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Sep 22nd, 2016
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  1. …Accessing //F: 008…
  2. 開始時
  4. [Tonight I am very disappointed. I’m severely doubting my decision to keep Zaiek around. It is obvious that he’s still a boy, even at 20. Here is how it went:
  6. Having the captured man in front of him, I pointed my pistol right at him. He very well knew his fate and begged for his life, though he was incapable of screaming as I beat his jaw in first. I wanted Zaiek to lose respect for this person—I mean this unspoken respect he seems to have with strangers or anyone. It’s an odd trait he has. He can clearly push people, but cannot shove. And he can hurt people, but not kill them. I glanced at him and he was fidgety with his arms. Crossing and uncrossing them. I think he was anticipating me to murder this man. But this is where he needed to learn on his own.
  8. No living being deserves respect when the line of work is involved. Considerations? That is just a man-made construct. You live to kill, and you kill to live.
  10. I handed the gun to Zaiek after a few minutes and told him “Here.”
  12. Zaiek looked back at me and gave off a nervous chuckle while nodding his head and shrugging his shoulders. His fingers weren’t really gripping the gun and it began slipping while he told me “Come on, you’re joking aren’t you? You’re joking, aren’t you? You know I don’t like guns.”
  14. I was dead serious. I did not find anything entertaining about this.
  16. “If you want to stay with Black Talon and win that precious money you so want, you’ll have to show us you have the cold blood we have, Zaiek.”
  18. Zaiek pointed his hands at the man lying on the floor and said “What do you want me to do, huh? Punch his jaw in a little more and beat him up?”
  20. “No.”
  22. I finally wrapped my fingers around his and tightened his grip on the gun, finally letting it go. I had to grab him by the chin so that he looked at me. “Kill him.”
  24. The captured man clearly panicked and nodded at Zaiek as the two stared each other down. The Nekuna looked like he was in a state of disbelief, so I had to remind him again: “Kill him…Kill him!”
  26. He looked at the gun and then looked at me. What nerve, I thought, when he answered “No.”
  28. “I don’t…--"
  30. “I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you.”
  32. “Kill him! Point at him and shoot! Shoot! Pull the trigger and shoot him!”
  34. Zaiek was clearly getting more nervous with the yelling. I’ll admit I was a bit…loud there. But it did the trick. He pointed the gun at the man while gritting his teeth. Again, his hands were shaking as his charming and sparkling jade eyes of his were squinting.
  36. “Come on, shoot. We don’t have much time…Don’t think so much and do it already!”
  38. But he kept shaking.
  40. “Shut up! I don’t want to….I can’t!” he yelled back at me and lowered the gun. I had enough right there, I swear. My impatience and rage was boiling while I snatched the gun away from Zaiek. It was made worse when the captured man began begging for his life by telling us that he had a sick mother. You know, /those lies./ I honestly found that funny and infuriating. So I kicked the man and began to laugh. The other armed men that came with Zaiek and I began laughing too, and for some reason Zaiek angrily shoved my shoulder and then began chuckling with frustration, going: “Bastard! Was it a joke?! Huagh! And here I was believing it!”
  42. I stopped laughing at that point and pointed the weapon at him. He began growing serious. “Lian(Yes, that is my name), come on. Heheh…the gun…you’re…its pointing at me…heheh..” After that I got close to him and immediately shot the captured man besides us dead. Zaiek clearly had nothing to say afterwards.
  44. “Stand down and go home. You’ll be escorted.”
  46. I had to finish the job off myself. I’ll have to push Zaiek much further now so that next time I give him an order, he’ll do it without hesitation.]
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