you start to fuck her faster and faster, making her yelp and squeal occasionally. Your hand wrapped around her breast squeezes at it, now, making her wince occasionally, and she slowly starts to melt in your lap, her verbal urgings getting less and less coherent as you keep fucking her up and down your cock, hard.
  2969. "That's, yes, good boy, more, s-serve your E-Empress," she manages, her eyes rolling up and her hands falling away from your back and head as she starts to lose herself in the pleasure. You have to take all control from her, holding her tight to you as you keep on fucking her in your lap, her body limp in your grasp. The only sounds that escape it now are frantic, ecstatic mumbles, barely comprehensible as anything but recognizable as demands - requests, really, she's hardly in any position to make demands at the moment - to continue your work, and you oblige, happily. She leaves her blissed out state when she comes with a long wail in your lap, her hands coming back up to cling to you for dear life as she curls over you. Her ass coils and uncoils around your cock, beautifully milking at it, and you release her breast from your mouth, shoving your face deep into her cleavage as you orgasm inside her, your own groans muffled by her body.
  2971. When the two of you come down from your orgasm, she runs her hands through your hair, gently stroking and petting you. "You're very skilled," she says. "You really know how to properly serve an Empress. I'm going to miss you when you're gone," she adds, with a little pout, before kissing your forehead. Your cock is still buried inside her, plugging her asshole, though it's slowly deflating.
  2973. >What do you do?
  2975. ---
  2977. "Thank you for the compliment, my lady. I must admit I'm more used to the... dominant role."
  2979. "No need to worry," Erosette says, still gently petting you. "You're very good at serving."
  2981. You run one hand down Erosette's body, finding her clit and gently teasing it with your fingers as you talk. "My lady," you begin, and she stares at you, rapt in attention, "I should probably mention... my parents are considering marrying off my younger brother to you, if and when things settle down here, should they end up in your favor."
  2983. "Marriage?" Erosette asks, as if the thought had never occurred to her. "Hrm. Is he as good at this as you? Because then I might consider it."
  2985. "I can't say I know, my lady," you say, slightly groping her still-exposed breast in one hand. "I'm not his lover. I know one girl who thinks he's terrible at such things, but another whose opinion is probably in the opposite direction... and her tastes run more towards yours."
  2987. "Mmm?" Erosette asks. "How so?"
  2989. "Well," you start, accentuating the statement with a quick pinch of her nipple, "she's more the dominant sort, in the bedroom. Like yourself."
  2991. "Sounds intriguing," she replies. "Is he as handsome as you?"
  2993. "I suppose," you reply. "A bit more effeminate, I think, in terms of features and build. Not by much, though."
  2995. "Maybe," she tells you, grinding in slow circles on your cock, though by this point you're almost completely flaccid. "I'd have to meet him, first, and preferably get a... test ride."
  2997. "Right, duly noted. One other question." She perks up, looking down at you. "Have you considered having your... army, build a litter? It would mean that it could keep moving even when Adelle and I need to sleep."
  2999. "I hadn't, actually," Erosette says, pausing. "Mmm. It would probably have to be done tomorrow. But good idea. That's the sort of wise counsel that I'm paying for."
  3001. After a little more cuddling and teasing in this position, Erosette gets out of your lap and the two of you clean yourselves up and get dressed before calling Adelle in. When she arrives, Erosette has taken to sitting in her chair, reading some book in a language you don't recognize.
  3003. The two of you lie down beneath the blankets, and Adelle curls in on you as per usual, resting her head on your chest. "I love you," she whispers as she snuggles on top of you
  3005. "I love you too. Sorry about all this, I appreciate your patience and dedication. Erosette will get us a nicer place to sleep tomorrow," you explain. "Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to just be with you soon."
  3007. "I hope so too," she replies, voice soft and sleepy. Your words exchanged, the two of you quickly pass into a gracious rest, your arm curling possessively around Adelle.
  3011. In the morning, Erosette prods you awake with her foot, and you rub away at the crust in your eyes. "What?"
  3013. "There's a visitor to the camp. You're my bodyguard. I need you there. I've already kept him waiting for an hour. Get up."
  3015. You wriggle out of Adelle's grip, making her whine softly as you depart with Erosette, the light of dawn barely shining in.
  3017. The man in question is handsome, with a lithe build and a swarthy complexion, red hair cut short in the exotic stylings of the Terlise, some symbology or other you don't understand made in it. When he sees you and Erosette approach, he seems to perk up, straightening up and adjusting his posture. He looks... nervous, yes that would be it. "Erosette," he begins, with a quick bow, "I am Vascon, of the Hileiles, of the Terlise. I come to you seeking a more diplomatic solution to the present problems between my people and... yours. Your army marches without a stomach, so this war has been blessedly less painful than it might have been; but bloodshed always accompanies war, and life, once taken, cannot be given back."
  3019. "It is good to hear that not all the Terlise are guilesome vermin who seek only to maintain power," Erosette says, chin held high, "what offer do you make?"
  3021. "The offer is..." he pauses, glancing from side to side, "more private than would be appropriate. Not all factions among the Terlise are in accord on this; I would prefer to speak with you alone, in a more private place."
  3023. >What do you do?
  3025. ---
  3027. >5
  3028. >Who knows the significance of this roll? Understudy knows.
  3030. "My lady," you say, turning to Erosette, who glances at you, imperiously. "I believe I should come with you, as it is the purpose for which I am employed. Further, I ought to ensure he carries no weapons against you."
  3032. Erosette pauses as if to consider, then nods. "Very well. Vascon, I am certain that since you come with peaceful intent, you will allow my loyal bodyguard to search you?"
  3034. "Ah, of course," he says, nodding, before bending down, pulling up his pant leg and revealing a small throwing axe. He slowly, gingerly removes it, before placing it on the ground. "Carrying a weapon is customary among the Terlise, as I'm certain you understand."
  3036. You set to frisking Vascon, patting down his body, chest, thighs, legs, arms, and even ass, making sure that he's definitely not carrying any weapons. The way that Erosette licks her lips and stares as you do so is very distracting. When you're through, you've found no weapons beyond the one he already removed.
  3038. That done, Erosette speaks up. "Baron, Vascon, come with me," she commands, and you follow after Vascon, keeping your eye on him just in case he tries something. He doesn't, and soon enough the three of you are gathered in one of the tents, you at Erosette's side, across from Vascon.
  3040. "The Hileiles offer a marriage alliance," he begins. "I wed you, and thereby create an alliance. The Tetrines are forced to either step down from leadership, or face the combined forces of the Hileiles and yourself. Since they will probably not expect it, it should put you in an excellent position in the Allimas."
  3042. Erosette considers, eying Vascon, drinking in his form. She licks her lips, then turns her gaze to you, then back to Vascon, a growing, smug look appearing on her face. "I am a bit... libidinous," Erosette says, attempting to sound royal, "I would hate to force a man to marry me, who was not... capable of living up to the task." She pauses in further thought, considering. "I think... I will require a test run. Is that acceptable to you, Vascon?" Vascon looks less than enthused, but swallows and nods, apparently resigned to the task. "Baron? Would you care to join us?" She asks, turning to you, expectantly. Vascon looks at you, less than pleased.
  3044. >What do you do?
  3046. ---
  3048. "Ah, yes, of course, my lady," you say, adding a quick bow. "Your wish is my command."
  3050. "Good to hear," she says, running her fingers across your chin gently and staring into your eyes. Her attention then turns to Vascon, who rolls his shoulders to loosen up up little. "Since you're a bit... new to all this, Vascon, why don't you get undressed and lie down?" She watches eagerly as he obeys her order, disrobing bit by bit, kicking off his boots into the pile of discarded clothes with a slight clatter. She turns around to you. "And you, Baron. Disrobe."
  3052. You take off your clothes, and she drinks in your form as it's slowly unveiled, licking her lips lasciviously, occasionally glancing back over at Vascon, her smile broadening each time she does. She pulls down her panties, then pulls up her dress, making her breasts bounce gloriously, and walks over to Vascon. "Baron?" She asks, glancing over at you, then beckoning you towards her. You find your place behind her, and she slowly lowers herself onto Vascon, her sex obviously incredibly wet. You move up behind her, finding her pert little asshole you were ravaging just last night, and tease your cock at it as she makes her way slowly down Vascon's dick.
  3054. When their groins are finally completely merged, her staring down at him, out of breath, you thrust into her asshole, hard, making her positively squeal in pleasure, her breasts bouncing beautifully beneath her. Vascon's hands come up, awkwardly grabbing her hips, and you let yours worm their way around her, one reaching down for her clit, the other groping her breast, tweaking her nipple. While Vascon attempts to awkwardly maneuver her (difficult, given the way your cock is currently lodged in her tight asshole), you're in the more or less perfect position to control your speed inside her, making long, languid strokes, twisting your groin slightly from side to side in a way that makes her twitch in pleasure.
  3056. With your fingers slowly massaging her clit, one hand attentively kneading and toying with her breast, and both her holes filled, it doesn't take long for her to orgasm, bucking and bouncing in pleasure in Vascon's lap, your cock still slowly making its way in and out of her ass, your fingers still playing with her clit. Vascon, for his part, seems rather surprised (virgin, maybe?) by this activity on Erosette's part, and does his best impression of a dead fish. You take the opportunity this provides, rapidly ramping up your pace inside her asshole, playing roughly and attentively with her breasts, while your fingers go wild on her clit. She barely holds herself above Vascon with your help, and you lean over her and whisper in her ear.
  3058. "Isn't this just fantastic?" You whisper. She nods, dumbly, her mouth flopping open in pleasure, and you take the opportunity to kiss her, forcing your tongue past hers in her mouth for a moment before pulling away. "You love it. You know you love it. You love getting fucked until you're incoherent with pleasure." Erosette nods, still out of it, your continued rough attentions to her body and verbal assault apparently sending her into a second orgasm by the way her shudders redouble. You glance down at Vascon and give him a smug smile as you lean back up, pounding away at Erosette's butt, bringing your hand around to spank her once or twice before returning it to her clit.
  3060. When Erosette finally comes down from her orgasmic high, she's gasping and panting in pleasure. "W-wait," she says, and you stop immediately, leaving your cock buried inside her and your hands wrapped around her body. "D-different position," she gasps out. You pull out of her, helping her off of Vascon and waiting for her orders, still keeping an eye on the guy out of the corner of your eye. She stumbles around a little, getting off Vascon and putting herself doggy-style on the ground. She wraps her hands around her butt cheeks, pulling them wide apart, exposing her sopping wet pussy and still-raw asshole to the both of you. You quickly move around next to her head, gesturing for Vascon to get on with his bit, and he maneuvers over to her and plunges inside her sex, placing one of his hands awkwardly on her mound, teasing at her clit. He's really new at this, given how much he's fumbling.
  3062. For your part, you wrap both hands around Erosette's beautiful breasts, playing with them as you do, making her squirm in pleasure, her lips open wide as she wriggles towards your cock, trying to take it in her mouth, and you teasingly keep it just out of her reach for the moment. Eventually, you feel her approaching orgasm, and you plunge your cock past her waiting lips, muffling her would-be squeals with it and associating your cock and her orgasm in her mind. Keeping your hands on her breasts, you start to languidly fuck her throat through her moaning orgasm, the whole situation sending vibrations through your cock.
  3064. Vascon doesn't seem to have your endurance, and after a few more seconds of feeling out Erosette's orgasm, he obviously comes himself, the strength sagging out of him on top of her as he rides it out inside her. You just keep pounding away at her mouth, your balls slapping against her chin as you do. You don't need to hold back, since she doesn't need to breathe, so you wrap one hand around the back of her head as you frantically fuck her face, her eyes rolling up in pleasure and submission from the way you're using her throat. You feel her hums of pleasure around your cock each time you roughly paw her breast.
  3066. When Vascon pulls out of Erosette and collapses behind her, you lean over her still-pliant form, reaching for her mound and clit, your hand holding her face in your groin, and you start to play with her sex. You pull back and out of her throat when you feel her orgasm approaching, and time your own eruption juuust right to hit her the moment before she comes, making the first splatter of your come on her tongue coincide with her squeal of pleasure around your cock. You keep painting the inside of her mouth white, enjoying the look of delirious pleasure on her face as she swallows over and over, taking your semen directly into her without the slightest hesitation or thought while she continues to ride out her orgasm.
  3068. When the two of you finish orgasming, you pull out of her mouth and sit down, breathing heavily and resting much of your weight on your arms as you lean back. Vascon is still lying on the ground behind Erosette, and she eventually rises and straddles you, her still-wet sex pressing against your chest when she does. Her fingers trace your features, as if she's suddenly considering you for the first time, two of her fingers coming to rest on your lower lip.
  3070. >What do you do?
  3072. ---
  3074. You open your mouth, letting her fingers enter it, gently suckling them and letting your tongue roam across her tips, staring into her eyes. Your hand goes down to her ass, feeling it up, and she smiles down at you.
  3076. Vascon sits up from his position on the ground, apparently having pulled himself together.
  3078. You take her hand and gently remove her fingers from your mouth, leaning forward to her ear. "Do you think anyone else can satisfy you like I can?" There's a hesitance to her, uncertain of offering a response, so you continue. "You don't need a marriage for an alliance. The Nells have our own potential offerings, better than the Terlise could ever give."
  3080. "You have two wives," Erosette counters. "If needs be, I'm sure I could simply acquire a second husband. Since I'm... infertile," she says with a smirk, "there's no worries regarding paternity."
  3082. >16
  3083. >Woot.
  3085. Vascon walks over to his clothes, picking up one of his boots and walking over to where you and Erosette sit before reaching into his boot and pulling out a knife. With an unmatched rapidity, you toss Erosette to the side and tumble the other direction, lashing out with a kick at Vascon's leg and sending him falling towards the ground, though he manages to catch himself on one hand and start to recover.
  3087. >What do you do?
  3089. ---
  3091. >12
  3092. >Bit of a difficult situation, not made much less difficult.
  3094. You lash out at his wrist, forcing him onto the ground, and scramble yourself, but he's quick too, turning the knife on you as you try to come at him, twisting it this way and that, preventing you from passing his guard easily. You're not willing to risk him cutting open an artery by trying to break past his defenses unarmed, so instead you try to move along the ground, sidling as you do. Erosette is crawling away, and Vascon's eyes flash towards her, and he reaches out, grabbing her leg and yanking hard on her, pulling her towards him. In the frantic moments of his distraction, you lash out at his wrist with your hand, hoping for the best, and send the knife (fortunately) clattering out of his hands, onto the ground.
  3096. Before you can grab it or kick it away, however, he's let go of Erosette's leg to pick it up with his off-hand, quickly turning his attention back to you. Erosette's screaming bloody murder, but you guess that her army just figures she's having a good time by the utter lack of reaction on their part.
  3098. >What do you do?
  3100. ---
  3102. >Toss clothes, distract, maneuver.
  3103. >6
  3104. >Err.
  3106. You circle around him, keeping your eyes on him, slowly making your way towards your clothes. When Vascon lunges towards you, you pull back, reaching around and trying to strike his wrist with your hand, but at the last moment he twists, the action cutting into your hand but (fortunately) not your wrist. You skitter away, Erosette still trying to escape, and still screaming like a maniac, and now your hand hurts like hell.
  3108. With you out of melee range, Vascon takes that as his opportunity to start to rise, and you do the same; in a moment, both of you are on your feet, though Vascon's forced to divide his attention between the two of you.
  3110. >What do you do?
  3112. ---­
  3114. >Force him to attack us or open himself up to attack.
  3115. >1
  3116. >Ruh roh.
  3118. You move towards Vascon, slowly, gingerly, your arms drawn up in a defensive posture, trying to force him to attack you. Rage plays across his face as he apparently decides to, lashing out with his knife. You bring up your arm into it, letting the knife cut deep into your arm, before bringing your other hand up to hit his face. He goes down, but not before lashing out further with his knife, cutting into your forearm as Erosette escapes the tent and starts babbling to her soldiers.
  3120. You fall to the ground, pressing your hand against your wound, trying to scramble away.
  3122. Vascon rushes outside the tent, following Erosette, but from the sounds out there he isn't particularly successful at killing anybody. Well. At least you helped perpetuate a war of conquest. That's worth dying for, right? Ugh, gods, you're totally going to fucking die, this stupid wound, there's blood all over your thigh by this point, your forearm is gushing like a peasant girl at her own wedding and you can't staunch the flow. You crawl over to you clothes, trying to frantically stop up the wound with your shirt, and it seems to work acceptably well, though it could just be your clothes absorbing all the blood.
  3124. Just... just keep applying pressure to your wound. Come on. Come on. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die.
  3128. ---
  3130. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  3131. Chapter 24
  3133. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  3135. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans. Your older brother, whose name is far too convoluted to reproduce in these margins, was murdered.
  3137. Your investigations turned up one name: Lorenne, your younger brother Levy's paramour. While she's not necessarily guilty, you've left your loyal fuck pet cum master thief (Kini) on watch duty, investigating the woman in question.
  3139. You've journeyed to the Allimas with your wife, Adelle, for two reasons: firstly, to pray to the fertility goddess, Heronia (which you have done), and secondly, to investigate the Necromantress/Empress Erosette, who you had sex with a while back.
  3141. The visit to Heronia went fairly well, with the goddess agreeing to ensure that you get Adelle super pregnant so long as you get her an appropriate offering, which in this case is a magic flask which her dead lover made. This dovetailed nicely with your visit to Erosette, who seemed pleased to see you and agreed to hand over said flask in return for a favor owed (not sex, that seems to be just expected).
  3143. After having some pretty good sex (if you do say so yourself) with Erosette a couple more times, you had a threesome with her and some guy claiming to be her suitor. Then you got in a fight with him while naked and he was armed with a knife. You, uh, didn't do so good, but you're pretty sure Erosette managed to beat him up or whatever with her undead army.
  3145. Your vision is bleary, and you catch the assorted forms of several... poorly outfitted soldiers, and what you're pretty sure are Adelle and Erosette, closer to you. Adelle's hands are wrapped tightly around one of yours. It's hard to tell - you're having difficulty focusing your eyes - but she seems happy to see you waking up, her grip tightening for a moment. You squeeze back, automatically.
  3147. Erosette, on the other hand, appears to be appraising you in an entirely new and even less wholesome way, leaning forward close to you, staring at you as though fascinated by your very existence.
  3149. >What do you do?
  3151. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  3153. ---
  3155. "Sorry," you say, swallowing and licking your lips. You squeeze Adelle's hand back, blinking rapidly to try to recover your sight. Things start to come more into focus. "Didn't mean to worry you, Adelle."
  3157. Adelle just reaches up and strokes the side of your face, smiling softly. "As long as you're alive, my lord," is all she says in reply.
