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TVTropes: What The Hell, Casting Agency? exam - Sep 24, 2011

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  6. * GregWeisman once voiced a character on ''IkkiTousen''. The guy who made ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' and ''{{The Spectacular Spider-Man}}'', and who seldom ever plays a role in animation let alone an anime dub, ''was on IkkiTousen.'' [[http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/archives.php?lid=213 And just to prove this isn't just another guy coincidentally named Greg Weisman.]]
  7. * In the ''DigimonTamers'' dub, the bit part of Ryo's father was played by Michael Earl, who's most famous for being the second voice behind ''[[SesameStreet Snuffleupagus]]''. It's practically one of the only animated voices he's ever done.
  8. * In the Latin American dub of ''DragonBall'', the guy voicing the narrator was never heard of again after the show ended. Years later, he comes back as [[DeathNote Soichiro Yagami]], Light's dad. Traumas and [[HilarityEnsues hilarity]] ensued.
  9. * Speaking of Latin American dubs. Since the company dubbing cartoons didn't have much voice actors some years ago, it was very common (if not less WTH-ing) to see [[PowerPuffGirls Buttercup]], [[RanmaOneHalf Akane Tendo]], and [[SailorMoon Sailor Mercury]] sharing the same voice.
  10. * [[http://natalie.mu/comic/news/42509 Promotional shots]] of the live-action adaptation of ''NanaToKaoru'' show that the actress playing Nana is less busty, slimmer ''and'' shorter than the statuesque schoolgirl. This is a problem, as the TinyGuyHugeGirl dynamic between her and Kaoru is central. The male lead playing Kaoru (short, gonkish loser) doesn't escape either - he's too tall and ''pretty'' to be angsting over how unattractive he is.
  11. * In the ''[[NeonGenesisEvangelion End of Evangelion]]'' movie and ''Death and Rebirth'' [=OVAs=], Makoto Hyuuga, a Japanese character, was voiced by Kieth Burgess, a black man with a very "urban" accent.
  12. * The ''[[{{Anime/Wolverine}} Wolverine]]'' anime will not have SteveBlum voicing the titular character. Instead, we get [[{{Series/Heroes}} the younger Petrelli brother]].
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  17. * SteveDitko drew the ComicBookAdaptation of ChuckNorrisKarateKommandos.
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  21. * The most epic moment of this trope, pictured above, was JohnWayne as... Genghis Khan. The sad thing is that Wayne pretty much cast ''himself'' in this film, as the role interested him so much. The part was originally intended for... MarlonBrando!?
  22. ** In the same movie, his wife was played by Susan Hayward, who had Swedish ancestry.
  23. ** The role became an OldShame for Wayne, who later said that actors have no business forcing themselves into a part that they want.
  24. * In another Genghis Khan adaptation, the title character was played by Omar Sharif, while the rest of Mongols, Chinese, and Middle Eastern characters were all played by white actors (Telly Savalas, Stephen Boyd, Eli Wallach, James Mason, and Robert Morley).
  25. ** Wayne was picked "Worst Casting" in the book ''The Golden Turkey Awards''. The other candidates are just strong ([[TheWho Roger Daltrey]] as Franz Liszt, Jack Palance as Fidel Castro, and [[MarxBrothers Harpo Marx]] as Sir Isaac Newton).
  26. * In ''ABeautifulMind'', {{Film/Gladiator}} RussellCrowe was cast to play John Forbes Nash, a mathematician with paranoid schizophrenia. However, it came out wonderfully, and soon enough the viewers forgot most American mathematicians are not huge, muscular and Australian accented.
  27. * In ''LAConfidential'', a neo-noir set in 50s LA, the three main characters are played by Kevin Spacey, [[FakeAmerican Guy Pearce and Crowe]]. The producer's reaction pretty much sums it up.
  28. --->"You want to do a period piece, set in LA, starring two Australians?"
  29. * In ''The Greatest Story Ever Told'', the three-hour biblical epic with the AllStarCast, John Wayne makes a cameo as, of all things, a ''literal'' SpearCarrier. He also delivers the legendary {{narm}}tastic line (his only one) immediately following Jesus' death: "Truly this man was the son of God." In his usual cowpoke drawl. When told by the director that he needs to say that line with more awe, the thing JohnWayne said the next take was "Aw, this man truly was the son of Gawd." [[RimShot Boom-tish!]]
  30. * ''TheBoysFromBrazil''. For those unfamiliar with it, this is a movie about the incredibly evil Dr. Mengele creating a series of Hitler clones after the war, and releasing them as children into the world as part of a Nazi plot. Now, who to play this CompleteMonster? [[GregoryPeck Gregory]] friggin' [[GregoryPeck Peck]]. Yes, that's right, the man best known for playing noble lawyer/nicest man in the world Atticus Finch in ''ToKillAMockingbird''. And the best part? This guy is such a good actor he actually pulls it off.
  31. * In the original short story, ''The Quiet Man,'' Shawn Thornton is described as soft-spoken, short, and standoffish, which is what makes his [[CurbStompBattle utter ass-kicking]] of big, aggressive bully Will Danaher at the climax so [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]]. Danaher's favorite taunt for him was actually "Shawneen," which means "little Shawn" in Irish Gaelic and is also a pun on the word "shoneen," which means "upstart". Casting John Wayne as Shawn... alters the dynamic a bit. The movie was still nominated for 7 Academy Awards, of which it won two.
  32. * ''{{Batman}}'':
  33. ** A lot of people had this reaction when it was first announced that HeathLedger was cast as the Joker in ''TheDarkKnight''... until the trailer came out, and [[AndTheFandomRejoiced suddenly it all made sense]]. Ledger went on to win several posthumous awards for the role, including the AcademyAward for Best Supporting Actor. If 10 years ago it had been suggested that someone would eventually win an Oscar for playing a ''Batman villain'', the idea would have been laughed at.
  34. ** Another example of ChristopherNolan making great casting choices that seemed strange at the time: Scarecrow. Seriously, you have a character who is hopelessly nerdy, at least six feet tall, lanky, and almost always very unattractive, and you cast an athletic, five-nine Irish {{Bishounen}}? He did a great job, but physically, CillianMurphy does not scream, "I should play Scarecrow!"
  35. ** A not-so-long time ago, [[MarkHamill an actor]] playing a [[BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Batman villain]] won an Emmy. Yes, that dude who used to play [[StarWars Luke Skywalker]].
  36. ** ''Comedian'' MichaelKeaton as Batman in the TimBurton [[Film/{{Batman}} films]]. People were baffled by that casting choice so much that WarnerBros had to issue an emergency teaser trailer to reassure them. ''Until he nailed it''. The trick to casting Batman is remembering that your actor is really also playing ''[[RichIdiotWithNoDayJob Bruce Wayne]]''. {{Lampshaded}} by Keaton himself in an interview with a Columbia University film class:
  37. ---> "Shouldn't Bruce Wayne be the guy who [[FridgeBrilliance you'd least expect to be Batman]]?"
  38. *** As if Keaton weren't an odd enough choice, BillMurray was considered for the role as well. [[Film/GroundhogDay "Don't drive the Batmobile angry!"]]
  39. ** In ''[[BatmanAndRobin Batman & Robin]]'', ArnoldSchwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Given his performance in the ''{{Terminator}}'' movies, he was actually a natural for a cold, emotionless villain... [[LargeHam if only someone had directed him to ACT cold and emotionless]] (for the record, [[WhatCouldHaveBeen the initial idea]] was PatrickStewart before they decided to get a big, strong guy).
  40. ** At the time, GeorgeClooney's casting also raised quite a few eyebrows, since he was best known for ''{{ER}}'' and, like Keaton before him, seemed a strange choice. Whether or not he did a good job is debatable, but given [[SoBadItsGood the rest]] of the film, it might be a moot point anyway.
  41. ** Even ChristopherNolan [[WordOfGod admits]] AnneHathaway and TomHardy as Catwoman and Bane in ''TheDarkKnightRises'' are unusual choices, but urges us to wait until we see them in action, after which he thinks we'll be impressed. Given the casting of CillianMurphy and HeathLedger in the [[SoCoolItsAwesome last two films]], many fans are willing to give them a chance.
  42. * ''[=~GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra~=]'': {{Joseph Gordon-Levitt}} as [[spoiler:Cobra Commander]]. ''[[ThirdRockFromTheSun Joseph Gordon-Levitt]]'' as [[spoiler:'''''Cobra Commander''''']]. And like HeathLedger, he did it ''[[HamAndCheese fabulously]]''.
  43. ** They cast ChristopherEccleston, [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor]], as the villain in an action movie.
  44. * ''JamesBond:''
  45. ** Denise Richards as a [[JamesBond Bond]] girl: Sure, why not? Denise Richards as a [[TheWorldIsNotEnough Bond girl who's also a nuclear scientist]]: '''''Huh?!?'''''
  46. ** The Bond franchise had already done basically the same thing, fourteen years before, in ''{{A View to a Kill}}'': Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton, the {{dumb blonde}}... state geologist!?
  47. ** That same movie has Grace Jones, who is a good choice to play a henchwoman. But who'd put her as a Bond Girl as well?
  48. * Tara Reid (she of ''AmericanPie'' fame) as archaeologist and museum curator Aline Cedrac in the 2005 ''AloneInTheDark'' film. [[UweBoll Under the circumstances]] it makes sense.
  49. * The ''Film/StreetFighter'' film had a few head-scratching casting decisions:
  50. ** Raul Julia lobbied for the part of Bison, as [[SoMyKidsCanWatch his children loved the game]]. A sad final role, but done for the sweetest reason.
  51. ** The heavily Belgian-accented Jean-Claude Van Damme as the all-American Guile?
  52. ** Aussie music vixen KylieMinogue as ''Cammy''?!
  53. ** Dhalsim? Dee Jay?
  54. ** T. Hawk. One of the most gigantic, physically imposing characters in the ''StreetFighter'' series is played by a scrawny kid with a tan who barely stands taller than ''Cammy!''
  55. ** [[ThoseTwoGuys "Ken" and "Ryu"]]. Or, rather, [[{{ItIsPronouncedTro-PAY}} "RYE-You!"]]
  56. ** Zangief, however, was '''PERFECT CASTING''' and Vega/Claw was an interesting casting choice as well.
  57. *** ''Fabio'' was their original choice to play Vega.
  58. * We now have ''[[Film/StreetFighterTheLegendOfChunLi Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li]]'', with Kristin Kreuk, TV's [[{{Smallville}} Lana Lang]], as Chinese Interpol agent Chun-Li. And pretty boy Vega being played by {{Black Eyed Peas}} member [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taboo_(rapper) Taboo]], who is considered by many as the least attractive member of BEP. In the games, Vega was so narcissistic that he wore the mask to ensure that his face would never be harmed; here, it's because he ''doesn't want anyone to know his true identity''. And, in terms of WTH, both those examples pale in comparison to Neal [=McDonough=] as M. Bison. Sure, replacing his iconic shiny red outfit with a business suit is forgivable, but giving him a freaking ''beard'' is not.
  59. ** In general, turning M. Bison, a dark-haired fellow of indeterminate ancestry into a blonde Irishman.
  60. * Bruce Campbell as Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep. But it works really, really well.
  61. * ''Malcolm [=McDowell=]'' in the ''direct-to-TV'' movie ''The Curse Of King Tut's Tomb''. Not only did the pay probably suck judging by the quality of the effects, but his role pretty much amounted to sitting in a chair discussing his groups' evil plans and eventually getting [[spoiler:unceremoniously fireballed by a [[LargeHam scenery chewing]], magical power wielding ''Jonathan Hyde'']]. The most famous of his other co-stars was Casper Van Dien. WTH indeed.
  62. ** Also Ryuken in the live-action ''FistOfTheNorthStar movie''. Along with Chris "Sean's Brother" Penn as an extremely thinly veiled Jagi.
  63. ** Malcolm [=McDowell=] ''is'' the definition of WTH Casting. If we went back to 1972 and told people that the actor scaring the crap out of them as [[AClockworkOrange Alex DeLarge]] would end up in movies like ''TankGirl'' and ''Kids of the Round Table'', we'd be mocked mercilessly. Of course, if you take into account that all these WTH roles came after he starred in ''{{Caligula}}'', it [[NeverLiveItDown might all be justified]].
  64. * KeanuReeves as JohnConstantine in ''{{Constantine}}''. Everyone's favorite chain-smoking Brit street-mage is now an American demon-hunter with a magic gun who is on nicotine gum by the movie's end.
  65. ** Shia [=LeBeouf=] as Chas Chandler. ''{{Hellblazer}}'' fans everywhere were aghast that John's long-time driver, occasional muscle and the only one of his old friends who hasn't died horribly (...yet) was being played by a wimpy man-child who [[spoiler:dies near the end of the film. TheStinger has him coming back, though.]]
  66. * KeanuReeves has been cast by this agency quite a number of times:
  67. ** He's [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107426/ played the Buddha]].
  68. ** Keanu will be the star(s) of the new ''Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde'' movie.
  69. ** He has been cast to play Spike Spiegel in [[TwentiethCenturyFox 20th Century Fox]]'s live-action adaptation of ''CowboyBebop''. [[DawsonCasting He's now in his late 40s, Spike is somewhere in his late 20s.]] [[OlderThanTheyLook Even if Keanu arguably looks in late twenties.]]
  70. ** The 1993 KennethBranagh production of Shakespeare's ''MuchAdoAboutNothing'' starred Kenneth Branagh, EmmaThompson, DenzelWashington and ... KeanuReeves? Wait, ''what''? It's made even weirder in that Washington and Reeves are supposed to be ''brothers''. Half-brothers granted, but still, DenzelWashington and KeanuReeves being brothers?
  71. ** KeanuReeves played Jonathan Harker in ''[[strike:FrancisFordCoppola's]] BramStokersDracula''.
  72. * Try and imagine [[PoliceSquad Frank Drebin]] as a rapist. It's true. Go look up BarbraStreisand and Richard Dreyfuss in the movie ''Nuts''.
  73. * [[LeslieNielsenSyndrome Leslie Nielsen is known for his screwball comedy antics NOW]], ever since ''{{Airplane}}'' and ''PoliceSquad''. But back in the start of his career, he was known for ''dramatic'' roles, including major parts in ''ForbiddenPlanet'' and ''ThePoseidonAdventure''. In other words, your opinion on what type of role constitutes a WTH moment probably depends on where you saw him first.
  74. ** Those who associated him with dramatic roles will consider ''Airplane!'' to be the real WTH casting choice, and yet, with all his dramatic training and experience, ''he was the only one of the cast who immediately got the humor ZAZ was going for!''
  75. ** The others eventually came around. The decision to cast famous tough guys was very intentional, to the point where, when going through the script, Robert Stack asked Lloyd Bridges, "Where is the joke?" Bridges' reply: "Bob, we ''are'' the joke."
  76. ** In the GaiasVengeance movie ''Day of the Animals'', Leslie Nielsen not only attempts rape, but ''wrestles a bear!'' And '''''that's cause and effect!'''''
