You Wouldn't Pirate LESBIANS (Fuck You I Would If I Could)

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  1. [18:45:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's the day before the MIB came to your house, and you're off doing pretty normal stuff at your house.  The sky outside is overcast, and its been raining pretty hard today.
  2. [18:46:21] <Med> Is anyone else over, or am I aloonnnee?
  3. [18:50:47] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Gwen and Amelia are both at school, not the same school mind you, since Gwen's teaching kindergarteners and Amelia's at High School, just started her second year.
  4. [18:51:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Andrew JUST LEFT for the thing he wouldn't be back from the next day.
  5. [18:52:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> So you are, in fact, alone.
  6. [18:52:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> What
  7. [18:52:34] <~Aori_Radidjiu> will
  8. [18:52:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> you
  9. [18:52:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> do
  10. [18:52:36] <Med> Have goodbyes already been administered to all friends, except for the one that already left (to become a pokemon master and all that, y'know, boring standard stuff)
  11. [18:53:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You got James, since he's leaving soon, but you haven't gotten Lucine yet, as she's uh, not really going anywhere.
  12. [18:54:24] <Med> Well shit, looks like I have to do that soon...
  13. [18:54:45] <Med> or Med does. am I doing this in third person or third. decisions
  14. [18:55:39] * Med looks for her cell phone. maybe they can go hang out or something!
  15. [18:55:50] * Med tries calling Lucine~
  16. [18:56:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Riiiiing, riiiiiing, riiiiing, click.  "Hello?"  Definitely her.
  17. [18:57:47] <Med> "Hey! Wanna hang out?"
  18. [18:58:55] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Sure!  Where you wa- -et up?"  The storm seems to be interfering with your connection a bit.
  19. [19:01:52] <Med> "Huh?" It took Med a few seconds to figure out what that was supposed to be.
  20. [19:02:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Oh, so- -aid that I wan- -ow where you wa- - meet up!  Th- -rm sucks!"
  21. [19:04:03] <Med> was there a super convenient and awesome mall or department store or something that they could meet up at?
  22. [19:07:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Of course there is!  There's the Meowth Mall not too far away, you've hung out there a few times!
  23. [19:08:43] <Med> "We could go to the mall... or if you wanna come over, there's like, no one home yet."
  24. [19:09:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Come over?  S- - over in a - -kay?"
  25. [19:09:59] <Med> "Huh?"
  26. [19:11:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I - - I'll be over - - so be ex- - me, all right?"
  27. [19:13:31] <Med> "I think it's getting worse! Are you coming over?"
  28. [19:14:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's no response, and it's pretty easy to realize that the call just got completely dropped.
  29. [19:17:04] <Med> "What the heck!" is it even raining? She looks out a window to check. She was probably in her room.
  30. [19:18:21] <Med> A few years ago, she had to share it with her older sister, but now her older sister lived in some apartment complex. it's not that she didn't know where it was - she just didn't remember what it was called (maybe if someone mentioned it, she'd be like, hey! my sister lives there! but there was no chance she could tell you if you just sort of asked her)
  31. [19:18:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's pouring.  It's raining so hard that it's difficult to see anything outside, the rain's coming down so hard that it's obscuring your vision of the outside.
  32. [19:18:51] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a FLASH and then a loud bolt of thunder.
  33. [19:19:19] <Med> She wasn't really thinking about that right now, though. She was too busy being miffed at the weather.
  34. [19:22:42] <Med> She thought to herself that it'd be convenient if she could control the weather. "Maybe someday, I'll find a pokemon that can control you, and maybe I'll capture it," she said. The pokemon that she already had probably weren't too far - she let them out of their pokeballs when she was at home for any length of time.
  35. [19:23:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Fluffers is taking a nap on the bed.
  36. [19:23:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You dunno' what Knives and McMillions are doing, though.
  37. [19:23:32] <Med> Fluffers was adorable. that was a ok in her book.
  38. [19:24:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Maybe you should go check out what the others are doing?
  39. [19:25:41] * Med was still pretty annoyed that the weather ruined her phone call, but hindsight tells her that Luc is probably, in fact, coming over, so it's hard to stay too mad at a force of nature she had absolutely no power over.
  40. [19:26:34] <Med> so, she did in fact decide to go check out what McMillions and Knives were up to, having not much else to do!
