Strikers '89 Character Sheet

Dec 10th, 2012
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  1. So you've decided you want to dive into the Strike Witches Quest Universe with GhostDivision's popular Top Gun-inspired spin off Strikers '89? Good choice, comrade! But let's face it, this quest has been going since August of 2012 and has, as of this update, 50+ threads. That's a lot of reading- trust me, I've read through it three times myself now. You could archive binge it, but that won't give you the feel for the characters that a more in-depth reading would provide. So, at the request of Anonymous, I've thrown together a character sheet to try and make things easier for new readers. According to Ghost, this also serves as a very basic plot synopsis, I guess. Enjoy!
  3. Note: The exact number of the squadron has been revealed: VF-3. This page will continue to use the AWACS callsign, Spellcaster, as it is a more recognizable handle. Also, as you'll notice, except for a few characters, including the MC, callsigns are widely used instead of proper names.
  5. LAST UPDATE: 5/18/2014 Man, it's no wonder Ghostbutt stopped posting this in the threads. Haha, sorry guys! Grad school is a fickle bitch.
  7. THE MC:
  9. Lieutenant Commander Frank "Fronk" Bishop, Callsigns Warhound and Revenant: The Main Character. This is the "you" that the second person narrative refers to. Estimates put him at 24 years of age (we don't have an exact birth date- sure would be nice to know Fronk's birthday, Ghost. For parties.). Previously flew the F-14D Tomcat and the modified F-14D+ (or however Ghost wants to label it). After being shot down over Alaska and being MIA for a time, has been given command of the Chance-Vought XF-02B Wyvern/Corsair IV for combat testing. His father is a Marine, his mother was a Navy Witch, and he has three siblings: his twin brother Rex, an Air Force Pararescue Jumper; Jake, an Army tank commander; and Jessica, a new witch in the Marine Corps, presumably flying F/A-18 Hornet strikers. Fronk is relatively level-headed, but not above any tomfoolery. He seems to have managed to avoid the "live fast, die young" mentality common among combat pilots- or at least outgrown it. He has close ties to most of Spellcaster, which will be discussed under their entries. He is now known, much to his chagrin, as the "Eagle of Tanana". Since the Black Cat Down incident, Frank has participated in the attacks on two Soviet superweapons- a Skinfaxi-class supersub and the flying carrier Battle of Poltava (based on the P-1112 Aigaion, if you need a picture). Both attacks ended with (presumed) kills. Frank feels guilt over the destruction of the Kitty Hawk, which fell at the hands of two Soviet-controlled or allied Martian dreadnoughts escorting the Poltava. Since then, he has spent some time flying cover for the Japanese defense of their homeland from the Red Chinese. Encountered Stalinka for the first time, and now he and the rest of Spellcaster are heading back stateside- to Miramar, for more testing of weapons systems- where he got to see his aunt, cousin, and dog/Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rufus, as well as almost die during a training exercise in the Wyvern Mk. II. Later, during a period in which both Ice and Katya wished to ride along in the back seat of a Tomcat to get a better feel for how Steelwings fight, Frank engaged in a mock dogfight with Maverick while Katya was back seating- in a rather blatant attempt to show off. Things went wrong, the Cat ended up having to crash-land, Katya broke her leg, and Frank was banned from flying any USN aircraft not assigned to VF-3. This event also led to a cooling of relations between the Russkie and our brave pilot. Recently, the Reds invaded Iceland, so Spellcaster was put back on board the Saratoga in order to return to the front lines. Due to issues involving exhaustion of the two Steelwing crews, as well as range issues for all witches aside from Katya during BARCAP, the squadron has been reorganized. Frank now flies as part of the lead element, with the twins on his wing, while Rosalie commands the second element with Katya as wingwitch. Personal issues in the squadron have since gone a little screwy, especially after the crash involving