  77. ** Leslie Nielsen plays a ''very'' sadistic, un-comedic criminal in ''{{Creepshow}}''.
  78. * The principal female part in ''Brigadoon'', Fiona, is a "legit" singing role with little to no dancing. The movie version cast Cyd Charisse, a dancer not noted for her singing, as Fiona (as in several other movies, Cyd Charisse's singing voice had to be [[NonSingingVoice dubbed by someone else]]).
  79. ** The casting is slightly more explicable when you consider that the male lead/Fiona's love interest, Tommy, is being played by GeneKelly. One of their songs from the stage version is largely edited down and turned into a dance number.
  80. * While the entire cast of the ''Film/TheLastAirbender'' came under fire a bit for DawsonCasting and a lot for [[UnfortunateImplications not keeping to the aesthetic of the original TV series]], casting [[TheDailyShow Daily Show Correspondent]] Aasif Mandvi as Admiral Zhao crossed a line from "offensive" to "absurd".
  81. ** Jesse [=McCartney=] was originally Zuko. Jesse...[=McCartney=]. Blood was in the eye of the fandom, until Dev Patel was cast.
  82. * ''[[{{ptitlezdr3zv9c}} To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar]]''; Patrick Swayze? Wesley frikkin ''Snipes''? Now, John Leguizamo kinda makes sense, he's a comedic actor and up for anything, but the manly guy from ''RoadHouse'' and ''Dirty Dancing'' in a dress? Wesley "Always bet on black" Snipes as a ''drag queen''? And yet, somehow, it totally ''[[RuleOfFunny works]]''.
  83. * Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving, and Terrence Stamp playing two drag queens and a trans woman in ''TheAdventuresOfPriscillaQueenOfTheDesert''.
  84. * ''17 Again'': [[HighSchoolMusical Zac Efron]] at 17 is [[{{Friends}} Matthew Perry]] at 37. They ''look absolutely nothing alike''. Think about it. RogerEbert noted (in an otherwise positive review) that the casting would have one asking the question "does your head change its shape in 20 years?"
  85. * ZacEfron is also cast as the title character in the new ''JonnyQuest'' adaptation.
  86. * For the [[SoOkayItsAverage direct-to-video sequels]] to ''{{Darkman}}'', they switched out LiamNeeson in the title role for Arnold Vosloo. Vosloo (though talented) is basically Liam Neeson's exact opposite in build, coloring and facial features. The funny part is that when they reiterated the origin story, they tried to combine old and new footage -- so we see the brown-eyed Vosloo try and stop a bomb, and the blue-eyed Neeson watch it go off before his eyes. It almost feels like a LampshadeHanging.
  87. * ''SpiceWorld'' is pretty much the definition of this trope. Barry Humphries? Richard O'Brien? Jools Holland? StephenFry? Jennifer Saunders? Alan Cumming? ''MeatLoaf?!'' RichardEGrant, why? You couldn't have been that desperate for work, surely.
  88. * During his appearance on ''HaveIGotNewsForYou'', RichardEGrant was ... asked why. His answer was quite satisfactorily thorough.
  89. ---->'''[[{{Countdown}} Carol Vorderman]]:''' You once worked with Victoria Beckham, didn't you?\\
  90. '''Richard E. Grant:''' I did.\\
  91. '''Carol Vorderman:''' ''Spice World''.\\
  92. '''Richard E. Grant:''' In the [[SarcasmMode classic film]] called ''Spice World''.\\
  93. '''Ian Hislop:''' Were you in that?!\\
  94. '''Richard E. Grant:''' I was. They'd just invented Viagra, and I'd just turned forty, and I tell you it was an antidote, not having to go into the chemist's to get Viagra -- just [[CovertPervert having my bum pinched every day]] by [[HelloNurse those young nubile ladies]] was [[FetishFuel extremely exhilarating]]. [[MoneyDearBoy And very well paid too.]]\\
  95. '''Ian Hislop:''' The thing I like about you is, you are honest.
  96. * Katharine Hepburn as Jade, a Chinese villager who stands against the Japanese Imperial Army in the 1944 film ''Dragon Seed.''
  97. * If you don't know, ''The House of the Spirits'' is a novel by Isabel Allende where one of the main subplots is the love story between the daughter of a rich upper class Spanish family and an Indian foreman in Chile. The only Spanish-speaking actor in TheMovie Adaptation, Spaniard AntonioBanderas, plays the Indian.
  98. * In ''InterviewWithAVampire'', AntonioBanderas plays the vampire Armand. In the [[VampireChronicles novels]], Armand is described continually as a boyish-looking redhaired pretty-boy with the face of a Botticelli angel who was made a vampire at the age of seventeen. Oh, and he's Russian, by way of Constantinople and Venice. Fortunately, Banderas was [[FetishFuelStationAttendant so]] [[RuleOfSexy good]] [[HoYay in the part]] that fans [[DistractedByTheSexy didn't seem to care]], and consistently call him one of the best things about the movie.
  99. ** In the sequel ''Queen of the Damned'', Banderas' character Armand was played by blond, blue-eyed, and baby-faced Australian Matthew Newton.
  100. * Sophia Loren, a spectacularly bad singer, played the vocally demanding role of Aldonza/Dulcinea in TheMovie version of ''[[DonQuixote Man Of La Mancha]]''. Undubbed. They let Peter O'Toole sing too. This was referenced in a episode of ''PinkyAndTheBrain'' parodying the show:
  101. -->'''Brain:''' [[AreYouPonderingWhatImPondering Are you pondering what I'm pondering]], Sancho Pinky?
  102. -->'''Pinky:''' I think so, Don Cerebro, but why would Sophia Loren do a musical?
  103. -->'''Brain:''' ''(nearly hits Pinky, stops at the last moment)'' A worthy enigma, Sancho Pinky.
  104. ** She's also in the movie version of ''Nine''. Hopefully, they'll get a good singer to dub her singing.
  105. * Once we learnt that Tim Curry played the monster clown in Stephen King's ''It'', we could never look at that nightmare-inducing horror the same way again.
  106. * In the 1960 ''InheritTheWind'', the role of [[DeadpanSnarker H.L. Mencken]] [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed stand-in]] E.K. Hornbeck was played by musical star Gene Kelly, who was great in the role.
  107. * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vijay_Amritraj Vijay Amritraj's]] brief film career in general. Seriously, a tennis pro playing a JamesBond ally in ''{{Octopussy}}'' ''and'' a starship captain in ''StarTrekIV''?
  108. * For those who mainly remember Max von Sydow for his collaboration with Ingmar Bergman, von Sydow's American career is one of these. ''{{Dune}}'', ''FlashGordon'', ''ConanTheBarbarian'', ''JudgeDredd''...
  109. ** von Sydow works well in ''[[WoodyAllen Hannah and her Sisters]]'' as Frederick, the bitter, cynical artist. The great script helps a lot, as possibly does Allen's legendary love of Bergman films.
  110. * Robert Benigni, a middle aged man with a five o' clock shadow, played naive child Pinocchio in a live-action adaptation. You can't ask WTHCastingAgency though - he directed and produced the film.
  111. * George Hamilton the suntan king playing Dracula in ''LoveAtFirstBite''. It somehow ended up being one of his best performances ever. It doesn't hurt in the least that, really, it fits ''perfectly'' into the whole sensibility of the movie: [[FridgeBrilliance not even Dracula is as expected.]]
  112. * [=WASPy=] girl-next-door Jennifer Garner as smouldering Greek femme fatale Elektra in ''{{Daredevil}}'' and ''Elektra''. Obviously because her work on ''{{Alias}}'' made her the only well-known female action star at the time.
  113. * ''{{Junior}}'' puts ArnoldSchwarzenegger in glasses and has him play a scientist. Amazingly enough, he does a decent job, though he [[MoneyDearBoy doesn't exactly have much to work with]].
  114. ** Another [=WTF=] would be Judy Collins, a folk singer whose career has spanned almost fifty years, as the woman running the retreat for pregnant women. She's only acted in a small handful of productions, and why the hell this was one of them is a mystery for the ages. All her other roles were written to [[TheCastShowoff make use]] of her very beautiful voice, which only makes this one stand out as even weirder.
  115. * ''{{The Chronicles of Riddick}}'' made some fans wonder "What the hell is Judi Dench doing in this film?" VinDiesel wanted her so much, he sent a humongous number of flowers and bouquets along with the scripts to convince her. She complied after they met and bonded over ''DungeonsAndDragons'' (they both play).
  116. * MilaKunis in the ''MaxPayne'' movie. She plays Mona Sax, who in the game series is a stone cold badass, Max Payne's equal as far as gunplay and fighting goes. Kunis doesn't come ''close'' to pulling it off. Her one "badass" scene just makes it clear she has no idea what she's doing, and the rest of the time has her tearing up over Max's deathwish. She is also inexplicably Russian, which is just an excuse to have two hot Ukrainian actresses (Mila Kunis and Olga Kurylenko) on the set speaking Russian. Also, in the game, [[IncrediblyLamePun Mona and Lisa]] are twins.
  117. * The producers of upcoming [[VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory loose-with-the-facts]] biopic ''Lords of Chaos'' about the early Norwegian BlackMetal scene recently revealed that the part of Varg Vikernes will be played by Jackson Rathbone. Think about that: a black metal musician who was only recently released from prison after burning multiple churches to the ground and killing a former musical colleague by stabbing him ''twenty-one times'' will be played by [[{{Rifftrax}} Harpo]] from ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''. It seems TheyJustDidntCare.
  118. * Val Kilmer [[http://christianmusic.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_ten_commandments__a_musical as Moses.]] ''[[ThePrinceOfEgypt Twice.]]''
  119. ** ''{{The Prince of Egypt}}'' is supposed to tell a story considered sacred to Christians, Jews, and Muslims. But the only non-anglos used as voices at all are JeffGoldblum as Aaron and (in a bit part) Danny Glover as Jethro.
  120. * Patrick Dempsey played Jeremiah, the (celibate) prophet, from ''the Bible'', in an old adaptation that wasn't horrible but was made surreal by his very presence, as he's famous for being the hot doctor in ''[=~Grey's Anatomy~=]''.
  121. * Tony Curtis was generally brilliant playing loud-mouthed fast-talking morally-questionable Jewish American wiseguys, but he seemed to have an inexplicable fondness for films set in Europe hundreds of years ago: he gave a fairly improbable performance as a Norse warrior in ''The Vikings'' and a legendary turn as a medieval Englishman in ''The Black Shield Of Falworth''.
  122. * Tony Curtis as the young COSSACK in ''Taras Bulba'', in which he plays the son of the (far more believably cast, actually)...Yul Brynner?!? WTH Casting Agency indeed (not that any of the "Polish" nobles were much more convincing).
  123. * Venom: Possibly {{Spider-Man}}'s most famous enemy. In many ways Eddie Brock is Peter Parker's opposite, and yet their powers are strikingly similar. Venom is distinguished by being physically much larger and more fearsome than Spider-man, to the point of being almost a hulking monster. So who did they get to play Eddie Brock/Venom in ''{{Film/Spider-Man}} 3''? Surely some tall, blond, bodybuilder, right? Instead we got Topher Grace. Even if he had put on 40 lbs. of muscle for the role (which he didn't), "the little guy with the mop-top from ''[=~That '70s Show~=]''" just could not be taken seriously as Venom. Slightly justified by this incarnation of Venom being based on the UltimateMarvel version of Eddie Brock, who's actually a lot more like Peter Parker than in the one we all know and love.
  124. ** Ironically, Thomas Haden Church, who played Flint Marko/Sandman in that film, was a better match for the typical physical depiction of Eddie Brock.
  125. * Pete Postlethwaite as Kobayashi in ''TheUsualSuspects''. The name sounds Japanese, though to be fair it may not be his character's real name.
  126. * DavidHasselhoff as ''NickFury: Agent of SHIELD''. [[BetterThanItSounds Actually]] [[SoBadItsGood fairly]] [[NarmCharm entertaining]], but still, who made '''that''' call?!
  127. * Carrie Fisher in ''Sorority Row''. To quote [[http://carriefisher.com/?p=483 her:]] "(other than that the director was a-fucking-ADORABLE!) is that they're the only humans in show business [[MoneyDearBoy that paid me actual MONEY this year]]."
  128. * The 1993 movie ''Mad Dog and Glory'' featured Bill Murray as a sad sack facing down feelings of impotence (much like his future characters in ''{{Rushmore}}'' and ''LostInTranslation''). He butts up against RobertDeNiro, who plays a mob boss who's unintentionally funny when he means to be serious, but deadly unfunny during his terrible stand-up act (effectively predicting his future comedy persona in ''MeetTheParents'' and ''Analyze This''). This is great casting, right? Unfortunately, when Murray and De Niro read the scripts, they both found themselves attracted to the opposite roles. Thus proceeded a very failed experiment of a movie, one which very much would have been improved by going the obvious route rather than trying to stretch.
  129. * ''There's No Business Like Show Business'' unconvincingly tried to make a BetaCouple out of MarilynMonroe (working under contractual obligation) and Donald O'Connor.
  130. * In MartinScorsese's ''{{The Last Temptation of Christ}}'', the eponymous character was played by ''Willem Dafoe''. He did pretty well, but to quote Sergio Leone's reaction, "This is the face of a murderer, not of Our Lord!"
  131. ** There was also Barbara Hershey as Mary Magdalene, DavidBowie as [[TheQueensLatin Pontius Pilate]], and weirdest of all, Harvey Keitel as Judas... [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent with a Manhattan accent]].
  132. * Dame Maggie Smith ''and'' Harvey Keitel in the [[NunsAreFunny wacky nun comedy]] ''Sister Act,'' especially Keitel as a PG-rated BigBad with comically bumbling sidekicks.
  133. * The 1969 BioPic of Che Guevara, ''Che!'' featured Egyptian actor Omar Sharif in the title role.
  134. ** Fidel Castro, the legendary Cuban-born revolutionary, was played by none other than ''Ukranian-American'' actor Volodymyr Palahniuk. That's right, ''[[CitySlickers Jack fucking Palance.]]''
  135. * ''HappyFeet'' has HughJackman as an ElvisImpersonator. Makes more sense once you remember that Jackman was primarily known for being in musicals before [[{{Film/X-Men}} playing]] [[{{Wolverine}} our favorite hirsute antihero]]. In fact, one could argue the real WTHCastingAgency moment was the decision to cast a 6'2" Australian musical theatre star as {{Wolverine}}, though of course Jackman did nail the role.
  136. ** Watching Dougray Scott, the original actor cast as him, in Film/MissionImpossible, Film/EverAfter and DesperateHousewives, makes you ask why was he considered for the role as Wolverine (specially after seeing Jackman).
  137. ** Of course, the really unusual thing about ''Happy Feet'' isn't the cast so much as the choice of ''director'' -- namely George Miller, who directed all three ''MadMax'' films and ''TheWitchesOfEastwick''. Perfect fit for a children's movie about dancing CGI penguins, right?
