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  1. import CacheTypes;
  3. // Address Helper Functions
  4. // NOTE: Each of these functions can be implemented with a single line.
  5. // Use the constants logCacheSets and logWordsPerLine, defined in
  6. ////////////////////////////////////////
  8. // Extract the Cache Line Index from a given memory address
  9. function CacheIndex getIndex(Word byteAddress);
  10.     return byteAddress[logWordsPerLine + logCacheSets+1:2+logWordsPerLine]; //TODO Your code here;
  11. endfunction
  13. // Extract the Cache Line Tag from a given memory address
  14. function CacheTag getTag(Word byteAddress);
  15.     return byteAddress[31: 2+logCacheSets + logWordsPerLine]; //TODO Your code here
  16. endfunction
  18. // Extract the Cache Line Word Offset from a given memory address
  19. function WordOffset getWordOffset(Word byteAddress);
  20.     return byteAddress[logWordsPerLine+1:2]; //TODO Your code here
  21. endfunction
  23. //Extract the line address (tag + index) from a given memory address
  24. function LineAddr getLineAddr(Word byteAddress);
  25.     return byteAddress[31:2+logWordsPerLine]; //TODO Your code here
  26. endfunction
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