Thiephantom x Knightcraft C + Flamy 2yung4Dead Alewives

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  1. [01:18:12] <Giantwood> It is pitch dark.  You are likely to be eaten by a scuttlebug.  What do you do?
  2. [01:19:09] <Flamy> Roll to the side, pick up Phantom, and get out with super sanic Trickster speeds.
  3. [01:20:30] * Flamy is now known as Phantom_Thief_Edwin
  4. [01:20:30] <Giantwood> You have escaped, and have now entered the door to the north.  The pungent stench of mildew emanates from the wet dungeon walls.
  5. [01:20:36] <Giantwood> Where're the cheetos?
  6. [01:20:45] <Giantwood> They're right next to you
  7. [01:20:51] <Giantwood> Where's the mountain dew?
  8. [01:20:54] <Giantwood> In the fridge, duh
  9. [01:20:57] <Giantwood> I WANNA CAST A SPELL
  10. [01:20:58] <Giantwood> etc
  11. [01:22:14] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "I feel that maybe, just maybe, that I am perhaps not in Acaiah right now," Edwin muses to himself, glancing about while idly twirling Phantom☆. "Ah well."
  12. [01:23:29] <Giantwood> Okay but ACTUALLY what do you do, going to talk to spinchan?
  13. [01:24:04] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Yeah, pretty much.
  14. [01:24:37] <Giantwood> wow i can still ride a boat while carrying a heavier boat
  15. [01:24:41] <Giantwood> 23 years and nothing has changed
  16. [01:24:47] <Giantwood> ok now that that's done, i can pay attention
  17. [01:24:51] <Giantwood> LET'S SEE
  18. [01:24:57] * Giantwood is now known as Spinel
  19. [01:25:00] <Spinel> actual best girl inc
  20. [01:25:08] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> ayyyy
  21. [01:27:29] <Spinel> This gives me a good excuse to go into detail about what your travel situation is like: See, you have giant robots, right?  And smaller giant robots that were even more government secret than the other ones?  Well, most of these people piloted the latter, meaning, they carry their supplies ON the robots.  While still hiding them from the public eye by taking routes through like, otherwise-impassable mountains and shit.  But now you've made camp in the middle of nowhere, and there are no enemies nearby so the giant robots are more-or-less out in the open, covered by maybe a few trees or something.  And you see some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity things, like, 'giant robots holding up tents with their arms' and 'dinner parties where everybody sits on the shoulders of a giant robot and uses its head like a table.'  Shit is unreal, I'm not even kidding you, there needs to be an anime about this.
  22. [01:28:38] <Spinel> ... But more importantly, the Easter Cavs still have their horses and I'm not even going to bother explaining how those were transported with the robots being a thing, I'll leave it up to your imagination.  And now that they're all together, they share a tent.  Which is maybe as gay as it sounds?  But what I'm actually implying is that they hang out and eat lunch together in there, get your mind out of the gutter.
  23. [01:29:19] <Spinel> But you're able to find the local blacksmith basically guffawing (and maybe drinking) in there at basically any time, and the other two give you space.  Because it may be ~customer stuff~ or something.
  24. [01:29:19] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> I do most certainly agree. I elect that we call it "Noble Slayer Dracobuster" or something. Also, maybe there were Sentinels for the horses? Is Mobile Trace even a thing in this day and age?
  25. [01:30:58] <Spinel> I was just kinda imagining that the horses are well-trained and followed along, or maybe there were nameless soldiers caring for them for a while, or something.  But yeah, could be, that sounds like something fitting to this campaign.
  26. [01:33:24] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> An ode to Soldier A, B, and C, then. "Spinel! I'd... like to talk with you." Edwin casually enters the tent, since there's no real doors to knock on/unlock with these.
  27. [01:35:21] <Spinel> "Hiya!"  Spinel swivels around on her- where did they get chairs like that?  Why did they bring chairs with them in the FIRST place?  Either way, she waves off the other two who continue playing a card game in the background.  Sapphire is losing hardcore and you can basically feel the frustration in the air while Citrine giggles innocently at her.  Spinny continues, "What's up?  Need somethin' forged?"
  28. [01:36:26] <Spinel> It's also worth mentioning that none of them are wearing their armor, but that's probably a common sight by now since their armor is really heavy.  In fact, in the arc while you were in Rolantia, they basically NEVER wore armor and one of them wore lazy peasant garments and the other one dressed somewhat classy.  I'll just let you guess which one was which.
  29. [01:41:48] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "I... well, no. Actually, I'd like to um, have you examine a weapon," Edwin then presents Phantom☆ to the Craftknight. "I thought someone with your expertise would be able to tell me more about the weapon."
  30. [01:44:04] <Spinel> "Oh!  Yeah, sure, sec.  Sapphy!  Gimme the thing?"  She shouts out halfassedly.  "What thing?" Sapphire responds, as if on cue.  Spinel spins (get it?) around, anger evident on her face, to see her partner already holding her magnifying glass and grinning.  With a groan she grabs it and gets to work, handing the weapon with care (that means gloves) and spinning (damn i'm on a roll today) it around to look at every side.
