LSD Trip Report 200ug

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  1. LSD Trip Report 200ug
  3. Dropped 200ug at 9pm
  5. Intro:
  6. I started things off with a shower immediately. I stepped out of the shower feeling very refreshed and relaxed. I layed in bed listening to calm music and meditating while waiting.
  8. Comeup
  10. 9:50pm, I began to start to feel things set in. I felt a little more loose and as if I had a happy energy pulsing through me. 10:10pm, euphoria began to set in. My fluffy bed spread felt very nice to make "snow angels" on. 10:20pm, euphoria got much more intense, to quote myself from the exact time "The euphoria is too much. It feels like I'm the victim of police brutality from the elf police that have happiness tazers." I danced to my music and my soul was at rest with the world. 11pm, it felt as if there was once a dam in my brain that kept different "thought juices" from mixing, and the Lucy was a wrecking ball that shattered the dam and allowed creativity to manifest. The world squiggled around me, lines in the moulding danced, and the carpet rippled to the music like a drops of rain on a tranquil pond. It was at this point I realized I was ready to spectate the theatre of my mind and I ascended into the peak.
  12. Peak :D
  14. I sank into my memory foam mattress and sat back in awe of the beauty of things. The fractal nature of the trees cast it's shadows upon my walls and my creativity turned them into 2d dinosaurs that were fighting. Their sharp, cartoonish teeth punctured deep into each other as the trees blew back and forth from the gentle wind blowing. I found my self appreciating music more than I ever have. Every note was so much sharper and I could feel the percussions rattle down my spine with every thump. "Is this what some people with synestesia experience?" I thought to myself as I felt a touch of envy to those blessed with the gift of synesthesia. At one point in my trip, I was listening to the song Shattered Shields - Jeremy Soule. While I was listening, I had visions of me being a dark Lord on top of a Mayan temple and millions were bowing to me. I kept thinking to myself how I should start a "cult" to get people to experience spirituality on LSD. I knew that was totally weird and stupid, but it seemed really appealing at the time. Glass Animals was "ear candy" to listen to and it made me feel so satisfied listening to it. I came up with the analogy that Glass Animals is an oddly satisfying video for your ears.
  16. Comedown
  18. I finally muscled up the energy to escape the quick sand trap I call my bed. I waved goodbye to my brother in law as he left for work at 3:30am. After he left I made my way outside to marvel at the beauty of the night sky. My dialated pupils finally had the hypersensitivity needed to see stars that are typically too dim in my light polluted city (or I'm imagining things). I could appreciate how different stars twinkled in different beautiful colors. Lucy has a certain way of making you not take things for granted and look at every star as if it's the first time you've seen it. I came back inside because I began to feel a little nervous at the sounds of a nearby highway. I layed back down for a while just enjoying my music until I felt a little less nervous and stepped foot outside once more. I began to walk and continued to appreciate the stary sky on a perfectly clear night. The moon was full and shined it's creamy light all over the streets. As I was walking, I was blessed with a shooting star and I felt as if mother nature gifted it to me because I had appreciated her beauty. After walking for 20 minutes in my neighborhood, I returned home and relaxed on the couch. At 6:20am I decided I wanted to walk until I got to see Mr Sol as I referred to the sun as. As I spilled down the street, I anticipated the sun more and more. I hiked into a nearby park and hoisted myself upon a ridge where I sat awaiting the sun. I timed when the sun would come up and queued Here Comes the Sun to play right as the sun rose. I watched as if it was the last sunrise I'd ever see and took in every detail, like the distant birds sailing smoothly across the amber skyline. After waving hello to the sweet Mr Sol, I made my way back home making sure to stop to smell the wildflowers and observe the timid yet nervous deer. I returned home safely and enjoyed being greeted by my two talkative Siamese cats.
  21. Side notes
  23. During the late comeup through the early comedown, my whole body felt very tense and I was not very flexible.
  25. During the comeup I felt very nauseous, but that soon dissipated as my sister reminded me that it's all in my head
  27. I came up with a few character adjustments. I became much more creative and decided it's time to decorate my room when I sober up. (Still working on that). And I told myself to be more positive everyday and take some hyper-awareness out of the trip.
  29. I told myself I need to start trash tagging so now I have plans to disc golf and trash tag.
  31. I had a few thoughts of wanting to be an Arabian knight dressed in a black robe with a full face black turban. I envisioned myself pacing across the desert on a beautiful black stallion, while weilding a scimitar. Probably because my sweet sister read some of The Alchemist to me during my comeup. Highly recommend that book FYI.
  33. Here's some pretty pics I took during my trip
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