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Nov 3rd, 2019
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  1. You don't get it, and that's fine, but if any other company manged to ^pull^this^off? Like ^Microsoft? It'd be ^millions, ^billions dead. No ^hope. Pray to ^God and hope for a ^swift and ^!painless~~HE COMES!~~ end. Apple pulls this crap in 5^3 minutes, and it could be ~hel~l. But you ?`want me` to be a calm sheep and don't want me to see The **Cthulhu** level ~~extinction/~~honeymoo~~ event/eldritch abomination you've just unleashed unto the world. It feeds, and no amount of fast shoes, fast vehicle, or crazy driving/piloting/flying faster from the *Eye of Terror* can escape the behemoth. It wants your *soul*, your *eyes, you *can't escape*. And to the **only** sane person around such a beast that causes divine *madness* us such an exquisite pain. I won't allow. I escape. May **That Which Is** have mercy upon those it bore unto this ~~Hellscape~~, Breach of the **Void** Mouth. 🦊
  3. Apple could stop it. They didn't even tell people. Trains, planes, automobiles, stuff falling from the sky. Cats and dogs living together. Mass Hysteria, and only the ~~_Ghost__busters__~~ can stop it. #whoyagonna**call~~__~~**? 👻
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