  31. [01:44:53] <Spinel> "Uhhhhhhhh so can I ask where exactly you got this?"  Spinel finally speaks after a moment, perplexed.
  32. [01:46:19] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "A manakete named Ii... ki gave it to me after I had... recovered her dragonstone. Why do you ask?" Casually tilts head, though even he knew there was something special about this weapon.
  33. [01:49:05] <Spinel> "Oh!"  Her eyes and face light up.  "The dragon-guys!  Okay, that 'splains it, because there's no way this thing didn't have dragons SOME kind of involved.  Y'see... Okay, first of all, you know wizards, yeah?  Like, they cast spells?"  Spinny puts a finger to her chin, trying to come up with a good way to explain it while Citrine waves in the background.  She continues, "Magic weapons, they're kind of like wizards.  But instead of casting the spells because they don't actually have brains, it's like, you telling them to cast the spell and they're just kinda like 'oh okay sure I'll do that,' following me here?"
  34. [01:50:37] <Spinel> "This one kinda gets around that whole thing and automatically casts spells on its wielder depending on stuff that's happening.  Which is a kinda 'gotta see to believe' thing, y'know?  Master Grav mentioned stuff like this existed, but... DAMN.  Hehehe... okay, so whaddaya want, a rundown of what it does?  Need me to try to temper it?  No promises it won't explode on that one, though."
  35. [01:50:46] <Spinel> "... Actually I'd be better off promising that it WOULD explode."
  36. [01:51:35] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Best not to chance anything right now! He might need that later. "No no, nothing like that. Just... a rundown would suffice, Spinel."
  37. [01:55:38] <Spinel> "Gotcha!  So um... you know those spooky guys we're with?  The ones who go through walls and wear masks sometimes?  It er..."  She squints at the knife, as if making sure her observation is correct, but continues anyway, "Well, it kinda makes you like that, but only when you're in contact with someone while you're holding it.  So basically... you go through people?  Seems like it's just people though, dunno if it'd work on walls and I wouldn't wanna try it because you might get stuck and end up living the rest of your life as half-man half-wall.  We'd call you 'Edwall.'  ... Or it could just not do anything."
  38. [01:57:34] <Spinel> "Oh, and it um... accelerates your... uh... ok I'm not the one to give you science-y longwords.  But it kinda gives you more stamina so you can move faster, or something?  Not really sure how that one works, but this is defs some dragon-craftwork because I have NO clue what kinda minerals this thing is even made with.  Maybe it's from space?  Ooh, maybe it was made out of a meteor?"
  39. [01:58:31] <Spinel> "Er.... right.  Got carried away there.  Um, the only other thing you'd need to know is that it's REALLY sharp.  So don't do the 'run your finger along it to see if it's sharp' thing, because you'll be spurting blood all over the tent walls and it'll be hell to clean up."
  40. [01:59:28] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Edwin has a little chuckle at the Edwall bit. "So I'm able to dart through enemy lines, and perhaps attack an important person, or- oh okay gotcha yeah I tried it on a guy he kinda hurted- better yet, open chests. Behind their back."
  41. [02:00:59] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> so wait could edwin do a getter razor with Phantom☆
  42. [02:01:01] <Spinel> "Yeah, that seems to be the idea.  Guess whoever made it really wanted to steal stuff?  Or maybe it's for assassinatin', I dunno."
  43. [02:03:11] <Spinel> and i dunno you tell me
  44. [02:03:43] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "According to Iiki, its name was... Phantom," That must be why! Probably! Maybe! Maybe not! Either way, this was an insightful conversation. "But... Assassination, thievery, evasion... I'll do whatever it takes to bring peace back to Cylea."
  45. [02:04:33] <Spinel> "Yeah," she nods, "You're SUPER lucky to even SEE something like that, much less, y'know, be wielding it.  Take care of it, and if you ever need it maintained, hit me up, 'kay?"
  46. [02:08:14] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Will do, Spinel! And you can count on me, too, on patching you up on the field," The trickster gives Spinny a confident smile. Even if Citrine could already do it, anyways.
  47. [02:09:11] <Spinel> "Ah!  Yeah."  She chuckles goofily.  "Too bad I'm too pro to ever get hit, eh."
  48. [02:09:41] <Spinel> As soon as she turns back to the others, Sapphire goes "I'LL SHOW YOU TOO PRO TO GET HIT" and then they start wrestling.
  49. [02:09:50] <Spinel> and the rest of that is stuff i'll write in its own smut pastebin later
  50. [02:10:33] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> amazing
  51. [02:10:41] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> so, /C?
  52. [02:10:56] <Spinel> Yeah, I suppose it would be
  53. [02:10:58] <Spinel> damn that was short
  54. [02:10:58] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> > Spinel and Edwin have attained a Support Rank of C!
  55. [02:11:27] <Vena> like edwin's--
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