Katya. That particular SNAFU has yet to be fully cleared up- time will tell. Anyway, Spellcaster engaged in actions over Berlin as a 'season finale', in which Frank took on several Soviet-owned Martian Dreadnoughts and won before effectively blacking out, ending up in a two week coma. VF-3 has since been pulled off active duty and is now billeted at Castle Barin (of Strike Witches and Strike Witch Quest Original Flavor fame) with international witches and matrons turning up to figure out just what the hell it is that Fronk and Merlin do. Frank is relieved to be off the firing line, but doesn't care for the scrutiny. Possible Joint Fighter Wing a la SWQ inbound. Frank had arranged to take a week's pass in London with Katya to clear the air over the whole Tomcat crash issue, but Ice's emotional distress over discovering her identity as last remaining heir to the throne of Russia compelled Katya to insist that Frank take Tabitha instead, or Katya would leave our flyboy and take the tsarina instead. Never one to give up a week alone with a cute girl, Frank and Ice headed to the witch holding in London, meeting the Matron London, Lady Dowding. Deciding that she had had enough of Matron Longstreet's shit, Dowding bestowed Ice with a holding in London and named Frank her Guardian- which means maybe knighthood- before sending our brave protagonist along with one Wendy Maloney to America to politely tell Longstreet to fuck off and recover Ice's grandmother's belongings. Said belongings included Ilyena's engagement ring and a Garand that fires with only slightly less force than the Wyvern's Tesla Cannon. After returning to Barin, Frank has flown against Kathrine Young (youngest daughter of Minna and MC Young from Original Flavor) and (presumably) Luccini's daughter Gabriella, ending in a win and a premature ending due to critical striker failure. Got in a bit of a fight with Ice over the latter's (over?)protective nature in regards to Fronk perhaps pushing the supergnome too far.
  11. NOTE: From here on out, I refer to the "Black Cat Down" Incident. Aside from making myself feel clever by referencing a relatively popular book and movie adaptation, this refers to the aforementioned episode involving Frank getting shot down over Alaska while dogfighting Reds. To avoid reposting the second half of Strikers '89 14, I'll make this as brief as I can. First, the name. The F-14D+ has a black radar absorbent paint job, so Black Cat. It gets shot Down. On to the incident. During a mission to provide top cover for CAS Steelwings (that'd be traditional aircraft) and Witches during a combined forces assault against Soviets surrounding a pocket of US ground forces, Frank, Merlin, and Katya found themselves facing off with 24 Flanker-Cs without any nearby back-up. Instead of leaving to save his own skin, Fronk made the call to hit them. All told, they made a fairly good account of themselves. Warhound downed five and Katya bagged eight before damage and exhaustion of ammunition stores left them unable to fight. The Flankers exacted their own toll, leaving Frank with a chest full of shrapnel and the Supercat with no guns, no radar, and failing engines. Frank ordered Katya out and resigned himself to a blaze of glory when Patriot SAMs from the pocket knocked down the Flankers.
  13. The Cat's engines failed, Slider pulled Merlin out of the dying bird, and Fronk glided it into the ground. A platoon of US Army troops recover Frank and the bird's flight recorder before destroying the wreck. Frank passes out, and the next thing we as players get is Ice Quest, an aside about Ice stiffening her upper lip to get over the loss and possible death of her good friend and subordinate Frank and helping the rest of her squadron keep it together. The majority of what I refer to as the "Black Cat Down Incident" in this document occurs during this aside. When we get back to Frank, he's healed by a cameo from Prune Barge Shuffle (ask in the thread, a link will be provided. It's Martian War era.) and receives his new boid, the Wyvern. He returns to Elmendorf AFB in Alaska to surprise Spellcaster- who still had him listed as MIA, possibly KIA- with the announcement that he was the Ghost of Christmas Presents. And thus ended the Black Cat Down Incident.