  41. [19:30:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You first find Knives!  He's in the kitchen, sharpening...all of the...knives.  You sometimes have to wonder if he has some brilliantly ironic sense of human or if he's a complete idiot.
  42. [19:30:31] * Med was pretty sure it was both.
  43. [19:32:28] <Med> "I, well..." [Just don't damage them, okay?] She patted her dear Knives on the head. Being telepathic made it shit tons easier to communicate with pokemon.
  44. [19:33:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He nods and continues making sure that every knife is of perfect sharpness.  Except the butter knives.  He's given up on those.
  45. [19:34:39] * Med let her knifemon improve the inferior, non-knifemon knives, and went off to figure out what her crazy birdmon was up to.
  46. [19:35:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> McMillions is in the living room, perched on the top of the couch that's near the front window.
  47. [19:37:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The blinds are drawn juuust enough to give him a perfect view of the rain falling down before her.  She gets like this in storms, it's like she's expecting something shady to happen and wants to see it happen the second it happens.  Maybe.
  48. [19:38:43] <Med> yeah i never actually rolled for pokemon genders
  49. [19:38:45] <Med> want me to go do that now
  50. [19:40:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> If you wish, but I just gave them genders, isn't that random? 8D
  51. [19:40:17] <Med> but you gave mcmillions two genders
  52. [19:40:21] <Med> isnt that a little op
  53. [19:40:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Fuck I did
  54. [19:40:38] <~Aori_Radidjiu> I thought I got rid of the "he's" and "hims" and replaced them with "she's
  55. [19:40:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu>  but I didn't
  56. [19:40:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> roll.
  57. [19:40:51] <Med> (i am ok with knives being a boy though, i will take that result)
  58. [19:41:06] <Med> 1d100 is mcmillions actually a girl!?
  59. [19:41:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, is mcmillions actually a girl!?: 37 [1d100=37]
  60. [19:41:54] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Male is higher percentage, Murkrow are 50/50, so yeah.
  61. [19:42:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Go roll for Fluffers~
  62. [19:42:02] <Med> ok, i wasn't sure which was which side >_>
  63. [19:42:10] <Med> 1d100 is fluffers actually a dorable?!
  64. [19:42:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, is fluffers actually a dorable?!: 60 [1d100=60]
  65. [19:42:19] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Male.
  66. [19:42:21] <Med> the answer is yes. also he's a boy.
  67. [19:42:56] <Med> it has been transcribed
  68. [19:44:46] * Med pets the birdmon in a way a birdmon would be pet, if a birdmon were staring out the window at the rain.
  69. [19:45:41] <Med> [Do you want the blinds up?] She asks it. none of her pokemon were psychic, but they were probably used to her being psychic. Especially McMillions and Knives. she's had those two for forever now, practically.
  70. [19:47:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She turns her head juuuust enough for you to see one of her eyes before answering.  "Krow."  [I'd appreciate it.]
  71. [19:50:01] <Med> [Alright,] she went over to pull up one of the blinds for her dear McMillions. [I think one of my friends (Lucine) is coming over, so you'll get to see them coming this way.]
  72. [19:53:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> [I'll look forward to it.] She nods.
  73. [19:55:04] <Med> Bird mentality was a little strange sometimes, but McMillions was one of the ones that made Med appreciate it!
  74. [19:55:30] <Med> And besides, sometimes, it felt like human mentality was even stranger.
  75. [19:57:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's another flash of light, and then a LOUD crack of thunder.  McMillions squawks out a "Krow!", flapping her wings once, and you now can see someone approaching your house with an umbrella.
  76. [19:59:57] <Med> That must be Luc, Med thought to herself, although she did try to get a better look before rushing over to the door to open it for her friend, but, well...
  77. [19:59:59] <Med> 1d6+1 lol perception
  78. [20:00:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, lol perception: 3 [1d6=2]
  79. [20:00:09] <Med> ~Med~
  80. [20:03:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Knockno- you open the door, right in the middle of Lucine knocking, although it'd be silly for her to hit you with a knock.  So she's just left with a whiffknock.  "Hi!"  She's got a pink raincoat on, and her umbrella matches it, pink with a Politoed head on one side of it.
  81. [20:08:53] <Med> "Hi! Come in!" Med said, moving to the side to let the RAIN WEARY LASS out of the rain.