  3159. You turn your attention to Erosette. "Sorry, for, uh, being such a shitty bodyguard."
  3161. Erosette waves her hand dismissively. "Yes, yes. Enough about that. It was as much my fault as yours, since I effectively disarmed you. The real question is," she leans in close to you, staring into your eyes. "How do you feel?"
  3163. "Um... alive?"
  3165. "That's good, that's good," Erosette says, nodding along as though there was real content to that statement. "Do you feel physically cold? Or perhaps emotionally dulled? Or any other oddities?"
  3167. "I... don't know?" You reply, uncertainly. "I just woke up."
  3169. "Right, of course," Erosette says, nodding. "Tell me if you experience anything interesting." Her fingers rub against each other in excitement, and she smiles broadly, a manic glint in her eyes. "This is so..." she pauses, shaking her head and straightening her spine before continuing. "I amaze and astound even myself, at times, with the breadth and depth of my majesty and arcane talents. You're not in any pain?"
  3171. "Not... really?" You bring up the arm that got cut up more, and see the wound in your forearm is sewn shut, while the one on your hand is bandaged. The flesh around the forearm wound seems... off, somehow. Adelle's still got your other hand, so you don't poke at it, but it feels... a little cold, maybe? Or dry? You tell Erosette as much.
  3173. "Oh, yes, well that's to be expected," she replies, nodding along. "I meant anywhere else. Notice anything odd elsewhere?"
  3175. Somehow her eagerness, while not exactly confidence inspiring, isn't rousing any strong feeling of paranoia, like it probably should. Otherwise, you feel pretty much normal. Nothing of any note going on in your body, at least that you've noticed.
  3177. >What do you do?
  3179. ---
  3181. "Uh, did you heal me by messing with my arm somehow? Undead-ifying it, maybe?" You flex it and unflex it, and it feels pretty much normal. Maybe a little bit asleep.
  3183. "Oh, I shouldn't say," Erosette says. "I wouldn't want to prejudice you, it might make you perceive symptoms that aren't real."
  3185. "Uh... okay. Well, since I'm not dead, I guess I should say thanks?"
  3187. "You're welcome!" Erosette replies cheerily.
  3189. "I feel kinda... calm, I guess. I think I should be more anxious about... whatever you did to me, but I'm not."
  3191. "That's doubtlessly because you trust me so much," she says, nodding to herself confidently. You find yourself nodding along for a second before stopping yourself. "But if that feeling continues in other situations, where you're dealing with a less trustworthy individual, be sure to tell me."
  3193. You blow out a long breath. "What happened to Vascon, then?"
  3195. "Well, I am nothing if not a fair and just Empress. As in life he stated his desire to serve me, I have ensured that in death he shall do so."
  3197. "And his family?"
  3199. "Is as yet outside my grasp. I shall bring about justice against those who conspire against me, in due time."
  3201. "You should implement a watch system, or something. Make sure you have soldiers at the ready for this sort of thing," you note.
  3203. "I will admit," Erosette says, imperiously, "that certain security oversights were made due to largely sentimental reasons. In the future, I will avoid repeating such mistakes, though it pains me to do so."
  3205. >What do you do?
  3207. ---
  3209. "What did you find out from Vascon?"
  3211. "Find out?" Erosette furrows her brow for a moment, then suddenly a look of realization washes over her, and she glances to the side, suddenly sheepish. "Ah, er, well... it all happened so quickly, you know," she twiddles her thumbs, "uh, there was just... no time to interrogate him. And now he's dead, so..."
  3213. You and Adelle both suppress a sigh. "Did you find anything useful on his body, then? Was the knife enchanted, maybe?"
  3215. "No? Just a good knife. For stabbing and cutting. Maybe a little lighter than normal or something like that, I wasn't really paying much attention."
  3217. "Have you, ah, considered getting a bit rougher with them? You know... burning down forests and fields, poisoning wells, that sort of thing."
  3219. Erosette balks at your suggestion, and you feel suddenly guilty for displeasing her so. "That hardly sounds like the sort of strategies that would be pursued by so magnanimous a ruler as I," she replies, straightening up and stiffening her back. "Regardless, there's little need for such things. My army is swift and disciplined, and we shall easily push our foes back until they've nowhere to run and can do naught but hide within their keeps and forts. I intend to rule these lands with the twin virtues of justice and mercy, and taking away the livelihoods of the poorest hardly seems a moral or wise start."
  3221. Yeah, you feel pretty guilty about that. "Sorry, my lady," you say, automatically. "I didn't mean to offend."
  3223. "No, no," she says, dismissively, "speak your mind without fear."
  3225. "I'm wondering if I might have a moment alone with my wife? To reassure her."
  3227. Erosette considers for a moment, then nods. "You may," she says as she rises, then her expression shifts. "If you have any interesting symptoms, tell me as soon as possible." She looks really eager, and you nod your agreement to her latest command before she departs.
  3229. Adelle places her head on your chest, staring up at you, still gripping your hand. "I'm glad you're alive, my lord," she says, her eyes watering slightly. "I- I know we haven't been married so long, but, I love you so much... I don't know what I'd do without you." You reach up to her, stroking her head softly, and she closes her eyes and lets out a soft hum of pleasure. "I never hoped to have a husband as good as you." She swallows before continuing. "I don't deserve you. I-I'm a filthy p-pervert, I just, I've always known... and everyone else, they..." she pauses, tears starting to run down her cheeks, as she swallows away the lump in her throat. You keep stroking her head, squeezing her hand back, trying to silently reassure her. "You're the only person who's ever really accepted me for who I am." She rubs away at the tears on her cheeks, the motions frantic, before settling her head back on your chest, your slow breathing making her rise and fall slightly as she does. "There." She laughs bitterly. "I said it."
  3231. >What do you do?
  3233. ---
  3235. "Hey, hey," you say, voice soft, leaning down to kiss the top of her head. "You're wonderful. The best wife I could've hoped for," you say, and she gives you this weak little smile. "Alright? You're perfect just how you are."
  3237. "Really?" She asks, her expression brightening.
  3239. "Really. The perfect match for me." She snuggles happily into your chest, and you just calmly stroke her hair there, letting her rest her head on you. "I love you so much."
  3241. "I love you too," she replies, her voice soft.
  3243. "I know I have my own faults and perversions, and I'm glad you accept them without complaint. You're a..." you pause, searching for the words. "You're a wonderful wife, a fantastic lover, and I'm lucky - or blessed, I suppose - to have you."
  3245. "Thank you, my lord," she says.
  3247. "I'll be more careful from now on, I assure you." She just nods from her position on top of you. "There's... I don't know, I think there might be some weird mental effects from whatever Erosette did. I don't suppose you can tell me what she did?"
  3249. She shakes her head slightly. "No, my lord. The body is mostly water, so my talents aren't useful for it, and whatever she did, she did immediately. She only came to get me after finishing."
  3251. >What do you do?
  3253. ---
  3255. You pull your other arm up and out of Adelle's hands, resting it over her body and stroking her hair, letting her keep herself pressed against you. With your other arm - the more wounded one - you pull away, stretching it out and experimenting with your manual dexterity. That seems about normal, you think as you twiddle your fingers, moving them this way and that, watching your hand in motion. You try to... process your emotions and thoughts, examine them objectively, but you were never much of one for meta... meta-whatever, so you're unable to tell anything if anything's different.
  3257. Eventually, you have to get Adelle off of you - which she does, obedient as ever - and you stand up, stretching. You move around a bit, trying to get a feel for your body. You poke at the sewn up wound, and it doesn't feel painful. The rest of your arm is still vulnerable to pain, though, as you discover in short order. You experiment with you sword, and find your motions about as fluid as always. Maybe a tiny bit slower, but not by that much.
  3259. It's silly, of course, but you pause a moment, glancing to make sure that Erosette's out of earshot before saying something very rude about her under your breath (it's an insult about her sexual promiscuity. Not that you mind such things, of course). Instinctively, you glance up, certain that she's probably appeared over your shoulder, but she's still outside the tent.
  3261. You try to think about betraying Erosette, which isn't something you really want to do anyway, and you manage alright, though you kind of feel bad about it. After all, she saved your life, you probably shouldn't be considering murdering her just because you might have some mild mental side effects.
  3263. >What do you do?
  3265. ---
  3267. Okay, one last mental exercise... Adelle versus Erosette, whose life would you save? ...yeah, Adelle's. Not really any question there. You'd feel bad about Erosette dying, but, hey. Adelle's your beloved wife. That's reassuring. Probably no mind control, then, you think, nodding to yourself.
  3269. You head back out after saying a quick goodbye to Adelle and giving her a kiss. Erosette's waiting nearby, surrounded by undead guards, though they part to let you through, and she gets pretty close to you pretty fast.
  3271. "Any further symptoms?" There's that manic gleam again.
  3273. "Poking the wound doesn't hurt," you say, pulling up your arm and indicating the sewn-up bit. "And I think I'm a little slower with my sword hand than before. Nothing too noticeable, just a fraction of a fraction."
  3275. "Is that all?"
  3277. "Eh. Pretty much. Maybe some other stuff, hard to say." Her expression clearly indicates you to list this other stuff. "Was thinking I might be like, inhumanly loyal to you or something, but some experimentation dismissed that thought. Nothing else out of the ordinary."
  3279. Erosette seems to take note of this, and you take extra special care to do your absolute level best at guarding her body.
  3281. >7
  3282. >Mmmhmm.
  3284. You completely miss any warning of the impending assault, an arrow burying itself just inches your foot as you snap to attention, turning towards its source. The figure is distant and solitary, apparently currently distracted by a feral dog attacking it.
  3286. >What do you do?
  3288. ---
  3290. "Go get Adelle, have her check if this is a trap!" You tell Erosette before taking off like a lightning bolt, dashing after the figure in the distance. You have to snake between the masses of undead for a bit, and while you do so the dog continues to try to gnaw at the figure's ankle, up until it receives a savage kick to the head, sending it sprawling before it scurries away. The figure sees you coming towards it, and starts legging it.
  3292. >2
  3293. >Hakuna matata.
  3295. You don't catch him; he makes his way up and away, soon vanishing from your sight or ability to track, much to your displeasure.
  3297. You hear the faint sounds of canine whimpering nearby, and decide - sword drawn - to check it out, slowly moving towards the sound. The dog that attacked the figure - your lifesaver, you suppose - is curled up, paws raised over its head where it was hit, pathetic whimpering coming from it. When it sees you, it tries to flop over onto its belly and turn around, but it's obviously off balance. After a moment or two, it transforms, its shape blurring into Kini's nude form, before she flops onto the ground herself and holds her head again.
  3299. >What do you do?
  3301. ---
  3303. You check over your shoulder for a moment, looking for Lorenne, before moving over towards Kini, gently maneuvering her so that you can take a look at her head. You don't see any bleeding anywhere, though she seems a little tender on the back of her head.
  3305. "W-was I a good girl, master?" She stutters out in your hands. "I p-protected you from th-that lady."
  3307. "You were a very good girl, Kini," you reply, softly scratching at the ear that's farther away from the tender area. "Good girl."
  3309. "G-good," she stammers out, still obviously kind of woozy. "Th-that means you won't p-punish me, right?"
  3311. "I promise, Kini," you say, soothingly, as you continue to scratch away at her ear. You pull your hands away from her and take off your shirt, swaddling her in it, before picking her up, carrying her in your arms back to the army. When you arrive, you hop into one of the newly-produced litters with Kini still in your arms, laying her down in your lap, her little tail slowly starting to wag away as you start to scratch her behind the ears again.
  3313. After a little bit of this, Erosette approaches, apparently a bit sour at her bodyguard's failure to return to her side with the attacker's head.
  3315. >What do you do?
  3317. ---
  3319. You gently lift Kini out of your lap, lying her back down on the litter, your shirt still wrapped around her. You lean down over her, kissing her forehead before whispering in her ear. "I have to take care of something, Kini, but I'll be right back." You scratch her ear one last time before turning to Erosette. "My lady," you start, with a bow, "I'm terribly sorry for my failure to catch this latest assassin. My servant managed to distract her at just the right moment to prevent her attack from succeeding, but was wounded in the act. I'm terribly sorry, but I'd like a bit of time to handle this; family business."
  3321. "Mmhmm," Erosette says, not particularly pleased. "And how did your servant so elegantly prevent this attack?"
  3323. "Ah, I believe that this was an attempt on my life, not yours. Is that correct, Kini?" You ask, turning to Kini, whose wide-eyed but nods silently in response to your question. "By a lone attacker?" Another nod. You turn back to Erosette. "I'm, again, terribly sorry for this inconvenience. Can I do anything to make it up to you?"
  3325. Erosette sighs, then directs her undead to set up camp for the moment. As they do, you move back over near Kini, cooing softly and scratching away at her ears. When they finish, she fixes you with a gaze and beckons you towards her, finger curling enticingly.
  3327. >What do you do?
  3329. ---
  3331. You follow Erosette into the tent, a nice bedding already laid out, as well as a chair, and tilt your head, considering how best to service the Empress. She waits, patiently, for you to come to a decision; you sit down in the chair, directing her to sit in your lap, which she quickly does, her flat butt pressing against your already hard cock through your pants. You let your hands wander, one pulling up her dress enough to reach into her panties, finding her clit and pinching it between two fingers, making her hiss in pleasure. Your other gropes at her breasts, roughly kneading them through her dress, and you let your mouth press against her neck and back, kissing at her porcelain white skin.
  3333. As you let your mouth wander across her back, your hands still toying with her body, she squirms in your lap, starting to pant and gasp in pleasure as you keep on playing with her. You let your index finger make slow circles around her clit, while your thumb and forefinger on the other hand grip and pinch her nipple in one hand, your palm squeezing against her massive breast, and you keep moving your hand around, repositioning her breast as you do.
  3335. "My lady," you whisper in between gentle kisses at her backside, and she murmurs a wordless question back. "You're truly beautiful," you say, as you press against her clit in her panties, making her nod mutely, the only sound coming from her lips a gasping intake of breath. "I do this only for the sake..." you pause, tweaking her nipple in one hand and pinching her clit in the other, making her eyes roll up in pleasure, "of your pleasure," you finish, before redoubling your stimulation on her body, making her fall into orgasm, shuddering in your lap. You let her ride it out, your attentions to her breast and clit falling away, though you continue to kiss at her back and neck as she shivers in your grasp.
  3337. When she comes down, you place your hands around her body, repositioning her as you stand, forcing her to stand with you, her butt still hugging your groin as you move. She follows your silent commands without a second thought, clearly interested in where you're going with this, and you pull down your pants just enough to let your cock pop out, rubbing it between her thighs, teasing her slit through her panties. She whines after a few slow strokes, a long noise, before speaking up. "Give it to me," she says, her voice demanding.
  3339. "What's the magic word?" You whisper in her ear, your voice teasing, tantalizing.
  3341. "Please," she says, and you let your fingers slip down to her panties, pulling them down and jamming it in her without another thought, making her bounce delightfully in your grasp, her tits jiggling beautifully beneath you. Once you're inside her, though, you keep your motions slow, controlled, your hand in her groin teasing her clit just as thoroughly as it did when she was in your lap, the other reaching up to her breasts and playing with them once more. Your slowness doesn't frustrate her, and she just squirms and wriggles on your cock, moving it this way and that as her lubricant slowly makes its way down your length.
  3343. With one hand still roughly groping and kneading her breasts, you run the fingers from your other down to her sex, running across her gloriously wet lower lips and getting quite wet in the process. Once they're fairly thoroughly coated in her juices, you move your fingers up to her mouth. "Suck," you order, and she opens her mouth, letting them delve past her lips, her hands coming up to wrap around your wrist as she suckles your fingertips dry, giving them all the loving attention of the finest blowjob, plunging them in and sucking on them, then pulling them out and licking slowly across their length, getting every bit of her juices off your hand. By the time she's done, her oral ministrations have become sleepy, distracted, like she's running on automatic, and you let your fingers drift back down to her sex while you continue to serve your Empress by fucking her just how you know she wants, deep down inside.
  3345. "You love this," you whisper in your ear as you finger her, and she nods mutely, not trusting her voice. "You know you shouldn't, but you love being dominated and taken by a powerful man." There's another nod, there, and a soft squeak of pleasure as you finger her clit again, and you still slowly pound her sex. "That's why you keep asking me to fuck you, because you want this," you say, holding yourself inside her for emphasis for a moment before continuing, "so badly, but you can't just bring yourself to ask for it straight out. You "know" that because you're a queen, you're not supposed to enjoy giving up power, so you can't admit that you want me to dominate you, even to yourself. Isn't that right?" She's hesitant, and you grope her breast roughly, squeezing it as tightly as you can in your hand, making her squeal before she nods again, this time frantically. You slow down to a halt in her sex, making her squirm on top of you. "Beg," you order.
  3347. There's a moment of hesitation, her form sagging in your grasp slightly, before she speaks. "Please," she asks. "Please fuck me, hard," she repeats, "fuck me senseless." You start to slam in and out of her, at that, but she doesn't stop, continuing to speak. "Fuck me until I can't talk, until I can't think, fuck me until my brains run out my ears, just fuck me," she demands, and you keep slamming into her, over and over, until she orgasms in your grasp, at which point you just bury yourself deep inside her, biting at her neck as she shakes, marking her with your teeth. When she finally comes to a stop, her second orgasm finished, you lay her out on the bedding, and she follows your directions to the letter.
  3349. When your cock nears her face, her mouth opens obediently, and you guide your cock past her waiting lips, letting her lovingly suckle at it as you lean down towards her clit, taking it into your mouth and gently wrapping your lips around it, making her twitch in pleasure beneath you. As you let your tongue explore it inside your mouth, you slowly press your cock deeper and deeper into Erosette's mouth, eventually passing her throat in your slow journey, until your balls tap against her nose. You keep yourself there, letting her squirm and wriggle in pleasure as you bring your fingers over to her sex, slowly fingering her as you keep licking at her clit in your mouth. After a time, you start to fuck her throat, and use that as an excuse to redouble your speed, licking and lapping, fingering and teasing, with a rapidity that earns you delightful squirms and moans around your cock.
  3351. When she starts to approach her orgasm, you're nowhere near yours, so you lean up, just gently stroking her clit with your thumb as you fuck her face, your other hand wandering, teasingly, across her form, tracing out the curves of her side and groping her breasts. The wet, heavy sounds of the vigorous pounding you're giving to her throat mix with the sounds of her muffled whines of desire and moans of pleasure as you keep toying with her, keeping her near the edge as you approach yours. When you feel your orgasm nearing, you lean down once more, wrapping your lips around her clit again; as you start to spurt in her mouth, you don't slow down your pace, continuing to fuck her frantically, your groans of pleasure carrying vibrations into her, making her orgasm in short order. The feeling of her muffled cries of pleasure, cut off again and again as you continue to fuck her throat, adds to your already intense pleasure, and you just sigh and let your eyes roll up.