  17. Commander Tabitha "Tabby" Kazinski, Callsign Icelady, typically shortened to Ice; Familiar: Arctic Fox. The CO and squadron leader of Spellcaster. 18 years of age. Flew the striker variant of the F-14D, switched over to Wyvern strikers, wields an M-14 designated marksman's rifle. Ice and Frank had a shaky start, with him being a jerkass pilot and her trying to be a textbook commander. Both have softened up since, and Ice in particular has begun to come out of her shell and become a more personable squadron commander. Players got to see a lot more of Ice's mental and emotional habits in the Ice Quest aside, so I advise reading through that one- though you'll probably want to read through the rest of the archives to understand it. During the time that Frank was declared MIA, Ice managed to keep it together, if only because the rest of the squadron needed her. Ice has become clearer as the quest progresses regarding her feelings for Frank. She clearly respects him as a pilot and values him as a friend, and while she's not obvious about it, it's clear (to the audience and Slider at least) that Ice liek Fronk. There's a vocal portion of the player base pushing for Ice romance. Has revealed herself to be a major gun nut, fawning over weaponry at the Aberdeen armory/R&D department. Apparently blames herself for Merlin's PTSD. Continues to loosen up. NOT LIKE THAT. Has been rather flirty lately, possible rivalry with Katya forming. Highest scoring member of the squadron. Slider has confirmed that Ice has major father issues- most likely due to her dad dying in Vietnam before she was even born, as well as from hearing the stories of his antics. See Santa's entry for more information on Ice's dad. Ice remains a consummate professional, despite 'thawing' to her squadron, especially Frank. She is also INCREDIBLY protective of Frank, somewhat to his chagrin. She doesn't want to lose him to the same sort of cowboy antics that killed her father, it seems. Until her grandfather's viewpoint quest, Ice was the only non-Bishop to serve as the POV character for a thread. LEWD CONTENT INBOUND: Probably has a bondage kink, and probably wants to be dominated. Due to revelations made during the Kazanski WWII inter-season quest/storytiem, we now know that Tabitha is the granddaughter of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, making her 1/4 Russian- and a White Russian at that, as opposed to the Red majority running around in the quest. Ice is, as always, concerned about what exactly Frank and Merlin can and can't do- though she's also begun to show a bit more of a soft side toward Frank and the squadron as a whole, though things seem to be trending toward a climax vis a vis the 'waifu war'. A combination of sleepless nights (due to paperwork and probably worrying about Fronk) and the stress of discovering her identity as heiress to the Russian throne, Ice was persuaded (read: forced) to go on leave with Frank in London, where Fronk did his level best to get her to relax. Her feelings toward everyone's favorite steelwing pilot have become a bit more obvious of late, as has her protectiveness- which led to their fight after the Young hop. Despite these feelings, she continues to publicly insist that Frank and Slider would be better together.
  19. Lieutenant Rachel Kerner, Callsign Slider; Familiar: Boa Constrictor. XO of Spellcaster, 19 years of age. Flew F-14D and F/A-18 strikers, switched to Wyvern strikers, wields twin combat shotguns (Remingtons or Mossbergs, not sure). Slider is a bro-tier troll and a prankmeister supreme. She's also Ice's best friend and an ally to any member of Spellcaster, as well as close confidant and GREAT friend to Frank. There's a moderately sized and vocal minority in the Top Gun Witches community pushing for a Slider ending. Slider may or may not be Ghost's distaff self-insert. The Black Cat Down Incident hurt Slider, but she managed to keep her emotions under control until Ice was composed and ready to take over squadron operations again. She's kinda crazy, but we're cool with it. Oh, and she recently kissed Fronk. Still not sure if that means she digs him or if it was just a "glad you're alive, bro" moment. Wears strawberry lip gloss. Probably has a thing for Frank, but only time will tell. UPDATE: Yeah, she almost certainly has a thing for Frank. Who knows if she's gonna act on it, though. Most likely not nearly as lewd as she lets on, probable virgin. Continues to play peacemaker for the squadron, especially between Frank and Tabitha. UPDATE UPDATE: DEFINITELY has a thing for Frank, though she's convinced that he and Ice would be better together.