  82. [20:13:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She comes in, shaking her umbrella out and taking off the raincoat, revealing the white camisole and jean skirt she's got on.  "It's pretty awful out there!  Haven't gotten this bad of a storm in a while, have we?"   She rustles her auburn hair a bit, some water droplets flicking off. "So!  How's it going today?"
  83. [20:21:14] <Med> "Yeah... it makes it a little hard to, well... do anything!" Med was dressed for not-leaving-the-house. If she saw Prof. Maxwell before he left, she probably put on shorts or something. She also had one of the Counter Detect t-shirts that she and Luc designed a whiiiiiiiiiile ago (probably a whole year ago!)
  84. [20:22:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Depends on how late you got up, he might've left before you got up~
  85. [20:22:08] <Med> "I'm all packed and stuff, and now it feels like there's nothing left to do but wait." There was a 0% chance that Luc didn't find out about the letter thing ten minutes after Med got it.
  86. [20:25:03] <Med> Med probably gets up reasonably early for someone who doesn't actually have any reason to get up reasonably early, but it's still probably a couple of hours later than she did when she had school.
  87. [20:26:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She nods.  "That's gotta' suck!  Wanna' do something, then?  Got any vidya games you've been wanting to play or anything?  Maybe a practice routine?"  Yeah, he probably left before you got up, then!
  88. [20:30:43] <Med> then she's probably in a tshirt and underwear, oh no! (she's probably worn more embarassing things than that in public/on stage for the sake of cosplay though, so it's probably like, whatever to her)
  89. [20:32:45] <Med> "Video games," Med thinks. she totally plays those, but it's hard to afford video games when you're busy being HALF EVERYTHING, so she almost never has anything new or recent of her own, but maybe Amy had something...
  90. [20:32:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She plops down on the couch, stretching a little. "So the fashion of the day is pantsu?  Interesting choice, Med~."
  91. [20:36:36] <Med> "Amy might have something- and hey! All my stuff is packed away, and I kind of... things didn't... nothing's sorted!" T_T
  92. [20:40:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Gwen's gonna' assume you were expecting a boy over or something goofy like that if you dress like that, y'know!  Or maybe that we're not just friends~.  I swear that woman is going to just 'accidentally' hook you up with someone some day, good thing you're not sticking around here."  She's got the goofiest smile on her face right now.
  93. [20:43:46] <Med> "If she picks anyone awful, can we go with the 'not just friends' one? We could totally become famous that way, too." the lesbian class isn't big enough to fit med D:
  94. [20:48:46] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "A duo of Lesbian musicians?  Oooooh, that'd be pretty cool, we'd be like, Lady Klinklang, they'd start speculating whether we're actually females or if one of us were a shemale!  Or something weird like that."  She flips around, laying on her belly on the upward part of the couch so that her head is juuuust above the couch, looking outside, alongside McMillions, who continues her vigilant
  95. [20:48:46] <~Aori_Radidjiu> watch.
  96. [20:50:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "I bet that all we'd have to do to get crowds going wild is make eyes at each other onstage, or maybe I put my hand on your face and gently stroke?  Or, hm...what do you think would be most tantalizing for that kind of act anyway, without going too far?"
  97. [20:51:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She's brought her hands up onto the top of the couch, folding them and resting her chin on them as she looks outside.
  98. [20:53:39] * Med found a place to sit down and give the matter some serious thought.
  99. [20:54:10] <Med> "Well, you could, like... kiss on stage and stuff, but if you wanted it to be tantalizing, it's not what you do, but how you do it."
  100. [20:57:15] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Hmmmmm..."  She flips around again to face you.  "So, would we have to make kissing just right part of our practice routine?  Would we need to get like, a team of ten judges to rate how sexy our kissing is?"
  101. [21:00:34] <Med> "Well, it'd be like whatever they do when actors have to kiss in movies. They probably have directors and stuff help plan it. Anyway, though, timing's important too - if we just sort of do it whenever, we'd become the kissing duo or something weird like that, and it'd be like, no big deal!"
  102. [21:01:47] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She tilts her head, finger to her mouth.  "So would we do it after songs?  Would we do it right before the concert ends?  Hmmm..."
  103. [21:02:57] <Med> "Before our best song," Med says decisively. "As part of the introduction."
  104. [21:03:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She gives you a thumbs up.  "Not bad!  Not bad at all, it'd make the best song even better!"