  3353. Eventually, you run out of juice, and stop pounding, just leaving your cock buried in her throat as it slowly deflates its way out of her, some of your juices still pooled against her palate. When you recover enough, you move off her, making her swallow eagerly when she can finally take what you've left in her mouth.
  3355. >What do you do?
  3357. ---
  3359. You kneel, her face between your knees, and speak. "Did you enjoy this?" She nods, licking her lips. You stroke the side of her face, gently. "You could, perhaps, get some more ideas by watching what my wife and I do together."
  3361. ­Then you pull up your pants and head back out, shirtless, to your litter, finding Kini having fallen asleep in it. You sit next to her, slowly petting her for a couple minutes, making her snuggle into your hand in her sleep, occasionally kicking or batting at the air with her feet or paws, making you shirt start to fall away from her body. You pull it back around her, protecting her modesty, and eventually she wakes up, eyes getting big when she sees you looking down at her.
  3363. "Kini," you start, and she swallows, nodding. "You've been a very good girl. I wanted to ask you some questions. Is that okay?"
  3365. She nods a little. "Y-yes, master," she says.
  3367. "It was Lorenne, right?" She nods. "Did she meet anyone important or suspicious?"
  3369. "N-not really, master. She talked to Levy some, but I didn't hear all of it, sorry master."
  3371. "It's alright," you coo, scratching at her ears. "You were a very good girl. How did Lorenne make her way here?"
  3373. "She, she tracked you, I think, by your footsteps or horses. Um, she got th-the shrine maidens to tell her where you were headed, after the mountains. They didn't know she was a bad guy." Kini pauses, slinking in on herself, looking guilty. "Sorry, master, I should've stopped her there by telling them."
  3375. "No, no," you say, scratching away. "It's good. This way she doesn't know someone was following her, Kini." Kini nods, silent again. "Do you know of any other plans she may have?"
  3377. "No, master," she says, shaking her head. "She didn't talk about it that I heard. Sorry, master."
  3379. "There's no need to apologize, Kini. You're a very good girl, you did very good, nothing is ever done perfectly in one attempt, so there's no need to apologize."
  3381. "Yes, master, sorry, master."
  3383. You pause, closing your eyes in mild annoyance, before continuing with your questions. "Do you know why she tried to kill me?" Kini shakes her head, curling up tighter in guilt, and you stop asking her questions for a while, just scratching away to try to calm her down. When she starts to relax, you continue. "Is there anything else you think is important? Anything at all?"
  3385. She pauses, thinking, her lower lip quivering as she does. "U-um, she talked to Levy just before leaving. A-and, she h-had sex with someone else, when she was on travelling, but I don't think they knew each other before then. She mostly hunted for food. She's a very good shot, master, which is why I had to stop following her to stop her from shooting you, master."
  3387. "Yes, and it's good that you did, Kini. You're a very good girl, and I'm proud of you." Kini seems to... inflate, slightly, at that, oddly enough. You lean down and kiss her forehead. "Do you have any idea how to track her down again?"
  3389. She starts to uncurl from under your blanket, but you stop her, physically. "I-I could track her, master," she says, from her position in the blanket, "I think. M-maybe not, though. I guess she'll probably come back, but I don't know. Sorry, master."
  3391. After reassuring her that there's no need to apologize, you just scratch away at her ears for a while, letting her curl up and start to drift off back to sleep. When she falls asleep, you pull your - now somewhat tired - hand away, and head off to find Adelle, who all-but leaps into your arms, hugging you tightly. You just smile and hug her back as she kiss at your naked chest before finally pulling her off of you.
  3393. "Kini saved my life," you say, and that makes Adelle blink in surprise. "She was following Lorenne and stopped her from shooting me. So... be careful to be nice with her, okay? She's... fragile." You avoid mentioning that that's mostly because you broke her brain with all the rape and abuse. Adelle probably knows as much, but it's crass to bring it up.
  3395. "Yes, my lord," Adelle replies.
  3397. >What do you do?
  3399. ---
  3401. You bring her face up to yours for a kiss before talking, explaining to her the situation before starting to ask her opinion. "We could try to track Lorenne," you suggest. "Your geomancy could accomplish that, yes?"
  3403. Adelle pauses a moment, then nods. "Almost certainly, my lord. It would be... more risky, than tracking Kini, since Lorenne seems to be a more experienced combatant, but it's possible."
  3405. You nod, considering. "What do you think of letting her come at us? Perhaps even forcing her to do so, somehow. Say, put out a bounty on her for attacking the Empress."
  3407. "That sounds quite dangerous, my lord. A rabid dog is at its worst when backed into a corner; and Lorenne is already dangerous enough to leave alone."
  3409. "Thank you for your counsel, darling," you say, kissing her again, then wrapping your arms around her. "But enough about other women. I want to focus on the most wonderful one in the world right now." She licks her lips, looking up at you, as the two of you head into the tent, your arms never leaving one another's bodies. You sit down on the chair, Erosette still lying on the bedding, and the position puts your teasing of Adelle on display for the self-proclaimed Empress. You tease at her sex and asshole with your fingers, whispering sweet nothings in her ears, occasionally nibbling at them, running your hands up and down your whole body.
  3411. "You belong to me," you say, pulling her towards you as you keep on playing with her, and she nods rapidly. "Body, mind, and soul."
  3413. "I belong to you," Adelle repeats, drawing up her hand and running it down her chest slowly. "Body." She touches her forehead, as she turns her face towards you, her expression making your teasing obvious even as she tries to keep it subdued. "Mind." She lets her hand drift downward, and points to her heart. "And soul."
  3415. "How do you want it?" You ask, and she directs you a little bit, though you interpret her suggestions loosely and add your own spin. It's not long before you've got her bent over at the waist, your cock furiously pounding out of her dripping wet sex, one hand held around her wrist, her arm pulled up behind her back, keeping her face pressed down into the seat of the chair as you fuck her from behind. You lean over her, teasing her, reminding her who's the only man who will ever fuck her, occasionally giving her little tidbits about sex sessions she wasn't there for, which earn groans and increasing wetness. She orgasms, twice, beneath you, as you bend her body to your will, and she obeys without question.
  3417. "I'm going to get you pregnant," you say. "I'm going to fuck you, and I'm never going to stop." She nods, her head sliding back and forth against the smooth seat of the chair as you fuck her. "So there's no way I won't get you pregnant, one way or another. And I'm going to keep trying, starting," you pause with a grunt, slamming deep inside her, "today." After only a bit longer, you let yourself go, filling up her willing body with your seed, the impossible task of getting her pregnant set before it, and you note as much to Adelle. She just smiles as you come, nodding serenely from her position pressed against the chair.
  3419. >What do you do?
  3421. ---
  3423. You release your grasp on Adelle's arm, letting her get up from her position after you pull out of her. You move around a little, and soon enough, Adelle is kneeling by your side while you sit in the chair, her head resting on your thigh, her eyes closed as you gently run your fingers through her hair. Eventually, you recover enough to head out, and leave Adelle, who whines softly when you pull her off of you but acquiesces.
  3425. You find your way to the baggage train and pick up a nice mail shirt, as well as some nice, long-sleeved leather clothes to wear under it, and get changed. They might be a bit more restrictive, but they're a damn sight better for blocking arrows than what you'd otherwise be wearing, which is pretty much just a pair of cloth pants (Kini currently being swaddled in your shirt).
  3427. It takes a little bit for the camp to be packed up and the army to start moving, but you let Kini keep her place in your litter, since she really earned it. When you and Adelle finally start to get tired, you curl up together into her litter; it's a tight fit, but the two of you don't mind at all, just snuggling up to one another happily in the small space, Erosette walking alongside you, just in case something happens and she needs you there.
  3429. Eventually, you fall asleep, your arms wrapped tightly around Adelle.
  3433. "Baron," Erosette urges. "Adelle. Wake up." You open your eyes, blinking at the dawn light and looking where Erosette indicates. You can see a military camp (almost certainly the Terlise, though you can't confirm for certain) in the distance, but that's not what Erosette's pointing at. It's the massive pile of rock that appears to have been erected to block your way; when one of Erosette's skeletons or zombies tries to climb it, it seems to shed a few rocks in just the right way to let them fall to their deaths and get crushed. A nubile, young-looking girl with a dirty brown complexion sits at the top of the pile, her legs happily kicking away over the edge. You can't be certain, but it looks like she's smiling.
  3437. ---
  3439. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  3440. Chapter 25
  3442. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  3444. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans. Your older brother, whose name is far too convoluted to reproduce in these margins, was murdered.
  3446. Your investigations turned up one name: Lorenne, your younger brother Levy's paramour. While she's not necessarily guilty, you've left your loyal fuck pet cum master thief (Kini) on watch duty, investigating the woman in question.
  3448. You've journeyed to the Allimas with your wife Adelle for two reasons: firstly, to pray to the fertility goddess, Heronia (which you have done), and secondly, to investigate the Necromantress/Empress Erosette, who you had sex with a while back.
  3450. The visit to Heronia went fairly well, with the goddess agreeing to ensure that you get Adelle super pregnant so long as you get her an appropriate offering, which in this case is a magic flask which her dead lover made. This dovetailed nicely with your visit to Erosette, who seemed pleased to see you and agreed to hand over said flask in return for a favor owed (not sex, that seems to be just expected).
  3452. After some brief misadventures, you've fended off an assassin intent on killing Erosette (well, he stabbed you and you got some magic done to you after passing out from blood loss, but you're alive and he's dead, so you count that as a win), defeated Lorenne after she tried to kill you (well, she ran away after Kini bit her and threw off her aim, but Kini's yours so it still counts), and now, after falling asleep cuddling with Adelle, you've been awoken to deal with Erosette's latest problem.
  3454. The problem in question is a young woman with dark sin and even darker hair, sitting atop a massive rock wall that blocks Erosette's army's path and repudiates all attempts to climb it - the crushed bodies of a handful of zombies and skeletons speak to that. You can't see much of the young woman, from down here, but she doesn't look like she's wearing much. Monstergirl or foreign mage, is your best guess. Maybe a spirit of some kind?
  3456. Regardless, Erosette apparently expects you and/or your wife to solve this problem, given that she's woken you up for it.
  3458. >What do you do?
  3460. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  3462. ---
  3464. You yawn, wiping at your eyes. "So, uh," another yawn, "what's this?"
  3466. "A problem I need you to solve," Erosette snaps. Rude.
  3468. "Right, right," you reply, yawning again. "Have you tried shooting her? With arrows?"
  3470. Erosette gives you a look. "Of course I have. She just... ducked behind cover, basically."
  3472. "Basically?"
  3474. "I don't know, she did some magic bullshit with the rock!" Your Empress is apparently rather annoyed at the moment, which you guess is understandable, given the situation. "Your Empress has a problem. Get rid of it!"
  3476. "Okay, okay," you say, bringing up your hands defensively.
  3478. "Sorry. I should be more patient. Not everyone is as brilliant as me." Yeah, that's true, very few people are as brilliant as her. You can't decide whether you're being sarcastic with that or not. "This is very frustrating, you understand. They are right there."
  3480. "Yeah, I saw," you reply. "Can you maneuver around her?"
  3482. "Not really, the geography... it's basically a box canyon, no way in or out. Unfortunate, really."
  3484. "Why?"
  3486. "Lots of reasons," Erosette says. "With nowhere to run, they'll be less likely to break. And, of course," she gestures to the rock wall, "it means there's no way around this."
  3488. "What happens when you approach?"
  3490. "Bits of rock break off and fall down. Looks almost natural, though it isn't, I'm sure," your Empress tells you. "They crush whoever gets close enough."
  3492. "Adelle," you say, turning to your wife, who is apparently coping with the sudden interruption to her sleep better than you. "Can you use your geomancy somehow?"
  3494. "Yes, my lord," she replies with a nod, squatting down and touching the ground, closing her eyes. You and your Empress are left standing there, awkwardly waiting for her to do her thing. Eventually, she stands, her expression somewhat... disappointed. "She's using some sort of magic, it's... distorting things through the wall, and the nearby earth. I can't even perceive through them properly, much less affect them."
  3496. Hmm... you need more information about your available assets, so you turn your attention back to Erosette. "How tough are your undead? How smart?"
  3498. Your Empress straightens up, as if preparing a lecture. "The typical undead - the sort which requires little more in terms of raw materials than a corpse - is a simple automaton, capable of understanding and obeying orders, and doing little else. They are in some ways more durable than ordinary humans, and in some ways less. Any damage accrued will never heal, and this includes the ordinary wear and tear of activity, so the effective useful lifespan of an undead warrior is substantially shorter than that of a human. However, so long as there is a direct - well, direct and functional, a single strip of skin would be insufficient - connection to the skull, any part of the body can continue to function, regardless of damage." Her speech done, she relaxes.
  3500. >What do you do?
  3502. ---
  3504. You need more information, so you relay your ideas to your Empress. Have a few undead approach, from different directions, while the rest attempt to rain down arrows on the woman in question to distract and bother her. The army starts to rain down arrows, while Adelle quietly observes through the ground, using her powers. You watch the scene play out from your position within the army.
  3506. The first thing that happens is that, the moment the arrows start to fly, the woman lies down on her back and the rock almost swallows her up. It looks to be more than just a wall, though it's hard to tell from your position. The undead that approach on foot go unmolested until they actually start to climb the wall, at which point rocks further up slowly - agonizingly slowly, you notice - start to come loose to crush them. They aren't fast enough to dodge out of the way, it seems, so they get crushed. The holes left in the wall by the removal of rocks seem to sag and distort and be slowly refilled; the process of refilling happens only at one place at a time, rather than at all the holes at the moment.
  3508. When the probing attack finishes, there are three fewer zombies, but you think you have some more useful information. The wall is tall... maybe too tall for the undead to climb fast enough as an army, even assuming that what you've seen is all she can do; they seem to be unbearably slow climbers. Still, her attacks, such as they are, seem to not be unlimited; she can't loose a large amount of rocks constantly, but has a sort of... supply that needs to be restocked.
  3510. >What do you do?
  3512. ---
  3514. "What did you detect, Adelle?" You ask, turning to Adelle.
  3516. "Not much, my lord. I could tell she was using geomancy of some kind, or something very close, but not much beyond that. I... think she's done something, to her territory of control, but I couldn't be certain. Perhaps some kind of natural connection to it?" She pauses, thinking.
  3518. "Does it apply to the rest of the... canyon?"
  3520. "Mmm... I was trying to consider that. I think... kind of? The rock there feels different. Like Patina, sort of, where there's a kind of design and flow to its internal structure."
  3522. "As in, it's alive?"
  3524. "No, no. Just... prepared, maybe."
  3526. >What do you do?
  3528. ---
  3530. "Okay," you say, nodding to yourself, considering things. "My Empress," you say, turning to Erosette, "I'll need a few of your soldiers, to attack with me. You take the main part of your army and try to climb elsewhere, while we keep her distracted. If luck is on my side, I'll make it to the top and be able to disable her. If not, then it should at least serve as an effective distraction."
  3532. Your Empress takes a bit to consider, and splits her army into two parts. The smaller part, with you, includes a number of archers who will pelt the sorceress in question with arrows; the larger part, with her, will maneuver around to attack from elsewhere. Almost immediately, the archers start to fire, keeping up the pressure on her and forcing her to hide. You take a hammer and your sword, and get ready to climb. When Erosette's army is out of sight, a handful of undead take up various places on the wall, and you wait for the rocks to start falling down before going after them, climbing as quickly as you can upward.
  3534. >7
  3536. You manage to reach the top intact, though the archers have to stop firing a bit beforehand, so as to avoid the risk of friendly fire. By the time you reach the top, she's rushed over to one side of the wall, keeping low and out of sight, and she glances back over her shoulder at you, as the ground beneath your feet starts to loose its firmness, shaking slightly and threatening your footing. You imagine that Erosette's part of the army is currently climbing elsewhere, though you have no way to be sure.
  3538. >What do you do?
  3540. ---
  3542. >5
  3543. >Oh dear.
  3545. You try to dodge and maneuver around the slipshod footing, but you wind up stepping in exactly the wrong spot, your leg slipping into the ground up past your ankle. You start to squirm to try to escape, and also decide to try your skill as a wordsmith.
  3547. >3
  3548. >Oh fuck.
  3550. "H-hey," you say, looking at the girl, who seems more confident even as she continues to move away from you. She's nude, you notice, now that you've got more time to observe her. "Maybe we could talk? I don't want to have to brutally murder you," you say.
  3552. She practically hisses at you. "You're trying to distract me. I'm not stupid. I can feel the main army's approach. Now just be a good boy and die."
  3554. >What do you do?
  3556. ---
  3558. >3
  3560. You wriggle frantically, trying to get your leg out of her hold, but you don't succeed. Your leg seems bound and determine to stay put, though, despite the way you use your sword as leverage. Probably not the best way to use it.
  3562. >14
  3564. "P-perhaps we could parley?" You stammer in between frantically trying to escape. "I mean, Erosette has an army of hundreds; you can't expect to defeat them."
  3566. She smirks, her gaze turning in the opposite direction, towards where Erosette was headed. "They're already in retreat, boy," she says, before turning back to you. "I've scared them off with just the tiniest wriggle of my power," she explains. Your Empress, in retreat? Well, you suppose it was the reasonable tactical decision, all things considered.
  3568. "Oh," you say, your gaze trailing downward in disappointment. Her nubile, young-looking form is slender, with long legs and feminine hands, a pair of pert young breasts on her chest. She's got a svelte, lithe form, with just the barest hints of muscle on her body, made difficult to see by her dark complexion. She is, as far as you can tell, utterly hairless below the neck.
  3570. "Eyes up here, boy," she says, tilting her head to one side, a smirk on her lips. Your leg continues to sink further into the earth, the other one joining it. You squirm and struggle, but it's hardly any use. "Lose the sword," she orders.
  3572. >What do you do?
  3574. ---
  3576. You sigh, and toss the sword to the side, letting it clatter outside your reach. You've still got a weapon, anyway. She approaches, slowly, languidly, with confidence but never letting her eyes leave you. When she gets within arms reach, she places a hand on your head and pushes you down until you're at eye level with her groin.
  3578. "You know what to do, boy," she says, licking her lips.
  3580. >What do you do?
  3582. ---
  3584. You sigh and let her guide your head, slowly pressing you into her crotch. She holds one hand on the back of your head, the other wrapping around one of those pert breasts and softly toying with it as she stares down on you. You bring up your hands, wrapping them around her ass cheeks, which are firm and ripe in your grasp. You start licking at her slit, the juices covering your tongue with a striking flavor that faintly reminds you of lemons. She moans and nods, her grip on your head grinding your face into her crotch, and you keep up your work with your tongue inside her, teasing her clit with the bridge of your nose.