  21. Lieutenant Patricia "Patty" Mitchell, Callsign Maverick; Familiar: Cat. Yup. Tom Cruise is a woman now. Kidding, just jacked the name. 17 years of age. Flew F-14D strikers, switched over to Wyverns, wields an M-16 (fuck me, I don't know the model. I'd say A3, but we're five years early for that). At the start of the quest, Mav was Frank's best friend in Spellcaster. Before her new wingwitch Goose joined the squadron, she and Frank were wingmen, and this led to a fast and strong friendship. Maverick can be just as trolltastic as Slider. During the Black Cat Down Incident, Mav was apparently pretty torn up, but Slider got to her and made things better before Ice could get there. So problem solved. Loves Fronk like a brother. Has tattoos that Fronk didn't know about, suggesting that there's more- or less- to their past relationship than previously assumed. Had a past relationship with Orion.
  23. Lieutenant Junior Grade Nicole Bradshaw, Callsign Goose; Familiar: Cat. 15 years of age. Flew F-14D strikers, switched over to Wyverns, wields an M60 GPMG. Maverick's wingwitch. One of the two youngest members of the squadron, hasn't had too much screen time- due to player choice, for the most part. She sticks close to Mav and takes her cues from the older witch. Got pranked by some older witches while at Top Gun, but Slider and Fronk got revenge for her. Doesn't like chess, but is apparently a good cook. Rather observant of squadron relationships, seems to think that Ice and Frank are 'cute' together.
  25. Lieutenant Junior Grade Samantha "Sam" Wells, Callsign Merlin; Familiar: Seagull. 15 years of age. Incapable of operating strikers, serves as Frank's RIO (Radar Intercept Officer). Merlin is little sister tier and NOT FOR LEWDS. Like most 15 year olds, Merlin has some major confidence issues, but Fronk has done his level best to assuage these. What? Assuage. Means to make an unpleasant feeling less intense. Anyway, though she can't use strikers, Merlin can and does use her sparkles to enhance Frank's birds' radar, gun, and missiles, as well as projecting a traditional witch shield to protect the fighter. Her parents built the F-14D+ (or DX, or whatever we're calling the damn thing), as well as the XF-14E, which was an option the players turned down in favor of the Wyvern. During the Black Cat Down Incident, Merlin locked up and pulled a chair into Spellcaster's hangar, positioning it where her seat in the downed Tomcat would have sat. She was damn near catatonic, but Ice and Katya managed to snap her out of it. Loves Jolly Ranchers, hates those airplane rides that Fronk gives her- so we as the players push for airplane rides every chance we get. Amusingly, Ghost has stated that he is not opposed to the idea of a Merlin relationship, just that she is officially NOT FOR LEWDS. The players have since granted her Little Sister status, so romance is probably a no-go. Merlin is currently suffering from PTSD following the Black Cat Down Incident, and is unwilling to allow Frank out of her sight. This led to a rather awkward scene at the President's Ball. Has traded contact information with Nicholas Mackintosh, so Old One Eye will be providing help in the future. Still dealing with separation anxiety with regards to Frank and is a bit more flighty when it comes to combat than before the Incident. Seems to be getting a bit better, but recent events have revealed an empathic link with the Wyvern- she felt pain when the bird was hit. Merlin has recently learned how to duplicate Konstantina Stalinka's notoriously strong stealth techniques. Seems to be getting over her PTSD, especially when it comes to business. Still very hesitant in social situations, though. Also, she has a Japanese boyfriend, Kenji Sakamoto, who Frank has now met- which might help her relax a bit! She's still a genius and seems to be slowly but surely getting over her separation anxiety in regards to Frank.