  105. [21:04:37] <Med> "Yeah, and the song'd make our kiss better too - it'd be awesome!"
  106. [21:05:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She takes a deep breath, and then exhales, her head tilted down.  "Too bad you're gonna' leave soon."
  107. [21:08:35] <Med> "Yeah..." Med looked up at the ceiling. Somehow, it felt a little less bad saying bye when it was the other person leaving - like, they were going to go out and accomplish their dreams, and even though you felt kinda sad you wouldn't see them as much, you couldn't help but root for them too.
  108. [21:08:48] <Med> When you were the one leaving, though, it kinda just felt like you were abandoning them!
  109. [21:11:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's another "KROW!" from McMillions, followed shortly by Amy coming in through the door.  She stares at you briefly, then pulls out a red sign that has "LEWD" on it in white letters from her pocket for you to see, before walking straight up to her room.
  110. [21:12:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> *jacket pocket, that is
  111. [21:14:10] * Med totes sticks her tongue out at Amy as she leaves.
  112. [21:17:00] * Med also totes pets McMillions for being a good little warning sign birdy, if she happens to be sitting within petting reach of the birdmon.
  113. [21:17:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Petpet.  She doesn't show any outward reaction, but her thoughts seem to indicate she likes it~
  114. [21:20:24] <Med> "I have a feeling Amy won't let us borrow one of her games... is there anything else you wanna do? I think we have board games somewhere."
  115. [21:22:04] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Gwen won't be over for at least two hours, she stays after for a while to help out with student clubs and things like that
  116. [21:23:06] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And yes, Elementary schools have clubs.  Of course they have clubs.
  117. [21:24:02] <Med> ((even though you originally said it was kindergarteners))
  118. [21:24:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Iunno'.  Maybe we could intimidate Amy into giving one of them by practicing our fake lesbianism.  Or something like that.  Hmmm..."
  119. [21:24:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (>implying they don't have schools where kindergarten and elementary school are done in the same school)
  120. [21:28:10] <Med> "Mayybee... there's a realistic chance she'll just take a picture of it or something to blackmail us with later, when we're rich and famous, but it'll probably eventually work if we try hard enough!"
  121. [21:28:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "You game, then?"
  122. [21:31:14] <Med> "Sure!"
  123. [21:33:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Lead the way, then, darling~."
  124. [21:33:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She gets up from the couch, grinning.
  125. [21:35:36] <Med> "Sure thing~," Med got up, took her fake lesbian lover's hand, and walked off to Amelia's room.
  126. [21:38:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You walk upstairs to Amy's room, her door thankfully not having a lock.  Gwen knows she'd go full-on hiki if Amelia had a lock.  Or at least suspects it.  Amy's on her bed, wrapped in a blanket, her hair still a bit wet, it looks like she's stripped down a bit to avoid going too hot (and presumably because her clothes are soaked), playing a game where she's some Blaziken beating up HOARDS
  127. [21:38:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> AND HOARDS of enemies, you think this is one of those Dynasty Starters games?
  128. [21:39:22] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The second you two walk in she gives the most neutral stare at the two of you.  "What?"
  129. [21:43:01] <Med> "We were wondering..." Med begins, wrapping her arm around Luc's arm all cutesy-like. except they're like bestfriends or something like that, so something like THAT probably isnt all that unusual, but Med stops there, trying to indicate that it's now Lucine's turn!
  130. [21:45:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She moves her hand down to  your hip, slowly for dramatics, as she delivers her part of the line.  "If you would let us borrow..."  Her hand pushes down ever so slightly down on your pantsu, like she's going to pull them off.  Hopefully that won't be necessary, however~
  131. [21:47:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Appropriate music:
  132. [21:59:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> or if you want something plainer and without talking interrupting it.  Anyway, what lewdities shall you commit next? Amy is grimacing slightly, but she's waiting, and looks like she's ready to fight resolutely.
  133. [21:59:39] <Med> "Something fun for us to play," Med pulls Lucine just a little bit closer to emphasize the word 'us.' Also realizing that telepathy makes choreography shit tons easier, she is like, [Count us down to a kiss!] to Lucine.
  134. [22:01:30] <Med> (this was probably realized a long time ago, actually. there were probably literal plans drawn up for it. it has probably even been executed on stage. thesse are IC parentheses by the way D:< )
  135. [22:01:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Luc's eyes quirk up at Amy, and then she turns to Med, "Besides ourselves!"  And then leans in to you, mouth puckering up for a kissu, hand shifting to your behind as she draws you in~.  Amy watches this trainwreck in horror.