  138. * The entire cast of the upcoming ''KingOfFighters'' film, topped off by white former men's clothing model Sean Faris as the 100% Japanese martial artist Kyo Kusanagi, the [[{{Pettanko}} flat-chested]] [[ButNotTooForeign Vietnamese-Hawaiian]] Maxim girl Maggie Q as the [[JigglePhysics infamously busty Mai Shiranui]], and the lean-muscled short-haired 5-foot-6-inch Scotsman Ray Park as the hulking long-haired mustachioed German powerhouse Rugal Bernstein.
  139. * The cast of the ''{{Tekken}}'' film is really weird, especially Luke Goss as Steve Fox and Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro.
  140. ** What really pissed off the Tekken fans was the casting of Jin and Kazuya. Kazuya is white and had a GoateeOfEvil? No way!
  141. ** Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi? Yes, he does fine job portraying villains but they look nothing alike.
  142. * George Sanders and Rex Harrison were best known as [[ManOfWealthAndTaste sophisticated]] [[DeadpanSnarker Deadpan Snarkers]] in roles of the Noel Coward type -- so naturally they were chosen to play BoisterousBruiser RichardTheLionHeart and the warlike [[ArabianNightsDays Sultan]] Saladin in ''King Richard and the Crusaders'' (of course, Sanders ''had'' already played the [[TheKnightsTemplar Templar]] de Bois-Guilbert in ''{{Ivanhoe}}'' and Harrison the even more WTH part of King Mongkut in ''Anna and the King of Siam'').
  143. * Jimmy Cagney had something of a WTH triumph in the part of Bottom the Weaver in WilliamShakespeare's ''AMidsummerNightsDream (on that basis, WarnerBrothers had planned to cast him in the title part of ''Film/TheAdventuresOfRobinHood'', until he walked out on his contract, leaving the role open to ErrolFlynn).
  144. * "Featuring NicolasCage as[[YellowPeril ...FU MANCHU!]]" To be fair, since this is ''GrindHouse'' we're talking about, the Fu Manchu casting in this case was probably ''supposed'' to be ridiculous.
  145. * While on the subject of ''{{Grindhouse}}'', the fake trailer turned real movie ''{{Machete}}'' not only brings back the trailer's Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, and Jeff Fahey, but features RobertDeNiro, Steven Seagal, JessicaAlba, MichelleRodriguez, and... ''LindsayLohan''. In an intentionally absurd action movie based on a parody trailer.
  146. ** The reason for the insane amount of stars in ''{{Machete}}'' is Danny Trejo. He's been an actor for over 25 years, worked with everybody, and been the kind of polite professional and all-round great guy everyone wants to work with. So when Danny finally got his first leading role, everyone he's ever worked with wanted in either to work with him again, or to help the film by putting their name on the poster.
  147. * Rutger Hauer, wearing fangs and an opera cape, armed with a katana, playing Lothos the master vampire in the original cinema outing of ''Film/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', sticking out like a sore thumb.
  148. ** Rutger Hauer does this a lot. Much like ChristopherWalken, he almost never says no to a role, no matter how bizarre, and some of his resume, particularly the direct-to-video stuff, is just ''weird''. He almost always makes it work, though, for also like Walken he tends to raise the caliber of what he's in. He reprised his role as a vampire in the [[MadeForTVMovie Made For TV]] version of ''[[SalemsLot Salem's Lot]]'', though the production itself was better than the Buffy film so he didn't seem so out-of-place. ''BladeRunner'' and ''TheHitcher'' sort of cemented him in American cinema as a villain (even though Roy Batty was more of an AntiVillain), so many of his roles, even the weird ones like Lothos, tend to follow that pattern. What was exceptionally odd (though funny) was the series of Guinness ads he did in the early 90's.
  149. * Of course, sometimes you strike gold this way. Back in the 80s there was a major action picture coming to theaters starring [[BruceWillis a funny TV star]] who was best known for wisecracking. Not physically imposing or terribly well known, this casting seemed enough to doom the high-profile adaptation of an award-winning novel. Then ''DieHard'' finally came out, and now it surprises people more to see the Bruce slide back into a funny role than to carve out another weary cop role....
  150. ** Great example being ''DeathBecomesHer''. Ernest Menville spends most of the movie as a broken, cowardly man utterly under the thumb of his wife, turning to alcoholism to escape. His wife outright states, "You're not even a man anymore. And I need a man! A real man, not some drunken, broken-down flaccid undertaker... who is just as dead below the waist as his clients are!" As Bruce started in comedy, he pulls off the PlayingAgainstType perfectly.
  151. ** Non-comedic role: although he did well, [[TheSixthSense Bruce Willis as a child psychologist]] seems an odd choice.
  152. * From the hyperbolic voiceover of its U.K. trailer back in 1976: "Nothing you have seen or heard about DavidBowie can prepare you for the impact of his first dramatic role in ''TheManWhoFellToEarth''." Indeed, Thomas Jerome Newton took him from an incredibly vibrant and theatrical personality to an [[Main/TheStoic almost emotionless alien]]. After that, any time he's cast you know you can expect great things from him...
  153. * Hey, who better to play a famously {{asexual|ity}} [[NikolaTesla scientist]] in ''ThePrestige'' than a [[DavidBowie beyond-legendary sex symbol]]? (And ChristopherNolan actually ''fought'' for him!) [[spoiler:It works.]]
  154. * And Sir Alec as the Arab Prince Feisal in ''LawrenceOfArabia''. Again, he's marvelous.
  155. * ''Alexander'' would have been a great movie, if it wasn't for casting AngelinaJolie as Colin Farrell's ''[[PlayingGertrude mom]]''. OK, that's fine, but don't give her a bloody Transylvanian accent!
  156. * The 2009 ''Film/SherlockHolmes'' movie (by GuyRitchie, which is itself a WTH directing decision) features the eponymous detective played by RobertDowneyJr. [[BetterThanItSounds It's actually really awesome.]]
  157. ** Jude Law, cast to play Watson, got some WTH reactions too. This was mostly because the character had been firmly fixed in the public's mind as a heavy-set, middle-aged bumbler, an image of Watson that originated from previous film adaptations that insisted on scripting and casting him this way, to make him more of a foil to Holmes. [[http://www.harkavagrant.com/index.php?id=210 This]] little comic certainly sums up how Watson as a character has been treated in most adaptions, until Jude Law came along.
  158. * ''DragonballEvolution'' has the obviously middle-aged Chow Yun-Fat as senior citizen Roshi and the obviously white Justin Chatwin as Goku. The casting of Mr. Chow is saved by his [[HamAndCheese over-the-top acting]]. Justin? [[TookTheBadFilmSeriously Not so much.]] Then again, his race is not an issue since it's never stated. It's not any more "wrong" that he's white than it would be "wrong" if he was Asian. And a little less "wrong" than if he'd been black, since he obviously has a light complexion.
  159. ** Emma Rossum going from [[PhantomOfTheOpera Christine]] to Bulma also made ''lots'' of ''DB'' fans scratching their heads.
  160. * JoePesci, ''the'' original terrifying HairTriggerTemper as a bumbling thief in the kiddie movie ''HomeAlone''? And by God, did it ever work.
  161. * In ''{{Film/X-Men}}'' and ''X-Men Origins: Wolverine'', Tyler Mane and Liev Schreiber were a bit more thuggish and far, far less thuggish, respectively, than Sabertooth/Victor Creed is in the comics the movies are based on. It's the fact that they're [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation playing the same character]] in the movie series that's truly WTH.
  162. ** Don't forget that Tyler Man is about a foot taller than Liev Schreiber. Also, in the first movie, Mane was just going to be his stunt double. Creed was originally going to be played by '''[[ProfessionalWrestling Kevin Nash]]'''.
  163. ** An even worse offender is ''Ryan Reynolds'' as the [[AdaptationalAttractiveness horribly disfigured]] Wade "{{Deadpool}}" Wilson. Though to be fair, playing "The Merc With The Mouth", he could have handled the "mouth" part. If they had been willing to either conceal his good looks or...actually let him talk.
  164. *** The spinoff film will do.
  165. *** [[OneofUs He's actually a fan of the character and asked to play him when he heard Deadpool was going to be in the movie.]]
  166. * While speaking of {{Film/X-Men}}, who the HELL decided that a [[HughJackman 6'2'' Australian musical star, most famous for playing the lead in "Oklahoma!", known in his home country as "sex on a stick" for being tall, skinny and hot]] was suitable to play not-at-all-attractive, hugely muscular, 5'3'' Canadian BadassAngster Wolverine? It worked very well, but still...
  167. * Michael Caine as a Texan redneck in the 50's in ''SecondHandLions'' seems rather out of place for him, but he does it marvelously.
  168. * Similarly, KellyMacdonald in ''NoCountryForOldMen'', who is from Scotland. She makes as good of a [[FakeAmerican fake Texan]] as MichaelCaine.
  169. ** That's Kelly Macdonald, the jailbait girlfriend from ''{{Trainspotting}}'', which was so Scottish it was subtitled for Americans.
  170. ** In a behind the scenes feature, TommyLeeJones (a native Texan) actually applauded [=MacDonald's=] East Texan accent.
  171. * HenryRollins has stated in his live performances that he deliberately auditions for parts in bad, bad, BAD movies for the humor value when you see him in said bad, bad, BAD movies after being given no other choice but to watch. Rollins: "So that's how I got a part in ''BadBoys II''!"
  172. ** And [[ChewingTheScenery it's usually worth watching just to see Henry]].
  173. * [[DwayneJohnson Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson]], former WWE wrestler and {{the Scorpion King}} himself, has been signed on to play the [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0808510/ Tooth Fairy.]]
  174. ** Well, yeah. The [=WTFery=] is the whole point in this case.
  175. * GaryOldman played a dwarf in the direct-to-DVD film ''Tiptoes''. Adding insult to injury, they cast Peter Dinklage (an actual dwarf and a well-respected actor in his own right who has appeared in ''Death At A Funeral'', ''[=~30 Rock~=]'', and ''{{Elf}}'') in a bit part as Oldman's dwarf friend.
  176. ** Even more mind boggling is that the dwarf in question that Oldman plays is also supposed to be the twin brother of a character played by Matthew [=McConaughey=] who is 12 years younger than Oldman and with whom he shares no resemblance.
  177. ** Gary is known to take these roles quite a bit. His role as Lieutenant/later Commissioner Gordon in the Nolan Batman series threw this in with PlayingAgainstType. Many people who had seen Oldman in previous films were not used to him playing a good guy, let alone an American.
  178. * Likewise, WTH was the initial reaction to John Rhys-Davies' casting as Gimli in the ''Film/LordOfTheRings'' films--not because people thought little of his acting, but because of his ''height'', as the man is 6' 1". PeterJackson pulled off the camera tricks to make him look comparatively short quite well, however, and like the hobbits he had a "short double" for distance shots.
  179. ** Rhys-Davies actually worked out very well from a special-effects standpoint, as his large size meant that applying hobbit-scaling to him made him appear Dwarf-sized, preventing the need for a third scale of filming.
  180. ** Elijah Wood also elicited this reaction from some quarters, largely because he was still largely known as a child actor who had made some [[{{North}} terrible]] [[TheGoodSon films]], whereas Frodo Baggins was middle-aged. As with Rhys-Davies, it largely made a lot more sense once you'd actually viewed the movies.
  181. *** On the note of Elijah Wood, Frodo Baggins as a psychopathic cannibal in ''SinCity''. But holy shit, it works.
  182. ** And let's not forget [[TheMatrix Agent Smith]] as Elrond (though that [[WhatCouldHaveBeen might have been]] even weirder, as ''DavidBowie'' expressed interest in the role. Elrond the [[{{Labyrinth}} Goblin King]], anyone? Yet, Bowie being, well, ''Bowie'', he could probably have made it work. General consensus is that Hugo Weaving did just fine, though.)
  183. *** "[[Film/TheLordOfTheRings Welcome to Rivendell...]][[TheMatrix Mister Anderson"]]
  184. * Another WTH reaction to John Rhys-Davies mostly surrounds his recent choices of roles, mostly made-for-television SyFy-channel style stinkers, such as ''Chupacabra: Dark Seas'', ''Anaconda 3: Offspring'', ''Anacondas: Trail of Blood'', ''Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles'' and ''The Ferryman''. The few theatrically-released films that he has made since the ''Lord of the Rings'' movies include ''ThePrincessDiaries 2: Royal Engagement'' and ''In The Name Of The King: A DungeonSiege Tale''. This is odd as actors who headline such movies are usually washed-out, past their prime or have never had any success prior, while this is an actor we remember from the ''IndianaJones'' and ''LordOfTheRings'' films. This is not Debbie Gibson, Bruce Boxleitner or David Hasselhoff.
  185. * The ([[DevelopmentHell possibly to be released]]) film adaptation of [=~Mötley Crüe~=]'s autobiography ''The Dirt'' is rumored to be casting ChristopherWalken as OzzyOsbourne. Take note that Walken is five years older than Ozzy.
  186. ** And looks absolutely nothing like him. [[http://nyherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/christopher-walken.jpg Here's Walken]], [[http://topnews.in/light/files/ozzy-osbourne225.jpg here's Ozzy.]]
  187. *** Looking like the person is not necessarily an issue-- neither Frank Langella nor AnthonyHopkins looked much like RichardNixon but both turned in award-winning performances. Doesn't make Walken-as-Ozzy any less weird an idea, though.
  188. ** Walken does a pretty good job of playing characters whose elevators don't go all the way up. Sounds like a decent description of Ozzy, esp. during the timeframe involved.
  189. * Dakota Fanning as a vampire in ''NewMoon''. Not just any vampire though, the one who can make you feel pain by looking at you, and seems to enjoy it. Because Dakota's the first person you think of when you think "evil vampire"...oh wait. It's not.
  190. ** ... [[CreepyChild Maybe not for]] ''[[EnfantTerrible you]]''
  191. ** Completely justified casting as the book describes her as a small childlike woman with angel-like face and almost androgyn body.
  192. * Nothing wrong with the individual casting of any of the ThreeMusketeers & D'Artagnan in ''TheManInTheIronMask'', but the combo is a WTH? The four characters are played by actors from four different countries: Jeremy Irons (UK), John Malkovich (USA), Gerard Depardieu (France), and Gabriel Byrne (Ireland), each using his own native accent. As one review put it "Where the hell did these guys meet, Club Med?"
  193. ** Well, if you remember the film take places in the 17th century France were people from different ''county'' barely spoke the same [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_France language]], this make more sense. D'Artagnan mother tongue was probably not French but [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occitan Occitan]]
  194. ** And what about the 1993 version of ''The ThreeMusketeers''? About the only French person on either side of the camera is Julie Delpy (the movie was filmed in Austria). Seriously, Charlie Sheen? ''Charlie Sheen?''
  195. *** Hey, he's WINNING there.
