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  1. Name (6 letter first and last name)
  2. Chumhandle/trolltag (lowercaseUppercase, related to the character's theme or interests)
  3. Blood Color (this is a good resource)
  4. Title (staying canon isn't necessary, but having one syllable for aspect/class is)
  5. Age (in sweeps)
  6. Lusus
  7. Symbol (should be related to the troll's main theme)
  8. Typing Quirk (same as the symbol. The subtler, the better)
  9. Horns (should be based almost entirely off the symbol)
  10. Clothing (trolls always wear mostly black and don't usually have lots of color, unless it's something they like a lot, - i.e. Terezi or Kanaya - but that's rare)
  11. Special Powers (which shouldn't be a thing unless your troll is below Nepeta or so on the hemospectrum)
  12. Personality (pretty much up to you. Should probably have some basis in the troll's theme, but as long as it's something that could survive in ultra-violent Alternia, it'll be fine. Make sure your interests make sense together!)
  13. Quadrants (not much of a concern if you haven't started RPing yet, but adding in a past flushed or caliginous relation will give a reason as to why your troll wasn't culled. Avoid canon characters)
  14. Hive (the location depends on your blood color. The higher it is, the closer your troll lives to water)
  15. Moon (Prospit or Derse. Active classes tend to be Prospitian while passive are Dersite, but that's just a general guideline, not a law)
  16. Fetch Modus (it doesn't have to be difficult to use your fetch modus, but it's never a bad choice to have an aggravating inventory system)
  17. Strife Specibi (avoid OP weaponry like Eridan's. If you have the same strife specibi as a canon troll, make sure they're different enough in other ways)
  18. Ancestor (same symbol, same blood, try to avoid interactions with canon characters. Being part of canon events - like the Summoner's Rebellion - is fine, just don't give your ancestor a large role)
  19. Land (one part of the land should be related to your aspect, and the other should be related to your troll's personality)
  20. Denizen (determined by aspect. If it's a non-canon aspect or an aspect we haven't discovered yet, it's pretty much open to anything)
  22. The symbol can be pretty much anything - I'd stick with celestial symbols such as planets, stars, constellations, etc, but really, anything that is a symbol works (items and objects are reserved for human characters, it seems).
  23. General character themes based off of celestial symbols will likely refer to the horoscopes, and alchemical symbols can do almost the same since they have lore behind them. Other symbols will depend on whatever meaning is attached to them, and it's possible to build a fantroll simply from the theme of a symbol you've picked if you don't have any other ideas. Personally, I used this to come up with a Pesterchum I liked, and then built off of that.
  24. I did mean psychic abilities, sorry for not specifying. Magical artifacts would be separate from that, and are totally okay as long as magical artifacts don't make your fantroll OP.
  25. Ancestors usually just require an 8-letter name and a paragraph describing their personality and historical significance (if any). You can also give them a title if you want, as well as different things they might have passed down to their descendant, but those are completely optional. They don't need to be fleshed out at all unless your DM/GM specifically says so.
  26. The lands are in the form of "Land of ____ and ____." One blank should be a word related to your aspect (for example, if you were a hero of Time, it might be Rhythm, or if you were a hero of Breath, it might be Gale), and another related to your characters personality (if your character likes archaeology, maybe Ruins, or if they like to swim Deltas).
  27. Denizens are determined by one's aspect, and each aspect has a specific denizen. For example, all Space players have Echidna for a denizen. This page has facts and speculation about current and future denizens. If your aspect doesn't appear there, then pick your favorite mythological pantheon and take a god, demigod, or powerful magical beast as your denizen. Just make sure it relates somehow to the aspect (the non-canon aspect Tech might take Ptah, the Egyptian god of craftsmen, or Doom could take Jormungand, a Norse sea serpent that encircles the world and can destroy it easily).
  33. Name
  34. Adrata
  35. Adrsta is more akin to the notion of fate or destiny. It implies an unknown and invisible force at work behind the universe.
  36. Loksim
  37. LAKSHMI , a mark or sign of luck , good or bad , but usually good , and so of wealth , prosperity ; the goddess of wealth .    