  136. [22:05:26] * Med totally kisses Luc, why would she not. the bigger question is whether tongues get involved. 1,1the answer is probably yes.
  137. [22:06:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's tongue in there all right, in fact, Luc totally thinks at you [Leave your tongue hanging out when we pull out!].  When the two of you do, there's a single strand of saliva between you two for a second, and then it snaps.  Now that you're done, you see that Amy has a "TOO LEWD" sign in one hand and a game box in another.  Victory.
  138. [22:07:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She has the sign covering her eyes.
  139. [22:10:56] <Med> "Victory!" Med takes the game, trying not to laugh her ass off that the ploy actually worked.
  140. [22:13:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Ironically, she's the one in her skivvies, since her clothes were too soaked.  Actually, Luc is a bit wet too, now that you've HAD YOUR HANDS ALL OVER HER, although she's dried a bit since getting inside.  You two walk off, to play Dynasty Starters 8
  141. [22:13:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Which has great co-op multiplayer btw
  142. [22:15:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Luc gives Amelia some condolences before following off with you, giving the poor girl a hug and telling her you're not really lesbians.  Or at least, not officially yet.
  143. [22:16:13] * Med is probably giggling off to the side or something like that while that happens.
  144. [22:17:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Amelia's reply is simply "Get out of my room."  She still had the sign in front of her face, you swear you might've seen a bit of it getting redder, though.
  145. [22:19:51] * Med manages to fit an "okay" or two in with all the giggling she's doing, as she leaves.
  146. [22:22:55] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You and Lucine head off to wherever you have another console, which is either your room or the living room, both giggling madly~
  147. [22:28:27] <Med> after the giggling stops, but before they get TOO INVESTED INTO VIDEO GAMES, Med is like
  148. [22:29:07] <Med> "Ya know, you're still pretty wet... I probably have something you could borrow, if you want!"
  149. [22:31:40] <Med> says Med, the person who probably has enough clothes to cloth an army.
  150. [22:31:59] <Med> an army of people the same general shape and size of Med.
  151. [22:31:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Hmmmm, we could just go in your room and I could let my things dry~"
  152. [22:32:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Besides, I'm a bigger size than you.  For everything."  Fuck Lucine's life.
  153. [22:34:15] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She pinches your arm. "How are you so skinny?"  D:
  154. [22:34:45] <Med> nevermind the fact that they're both small and skinny and small in their pictures D:
  155. [22:35:54] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Med looks skinnier to me, okay?  ;_;
  156. [22:36:32] <Med> "It's hard eating normal food when you live with the cooking goddess." D:
  157. [22:36:39] <Med> "And she never cooks for you." D:
  158. [22:36:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Maybe I could help convince her!"
  159. [22:37:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Roll perception, Med!~
  160. [22:37:38] <Med> 1d6+1 ok i can do this i got this
  161. [22:37:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Med, ok i can do this i got this: 5 [1d6=4]
  162. [22:37:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> As you turn the corner, you notice Knives fleeing for the stairs, maybe he was watching you two?
  163. [22:39:24] <Med> "Huh? Where are you going, Knives?~"
  164. [22:39:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Reading his mind you get [Can'tbeseencan'tbeseengotta'hidemyblackmailphotoscan'tbeseen]
  165. [22:41:05] <Med> [How can you even use a camera, you have sword hands!] Med thinks at it, amused more than anything.
  166. [22:41:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Oh man, you saw Knives?  He's probably up to no good!"
  167. [22:42:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He stops dead, dropping a pinhole box with special handmade handles.  He made...a homemade camera...just for this?
  168. [22:42:46] <Med> the bigger question becomes how did he make a homemade camera
  169. [22:43:13] <Med> "Aha... I think he took pictures of us..."
  170. [22:44:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> A pinhole camera is basically a cardboard box with a liftable strip in front that can reveal and unreveal the film inside to light from a hole in front.  Of course, this means you'd have to develop the film yourself...wait...what.
  171. [22:46:19] * Med just sort of telekinetically grabs the camera, moving it within actual grabbing reach to actually grab it. "While I would normally approve of this sort of cleverness..."