  196. **** In the 2011 3D version of the movie, Milady is played by MillaJovovich. ''MILLA FREAKING JOVOVICH.'' That the movie's directed by [[PaulWSAnderson her husband]] [[SarcasmMode has absolutely nothing to do with it]].
  197. * How about ''I'm Not There''? That features a buttload of different actors all being BobDylan - notably including HeathLedger and Richard Gere, but also Marcus Carl Franklin (an 11 year old African American kid) and CateBlanchett. Once again - it works in context.
  198. * ''PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'' casts Steve Coogan as Hades. Yes, the director from ''TropicThunder'' is the lord of the Underworld.
  199. ** It's quite probably [[LampshadeHanging intentional]]. C'mon, JamesBond as a centaur Obi-Wan, ''the'' SassyBlackWoman as Persephone, [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings Boromir]] as Zeus, and other famous actors [[HamAndCheese having fun with their underwritten roles]].
  200. ** Many fans were irritated the [[DawsonCasting main roles]], though in fairness it's got as much to do with their lines as their casting. But seriously, try explaining to someone that hasn't read the books that the trio is supposed to consist of twelve-year-olds. [[TheyJustDidntCare Yes, the ones that are driving around Vegas.]]
  201. * Bob Hoskins and Jon Leguizamo as the [[Film/SuperMarioBros Mario Brothers]]. Extra points for Hoskins not even knowing what ''SuperMarioBros'' was until his kids told him ''after'' accepting the role.
  202. ** To be fair, Hoskins looks like Mario. Leguizamo as Luigi...not so much.
  203. ** And that could be a WTHCA in itself, for those who had watched [[SuperMarioBrosSuperShow the cartoon series']] live action bits. And that was a WTHCA itself for those who knew Lou as a wrestler first. The televised Mario series is just one long string of them! They all worked pretty well, except for Leguizamo. And for many kids Lou Albano and Danny Wells became THE voices for Mario and Luigi when they read the books or played the games where the brothers are heroic mimes. Looking around at anything else they ever did, yeah...more WTH. Interestingly Hoskins played Mario in a somewhat more serious fashion, but as evidenced from ''VideoGame/SuperMario64'' onwards, loveable goof Mario was the correct interpretation.
  204. * And on Leguizamo... Leguizamo as Violator on the ''{{Spawn}}'' live-action adaption. Just... What? Thankfully since he's as hammy as he can and the make-up is great, it works, even if he portrayed Violator more like Batman's Joker than the B-movie horror MonsterClown he really was. Then again [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel if he had, the movie would probably be rated NC-17]].
  205. * [[TheGodfather Abe Vigoda]] in ''GoodBurger''.
  206. ** You aren't worthy of questioning Vigoda.
  207. * As mentioned above, who's the first thing you think of when you think platinum blonde, 16 year old precocious rockstar sex kitten with a drug problem and lesbian flings with KristenStewart? Not Dakota Fanning as Cherie Curie in ''TheRunaways''. And she worked it.
  208. ** Wait, ''Fanning'''s the misplaced one here? You've obviously never seen ''Hounddog'' nor the fallout around [[RapeAsDrama that particular role]]. ("It's a movie, and it's called acting.") Stewart, on the other hand, had not earned her druthers yet. Consensus seems to be that she's earned them now. Oh, and on another note? Dakota ''is'' 16 (although this probably means she was 15 during filming). [[DidNotDoTheResearch Way to do the research there, pardner.]]
  209. *** Fanning has been considered an excellent actress since she started, and plenty of people think Stewart did a good job in prior films like ''{{Speak}}'' and ''Panic Room'', so this sounds more like [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch Complaining About People]] [[FanDumb You Don't Like]].
  210. * Mickey Rourke is set to play Genghis Khan in the upcoming film ''Genghis'', which is meant to be a historical epic on the Asian conqueror's life.
  211. *** This one has actually been on the shelf for some time. '''StevenSeagal''' was the man originally attached.
  212. **** Word is, according to Cracked.com, at least, that this has been Seagal's pet project for a very long time. Weird that he's not doing it now.
  213. * StevenSeagal overall seems to have made an entire career out of these kinds of casting choices.
  214. * Speaking of Mickey Rourke, he also played ''St. Francis of Assisi'' in Liliana Cavani's film "Francesco". Seriously. *Not so weird if I'm remembering my St. Francises correctly. He was a soldier and a bit of a playboy before he was a man of God. Also I've heard Roarke is a rather devout Catholic. So, more Fridge Brilliance really.
  215. * Definitely deserving mention is how BennyHill played the Toymaker in ''ChittyChittyBangBang''.
  216. * The ''KaneAndLynch'' movie seemed to be averting this with the choice of BruceWillis for Kane, a good choice as they look similar and it's not hard to imagine Willis doing well in that role. However, then they chose Jamie Foxx to play Lynch. Mainly notable for being a RaceLift (as Lynch in the game was a middle-aged Caucasian), but also notable for the fact that Jamie Foxx shares absolutely no similarities with the AxCrazy PsychoForHire and has never done anything approaching that type of personality in any of his previous roles.
  217. * Speaking of BruceWillis, ''DieHard with a Vengeance'' mixes this with a MetaCasting inversion. The main villain's sexy, evil, DarkActionGirl lover/henchwoman who has no speaking lines is played by one Sam Phillips, a Christian pop singer with a wholesome good-girl type image. Supposedly the director picked her out of the blue because he liked the picture on one of her [=CDs=].
  218. * In the late 30's, every Hollywood actress[[hottip:*:well, all but one - Olivia DeHavilland had her heart set on playing Melanie, and moved heaven and earth (and Warner Brothers) to get the part]] was dying to play Scarlett O'Hara of ''GoneWithTheWind''. It went to a then-unknown [[FakeAmerican English actress]], Vivien Leigh.
  219. * The main characters of ''EnemyAtTheGates'' are played by British actors, except for Ed Harris.
  220. ** Which is a weird inversion of the usual "Brits playing Nazi([[PuttingOnTheReich -like]]) characters" casting - the Brits play Russians, the American plays a German.
  221. * ''SouthlandTales'' did this deliberately - most of the supporting cast (supposedly neo-Marxist terrorists and crooked cops) are played by former SaturdayNightLive cast members (the AgonyBooth quote [[Quotes/WTHCastingAgency here]] sums it up perfectly). Also, narrated by JustinTimberlake as a crazy, drug-addled Iraq war veteran with a terrible accent that is possibly supposed to be Texan. These are far from the only examples.
  222. ** Possibly one of the strangest examples being Jon Lovitz as an ''AxeCrazy'' ''DirtyCop''.
  223. * Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble in the live-action ''[[TheFlintstones Flintstones]]'' movie. No offense to Ms. O'Donnell, but her physique doesn't really match Betty's. They gave her the job because she could do the voice. Also, she appeared to have slimmed down a little to gain the role.
  224. * SeanConnery played a Moroccan in ''The Wind and The Lion''... [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent with his thick Scottish accent intact]]. He also played a Russian in ''TheHuntForTheRedOctober'' ...with his thick Scottish accent intact. And an Irish cop in ''TheUntouchables'' ...with his thick Scottish accent intact (winning an Oscar in the process). It matters little, however, thanks to the RuleOfSeanConnery.
  225. ** Played up in an ''{{SCTV}}'' movie epic trailer with Eugene Levy playing Sean Connery as the Mufti:
  226. -->'''I'm the bloody Mufti. ''Away'' wi'ye!'''
  227. ** To be fair, in Red October, Connery played alongside fellow "Russians" Sam Neill and Tim Curry. They made as much of an effort regarding dialect as he did.
  228. ** The best was in ''{{Highlander}}'', where he plays a Spaniard but still keeps his Scottish accent, upstaging Christopher Lambert who is the one that's supposed to be Scottish in the first place.
  229. *** Not just a Spaniard, but an Egyptian pretending to be a Spaniard. [[CrowningMomentofFunny "What's Haggis? ... How ''revolting!''"]]
  230. * ''Estorvo'', an atrocious Brazil/Cuba/Portugal production, had several Cuban actors in its cast, even though it is supposedly set in Brazil. The protagonist pulls it off, somewhat, despite his thick accent; but some characters simply spoke Spanish, perhaps because the actors had absolutely no command of Portuguese.
  231. * CharltonHeston's ''AManForAllSeasons''. He is physically All Wrong for the part. And what stroke of genius cast the elegant and aristocratic Sir John Gielgud as the Cardinal Wolsey???
  232. ** ''TouchOfEvil'' has Heston in another decidedly miscast role. Lampshaded in TimBurton's ''Ed Wood''.
  233. --->'''EdWood''': "And they always want to cast their buddies. It doesn't even matter if they're right for the part."
  234. --->'''OrsonWelles''': "Tell me about it. I'm supposed to do a thriller for Universal. They want Charlton Heston as a Mexican."
  235. * Retroactive example: [[ThreeHundred King Leonidas]] as the PhantomOfTheOpera. As one of those ''{{Downfall}}'' {{gag sub}}s went, The Phantom is "supposed to have an ugly face and a beautiful voice, not the other way around!"
  236. ** Also in that version of POTO, Ciaran Hinds as one half of the comic relief managers.
  237. ** Of course if the idea of Mr. ThisIsSPARTA himself wearing a cape and skulking about the lower levels of an opera house isn't odd enough for you, you can always check out the 1989 film version of the story and watch [[ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]] do the same.
  238. * [[ThePolice Sting]] as [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feyd-Rautha Feyd-Rautha]] in the 1984 ''{{Dune}}'' film. Read the description and look at the picture. Find common features. Go on, I'll wait.
  239. ** Bald, thin and reserved PatrickStewart in the role of long-haired [[TheBigGuy bear of a man]] [[{{Dune}} Gurney Halleck]]?
  240. ** A septugenarian Freddie Jones as ''Thufir Hawat'', the ''master assassin?''
  241. * From the recently announced news of the LiveActionAdaptation of ''TheFairlyOddparents'': [[{{Seinfeld}} Jason Alexander]] as Cosmo! Perhaps that's why he and Cheryl Hines (Wanda) are only getting one minute as the characters?
  242. * After the success of ''The Petrified Forest'', WarnerBrothers just didn't know what to do with HumphreyBogart. They cast him in all sorts of weird roles like as a MadScientist in ''The Return of Dr. X''.
  243. * Yul Brynner as one of ''TheMagnificentSeven''. Good thing he kept the accent down, although allegedly, he's Cajun. Riiiiight...
  244. ** Jewish-American Eli Wallach as the Mexican bandit Calvera.
  245. ** German hearthrob Horst Buchholz as Mexican gunslinger Chico. They all blend surprisingly well into the roles, though.
  246. * Russian-American actress Natalie Wood played Puerto Rican Maria in ''WestSideStory''. She also couldn't sing or dance well enough for the movie. Especially strange when you consider that the point of the movie was the interracial romance causing controversy when it shouldn't, and yet they cast a white girl who can't sing or dance well, and then had Rita Moreno (a famous Hispanic singer, dancer, and actress) playing the smaller role of Anita.
  247. ** Natalie Wood could sing. Her contract stated that she was to sing all of the stuff that she could, with Marni Nixon dubbing the notes Wood couldn't manage, while the producers had already decided that Nixon was going to dub the whole thing. Natalie Wood's singing voice wasn't bad at all, and she was understandably upset when she found out that none of her singing would be in the film. Rita Moreno was also dubbed in about 50% of her songs, even though she was an actual singer, since dubbing singers was the 'done' thing at the time. Consider the fact that Julie Andrews had to fight not to be dubbed in ''TheSoundOfMusic''.
  248. * ''[[RepoTheGeneticOpera Repo! The Genetic Opera]]'' brought together a bizarre cast, who you would never expect to see in the same film--and several who you would never expect to see in this type of film. To wit:
  249. ** Paul Sorvino (''Goodfellas'')
  250. ** Bill Mosely (''{{Halloween}}'')
  251. ** Alexa Vega (''SpyKids'')
  252. ** Anthony Stewart Head (''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'')
  253. ** Nivek Ogre (lead singer of SkinnyPuppy)
  254. ** SarahBrightman (''ThePhantomOfTheOpera'')
  255. ** ParisHilton (...PARIS. HILTON.)
  256. *** The best part is that they knew what they were doing and intentionally invoked the trope.
  257. * 48-year-old Jewish-American actor Sam Jaffe as the titular Indian water boy in ''Gunga Din''.
  258. * British actor Peter Ustinov played Chinese detective CharlieChan.
  259. * For his ''PhantomOfTheParadise'', BrianDePalma cast the film's composer [[http://www.jimmccrary.com/pages/page75/images/paul.jpg Paul Williams]], creator of "The Rainbow Connection" and "Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song" and just one of the all-around nicest guys in the music industry, as the villainous Swan, a quite literally Satanic rock impresario and a CompleteMonster. And it ''works''.
  260. ** YourMileageMayVary. Williams' songs and attitude are nicely nasty, but this is the man who ''[[{{Muppets}} Kermit the Frog]]'' said was "such a cute little fellow that we're gonna make him an honorary Muppet!"
  261. * ''TomorrowWhenTheWarBegan'' got a lot of this with its casting of Australian TV actors, especially for [[{{Neighbours}} Caitlin Stasey]] and [[HomeAndAway Lincoln Lewis]]. ([[H2OJustAddWater Phoebe Tonkin]] turns up as well, as a blonde yet.) [[FanDumb Exactly who these people expected to be playing Australian teenagers is a mystery]].
  262. ** To be fair, the cast also includes at least one Brit among them in the (gorgeous, by the way) form of Rachel Hurd-Wood.
  263. * AudreyHepburn has stated she was terribly miscast as Holly Golightly in ''BreakfastAtTiffanys''.
  264. ** Truman Capote agreed. He wanted MarilynMonroe.
  265. * LiamNeeson is set to star in the LiveActionAdaptation of the board game ''Battleship.''
  266. ** An even stranger casting choice: musician and non-actress {{Rihanna}}. Model Brooklyn Decker could count too but does have some acting experience.
  267. ** Considering this movie shoehorns ''aliens'' into a [[TheMovie movie based on a board game]], casting is the least of this film's problems.
  268. * Victor Garber as Mayor in the 2003 remake of ''TheMusicMan''. The guy took his coldest I-know-you're-up-to-something stare from ''{{Alias}}'' and used it with a character who is suspicious but bumbling and keeps misusing and inventing words.
  269. ** To be fair, he started out as a theatre actor, most notably in plucky, genial musical roles like Jesus in ''{{Godspell}}'' and Anthony Hope in ''SweeneyTodd.''
  270. * Michael Caine as Robert Spritzel in ''The Weatherman''. Arguably the most famous Cockney voiced actor today playing someone from Chicago just adds to the WTH.
  271. * TylerPerry as the dean of Starfleet Academy in the 2009 ''[[StarTrek2009 Star Trek]]'' film? WTF? Does Starfleet let the Admiral punish unruly cadets with a face full of hot grits?
