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  1. Tetrim walked out of his house after boxing with his mother for a bit. The boy sighed, before sitting down in the farm, laying on the grass while staring up, thinking about a way to get stronger, a method to become powerful without training. You might be asking why? Simple enough, he's just lazy to not do any proper training, and lacks off it a lot. In his head, having the ability to manipulate your own muscles is more than enough, though that is definitely wrong.
  3. The boy scratched his chin, flashbacks of past events surged through him. His 'rival' has been training with Shallot, and was stronger than him in his prime, despite being the same age, and being a Super Saiyan. Tetrim had made sure that the next time he saw him, he'd win that re-match.
  5. Thing is, he can't win no fights by simply slacking off, again.
  7. Training, training, training, TRAINING! That word just kept constantly repeating itself doesn't matter how much he tried to avoid it...
  10. ...But what if, that was actually what he needed to do? What if he just tried hard enough?
  12. The boy got up, nodding to himself while having a 'proud' stance.
  14. "Mhm, mhm, today, i'll begin training hard! Hopefully."
  16. He turned to the side and CONVENIENTLY found a weighted Cape, which is in fact, much better than his wristbands! What a find!
  18. After settling it down and wearing the heavy cape, Tetrim begun planning what he'd do. With a finger-snap, the boy turned towards the whole house.
  20. Pupils engaging a green tone, hair wildly turning spikier, he'd burst into a Super Saiyan, and to add more to the job, he'd ascend further by increasing his muscle mass to its limit, giving him even more... Additional? Weight to practice with. He'd stomp the floor to get a head-start and begin running in circles around his house as fast as he could. Three, four, five laps already done. The meta here was a HUNDRED!
  22. Ten, twelve...
  24. Time didn't wait, and definitely ran faster than him. That's cheating!
  25. Either way, after doing around fifty, he was already on his knees, crawling because of how much effort was put in that. But he didn't give up, and that's dumb, you should definitely quit right now but he didn't, and continued onward.
  27. Sixteen... The boy was screaming his guts out because of how his body was being forced.
  29. - "RAAGH, COME OON! JUST A LITTLE BIT MOOOREEE!", followed by some gibberish. He was topping and losing balance as he ran, heavily breathing in and out, sweating to the point it looked like he took a bath...
  31. Surprisingly, his back didn't snap from all this weight. His Super Saiyan state was barely sustaining itself, either, flashing black and yellow constantly.
  33. Tetrim shook his head, and gritted his teeth, groaning; "I'll show them, i'll show them i can do better!"
  35. Eighteen, nineteen...
  37. ...After ninety-nine laps, the boy was on the verge of completing his meta, but he forced his body so much, he actually automatically lost control over his brain and faceplanted on the floor, staring at around two centimeters left to complete the last lap, Super Saiyan Form faded back to black, but his muscle mass remained the same probably because he had no control over his body. Tetrim just let out a big groan, since he couldn't talk at all.
  39. Oh well, so close yet so far. And that's just day one of the exact same training routine.
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