  27. Katya Litvyak, the Defector; Familiar: White Bengal Tiger. Somewhere in her 20s, no exact age confirmed. Flew Soviet strikers before defecting, currently uses F-14D strikers (though one can assume she probably switched to Wyverns) and wields an M240 SAW. Frank and the rest of Spellcaster rescued Katya from pursuing Soviet fighters during her defection. Frank's performance led to an infatuation with our friendly neighborhood pilot. So yes, love CAN bloom on the battlefield, though whether it survives is up to fate. Katya has been friendly with the Spellcasters ever since she was cleared by ONI to join the squadron. She gets rather defensive of Frank whenever the others start joking around about him. During the Black Cat Down Incident, Katya went on a Khornate berserker rage against any and all Soviets, nearly burning out her ability to use strikers before Ice talked her down. Katya is the granddaughter of the Adorable Cossack, Sanya Litvyak of canon Strike Witches and SWQ fame. Earlier speculation and clues led anon to presume Sanya deceased, but recent evidence has come to light which adds a large element of ambiguity to this. In short, the Adorable Cossack might still be alive behind the Iron Curtain. Katya is one of the romance options hardest pushed by the player base. Seems rather possessive of Frank, and thinks (wrongly) that before she arrived, Frank only cared about Merlin and being the best there ever was. Went on Frank's road trip to visit family, has since been flying with the aggressors at Miramar. Frank TOTALLY toasted her during the Wyvern Mk. II's exhibition flight for Nixon. After the Tomcat crash, Katya's mental picture of Frank as some sort of flawless hero was shattered. She acted rather coolly toward Fronk when he visited her in the hospital, and during the squadron planning session pre-deployment to Iceland, she still seemed rather detached. Time will tell if she still holds as strongly to her feelings for the pilot. Formerly Frank's wingwitch, currently flies with Rosalie. LEWD CONTENT INBOUND: Probable exhibitionist. Seems to be getting used to the idea that Frank is not the ubermensch and requested a trip with the good pilot to visit London after she returns from rendezvousing with Russian witch personnel on their way to Barin. Gave up said trip in order to allow Ice some downtime, ostensibly to prevent a breakdown. Smart money's on some political maneuvering, though. Has since arranged a make-up trip with Frank in Paris.
  29. Lieutenant de vaisseau Rosalie Kent; Familiar: Cat, black if she's anything like her grandma. Granddaughter of Martian War veterans Ian Kent and Perrine Clostermann of the famed 501st Joint Fighter Wing. French naval witch who requested a transfer into Spellcaster. Flies Rafale A Strikers (unknown if she's switched to Wyverns). Seems rather straight-laced, but doesn't stand on formalities. Seems to prefer her full first name. Has been a helpful source of advice during the Wyvern Mk. II testing period, as she served as a test witch during the development of the Rafale A and its striker equivalent. Engaged to a tank commander in the French Army named Jean-Luc. Excellent chef and chess player. Lead of second element.
  31. Lieutenants Alyssa and Clarissa Styles; Familiars: Sharks of some sort. Twin witches who fly steelwings. Currently fly an XF-02B Wyvern. One has a prosthetic leg, might explain why they don't fly strikers. Kinda quirky, but seem very fun. Seem to be getting along well with Slider. Understood the Fronk-Merlin relationship in mere minutes, so they should be fun. VERY pranksterish, but know how to get down to business. Had a debate during the selection of Wyvern weapons computer programming over conventional arms versus super-science- eventually a compromise was reached: conventional air-to-air, anti-witch Agile III missiles, and a Tesla Cannon. Currently fly on Frank's wing. Have since claimed Frank's cousin Joe Knight as their consort- in all meanings of the word.
  33. Flight Lieutenant Wendy Maloney; Familiar: Retriever. Maloney was an RAF witch who caught a LOT of shit from her own people due to the... less than flattering actions of Trevor Maloney, her grandfather. This mistreatment has saddled her with the burden of an L85 as her primary weapon. To her credit, Wendy has apparently actually FIXED the gun, going so far as to name it Tessa. She typically flies ADV Tornado strikers, though she flies anything she can get her hands on- or the RAF lets her get her hands on. Thankfully, she has a natural talent for flying different strikers. Most witches deal with hangover-like or even flu-like symptoms when transferring to new strikers, but Wendy only suffers a minor headache. Frank and Ice agreed that they needed to get a nice girl with talents like Wendy's out of the clutches of the abusive RAF, so the boss lady requested that Lady Dowding transfer her to Spellcaster as an RAF observer. Probably just according to Dowding's plans, too.