  272. ** Perry is apparently a fan of J.J. Abrams and wanted to work with him.
  273. * Frankie Muniz in a [[StayAlive horror film]]. If you ever saw ''MalcolmInTheMiddle'', you'd be freaked out at this too.
  274. * The film ''{{North}}'' had plenty of confusing casting choices (with some big-name actors no less), but Kathy Bates playing an eskimo under a layer of make-up just takes the cake. Startlingly, that isn't even the most offensive thing about the film.
  275. * Anthony Hopkins in the FilmOfTheBook ''The Human Stain''. While the entire point is that the main character is a man of mixed race [[PassFail passing]] for white, ''Anthony Hopkins'' was about as odd a casting choice as you could come up with, especially since his American accent was a little...[[OohMeAccentsSlipping wobbly]]. Though a fine actor, many reviewers commented on the fact that his casting made it harder to [[WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief suspend their disbelief]] while watching. Several also thought Nicole Kidman was somewhat miscast, but not to the extent Hopkins was.
  276. * DanielCraig. He's blond and only six feet tall. Before 2006, people knew him as the driver in ''{{Munich}}'' and the gangster in ''LayerCake''. Hardcore fans were freaked out when this guy was chosen to be JamesBond. When ''CasinoRoyale' came out, [[BrokenBase (almost)]] everyone shut up.
  277. * This can also pretty much be said of Eric Bana, Craig's co-star in ''{{Munich}}''. Australian audiences especially knew him mostly as a comic actor, with the result that his casting successively as the Film/{{Hulk}}, [[{{Troy}} Hector]], a Jewish superspy, [[Film/StarTrek a Romulan]] just send the WTH through the stratosphere. But as with Craig, it results in Awesome rather than Suck. This culminated in his casting as HenryVIII in the film version of ''TheOtherBoleynGirl''. Yes, ''that'' HenryVIII - the big, fat guy with six wives whom '''[[BrianBlessed BRIAN BLESSED]]''' basically channels in most of his roles. ''And yet it works.''
  278. ** Eric Bana's most WTH casting was easily playing Chopper Reid in ''{{Chopper}}''. Of course he was hand-picked by Mark Brandon Reid to portray himself, and spent many sessions with Bana teaching him the role. After this, anything Eric Bana did wasn't quite so surprising.
  279. ** His casting as HenryVIII is only WTH when you don't know a thing about the period. At the time the story is set in, Henry was actually an attractive, healthy man only just going to seed toward the end. He was not yet the obese guy we all know from the later portraits. His coloring was still way off (Henry was a redhead) but his build was pretty accurate.
  280. * ''LetTheRightOneIn'' has a very...peculiar dubbing cast. For example, why cast what is clearly a twentysomething female as the twelve-or-thirteen-year-old male bully?
  281. ** However, it is far from unusual to have a woman play a boy whose voice hasn't yet broken.
  282. * [[DullSurprise Mark Wahlberg]] [[http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2010/11/24/mark-wahlberg-uncharted-movie-nathan-drake/ has been cast]] as [[{{Uncharted}} Nathan Drake.]] [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Oh, no.]]
  283. ** To think, [[NathanFillion Nathan MOTHERFUCKING Fillion]], one of the main inspirations for the character, expressed intrest in the role and they didn't just instantly pick him. Are they crazy?
  284. ** The director was fired and Wahlberg is no longer attached to the film. Time will tell if they listen to reason.
  285. * ''SupermanReturns'': Who do you picture as Lois Lane, a spunky, smart Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and thirtysomething mother of a five-year-old? Bryan Singer apparently pictured [[PlayingGertrude 22-year-old (at the time)]], [[DullSurprise wooden-acting]] Kate Bosworth. Thanks, Singer.
  286. ** Both she and Brandon Routh made Superman and Lois Lane look more like teenagers who should be worrying about the prom rather than adults. While Routh bears a very striking resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve, he looked much younger than 27.
  287. ** Funnily enough, Bosworth was in competition for the role with Beyonce Knowles.
  288. * The role of [[{{Dune}} Paul Atreides]] is perceived as uncastable, at least if you want a version that will satisfy both audiences familiar with the story and audiences who don't know it. Paul is clearly described in the first book: he is ''fifteen years old,'' small for his age, looks even younger than he is, and with whatever talents and abilities he may possess is still immature enough to try and pull "If I don't ask permission, I'm not disobeying". But audiences who don't know the book would probably have trouble accepting a character so young doing many of the things Paul does over the course of the first book, so both the theatrical and TV versions used actors in their mid-twenties -- which, to say the least, threw off the dynamic of Paul's relationships with his parents and teachers.
  289. ** There's also the fact that they'd have to show a fifteen year old [[UnfortunateImplications have sex]].
  290. * Six-foot-one-inch David Carradine as five-foot-three-inch [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074235/combined Woody Guthrie]]?
  291. * The part of a mysterious, elderly Indian mystic in 1951 B-movie ''Track Of The Cat'', played (excellently) by a grownup ''Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer'' of TheLittleRascals.
  292. * Aside from any considerations of talent Sofia Coppola was a very odd choice to play Mary Corleone in ''TheGodfather Part III''. Not only was she visibly far too young for the part (Mary should have be in her mid twenties while Coppola was a teenager at the time) she also looked ''very'' Italian for someone who is supposedly half-WASP.
  293. * Many fans of the ScottPilgrim comics were worried about meek, high-pitched MichaelCera playing excitable slacker Scott in the film, but he did an excellent job.
  294. * ''TheNeverendingStory 3''. You see the leader of the group of bullies? [[OldShame That's]] JackBlack.
  295. * In ''The Number 23'', the main character was played by JimCarrey. Which is fine until you realize that it's an angst filled movie. It also turns out that the main character himself was a gritty character [[spoiler: who murdered his girlfriend and buried her body and ended up turning himself in]].
  296. * ''TheRunningMan'' features Mick Fleetwood -- of Fleetwood Mac fame -- as the leader of the resistance to the totalitarian regime. Interesting choice.
  297. * AnneHathaway (5'8") [[http://www.empireonline.com/news/feed.asp?NID=24446 will be playing]] JudyGarland (4'11") in an upcoming biopic.
  298. ** Inversion: TomCruise (5'9") as JackReacher (6'3").
  299. * The famously slender AudreyHepburn being played by the famously busty JenniferLoveHewitt? That does not make sense.
  300. * ''The Affair Of The Necklace'' has an 11-year-old HaydenPanettiere as the young version of Hilary Swank's character, a casting choice which would never have happened if they could have known how dissimilar the two H's look now.
  301. ** And then there's ''Fireflies In The Garden'', in which Hayden plays JuliaRoberts's ''sister'' (and which also asks us to believe that she and EmilyWatson - the grownup version of Panettiere's character - look alike. And that RyanReynolds is the offspring of Roberts and Willem Dafoe).
  302. * ToshiroMifune as a Mexican Indian? [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055646/ Sure, why not?]] Also a case of MoneyDearBoy.
  303. * ''Factory Girl'' features JimmyFallon in [[TomHanksSyndrome a serious role]] as well as Hayden Christensen as "the Musician," aka "Billy Quinn" (aka "Tommy Quinn" on the newspaper clipping), who is [[YouWannaGetSued definitely]] ''[[YouWannaGetSued not]]'' supposed to be BobDylan. It...doesn't really work.
  304. * Tom Hanks as Sherman McCoy in the film adaptation of ''TheBonfireOfTheVanities.'' Hanks had already established his reputation as the most likeable star in Hollywood, and they cast him as someone who was a completely despicable person in the book. It was clearly an attempt to soften Mccoy's charatcer due to Hollywood's belief that you can't have an unlikable protagonist, and its just one of the reasons the film did not do well.
  305. * A key plot point of ''The Black Dahlia'' is that femme fatale Hilary Swank is supposed to look like the title character. Unfortunately, the title character's played by Mia Kirshner - who looks as much like Hilary Swank as Mia Farrow looks like HilaryDuff. In fairness, this was far from the only problem with the film.
  306. * MissMarple. Possibly ''the'' quintessential example of LittleOldLadyInvestigates. Jennifer Garner. Most decidedly ''not'' a Little Old Lady. [[http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2011/mar/29/jennifer-garner-miss-marple-agatha-christie Guess who's recently been cast as Miss Marple.]] Granted, the character is being reinterpreted as a younger woman, but it's pretty certain no one saw this one coming.
  307. * Done explicitly for laughs in ''WalkHard: The Dewey Cox Story'', in which Dewey's rock star friends -- such as ElvisPresley, Music/BuddyHolly and TheBeatles -- are played by a selection of actors who you probably would never expect to have seen cast in those roles. For one example, few people probably ever foresaw Jack Black ever being cast as PaulMcCartney.
  308. * ''Family Business'' has SeanConnery as DustinHoffman's dad and MatthewBroderick as Hoffman's son. How is that even ''possible''?
  309. * The big-screen version of ''TheSweeny'' is apparently going to star the joint TropeNamer for TheKrayWinstone... as NobleBigotWithABadge Detective Inspector Jack Regan. Subverted in that he can convincingly do the accent, and the theme of Regan and some of the gangsters he was chasing being NotSoDifferent cropped up quite often in the series, but one has to smile at the irony. British rapper Plan B being cast as Regan's sidekick Carter is a choice in the same vein, since his previous film experience is limited to teenage tearaways in stuff like ''{{Adulthood}}'' and ''HarryBrown''.
  310. ** And speaking of ''TheSweeny'', the casting choice may have come at the other end of a long career, but who would have pictured the original Regan going on to play InspectorMorse?
  311. * WillSmith has gone through this in his film career particularly with serious roles. SixDegreesOfSeparation, EnemyOfTheState (YMMV on that one), TheLegendOfBaggerVance, ThePursuitOfHappyness and SevenPounds. The worst one was for the disastrous film adaption of TheWildWildWest, where he played the protagonist James West, [[DidNotDoTheResearch an African-American U.S. Army captain in the late 1800's]]. The role originated with Robert Conrad, a Caucasian who played a U.S. Marshal. Smith even Lampshaded this choice when he apologized to Conrad several years later for accepting the part.
  312. [[/folder]]
  314. [[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  315. * Why does [[VeronicaMars Veronica]] [[KristenBell Mars]] show up on ''Series/{{Heroes}}''? And with [[PsychoElectro electrical powers]]? She turned out to be [[EnsembleDarkhorse very popular with the fans]], but it just seemed odd at the time.
  316. * David Warner, the most evil voice in show business, was in the 80's made-for-TV film adaptation of AChristmasCarol - not as Scrooge, but as Bob Cratchitt.
  317. ** And he NAILED IT.
  318. * This one's sort of a retroactive WTH, because he wasn't a well-known actor at the time, but David Duchovny played [[{{Crossdresser}} cross-dressing]] DEA agent Denise in ''TwinPeaks''.
  319. ** Actually, Duchovny's always played sexually weird roles, like in ''{{Californication}}''. It's his being a [[XFiles popular occult FBI agent]] that was WTH.
  320. ** When you remember Clyde Bruckman's take on how Mulder would eventually die, maybe Mulder wasn't that much of a WTH for Duchovny.
  321. ** It comes full circle with the film ''Film/{{Evolution}}'': Duchovny acts like a Fratboy Scientist throughout the movie, thoroughly weirding out anyone familiar with his role in ''{{The X-Files}}''.
  322. * David Paymer as a ''mob boss'' on the short-lived FBI drama ''Line of Fire.''
  323. * An interesting case would be Bob Saget in ''AmericasFunniestHomeVideos'' and ''FullHouse'': many people thought he was wholesome based on these gigs alone. His routine is rather blue, actually.
  324. ** He even {{lampshades}} this in his routine, claiming that both gigs gave him Tourettes. "What happened to Mr. Tanner?"
  325. -->"They would go, "Aand...action!" And I would go, "All right, Michelle, you can't have a horse in the living room." "And, Cut!" "
  326. * Ciaran Hinds as Julius Caesar in ''{{Rome}}''. Initially WTH, but try bringing Caesar's face to mind after watching it...
  327. ** Sean Pertwee, son of [[Series/DoctorWho The Third Doctor]]'s portrayer Jon Pertwee, also took a hand as Caesar in a recent TV documentary about the Roman dictator. He didn't look so much like Caesar as a youngish Doctor Who in a toga...
  328. ** For comparitive purposes: [[http://broadwayworld.com/upload/21942/42.jpg Hinds]], [[http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3494/3751419499_560003015d.jpg Caesar]] and [[http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00396/sean_pertwee_396894a.jpg Pertwee]].
  329. * David Oakes, always smiling, very nice guy, cheerful...''playing [[AxCrazy William]] [[CompleteMonster Hamleigh]] in the PillarsOfTheEarth live action series!?''
  330. * Edward Albert in ''PowerRangersTimeForce''. Doubly WTH because you'd think his agent could do better and because ''Power Rangers'' was notorious for hiring amateur, completely unknown actors they could get away with barely paying.
  331. ** Vernon Wells was in that same season.
  332. *** Have you watched ''{{Commando}}''? [[ArnoldSchwarzenegger The Governator]] notwithstanding, going from that to ''PowerRangers'' is a step ''up'' in production value.
  333. * ''Series/DoctorWho''. Beryl Reid is hopelessly miscast as what was meant to be a tough freighter captain and [[{{Film/Alien}} Sigourney Weaver]] {{expy}} in "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS19E6Earthshock Earthshock]]". It was not the only controversial casting decision by John Nathan-Turner.
  334. ** In the words of PeterDavison, after a brief silence in the DVDCommentary, "Beryl Reid didn't have a clue what was going on."
  335. ** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS23E2Mindwarp The Trial of a Time Lord]]", the warrior king who serves as the outgoing companion's love interest is played by the loudand aggressive BrianBlessed, while the handsome and softly spoken [[TheHighLife Patrick Ryecart]] plays a mad scientist. One magazine review commented that the casting against type resulted in the heroine [[StrangledByTheRedString falling in love]] with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluebeard Bluebeard]] and [[NotQuiteDead being murdered]] by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Kildare Doctor Kildare]].
  336. ** Pretty much inverted with every single time the Doctor is recast. Every time a new Doctor is announced, half the fanbase is utterly convinced he is going to [[RuinedFOREVER destroy the show]]. He never does.
  337. ** Since she was known as a teenage pop sensation, Billie Piper's casting made the fanbase blurt out a collective "WTF?!" until she showed she wasn't that bad an actress. YourMileageMayVary on the ''characterisation'' of Rose, though.
  338. ** Mention should also go to CatherineTate. Best known for sketch comedy, more than a few fans were concerned when she was cast as Donna Noble. Her initial appearance in ''[[{{Recap/DoctorWho2006CSTheRunawayBride}} The Runaway Bride]]'' didn't exactly wow them in the aisles. But when she returned to the role she proved the doubters wrong by becoming one of the Doctor's most popular companions. YourMileageMayVary on that point, of course.