  3586. You move one of your hands on her butt, positioning it so your finger slowly circles her asshole, and you look up at her face for any sign of irritation at this action. There isn't any, so you let your finger slowly enter her asshole, finding it pleasantly clean. When you make small little circles inside her butt with your finger, she squirms in pleasure above you, her hand on your head trying to thrust your face deeper, and you let your tongue stretch out towards her insides. After a while, her firm grip on your head abates somewhat, and you lick your way slowly up her pussy, licking around her clit before taking it into your mouth. Keeping one finger in her butt, you use your other hand to slowly start to tease her sex, running your fingers slowly, teasingly up and down her lower lips before finally plunging them in. When you do, she orgasms, her hips bucking as her grip tightens around your head, thrusting you back and forth throughout her orgasm until she finally comes down, her knees shaky.
  3588. You don't let up your assault on her body, working more and more of your finger into her asshole, while the fingers on your other hand start to finger her faster and faster. You suck and suckle on her clit in your mouth, making her hiss and whine in pleasure, her thighs vibrating around your face as you bring her closer and closer to her second orgasm. When she comes again, you wrap your hands around her thighs, using her sudden weakness to pull her down to the ground. She squeaks as it happens, but when she does hit the ground, she spreads her legs readily, making it easier for you to continue to stimulate and play with her, your mouth never leaving her groin. You kiss at her lower lips as you work a second finger into her asshole, your other hand teasing her clit, fingers slowly dancing up and down her mound and around the sensitive little nub.
  3590. "Mmm," she moans, softly, her back arching, her hand pressing your face deeper and deeper into her groin. "That's good, boy." You just press your mouth against her lower lips and hum your affirmation, the vibration making her gasp in pleasure. Her fingers twine around your hair as you keep up your action in her groin, licking and lapping away, enjoying the taste of her moist, eager slit. When your actions bring her to her third orgasm, you pull her towards you by the thighs, putting her knees up and over your shoulders, so that now the only part of her body touching the ground is her upper back and head, one of her hands still frantically toying with her breast, her hair splaying out beneath her. You move your lips up again, kissing at her clit, letting one of your hands slowly work its way up her back while the other gently fucks her asshole.
  3592. When you find your place, just below her shoulder, you make your move, pulling her up off the ground and divorcing her from the center of her power. She doesn't even realize what you've done, instead just wrapping one hand around your hair and curling over you as she sits on your shoulders. You let her, taking the time to slowly, blindly maneuver your lower body to up out of the ground. When she feels you take your first step, she starts to struggle and try to escape, but you just firmly hold her with both hands, your lips still wrapped around her clit. You hum, and the pleasure pulses through her, making her quiver on top of you and stop struggling for a moment. You keep humming, and she squirms much less effectively as you slowly come to stand on the earth, her weak commands to stop difficult to take seriously as she whimpers in pleasure on top of you, her hands digging at your back.
  3594. With both your legs on solid ground, you reach for your pants, hastily undoing them and letting your rock hard cock pop out. "N-no," she mumbles, but her voice is pitifully faint, and you slowly pull her off her face and impale her on your cock, your hands on her ass and back to ensure she can't escape. Once you've fully filled her with your length, you start to hump back and forth, your balls slapping against her butt, making her squeak and squeal on top of you. Her hands seem to have largely disconnected from her brain at this point, and they wrap tightly around your shirt, holding her in place as she mutters curses, her head on your shoulder.
  3596. "Fuck, you're so tight," you say, and she just sort of nods, her eyes squeezed shut as you fuck her. Keeping one arm wrapped around her so that she can't escape, you let your hand explore her body, playing with her breasts for a while, squeezing them and tweaking the nipples before reaching down for her clit and frantically diddling it, making her whimper and moan into your shoulder. Her legs dangle uselessly towards the ground; they're long, but not as long as yours, so you can easily keep her in this position. "You're beautiful," you whisper in her ear, carressing her back as you do, enjoying the way she uselessly tries to fight against you, the pleasure overwhelming her body and preventing her from managing anything efficacious. Her squirming on top of you only adds to the pleasure of your slow, steady thrusts into her, with her sex wriggling around your cock like she was trying to make you come inside her.
  3598. You kiss at her neck, whispering little compliments as you do, your fingers frantically toying with her clit as you continue to violate her despite her mumbled protestations. She finally bites down on your shoulder, but the effect is more erotic than anything else, her teeth clenching down on leather rather than skin, as though she was just trying to silence her sexual pants and squeals. You feel her approach her orgasm, her body shaking, her legs coming up to wrap around you and try to help you thrust faster and harder, and you do, pounding away at her as you rub your finger against her clit. Her breasts bounce beautifully in the doing, and soon enough she orgasms on top of you, letting out a stifled scream into your shoulder, and her sex clenches around you again and again, finally forcing you to come inside her, spurting out semen into her less than willing body. You never let go, keeping her on top of you, away from the ground, your will iron hard for this one task.
  3600. When the two of you come down, she's panting and gasping over your shoulder, her fingers digging angrily into your backside, her butt still humping slightly over your deflating cock in ill-disguised carnal desire.
  3602. >What do you do?
  3604. ---
  3606. You roll you neck, adjusting her in the air, pulling her still-humping bum away from your crotch. When she realizes what her lower body's doing, a crimson flush spreads across her face. It's hard to see on her dark skin, but you'd recognize that expression anywhere, and the way her groin stops moving the moment after is clear enough indication of it. "You want it," you whisper in her ear, and she shakes her head, frantically, from side to side. "You know you do," you repeat, as you slowly twist her around in your arms, putting her head level at your cock. "Lick it," you say, your own lips wrapping around her clit the moment after.
  3608. Her tongue tentatively laps at your cock, her hands toying with your flagging length. When she first licks away some of your semen, her juices practically squirt out at you with the sudden redoubling of arousal, and you just keep your face in her crotch, suckling on her clit, occasionally rubbing her lower lips with the bridge of your nose. Her tongue continues to lap at your manhood, first slowly, uncertainly, but with an increasing intensity as she slowly cleans it of your mixed juices. Your cock starts to recover, hardening beneath her ministrations, and then her lips wrap around your head without being ordered, one of her hands wrapping around the length as she bobs her head ever so slightly up and down the top part of your cock.
  3610. You let her get to work on your cock, which is still not as hard as it was inside her, and rotate her groin around so that you can access her asshole, which you start to lick at. It's - fortunately - just as clean as your earlier probing with your fingers would suggest, so when you start to tongue it, you're greeted only by the slightly-salty taste of skin. Her whole body vibrates in response to your tongue's intrusion, and her moan of pleasure carries into your cock, making it harden further, stretching her lips out as she bounces up and down your length.
  3612. Keeping her in this position requires both hands, sadly, so all you can do to encourage her to take more of your cock is to hump into her mouth and keep eating her out - you do both, timing your thrusts to coincide particularly stimulating tonguings of her asshole, making her twitch in pleasure at almost the same moment your cock slams into the back of her throat and makes her gag. She coughs and sputters around it, but she's committed, now, unable to effectively maneuver to remove your by-now rock hard cock, so instead she just takes it as you hump at her head in this standing 69.
  3614. When your tongue finally brings her towards her elusive ass-gasm, you adjust, slightly, in preparation, readying your hips for an all-out assault. Her orgasm in your arms is your signal, and you start to pound, frantically, at her face, your balls tapping against her nose as she's forced to unwillingly take your cock into her throat again and again, the faint sound of sputters as you fuck her face through her orgasm delicious. Her moans of pleasure and orgasmic twitches combine with her throat's ineffectual attempts to expel you to give your cock a long, desperate milking, but somehow you manage to hold off, instead just frantically abusing her throat for your own ephemeral pleasure. When she does finish off her orgasm, you pull her off your cock, re-orienting her around to face you, enjoying the dizzy, slightly out of it look on her face, the spit slathered around her lips from your oral abuse, and the anger she musters towards you as she wipes off her face of tears and saliva with the back of her hands.
  3616. "Oh, again?" She says, voice sarcastic. "Real original, boy," she says with a snort. You smirk back, and spin her around so that she faces away from you, your cock pressed between her ass cheeks as you softly saw back and forth.
  3618. "I've already fucked your sex, and your throat," you note. "Now let's finish the set." Keeping one arm wrapped around her belly, you guide your cock into her waiting asshole, making her squeal and squirm on top of you. The way she struggles ineffectually against you as you slowly fill her up is both arousing and stimulating, as it makes her asshole shift this way and that, twisting your cock and lovingly squeezing it. You move your hands, one reaching down to play with her clit, the other roughly gripping her breast, balancing her weight between the two of them as you start to fuck her ass.
  3620. You roughly grope and squeeze her tit as you pound into her beautiful brown butt over and over again, the tight space of her anus gripping you wonderfully as she squeaks and wriggles on top of you. You keep humping in and out of her asshole, your finger frantically toying with her clit, and soon enough her monstergirl (?) instincts take over, her eyes rolling up and her tongue lolling out as the pleasure renders her insensate to the world. You don't let up, of course, taking that as the signal to redouble your efforts, and you slam into her over and over again, harder now, your hand around her breast roughly squeezing it, making her gasp in pleasure. You pull her slowly up, continuing to fuck her, turning her over towards the side of the wall that Adelle's on, leaving her on display, your head peaking over her shoulder.
  3622. "They can all see you," you whisper. "They can all see me fucking your ass." Her head just lolls uselessly around on her neck, bouncing with each thrust, and she babbles incoherently through your continued thrusts. You catch Adelle's gaze, fixed on you, and though you can't make out her expression, she gives you a pleased little wave as you roughly violate this bitch's asshole. She's so out of it you can't even tell her orgasm is coming when it does, and when her asshole starts to squeeze around your cock as she shivers on top of you, it's a complete surprise. You can't stop yourself, and the pleasure pushes you over the edge; you fill her otherwise pristinely clean asshole with your semen.
  3624. She pants and gasps in your grasp, still coming down from her own orgasm, when you finish yours.
  3626. >What do you do?
  3628. ---
  3630. Taking your belt, you pull her arms around behind her while she's still in a daze, quickly tying them up. That done, you lift her off your cock and sling her over your shoulder. By the time she starts to pull herself together, you're already halfway down her stupid wall, delicately balancing your way down with one hand and two feet.
  3632. Adelle runs up to you, hugging you tightly before running a finger over the jawline of your captive, who tries to keep her head away, obviously sensing Adelle's predatory intent.
  3634. The main army has, by this time, returned to this area, and Erosette approaches the three of you.
  3636. "This is the obstacle which prevented my armies from proceeding?"
  3638. "Yeah, pretty sure," you say, and Adelle concurs with your assessment.
  3640. Your Empress considers your captive for a moment, looking at her closely, and then shrugs and shakes her head. "Then it's safe to proceed?"
  3642. You shrug, bouncing your captive on your shoulder. "Yeah, probably."
  3644. Erosette immediately brings her army forth in a surging mass, and they press forward, a few leading as scouts, just in case.
  3646. >What do you do?
  3648. ---
  3650. You move your hand that's currently wrapped around your captive slowly backward, wrapping around her ass and gently, encouragingly groping her. "What's your name?"
  3652. "Boy, you had better put me down this instant," she says, voice icy.
  3654. "I don't think so. What's your name?" You move your hand a little so that your finger teases her asshole.
  3656. "Fine. Asshole. My name is Veronique," she explains, chin held high. You take it you're supposed to recognize the name.
  3658. "Who hired you?"
  3660. "Hired? I'm-" she sighs, obviously annoyed. "Children. I am a venerated guardian of the Terlise." She pauses for a moment, and the distant sounds of battle float to your position. "Was, maybe. This is ridiculous. How old are you? Or that stupid necromancer? You can't be more than thirty."
  3662. "I'm asking the questions, here," you reply, letting your middle finger slip into her asshole and making her squirm in response, pleasure playing across her face even as she tries to escape. "Who was your previous master?"
  3664. "Boy, I ain't never had a master before and I ain't getting one now."
  3666. >What do you do?
  3668. ---
  3670. You keep your finger in her butt, making soft, slow circles inside it, which makes her squirm and struggle, but she's clearly not the most powerful physical specimen. "You're not looking to have much job security, as guardian of the Terlise," you say, sparing a glance over your shoulder, towards where the battle is still raging. Hard to tell by sound alone, but you doubt the Terlise are winning. "What are your plans?"
  3672. Veronique snorts. "Oh please. Conquerors come and go. That little girl over there ain't the first and she won't be the last. Don't go thinking that you ruined my life just because you got the better of me once. I'll be fine. Always am."
  3674. "If you need employment in the interim... I'm always looking for another..." you shove your finger deep in her butt, making her gasp and bite her tongue, "travelling companion."
  3676. There's a brief moment of silence, as though Veronique was actually considering your offer, before she laughs. "I can't exactly go far. I'm bound to these mountains."
  3678. Adelle nods in recognition. "Ahhh. An orestiad?" Veronique nods from her position slung over your shoulder. Adelle gives you a look, as though she was suddenly extra proud of you, and you straighten up a bit, feeling surprisingly pleased with yourself. "A spirit of the mountains," she explains, succinctly.
  3680. "I'm not going far, is what I'm saying," she says.
  3682. "Then you could become part of Erosette's budding empire," you say.
  3684. "I cannot believe you are seriously entertaining that girl's fantasies. If she wins that battle - big if - that's most of the Terlise warriors gone, sure, but the rest of them won't exactly be super happy about her marching around with an army of their undead family members. They're proud people, you know. Not inclined to bow to the first conqueror to beat them in war."
  3686. "I'm sure some people said that about the Turanes, before the Nells came," Adelle replies. "Or the Sacciles, or the..."
  3688. "I get it. Whatever. If she wants to pay the same homage, she can get the same deal. It's always been that way, it'll always be that way."
  3690. >What do you do?
  3692. ---
  3694. "Sounds fair. What sort of homage?"
  3696. "Animals, fruits, wine, young boys," she says. "That kind of thing." You pull your finger out of her ass, making her twitch slightly, then plunge a couple more into her pussy, pulling them out when they're properly wet. "Would you stop that?!" She yells, legs kicking pointlessly.
  3698. "Adelle," you say, using your free hand to balance her while moving your fingers so Adelle can reach them. "Try this." She does, licking them clean of both your fluids and Veronique's, staring deeply into your eyes as she does. "Tastes good, right?"
  3700. "Yes, my lord," she says with a nod. "Your seed is delicious. Veronique's juices add a bit of delightful flavoring."
  3702. Veronique rolls her eyes and snorts in response to that.
  3704. "How are your relations with Heronia?"
  3706. "None? I don't have to pray to her, she doesn't have to pray to me, don't know what we'd do with one another," Veronique replies.
  3708. "Do you know anything about this... flask that carries an infinite amount of alcohol?"
  3710. "No idea," Veronique replies.
  3712. "Great. Anything about this huntress chick? Red hair, tan, muscular, got lots of scars?"
  3714. "That describes a lot of girls around these parts. Name?"
  3716. "Lorenne."
  3718. Veronique pauses, considering. "No, doesn't ring any bells," she says at last.
  3720. >What do you do?
  3722. ---
  3724. You and Adelle go over to her litter and sit down. A quick query to Adelle confirms that wood typically blocks geomancy, so you dump Veronique in it and let her squirm for a while. Adelle sidles up next to you as you sit on the edge of the litter, resting her head on you and running her fingers along your chest, occasionally glancing back to your captive, who has decided to just stay put and wait for the battle - and, probably by extension, the war - to be over.
  3726. >8
  3728. You catch sight of Lorenne before she shoots this time, luckily, and use your weight to pull Adelle into the litter with you. The thunk of an arrow into the wood tells you you made the right decision. Ordinarily, being in a messy pile with Adelle and Veronique would be a pleasant thing, but right now, all you think about is that bitch Lorenne.
  3732. ---
  3734. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  3735. Chapter 26
  3737. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  3739. Your current mission is obtaining a flask of endless wine for the fertility goddess Heronia in order to ensure you get your first wife, Adelle, pregnant with a son. In service to this task, you've been following around and aiding your Empress, the Necromantress Erosette. While you were largely not particularly competent, you recently raped an Orestiad in order to allow Erosette's armies through a pass, letting them fight the (hopefully) climactic battle of her war here in the Allimas.
  3741. While sitting next to said raped Orestiad (currently tied up and left in the litter), you were yet again attacked by Lorenne, who you believe to have assassinated your brother. Rather than getting shot with a bow, you tumbled into the litter whose edge you were sitting on with Adelle, putting the three of you in a messy pile under less pleasant circumstances than you might have hoped.
  3743. Then one of Lorenne's arrows buried itself in the litter's side.
  3745. Also, your loyal fuck pet, Kini, is probably sleeping in another litter nearby. You haven't really seen her since you thanked her for saving you from Lorenne earlier.
  3747. >What do you do?
  3749. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  3751. ---
  3753. >13
  3754. >Pretty good.
  3756. You take out your sword, carefully slicing away at the wood to your side, avoiding letting any part of your body go over the side of the litter. When the large chunk you've selected finally falls away, you pick it up in one hand and mentally try to map out where Kini is. After a few seconds, you have a direction, and you pop out of the litter at a breakneck speed, holding the chunk of wood close to your head so that Lorenne can't get off a clean shot. The plunking noise of arrows slamming into the wood reassures you you made the right decision.
  3758. When you arrive at Kini's litter, you practically leap into it, though you're careful to avoid Kini's curled up form in one corner. She wakes up slowly, blinking and rubbing at her eyes.
  3760. "M-master?"
  3762. "Kini, I need you to do something for me."
  3764. "O-okay, master," she says, nodding nervously, uncurling from underneath your shirt, her nude form obviously trying for eroticism.
  3766. "No, not that," you say, and another thunk hits the side of the litter, making her practically skitter in surprise. "Can you transform into an animal and go around to distract Lorenne?"
  3768. Kini swallows and nods, her shape slowly changing into that of a large, wild cat before leaping out of the litter. You wait a couple seconds before jumping out yourself, following your own path, separate from hers. Lorenne's attention is completely on you, and it's only your fast pace that protects you from being successfully shot. A brief lull in the arrows forces you to risk a glance towards her, and you see a wild dog biting at her ankle once more. You rush her; as you close to melee distance, she drops her bow, switches to her sword - which looks more like a cutlass than anything else - and Kini flees to avoid her vicious swings.
  3770. She turns to you as you close, wearing a smirk on her face. "Your pet dog? Very well-behaved. I'll kill it when I'm done with you," she explains, her sword drawn up in a defensive pose.
  3772. >What do you do?
  3774. ---
  3776. >Attack
  3777. >12
  3779. You pull up your sword, waiting for a moment for her to test your guard. She doesn't, keeping her gaze on you, her expression wary. You lash out, forcing her to defend, and hurl the chunk of wood in your off hand at her while she's distracted. It slams into her stomach, knocking the breath out of her, and you take the moment to slam one leg into her knee, sending her sprawling onto the ground.
