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  1. allow desktop composition:i:1
  2. allow font smoothing:i:1
  3. alternate full address:s:SC-201806231839
  4. alternate shell:s:rdpinit.exe
  5. devicestoredirect:s:*
  6. disableremoteappcapscheck:i:1
  7. drivestoredirect:s:*
  8. full address:s:
  9. prompt for credentials on client:i:1
  10. promptcredentialonce:i:0
  11. redirectcomports:i:1
  12. redirectdrives:i:1
  13. remoteapplicationmode:i:1
  14. remoteapplicationname:s:QQ
  15. remoteapplicationprogram:s:||QQ
  16. span monitors:i:1
  17. use multimon:i:1
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