Indulging His Foot Fetish For The First Time

Jul 8th, 2016
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  1. *growl* What a day. All I want to do is relax after being on my feet for so long.
  3. Ahhh, so, what are you watching? Uh huh. Oh, sounds good.
  5. Mind if I put my feet up? Thanks. *sigh of relief* That’s better.
  7. You make a good foot rest you know. *laugh* My socks don’t stink do they? Ah, that’s good. Ah they are so warm there, like your crotch is a heater, a very, satisfying heater.
  9. Wait, what was that? Something moved against my ankle. Oh, you’re… reacting *giggle* you can’t fool me with a bulge like that.
  10. Hmm, interesting. I’m not surprised though. My last boyfriend loved my feet. *giggle* He was more obsessed with my feet than with me. All he wanted to do, all day, every day, was suck on my toes and fuck my soles. So, you could say I have plenty of experience.
  12. Hey, no need to blush like that, I don’t mind. I would never say no to a man wanting to touch my feet. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?
  13. Ah, the classic answer. It’s understandable.
  15. Well, you don’t need to hold back now. As long as you don’t become totally obsessed then I think I can allow you to indulg.
  17. So, how about I take off my socks? *giggle* I’ve never seen your eyes open so wide. There goes lefty. And there goes righty. Ahhh, that’s much better.
  19. So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t theses wiggling toes inviting enough to touch? *giggle*
  21. Mmm, how does that feel? Oh, I know. You don’t need to tell me how soft they feel. Mmm, but your hands, so strong. They really know how to make my feet feel good.
  23. Still reacting I see. You wouldn’t mind if I did this… of course you wouldn’t mind my heel running along your length.
  24. You know, it may feel better if my naked feet could be against your naked cock.
  26. *giggle* I wonder if your eyes could get any wider? How about I unzip here. There we go. I’ll just unbutton this and *gasp* oh, you’re harder than I thought.
  28. Let’s see if my toes will wrap around this thing. Ah, just made it. My toes may be long but you’ve so hard. How does that feel?
  30. So, do you like the colour my toes are painted? How would you prefer them? *giggle* I should’ve known. Fine, I’ll paint them that the next time I decide to fuck you with my feet...
  32. *gasp* You’re throbbing already. You really have been lusting for some foot action, huh? I bet if I dug into your internet history I wouldn’t be surprised at what’s there. *laugh* I thought so.
  34. Let’s slow it down. How about you suck on my toes. *gasp* Mmm that’s nice. The other foot can go down and my toes can knead at your tight sack. Oh, feels like it could burst at any moment.
  36. Only sucking on one toe at a time? How many can you fit at once? *gasp* Ah, all of them, I should’ve known. *giggle* Mmm, your tongue feels great sliding between each toe. Don’t ignore my soft soles though. Yeah, run your tongue along it like that. Explore every inch and leave no part of my foot un-licked. *giggle* you’re so hard for my feet. *gasp* Hmm, it’s making me so fucking wet.
  38. Now that my toes are soaked it will make perfect lube, don’t you think? I’ll just move my feet back in position. How do my wet toes look wrapped back around your hard cock? Fuck, it looks like you’re ready to blow, but try to hold on and enjoy it as much as possible.
  40. Watch as my toes make their way up to your tip and squeeze as I run back down. *gasp* That was a strong throb. No cumming just yet. *giggle* You can at least last two, right?
  42. Here my toes go again, up your hard cock to the head. Perhaps I’ll rub my big toe right on this most sensitive part. *moan* I’ve never heard you moan like that before. And I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet for you. After you cum all over my feet, you better stay rock hard and fuck me until you finally go soft.
  44. First, let’s see how long you can last as I speed up.
  46. Hmm, looks like I might need more lube. *gasp* oh, that pre-cum. It’s like your cock heard what I said. I’ll just use my toes to spread it around as it trickles from your tip. So much... *giggle* don’t grit your teeth too hard.
  48. There you go again, throbbing like you’re ready to blow. I’m gonna slow my toes running down to your base, running back up and scrunching my toes around your pink head. *giggle* You can’t hold on for much longer, can you? Neither can I...
  50. Don’t hold back then, explode all over my toes and my soles, use my feet like a canvas...
  52. *breathing deepens* Mmm, that’s it, throb for me as I run up and down, squeezing, caressing, and—
  54. *big gasp* Oh fuck, my toes can barely contain your orgasm. Oh god, I forgot what feels like to have hot cum all over my soles and toes. Ahh, it’s so warm as it dribbles down to my ankles and heels.
  56. Wow, never have I seen my feet so drenched. You love my feet, huh?
  58. Don’t you dare go soft on me. It's time for round two...
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