  172. [22:46:42] <Med> "I can't approve of you trying to blackmail my friends, Knives, so I will just have to confiscate it!"
  173. [22:47:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> All you'd have to do to ruin the film would be to smash the box, of course, because any more light past the original picture would ruin the film~
  174. [22:47:24] <Med> and waste a perfectly good promo picture?!
  175. [22:47:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Of course not.
  176. [22:49:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He's staring at you and Luc, not sure whether to be terrified or declare victory.
  177. [22:50:41] <Med> "But if you had enough untapped potential to set something like this up..."
  178. [22:50:52] <Med> "Obviously that means once we're on the ship, I'll need to double your training regiment!"
  179. [22:51:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He perks up, his blades sharpening each other.  You think that's clapping.  Or maybe he's whetting his blades in anticipation.
  180. [22:52:34] <Med> "Anyway, come on, Luc~ Help me move the game stuff to my room."
  181. [22:52:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "All right~!"  And so you two set up and get to playin~
  182. [22:53:19] <Med> Maybe someday, she'll finally be able to best her eternal rival in the world of Pokemon Battling!
  183. [22:53:31] <Med> but that day is not today, because he's busy defeating all the gyms before she can get to them
  184. [22:57:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You play for a while, Luc leaves her clothes to dry up a bit.  It all passes by real fast, and before you know it Gwen's bursting into your room.  "S-so are you two an item now~?"  She's rubbing her hands together, this is juicy
  185. [23:00:38] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Luc waggles her eyebrows at you.  It seems she's letting you answer
  186. [23:00:52] * Med COULD be like YUP and make out with Luc or something and it'd be hilarious but
  187. [23:04:12] <Med> "Luc's my best friend... and... if we started going out now, it'd be like... maybe one or two days, and then it'd be a long distance relationship until who knows when! I dunno if I could do something like that to my best friend." D:
  188. [23:08:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Awwww, that's so sweet~.  I hope you find someone at your new job, though!"
  189. [23:09:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She leaves, giving a wink to the both of you.
  190. [23:11:04] <Med> "Do you want to be an item?" she asks Luc, after she is sure foster mama is a safe distance away. pokegods that med probably doesn't honestly believe in, this suddenly got serious :<
  191. [23:14:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Could we be..."  She pulls out a pair of sunglasses out of your fashionable repertoire and puts it on. "A Full Restore?"
  192. [23:14:47] * Med stares blankly.
  193. [23:14:55] * Med legitimately forgets those are actual things.
  194. [23:15:41] * ~Aori_Radidjiu stares blankly back. "The restorative item." She frowns, now that she's had to explain the joke.
  195. [23:16:37] <Med> "Oh... that!"
  196. [23:16:49] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Oh, Lucine did that.  Not the GM.
  197. [23:16:52] * Aori_Radidjiu is now known as Lucine
  198. [23:20:22] <~Lucine> "More seriously, uh, hm.  I'm not sure, I agree with you that a thing wouldn't be good with you leaving."
  199. [23:22:04] <Med> "I could ask if I can bring people with me, but... it's like... well... I read the letter out to you before it exploded!"
  200. [23:24:55] <~Lucine> She muses over this, her finger on her lips.  "Honestly, if I had to pick anyone in the band to be a thing with, I'd pick Jake, but he cares more about Pokemon than the band, so..."  Frown.  "You're pretty good too, and James is pretty good, but all of you are leaving, so I guess I'll just have to find someone here..."
  201. [23:26:23] <Med> "Ahaha... I used to tell Gwen that James and Jake were my boyfriends... I think she stopped believing me after a while though."
  202. [23:28:33] <~Lucine> "She DOES seem like the type to believe you'd have multiple relationships at once, but...hmmm..."
  203. [23:31:34] <~Lucine> "Tell you what."
  204. [23:31:47] <~Lucine> "We can be a thing if you come back here after you're done with your job, okay?"
  205. [23:34:22] <Med> "Like a... if neither of us find anyone good enough by then type of thing?"
  206. [23:34:30] <~Lucine> "Yeah."
  207. [23:35:12] <Med> "Sure!"
  208. [23:35:42] <~Lucine> "Well then, we have a bright future to look forward to, then~!"
  209. [23:36:54] <Med> "Yeah~"
  210. [23:37:32] * ~Lucine shuts off the console. "Well, I guess I'd better get going now." She starts putting on her drier clothes. "The weather's cleared up a little, dunno' if it'll get any better later!"