  339. ** Eric Roberts as TheMaster. Seriously. Made even worse by a dodgy script and even dodgier acting, when he's shown he can play okayish villains from time to time. Just... not in the TVM.
  340. * Freddie Prinze, Jr. was rumored to be in Season 8 of ''[=~24~=]'' playing a [[http://www.tv.com/story/15172.html "Jack Bauer wannabe"]]. As it turned out, his character was in no way a Jack Bauer wannabe, and Prinze actually did a pretty good job.
  341. * One episode of the ''WonderWoman'' TV series cast comedic nebbish Martin Mull as a flamboyant rock star.
  342. * The horror anthology ''Night Visions'' was hosted by ''Henry Rollins'', of all people.
  343. * Carrie Fisher (yet again), playing ''way'' above her actual age as Liz Lemon's ObsoleteMentor in one episode of ''[[ThirtyRock 30 Rock]]''. Why not [[TheDickVanDykeShow Rose Marie]]?
  344. ** Because then they couldn't have done the "[[StarWars Help me, Liz Lemon, you're my only hope]]" gag.
  345. * GeorgeCarlin as Mr. Conductor on ''ShiningTimeStation''. How or why the most politically incorrect comedian who ever lived did a kid's show, the world shall never know.
  346. ** Because ''[[TheBeatles Ringo Starr]]'' quit.
  347. *** Well, Ringo Starr makes some sense. Everybody loves TheBeatles, and "YellowSubmarine" is a great song for kids.
  348. ** And Alec Baldwin[[hottip:*:who played Mr. Conductor in the movie ''Thomas and the Magic Railroad'']] wasn't yet available.
  349. ** {{Lampshaded}} in one of his stand-up routines.
  350. --->'Really, Mr. Conductor?' Yeah, that's right, you heard me. I hate your kids.
  351. --->And remember, this is Mr. Conductor talking. I know what I'm talking about!
  352. ** And because [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch if you'd actually watched the show]], you'd know that he was a damn good narrator.
  353. *** Carlin always wanted to be a successful actor, and hated being limited by others' assumptions about him. It helps when you remember that Carlin on stage is one of two characters, too (the uncensored one and the network TV Carlins tend to be wildly different in presentation as well as topicality), but he picked Mr. Conductor probably knowing that a) nobody with a bigger name was in the running, and b) people would tune in just to watch him fail, which would keep the numbers high enough that he could have a chance to prove he could pull off the role legitimately.
  354. *** In his sortabiography ''[[GallowsHumor Last Words]]'', he discusses how he thought the Conductor resonated with children by being an adult in wisdom but even smaller than a child in size, and that he enjoyed filming because he basically did everything by himself in front of a bluescreen. And when he met a very young fan at an airport, rather than bursting his bubble and telling him the Conductor wasn't real ([[AwfulTruth as you might expect based solely on his stand-up]]), [[JerkassFacade he explained that he was just]] ''[[JerkassFacade on vacation]]'' [[JerkassFacade from the show's magical realm]]. As the man himself said, he liked individuals just fine, it was ''people'' he couldn't stand.
  355. *** And, of course, he also got some subversive glee out of the fact that the kids who'd grown up knowing him as Mr. Conductor were becoming old enough to see his shows...
  356. * Preceding Carlin in this "tradition" is Bob Saget, a notably profane stand-up comedian, who is still most famous for his roles as Danny Tanner on FullHouse and the original host of AmericasFunniestHomeVideos.
  357. * Michelle Ryan as the title character in ''TheBionicWoman'' remake. Evidently none of the producers had an inkling that sticking some minor actress (who [[FakeAmerican can't even pull off an American accent]], natch) from the worst period of [[EastEnders a British soap opera]] in the lead role of the show ''might'' lead to disaster.
  358. * ''MurderSheWrote''. An English-born actress playing a woman from Down East Maine. Sad things is, her accent was closer to what you'd hear in Maine than any of the other actors on the show. Yeah, that means you, Tom Bosley.
  359. * At least two separate episodes of ''{{Diagnosis Murder}}'' cast John Schneider as a serial killer. His obvious enjoyment of the roles made them rather creepy.
  360. ** Schneider averted this when he was cast as Jonathan Kent in Smallville. The average Smallville fan would be too young to watch him from TheDukesOfHazzard when Smallville first premiered, so it was easy for him to take a role that was more serious than being a Duke boy.
  361. * TimCurry has been known to do voice acting for cartoons ([[TypeCasting villains, natch]]), but still - how did he wind up on the low-budget ''PowerRangers'' knockoff ''{{Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad}}''?
  362. ** MoneyDearBoy.
  363. * PatrickStewart on ''EleventhHour''. You'll spend the whole series wondering how they got him to do it.
  364. ** Let's not forget sweet Maggie from ''{{Extras}}'' as his bad-ass female bodyguard.
  365. * Averted magnificently with the ''{{Discworld}}'' adaptations for Sky One, right up until they announced the casting for the 2010 Easter special, [[Discworld/GoingPostal Going Postal]]. In ''{{The Colour of Magic}}'' we had Jeremy Irons as the perfect [[MagnificentBastard Lord Vetinari]], then what do they do after he perfects the role and gives the truest interpretation of the character to date? They replace him with Charles Dance, of all people...
  366. ** David Jason as Rincewind in ''The Colour Of Magic''. Much older than the character in the books and short and stocky rather than tall and skinny. He pulls it off though.
  367. ** Even though he did an okay job in Hogfather, he was still too lively (Albert's supposed to be grumpy, crusty and mean). David Bradley as Albert would have been more faithful to the book.
  368. * An [[HughLaurie English comic actor]], best known for playing upper-class idiot parts in ''{{Blackadder}}'' and ''JeevesAndWooster'', cast as a [[DrJerk mean, wisecracking American doctor]]? That's never going to work. [[{{House}} Oh, hang on...]]
  369. ** It worked so well that Bryan Singer thought Hugh Laurie was American in his audition tape.
  370. * 5' 2" Eva Longoria plays the world's shortest ex-supermodel on ''DesperateHousewives''. They couldn't have made Gabrielle a former actress instead?
  371. * Back then - "''All right! They're making a new StarTrek series! (pause) [[BigWhat Whaaaat]]?! A bald, Shakesperean actor, that looks almost 50 is going to be the captain of the Starship Enterprise?? '''WTH'''?!''" Today - "''Oh, well OF COURSE, PatrickStewart was going to be Captain. Who else?''"
  372. ** Gets even funnier when you discover that Stewart originally auditioned for the Data part.
  373. *** FridgeBrilliance. Stewart would've been perfect as an android as he seemingly ''doesn't age''.
  374. ** How about ''the king of Jordan'' as a one-shot guest in ''StarTrekVoyager?'' Of course, he was just a prince at the time.
  375. ** The much maligned ''TOS'' episode ''And the Children Shall Lead'' had the main villain played by Melvin Belli, a ''celebrity trial attorney'' with no previous acting experience. Though he did do a couple of roles after that, none were as high profile and most of them had him AsHimself.
  376. * One episode of ''LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'' had Fred Savage star as a serial rapist. Not only is [[TheWonderYears Kevin Arnold]] going around raping women, but they're not that much smaller than he is.
  377. ** Another episode had RobinWilliams in a serious role.
  378. ** SVU is full of this with its special guests, but the most peculiar is easily "[[BodyCount Cop Killer]]" {{Ice-T}} as cast mainstay Detective Tutuola.
  379. *** [[FridgeBrilliance Tutuola was an undercover narcotics officer]] before transferring to SVU.
  380. ** Also, in one episode Bob Saget plays an obsessive husband who has been using microchips to spy on his wife and who ends up responsible for killing another woman. You might not expect it to work, but work it does.
  381. *** On ''LawAndOrder: LA'', he played a smarmy pornographer.
  382. *** Saget's FullHouse co-star John Stamos played a serial womanizer who deliberately impregnated his conquests. Now all they need is Dave Coulier as a child molester.
  383. **** Or [[RealLifeWritesThePlot Jodie Sweetin as a junkie.]]
  384. ** Who could forget JerryLewis as a homeless schizophrenic--and [[DeadpanSnarker John Munch]]'s uncle to boot?
  385. * CultClassic stars Gary Cole and Tim Curry in the 2002 revival of FamilyAffair: a [[OfficeSpace callous boss]] as the kindly Uncle Bill, and a [[RockyHorrorPictureShow gay transvestite alien scientist]] as the lovable Mr. French!
  386. * Not only is some B-actor from ''TheLostBoys'' and ''TheThreeMusketeers'' gonna play a [[TwentyFour BadAss counter-terrorist agent]], but [[MajorLeague Pedro Freakin' Cerrano]] is going to be '''[[OurPresidentsAreDifferent The President Of The Freakin United States]]'''?! You CAN'T be serious!
  387. * English born, half-Persian actress Gabrielle Anwar as an ''Irish'' ex-terrorist in ''BurnNotice''.
  388. ** Made all the worse by her [[OohMeAccentsSlipping atrocious]] "Irish" accent. The producers must have figured out she simply couldn't do it, because in-universe they decided she would fake an American accent...which is only marginally better than her Irish one. She's not at all a bad actress, she just apparently can't fake an accent convincingly.
  389. *** But she plays Fiona's character well enough that most fans probably don't care at this point.
  390. * James Belushi took on a serious, dramatic role in the futuristic noire soap opera miniseries ''Wild Palms''. It is somewhat jarring seeing this for the first time.
  391. ** He also took on a semi-serious role in ''The Defenders'', a series about two lawyers in Las Vegas. It'd be pretty jarring to flip from light-hearted AccordingToJim to a show where he's trying to get a falsely-accused rapist off the hook.
  392. * The ''Series/{{Cadfael}}'' series among its other problems is appallingly miscast. Sir DerekJacobi's silvery elegance is All Wrong for Cadfael and what stroke of genius cast the tall, blond Sean Pertwee as the short, dark Hugh Beringar?
  393. * The late David Carradine played Caine in the ''KungFu'' series. It gets pointed out in ''[=~That '70s Show~=]'' when Jackie said he looked like the mailman.
  394. * Walter Koenig, best known as Chekov on ''StarTrek'', playing the MagnificentBastard if not downright CompleteMonster Psi-Cop Alfred Bester on ''{{Babylon 5}}''. It was even weirder due to him using his real accent.
  395. * And causing even more [=WTHs=] among both fandoms was when Gene Roddenberry's widow Majel Barrett guest-starred in an episode of B5, and not just because her character was nothing like Lwaxana Troi. Fans of B5 couldn't believe JMichaelStraczynski would even allow her on the set, while Trek fans feared she'd sold them out. The problem was that the rivalry between the two shows existed only among the fans; the folks in charge of B5 and Star Trek both admired each other.
  396. ** What, did Majel's character's line about the ''{{Babylon 5}}'' station being "a monument" to her late husband's "unfinished work" not [[{{LampshadeHanging}} hang a big enough lampshade]] on that for both sides!?
  397. * So in his acting debut, JustinBieber[='=]s going to be [[spoiler: a WellIntentionedExtremist MadBomber on {{CSI}}.]]
  398. ** He plays an angry teen that is part of a [[StrawmanPolitical Far-Right]] Tea-Partyesque anti government group, but he still keeps his girly hairstyle while sitting in the same room as a bunch of rednecks.
  399. * ''Somehow'' "The UltimateWarrior," appeared on C-Span years ago "explaining" why he's a neo-conservative. With "'''WARRIOR'''" as his subtitle as it's legally his real name. No face paint or brightly colored spandex, but actually in a business suit (EightiesHair still present though) and '''YES,''' it made [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext about as much sense]] as you'd expect ''[[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} him]]'' to make.
  400. * Ricki Lake hosting ''Gameshow Marathon''. First, Lake helped spearhead the talk show movement of the 1990s that pretty much ran game shows out of town. Second, you had Todd Newton (who hosted versions of two games which were part of the marathon) RIGHT THERE and all he did was deliver prizes. Third, when it came down to it, Lake just wasn't that great on ''GSM''.
  401. * Any GameShow that's cast someone without significant TV experience in the role. Notable examples include:
  402. ** In 1989, Pat Sajak left the daytime ''WheelOfFortune'' to host a talk show, while still holding his (still current) role as host of the nighttime ''Wheel''. Taking his place was Rolf Bernischke, a former place kicker for the San Diego Chargers who had '''no TV experience''' at all. Try as he might, Rolf was a total deer in the headlights on the show, and ended up being replaced by experienced host Bob Goen when the daytime version {{Channel Hop}}ped to {{CBS}}.
  403. ** Richard Dawson, then a little-known British actor, as a central panelist on ''MatchGame'' and subsequent host of ''Series/FamilyFeud'' — it worked, even if he was a little testy off-camera. When the ''Feud'' returned in 1988, they struck gold again with a completely unknown comedian named Ray Combs. The 1999 revival went rather awry by choosing Louie Anderson (because you know, a fat comedian with a gravelly, monotone voice is exactly what you think of when you think of game show hosts) and then ousting him for Richard Karn (who played the scruffy Al Borland on ''HomeImprovement''). Fortunately, when he was gone, the swearing over hosts ended.
  404. ** ''TheHollywoodSquares'' went through this twice. First when the show was merged with ''Match Game'' to create the ''Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour'', with the ''Squares'' segments hosted by none other than Jon Bauman (aka "Bowser" in Sha Na Na) — never mind that original ''Squares'' host Peter Marshall was still alive and well (''MGHS'' replaced his ''Series/{{Fantasy}}''), Bauman had almost no experience on any sort of game show set (he would later go on to host ''The Pop & Rocker Game'', which was barely a game show), and it had only been two years since Marshall's ''Squares'' ended. ''Squares'' went through this ''again'' when pretty-boy actor/singer John Davidson stumbled and bumbled his way through the 1986-89 revival.
  405. *** Davidson would later go on to stink up a revival of ''The $100,000 {{Pyramid}}'' in 1991, where he kept up his tradition of forgetting the rules at every possible turn. At least this ''$100,000'' had an excuse for not using Dick Clark, as he was busy with his production company and hosting ''TheChallengers''. However, there was no excuse for series creator BobStewart letting close friend Henry Polic II serve as a sub-announcer; Stewart's ''Double Talk'' already showed Polic had no hosting capacity, and ''New $100,000'' showed he wasn't meant to be an announcer, either.
  406. ** Billy Bush as the host of a swiftly-canceled revival of ''LetsMakeADeal'' in 2003. Taped five episodes, but only got through three.
  407. * Robert Carlyle as a morally ambiguous scientist... on ''[[Series/StargateUniverse STARGATE]]''?
  408. * An episode of {{CHIPS}} has our heroes protecting a Satanic rocker. So who was cast as the rocker? That's right, ''[[HappyDays Ralph Malph]]''.
  409. * ''The Duck Factory'' was a show about a bunch of comedians whose new boss was the OnlySaneMan. Interesting enough premise. The part of horrible casting comes in when they cast pre-fame JimCarrey as the straight guy. That may be why the show barely even lasted a year.