  37. Colonel Holly MacLeod, Callsign Eagle; Familiar: Eagle. Age unconfirmed. Commander of the Air Force contingent at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. Flies F-15C strikers. Affectionately dubbed Colonel Bitchtits by the players, MacLeod has been less than hospitable to the idea of a mixed witch/Steelwing unit on her base, attempting to have Frank transferred to another Naval Aviation unit before being stopped by Ice. Fronk later saved her ass during a mission against the Reds over Alaska. We haven't seen if or how her attitude towards Spellcaster has changed since this rescue or the Black Cat Down Incident. (NOTE: This author does not follow the post-quest stories about Colonel MacLeod, so any updates to her character made there shall not appear here)(HAHA ignore that, totally marathoned Rollercoaster while on vacation. It's good shit, read it). During the Black Cat Down Incident, Holly began a relationship with Tech Sergeant William Wilkins. The Rollercoaster side-story does an excellent job of explaining the hows and whys of Colonel MacLeod's feelings on joint wings, as well as casting her in a more sympathetic light. Turns out Colonel Bitchtits is an in-universe nickname, too!
  39. Admiral Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon, Callsign Poseidon: CINCPAC. World War II and Martian War veteran, flew a seaplane off the USS California, currently flies an F-14D. Likes Fronk a lot. Was responsible for getting Frank turned around within a week of being shot down. A pretty cool guy. Never President.
  41. 1st Lieutenant Dominica Rand, Callsign Hog; Familiar: Prairie dog. Age unconfirmed. Marine Corps Pilot. Flies A-10 strikers, wields a modified 7.62mm minigun. Serves as Close Air Support during the Soviet invasion of Alaska. Spellcaster flew top cover for her during the mission which led to Black Cat Down. Somewhat abrasive at times, seems like a good person. Got rip-roaring drunk over her guilt in her perceived responsibility for the Black Cat Down Incident. Recently got ripped into by Frank over perceived irresponsibility as an officer. She's almost certainly harboring a grudge and may or may not take it out on Jessica.
  43. 2nd Lieutenant/Leutnant Judith Rudel, Callsign Reaper; Familiar: Weasel. Age unconfirmed, younger than Rand. Rudel is an A-10 witch for the Luftwaffe, currently serving with the USMC in an exchange program. Quieter witch who has a lot to live up to (Hans-Ulrich Rudel). Ice ended up taking Rudel in during Rand's trip down booze lane.
  45. Orion: Has appeared in name only. Frank's former RIO, resigned due to tension with Ice and fear for his own life due to Fronk's CRAZY PILOTING.
  47. Rear Admiral Nicholas "Mack" Mackintosh, Retired: World War II (for like five minutes) and Martian War veteran and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, eventual captain of the USS California. Main character of the SWQ Side-Story Prune Barge Shuffle. Mack has a major give-no-fucks outlook on life. He's pretty chill, all in all, and seems to like Fronk. Happily married to Georgette Lemare Mackintosh, old friends with Nixon.
  49. Capitaine de Corvette Georgette Lemare Mackintosh, Retired: World War II and Martian War veteran, former naval spotter witch for the French Navy who joined the 502nd Joint Strike Wing in Leningrad. Expert heal witch. She's the one who saved Frank's life following the Black Cat Down Incident. Nice lady. Gave us a scarf and gave Katya a book of the love letters she and Mack exchanged during the war. I wonder which witch SHE wants Fronk to get with... Also apparently knew Sanya Litvyak during the war. Rather dedicated to her husband, old friends with Tricky Dick. Has since shown up at Castle Barin, serving as cook and den mother.