  211. [23:37:59] <Med> "You don't wanna stay for dinner? There's an almost reasonable chance the cooking goddess might cook tonight!"
  212. [23:38:17] <~Lucine> "I think she's too traumatized to!"
  213. [23:40:40] <~Lucine> She's got her camisole and jean skirt back on.  "Be sure to write, hun~"  She gives you a little peck on your forehead~
  214. [23:40:47] <Med> "Want me to escort you home, then? I mean, I am the knight of this relationship, since I'm the one going off to war!"
  215. [23:41:32] <~Lucine> "Oh, you have the pants in this relationship?  Well, I guess it makes sense, considering your pantsu!"
  216. [23:41:52] <Med> "I have lots of pants!" she gestures vaguely at all of her packed up clothes.
  217. [23:42:37] <Med> "Besides, you're the fair maiden with the beautiful voice."
  218. [23:43:42] <~Lucine> "Oh my~!  Ara ara~"  She blinks, putting extra effort into her eyelashes fluttering.  "Well, don some pants and you can take me home!"
  219. [23:52:42] <Med> "Do shorts count?" Med says as she looks for appropriate OUTSIDE WEAR.
  220. [23:53:12] <~Lucine> "Sure!"
  221. [23:56:33] * Med puts on the shorts she would have been wearing this entire time if Aori didn't conspire for events to have her instead be in her pantsu.
  222. [23:57:09] <~Lucine> And you head out, in what's now a drizzle, over to Lucine.  The trip is uneventful, mostly, and you get to her house without incident.
  223. [23:58:47] <~Lucine> "All right, I guess this'll be the last time we see each other for a while..."  She has her hands behind her back, swaying slightly in front of her door.  Umbrella is donw on the ground now, the house is nice enough to have a little overhang in front of the door so you're not getting soaked.
  224. [23:59:40] * Med doesn't even know where the fuck her rain coat is, so she totally sticks super close to Lucine under the umbrella on the way there. she's gonna be soaked by the time she gets home!
  225. [00:00:11] <~Lucine> "  You can take my umbrella with you on the way back home, I have extras."
  226. [00:00:23] <Med> "It might be, yeah..."
  227. [00:02:17] <~Lucine> "Well...good bye.  You don't have to return the umbrella!"   She hands it to you and gives you another peck on the forehead.  Awww.
  228. [00:04:26] <Med> "Thanks... wait... if I'm gonna be your knight, I have to do this properly, right?"
  229. [00:04:37] <~Lucine> "Right."  She waits~
  230. [00:05:30] * Med gets down on one knee, grabbing Lucine's hand to kiss it.
  231. [00:05:55] * ~Lucine can't stop giggling goddammit
  232. [00:06:00] <Med> "I'll return soon, my lady, so please be safe 'til I do."
  233. [00:06:26] <~Lucine> "Oh my dear knight, I will wait patiently for you~!"
  234. [00:11:15] <~Lucine> "I will remain safe, so do not worry about me, sir knight~!"
  235. [00:12:18] <Med> "Yeah." Med stands up, sort of awkward, like... now it's time to say bye, and, well... leave!
  236. [00:12:56] <Med> "I'll be sure to write... so, be sure to write back!"
  237. [00:13:22] <~Lucine> "Of course I will!  And maybe call my phone once in a while!"
  238. [00:13:59] <Med> "Of course!"
  239. [00:14:19] <~Lucine> "And now I shall take my leave of good sir knight.  Fare thee well~"
  240. [00:15:12] <~Lucine> She blows a kiss with a wink and starts opening the door to go inside.
  241. [00:15:21] <Med> "Yeah." being terrible at saying good-bye, she remembers how Jake did it, and tries quoting him. "See-ya later."
  242. [00:15:48] <~Lucine> "See-ya later~"  In she goes, waving before closing the door.  Man was that awkward.
  243. [00:16:28] <~Lucine> And now
  244. [00:16:30] <~Lucine> you are left outside
  245. [00:16:38] * Med fails to make a particularly cool looking leave. she just kinda walks back home under her newly acquired umbrella.
  246. [00:16:38] <~Lucine> With the pink umbrella with the Politoed face.
  247. [00:16:51] <~Lucine> </session>
  248. [00:17:07] <~Lucine> You see the sun shining from a part in the clouds as you leave.
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