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  1. Credits
  2. ====
  4. Rabbit Sprites: PixelFarm( Stephen "Redshrike" Challenger
  5.         (sizes of sprites may have been changed in the making of this game)
  6.         License: CC-BY-3.0 9 (
  7. RPG pack sprites (used on water level):
  8.         License: CC0(
  9. Road Tile Textures (used on road level): Created by user 'hc' on
  10.         (sizes of sprites may have been changed, also modified)
  11.         Link:
  12. Car Texture (used on road level): Created by user 'cyanowl' on
  13.         Link:
  14.         License: CC0 (
  15. Spoutnik font: Created by Aquila Quentin
  16.         Link:
  18. Built using the LibGDX library from Badlogic Games. This game was created from July 4th- July 7th for the GDSE Summer Game Jam. All other art, code, sound, and other assets created by Evan Klein, 2014.
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