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  1. Rules:
  2. 1. No spamming. Limit: 5 stickers/posts. Any more then that within a short time frame will be punished. First, a warning. second, another then lastly, action will be taken.
  3. 2. No nude irl, gore, scat, cub pictures
  4. 3. No drama
  5. 4. No minors
  6. 5. Obey the mods when things get serious.
  7. 6. Do not let your personal mood bleed into the chat. If you are upset,  it's fine to talk about it if you want, but do not take it out on your fellow members
  8. 7. Mods, no abusing your position for personal gain/reasons, such as intimidation to force one to do something against their will unless it's a RP.
  10. 8. This is an admin rule. If you see any individual breaking the rule two warnings must be given before action shall be taken.
  11. 9. If you need to your frustration keep do in the new vent chat.
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