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  1. Eric: this is the definition of playing games by the way
  2. Eric: which you told me you didnt do
  3. Eric: and i believed you
  4. u know what i'll let you have that
  5. Eric: thanks
  6. but i already told you that this isn't a fucking game!
  7. seriously i told you not to wait
  8. i told you that i wasn't ready
  9. told you i had not answer
  10. i said all these
  11. its not that i said oh i like you please wiat for me
  12. Eric: you didnt give me any kind of timeframe
  13. i NEVER said that not for a second
  14. Eric: you just said
  15. Eric: whenever
  16. Eric: i get around to it
  17. no I told you that i was in shock
  18. that i had no idea what i wanted
  19. when you asked me if i liked you i was honest with you
  20. Eric: ok then fine
  21. i'm not playing games eric
  22. Eric: i can't handle that
  23. fuck you
  24. no
  25. Eric: it hurts.
  26. Eric: so id prefer to move on.
  27. you think i'm just dandy over here?
  28. Eric: no
  29. ok then stop it
  30. i'm worse than you!!!
  31. you at least know that you put yourself out there
  32. what do i have to show!?
  33. that idk what the fuck i want
  34. that i'm a moron
  35. yeah
  36. wonderful, go me!
  37. i am totaly playa
  38. Eric: i dont know what to tell you
  39. Eric: i just know i cant be where i was cause it hurts
  40. Eric: take that as you will
  41. that's fine
  42. i understand that
  43. but dont tell me that i'm playing games
  44. i like to say that i was trying to be straight forward with you
  45. at least as much as i could b/c idk a lot of it
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