  3781. She lashes out with her own sword, however, preventing you from properly pressing the advantage, and in the moment you dance back, she rolls away, practically leaping off the ground in a moment before spinning on her good leg to face you again, guard up. She's looking rather less confident than a moment earlier, and when she puts her weight on the leg you hit, she winces and balances back off it.
  3783. "Feeling a little scared?"
  3785. She just shoots you a venomous glare. "A lucky hit. You won't be remembering it for long."
  3787. >What do you do?
  3789. ---
  3791. >Fight more
  3792. >11
  3794. You decide to take advantage of the injury, slowly circling her, forcing her to turn to keep facing you. Her eyes follow you, and hardly betray any pain at all as she slowly adjusts her position to continue keeping her sword between the two of you. You make little, tentative strikes, more intent on keeping her from trying anything than to actually penetrate her defense; she responds in kind, with light blocks and small dodges.
  3796. When your back faces Adelle, you start to press in, trying to force her to retreat backwards. She does, for a few steps, her eye twitching as she skips away from you. When her eyes turn from you for a moment in sudden pain, having apparently stepped on her bad leg wrong, you slam your sword into hers, knocking it to the side before pressing in and sending her to the ground. You quickly slam one foot down on her weapon wrist, pinning her beneath you.
  3798. She stares up at you, gaze hateful, but with a certain low cunning behind it.
  3800. >What do you do?
  3802. ---
  3804. >Knock her out
  3805. >3
  3807. You keep your foot on her wrist, grinding your weight into it as you adjust your position, leaning over her. She winces in pain as you lean over her, keeping your sword in her face. When you move to knock her out, though, her other arm sweeps out towards your chest; instinctively, you pull back, and it's a good thing too - apparently she pulled a knife at some point. She tries to scurry away, keeping the knife between you, and you follow her. A long sweeping strike with her sword forces you back, but she winces in pain at the end of the motion and drops the sword; it clatters away uselessly in the distance behind you.
  3809. Her eyes are wild, frantic, animalistic, as she tries to slowly back away from you, the knife held close to her body, waiting for a moment to strike.
  3811. >What do you do?
  3813. ---
  3815. "You've got a knife, Lorenne," you say, careful to use her name. "I know who you are. Even if, somehow, you escaped from here, you've got no chances. You'll be a wanted criminal. Surrender, now, and you won't have to risk dying here."
  3817. Lorenne looks at you, with those mad dog eyes of hers, gritting her teeth. There's the slightest shake to her head.
  3819. You press in, circling her, taking advantage of her physical weakness, keeping her backing away and trying to avoid you, waiting for your moment. When it comes, you lash out, knocking the knife from her hand and kicking out at her good leg, sending her tumbling to the ground. A moment later, you're on top of her, your legs balancing your weight on her upper arms, keeping her pinned.
  3821. Using the position to your advantage, you've soon got her hands tied behind her back, and you start to frisk her, checking her over for weapons - you find another knife, as well as a handaxe hidden on her leg. You take off her boots, too, just to be certain. The whole time she struggles against you, but it's over for her, now. All that's left is for her to accept that, really.
  3823. >What do you do?
  3825. ---
  3827. You pick up Lorenne's knife and come back to her still struggling form. "Can't be too careful. I have to make sure that you don't have any weapons on you," you lie, cutting away her shirt and pants. In a few seconds, she's nude, and your fingers plumb her holes to "ensure that there isn't anything hidden there." Of course, because her clothing is now damaged beyond repair, she'll unfortunately have to go nude for the forseeable future.
  3829. The whole time, she fixes you with this implacable glare of malice, but it doesn't matter. You bind her ankles together before dragging her off, hooking your hand into her armpit and using that. She wriggles around as you pull her back to the little makeshift camp, more to try to keep pace in her current condition than to try to escape. You drag her over to where Adelle is currently still hidden in the litter, her weight pressing down on Veronique. A glance reminds you that you damaged this litter, potentially allowing Veronique to touch the earth with relative ease.
  3831. "Adelle," you say. "Look."
  3833. Adelle peaks over the side to where you're gesturing, and a vivid smile appears on her features when she sees the tied up and bound Lorenne, who just snarls in reply. That doesn't effect Adelle's glee at all, and she looks up at you as she caresses Lorenne's head, smiling.
  3835. "This is Lorenne. I think you're familiar by reputation, if not name."
  3837. "Oh, quite familiar, my lord. Perhaps the three of us shall become... better acquainted, later?"
  3839. >What do you do?
  3841. ---
  3843. You leave Lorenne where she is for the moment, reaching into the litter with Adelle. Adelle moves at your behest, and you pull Veronique up and out of the litter before slinging her over your shoulder. She grumbles a little but basically acquiesces. Once she's fairly secure, you use your other hand to hook under Lorenne's arm again and drag her to the other litter before dumping them both in, Lorenne on top of Veronique.
  3845. "I'll leave you two to get acquainted," you say with a smirk, before putting the lid on the litter. You grab some rope and firmly secure the lid. You sit down on top of the litter, to make quite certain that they won't get out. "Kini! Kini!" You call out, and soon enough, her wild dog form scampers out of the foliage, sitting down at your feet. You pat your lap, and after a few pats, she hops up, and you start to pet her. "Could you take your natural form, Kini? I want to talk to you."
  3847. Her form shifts again, and a moment later, you have a nude little monstergirl curled up in your lap; you immediately start to scratch at her ear, making her tail wag slowly back and forth.
  3849. "You've been a very, very good girl, Kini. I owe you my life, at least twice over. I'm very, very happy with you. Do you understand?"
  3851. She gives a little nod from her position in your lap. "Th-thank you, master. I-I t-try to be a good fuck toy for you."
  3853. "That's what I wanted to talk about with you, Kini. You're not my fuck toy."
  3855. "I- I'm not?" Her eyes balloon in size as she looks up at you, confused, a little fear on her face.
  3857. "No," you say, voice soothing as you continue to softly pet her. "You're my pet. And you're a very good pet, Kini."
  3859. "Th-thank you, master," she says, nodding a little up at you. "I-I want to be good."
  3861. "It's because you're such a good pet, I want you to be happy. And I don't think you're happy now?"
  3863. "N-no, master!" She says, eyes wide, lips trembling. "I'm happy! I'm very happy! P-please don't punish me for not being happy, master, I'm very happy, I promise," she says, curling in on herself, her tail pulling up between her legs.
  3865. "Shh, shh. It's okay. I'm not angry. This is what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm not going to punish you for not being happy. But you're scared of me, and you're such a good pet, I don't want you to be scared of me." Kini just blinks up at you, big eyes still a little afraid. You sigh, stretching your head back, considering. Eventually, you turn your attention back to her. "I promise not to do something like that to you ever again," you say. You've broken promises before, if she does betray you because you said that, fuck her. You'll rape her again, and worse this time. "Okay? If I want to do it again, I can do it to anyone, Kini. Anyone but you. You're special. You're my very loyal, sweet, and trustworthy pet. Again and again, I let you wander around free, and you always come back to me, you even risk your life to protect me when all you'd have to do is stand aside to let me die."
  3867. "I- I didn't even think about that, master!" She says, eyes wide, apparently afraid again. "I promise! I don't think about you dying at all!" You just pet her, trying to calm her down.
  3869. "I know that, pet. That's why I want you to be happy, and feel safe. You're so very reliable, I don't want you to think that you should be scared. I trust you. I won't punish you ever again. You understand?"
  3871. "N-never?" She asks, voice quivering, hopeful.
  3873. "Never," you say, shaking your head. "I'm sure that you'd never do anything to hurt me on purpose, so there's no way that I'd ever have a reason to. If, somehow, one day it looks like you do deserve to be punished, I'll know that it's a misunderstanding of some kind. Because you'd never betray me, or do anything to hurt me."
  3875. She nods her head at that.
  3877. "That's how loyal you are, pet. That's how much I trust you."
  3879. "R-really, master?"
  3881. "Yes, pet. Really. Because you've shown that you're a very, very good girl." She nods in your lap again, her tail starting to wag again, this time a little less tentatively than before. "I want to reward you for being such a good girl, pet. What would you like for a reward?"
  3883. She pauses, her eyes going low again. "F-for you to be happy with me, master?"
  3885. "I am happy with you. I want you to be happy with me."
  3887. "I-I am happy with you," she hurriedly nods, "master."
  3889. "No, no, not that kind of happy, pet. I know you love me like any pet loves her master. I want to see you giddy with joy because your master has just given you a very sweet gift. What would you like?"
  3891. "F-for you to use me as your fuck toy?" She tries. When you don't accept that as a sufficient answer, she looks away. "To, to go home again..."
  3893. "Pet..." you say. "You need to be a good girl, now, and that means letting go of your old home. We could visit, some time, but you can't live there again. Even if you could, you'd have to start all over." You pause for a moment. "I'm the heir of the Nells, Kini. I can see that you have whatever you need, whenever you want."
  3895. She looks up at you, thoughts being slowly processed behind those big brown eyes. You just continue to gently pet and scratch her. "I- I don't know, master..." she mumbles.
  3897. "That's okay, pet. You don't have to answer right now. But remember, if you need something - anything - just ask. Okay?"
  3899. "Okay, master," she says, planting her face back on your thigh.
  3901. >What do you do?
  3903. ---
  3905. You let Kini lie there for a little while, her cute little nude form curled up on your lap, as you slowly pet her. Eventually, you call Adelle over from the other litter, and she sits down next to you, expression expectant. You pat the litter you're sitting on - currently occupied by Veronique and Lorenne - and start talking. "What do you think about our newest captive?"
  3907. "She is very attractive, in her own way," Adelle says, letting her hand stroke along your backside as her body slowly works its way towards the spot closest to you. "I like the... image... of you defeating her. Establishing yourself as the better warrior, the more dominant personality."
  3909. You snort. "No, I mean, what can we do with her?" Adelle licks her lips, and you sigh. "I mean, legally, what should we do? Advise me as my best counsel, not as a woman who very much enjoys certain activities."
  3911. "Oh. Ohhhh. Oh, I see, yes, of course. I wasn't thinking, my lord. Forgive me."
  3913. "Consider yourself forgiven. As to my question?"
  3915. You keep petting Kini while Adelle speaks. "You could, by all rights, kill her. No one would even have to know, really."
  3917. "Oh, fuck you, bitch," you hear come up from the litter. "When I get out of here, you're on the list too, along with his pathetic little 'pet' and..."
  3919. You stand, lifting Kini in your arms. Adelle stands as well, and you hand Kini over to her - she struggles with the tanukigirl in a way you wouldn't - before opening the litter. "Shut, the fuck, up," you enunciate to your captive. When she doesn't - instead choosing to spit at you - you gag her before closing the lid once more and taking Kini back from Adelle.
  3921. ­"There are other, more... fun, things, you could do with her. Legally... well, the Nells are the rulers of their lands, beholden to no one, really. And no one would much care, most likely, about the treatment of a murderess. So long as it is kept rather quiet, I suspect you could do even the most depraved of things."
  3923. There's muffled screaming from Lorenne in the litter - enraged, not scared - and you hear her slam her legs against the lid, though Adelle, Kini, and your combined weights keep it from going anywhere much.
  3925. "Really, my lord, there's no real limitations, at this point. Just the tiniest amount of disgression should suffice, so long as you keep any such peculiarities to her personal treatment." She licks her lips for a moment before continuing. "Though... her testimony would be unlikely to prove useful in convicting any co-conspirators she may have, were you to do such a thing."
  3927. >What do you do?
  3929. ---
  3931. "Kini," you say, and she looks up at you, big eyes like saucer plates. "Your master and his wife would like some time alone. Could you find something to occupy yourself with?"
  3933. Kini gets up out of your lap, nodding, and transforms into her wild dog form before heading off to elsewhere. You open the litter again, and yank Lorenne up and out of it before closing it on Veronique. Adelle's already breathing heavily, clearly anticipating this quite a bit. She pauses, admiring Lorenne's nude form, before relocating herself by your side, wrapping herself around your arm and pressing her head into your shoulder as she stares down at your latest - and, dare you say, greatest - victim.
  3935. Lorenne's expression is anger and hate, but there's the faintest glimmer of fear in it, too.
  3937. >What do you do?
  3939. ---
  3941. You yank Lorenne up by her hair, then slam her back onto the ground, this time so that she's prone rather than supine, and press your boot into the side of her face, grinding her head into the dirt. She snarls and squirms underneath you, short red hair splaying around her head.
  3943. "Adelle," you say, turning to your wife. "I think 'Lorenne' is a bit too dignified a name for this little bitch, wouldn't you agree? She needs a new name. What do you suggest?"
  3945. "My lord, that's such a responsibility," Adelle says in mock humility. "Give me a moment to think."
  3947. While Adelle thinks it over, you adjust your position, moving to wrap more and more ropes around Lorenne's body in an intricate pattern. Thank fuck for Vanesse; you'd have no idea how to do this if she hadn't been such a rope slut. Lorenne, for her part, squirms and struggles, trying to kick or knee you when you get close to her legs, but soon enough you have her just how you want her, her knees pulled up near her chest, ropes wrapped around her breasts to make more artificially perky than any corset ever could. The positioning of her thighs makes it seem as if she's pulling her legs apart to unveil her sex to you. She's actually, you notice, ever so slightly moist.
  3949. "What was it that she called me? Bitch, wasn't it? It's rather appropriate... hmm. My lord? What do you think?"
  3951. You stand, considering your work. Lorenne's arms are pulled behind her back, layers of rope tightly wrapping around her, forcing her into position. Her thighs are spread wide, while her feet press against her ass. "Bitch sounds very good. That's your name from now on," you say, leaning down to her. "Bitch."
  3953. Lorenne - Bitch, now - just glares at you, snarling. You cup your hand over her sex, letting your fingers slowly explore her, moving your face just inches from hers and staring her in the eyes.
  3955. "Bitch, you're so wet," you say, pulling your fingers away from her pussy and placing them up against her nose. "You smell that? That's the smell of an aroused woman. You're such a fucking whore that you'll get aroused by being tied up and about to get raped?" She just shakes her head, denying your claims even as her face flushes red with embarrassment. "Damn, Bitch," you say, shaking your head, as you stand up and start to undress yourself, your rock hard dick springing forward. She eyes it uncertainly, warily, as you lift her up, placing her on top of the litter, face hanging down over the side. It's probably quite an unpleasant position to be in, and you're about to make it more unpleasant.
  3957. "Adelle. I can't trust Bitch to lube me up, so would you...?" You gesture to your crotch, and Adelle nods, quickly dropping to her knees and taking your length in her mouth, glancing up at you occasionally as she bobs up and down your cock, a smile in her eyes each time. While Adelle gets to sucking, you get to your latest task: spanking. You carefully bring down the flat of your sword onto Lorenne's ass, making her yelp in a swallowed shriek of pain. With an exacting timing, you strike Lorenne's ass every time Adelle presses completely down your cock, her nose resting in your pubes and your balls tapping against her chin. It doesn't take long for Adelle to realize what you're doing, and when she does, she stares up at you, giddiness clear on her features as she bounces up and down your cock with increasing rapidity, and you spank Lorenne harder and faster in response.
  3959. When Adelle's frantic, sadistically-minded blowjob finally brings you towards the edge, you place your palm against her forehead, gently guiding her off. "You're a very good girl, Adelle," you say, and she all-but-shivers in response to the compliment. "Not like Bitch, here," you say, turning back to your captive. Without another word or signal, you slam your cock into Lorenne's asshole, making her let out a long, muffled grunt of pain beneath you. You lean over her, meeting her tear-streaked eyes. There's still defiance in them, so you just keep pumping in and out of her tight asshole as fast as you can, the hole wrapped as firmly and closely around your cock as any virgin ass you've ever plundered. "I think Bitch is - was, I should say," you correct with a laugh, not letting up your fucking for a second, "an anal virgin." Adelle smiles at that, giving Lorenne one of her predator smiles.
  3961. After a while of this, you bury yourself completely inside Lorenne's asshole and grab her by her knee, flipping her over to put her on her back, putting her whole body on display and making her give a muffled shriek of pain as you flip her over, her ass twisting around your cock. "Come on, darling," you say, patting Lorenne's taut stomach, and Adelle quickly hopes up and onto Lorenne, facing you. You kiss Adelle while gently stroking in and out of Lorenne's tight virginal ass, and let your hands explore your wife's body, eventually slipping into her leggings and past her panties to start toying with her (very, very wet) sex. When you start to increase your speed in Lorenne again - prompting muffled screams from your captive - Adelle's hands reach down for Lorenne's sex, slapping, pinching and generally abusing her clit as you continue to fuck her ass. A glance over Adelle's shoulder shows Lorenne crying in pain at the way you and Adelle are treating her nether regions.
  3963. You pull out of Lorenne's tight asshole with a single quick motion, and move up onto the litter, indirectly forcing Adelle off as she moves backwards to let you find your preferred position. You take it up, kneeling on Lorenne's chest, letting your weight rest on her as you stick your still-hard dick between her breasts, groping and kneading them as you start to fuck her tits, playing roughly with her nipples. Lorenne just rolls up her eyes, obviously trying to imagine that she's somewhere, anywhere else, but the attempt is interrupted by Adelle, who slaps her face, hard. "Bitch, are you not even paying attention to my lord husband?" She slaps her again. "Bad girl. Bad, Bitch. Don't." Adelle looks up at you, eyes still vivid with arousal as you fuck Lorenne's breasts. When you start to approach your orgasm, Adelle yanks Lorenne's face up by her hair so that you can get as much of your load on it as possible. You do, splattering cum all over her face, making sure to get a spurt in each of her eyes, forcing her to close them both.
  3965. Adelle stands slightly to the side of Lorenne's tied up and abused form, smiling in delight as she stares down at your would-be assassin, her eyes drinking in the sharp red coloration of Lorenne's ass and breasts, raw from your abuse. Lorenne, for her part, continues to weakly squirm against you, but with your whole weight currently placed on her chest, she can't do much at all. You just breath deeply, catching your breath.
  3967. >What do you do?
  3969. ---
  3971. You lean over Lorenne, caressing her hair. "This is your new position in life," you whisper into her ear. "It will get worse." You pull away and pick up Lorenne by a good point in her ropes, making her whimper and gasp in pain, before opening the litter up and taking Veronique out, slinging her over your shoulder. You unceremoniously dump Lorenne in it. With Veronique slung over your shoulder, you can't close the litter up, but Adelle recognizes that it's what you want, and does it for you, sealing Lorenne up, your cum and her shit still caking her body. You hear a swallowed sob as the lid slides into place.