  410. * Six-foot-one-inch David Carradine as five-foot-five-inch [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080777/combined Paul Gauguin]]?
  411. * A [[JonathanRhysMeyers dark-haired male model]] as a grotesquely obese red-headed king on ''TheTudors''.
  412. ** To be fair, the only oddness initially was his hair colour, since Henry was a fairly attractive man in his youth. The main problem comes in that the show is stretching across 30 years in just four seasons. This meant that by the second series (14 years after the events of S1E1), there was no way any actor would look reasonable in the role. So it's more WTH Scriptwriters for thinking they could pull that off. Or WTH make up artists for not bothering to age JRM up as the series progresses.
  413. *** Lack of aging is averted in season 4. Agreed that they put it off too long, but once they did it, the makeup combined with JRM's acting was quite convincing.
  414. ** He was still the wrong body type for the role; even when he was young and attractive Henry was very tall and broad-shouldered, which JRM is not. Still, he pulled it off by nailing the character.
  415. ** Also on ''TheTudors'', the casting for the Earl of Surrey and Katherine Parr was a bit WTH to fans who know the history. Surrey was supposed to be thirty and is at least in his forties (not to mention the wrong accent), while Katherine Parr was about twenty years younger than Henry and Joely Richardson is at least a decade JRM's senior. Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves (an English singer playing a German?) was another example. There were others based on historical appearance more justified because people assume the wrong looks (Katherine of Aragon was a redhead, for one, but everyone assumes she had dark hair) but in all cases, the acting can make you forget.
  416. ** On the subject of JonathanRhysMeyers, who the hell made the decision to cast him as the (supposedly) hideous, hunch-backed albino Steerpike in the BBC adaptation of {{Gormenghast}}? To his credit, Meyers actually did a great job in the role, but to anyone who has read the books it still seems like a case of AdaptationalAttractiveness gone mad.
  417. * On many episodes of ''MiamiVice'' (especially in the later seasons), pop singers and rock stars were [[StuntCasting worked into various scenes]], regardless of whether they fit the part or not. The trend first started with PhilCollins playing a game show host in the episode "Phil The Shill" in the second season. Later episodes included James Brown as an alien hiding out on Earth (in one of the most criticized episodes of the series), Willie Nelson as a Texas Ranger tracking his dead partner's son and Sheena Easton as a pop singer who needs to be protected by Crockett (and who eventually marries him and is then assassinated), regardless of the fact that all of them seemed way out of their league when put beside other character actors. Perhaps that's why Barbara Streisand settled for a non-speaking blink-and-you-miss-it cameo role in the final season.
  418. ** Except Streisand is one musician who ''is'' a real actress! She's been nominated multiple times and won one Academy Award.
  419. * JackBlack has a small role in the intro to the first episode of The Lonely Island's tv show, ''Awesometown''. He played...GeorgeWashington.
  420. * The shortlived sitcom ''Romantically Challenged'' cast Alyssa Milano as a divorced mother who hasn't dated in years. So it's a comedy with a premise targeted at women, starring an actress who from ''WhosTheBoss'' onwards has appealed mainly to guys. No wonder it was shortlived.
  421. * The short-lived horror anthology series ''NightVisions'' featured as its host none other than BlackFlag front man and standup comic HenryRollins. If you watched the show at all, chances are you watched it mostly because of Rollins.
  422. [[/folder]]
  424. [[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
  425. * Five words: ''[[{{WWE}} RAW]]'' general manager Mike Adamle. Not that there was much else they could do with him at that point, but it was a definite WTF from start to finish. Fortunately, {{Batista}} and JohnCena's own reactions pretty much signaled that the writers realized how WTF it was.
  426. ** His original announcing gig was WTF material, as it was solely because they were paying him too much to justify using him as a sideline interviewer. It was obvious even before then that he had no clue what he was doing.
  427. ** He actually knew exactly what he was doing, and one of his "botches" (referring to Jeff Hardy as 'Jeff Harvey') was really him showing off his extensive knowledge (Hardy actually '''was''' called Jeff Harvey for his debut match). He did make legit botches, but they were justified as he's suffered from the effects of epilepsy his entire life.
  428. * ''[[{{WWE}} RAW and SmackDown!]]'' general manager Vickie Guerrero. She's the widow of EddieGuerrero, one of the best and most beloved wrestlers of all time. She should have either been loved just for who her husband was, or sucked at the job and been quietly removed. She turned out to be one of the better heels currently in the WWE, generating more heat than RandyOrton or ChrisJericho. All Vickie has to do is come out and say "excuse me" and then you never hear anything else, because the audience is booing her at the top of their lungs. Who knew?
  429. ** Part of the issue was that this was ''after'' the infamous "Eddiesploitation" of 2006.
  430. *** Actually, she yells "excuse me" because the fans boo her the instant she comes on stage, and she wants them to shut the hell up so she can talk. Of course, that only makes the fans boo louder.
  431. * These may pale in comparison to RAW general manager Eric Bischoff. Yes, he had proven himself to play the heel masterfully in WCW. But still, at the time, this was the last person you ever expected to work for WWE.
  432. ** [[{{Catchphrase}} "Tell me I did not just see that."]]
  433. * The first season of NXT was notorious for having {{the Miz}} - who, while an extremely popular Superstar, only had five years of professional wrestling experience - as the "Pro" for Bryan Danielson ("Daniel Bryan"), who had over eleven years of experience. It seems as if Season Two is following in its footsteps by having ''Zack Ryder'' (who started the same year as the Miz and doesn't even have the status of mid-carder) as a Pro, and the team of "[=LayCool=]" (Layla El and Michelle [=McCool=]), who have a collective eight years of experience (none of it that impressive) managing ''Low-Ki'' (I'm sorry, "Kaval"), who has been wrestling for eleven years, for seven promotions, and on two continents. Yeah, ''that'' [[SarcasmMode makes sense]].
  434. ** At least in the second case, no one's going to argue that Ryder's rookie is superior to him. There's a reason that Titus O'Neill was eliminated first that season. Also in Lay-Cool's case, Kaval tried to just go with it and have fun (pretty tough considering this is a guy known for taking himself WAY too seriously in real life). Plus, he's since won NXT, so maybe we can forgive it.
  435. ** WWE treating newcomers as rookies despite their previous experience is really no different than with other major league athletes. Take Ichiro Suzuki's first year with the Seattle Mariners after ten years and multiple MVP awards in Japan: He was still technically an MLB rookie, and sportswriters dismissed his previous accolades - until he won Rookie of the Year ''and'' MVP in that first year, at which point they questioned his eligibility for the former.
  436. * If the wrestling isn't an incentive to see {{WrestleMania}} what about the presence of Clara Peller, Sy Sperling, or Gennifer Flowers? While they didn't have big roles, one questions what they added to the event.
  437. * Raw's string of celebrity guest hosts was definitely hit and miss. When they got an actual wrestling fan like Mark Cuban, David Arquette or Seth Green, the results were usually good, but there were plenty of WTH moments like Al Sharpton (one of many who were just promoting something) or Dennis Miller (obviously because Mcmahon wanted the only Hollywood comedian who would insult liberals).
  438. [[/folder]]
  440. [[folder:Theater]]
  441. * Michael Crawford was best known for the comedy-from-bumbling-idiot TV show ''SomeMothersDoAveEm'' and similarly light fare when he originated the title role in ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' in 1986; he had been in many musicals but none so dark or vocally challenging before. Crawford himself has joked that he thought Webber had him in mind for the role of Raoul and was surprised to learn he was going to play "a rather grotesque, slightly older man..." But even critics who disdained the show praised his performance, and it can be argued that by the time he left the role in 1991 (going on to both other stage roles and a successful recording career) he did as much for the show's popularity as the score and the SceneryPorn did.
  442. ** This one becomes more WTH if you've seen him in ''HelloDolly'' and ''AFunnyThingHappenedOnTheWayToTheForum''. In both movies, he plays a very similar role: a secondary protagonist who is handsome in a goofy, MichaelCera-esque way, but tends to be clumsy and get himself caught in ridiculous situations. It took me FOREVER to make a connection between the dorky, skinny little dude with the nice voice in the movies and the mind-blowing, pulse-pounding originator of the stage Phantom.
  443. ** Curiously enough, Crawford ''was'' originally intended for the part of Raoul, since Lloyd Webber wanted Colm Wilkinson to play the Phantom. Wilkinson however was still in his contract for ''[[{{Theatre/ptitlenjisnv3p}} Les Misérables]]'', which had opened the year before, and they had to find someone else. When Wilkinson actually did play the part of the Phantom in Canada a few years later, reactions were...mixed.
  444. ** Towards the end of ''Phantom's'' run in Toronto, the title role was played by Paul Stanley. Yes, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Stanley THAT]] Paul Stanley.
  445. * ''[[{{Theatre/ptitle3e9epo6m}} Jekyll and Hyde]]: TheMusical'', starring DavidHasselhoff. True, the Hoff can sing, but as Edward Hyde?
  446. ** Interestingly enough, he was far better as Hyde than as Jekyll, mainly because the darker sound of Hyde fit Hasselhoff's rock vocal style better than Jekyll's more refined numbers.
  447. ** In a similarly [[TheStrangeCaseOfDoctorJekyllAndMrHyde strange case]], the role was also performed by Sebastian Bach, of Skid Row.
  448. *** Speaking of Sebastian Bach, there was a brief run of ''Jesus Christ Superstar'' with Mr. Bach as the title character.
  449. * It's tradition to do this on purpose in PeterPan, casting a 30-something woman as a 12-year old boy.
  450. * The Manitoba Theatre Company did ''Hamlet'' one year -- with none other than Neo himself, Keanu Reeves, in the ''title role''.
  451. * Cliff Richard as Heathcliff in a musical version of ''WutheringHeights''?
  452. * There was once a studio recording of ''SouthPacific'' that cast tenor Jose Carerras as Emile de Becque and soprano Kiri Te Kawana as Nellie. Emile being a bass and Nellie being a mezzo-belter.
  453. * There was also a concert tribute to the songs of My Fair Lady, where the part of Eliza was sung by Kiri Te Kawana and Higgins sung by...Jeremy Irons. [[TheLionKing Scar]] as Professor Henry Higgins?
  454. * Nick Jonas as Marius in ''[[{{Theatre/ptitlenjisnv3p}} Les Misérables]]''. To be fair, he got his start as a child actor on Broadway and holds up well to capacity at the concert, but at 17 (the youngest age anyone has played the role at) some may argue he is too young to play Marius. However the main problem is not how much younger he looks compared to the rest of the cast, but the fact that his voice is not developed enough and he sounds weak against everyone else. (To the kid's credit, he doesn't embarrass himself vocally - well, ''too'' badly - and has quite excellent chemistry with Katie Hall as Cosette.)
  455. * 80s West End and Broadway sex symbol Michael Ball as Edna Turnblad in ''{{Hairspray}}''. Perhaps due to the sheer absurdity of this casting, everybody loved Ball as Tracy's Mum.
  456. * Fans of a long running show will tend to react this way to at least one new cast member whenever the casting decisions for a new year are announced. Most of the time the new cast rapidly proves their worth.
  457. * Can anyone say "Vanessa Hudgens as Mimi Marquez in ''{{RENT}}''"? Yes, much to the fandom's disgust, Hudgens of the ''{{High School Musical}}'' franchise played the drug addicted, HIV positive stripper in a three-day run of the show at the Hollywood Bowl in August of 2010. The production was directed by NeilPatrickHarris, who once played Mark on Broadway, which leads to the question of WHY, NPH, WHY?!?!?!?
  458. * A key staging requirement of Bernard Pomerance's play ''The Elephant Man'' is that its lead actor not wear prosthetics to play the title character, a gentle [[Main/TheGrotesque grotesque]] -- instead, a few projections of his RealLife counterpart are shown on a screen, and the actor contorts his body and alters his voice to approximate his awkward gait and speech. Name actors such as Mark Hamill and Billy Crudup have played him on stage, but the [=WTH=] example came late in the original Broadway run in 1980, when ''DavidBowie'' took over the role to much acclaim.
  459. [[/folder]]
  461. [[folder:Video Games]]
  462. * The ''KingdomHearts'' series is rife with this. The first game had pop singer ''Lance Bass'' as the voice of Sephiroth, singer/actress ''Mandy Moore'' as Aerith, [[BuffyTheVampireSlayer David]] [[{{Angel}} Boreanaz]] as [[FinalFantasyVIII Squall]] and [[GeneralHospital Steve Burton]] as [[FinalFantasyVII Cloud]]. Only Burton would go on to voice Cloud again, everyone else [[TheOtherDarrin had their voice actors changed in subsequent voiced roles]].
  463. ** For Aerith, Mandy Moore was replaced with [[AmericanBeauty Mena Suvari]] in ''KingdomHearts II'' and ''Advent Children''--compared to Moore, Suvari's "[[DullSurprise performance]]" was not very well received. Andrea Bowen, best known for her role as [[DesperateHousewives Julie Mayer]], had a bit part as the Moogle Girl in ''Advent Children'' and voiced Aerith in ''CrisisCore''. She did a considerably better job.
  464. ** Japanese example: AkiraKamiya voices ''[[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Iago]]'' in [[Game/KingdomHearts the first game]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=humqokbWgh0 Seriously.]]
  465. ** With ''[=~Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep~=]'', we now have [[LeonardNimoy Mr. Spock]] playing {{obviously evil}} Master Xehanort. Then again, Spock is also [[TransformersTheMovie Galvatron]], so maybe it works. If that's enough, Master Xehanort's former colleague is voiced by none other than [[MarkHamill Luke Skywalker]], possibly the closest we'll ever get to a Star Wars vs. Star Trek conflict. (Supposedly, Hamill had tried out for roles in the series a lot of times.) ''Birth By Sleep'' also gives us [[spoiler:MiyuIrino and Haley Joel Osment]] as Vanitas, Master Xehanort's [[AxCrazy psychotic]], [[CompleteMonster malicious]] [[TheDragon Dragon]]. In other words, we have [[spoiler:Sora playing his own evil double!]] ''[[PlayingAgainstType And it works in both languages.]]''
  466. *** It's actually been mentioned that [[spoiler:MiyuIrino wanted to play an evil character]].
  467. *** It's true. [[spoiler:Nomura has been quote saying that [[ThrowItIn he got a bit carried away with the idea]].]]
  468. ** This hasn't actually happened, but TetsuyaNomura has said that he always thought Red XIII/Nanaki should be voiced by SeanConnery in any animated adaptation of the ''FinalFantasyVII'' franchise. Considering the character's technically a teenager--granted a [[WiseBeyondTheirYears very mature teenager]]--it's definitively a WTH casting choice.
  469. * I will see your Steve Burton as Cloud and raise you [[LivingSingle T.C. Carson]] as [[GodOfWar Kratos]]. Would you have believed that [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp_2Zp8KcCc this guy]] would go on to perfect [[ChewingTheScenery scenery-chomping]] [[RatedMForManly man]]-[[RoaringRampageOfRevenge rage]]?
