probably not what u're lookin for

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  1. hello
  3. i am writing this post for the people who want to buy weed-mushroom-lsd or dmt. i am selling home grown weed and mushrooms, and home made dmt and lsd. u can visit my personal web page to see the pricing and the other information.
  5. http://weedweb3xpczzues.onion
  7. i am trying to keep it as low profile as possible, so i don't have many different strains at the moment, but once i have more money, i can plant more strains if one strain keeps getting asked. please send me e-mail if u want to ask a question or place an order.
  9. i am sorry if u don't want  to buy  anything and kept reading till here, as an apology, here is a cookie for u
  13. WeedWeb, providing the weed for the deep web (yes, i made up that catch phrase)
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