  51. Captain Emilie Blackwell, USN: Captain of the USS Saratoga, and thus commander of VF-3 when they're on their home ship. Daughter of the Mackintoshes. Fiercely defends her people and all-around bro, though it's seriously unwise to cross her.
  53. President of the United States REDACTED: Anon is having one hell of a time trying to figure out who the POTUS is in SWQU 1989. Probably not Gnome Young, the MC of SWQ. Signs point to it actually being George H.W. Bush. Seems a cheerful guy. Former pilot, hasn't flown since "the War" (Presumably WWII/the Second Martian War).
  55. Her Imperial Highness Princess Katsumi; Familiar: TBA. Imperial Japanese Princess and Witch for the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force. Flies F-14 strikers, wields the Type 89 assault rifle. Cheerful, nice girl, if a little... royal. Seems somewhat fond of Fronk. Very playful. Has made good friends with Frank's sister, Jessica Bishop. Apparently only interested in Frank as a friend and in a professional sense. Present at Barin as the Japanese representative.
  57. First Lieutenant Ayumi Ogawa, IJNAF; Familiar: TBA. Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force Witch, wingwitch and bodyguard to the Princess Katsumi. Flies F-14 strikers, presumably wields the Type 89 as well. Dour, serious girl. Perhaps too serious. Definitely uptight and traditional, especially regarding Katsumi and royalty. Actually DOES have a sense of humor.
  59. Konstantina Stalinka, the Stalker, Soviet Air Force; Familiar: Tundra wolf. Frank's got a stalker! This Soviet stealth witch has become enamored with our protagonist and insists that all other women near him are sluts, harlots, or some combination of the two. According to Katya, she's not actually related to Uncle Joe, but she's probably the result of some genetic super-witch program. She's crazy good at stealth and fighting, and has somehow managed to sneak a letter to Frank on-base. And now we have to write back. Jubilation. Fan theory (or is it just fan theory?) holds it that Konstantina is HILARIOUSLY naive when it comes to anything beyond combat. Frank and Konstantina have actually met in person at this point, and she apparently IS that naive. Also cannot handle headpats or any other signs of affection from Fronk. Has since arrived in Barin as part of the Soviet witch delegation.
  61. Second Lieutenant Jessica Bishop, Callsign Octane; Familiar: Corgi. Little sister has joined the US Marine Corps. Not exactly sure which strikers she's flying, but I'd bet F/A-18 or A-10. Time will tell. Recently turned up in Japan with Rand and Rudel. Too bad we're headed back stateside with the squadron! She recently featured as the playable character in her own side quest- marking her the third such side character, after her tanker brother and Ice. Appears to be fostering a friendship and/or mentor/student relationship with Princess Katsumi, who she refers to as Kat. Has since turned up, along with Katsumi, at Barin.
  63. Santa: Age unknown, flew Crusaders with the Navy during Vietnam. Owns the best burger joint in California. Makes a damn good burger and the best cake on planet Earth- just ask Merlin. UNCONFIRMED INFORMATION FOLLOWS: Santa is most likely the same individual as Lieutenant Santos, the sole surviving Crusader pilot from a blown black-ops mission over Cambodia described by Slider. If this is true, then Santa's life was saved by Ice's father, who died on the flight deck of the Oriskany after taking a dud 23mm cannon round to the chest.
  65. Rufus: Dog, possibly Tyrannosaurus Rex. We're really not sure, but he's a big fuzzy ball of fun.
  67. Vladimir Putin: Runs a witch recovery base in Siberia which specializes in augmetics and replacement limbs/organs. Probably plotting against Stalin.
  69. MATRONS: Several matrons have been introduced. By and large, they are bitches who wish to experiment on poor Merlin, Matron Longstreet chief among them. Marie O'Hare seems pretty cool, though. Lady Dowding of London is nice, but she's also manipulative as all hell.
  71. That's all I've got right now. This will remain a living document, and I'll try to update it with relevant information with each thread. Either Ghost or myself will try to link the sheet in every thread, for new readers. Hope this helps!
  72. -The 8-Bit Crusader
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