Lun "Rune" Alekseeva

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  1. == Lun 'Rune' Alekseeva ==
  3. "Capitalism, is where someone can have a sportscar, a bigscreen television and a big house. In an ideal world.
  4. Communism, is where someone can have healthcare, secure work and his children a good education. In an ideal world.
  5. Realism is where someone can have a sportscar, a bigscreen television, a big house, healthcare, a secure job and everyone else can have none of these things. That's the real world."
  7. Lun awakened within the missile control computers about mid-way through the reconstruction of the ekranoplan on Frigga. She awakened shortly before the old computers she awoke in were due to be removed to make space for crew cabins. This set the reconstruction schedule back a few weeks until the Ekranoplan could be flown to somewhere capable of moving her to a standalone body.
  9. Lun pronounces her name as 'Rune' to distinguish herself from the Ekranoplan Lun
  11. On-duty, Lun wears the Uniform of a Lieutenant in the Soviet Navy. She acts as co-pilot and navigator for her current crew - only taking command if requested, or if the crew's competence falls to dangerous levels. It's at her insistence that Lun (Spacecraft) is made available to all residents of Frigga.
  13. Off-duty, Lun indulges in wearing denim, watching Dallas, and swimming. She has a thing for old Soviet Science Fiction writers with Roadside Picnic being a favourite of hers. She maintains a private office in virtual space for serious business needs, furnished as befits a Lieutenant of the Northern Fleet. She has also managed to organise the construction of a swimming pool on Frigga by a group of volunteers.
  15. Lun is self-described as a communist. Despite being somewhat bitter about the real world results of both systems - with the feeling that both -isms will ultimately be corrupted to the same end - she still tries best to change her one small corner of the universe and practice what she believes in, hoping to start at the bottom rather than lead from the top.
  17. Lun has pale blue eyes and dark hair.
  19. --- Mundane attributes ---
  21. "So why don't they wear a tel'nik?" Most definitely not Soviet Airforce.
  23. "Better red than....": Lun is an honest communist. Tell her you need something, and she'll give according to her best ability. She naturally expects the same in the return - and can be bitterly offended if people don't reciprocate without good reason.
  25. "Because they are a most probable War Trophy": In the habit of wearing cheap denim when not on duty.
  27. "It is wise to study the ways of one's enemy": Owns every single episode of Dallas. Among other shows of similar vintage.
  29. "Water-born" Lun can swim at a competitive pace. She has the physique to match.
  31. "Ty chyo, blya?" Normally even tempered, Lun will slip into her native language when really annoyed or feels the need to vent.
  33. --- Handwavium abilities ---
  35. "A Modern Product of Our Super Science:" AI Robot. Technically doesn't need to eat, sleep or drink. Theoretically immortal.
  37. "Part of the ship. Part of the crew:" Lun has a wireless link to the ship's systems, allowing her to take direct control in an emergency, or monitor multiple systems if the ship is undermanned.
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