  470. * Not actors, but still fits the trope: It's a wonder how {{Konami}} got various Bemani veterans [[http://www.bemanistyle.com/index.php/news/walk-it-out-strides-into-stores-1664 to compose a massive setlist for a casual Wii walking game]]. To drive the point home, Bemani fans are surprised[[hottip:*:judging from the comments on the source]] that no {{DDR}} game had a soundtrack as good as that ''walking game'''s. '''''A WALKING GAME.'''''
  471. * Charles Martinet, now famous for saying "[[SuperMarioBrothers It's-a me, Mario!]]", is a classically-trained {{Shakespearian actor|s}}. When he was auditioning for the role, he even drew inspiration from his experience playing Gremio in ''TheTamingOfTheShrew.''
  472. ** So Mario is also "[[RatchetAndClank Clank's Father, Orvus?!]]"
  473. * JohnDiMaggio and [[WhoseLineIsItAnyway Greg Proops]] get to star as the announcers in ''MadWorld''.
  474. ** Kreese Kreely is a former Deathwatch competitor, so it makes sense that he'd be voiced by a {{Badass}} like [=DiMaggio=], who is using a more upbeat version of his [[GearsOfWar Marcus Fenix]] voice, with maybe a little [[KimPossible Motor Ed]] thrown in for good measure (seriously).
  475. *** And if it's true that SEGA is trying to integrate the Sonic voices with the MadWorld voices, then they could end up in that game too.
  476. * Kate Mulgrew, famous for playing [[TheCaptain Captain Janeway]] on StarTrekVoyager, shows up in ''DragonAge'' as Flemeth, a mad [[BodySurf body-surfing]] witch who [[OneWingedAngel turns into a dragon]] and tries to eat you.
  477. * Casting [[BuffyTheVampireSlayer Seth Green]] as [[AcePilot Joker]] in ''MassEffect'' made very little sense. It worked quite well, it just made no sense.
  478. ** The second game allowed him to have more fun as the JerkWithAHeartOfGold SnarkKnight, and the casting made more sense. The first game really didn't let him explore the character very well.
  479. * Kaori Mizuhashi, aka "StopHelpingMe, [[TheLegendOfZelda Navi]]!" went on to voice [[DisgaeaHourOfDarkness Overlord Laharl from Disgaea]]. Yes, she went from voicing the most well known female YamatoNadeshiko {{Scrappy}} in Videogame History to voicing [[NobleDemon a misbehaved demon prince]] who can destroy a small planet when pissed off.
  480. ** At least the Western side had a far better choice: [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers Rita Repulsa]]!
  481. * Boxart example: Fabio as Kuros, the weak and goofy-looking KnightInShiningArmor from ''WizardsAndWarriors''.
  482. * ''YggdraUnion'' gives us DerekStephenPrince--infamous for his BrattyHalfPint, awkward nerd, and evil genius roles--as a morally complex and [[ZenSurvivor jaded]], yet [[StepfordSmiler outwardly gentle]] WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds. The results were... off-putting, to be generous. And no, {{Atlus}} [[TheyJustDidntCare didn't care in the least]].
  483. * A fully internal example, the game ''Lords of Magic'' had a few special campaigns where the player acted out a version of some famous legend using a specific hero. For the legend of King Arthur, players controlled Arthur as a Paladin and Merlin as a Wizard, the warrior and mage heroes for the [[OrderVersusChaos Order]] faction. This made perfect sense, given both their appearance and aims. Then they did ''{{Beowulf}}'', and gave it to the earth faction, using their thief hero the Burglar. Because clearly the ideal person to represent a hero who approach to dealing with an unstoppable monster was to go up to it and ''rip its damn arm off with his bare hands'' was a short, fragile halfling with a bow.
  484. * ''DCUniverseOnline'''s {{Zatanna}} apparently couldn't get the hang of saying her spells backwards. This being Zatanna's most identifiable attribute (well, [[MostCommonSuperPower besides]] [[ShesGotLegs those]]), you'd think Sony Online Entertainment would find one who could; there's no shortage of capable voice actresses, after all. Nope.
  485. ** And it's not as if this was a deliberate characterization choice. Just before you meet Zatanna, [[VoiceWithAnInternetConnection Oracle]] tells you about her unique method of casting spells. ''[[NegativeContinuity Someone]]'' [[DidNotDoTheResearch screwed]] [[EpicFail up]].
  486. * [[SonicAdventure Big the Cat]] is voiced by DukeNukem. Yes, the fishing and frog obsessed, and very round purple cat. ''That'' Big.
  487. ** [[TheOtherDarrin And]] [[SonicColors now]], [[KyleHebert he's]] [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina.]] No, your eyes are ''not'' deceiving you.
  488. [[/folder]]
  490. [[folder:Western Animation]]
  491. * Fictional character example: Goofy as Jacob Marley in ''Mickey's [[AChristmasCarol Christmas Carol]]". Who can imagine sweet, lovable Goofy as a man who once embezzled from the less fortunate?
  492. ** This is of course, an obvious LampshadeHanging.
  493. ** [[FridgeHorror Goofy is damned for all time. Frickin' GOOFY.]]
  494. * Speaking of A Christmas Carol, Jim Carrey as Scrooge AND the three ghosts in the recent animated adaptation. Great, another silly and tired adap--[[HighOctaneNightmareFuel oh.]]
  495. * [[WhoseLineIsItAnyway Greg Proops]] as the American voice of ''Bob The Builder''. Seriously, ''what?''
  496. ** And him again as the [[strike:English]] [[TranslationConvention Galactic Basic]] speaking pod race announcer in ''StarWars [[ThePhantomMenace Episode I]]''. And he was a Mandalorian in StarWarsTheCloneWars.
  497. ** Speaking of ''BobTheBuilder'', there was considerable uproar back in '99 when Neil Morrissey was announced as the UK lead. Many newspapers (both tabloid and broadsheet) were officially horrified to learn a children's TV character was going to be portrayed by a man whose previous oeuvre included ''MenBehavingBadly'' and cult C-movie horror ''I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle''...
  498. * When you think of another person to play [[HandyManny a construction worker]], who do you choose? How about [[That70sShow Fez]]?
  499. * When you're casting the eponymous character for a ''Series/SonicTheHedgehog'' [[AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog cartoon]], it stands to reason the first person you think of is [[FamilyMatters Urkel]]. Oh wait, it doesn't stand to reason at all.
  500. ** It could be worse, they could make an alternate universe cartoon where Sonic has siblings, and Urkel plays all three of them, including the girl, who'd then have the full-on Urkel voice! [[SonicUnderground Oh, wait...]]
  501. *** What about Long John Baldry as Robotnik. In the unaired pilot, they had JimCummings as Robotnik, which would have been a better fit, but the show wasn't picked up by a real network and Cummings was chosen as Robotnik for the Sat AM version of ''SonicTheHedgehog''.
  502. * I will see your Urkel as Sonic and raise you ''the late professional wrestler Captain Lou Albano'' [[SuperMarioBrosSuperShow as Mario]].
  503. * ''OliverAndCompany'' has Billy Joel playing a ''talking dog thief.'' At the very least, he gets an {{Ear Worm}}y song.
  504. * Matthew Broderick as Desperaux in [[TheTaleOfDespereaux The Tale of Desperaux]], who is supposed to be a child at least young enough to be attending a kindergarten-like class, but out of all of them he's the student with the voice of a middle-aged man.
  505. * '''[[CitizenKane ORSON]] [[OrsonWelles FUCKING]] [[TheWarOfTheWorlds WELLES]]''' as '''[[TransformersTheMovie UNICRON]]'''. For everybody who knew him at the time, it was a stroke of genius to cast the morbidly obese and egotistical Welles as a planet-sized, omnicidal monster that ''literally'' ate the scenery. For him though, having burnt every bridge and being reduced to commercials at that point in his life, it was strictly about MoneyDearBoy:
  506. -->"[[MerchandiseDriven I play a big toy who does horrible things to a bunch of smaller toys]]."
  507. ** An honourable mention goes to [[MontyPython Eric Idle]] playing a Junkion in the same film, and LeonardNimoy as Galvatron.
  508. *** [[TropesAreNotBad And they were all AWESOME]]. Judd Nelson as [[PeterCullen Optimus Prime's]] successor, on the other hand...
  509. * [[TheSoundOfMusic Christopher Plummer]] as the [[BigBad Grand Duke]] in ''Rock-A-Doodle''.
  510. ** Hell, for that matter, Glen Campbell as the Elvis-esque lead character Chanticleer. Glen's music, despite drawing from country and rock in its own right, was ''very'' far removed from Elvis'.
  511. * Parodied in ''TheSimpsons'' when a Radioactive Man movie is under production and Rainier Wolfcastle is cast in the title role. "Up and atom!" "Up and at them!" "Up and atom!" "Up and at them!" "... Better."
  512. * As mentioned above, MarkHamill as [[BatmanTheAnimatedSeries the Joker]]. Yeah, he completely owns the role, but we certainly don't picture [[StarWars Luke Skywalker]] when we hear that voice, and we are surprised as hell to find out it was him.
  513. ** It's not as surprising when you know he played Trickster in TheFlash live action series, and has been a rabid DC fanboy for decades. In a 1977 Starlog there is a part where he is cheerfully taking a break from discussing StarWars to detail his love of comics...''especially'' Batman. Screw Skywalker, ''the Joker'' is the role of a lifetime!
  514. *** It gets awkward if you're used to hearing him as the Joker and then come across a NickJr [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasty_Time_With_ZeFronk show]] where he's the HarmlessVillain.
  515. ** Same with [[AvatarTheLastAirbender Fire Lord Ozai.]]
  516. *** One wonders if he realizes the irony of being the voice of [[StarWars an evil leader that shoots lightning from his fingers...]]
  517. *** It's really jarring to hear him as the voice of Alighieri in DantesInferno.
  518. ** Apparently, TimCurry auditioned for the Joker, and was told that he was '''too creepy'''.
  519. *** But mostly pulled out because all the screaming required was threatening to damage his voice.
  520. ** Hamill also did the voice acting for Malefor, the BigBad of ''[[SpyroTheDragon Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon]]''. Luke Skywalker, Destroyer of Worlds.
  521. ** He also voiced the CampGay RobotBuddy Larry 3000 from ''TimeSquad''. Think The Joker if he were very effeminate and you'll get a good idea of what that voice sounds like.
  522. * RalphBakshi's ''Animated/TheLordOfTheRings'' had one bizarre acting choice in JohnHurt and his distinct gravely voice playing Aragon who for some reason looks Native American.
  523. ** How about Anthony [[StarWars "C-3PO"]] Daniels as Legolas. "I am Le-go-las, human/elven relations. I am fluent...," you get the picture.
  524. * GalaxyRangers: Tell someone that the fellow behind [[LawAndOrder Lennie Briscoe]] is playing TheHero and that Trixie from SpeedRacer is playing the BigBad. Sit back and watch their brains go to BSOD trying to process that.
  525. * What possessed Warner Bros. to loan out [[LooneyTunes Foghorn Leghorn]] for a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUbktg20GEw series]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX3FlApJWd4 of]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16R_Ri67k6M 1987]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7SoZ50iG64 commercials]] for Kentucky '''FRIED''' Chicken.
  526. ** "[[SpaceJam Did you order Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?]]"
  527. ** In ''LooneyTunesBackInAction'', in addition to starring in the film, Brendon Fraser also voiced Taz. To be fair, you couldn't tell it was him; he was chosen because the crew liked his impression.
  528. ** Penelope Cat (from the Pepe Le Pew cartoons) as BugsBunny's [[InterspeciesRomance love interest]] in the 1995 short ''Carrotblanca''? This might be because Lola hadn't been created yet and there was always a shortage of female ''LooneyTunes'' characters, but still.
  529. * JustinTimberlake of all people was selected to play Boo Boo in the ''YogiBear'' film. Here's the kicker: '''it's a spot-on impression'''.
  530. * There had to be plenty of head-scratching when fans first learned that The {{DCAU}} would have Granny Goodness voiced by... EdwardAsner. Once hearing Asner's take, this is a brilliant piece of off-beat casting.
  531. * [[KenanAndKel Who loves orange soda?]] [[CliffordtheBigRedDog T-Bone]] loves orange soda. Is it true? Mmm hmmm. He does, he does, he do-es!
  532. * ''GeneratorRex'' gives us HyndenWalch, master of the cheery, bubbly female character [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann (Nia,]] [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans Starfire]] [[LuckyStar Yutaka)]] as the four armed, and bat shit crazy EVO Breach. And it works.
  533. * ''HeavyMetal'' has JohnCandy as the title character of the "Den" story, a boy who becomes the embodiment of male macho fantasy. It turns out that his tongue in cheek geeky kid voice style really makes the fantasy of the story work.
  534. * In ''TheWildThornberrys'', TimCurry plays Nigel Thornberry, a goofy, kind-hearted nature show host. Yes, [[TheRockyHorrorPictureShow that Tim Curry.]]
  535. [[/folder]]
  537. [[folder:Real Life]]
  538. * ArnoldSchwarzenegger playing the governor of California? Really? Next they'll get Wyclef Jean to play the President of Haiti...
  539. ** It's not the first time California's cast [[RonaldReagan an actor]] as its governor. Somehow it seems fitting.
  540. *** "[[BackToTheFuture Who's the vice-president? Jerry Lewis?]]"
  541. ** Another example would be Jesse Ventura as governor of Minnesota. That's 2 governors who were in {{Predator}}, TheRunningMan, **and** BatmanAndRobin.
  542. * Brazil has an example similar to Reagan: psychiatrist/sexologist Marta Suplicy was best known in the 1980s for giving sex advice in a TV show. In the 90s she became a politician. A sitcom even did a ''BackToTheFuture'' ShoutOut when a character travels back in time and replies to the question "Who is the mayor of São Paulo in 2001?"
  543. ** In 2010, the State of São Paulo [[BeyondTheImpossible outdid itself]]. Behold [[http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/298467 Tiririca]].
  544. * Christine Todd Whitman was the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from 2001 to 2003. Her previous job? Governor of New Jersey, a state infamous for its rampant pollution problems. Comedian Wanda Sykes once mentioned that the pollution is so bad in New Jersey there should be a mammogram at the toll booth. Whitman had actually helped reduce pollution in New Jersey, but to outsiders, that seemed hilarious.
  545. * The year: 1987. The place: Italy's parliament. Who's that at the podium, giving a speech with one boob hanging out? Why, it's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilona_Staller Hungarian-born porn star la Cicciolina]], of course!
  546. * Once a ''SaturdayNightLive'' writer, and later a liberal political commentator, Al Franken is now a ''U.S. Senator''.
  547. * [[MissedMomentOfAwesome Almost happened to Israel]], as they once offered the office of president to ''AlbertEinstein''.
  549. [[/folder]]
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