  3973. You sigh and sit down on the litter, holding Veronique in your lap so she can't touch the ground. She gives you this awkward, slightly afraid look over her shoulder. "It's okay," you say. "You've got nothing to worry about. That was special. Bitch had it coming."
  3977. ---
  3979. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  3980. Chapter 27
  3982. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  3984. Your current mission is obtaining a flask of endless wine for the fertility goddess Heronia in order to ensure you get your first wife, Adelle, pregnant with a son. In service to this task, you've been following around and aiding your Empress, the Necromantress Erosette. While you were largely not particularly competent, you recently raped an Orestiad in order to allow Erosette's armies through a pass, letting them fight the (hopefully) climactic battle of her war here in the Allimas.
  3986. While waiting for the battle to end, you finally captured (what you believe to be) your older brother's killer - a lean, muscular tanned redhead by the name of Lorenne who is your younger brother's paramour. Then you raped her (Adelle helped) and tossed her back into the litter, tied up beyond all movement, and closed the lid.
  3988. Veronique, the Orestiad you defeated, is currently sitting on your lap. Kini, your fuck pet, is... around. You told her to go someplace else because you worried she wouldn't be very happy to see you treating Lorenne the same way you used to treat her.
  3990. >What do you do?
  3992. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  3994. ---
  3996. "So, Veronique," you say, cupping one of her breasts in your palm. "Tell me a bit about yourself. What's it like, being an Orestiad?"
  3998. "Well, I- you know. I hang around, accept offerings, and occasionally fulfill prayers. Not much to it, really."
  4000. You let your other hand snake down to her groin, gently teasing her lips. "It sounds like a nice life," you say. "You say you receive offerings of young boys. How often do you get actual men?"
  4002. "You're all young boys, as far as I'm concerned," she replies, voice haughty. You make a quick circle around her clit, making her gasp in pleasure. You let your fingers reach into her sex, gently toying in and out.
  4004. You lean over her, whispering in her ear. "Let me guess... you love the young boys most of all the offerings you get." She hesitates a moment before nodding, and you keep your slow strokes going in and out. "You love to fuck them, and to be fucked by them." When she pauses, you pull your hand away from her sex, making her wriggle slightly at the sudden absence. "You love it."
  4006. "Of course I do!" She says in irritation, and you let your hand drift back down, continuing to play with her. "That's why I ask for the sacrifices."
  4008. "I'm very, very good at making beautiful," you pause when you say that, lightly pinching her nipple and clit in either hand, making her gasp in unexpected pleasure, "women very, very happy. Would you like to try that out?"
  4010. "You are - hnn - pretty handsome," she admits, her face constantly being overcoming with waves of pleasure and arousal. "I- I suppose I wouldn't mind s-seeing you try to make me feel good."
  4012. >What do you do?
  4014. ---
  4016. >Fuck diplomacy
  4017. >15
  4019. "I do like a challenge," you murmur into her ear. You cup her chin with one hand, turning her to face you, pressing your forehead against hers. "How about now?" You kiss her before she can answer, pressing your lips against hers, your tongue eagerly exploring her mouth. With one free hand, you glance around Veronique's head, and give Adelle a quick shooing motion. She gives the most adorable puppy dog eyes and pout, but you want this to be romantic for Veronique, so you stand your ground on this matter. Adelle nods, appropriately chastised, and heads off, out of sight.
  4021. When she's gone, you finally pull away from Veronique, your breath ragged from all that mouth-to-mouthing. "I'll enjoy watching you try," Veronique says.
  4023. You reorient your hands around her, lifting her up bridal style before laying her out on the lid of the litter. With her in her current position, you give long, trailing kisses down her body, softly fingering her sex as you slowly make your way down. When you hit either of her breasts, you kiss and suckle her nipples, making her sigh softly in pleasure. You keep your eyes on hers, closely watching her expression as she enjoys herself. When you reach her sex, you take her clit into your mouth, gently massaging it with your lips and making her hiss in pleasure when your tongue gently laps at it.
  4025. It doesn't take long for the stimulation to bring her over the edge, making her back arch as she lets out a long moan. You keep her clit in your mouth and continue to finger her as she orgasms, making her wriggle and writhe beautifully under your ministrations, her eyes rolling up and her tongue lolling out. When she comes down, gasping and panting, you keep going at it, occasionally changing things up here and there, giving long licks up and down her lower lips as your fingers gently rub against her mound, your thumb circling her clit. The pleasure on her face tells you you're doing it right, and you place your mouth as deeply inside her sex as you can, your tongue lashing out at her insides. You move your hands up, groping her breasts and occasionally pinching her nipples, carefully brushing the bridge of your nose against her clit as you continue to pleasure her.
  4027. You enjoy watching her second orgasm, this time removing yourself from her body as she shakes and whimpers in pleasure, moving over to her face and placing your fingers on her lips. Still in the throes of pleasure, she automatically opens her mouth and starts happily sucking at your fingers, her eyes lidded and her mouth operating on autopilot as she licks and laps away her juices. You pull down your pants, and your cock quickly pops out, just inches from her face. It takes a little guidance before she notices its presence, but when she does she immediately moves on to it, greedily bobbing up and down your length as you gently stroke her head, quietly establishing dominance in the process. She licks and sucks like a monstergirl possessed, her eyes closed in serene concentration as she bobs her head up and down. With your other hand, you reach over for one of her breasts, softly groping it and teasing her nipple, enjoying the way she'll squirm or let out a little moan around your cock.
  4029. Eventually, you pull out of her mouth with a soft pop, making her look up at you, a bit confused. "Do you want it?" You ask, wrapping one hand around the base of your cock, shaking it tantalizingly. She nods. "Do you want it inside your sweet," you let your hand drift slowly down her body, "delicious," you let your fingers circle her clit, "pussy?" You let your fingers enter her. She clenches her eyes closed and nods, eagerly, in response. You maneuver around her and plunge yourself slowly in, leaning over her and kissing her on the lips, eagerly grabbing her by the back of her head and pulling her into you. She maneuvers as best she can to help your slow thrusts, and you let your hand worm its way around her back, untying her while you kiss; when the ropes become loose enough, her hands escape, quickly wrapping around you, one gently caressing your cheek while the other explores your back.
  4031. With her body freed, you let your hands wander, fingering her clit as you continue to fuck her, making her squirm in desire. As you enjoy the way she wriggles and writhes beneath you, an evil though crosses your mind, and you slow your thrusts down, forcing her to take up the slack, increasing her pace bouncing beneath you, slowly sliding up and down your length as she uses your shoulders for leverage. You enjoy it, taking the relative freedom to cup and palm her breasts, loving the occasional hisses, gasps and moans she lets out into your waiting mouth as you fuck her gently.
  4033. When she orgasms beneath and around you, you pull out, watching as she shivers and shakes, gently teasing your cock along her slick, shivering slit, making her desperately try to maneuver it back inside you. You continue to tease her with your hands and cock, gently tweaking her nipples and pinching her clit as she struggles to get you to fuck her some more. Your hands and cock stimulate her softly, gently, teasingly, the motions slow and tenuous but obviously bringing her to a head. She lets out little groans of irritation into your mouth, though hers never leaves you. in time, those groans of irritation become whimpers of pleasure and powerlessness, and then you suddenly slam yourself back inside her, making her squeal out her fourth orgasm, her insides clenching at you desperately. You let yourself come, spilling your seed inside her sex for the second time today, and when the two of you come down, you speak up.
  4035. "Want to clean me off?"
  4037. She licks her lips absently before catching herself, then nods, quickly adjusting her position so that she's on hands and knees in front of your dick, her tongue quickly licking across your still-sensitive length, her eyes gazing up at you with an irreverent glimmer as you gently run your fingers through her hair.
  4039. When she finally stops her careful, and thoroughly, cleaning of your cock, you plop down on top of the litter, out of exhaustion.
  4041. "So?"
  4043. "It was... alright," she says, haughtily. "Not the best I've ever had, but I wouldn't mind a repeat performance."
  4045. >What do you do?
  4047. ---
  4049. "Then I guess I'll just have to try for the number one spot next time," you say, gently petting her head. "I, uh, don't suppose you want some clothes? I'm sure my wife has something she can spare."
  4051. "I'm fine," Veronique says. "I was around before humans invented clothes, and I still don't see the point."
  4053. "Right, then," you say, and yell out for your wife, who quickly emerges from around a nearby mountainside. "We'll probably need to make you a new litter," you say, "if you're coming with."
  4055. Adelle decides to lie down on top of the litter, resting her head on your thigh, instead of just sitting next to you. You absently stroke her head as she asks Veronique some pointed questions about her earth magic. It all goes over your head.
  4059. Eventually, the sounds of battle grow dim, and Adelle leans one hand over the ground, touching it and closing her eyes. "I believe Erosette won, my lord," she says after a moment.
  4061. A minute or two later, Erosette returns, chin held high. "The great and invincible Necromantress Erosette has once again found herself victorious over her foes! All who oppose her will inevitably be struck down!" You notice Veronique rolling her eyes. "I am the master of all I perceive, now. The undeniable Empress of the Allimas!" She keeps going on in that vein.
  4063. >What do you do?
  4065. ---
  4067. You wait for an appropriate moment in Erosette's rambling to cut in, not wanting to be impolite in her moment of glory. "Congratulations, my Empress," you say, with a little bow (even though you remain seated). Adelle quickly repeats your congratulations. "This is Veronique; she's an Orestiad and had an arrangement with the previous rulers of these lands. Perhaps you'd like to revisit the terms with her?"
  4069. Your Empress raises her chin a little, considering it, and then nods. "And what were the previous terms of your arrangement?"
  4071. Veronique lists them out in exacting detail; there's a little bit of back and forth before the two seem to reach an agreement.
  4073. "My Empress. Surely such a wonderful event deserves a celebration of some kind?"
  4075. She tilts her head in consideration before nodding. "Yes. Your suggestion is very wise, my loyal and eager servant," she continues. "Come with me?"
  4077. >What do you do?
  4079. ---
  4081. "Adelle," you say, softly, and jerk your head towards the tent that Erosette's soldiers have just erected. She gets up, and smiles when you give her a little "come along" signal with your hands. You follow your Empress into her tent, Adelle following close behind.
  4083. Erosette seems a bit surprised at Adelle's presence. "Your... wife?"
  4085. "She likes to watch," you explain.
  4087. Erosette takes a moment before nodding. "Ah, of course. Those of our station are a depraved lot, are we not?" She gives this ridiculous belly laugh that makes you and Adelle snort along with her. "I hope you take no offense to my... use, of your husband, Lady Nell."
  4089. "Oh, of course not," Adelle says, voice full of servility. "You are an Empress, to have my lord husband serve you is an honor."
  4091. "Good, good! An audience, then! How appropriately decadent a start to my reign!" She seems very proud of herself for a little, then her shoulders fall a bit. "Of course, such decadence ought be confined to limited quarters, lest it cause misrule," she says, mostly to herself. "No matter!" She turns to you. "Baron, my faithful and loyal servant," she starts, hiking up her dress past her waist and then wriggling out of her panties. "You may begin to pleasure your Empress."
  4093. >What do you do?
  4095. ---
  4097. "Of course, my lady," you say with a nod as you slink to your knees in front of her, immediately pressing your face into her groin. Her hands come up to wrap around your head, running through your hair softly as you start to kiss and lick at her lower lips, making her shiver above you. You bring up your hands, wrapping around her flat butt and gently teasing her asshole with one finger as you continue to suckle on her sex. Her soft moans and the way she occasionally pulls your face further into her crotch are all the reassurance you need that you're doing it right.
  4099. You let yourself slowly kiss up her sex until you've wrapped your lips around her clit, making her moan in pleasure as you suck around her clit, your cheeks hollowing. "That's a good boy," she says, and you tongue her clit, making her shiver and shake above and around you. With one hand, you start to simulate penetration in her sex, while the other gradually delves into her asshole, making her words turn to incoherent murmurs as she gradually falls further and further into pleasure from your attentions to her lower body. When you let out a soft hum into her clit, she orgasms, her fingers curling around your hair as she screams her pleasure out, her hips bucking wildly in your face as you keep up your action in her sex and ass.
  4101. When she comes down, you pull your hand out of her asshole, wrapping it around the side of her dress and slowly pulling it up while you kiss up her pale, white, room temperature body. When you get to her breasts, you lovingly suckle on each nipple until they're both hard, her dress pulled up past her breasts, scrunched up in her armpits. You leave it there, using your hand to grope her wonderful, fat breasts, kissing, suckling, and tonguing the other with your mouth. She just runs her fingers reassuringly through your hair. "That's a good boy," she murmurs in between gasps and moans of pleasure. "Serve your Empress properly." You let your thumb brush past and around her clit as you continue to attend to her breasts with your mouth and other hand, making her shudder in unexpected pleasure.
  4103. When she hits her second orgasm - inadvertently squirting as her knees buckle - you move around behind her, taking your cock out and slamming it into her tight little ass, making her head bounce. You wrap both hands around her breasts, brutally groping them and roughly squeezing them, meeting Adelle's eyes as you continue to fuck Erosette. Adelle's face is positively flush with arousal, her mouth half-open, her tongue caught between her teeth as she stares at the licentious display. She doesn't even realize you're looking at her for a good half-minute of fucking, just watching as Erosette's head and breasts bounce from the force of your thrusts. When she does realize that you're staring at her, her flush redoubles and she swallows, offering you a fluttering smile before nodding for you to turn your focus back to Erosette.
  4105. You do, letting your lips kiss at the Necromantress's neck for a few moments, then roughly using your grip on her breasts to reposition her to face Adelle as you continue to frantically slam in and out of her asshole. With your attentions to her breasts and asshole, she's by this point barely coherent, just mumbling out her pleasure and desire for more in between increasingly frantic moans of pleasure. When she orgasms again, you pull out, keeping your grip on her breasts as you fuck your cock in between her thighs, making her squirm and wriggle uselessly to try to get it back in one of her holes. You let her try and fail for a little bit until she starts to whine, at which point you let go of her breasts, making her fall down to her knees awkwardly, quickly balancing herself on her hands as she huffs and puffs in pleasure.
  4107. You wrap either hand around the sides of her dress and start to pull it off, but time it just right so that it stops, wrapped around her eyes but not, particularly, her mouth. Her arms hang uselessly above her head, and you quickly spin her around on the ground before pressing your cock in between her lips, enjoying her blind blowjob. You stare Adelle right in the eyes as Erosette sucks you off, and you pull her wrists together so that you can hold them both in one hand as you continue to fuck Erosette's face. With the other, you grab the back of Erosette's head, guiding her up and down your cock.
  4109. "That's it, my Empress," you say as she licks the underside of your cock while you force her to bob up and down your length. "Keep sucking. That's a good girl," you say, gently patting her on the head through her scrunched up dress. She just keeps her focus on your cock, her lips suckling, her tongue licking, her throat occasionally letting your cock enjoy some truly wonderful vibrations as she moans around your length, trying to bring you off. Adelle brings one of her hands up to her mouth, biting down on one finger as she stares at your flagrant use of Erosette's mouth and throat, her whole body tensing and untensing in sympathy for the way you're brutally fucking her face. Occasionally, her eyes flick up to yours, and she gives you a quick, pleased smile before returning her attention to Erosette. You just enjoy watching her reactions, the little ways she displays the enjoyment she's getting from watching you facefuck Erosette.
  4111. Your brutalization of Erosette's throat is, of course, intensely pleasurable in its own way, and before you finally start to orgasm, you pull her down, hard, into your groin, your pubes filling her nose, then explode straight down her throat. Adelle meets your eyes, then, and the two of you share an intense stare as you slowly ride out your orgasm in your Empress's mouth. When you finish it, you let out a long sigh as you stagger your way out of Erosette's throat, leaving her to awkwardly disentangle her face from her dress.
  4113. >What do you do?
  4115. ---
  4117. "That was good," you tell your Empress, and Adelle just nods in agreement, her face a wonderful pink, flushed with arousal. "You enjoyed it too, yeah?"
  4119. Erosette licks her lips for a moment. "Y-Yes! Very... enjoyable episode of debauchery."
  4121. "I, uh, caught my would be assassin."
  4123. "Good for you! You're quite the capable servant, I must say," she notes. "In spite of your occasional misstep."
  4125. You choose to ignore that comment. "Is there anything you can do to help me keep her more... under control?"
  4127. Erosette considers for a moment, then shakes her head. "No, not really. Unless you want her as dead and brainless as the rest of my soldiery. The processes necessary for... the higher sorts of undeath, require far too much to be used for that sort of thing. It is an..." she waves her hand, airily. "Exhaustive process. I could not easily repeat it, and I probably never shall." She considers, for a moment. "The recent battle has swelled my ranks, however. I could offer you a few of my men as a personal guard, and they could keep an eye on her. A favor given means a favor owed, of course."
  4129. "I'll... consider it." You pause. "Speaking of favors, have you had any luck finding the flask?"
  4131. "My army is organizing the loot as we speak, my loyal servant. If the flask is among the dead, then it will be yours."
  4133. "Thank you," you say, then gesture for Adelle to come with you. You open up the litter where Lorenne is currently being kept prisoner, and she flinches in reaction to the light. Her eyes - now covered in dried cum - squint up at you. You take a look at her bindings, testing them and enjoying her little squeaks of pain as they wrap tightly around her body, before closing the litter back up.
  4135. "Adelle," you say, and she immediately perks up. You let your hand come to rest on her chin, then pull her into a quick kiss. "I'd like the opportunity to truly show my appreciation for what a loyal, wonderful, beloved wife you are, especially since you're approaching your moods. Would you mind going and lying down in your litter?"
  4137. "No, my lord. I wouldn't mind at all," she says with a smile.
  4139. You follow her over and she lies facedown at your instructions, her eyes looking up at you with trust and affection, a gentle, serene smile on her face.
  4141. >What do you do?
  4143. ---
  4145. You place your knees on either side of your wife's body and put your hands on her shoulders, pressing the tension out of her with your thumbs and palms, watching as her eyes slowly lid in enjoyment of your attention to her backside. She sighs in contentment as you continue to give her a slow, thorough massage, and let your hands slowly make their way down her back, forcing you to slowly waddle backwards until your hands reach her perfect round ass, gently kneading it like dough, making her give a whimper of pleasure. You wrap one hand around her tunic and undershirt and slowly pull them upwards, using the knuckles on your other hand to press into her back bit by bit as her pale, creamy flesh is slowly unveiled to the open air. When you pull it up past her shoulders, she moves to make it easier, helping you slowly pull it off, leaving her topless.