  38. Akasma
  39. akasmaath : by chance  
  40. Yadric
  41. yadricchaa : out of its own accord : spontaneous , accidental ÂpGri ; self-will , spontaneity , accident , chance ( or { ayA } spontaneously , by accident , unexpectedly ) , svetUP ; ( in gram . ) see { - zabda } , below ; { - tas } by chance , accidental
  42. Drevam
  43. fate : Devam   
  44. Takavi
  45. prepared to risk life : tyaktajiivitaaH
  46. Makuli
  47. Macuilxochitl, (five flowers, also called Xochipilli) is the Aztec god of gambling, music, dancing. He was the god of games
  49. Trolltag
  50. gelecanMaestro
  51. Mis-spelling of Geluck, the german root word of luck. thinks very highly of himself
  52. Blood color
  53. http://heckyeahfantrollcreation.tumblr.com/image/18321260601
  54. Teal, slightly darker than terezi's.
  55. Class/aspect
  56. http://fuckyeahawesomefantrolls.tumblr.com/post/19638440273/infinityshen-hero-aspects-explained-part-iv#notes-container
  57. http://fuckyeahawesomefantrolls.tumblr.com/post/19163801457/starboardabbey-for-full-res-go-here#notes-container
  58. http://fuckyeahawesomefantrolls.tumblr.com/post/19638488965/auwa-2xknifekind-dont-know-your-god-tier#notes-container
  59. http://homestuckadvice.tumblr.com/post/30820061062/homestuck-titles-in-more-understandable-words
  60. Heir of light.
  61. Age
  62. http://fuckyeahawesomefantrolls.tumblr.com/post/10212436018/sweeps-to-earth-years-converter
  63. 6 solar sweeps
  64. Lusus
  66. Symbol
  67. http://www.nordicstore-vikings.com/silver_rune_luck_750_prd1.htm
  68. Quirk
  69. cApitAlizes As Js Qs and Ks to represent Aces JAcks Queens And Kings
  70. doesn't use commas except in the place of periods
  71. never uses question marks
  72. all caps to show frustration
  73. longwinded, overly verbose sentences commonly misusing some words in an attempt to sound smarter
  74. Horns
  75. one tilted up (possiblye 2 pronged) one bent down
  77. Clothing
  78. regular
  79. Psychic?
  80. No, wishes he was lower blood color so he could be.
  81. Personality
  82. Heavily reliant on luck, overconfident, thinks very highly of his intelligence though he's actually not that smart, tries to seem like it though. only still alive due to the unconcious use of his class as the heir of light
  83. likes bad crime investigation shows, may want to be a legislacorator or something
  84. Looks up to vriska, knowing who she is through flarping. envies her psychic powers even though she's a higher blood color, and her strength with a similar strife specibus.
  85. quardants (previous or current)
  86. http://heckyeahfantrollcreation.tumblr.com/post/14871990966/explain-troll-sexuality-romance#notes
  88. Hive
  90. Moon
  91. Derse
  92. Fetch modus
  94. Strife speccubi
  95. Cardkind
  96. Ancestor
  97. the gAAmbler
  98. Land
  99. http://thepageofhopes.tumblr.com/post/16514183005/homestuck-land-test-guide
  100. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rOtIUIyutn-QoPOUlGvoBsGGgZHrilWR2b8BIQHiVls/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1 free-wheeling
  101. Land of Dice and Change.
  102. Denizen
  103. Cetus
  104. http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Cetus
  105. Totem creature
  106. Bats
  107. Consorts
  109. http://fuckyeahawesomefantrolls.tumblr.com/post/18136706049/lets-review-some-fantrolls-chatsu1337-ever-had-a
  110. http://fuckyeahawesomefantrolls.tumblr.com/post/10224387812/this-isnt-a-fantroll-but-its-some-tips-on-how-to
  111. http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/rvalle/hsquiz/hsquiz.html
  112. http://pastebin.com/pRAPxP0D
  113. http://mspaforums.com/showthread.php?37193-TROLLSLUM-7-No-roleplaying.-Profiles-only.-FINAL-DESTINATION.&p=5022192&viewfull=1#post5022192
  114. http://heckyeahfantrollcreation.tumblr.com/post/14871990966/explain-troll-sexuality-romance#notes
  115. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=004095
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