  4147. She smiles, staring up at you out of the corner of her eye as you slowly make a new trip down her backside, this time carefully and lovingly attending to her bare skin, leaning over her and kissing at her neck as your hands make their way down. Her eyes lid, and she slowly closes her eyes in pleasure at your massage, relaxation and enjoyment obvious on her face as you continue to help her slowly drift off. When you arrive at her butt this time, you start to pull down her leggings, and again she happily aids you, smiling as you slowly undress her further. That done, you grope her bare ass in either hand, liking the way her panties cutely hug the space between and around her large ass cheeks, and then let your hands wander downward to her thighs, gently groping and massaging them as well.
  4149. You lean over her face and whisper in her ear. "I love you," you say, before letting your lips glide down to her kneck, kissing it as you keep massaging her lower body.
  4151. "I love you too, my lord," she replies, and you tease your teeth at her neck, making her practically whimper in desire. You pull down her panties slowly, enjoying the way that they stick just right to her dripping wet sex before coming off. Rather than immediately attending to her nether regions, however, you waddle further backwards, your hands slowly making their way down her thighs and calves until finally arriving at her bare feet, which you pull up to your mouth and kiss at, making her squirm and giggle delightfully in response, her whole body wriggling in ways that make you want to do terrible things to it.
  4153. You let your hands finally find their way up to her sex, one gently kneading her ass cheek and teasing her asshole with your thumb, the other slowly exploring her pussy with one finger, then two, then three. "It's hard to believe that this beautiful body is all mine," you whisper in her ear as you slowly finger-fuck her. "To do whatever I please with," you add.
  4155. "It is, my lord," she says, ecstasy written on her features as you keep playing with her pussy and ass, enjoying the way her face contorts in pleasure. As she slowly begins to approach her orgasm, she bites down on her lower lip, her eyes squeezing shut, her cheeks flushing a beautiful shade of pink.
  4157. You lean over her and whisper in her ear. "Come for me." She does, in a moment, the only sound she makes a great gasp, like she's desperately trying to suck in air, before simply panting and shivering beneath you, her nude body starting to shine, slightly, with a thin layer of sweat.
  4159. When she comes down, her breath ragged and heavy, you simply drink in her form, moving your fingers from her sex to her mouth.
  4161. "Taste it," you order, and her mouth immediately opens, compliantly sucking on the fingers that were just inside of her, staring up at you out of the corner of her eye as she happily bobs away. When you feel satisfied that she's cleaned her juices off completely, you remove your hand from her mouth, wiping the saliva off on the sheets before flipping her over. "Now for the other side," you say, letting your hands reach down once more, gripping and massaging her thighs, then slowly working their way up her body, pressing at her groin, then her stomach, then groping her breasts and making her arch her back in pleasure as you grope and abuse them for several long minutes, her eyes staring longingly into yours as you keep playing with her nipples and roughly groping her breasts.
  4163. When you finally make your way up past them, she whines softly in reply, but enjoys the pressure you apply to her shoulders and the way you gently stroke her face, running the back of your hand across her cheek as you stare lovingly down at her. You let one hand slowly drift back down to her sex, your fingers simulating penetration as you let your face meet hers, your foreheads pressing together for a moment before you tilt to the side and meet her in a passionate kiss. Her hands come up, one running through your hair, the other making its way down your chest to your pants, softly stroking your manhood through it, tantalizing you with gentle, teasing movements.
  4165. You pull your mouth away from hers. "Tell me you want it," you order, in between deep, heaving breaths. "Tell me how."
  4167. "I want it," she says, her eyes boring holes into yours, a faint whine in her voice. When you don't immediately thrust into her, she continues. "I need it. Put it in me, take your pleasure from me," she says, eyes begging. You keep teasing her, letting your fingers play against her sex as you keep her talking. "Let me know I'm good for you, that you want me, that I'm - that I'm the best you've ever had, ever will have."
  4169. "You are," you grunt, your hand leaving her sex to fumble with your pants, and you kiss her again, hard. "You are," you repeat, as your cock is freed from its containment, and you slam into her. She positively gushes on your entrance, orgasming just a moment later, her back arching beneath you as she gasps out her pleasure. You let your mouth wander to her neck, kissing at it, wrapping your teeth around it again, as you slowly start to fuck her in long, gentle strokes. When she comes down from her orgasmic high, she pulls up her thighs, wrapping one hand around each, pulling them wide, as if to display her sex to you, to make it easier. You let one hand wander down to her groin as your mouth attends to her upper body, kissing and suckling her breasts, then biting her nipples intermittently. She hisses and gasps in pleasure beneath you.
  4171. "I'm going to fill you with my children," you hiss in between using your mouth on her breasts, "I'm going to fuck you till you're pregnant, and then I'm going to fuck you again and again, until you have more children than siblings." She whimpers in pleasure at that. "I'm not going to stop, ever," you say, and she sighs, her head arching backwards. "You're mine, you'll always be mine," you repeat, continuing to fuck her. She just pants and nods, obviously approaching her own orgasm. "Come for me," you order, and she does exactly on cue, her eyes rolling up, her mouth opening in a long, sexual cry, her insides grasping at you desperately. You balance on your elbow so you can gently stroke the side of her face as you whisper in my ear. "You'll always be my number one," you say. "You're perfect." She just smiles softly as she slowly comes down, her eyes staring up at you, full of adoration once more.
  4173. You pull out of her, and she pouts slightly. "My lord?"
  4175. "I want your throat," you say, and she nods, greedily, the two of you quickly repositioning, her naked, kneeling, in front of you, her hands on her thighs, you standing in front of her, your cock in front of her face. You reach down for her, gently petting her, enjoying the way she tilts her head into it as you softly stroke her hair. "Good girl," you say, and she all but shivers in pleasure at that. You take your hand and wrap it firmly around the top of her head, then slowly guide her closer and closer to your cock. When it nears, she opens her mouth, practically drooling in anticipation.
  4177. Instead of immediately thrusting in, however, you pull it up, making her lick at the spot where your length meets your testes, which she does happily, staring up at you with your cockhead resting on her forehead as she happily tongues the base of your cock, occasionally moving slightly to pop one of your balls into her mouth, whereupon she eagerly bobs it around inside of her her mouth, licking at it before releasing it. Eventually, you let her off, pulling away and teasing at her mouth for a moment, your head running across her lips. "How hard do you want it?" You ask her.
  4179. "Hard, my lord," she says, her eyes full of desire. You take her wishes into account as you pull her down your length, making her take your whole cock on a single, quick stroke, enjoying the muffled squeak she makes when you do so, your pubes filling her nose as her lips wrap around your base. You keep her there for a moment, enjoying as she tongues you, before pulling her off, enjoying when her hot, ragged breath tingles at your cock. You start to pull her up and down your cock harder, now, carefully timing the outstrokes so that she can breathe in or out, but never both. In short order, the two of you get into a rhythm, and you just let your head crane back, enjoying as she desperately sucks in breaths around your cock and lets out sudden exhalations, her tongue going wild on the underside of your cock as you brutally fuck her face.
  4181. When you look down again, your hand still tight around her head, you drink in the sight looking up at you; Adelle stares up at you with an almost rapturous expression of pleasure, tears streaking down her face on either side, her eyes slightly red and moist from her recent exertions. Her hands are still submissively placed on her thighs, never having left them for a moment while you used her throat for your own pleasure. "Hum," you order, and she does immediately, the vibrations carrying into your cock, the noise cut off and distorted each time you enter her throat, but at the same time wrapping it in a glorious, velvety sensation of pure pleasure.
  4183. It doesn't take long before you finally orgasm, pulling her down, hard, into your groin as you come straight down her throat. You take a long time to finally spill everything down her throat, and when you do, you pull her off you, staggering backwards before sitting down. Adelle just continues to kneel in front of you, only adjusting her position to pull up one hand and cover her mouth as she coughs a little bit from your most recent intrusion. When that's done, she turns to you, eyes satisfied. "Was I good for you, my lord?" She asks, though you get the feeling she already knows the answer.
  4185. >What do you do?
  4187. ---
  4189. "You're the best," you say, reaching over for her head and petting her again. "That was perfect."
  4191. Adelle positively melts at your compliment, and you and she go to find a nearby pool and wash off again, without any real lewdness. When you get done, you head to bed, calling out for Kini several times before she comes, bounding over in her wild dog shape before shifting back into the cute little tanukigirl fuck pet you know and love. You, Adelle, and Kini all lie down in the litter together, Adelle snuggled up to your side, her head resting on your chest as you possessively wrap your arm around her and cup her ass, and Kini curled up near your feet.
  4193. It's a good life.
  4197. ---
  4199. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  4200. Chapter 28
  4202. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  4204. Your current mission is obtaining a flask of endless wine for the fertility goddess Heronia in order to ensure you get your first wife, Adelle, pregnant with a son. In service to this task, you've been following around and aiding your Empress, the Necromantress Erosette. While you were largely not particularly competent, you recently raped an Orestiad in order to allow Erosette's armies through a pass, letting them fight the (hopefully) climactic battle of her war here in the Allimas, which they soundly won.
  4206. While waiting for the battle to end, you finally captured (what you believe to be) your older brother's killer - a lean, muscular tanned redhead by the name of Lorenne who is your younger brother's paramour. Then you raped her (Adelle helped) and tossed her back into the litter, tied up beyond all movement, and closed the lid.
  4208. You fucked Veronique (the aforementioned Orestiad) again, the Necromantress Erosette, and your beloved wife, in that order, before falling asleep, your wife curled up on your side, one of your hands possessively grabbing her ass. You've woken up first, and Kini is still curled up near your feet.
  4210. >What do you do?
  4212. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  4214. ---
  4216. Your wife's still as tightly cuddling to you as ever, and you're not sure if her moods have started up yet. But somehow, with the grace of a master swordsman, you manage to slip her grip, leaving her sleeping on her side, her arms and legs curling in on herself as she gives a sleepy pout. You lean over her and give her a quick peck on the forehead, and she gives a pleased little hum, still ensconced in whatever dreams she's having.
  4218. You move over to Kini, who's curled up into a little ball, her tail happily wagging away at whatever dreams she's having, occasionally kicking out with one leg or pawing in her sleep. You put one hand on her head, scratching her behind the ears, and she starts to make that weird pseudo-purring noise before waking up and turning to look at you. "M-master?"
  4220. "Shh," you hush her, bringing up one finger to your mouth. "Adelle is asleep," you whisper. "You can go back to sleep if you want, pet."
  4222. "N-no," she says, her voice small. "I-it's okay, master."
  4224. "I'm going to go talk to the Empress. You can come with, but you have to make yourself look respectable. Can you do that?" Kini nods, her form turning into that of a heavy set war hound with a beautiful golden coat. "Good girl," you say, giving her a quick pat on the head before leaving the litter. She follows you shortly, and walks by your side as you head to your Empress's tent, occasionally nuzzling your leg with her snout.
  4226. You step inside, and Erosette is sitting with three bodyguards surrounding her, staring at a table with a large scale map of Rivaine on it. "Ah, there's my faithful servant," she says, nodding in your direction. "What brings you here?"
  4228. "Have you found the item I've been searching for among the loot?" You ask.
  4230. "Ah, that... yes, yes I have." She raises one finger pointedly, however. "Don't forget. This is a favor you owe me, now."
  4232. >What do you do?
  4234. ---
  4236. You sigh. You feel like you did enough already that it should be worth it, but whatever. "Fine. What sort of favor are we talking?"
  4238. She pauses, tapping a finger to her lips. "Hmm... I'm sure that someone of your unique talents can find a way to repay me. And if not..." she shrugs. "In time, I'll have use for you again, and I'll call upon you. I expect you to be an honorable man and pay back what you owe."
  4240. Annoying, but you did agree to this. You'll just have to live with Erosette's "favor" hanging over your head, for now. "Then can I have the flask? I'd prefer to get back to the shrine before Adelle starts to bleed, and that's only a few days away, now."
  4242. Erosette nods, turning to one of her guards. "Bring me the flask of endless wine," she says. The zombie just nods dimly and turns around before heading out of the tent. Your eyes explore her body, and she meets yours... "Interested in serving your Empress one last time before you have to go?" She asks with a small smirk.
  4244. >What do you do?
  4246. ---
  4248. You lean down over Kini, scratching her behind the ears. "You're a very good girl, Kini. Could you leave and give your master some room? I promise I'm not mad, I'd just like a little alone time with my Empress." Kini stays in her dog form, nodding before leaving the tent.
  4250. You get up and turn to Erosette, who's sitting there, primly, her arms crossed in front of her chest to exaggerate her bust. "I'd like to leave a lasting impression, since it may be a while before we meet again, my Empress."
  4252. Her tongue flashes out to lick her lips for a moment before she turns her head to her bodyguards. "Could you also give us some privacy?" The zombies nod mutely before leaving.
  4254. You stalk up to Erosette, who stands when you near, meeting your eyes with a steady, lustful look of her own. You wrap an arm around her backside, earning a small squeak as you pull her into you, her head resting over your shoulder. Your hand reaches down for her ass, groping it, hard, earning another little squeak as you pull her closer. "You want me to fuck you senseless again, don't you?"
  4256. Erosette hesitates before answering, just nodding rather than speaking up.
  4258. >What do you do?
  4260. ---
  4262. You let your hand on her ass wander around, pulling her dress up past her waist, then slipping into her panties, quickly finding her lips and stroking them gently with your fingers, making her shiver slightly in her position. You bring up one hand to her massive tits, savagely grabbing at her dress and pulling it aside to expose them to cool air, then starting to grope and fondle her breasts. She's already practically shivering on top of you, her hand absently stroking your groin as you play with her body, letting your fingers drift upwards on her sex until they reach her clit, running wonderful circles around it and making her squirm, her hands coming up to your chest to help her keep her balance.
  4264. "You want it?" You ask as you move your hands to pinch her nipple, making her nod frantically and let out a throaty moan almost directly into your ear. "You want to come?" She nods again. You bring your hand away from her sex, instead roughly mauling both her tits in your hands as she lets out a little whine of displeasure. One of her hands starts to reach down for her groin, but you grab her wrist. "No. You know that I do it best." She just nods as you guide her hand to your cock, rubbing at it softly through the fabric as you return your attentions to her breasts, roughly playing with them.
  4266. You play with her like that for a while, alternating your attentions from her breasts to her sex to her ass, each time toying with her and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm before stopping and reducing your attentions, enjoying the way she squirms and whimpers each time her orgasm is denied to her. After a few times of this, she's just mewling in your arms, and you quickly lay her over the table, pressing those fine tits right into the hardwood as you undo your pants. You see the look of relief on her face as you pull out your cock, sure that your teasing is about to stop, but that disappears when you just rub your length against her slit. "You want it so bad?" You ask. "Show me."
  4268. She hesitates, confused, before she starts to speak. You just wrap one hand around her flat ass, holding her in place as your other hand slowly teases at her clit. "I want it. Please, please, Baron, fuck me, hard. Do it to me until I'm incoherent. Pleeeeease," she whines as you just let your cock slowly make its way up and down her slit, avoiding stimulating her too much.
  4270. "Please, what?" You ask. You stop teasing her and instead just use your hands and weight to pin her in place, enjoying as she squirms beneath you so delightfully.
  4272. "Please, fuck me..." she whimpers.
  4274. "Please, what? What am I, to you?" You spank her ass, hard. "What should you call me?"
  4276. "P-please, sir," she says, her eyes squeezed shut, her ass still wriggling in your hand. You slam into her in a single hard thrust, your cock bottoming out in her sopping wet slit. Her eyes roll up in her head, and you grab her by the hair and roughly pull her up to your face.
  4278. "You had better enjoy every second of this," you order her, and she just nods, her expression clearly desperate for it. You unceremoniously toss her back onto the table and start fucking her, hard, letting your fingers diddle her clit as she moans and whimpers underneath you. Once you start to get into the rhythm of it, you bring a hand slowly, teasingly up her body before roughly groping and kneading her tit in your hand. She orgasms for the first time beneath you, her insides desperately clenching at your cock, but you don't let up, even for a moment, as she shakes and whines beneath you in the throes of her own pleasure. All your teasing and preparation pays off when partway through her first orgasm she experiences a second, her head flicking up as she gasps loudly, eyes wide and rolled up, tongue lolling out.
  4280. You keep the pace fast and hard, and start to lean over her, whispering all kinds of dirty things, before switching holes without fanfare, just pulling out of her sex and slamming into her ass in a single stroke. It makes her yelp in surprise, her head flopping around again, her eyes starting to lid as the pleasure drives her crazy. For your part, you do all you can to bring her over the edge again and again and again, fucking her hard and roughly playing with her body in a dozen different ways. By the end of it, she's just lying on the table, drool having accumulated beneath her mouth, her eyes rolled up, her hands awkwardly on either side of her head, trying to help hold herself in place. When you pull out, she wriggles her ass in the air, clearly desperate for you to keep fucking her, though all she manages to do is let out a long, low, whimper.
  4282. You lean over her again, putting your mouth just inches from her ear. "Suck me. And make it the best blowjob you've ever given, or I won't be doing this again." Her eyes go wide at that, the threat making her suddenly come to her senses. You take the moment to go over to the chair she was sitting in earlier, splaying your legs wide, your hard cock still wet with her juices. It takes her a moment to collect herself, but when she does, she quickly scrambles to kneel in the space between your legs, her massive tits still free in the air, her chin already a little wet with drool from earlier.
  4284. She licks her lips and quickly starts to go to town, her hands gently stroking the lower half of your cock as as she stares up at you, giving you the most pitifully desperate expression. You just let your hands reach down and around your cock, kneading her breasts like so much dough, making her wince in pleasure and pain as she starts to bob up and down your cock, her tongue going wild inside her mouth, rubbing all across your manhood.
  4286. "You'll have to do better than that," you note, your voice cold, and her eyes get a little wider. She starts to focus in on her task more thoroughly, furiously pounding up and down your length, letting out these wonderful, throaty moans that make your whole cock vibrate that are cut off so deliciously when you're forced past her throat. In short order, she's fucking herself up and down your cock as hard as she can, and you're slapping her tits as she furiously works away beneath you, the little whimpers of pain she makes at your abuse of her breasts just redoubling the pleasure of her already frantic blowjob. She suckles, she licks, she laps, she swallows, she hums, she moans, she rubs, she does everything she can and she does it all so desperately.
  4288. When you finally feel your orgasm start to arrive, you pull her off you with a sudden yank of her hair, gripping the base of your cock with your other hand, slapping her face with it, rubbing it across her features. "Beg," you order.
  4290. "P-please," she says as you continue to rub your cock across her face, slapping her with it, holding it in her nose, teasing it against her lips. "Please, I tried so hard, sir, I did my best, please, give me your cum."
  4292. "You understand I'm the only man who can ever make you feel so good, don't you, Erosette?" You ask as you slowly jerk your cock in front of her face, enjoying the way her attention constantly flicks back and forth between you and your cock.
  4294. "Y-yes, sir," she says. "Please, tell me you'll keep doing this..." You just ignore her words, slapping your cock against her porcelain white skin a few more times, making her automatically twitch in response, before finally exploding all over her face, coating it with your white, sticky cum, and letting go of your grip on her hair. You slink back in your chair, breathing heavily.
  4296. >What do you do?
  4298. ---
  4300. You place a hand on the back of Erosette's head, pulling her back down your cock and letting her lick and suckle the last little bit off. She looks up at you, her eyes desperate for reassurance, as your cock slowly deflates in her mouth. Finally, you pat her on the head. "Good girl," you say. "Hope to see you soon."
  4302. You stand up and let her clean herself off, interrupting the zombie when it brings back the flask. "I'll be taking that," you say. The zombie just stares dimly at its suddenly hand when you take it from it.
  4304. You head out to your litter, where Adelle's still sleeping somehow, cutely curled in on herself.
  4306. "Darling," you whisper a few times before she wakes up, turning to look at you. "Guess what I have?"
  4308. Adelle's smile is breathtaking when she looks at the flask in your hands. "Is that what I think it is, my lord?"
  4310. "Yes. The flask. Or so Erosette claims, anyway." Brief experimentation does seem to confirm it has appropriate magical properties. You leave it with Adelle, since you figure she'll be very careful with it, and go over to the litter still containing Lorenne.
  4312. She appears to have soiled herself at some point in between when you raped her and now. Cleaning her off and switching out her bonds takes a while, and she certainly doesn't try to help you any, but eventually you get it done, a new set of bonds firmly restricting her in a new position. You let your hands run up and down her body as she glares up at you, powerless to resist, before smirking and closing the litter on her again.
  4314. >What do you do?
  4316. ---
  4318. You head off to find Veronique and speak to her about your earlier acquisition who you've also been having trouble with: the coppergirl. You explain the situation to her, and ask what she'd recommend, or if she could help somehow.
  4320. She tilts her head, considering your question. "An elementalgirl... can be addicted to semen, much more easily than a monstergirl. Each dose is like the most delicious meal in the world to a creature that doesn't normally eat. Their bodies..." she waves a hand, "adapt, when the dosing becomes regular. It becomes supremely difficult for their bodies to do without, and if the source is consistent, well..." she trails off. "The requirement is similarly consistent. They'll endure almost anything to get another shot."
  4322. You thank her for her time and go over to speak to Erosette, agreeing to her deal to owe her another favor in exchange for some of her zombies (and a couple new litters, you're worried the two you have won't be quite enough).
  4324. All that done, you gather up your party, Adelle and you cuddling in one litter, Kini given space in another, and Lorenne kept in a third. The eight (!!) undead soldiers that Erosette gave you make excellent time to the shrine, though you have to stop to sleep, since they're not quite bright enough to navigate there on their own. You also put the zombies on Lorenne cleaning and feeding duty, since she's such a bitch to deal with. Since there are so many of them, it's easy for them to restrain her.
  4326. After about a day of travel, you arrive at the shrine once more, Adelle having hit the "moody" part of her monthly cycle and just clinging to you all the time as you sit and tell the zombies where to go, her arms wrapped around your waist, her head in your lap. You absently run your fingers through her hair, trying to reassure her.
  4328. >What do you do?
  4330. ---
  4332. You discovered on your trip here that the wine was... well, it wasn't bad, but it was hardly great either. And while the flask is "endless," it appears to require some time to refill itself after a certain point. Certainly less valuable than you'd initially thought.
  4334. "Darling?" You ask, turning your attention down to Adelle, who just wraps her arms around you tighter.
  4336. "Mmm... what?" She says, not even looking up.
  4338. "We're here, darling. At the shrine."
  4340. "Oh, good," Adelle mumbles as she rises from your lap, wiping at her eyes. She wordlessly exits the litter, and she starts to sort of sleepily half-stumble to the shrine. You quickly rush up next to her and wrap an arm around her, making her lean into you and hum softly as she uses you for balance.
  4342. "Let's go get you pregnant," you say. She smiles a soft little smile at that as the two of you walk inside.
  4344. When you enter the shrine, the cute redhead sisters greet you, Calinne (?) happily taking the flask off your hands and putting it in front of the largest idol of Heronia.
  4346. "You have returned that which is precious to me; your wife now carries your son," you hear the voice of Heronia say.
  4348. That was... oddly anticlimactic. You turn over to look at Adelle, who is positively ecstatic, a rapturous look of joy on her face as she smiles over at you. She practically falls over into your lap. "Mmm..." she mumbles. "I'm so happy right now, it's serene... I've never been this happy when I'm so close to my moonblood - well, I suppose I'm with child, now, so I won't be bleeding..." she rubs, absently, at her belly.
  4350. You glance over your shoulder at the shrine's attending priestesses - Calinne and Verdessa, as you recall - and the giggle at your look before turning to speak to one another.
  4352. "My lord, if you want to, then go ahead. I'll watch. I feel so giddy..." she smiles up at you in your lap, her expression positively blissful.
  4354. >What do you do?
  4356. ---
  4358. You lean down to your wife, kissing her on the lips. "I love you," you whisper to her.
  4360. "I love you too, my lord," she says, her eyes still lidded sleepily.
  4362. You move her a little so that she's sitting with her back to the wall, facing towards you and the two priestesses. You get up and head to them.
  4364. A beautiful pair of young ladies, really. Pale skin, plenty of freckles, and two sets of firm, ripe breasts, as well as long, lovely orange-red hair. "It seems that our performance was adequate," you explain. "My wife is pregnant. Care to help us celebrate?"
  4366. "Celebrate how?" One of the sisters asks. You'll just call Calinne from now on, for clarity's sake.
  4368. "Well, you see, my wife... she has some rare tastes," you explain. "She likes to... you know... watch."
  4370. Verdessa gives a little half-laugh before she stops herself, looking suitably embarrassed.
  4372. "Oh, that's quite odd," Calinne says. She looks at you, her eyes slowly trailing down your body, then glancing over your shoulder towards Adelle, then glancing at her sister. She gives her a pointed look, then leans over towards her and whispers in her ear. "The most handsome man in a long while... his wife doesn't seem to mind... I'm willing to share if you are..."
  4374. After a little bit of back and forth, the two nod and turn to you, Calinne smiling. "Well, since it's such a joyous occasion for both your wife and the shrine... I suppose we can indulge you. It does get a bit lonely up here; it's not as though many unattached men come to the shrine of a fertility goddess."
  4376. >What do you do?
  4378. ---
  4380. You lean into Calinne, kissing her on the lips and giving her the most passionate kiss you can. You feel sorry for these poor girls, after all, being left up here alone. Your hands explore her backside as your tongue explores her mouth, and after a little bit, she starts to respond in kind, her tongue going wild in your mouth. After a long, long, making out session, you pull away, leaving Calinne to recover as you switch your attention to Verdessa, frantically making out with her, enjoying the little squeak of surprise she makes when your tongue presses into her mouth. You finally pull away from her, enjoying the rosy red blush on her pale cheeks when you do.
  4382. There's a sort of lounge seat, a large cushioned thing big enough for two or three people to sit on comfortably, without armrests or back. Wrapping your hands around Verdessa, you guide her over towards it, finding the places to undo her robes as you do. Her face turns positively crimson as her robes fall around her, and a few moments later she loses her balance, leaving it to you to quickly guide her backwards onto the seat, her nude form lying on the pillows. You let your hands glide down her body as you lean over her, one finger slowly moving in and out of her sex as you kiss at her freckled neck and shoulders, your thumb dancing around her clit as she wriggles wonderfully beneath you. In a few moments, she's positively gushing, and you let your lips wander southward, to her breasts, suckling on one of her nice, large nipples as you play with her sex.
  4384. When you finally pull away, the poor girl's panting, hard, obviously full of desire... but Calinne's being left out, and you feel bad. "Calinne," you say, turning your head over your shoulder. You're surprised to see she's already disrobed, but you don't let it stop you. "Come over here, get on top of your sister so I can give you both a good time."
  4386. Calinne is surprisingly prompt, sitting doggy style on top of her sister, wiggling her ass as she stares over her shoulder at you, an impish, teasing smile on her face. You just kneel down and kiss her sex, then lean further down and kiss Verdessa's, wrapping your lips around the shyer girl's clit as you let one hand start to dance around Calinne's above you, the other slowly stroking in and out of Verdessa's pussy. Verdessa doesn't take long to orgasm under your attentions, her back arching underneath her sister in the process, a high-pitched shriek leaving her throat as she squirts her juices out onto your chin, and Calinne just gives you a wry smile when you turn your gaze towards her.
  4388. You decide it'd be unfair to Calinne to leave her hanging, so you let your lips kiss slowly up her thigh before kissing at her sex. You let your lips drift down to Calinne's clit, your tongue occasionally lashing out at it, making her shiver and moan in pleasure. You use the bridge of your nose as effectively as you can, turning your head this way and that to try to add that little bit of extra pleasure. You let both your hands toy with Verdessa's body, and although you have to do it blind, her occasional moans, twitches, and squirts are more than enough reassurance that you're doing it right. Calinne, for her part, starts to shake under your attentions, her knees bouncing slightly as your tongue and lips positively ravish her cute little clit. Apparently Verdessa's more sensitive, though, because you feel the pre-orgasm tension run through her body well before her sister orgasms, and she lets out another scream of pleasure from your hands' loving attentions.
  4390. That just reinforces your desire to pleasure Calinne properly, though, so you bring your hands up to her thighs, spreading them further apart and kissing up to her lips, tonguing her insides. With one hand, you start to lightly tease your fingers around her clit, slowly ramping up the pleasure, paying careful attention to Calinne's reactions, until finally you're gently pinching her love button. The little half-swallowed squeaks she makes with each tensing of your thumb and forefinger around her clit are very cute, and you keep it up, making her start to genuinely lose balance, her arms shaking and her upper body twitching enough to make her lose her balance. When she does orgasm, the strength apparently goes out of her arms, and she tumbles down on top of Verdessa, half-crushing her sister under her weight.
  4392. With that done, you stand, looking at the two girls. Calinne pulls herself off of Verdessa, the two of them blushing and averting eye contact, and you move over to stand by their heads. Calinne looks up at you, then a flash of recognition goes across her face. She gives her sister a quick, urgent look, before rebalancing so that she can reach out to your pants with one hand, quickly pulling them down, making your diamond hard cock pop out. She licks her lips and opens her mouth wide, tongue stretching out as she angles her head just right... you reach out, wrapping one hand around the back of her head and pressing your cock into her mouth, slowly pushing inward.
  4394. You see Verdessa just lying there, apparently entranced by the blowjob taking place inches from her face, her cheeks flushed anew. "Verdessa, help your sister," you say, and she shakes her head as if to steady herself before leaning up to lick at the lower part of your cock, her tongue tentative with its caresses. You reach down with your other hand, gently stroking Verdessa's hair, reassuring the nervous girl that she's doing fine. Calinne bobs up and down the top half of your cock, looking up at you out of the corner of her eye, her tongue gently scraping from side to side along your head as she suckles at your length.
  4396. The two girls gain speed and (in Verdessa's case) confidence as the blowjob goes on and on. Calinne becomes frantic in her motions, bouncing up and down the top of your cock as her hair flies this way and that, her brow furrowed in concentration, her eyes squeezed shut, little tear droplets coming out of her eyes from the occasions on which you penetrate her throat. Verdessa, on the other hand, tongues at the lower parts of your cock like a woman possessed, occasionally moving her attention to one of your balls, wrapping her lips around one, swirling her tongue around it, suckling and licking and kissing it thoroughly before moving back to your cock itself.
  4398. It doesn't take long before the two girls' attentions bring you over the edge, and you tighten your grip around Calinne's hair, holding her in place as you orgasm, painting the inside of her mouth white with your seed. When you're at last finished, you pull out, standing back to catch your breath.
  4400. Verdessa stares up at her sister, biting her lower lip before speaking. "C-could I... I mean, I've never t-tasted it... you said it tastes good."
  4402. Calinne nods, one hand moving to make Verdessa open her mouth, and when the two are set up properly, she opens wide, letting your seed drool into her sister's mouth. A little bit gets on her chin, and Verdessa automatically uses a finger to scoop it in as she tries the unfamiliar taste for a bit before swallowing. "It's... interesting," she says, voice small.
  4404. Calinne just swallows what she has left and turns to you, eyes curious. "You're not done yet, are you?"
  4406. >What do you do?
  4408. ---
  4410. "Not even close," you say with a smirk, moving back around behind the two girls, your cock still slick with saliva. You wrap one hand around one of Calinne's breasts and slowly pull her up until she's kneeling on the chair, your hard cock between her thighs, teasing her slit as you gently grope her breast. With your other hand, you reach down for Verdessa's sex, slipping two fingers in and letting your thumb rub in slow circles around her clit, making her squirm under your attentions once again, her hips switching this way and that. You kiss at Calinne's freckled neck and shoulders as you roll her breast around in your hand, occasionally pinching her nipple between your thumb and forefinger, letting your cock continue to run back and forth against her slit, her juices slowly rolling down onto your length.
  4412. You let your lips glide up to her ear, and whisper in it. "Do you want me inside you?" She hesitates just a moment before nodding, and you move your teeth to nibble on her ear before pushing yourself inside of her, enjoying her girlish squeal as you fill her up with your dick. You glance down at Verdessa, who's squirming on the lounge seat still, her eyes squeezed shut, a thin sheen of sweat covering her beautiful, freckled form, her long red hair splaying out around her head as she twists and turns from your attentions, occasionally pushing her groin towards you to try to increase the speed of your fingerfucking.
  4414. You keep a slow, steady pace inside of Calinne, kissing, licking, nibbling, and breathing all over her neck and shoulders. Your hand moves down from her breasts to her clit, starting to gently pinch it anew, making her inadvertently squirt, her wet juices spilling out onto Verdessa's pale, nude belly beautifully. You just keep up the gentle pace inside of her as you play with her clit, and soon enough she brings up one finger to her mouth, biting down on it as you keep playing with her body, her muffled little squeaks positively arousing. A glance across the room lets you meet your wife's eyes; she gives you a little nod, her hands half-heartedly wrapped around one another in her lap.
  4416. You adjust Calinne slightly to better show off what you're doing to Adelle, making the priestess squeal as you reposition her. A few seconds later, your work in her nethers pays off, and she orgasms, her sex wrapping around your cock and desperately trying to milk you dry. You just let her orgasm, continuing to slowly fuck her, taking advantage of your (by now) well-honed endurance as her head lolls uselessly on her neck, her orgasm still rolling through her.
  4418. Your almost absent stroking at Verdessa appears to have also done its work, and shortly after Calinne comes down from her own orgasmic high, the poor girl screams again, her back arching once more as she comes for the third time. Like with Calinne, you just keep gently playing with the poor girl, not slowing down in the slightest for her orgasm. Instead, you focus all your mental attention on Calinne, rapidly toying with her clit and working her up with irregular, deep thrusts, making her wince and bite her lip as you bring her towards the edge once more.
  4420. "Enjoying yourself?" You whisper in Calinne's ear, and she nods, eagerly. "Come on then, your sister's already come thrice; you're not going to leave her in the lead, are you? Just let yourself go. You've got nobody to impress." She lets out a sigh, tension you didn't realize was there rolling out of her shoulders, and a few moments later, she lets out another squeal as she orgasms again. You pull out, wrapping a hand around her breast and pulling her tight, teasing her slit with your cock as she rides out her orgasm, trying to mumble incoherently. When she comes down, you gently guide her back to her position over her sister, adjusting your own position to lower your cock so that you tease at Verdessa's sex, pulling your wet fingers out of the girl.
  4422. You lean over Calinne, your face perching on her shoulder, and reach around with your dry hand to pull Verdessa up to you, hungrily meeting her lips as you slowly guide your cock into her. When you're buried to the hilt, you adjust your hands, leaving it to Verdessa to maintain your kiss, instead putting one hand around one of Verdessa's big breasts, the other simulating penetration inside Calinne. You gently toy with Verdessa's tit, enjoying the muffled little moans she lets out into your mouth as you do, fingering Calinne to keep her hot and heavy as you kiss her sister just inches from her eyes.
  4424. Verdessa's quite sensitive, apparently, and you let your hand drift down from her breast to her clit when you start to detect the quivering that signals an incoming orgasm. You make quick, gentle circles around her love nub as you do, until at last she orgasms for the fourth time tonight, pulling back from your kiss as she falls down onto the seat once more. You just let yourself straighten your back, stretching your neck as you do, watching as Verdessa shakes with her orgasm and Calinne approaches another. You keep slowly thrusting in and out of Verdessa as you move your hand away from her clit and up to Calinne's breasts, roughly playing with one. You switch from fingerfucking her to pinching her clit, making her hiss in delight, finally passing over the edge into her fourth orgasm, collapsing onto Verdessa once more. You just pull out, breathing heavily.
  4426. When both girls recover, you speak up. "Get up, give me the seat." It takes them a few seconds more than it probably should, but the two of them get off. Verdessa's giving this cute little embarrassed smile, like she's sorry she came so many times, while Calinne's expression is more grateful and curious. You take a position on the seat and point to your cock, spreading your thighs wide, expectantly.
  4428. Calinne quickly enters the space you've prepared for her, and Verdessa follows her sister shortly thereafter. You just lean back and enjoy it, the two girls trying to put their all into sucking you off, attempting to properly repay all the pleasure you've given them. Their cute little freckled cheeks, their brilliant green eyes staring up at you, their heaving, still-wet breasts, it's all a glorious sight to watch. At first, Calinne bobs up and down the top half of your cock, leaving your lower cock to Verdessa again, but soon enough the two girls switch off, with Verdessa smiling up at you with her eyes as Calinne gently guides her into it, explaining that she needs to avoid going too far down. Verdessa just nods around your cock in response to her sister's instructions, giving a soft little "mmhmm" that sends such wonderful vibrations through your length.
  4430. When Calinne's satisfied that her sister has it, she moves her mouth down to rest near your base, kissing at it as she stares up at you, that mischieviously look back in her eyes as she suckles and laps at your length. You reach down to the back of the two girls' heads, gently guiding them this way and that, switching their positions whenever you want, holding them both near the tip of your cock so they're both licking and kissing at your head, then slowly guiding them down, their twin tongues lapping out at your length from either side.
  4432. When you approach the point of no return, you pull them away, placing them both in front of your cock, cheek to cheek, before telling them both to start stroking you and to open their mouths. Calinne gets it right away, closing her eyes and opening wide, while Verdessa just sits there, mouth open, staring up at you. When you first squirt across Verdessa's face, she gets it, automatically closing her eyes. Their faces are soon coated with your juices, the white, sticky gunk covering their pale skin and freckles, as you lean back, panting. A glance over towards your wife shows you how incredibly aroused she is, her eyes fixing on yours, her mouth hanging open as she breathes heavily...
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